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  1. Iirc you can also get Honedge, as Specially Bulky Aegislash with Leftovers is a very solid mon overall. Maybe won't handle Luna well, but the double after has many special attackers. You could also consider Sticky Web support with e.g. Ribombee (Belrose Mansion grass) to give yourself a strong advantage against the faster mons, but keep in mind that you won't get revives between the fights, only Full Restores. Ribombee is also quite frail and doesn't hit that hard, but it is very fast. Sticky Web would pair well with Mega-Medicham, if you have the stone (it's in the Sugiline Ruins if you don't).
  2. Well, since this thread has been revived and the available roster has changed since then, aloow me to praise Cofagrigus again. If you're willing to get a Bold coffin with Max IVs and EVs in HP and Defense, and minimal ones in Attack, it can (almost, if you're unlucky) solo the dragon, even without Intimidate support. It goes as follows: get the moveset Pain Split (Apophyll Tutor), Will-O-Wisp, Power Split and Shadow Ball/Hex (level-up moves). Give it a Zoom Lens if you want more reliability. First, you burn the shark, and eat the hit taking ~50-60% off your health. Solaris has 3 full heals, so burn three more times. Then, you can choose. Either you go for Pain Split to ensure your survival the turn after, or go immediately for the Power Split to reduce his attack and let your teammates deal with Cripple Shark. If they missed a Stone Edge or Dragon Rush though, you'll definitely 1v1 them by picking Pain Split and your attack depending on your needs per turn. Plus, Cofagrigus is very helpful against Kiki and anything threatening to murder you physically later, like a Stupidly Big Steelix, for example, or any physical-focused gym you can damage.
  3. I'm doing a second run to get a different ending, but wanted to avoid some of the messy situations I got myself in last time. For this, I am hoping to have a team with Lycanrock-dusk (mystery egg, Z-move terrain removal, can run SR for utility) and Klefki (screens, spikes + typing, plus I got a shiny). Greninja is likely to be part as well for complementing overall coverage at the end, as I picked one as a starter (suprisingly underwhelming mid-game due to weak attacks) and it being a very fun mon to have. The problem is how to fill up the rest to handle the new E19-content before post-game. Currently I do have a decent pool of mons already trained namely: Amoonguss (Calm), Weavile, Mantine, Meowstic-M, Diggersbytho, Excadrill, Toxapex (Bold), Cofagrigus (Bold), Alakazam, Ribombee, Medicham, Gliscor, Venomoth, Magnezone, Tyrantrum, Infernape and (shiny) Lucario. Although I have a bunch of mons that could fill nice team roles, I struggle with actual synergy between them as well as knowing some fights will undo their ability to perform their role as well. Particularly useful sets (besides the obvious) for existing ones, as well as new mons, and tips for team building in this case would be appreciated.
  4. I had a Blaziken, Greninja, Serperior, Aegislash, Mamoswine and Naganadel. I think all of them had MVP moments, but
  5. laggless01


    If you don't want to 'cheese' it, raising a Bold Cofagrigus with Power Split, Will-o-Wisp and Pain Split with Max HP and Defense is very reliable. At level 45 Garchomp does about half with its strongest move, and by then you have already reduced its power by over half. Pain split is a tutor move you should have access to, the others are level-up. It does great against Kiki too if you haven't beaten her yet, as it is a great physical counter.
  6. When doing a particular sidequest in a certain path in E19-related content, it became rather apparent to me that I had to noticably shift team members to handle some of the battles in certain fields. Unlike when you had a gym to prepare yourself, being caught off-guard and then being stomped due to your team getting wrecked in some unexpected field condition, and running back and forth to switch teammates is a lot of effort if you don't use password codes. Then, in another randomised field thingie also E19, this became even more noticable. So I was wondering if one could build a team of 6 that can stand its ground in any field, or at least long enough to alter the field in their favour and win that way. Some thing I did notice in this were quirks regarding certain terrains. Namely, New World and Underwater don't get overwritten by terrain moves, but every other one does. New World only converts by Gravity, whilst Underwater only changes in a single turn through Dive, Fly, Bounce, Sky Drop and Poisinium-Z. So unless a team is or has mons built to work on these fields, one would need these moves to even allow changing the terrain to a more favourable one. I also think members obtainable before E19-content, that is everything non-legendary bar a particular Needle Boi, would be rather valuable in forming this. Swapping items in between is permitted, but bonus if not required. So, my question is: what mons do you think would be very useful to build such a team? And what would they need support with? An example of this: Serperior is a great mon, but in Reborn it is even better because of the fields. This is because besides its known Contrary-storm shenanigans, it also gets Grassy Terrain (Egg move). This not only overrides most fields (and thus disrupts quite a few teams), but also boosts Leaf Storms and HP Fire if used. Having access to Leech Seed also helps dealing with pesky bulky mons abusing fields for defensive buffs and...'damage avoidance shenanigans' you might encounter here and there. Or you can use Glare to enforce speed control. Its main downsides are that it doesn't handle fire- and poison-types well as they change the terrain further, and quite a few dragon- and flying-types can be annoying if you didn't get enough boosts yet. Smack a Choice Item, Amplifield Rock or Leftovers on it depending on the need and you have something that saved my ass a surprising amount of times, even at the end of postgame.
  7. Hi when are u able to trade?


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      So, I'm free for the coming hours now. Send if you still want to trade, I prepared my save for it

    3. Shenigami Siruganai

      Shenigami Siruganai

      sorry time zone problem again I missed out on your respond


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      It's ok, is now good?

  8. I have a shiny ralts. Female, but IVs are meh. If you want, I'll trade them for a shiny noibat as you have two, doesn't matter which one. Request trade with my username then.
  9. Well, mine loaded, but still got stuck. Weird. Anyway, just put the mon first so it works. Thanks a lot!
  10. Nice, Mine's just my username here. I'll give you something cool. (Update: got some weird issue in selecting who to trade, pointer is stuck in top right corner)
  11. I want to get a Lapras, but I'd rather trade for one than wait a few days to start the E19 rollercoaster, as I want to finish the pokedex sidequest first. I can offer some mons with decent IVs, or shinies like Corphish, Beldum or Growlithe. Or any regular non-legendary one fancies.
  12. ...I did check the guide first when I couldn't find them. So yes, I checked there, but zilch. Still curious why the dex then says they're also in the fantasy world. I'll try checking that Mirage Tower (if I find it as it, you know, disappears). EDIT, Update: I found them, turns out I didn't spot the way down to another waterfall. In other words, kept looking around everywhere else except that spot. Issue resolved, now I just have to wait to get that Lapras.
  13. So, I've been looking for the Marill line for quite a while in both the Upper route 4 and Once upon a Loopingmap (the places in indicates it could be found) with a Magnetic Lure on my mon at different times of the day, yet I haven't found any. Are they consigned to a specific subarea I'm passing over, or is something required? I just don't want it to be a bug.
  14. I checked for the beldum event, but it has effectively been scrapped. No pre-agate Tauros shenanigans anymore it seems. Metagross is kinda cracked on ice, so it makes sense. Still checking for the Karrablast and co have an additional safety. Based on suggestions (and figuring out I could get Swinub), I took Archeops, Crawdaunt and Amoongus in as additional members, and keep a makuhita on the side in case of emergency. Terra will likely be the most difficult one, but we'll see if I really got nothing to handle that. Thanks for the suggestions!
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