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  1. I can trade you a magmarizer. ID is Cobra03, just toss me something you don't want.
  2. Ok, I'll be on for a while so let me know when you can trade. ID is Cobra03.
  3. Dw about it lol. I wasn't sure either because that trainer used to give shards as rewards on e18 and I never had to battle him again on e19, so now I know as well xD Anyway, you might actually be able to use that Treecko I sent you over as a team member as well since it has almost perfect ivs
  4. Sure that's fine, my ID is Cobra03, just send me a request whenever. Also, for reference, this is the trainer that gives you exp candies upon beating him:
  5. I can get you both of those items, just give me like 5 mins to update my game. Also, regarding XP, if you add the "pinata" password, you can just interact over and over with the clown at the right outside the circus that has a random team every time you challenge him to get 5 xl exp candies every time. Of course, you can also just battle him normally, and you'll get the same reward.
  6. You can use this one. As of now, it seems to be complete up to halfway through postgame. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NITkZHgAKW5Rd9gKxrBkhGc_Z9V9wpdEz4NPbUMObJM/edit#gid=0
  7. I can trade you an azurill, don't really need anthing good in return, just toss me something you don't want. Any specific IVs you want for the azurill or is it just for dex?
  8. So, I have already gotten both the Solrock and Lunatone one time encounter events, but I must have accidentally traded my Solrock away and now I don't have one to breed a shiny. What I can offer is a mon with ivs of your choice, provided that I have said mon so I can breed it or that you can trade me one of the species you want if I don't already have it.
  9. Fish from the opposite side of the crater.
  10. Fish into the crater from the spot facing upwards.
  11. Friendship berries are literally on the 2nd floor,
  12. I can trade right now if you want, ID is Cobra03. Also, don't really need anything, just give me something you don't want.
  13. I can trade you one. Are you planning on actually using it or is it just for dex?
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