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  • The Great and Foolish E19 Dev Blog Log


    Right, so what the heck is this? Well, let's start with a little story about that funny sidebar on the right of your screen over there (or wherever it is for you mobile lot). Early in E19's development process back in..... christ, 2019, there was a truly inspiring, miraculous comment in that sidebar.


    And that comment was "boobs."     

    Upon seeing this, I had a thought. that thought that went something along the lines of "huh this sure is some interesting insight into the minds of the developers as they work and also my friends are pretty funny sometimes so it's a shame that these are lost to time after each update. I check this page pretty often by habit anyway, maybe I could record them somewhere!"
    This was my first mistake.

    And then, as time marched ever onwards for far longer than anyone predicted, I continued to repeatedly make mistakes with each passing update because sunk cost fallacy is a bitch, and now I have a word document that's almost 30 pages long and ~25000 characters containing basically 3 full years of updates! haha oops.

    Now that E19 is out It's finally time to share this mess, so hopefully at least one of you gets something out of this...

    (as some extra notes: for a fair amount of these there were also various progress bars up that're referenced but not recorded because this document would be far more insane if I had, but occasionally I tried to include some extra notes to try provide a bit of context about bars/posts. I'll put these in *green*, like this message, assuming I can remember which parts were actually my notes)
    ....also, as I write this bit, I hope I have enough image upload storage to handle this whole post...

    oh also dates will be in a nice sensible Day/Month format for all us non-americans.

    And now, without further ado, a very tired Dream presents:
    The Great and Foolish E19 Dev Blog Log

    The dark times before history
    (I don't have dates for these ones but somehow recovered them after starting the log. I don't remember how):

    “so it is going to be my earnest goal to start updating this daily for real now even if there's no progress to speak of. and that's probably not going to happen right away so like please nag me if i go a couple days without or something, ok? Ty”

    “tbph figuring out how to divvy up the eventing and story for victory road for this scoreboard is almost not worth the time it would take to math it out because it's very wimey-wibbly-wobby, so numerically the next month or two or howeverlong is just going to be a big bag of questionmarks and it's up to you all to deal with it.
    but i'll chat here, so don't worry. won't be totally in the dark.  “

    “eventually this will just be one big trail of quote blocks.”

    Recorded History:

    29/3: “boobs.”


    1/4: “today has been a mess.  update post when i wake up-ish though”
    (Later the terra tournament post came up)

    2/4: “ finally finished puzzles for room... 1.
    it's fine. it's big. it's really. just. fine.
    everything is fine.
    nothing is not fine.”


    6/4: “had a small break for a couple days to chill but the most time consuming parts are done now


    7/4: “suddenly the strong majority of what needs to be done is story
    funny how things speed along when you don't have to deal with a bunch of tedious mi-- oh oops we're not saying that  “

    8/4: “story creep forwry
    someday the scoreboard shall update again
    but today is not that day “

    11/4: “(several shining moments of emotional stability later)
    3 pozzle left “

    12/4: “victory road act 2/3 done
    3 take a bit tho “


    14/4: “story the bulk left; six scenes remain”  
    19/4: “geez, three in a row for characters not making it through their scene
    oh well. “


    20/4: “remaining: 1 scene, 2 pozzle”  
    22/4: “remaining: 1 scene, 0 pozzle”


    23/4: “encounters done
    and lamps
    dont forget lamps “


    24/4: “Falconn......................................................”  
    (scoreboard is at 58% total, hasn’t moved in a while)  

    25/4: “...PAAAWWWWNCH!”  
    (total jumps to 87%)

    29/4: “8 maps remain.”

    Also 29/4: “E4 map 1/4 complete.”

    1/5: “E4 map 2/4 complete.”

