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    gosh that took a while!!! not just the episode-- that was almost a three month testing period! way too long!! but that's to be expected after some of the changes we've made. we've torn out most of the old AI and rebuilt it, although there's still a lot to do. gen 7 has been intravenously injected into the entire game, oh, and there's a giant fluffing desert now.
    but we here. 
    we out here releasin' shit.
    Below is the list of notable changes (Field Effect changes will be in the Readme)!
    Please remember that the Spoiler Lock in this community will still be in effect until January.
    Your download links are in the usual place. It is also strongly advised all players with testing versions update as well.
    (only two left!!!)

    and so are long-overdue wallpapers.

    Now you, too, can step into an eternity of darkness with Luna on your desktop.
    The infinite potential of the void has seen fit to produce wallpaper versions of all major resolutions, plus a mobile option so you can have a little bit of love with you wherever you go. 
    May she grace your desktops with a beauty that none can see.

    Last year in an awesome surprise collab, the developers of Insurgence, Rejuvenation, Uranium, Phoenix Rising, and even more great projects all came together with myself to bring you a timeless masterpiece in the critically-acclaimed Pokemon Rising Rainbow
    This time we're taking things even deeper.
    So deep, it goes into... the moat.
    Pokemon Wet Moat rebrands the quintessential Pokemon experience into an epic interactive adventure that will keep you on the edge of your moats for hours on end, and will positively wash you away with memories! But don't just take my word for it. Please visit our site here for all the details, and best of all, your download link.
    Happy moating!

    At long last, I am free.

    This episode's banner art comes courtesy of Sleppu!
    Episode 16 is now officially out for everyone to download!
    There are a few things to be aware of, as mentioned on the download page...
    Also, as of the public release we have implemented a name filter for the new online system! If your name is deemed inappropriate you will be asked to change it-- but it is possible that some innocent names might be caught up in it. If that happens, please tell us about it in the Online Errors forum!

    That said, here is the episode's change-list, with Field-specific changes being in the Readme:
    As for your download links, please find them from this page!
    Thank you all for being patient, and enjoy!

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