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    • Sure enough, a rather spooky-looking woman came almost desultorily floating through the air in Lotus's direction, coming from the direction of the hill nearby. She wore a blue dress, and had a head of pink hair that matched Masako's description - though her expression was rather different than usual, having an almost crazed sort of hunger that seemed to contradict her lazy path through the air. An artifact clearly of the same nature as the previous ones adorned her head like a twisted sort of tiara. "There she is. . ." Yuyuko whispered. "What are you going to do?"
    • Lin may well die in E19, but I'm afraid of it happening. So far there hasn't been a death without some variety of tearful backstory linked, and they would have to amp that a bit (it's more or less the big bad, and it's the endgame). If we're really unlucky, she'll turn out to have been forced, as a child, to burn kittens alive until it went all out of control one day, her parents got burnt and her brain damaged.    Actually, there are other characters in the game (such as Bennett and Radomus) that deserve, in my opinion, a slow and excruciating death for their heinous actions. The trouble is that, for instance, Bennett coming to harm is going to pain Serra greatly, no matter how much he deserved it. Such a penalty would also psychologically damage (spoiler for E18)   I do agree that Sirius's karmic bill is overdue by about 18 episodes and 10 years in-game time, and I look forward to his demise. Solaris's story (up to E18) seemed quite good to me, so if his actions can cause his downfall I will be as pleased with Sirius.    Also, Taka dying in the Reshiram route is indeed pretty unsatisfying (not to mention heart-wrenching). He has shown a considerable lack of spine, but he's been an invaluable ally. It would have been so much more satisfying to see him take a greater role in the further anti-Meteor assaults (and maybe get killed, but for a significant goal instead of some ploy that achieved literally nothing except his death). 
    • Hey @Tiz, how you doing? Welcome to this Forum. First of all, there is a 'rule' where you should introduce yourself in a post on Grand Hall section of the Forum, you are not bound to do it, but it's nice to know more about you, people around here are very welcoming!   But let's get down to business. Well, if you played only the canon games, you may be used to lvl up your mons a little higher and just beat anything that comes against you, and this, as you may have already noticed, is not true in Reborn. But, Reborn offers the best mechanics from the canon games plus a wide variety of mons so you can build various strategies, along with a deep story, that is the high point of the game for me.   So, it's possible to beat Reborn with only six mons, and not having to grinding a lot of mons. The key is to plan your strategy, build a well-rounded team, where you have advantages against all 16 types and have coverage for the most of them. Another thing that helps is IV breeding and EV training, both are available throughout the game (after you do the day care quest) but are easier to do after you beat the fifteenth Gym Leader (as you just beat Noel, you haven't met this Leader yet, so I won't spoil).   Now, let's talk about your team. You seem to like bulk/slow mons. That is for sure not my playstyle, but I suggest you to use a Trick Room setter, so you can profit from these small speed stats on your team. As you have just beaten Noel, you have already access to the TM, it's in Chrysolia Forest, inside a cave to the east, where you can also get a Eevee (the location may have changed, but I don't know). Coming to movesets, you only doesn't have effective moves against Dragon, think about having a Ice or Fairy mon/move on your team. You should also think well the movesets, you have repeated type moves on your mons, Brine and Hydro Pump on Jellicent for example, if you had Shadow Ball and Giga Drain on it, you would have more reliability on the mon. Still thinking about reliable movesets, aside from Ampharos and Scrafty, your mons doesn't learn a wide variety of moves through lvl up, and you don't have access to most of the TMs and move tutors, think about it too. Using Archeops as example, it learns 5 moves with different types through lvl up and still have some good moves through breeding, move tutor and TMs.   Also, is your Scrafty from the event? Because Fire Punch is not a move that comes with lvl up. This, or it was bred xD   If you want to stick to this bulk mons, I can't help you much. I'd change Amonguss for Chesnaught and would fit Magcargo in the team, maybe in the place of Golem or Jellicent. Meowstic may come as support to set Trick Room for the team, but more changes would be needed in the team.   If you want to go with fast mons, Alolan Vulpix, Floatzel, Meowstic and Drapion are the best from the ones you said. Luxray is a good idea too, but its moveset is really poor, as most of electric mons (in my opinion) and it isn't that fast.   If you give us more of how you like to play, which mons you like most and which mons you have in your boxes, maybe more strategies can be created. Hope I helped.    See ya~
    • Where do I have to go after Venam and Marianette re-encounter in Kakori Village?
    • When this comes out, may someone make a list of obtainable pokemon before every badge. I'm guessing the version will have up to... 15th badges, I think. Don't know what's currently on. It's been 2 years. Just saw that someone had lvl 85 pokes.
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