    4/5: “E4 map 3/4 complete. “


    9/5: “ended up doing an early/impromptu test session for the existing part of E19, hence gap for a couple days
    mapping reacts only now tho”


    11/5: “elite 4 room 4/4 done”

    13/5: “champion room done, hall of fame done “

    14/5: “one map remains”

    17/5: “ah..” (mapping at 100%)

    18/5 “next time sir fucking isaac newton decides he wants to go and invent some bullshit-ass thing like gravity i propose we go toss him over a fucking cliff and ask him how he feels about gravity then”

    21/5 “well, took a couple days to update some old graphics and such...
    god i still feel like there's so much to do though “

    22/5 “elite 4 2/4 done story “

    23/5 [blank update]

    25/5 “Elite 4 complete” (eventing at 100%)

    26/5 “no e19 is not going to be released any time soon please hold all of your horses
    gently” (E19 content progress at 99%)


    28/5 – [E19 BOARD 100%, Postgame Boards Revealed, Postgame announcement] – Bugs:250   
    Cass: “no
    no readability
    only bar

    29/5: “🐛🐞🐝🐜🦋 “, Bugs = 350

    31/5: “mix and match = general nightclub stuff now
    misc can have five points for the mining updates too. “
    (Scoreboard compression/simplification) Bugs = 350

    1/6: “oh my god the AI is killing me make it stop” Bugs = 300

    2/6: “testing may now continue
    if it must. “ Bugs = 300

    8/6: “you ever just fall through a portal and wake up six days later
    anyway, about 2/3 through e19 second supervised test right now
    previous bug score didn't include AI bugs
    we are now on the warpath “ Bugs = 360

    9/6: Bugs = 315

    10/6: “supervised playthrough #2 of 3 complete” Bugs = 240

    13/6: “oh my god
    i cant with the AI 
    pleeze....... “ Bugs = 400000000000000

    14/6: “the AI has gotten back in its cage where it belongs.” Bugs = 445  
    AI- ######################################################################################################################################################AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH | 0%
    (Many #s and Hs cut to decrease doc lag, seriously, copying the original message fully almost crashed it)

    16/6: ‘it's  not  fine.’ Bugs=650  (not was same colour as background, hiding)

     ‘the fight continues.’
    (Updated 6/18 [until possibly forever]) Bugs = 650


    22/6: “hi there devving is on a brief hiatus because there is party and we wouldn't want to miss the party.” Bugs = 650

    26/6: ’ the AI is so broken i'm surprised it ever functioned’ Bugs = 650

    1/7: “mid internal, we full steam now party over. so far, not too bad.” Bugs = 315

     3/7: “nightclub interior mostly mapped, battle arenas yet withstanding” Bugs = 315

    6/7: “it is time for the never-ending legendary list to slowly begin to begin.......” Bugs = 315  

    9/7: “welcome to Progress Bars v19.1p
    now slightly more accurate!
    also probably overweights the nightclub in terms of work done.
    but who cares! bars! numbers!
    ” Bugs = 315  

    10/7: “the battle tower functions and i'm no longer concerned about overweighting the nightclub.:  Bugs = still 315  

    11/7: “it has been a big day for Features here at Definitely GameFreak™
    also, nightclub general was a little low. it's better now.” Bugs = 315  

    12/7: “it continues” Bugs = yup, 315

    15/7: “it continues to continue.” Bugs = 315

    22/7: “hi we're not dead except me for like a week but the misc bar can have a % “

    24/7: “hi work is go
    more features
    more battle tower
    the classic
    finished nightclub mapping tho!”
    Bugs = 315 still

    26/7: “so. much. Tower”
    Bugs = 645

    28/7: almost done with movesets for the battle tower.
    there are currently 1425 of them.
    why are there so many pokemon”

    31/7: “getting some low-hanging fruit out of the way
    (also it's ame's birfday happ birf)”


    3/8: “three houses is ruining productivity.”  

    4/8: “doing some lag reduction / event cleanup”

    6/8: “we're almost done with the overall planning for postgame!
    and since i can't think of anywhere to put it....
    it's going in the spirits/birds bars
    that way i don't have to make more bars.
    so we're in Bars v19.1.1p now.”

    15/8: “how did this game ever function”

    17/8: “the game occasionally functions very well on accident
    ame was proud of the AI”

    20/8: “sometimes gamefreak is wrong”

    23/8: “we officially technically have a functioning boss rush”

    29/8: “hi yes we're alive”

    31/8: questselia is questplete!
    (also, if you're wondering why the spirits/birds are hanging at 95%- they're basically done, but they're not hooked into the overal story yet since the overall story isn't quite there.)

