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  1. What about using Ghost-types all holding Ring Targets? He can hit you, you can't hit him.
  2. Told ya Misty Terrain might bring you solace perhaps? There's a reason I keep Mist on my Mamoswine, but there should be fairies or so that learn it too.
  3. Well, I guess there's few surefire methods. Maybe at later gyms where the options are wider you'll get more consistent strategies. Wonder how you'd make such a challenge compatible with the league in ep19
  4. Well, can they just **** off so we don't have to deal with this shit even longer? I'm already unraveling enough and I can't get a proper job or live on my own in this shitshow to remedy it. Anyhoo, maybe you can upload+narrate the battle perhaps, with a team preview just to explain how these leaders will get dunked on ;) (unless it's pure luck, in which case it might not appeal as much)
  5. Tbh, I have too much stuff to go through thanks to this goddamn pandemic, and I rather not feel frustration in games too rn... (Atm just the vastness in Stellaris will do. Space is just...so...pretty...) But I do support you figuring out how to pull a W out of the worst setups possible. It might help others with their runs outside those circumstances. You could call this run "Stuntin' on 'em-Reborn style"
  6. ...you should've recorded that, now I am curious too
  7. ...One could sometimes wonder if Reborn's existence is supported through facilitating self-punishing kinks
  8. Aya's going to be such a pain for ya, if you'll get that far. RIP in advance
  9. It's not that because they can walk above ground means that they can't hide underground too. Those devious things survived scorched earth-tactics, so it's arguable they can switch between the two to adapt to the situation. It also doesn't get Ingrain, so its roots wouldn't be particularly deep either.
  10. Fighting weeds by burning the leaves does not remove the roots...it will only allow them to sprout uncontested after. That's probably why they still proliferated. And since Budew are poison-types, they resist toxins. Maybe you should've used a Salazzle instead.
  11. If it only halves Budew, that wouldn't do for Ame. It has to erase its existence. Dexit it, perhaps.
  12. "As my first decree, I order Budew to be removed from the collective consciousness by ANY means necessary." Also, can't wait for Carnival shops to sell Ame-masks
  13. Nintendo is quite large, and I'm not sure her having made a Pokémon fan game will sit well with the investors/current board of directors. Companies are politics, too. Also, doubt that anyone can be made head of the Democrats without billions of backing. It's too entrenched to usurp. Better off running a grassroots campaign as a third party, and focus efforts on convincing smaller states with low turnout numbers to stay cost-effective. Those might be easier to convince not to choose between...whatever they're getting now. But I digress, hopefully the dev team doesn't get split between campaign-running and code-optimising
  14. Well, much worse than now is pretty hard, I guess. Why the hell not run as a third party? Atlus might be cool, they might be able to make the animations look better with strong art direction. And maybe some better implementations of side mechanics. But to not divert too much, hope Cass isn't frying their brain on the code again
  15. Would be unilaterally blocked by the Senate ('big government' etc). Unless you could somehow get enough members elected there Besides, one has to decide who to develop after Game Freak, then
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