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  • Unleasing the Psychic Terrain!


    "These are the last field effects," a starry-eyed and bushy-tailed young ame once gleefully announced amidst the drag of E16 development, "I get to be done with them after this!"


    ha ha ha ha ha

    Nevertheless, with 7th generation has come Psychic Terrain, and so! with E17 shall it come too. Check below to see just how weird this field can get!






    "The field became mysterious!"

    • Priority attacks fail on grounded Pokemon
    • Grounded Pokemon's Psychic attacks deal x1.5 increased damage
    • Created by Psychic Terrain, Psychic Surge and Genesis Super Nova
    • These moves increase in base power x1.5:
      • Hex        
      • Magical Leaf    
      • Mystical Fire         
      • Moonblast    
      • Aura Sphere
    • Pure Power doubles Sp.Atk instead of Atk
    • Anticipation boosts Sp.Atk on switch in
    • Telepathy Pokemon's Speed doubles
    • The effect of the following stat-altering moves is increased:
      • Nasty Plot        
      • Calm Mind        
      • Comsic Power    
      • Meditate
      • Kinesis
    • Psych Up, Meditate, Mind Reader and Miracle Eye additionally boost Sp.Atk two stages on use
    • Hypnosis' accuracy is increased to 90
    • Kinesis additionally lowers its target's Attack and Sp.Atk two stages
    • Telekinesis additional lowers its target's Defense and Sp.Def two stages
    • Gravity, Trick Room, Magic Room and Wonder Room last 8 turns
    • Shattered Psyche additionally confuses its target
    • Secret Power may confuse its target
    • Nature Power becomes Psychic
    • Camouflage becomes Psychic
    • Magical Seed boosts Sp.Def and Sp.Atk and confuses the user    


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    this field is so busted. i will see if my delphox can abuse this. 210 base power mystical fire and half damage, sign me up? I do love the creation conditions though.


    Edit: I'm propably far too gullible

    Edited by FairFamily
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    47 minutes ago, Amethyst said:

    pation sharply boosts Sp.Atk on switch in

    Toxicroak can be relevant even on special side, Whiscash and Wormadam can finally do something.

    How can be funny ferrothorn with energy ball and flash cannon?

    Eevium Z + hyper voice eevee is devastating axe it pls

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    Ok you got me.

    Gardevoir and Medicham are more threatning than their mega evolutions.

    Boosters needs to be stopped quickly or it's ended.

    Alolan Muk seems to be a must in this field

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    "Telepathy Pokémon have speed doubled"


    That could actually be kinda scary


    "Calm Mind doubled"


    Okay that's really scary


    "Cosmic Power doubled"


    Ame pls stop


    "Hypnosis 90%"



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    • Developers

    Tfw I first fell for the April Fools version of the post, and I was reading through it and all I could think was 'Wait, shit, did I read the wrong field info when I was implemented Psychic Terrain, I didn't program any of this stuff!'


    I shortly after realised the truth, but it still got me. I'm a big fan of what Ame's donewith this field, for sure!

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    i never know what's worth mentioning.

    anyway we might redo the battle system.





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