    4/9: “nothing happened i'm just giving the misc bar a point”

    “minor additions: people swim in the lake now
    why were there no people swimming in the lake
    it's a lake “

    14/9: “[angry emoji]

    22/9: “i, for one, am proud of what i've accomplished today”

    30/9: “hey kids 
    sorry for the lack of updates lately, but unfortunately that's not likely to change much soon. we've been prepping for me to go under the knife tomorrow (this was planned, nothing bad's happened so don't worry). i'll be in the hospital for several days and then likely recovering for most of october. currently unsure how functional i'll be at all.
    apologies for the delays-- thanks for hanging in there with us.
    ~ ame “


    3/10: “back at home. i still won't be able to work properly for a while, but in the meantime at least know that everything went more or less smoothly. 
    ~ ame “


    14/10: “ame's not functional, and i've mostly forgotten how to teambuild.
    but we out here!
    kinda! “
    25/10: “some stuff got did and imma write a thing on it”

    31/10: “GUYS I DID IT I MADE A BATTLE TOWER TRAINER” (FITE is currently 100000134180340126349612534% complete)


    1/11: “we are defining the fuck out of trainers up in here”


    5/11: “i hope y'all really like water trainers”

    7/11: “almost done. post soon.”
    [battle tower 1.0 post]


    26/11: “it is Map o' Clock”

    28/11: ‘very very important sidequest finished. added 500% to the misc bar. bar has been colorshifted to purple to compensate.”  

    29/11: “quick psa: if your game is lagging, you can reduce that lag by shifting your screen size from L to M.
    essentials is the worst.”


    6/12: “non-update update update: meant to also actually update the bars, too
    been a long week. “

    21/12: “it has been brought to the attention of Management that there is a new bar.
    while this is, of course, strange, it doesn't seem to be hurting anyone
    so we're just gonna leave it there.” (mysterious secret bar added)

    24/12: “hello class
    it is Secret Time
    the downloads page has been updated with a small non-content 18.2 update
    please check this completely inconsequential post for more info!”
    (E18.2 the aipdatetm is released)


    16/1: “progress is fake” (current estimated release date: not June)

    18/1: “today's dev bars feature a quick psa about a release date
    many people from around the world frequently ask "when is e19 gonna come out?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!/1/11?!?@!?#?!??@!?@?!?#!?$?!@$!$@!???%!??!!??!?!?!?"
    actual quote.
    while i really can't give you an actual estimate as to when the release date will be (who knows if ame and i will suddenly achieve Go Mode and finish every quest in a week or smth)
    what i can tell you is that regardless of how fast we move, testing will still easily take two months. minimum.  
    like, even if there wasn't, like, two and a half episodes of content- and there is
    there's still all the new modes, new features, a whole bunch of other things that i can't even remember off the top of my head
    but, like, what i'm trying to say is that even if we were suddenly done tomorrow, you would absolutely hear about testing in advance.
    i'll even make some new bars for it. “ (current estimated release date: cyberpunk 2077)



    22/1: “there might be a battle factory.
    we're working on it.
    but like
    also the bug score is dropped but it's a lie anyway so it'll get big again soon don't you worry “
    (current estimated release date: reborn is cancelled oops)


    26/1: “it continues” (current estimated release date: uhhhhhhhhhhh eventually?)


    29/1: “that awkward moment when you forgot keldeo”


    1/2: “so nothing's changing in the bars
    i just want y'all to know that in the e19 trainers text
    ~30% of the content is new to e19
    that means that you're getting roughly 50% more battles in e19 than in e18
    and we're still only halfway done. “
    (current estimated release date: fuck january's already over someone needs to recalibrate the flow of time)


    8/2: “this is really a lot of work that i gave myself.” (current estimated release date: what's a pokman)


    11/2: “maybe going through the entire list of trainers twice wasn't the best idea” (current estimated release date: probably someday?)


    14/2: “maybe going through the entire list of trainers was a good idea.
    there are some embarrassing mistakes in here.
    (difficulties now have some ?'s in them because they're probably smaller now- i just don't know by how much)
    dark: 25% complete after 1 week
    lite: done in 3 hours


    19/2: “dark is, like, half  60% done” (current estimated release date: ask ur mom lol)


    22/2: “dark is almost done kids
    we be branching out in here” (current estimated release date: we don't know either ok)

    25/2: “dark is done and the misc bar is slightly happier now” (misc at 653%)

    29/2: “genies quest died a little but should be back shortly”

    2/3: “there's a chance that difficulty modes will be released post-e19 to streamline development a little. misc bar loses a few points.”

