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  1. The greatest pull would be finishing the story with a Triple battle vs Lin/Solaris/El 6v18. Bc why not screw the devs and the players simultaneously?
  2. ...or maybe they found a nasty error whilst making them, and had to fix that first. Coding just surprises you like that at times. Well, maybe we'll find out in another rant post on the dev blog?
  3. Well you can't say things if (spoiler) but sure. I'll bet it'll break the fourth wall quite soundly.
  4. Well, anyway, given that I changed computer twice since the last episode, I'll likely start from scratch when the E19 (or its test period) comes. I can do some weedwhacking on the side there again.
  5. Had to explain someone what folk metal was a while ago. I prefer generally more melodic stuff, so I listened to a bunch of it to find stuff both of us might like. Was...quite an experience (it's quite varied and eclectic). But found some cool oldies. If you like metal growling, then this might be to your liking: If you're not fancy of that, I find this one particularly funny to listen to. This must be incredibly fun to perform. Not sure if this is called buccaneer metal or pirate metal. Oh well
  6. I wonder how (beta) testing will be organised for this episode (I might've missed where this is expained already, but it's been a loooong cycle). Will it be organised through the discord, the nightclub; will there be separate forums for bugreporting said test; given the mainline releases, how will the devs plan around this; and the such. Not to apply more pressure, just genuine concern (and okay hype too). I guess we'll hear more about it somewhat soon. --- Also, I found Fern to just be annoying when he tries to shittalk me, but actually aggravating when he put the abuse on others, starting from Corey (ngl that made me S.L.Jackson the bastard). Don't think I should waste more words on the invasive species.
  7. Well, given the soon(tm) release date of a few...specific games, releasing the complete version of Reborn around the same time could mean increased hammering from the N-word. (that's 8 letters) Something similar happened to Uranium, after all. Still hyped tho, although I forgot half of what happened in the game. And it's a loooong one to just breeze through to get the story beats. Someone should make an guide on how to run through Reborn as quickly as possible without sacrificing relation points or endings.
  8. Misty Mamo at it again, I guess. Seriously, that mon always carries.
  9. Let us hope they don't stumble upon a game-breaking bug needing thorough recoding of finished parts.
  10. Losing in the face of God is nothing to be ashamed of, Marcello...
  11. Listening to some Avenged Sevenfold lately, and liking some of it, in particular Afterlife. Idk why my mind does this, but it thinks that one sounds like what the soundtrack of a good Shadow the Hedgehog-game would be. Juuust the right level of edge. Especially the version with the violin intro. Still4chordstho
  12. And now I remember getting my a$$ whooped over and over by Dialga when I played it the first time. Hope development won't suffer the sam-oh who am I kidding you saw the updates.
  13. This is what I mean. Yes, Nintendo has done crap but I'm not eager for it to become blatantly-sell-gambling-to-children-immoral like EA (unless I missed they already hit that low). 1. I think they tried in Gen7 with terrains, but yes, it is highly underdeveloped still. Maybe they don't want to make things too overwhelming, but there are ways to ease a player into this. For example, Reborn does this very well by keeping the main "tutorial" in a neutral city setting, then through exploration you encounter new environments and effects have (mostly) clear text/visual cues. 2. YES. It would be nice to make gyms convey specific mechanics to master. For example, one centered around Trick room, another around phasing, another around VoltTurnFlip etc. It would be a great opportunity to also introduce what's new in a new generation through a gym. It wouldn't even be a new idea, Gen6 had a Gym introduce Megas iirc. 3. You need to keep in mind not everyone seeks out Reborn, whilst a wide variety of people swarm around the mainline. Balancing difficulty for such a diverse group to be right for all is...quite difficult, if not impossible. Even Reborn has a Hardcore mode bc some seek even tougher challenges. Difficulty modes in a pokemon game however require more than just adding a few levels (looking at you, gen5). You'd have to rework the AI to be far more competent too, and ask Andracass how fun that is. But yes, for me too the mainline difficulty has dropped too hard to enjoy as 'challenges' can't be taken seriously. The former two elements add more solutions (but make AI tricker to work too) and make opponents feel far more rewarding to beat.
  14. I've always waited a while after release before buying them, so I've been of the mainline since gen6... The open world one got me curious though. Gamefreak alone ain't the issue here I think, the recently announced remakes by another developer are...unique as well. Also Nintendo have been more eager to use questionable microtransactions the last few years too, so I hope they don't go full EA on their flagship (Imagine paying to max out IVs...) Slicing up people like Reborn does might be a bit tricky for Pokemon's kid-friendly image though, and given lawsuits in the past I don't think they want to let that go. Doesn't mean they couldn't try to go the Mother-route. Can't keep replaying Explorers of the Sky forever to feel something from an official pokemon game. There are plenty of ways to develop a compelling narrative whilst not upsetting the kids.
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