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  1. Nintendo is quite large, and I'm not sure her having made a Pokémon fan game will sit well with the investors/current board of directors. Companies are politics, too. Also, doubt that anyone can be made head of the Democrats without billions of backing. It's too entrenched to usurp. Better off running a grassroots campaign as a third party, and focus efforts on convincing smaller states with low turnout numbers to stay cost-effective. Those might be easier to convince not to choose between...whatever they're getting now. But I digress, hopefully the dev team doesn't get split between campaign-running and code-optimising
  2. Well, much worse than now is pretty hard, I guess. Why the hell not run as a third party? Atlus might be cool, they might be able to make the animations look better with strong art direction. And maybe some better implementations of side mechanics. But to not divert too much, hope Cass isn't frying their brain on the code again
  3. Would be unilaterally blocked by the Senate ('big government' etc). Unless you could somehow get enough members elected there Besides, one has to decide who to develop after Game Freak, then
  4. Maybe ask some of the devs working on animations directly, so you won't be doing double duty. @smeargletail might be able to help you, for example.
  5. laggless01


    Lovely cat, 11/10 achievement. Surprised you waited to share that update to the game.
  6. If anything, Cass, know your worth is far more than what people jabbing your work proclaim it to be. The responses here are just one testament to that. Also Commander, if one wants to pollute the ocean even further with such abominations, please do not evoke imagery similar enough to that vile thing's content. 1/10 did not like that flashback
  7. I think I started getting a headache reading this once symbols were used in variable names or something. Dear lord, I'm glad you have the patience to work these through, bc I doubt I'd be that virtuous Still don't understand why anyone would use bitstrings to load and process data. Is this a Ruby-thing or code relic or anything? It seems so much harder to adjust, call or troubleshoot and an overall pita to work with. I do wonder why essentials isn't open source, given its suboptimal coding piling up adjusting to multiple pokemon generations. Is this because of legal issues or something? #GiveCassAHug
  8. Don't Jinx it, ep19 still has yet to be released...
  9. Seconded, that was hilarious. Covering the last two panels with offspring would also be hilarious. 'Death everywhere' made me chuckle, too
  10. Same It's just fascinating when a program acts in a completely unexpected manner, and from some experience with coding it can be quite a laugh to see something you work on break down in the most crazy ways (even if it sets you back a lot) :D I had the fun experience myself during a programming exam at uni that the classes I defined stopped working (in Python), which screwed over my entire code for that part and nobody knew what the hell was going on since the code looked correct. Still passed tho, that was quite a laugh It's more of an empathic laugh about programs acting weird, and through painstaking work finding out the cause is extremely dumb and straightforward.
  11. I was not sure if this should be in Bug Reports, Reborn City or the Onyx Wasteland, but since it's related to Reborn Development I thought opening a topic here for it. It is quite niche tho, but could be fun. For anyone who has had the fortune to work with Pokemon Essentials, what were the most "fun" experiences with it...let's just say working "less than optimally"? For examples, one can look at some of the Reborn Development Blog-posts, but anything nonsensical, bizarre or maddeningly-funny-in-hindsight would be great. For educational purposes, of course. And giggles.
  12. Reading that nearly gave me a migraine I wanted to curse, but that would get me warning points, so I'll drop this instead: https://giphy.com/gifs/jc-jesus-christ-car-accident-fnm3KJmpkG52goGXSt (Maybe the Gen-III EQ approach of literally jiggling the entire screen instead might be ok for the current system?) Maybe I should just open a thread for the devs to post their most irritating encounters with essentials in Although that might overlap with a bit too much of the development blog... EDIT: Due to reasonable arguments, collecting the above could understandably be interpreted in a malicious manner. Hence this might not be a productive venue to explore. It should be noted as well that Essentials is...well, essential to many fangames' existence, including Reborn. And every large (and complex) coding project is bound to have some suboptimal parts, which become harder to resolve or improve the larger it becomes. And in Essentials' case, it has to function (mostly) like a system that has become more and more cluttered over multiple iterations, and had to add/remove entire sets of mechanics to do so. Needless to say, I'd be lying if I said I could even make a decent attempt on making something like it. But seeing how things break in unexpected ways is simply fascinating imo.
  13. We know. If the development progress of the sidequests shows anything though, it'll be more enticing than hunting them in Insurgence (which was a lot of fun, just exploring what kind of fun things might yet to be uncovered. Reborn can't quite rely on deltas tho, but scattered remaining/failed PULSE projects could be a source of plenty enjoyable encounters. Looking at you Bigglesworth). RIP Angelure
  14. Not the first time 'essentials is stupid' caused grief here That's the story of at least a quarter of deveolpment here
  15. Look pretty good :) I do think, for the latter two moves, moving (/jiggling) the opposing mon a just little to sell the impact of the attack would improve it a little.
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