    15/3: “hi! haven't updated for a little bit. ame's been working on starlight and grad school decided to kick my ass for a little bit.
    but, y'know, we here, we in it
    just a little less right now.”


    20/3: “we have a battle factory.
    the shit works.
    the shit works good.
    i hereby dub toothpastefairy honorary dev “


    21/3: “every battle tower boss has a team!”

    12/4: “we're taking a bit of a break due to..........circumstances 😕

    24/4: “things have been a little quiet on the episode progress side of things, but we're working on a new engine that will hopefully be out in the reasonably near future!”

    25/4: “i sped up animations a lot with five lines of code. i am a lot of indescribable feelings right now. “

    1/5: “if your computer is a fruit you should check the devblog” (mac native release)


    4/5: “the 18.3 etc. to-do list:  fix mac/linux online”

    5/5: “all you kids have some brand new toys (18.3) available on the downloads page! i am super done with these 18.x versions, though. managing several different releases is a pain.”

    22/5: “life has been busy as of late. but we've compiled a list of bugs. so that's something?

    24/5: “hey remember when we made this game? good times.
    the bug score is now officially a progress bar
    a score of 0 means the bar is 100% complete and progress will be determines out of a total of 500.
     so it's at 7% rn “

    1/6: “progress continues”

    4/6: “bugz go SMACK”

    7/6: “ok! all done! quest ez. pokemon dum.”


    10/6: “we've made some really dramatic strides in script optimization. misc bar gets 10 points to commemorate the occation.”

    13/6: “i released another version because you can't stop me i can't stop me NO ONE CAN STO- (you should go download 18.4) “

    16/6: “i've been basically at this optimization shit non-stop for like a week
    e19's gonna be like a whole new game “


    23/6: “i think the optimization train is coming to a stop. until we get more lag reports when testing finally rolls around. “

    26/6: “bugz b smack’d”

    5/7: “hope you kids like puzzles”

    15/7: “local memer releases update that literally doesn't matter” (18.4.2, no word on changes)




    18/7: (exclusive staff sneak peak version representing the actual state of the AI right now)





    21/7: “i made the ai 10,000 lines shorter by just deleting all the code that does stuff and replacing it with low quality jpegs of donkey kong
    youre welcome”







    (cass is going through it right now with the scripts)
    (also fun fact added now in 2022 variations of this image still take up 9 emote slots in the dev server)



    30/7: “e19 scripts now feature Stuff”


    1/8: “I redid the compiler”



    4/8: “ok meme stream is over now
    back to normal”

    7/8: “thinking about final releases...
    i think i get why "finished games" are rare
    it's hard to look at the thing you spent [x] time on and be like
    "yup. this is good. i'm done."

    10/8: “ame is going to pull me over to starlight so your regularly scheduled script blogs are going to be a little sparse.
    but we still here. still doin. “
    (current estimated release date: if anyone has an estimate as to when this game is going to come out, they are lying to you. do not trust them or anything that they say. best case scenario is that they're a time traveler who has come back from the future with information of the release date. they must be removed before causing a paradox that ends reality.)

    14/8: “ran a check for AI processing time.
    in 18.4.3, the AI phase took 0.37s to process
    in e19 it took 0.03s
    zoom “


    17/8: “really think i'm starting to reach the point where i can sit down, take a look at the scripts, and think "yeah, sure, they're fine, I guess."”


    25/8: “hello. the progress bars are in storage. you can read about why here.
    and, no, the game is not cancelled. it's okay. “


    26/10: “you hear a lot of power tool sounds coming from the shed that the progress bars are stored in.”  
    8/11: “the shed that the progress bars are stored in has mysteriously disappeared. “

    12/11: “soon™”

    17/11: “there's a starlight demo out! the beta is currently only open to forum members, but the public demo should be coming out soon!”

