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  • Hi Meet My Friend!


    Hi! I'm Cass.

    I'm a little new to the dev team- I kinda started in January but the timing didn't quite work because of school and life and stuff so then I left and I came back in like June or so and started doing animations but recently I've started doing more things like breaking things when we get weird bug reports that no one else can figure out and a little bit of spriting and just kind of observing ame's creative process and also being her girlfriend

    But anyway, that stuff is not what's important here.

    I wanna talk about Meech.


    dis is meech. meech ma frand.

    While we were testing E18 I decided that I wanted to do a run full of pokemon that I thought were especially cute and my fwuffy little scarf friend here is one of them.



    Skill link is what really makes Meech the unstoppable little fuzzball she is. Those multi-hit moves that are usually iffy at best on non-Meech pokemon automatically do the maximum number of hits for her, making things like Bullet Seed and Rock Blast 125BP monster attacks. She took out Reshi with two rock blasts and i was just so proud of her~


    So if you want to play with a Meech of your own, just go ahead and find out how to get Cinccino in a game near you. She's real good and that scarf is just A+


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    Good luck in the dev team 🙂


    Just a question: Am I the only one who have noticed the fact that Meech had more than 800 000 Exp. Points, which is the limit for a member of the fast leveling group?

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    13 hours ago, Ice Cream Sand Witch said:

    If Meech was a Water type, she'd live at the Beech

    Meech yells to lower the opponent's Defense: Screech

    Meech can use contact moves without making contact: Long Reech

    Meech is a princess: Peech

    Meech is a professor: Teech

    Meech uses a Bug-type draining move: Leech

    Meech is my bestwoman: she has a speech

    Meech is doing the laundry: she uses bleech

    Meech wants to lower the opponent's defence: she uses screech

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    Ah, I see you: This is your way of letting us know that we do it Insurgence-style and go to lv120. No need to confirm, no need to be ashamed 😄

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    Meech seems lovely!

    Apart from upping the level cap, the little yellow face puzzles me. Is it one of the symbols of the box? Could it be showing a used golden bottle cap symbol?

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  • hello. the progress bars are in storage. you can read about why here.

    and, no, the game is not cancelled. it's okay.

    (Updated 8/25)

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