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  1. I'm still missing that *REDACTED BC POLITICS*, but tbh I'm very glad that one didn't happen. It would have made my life so much harder. I'm simply proposing a lightning-round card for the last two weeks of this wretched annum. Foster that ability, it might help you if you go to the stock market or something. Or when you want to make videos or so. Idk
  2. Aaaaaaand that's one off on the bingo card! (It is apparently quite the buggy mess.) TB (may he rest in peace) would have faffed the gaming community off for preordering like that. I'm on a roll this month. But now I have to make up something new... Idk, perhaps a massive blizzard cutting off electricity for millions? That has been long enough, hasn't it?
  3. The advantage of a dumpsterfire year is that it makes an ideal place to make popcorn over. Either that or a game crashing and burning like there's no tomorrow. Kinda have to make the best out of the absolute worst, no? I'm at least glad change is occuring in the dev process. If one has little to speculate over the game itself, speculating about dev hijinks is an edutaining alternative. Whether that's the value of backups or rules of code optimisation-101 is both nice to know.
  4. We should just make a poll in another thread about guesses what kind of BS is still going to happen this year. A popularity contest, but it would be funny if anything of it would manifest itself. We could make bingo-cards out of the suggestions too. Everything for the entertainment, because I could really use it atm.
  5. Not quite what sars-covid-19 means, but hey, I'm not going to break your dreams here. Grab popcorn with me...and surgical masks for thee.
  6. At this point I'm almost desensitized enough to start enjoying it. I already grabbed the popcorn. I also got personally jinxed since, so my hunch seemed right on the money.
  7. Well it's 2020 after all, I'd be more surprised if it didn't happen for some reason. And we still have over half a month to go in this cursed year. I bet something spectacular is still going to happen in the next weeks, and not in the good kind hopefully it won't be the code literally catching fire.
  8. Going from 40k lines to 24k lines? It's like the dev team are digital geneticists figuring out what lines are actually functional code for the game.
  9. What about using Ghost-types all holding Ring Targets? He can hit you, you can't hit him.
  10. Told ya Misty Terrain might bring you solace perhaps? There's a reason I keep Mist on my Mamoswine, but there should be fairies or so that learn it too.
  11. Well, I guess there's few surefire methods. Maybe at later gyms where the options are wider you'll get more consistent strategies. Wonder how you'd make such a challenge compatible with the league in ep19
  12. Well, can they just **** off so we don't have to deal with this shit even longer? I'm already unraveling enough and I can't get a proper job or live on my own in this shitshow to remedy it. Anyhoo, maybe you can upload+narrate the battle perhaps, with a team preview just to explain how these leaders will get dunked on ;) (unless it's pure luck, in which case it might not appeal as much)
  13. Tbh, I have too much stuff to go through thanks to this goddamn pandemic, and I rather not feel frustration in games too rn... (Atm just the vastness in Stellaris will do. Space is just...so...pretty...) But I do support you figuring out how to pull a W out of the worst setups possible. It might help others with their runs outside those circumstances. You could call this run "Stuntin' on 'em-Reborn style"
  14. ...you should've recorded that, now I am curious too
  15. ...One could sometimes wonder if Reborn's existence is supported through facilitating self-punishing kinks
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