    22/11: “current state of the AI code:”



    25/11: “AI is now slightly less spaghetti but still pretty spaghetti [same picture]


    1/12: “ok. the game is officially being worked on.
    you don't have to sit through my endless code posts anymore.
    you are free.” (hi again post made)

    2/12: “IM BACK IN BIZNIS “


    what bwings us

    ps. you get 1 progress bar. it's the length of the AI code.
    e18.4.1 length: 42,005 lines
    current e19 length: 24,113 lines “


    5/12: “i think i hit the AI code really hard and accidentally created a field effect mod”
    current e19 length: 24,080 lines


    6/12: “here i wanted to make a nice devblog post about the AI, or this new field effect mod i ended up making on accident
    but then my dumbass girlfriend goes and deletes e19

    it hasn't even been a week yet

    (like it's been recovered and stuff but jesus) “
    current e19 length: 24,060 lines



    14/12: “hi exams happened and i forgot this bar existed for a few days
    here's some updates:
    we've been bugfixing and testing a lot
    i took the field effects and shoved them in an array so that they behave themselves better. devblog post for this will come when i think it's done
    i patched onlinebattle by yeeting out 90% of the code
    same for z-moves
    i learned that apparently "razor wind" refers to a slashy weasel that spins very quickly and that move will never be the same again “


    20/12: “i am very tired in my soul. nightclub battlestations are currently in development! field effect re-coding is also still happening.”

    30/12: “still re-coding the entire field effects things and the nightclub!”



    2/1: “we out here. we coding.”

    7/1: “the nightclub battle content is almost done!!! then we get back to all that questing.”

    13/1: “:                        )”

    21/1: “oh my look at the time, it's legendary-quest o'clock. ~a” (+New Devs, New Nightclub! Post)




    3/2: “hey do you know what heals you at the end of each turn
    the ai sure doesn't
    i sure don't
    and that's because someone made this field system that just fucks with everything straight to hell”


    15/2: “why do moonlight and morning sun work exactly the same”

    24/2: “anyone else feel like everything kiiiiiinda sucks rn?
    devving is going a little slowly.”


    28/2: “proper update soon, ok? ~a”


    7/3: “Legendaries Accounted For: 32/65” (‘you get one(1) progress bar’ devblog post)

    (Legendaries up to 33/65)

    15/3: “the ai code is coming along nicely!”  

    16/3: “so we shaved off 28.5k lines of code from the ai so far.
    we don't know if it works yet!
    but we hope it does. “

    23/3: “took a break from the AI to casually solve the RMXP map limit issue that has plagued game developers for years
    took like 5 minutes
    ez”  (34/65 legends)


    4/4: ferris wheel devblog post

    21/4: “did you know that cresselia can't learn cosmic power?
    did you know that buneary, instead, can?
    taken a brief respite from the quests to go back and tune up some earlier content. that'll be ongoing. “ (39/65 legends, has been steadily increasing)

    22/4: Anomaly Battle devblog post





    8/5: yummy low-hanging fruit (44/65 legends)


    14/5: “credit to Loretze for the improved artistic rendition of The Big Ferngus ” (45/65)



    22/5: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBonWdqOT6Y”

    23/5: “hi minor changes
    meloetta changes form by using relic song in the field instead of in battle
    also i apologize in advance- i seem to have forgotten how to make single battles “

    30/5: “small break while we're taking a bit of a road trip~
    but really, we were already gone in our hearts all along
    back in a few?”

    11/6: “blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    12/6: “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *dies” (legendaries 47/65)

    (for context I think the image is related to adding the “open saves folder” button)


    27/6: “hi again! back from trip #2, summer party over with, no further distractions planned. full steam ahead perhaps."

    12/7: “did you know that you can pronounce "gracidea" the same way as "quesadilla"?
    you shouldn't
    but you can.
    one more done but primarily focusing on early game again for a bit. maybe a teaser for early updates soon? maybe.” (legendaries 49/65)
    “update: apparently this is how canon pronounces it. i hate this. it's so cursed. stop. stop. stop. why? why? why?”
    this is also how I've always pronounced it.....


    21/7: “so apparently the new ai is finished???
    there might be a post soon???????????????????? “


    28/7: “memes are cancelled actually.

    early game updates are also cancelled actually
    only quests now
    another milestone hit but i can't update the counter :\\\


    edit: okay no they're not actually cancelled, i just reached a good pausing point so i'm going back to postgame content, funny phrasings only, there is no need to do a worry”


    29/7: hi i made a twitter
    i don't know what twitter is
    click this to go to the twitter (because the embeds on this sidebar are dUM) “


    11/8: “previous week or so also featured updating some past quests with a little extra...” (Legendaries: 50/65)


    14/8: “10 quests remain” (Legendaries: 53/65)

