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  1. Hi when are u able to trade?


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    2. laggless01


      So, I'm free for the coming hours now. Send if you still want to trade, I prepared my save for it

    3. Shenigami Siruganai

      Shenigami Siruganai

      sorry time zone problem again I missed out on your respond


    4. laggless01


      It's ok, is now good?

  2. I have a shiny ralts. Female, but IVs are meh. If you want, I'll trade them for a shiny noibat as you have two, doesn't matter which one. Request trade with my username then.
  3. Well, mine loaded, but still got stuck. Weird. Anyway, just put the mon first so it works. Thanks a lot!
  4. Nice, Mine's just my username here. I'll give you something cool. (Update: got some weird issue in selecting who to trade, pointer is stuck in top right corner)
  5. I want to get a Lapras, but I'd rather trade for one than wait a few days to start the E19 rollercoaster, as I want to finish the pokedex sidequest first. I can offer some mons with decent IVs, or shinies like Corphish, Beldum or Growlithe. Or any regular non-legendary one fancies.
  6. I checked for the beldum event, but it has effectively been scrapped. No pre-agate Tauros shenanigans anymore it seems. Metagross is kinda cracked on ice, so it makes sense. Still checking for the Karrablast and co have an additional safety. Based on suggestions (and figuring out I could get Swinub), I took Archeops, Crawdaunt and Amoongus in as additional members, and keep a makuhita on the side in case of emergency. Terra will likely be the most difficult one, but we'll see if I really got nothing to handle that. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. After beating Radomus and accessing 7th Street, I have been in a bind on my team composition. Currently, I have quite a few members on rotation, but I mostly am using Diggersby, Blaziken and Roserade (Don't attack me for Blaz, Brace was my first ever pokemon). I do have on rotation Thatcher the Cofagrigus (RIP Solaris), Nidoking, Chandelure, Drapion, Pachirisu, Ribombee (RIP Serra), Meowstic-M and Galvantula. Of these, Drapion, Pachirisu and Galvantula feel like they're at their limits, so they might be considered for swaps later on. (I did prepare a special surprise for a particular hacker, I can't wait to try it). Given the leaders and challenges (and fields) coming before returning to the city, I wanted to add or change a few members on my team. -I am likely going to train a Thick Fat Hariyama with Bullet Punch, as I expect it to help tremendously in a particular area, and I don't have great Ice-resists. Suggested moves or better alternatives are appreciated. -I am considering swapping out Roserade, as despite the power, Toxic Spikes has had limited function, Sleep Powder missed more than the frail flower can handle, and its available attacks are too strong for technician but lacking in power. Due to this, I am deliberating on adding Amoongus or Tangrowth in her place, but can't decide what would be better for my team, especially with the ice, flying and sewer in mind. -The biggest issue is on adding a Water-type. I am stuck on deciding between Empoleon and Crawdaunt, and how that would affect adding additional members. Crawdaunt would add a Dark-type, which would help replace Drapion too as I have a lot of Poison-types now, and add a strong physical attacker with prority. On the other hand, it gets wrecked by Freeze-dry and Fighting-types, and good steel-types are rather rare at this point in the game, maybe except magnezone if you go looking for it. Empoleon would grant me a coveted Steel-mon, add defensive backbone and possible utility. Having its amount of resistances would help with pivoting, one of the reasons why I'm considering swapping the Rose out. (I'm not ruling out other options like Kingdra, Lanturn, Gastrodon or Swampert, but I doubt they work well with what I have and might be hard-pressed in the coming parts of the game.) Given the differences, such a choice would affect what other members I could add. If going for the Crawdaunt, I think the other choices for Steel-types atm would not be great or fitting well on the team. On the other hand, Empoleon's tools will be limited in the short term, and I'd have to seek mons for handling Ground-types as I'm lacking in useful resistances to them right now. For both I'd have consider how to handle fighting types, as Ribombee is a bit frail to do that. I'd prefer to prep teammates before going through the Agate gate, as I can breed for egg moves and the like before it. Any advice?
  8. As someone who started anew in the community beta, I definitely recommend doing so. The "early game" changes have been so far good across the board, and you might not even recognise some places.
  9. Pray for the server tonight. It'll have to bear it.
  10. First budew now Fernip, it seems like Ame will have a lot of plant matter to burn again.
  11. Unofficial Episode 20 will be some nutter trying to put this game into a 3D graphics engine. I am not that nutter.
  12. Well if you're on grass, you can imagine dragons. No I'm not apologising for that one. Unrelated to this, I am low-key hoping on some new epic boss music in this episode. Some Rejuv Angie intro vibes or something as intimidating for Lin seems fitting, and it would add to the 'oh shit I'm in trouble'-vibe.
  13. Well, I fear we'll have to miss the Cass Update System once the episode is released. What a pity :( I hope the game stays on the site long enough for people. There's a hammer more dreadful than T3RR4's unfort.
  14. CHOO CHOO MOTHERF**- Yeah the hype train is about to arrive it seems. Now nobody has to ask ever again when the next episode is coming out.
  15. Well if you're going that way might as well say Spring is a metaphor for someone's early life, so perhaps it comes out before they're feeling too old? Managing expectations is the game here.
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