    ??/8: “9 quests remain”

    4/9: “7 quests remain.  
    don't get used to the double, it's just a fluke “(legendaries 55/65)

    9/9: “6 quests remain” (56/65 legendaries)

    15/9: “5 quests remain.” (58/65)
    Camerupt Nutritional Information*:
    ⦁    Total Fat                    0.2 g       0%
    ⦁    Saturated fat           0.1 g         0%
    ⦁    Cholesterol              0 mg        0%
    ⦁    Sodium                    13 mg      0%
    ⦁    Potassium                897 mg    25%
    ⦁    Total Carbohydrate  37 g         12%
    ⦁    Dietary fiber            4.7 g        18%
    ⦁    Sugar                      1.7 g    
    ⦁    Protein                     4.3 g        8%
    ⦁    Vitamin C                                70%    
    ⦁    Calcium                                   2%
    ⦁    Iron                                         9%    
    ⦁    Vitamin D                               0%
    ⦁    Vitamin B-6                            30%    
    ⦁    Cobalamin                              0%
    ⦁    Magnesium                            12%  
    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 camerupt diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your camerupt needs.


    20/9: “4 quests remain.” (60/65)

    25/9: “3 quests remain.”(61/65)

    28/9: “2 quests remain.”(62/65)
    (Camerupt Nutrition renamed to potato nutrition)


    15/10: “2 quests still remain.”
    “to expect perfection is to invite disappointment.
    this is true of all routes of life.  “


    18/10:   mysql exception at /var/www/html/forums/core/datastore/d4224989543895843f4b22d2a1112a_page_builder.7769ea1b77.php: line 238: 2013 Connection to the server was lost
    encountered at /var/www/html/pr/development/
    Please contact the site administrator to report this problem.
    (turns out this was not an intentional update, the forums actually just broke a bit. I think ame broke a bit when I asked her about it too)

    19/10: “0 quests still remain.
    Expect a post by the end of the week about what's left to do.
    (updated 10/19)
    man i hope you kids like double battles
    (updated 10/19 but it's cass) “

    21/10: there's 360 new teams in e19
    i counted

    22/10: "guys ame won't let me use my physical xerneas set on big top :C"

    23/10: “devblog post here.
    dev stream for the decibel resprite scheduled for 3p MDT here.

    30/10: “when u try 2 make gaem but there r only bug
    lyk if u cry errytime”

    1/11: “we made a script to stress-test the ai and it found a bug in sucker punch that must've been there for like 5 years”


    5/11: “we made a script to stress-test the ai and it found a bug in sky drop that only exists because metronome rolled it
    when attempting to test and fix the above sky drop bug, another one another two sky drop bugs were discovered.
    i hate this game”


    6/11: “ 🅱️indra”

    12/11: “shuffled the move tutor moves a lil. should be appreciated.”

    14/11: “a Handy info graphic about our bug fixing process “






    20/11: “testing:”



    4/12: “we're gonna go ahead and shut off bug reports from e18. not that we're quite done yet, but like...
    it's just not very helpful anymore with how much has changed.”


    14/12: “loose ends are like hydras, you tie one up and then there's two more.”


    17/12: “hi its cass sneaking into ame's sidebar
    so you know that giant animation file that we have
    i made it smaller
    it's going to break for everyone who tries to borrow our anims....... so expect a post about how to fix that after e19's out
    but it means the game loads a lot faster now!
    uses a lot less ram too.
    we love to see it. “

    “if anyone finds a ridiculous EXP Candy in very early game it's because i keep forgetting that "XL" doesn't stand for "Extra Little"





    1/1: “#################### (100%)
    happy new year everyone!!!!”


    3/1: testing has begun


    9/1: “i hope everyone appreciates the 1000 new switches that we've added this episode”



    16/1: “

    now kiss  

    bonus joke


    e19 features evil character:



    19/1: “i've decided to overhaul the field effect code and lemme tell you it's beautiful”

    20/1: “yo i'm gonna unbackwards my hashes”

    22/1: “so i unbackwards'd my hashes
    but i have since learned that there is, sometimes, a time for a backwards hash.
    we consider this character development.
    (this is cass btw i realize that both ame and i talk here and it's sometimes unclear who's who)

    23/1: “work up OP”

    27/1: “for the record i do not support this but i am being held at gun point
    please send help

    my captors have a hydreigon

    30/1: "about 8 million of the 11.5 million battles for the ai fights post are done!"

    6/2: "oh btw alpha started like four days ago"

    9/2: "haha fernip send tweet"



    20/2: "multi-supervised testing (part 2 of 3 for alpha) has begun"

    20/2 again: "🅱️indra, my 🅱️eloved"


    2/3: "cass's development cycle:
    "fuck i hate this"
    *furious coding
    *sees other part of the code
    "fuck i hate this"
    *abandons previous project
    *furious coding


    2/3: kenan kill count: 18

    11/3: kenan kill count: 19

    14/3: kenan kill count: 21

    17/3: zoroark gottem count: infinity




    31/3: "Online play will be temporarily disabled in the near future while we update the version and workshop some components of it. Thanks for understanding. "


    15/4: "clear up your weekend"


    (18/4 I joined the team to fix like 5 bugs woo)


    24/4: "long live sidebar"



    10/5: "long live sidebar"
    says sidebar, having received no attention in two weeks


    30/5: filing for divorce with essentials but it's amicable.

    ##Present Day##


    And at last.... I am finally free from this prison of my own creation. Hey fun fact, did you know that when copying from word into the site editor, it apparently eats all text formatting like bold/italics or hyperlinks so you have to manually re-add them, seemingly yeets some linebreaks randomly, and won't copy&paste Emoji or Images so the former has to be added one by one with the editers searchbox for them, and the latter had to be re-screenshotted with snipping tool to upload? At least there apparently isn't a character limit here, or it's unreasonably large enough to handle this. Ame I'm sorry for any time I made fun of you for accidentally posting a half-finished devblog post and then hiding it and suggested copying from another document... I didn't know..... though I still didn't accidentally post this til done
    (also I considered linking all the actual big devblog posts that came out in their appropriate timeline positions here, but you can just go look at all those yourself)

    In all seriousness though I did actually get a fair amount of enjoyment from creating this and looking back on @Amethyst&@andracass's stream of consciousness, I hope some of you did too. 
    What a journey this has all been - I'm glad I got to share it with you. ily!

    (bonus pic is my upload section for this post after the almost two hours putting this all together. I think the very first image may have been directed at me across time and space all along)




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    28/11: ‘very very important sidequest finished. added 500% to the misc bar. bar has been colorshifted to purple to compensate.” 

    this was the eevee quest.


    2/3: “there's a chance that difficulty modes will be released post-e19 to streamline development a little. misc bar loses a few points.”

    man i'm so glad we wound up dropping these.


    20/3: “we have a battle factory.
    the shit works.
    the shit works good.
    i hereby dub toothpastefairy honorary dev “

    heh, yeah



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    Not going to lie
    It's a trip and a half down memory lane remembering all these
    I still have to wonder
    How many progress bars died in the devblog?
    How many of them were sacrificed to bring this train to the station?
    And how many of them forgot to jump off at the moment of impact with said station?
    RIP Bars of The Progress
    Gone, but not forgotte- what was I talking about?

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    It brings joy to my heart to see other people mad enough to save and try to catalogue all of these.

    I've been doing the same thing though I started around June 2020 so thank you for the insight on the 2019 sidebar shenanigans.



    it's a shame that these are lost to time after each update. I check this page pretty often by habit anyway, maybe I could record them somewhere!

    Pretty much same only my first reasoning was more or less "eh I check this page often so ig I'll save some if I feel like it". It went downhill pretty quickly and now look where I am.


    But let's get down to business and enlarge your upload section shall we?


    Here are some that you may have missed: 





    Link redirected us to the omnipotent boop:











    14/05: ferngus v0.1



    I kept the progress bars in case someone never saw them.


    I'd post more of these but unfortunately I'm lazy af, so I'll pop in sometime later when I find something new.

    Don't worry Dreamy, you're not alone in this.

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    “how did this game ever function”

    The question every developer asks themself.


    "cass's development cycle:
    "fuck i hate this"
    *furious coding
    *sees other part of the code
    "fuck i hate this"
    *abandons previous project
    *furious coding

    We need more casses in this world

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  • i know i'm, like, criminally bad at updating the sidebar

    but it's just the scripts!

    i never know what's worth mentioning.

    anyway we might redo the battle system.





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