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  2. on the topic of this who is she is she nancy spirit who wanted revenge or was she mc's regret in the form of a ghost
  3. actually agrees but on to the topic of rejuvenation v13 will we only be able to get one gym badge or will we get the actual never winter gym badge (normal guy's from where aelita got audino) sice ren said he has never got the normal badge
  4. Hello everyone! I have downloaded the linux version of the game and have no idea on how to launch it. The game.exe file doesn't exist.
  5. Travis fires his main cannon! Icarax deflects the shell with his sword! ...Straight into the Rahi Nui's side, causing it to take 57 damage. Icarax takes a swing at the Makuta, but Tsubasa blocks it, taking 19 damage. The Makuta fills Tsubasa with righteous fury! The Rahi Nui roars into the sky. ...In the distance, another roar answers. The Rahi Nui seems surprised that any creature would dare challenge it... Cell counterattacks the Rahi Nui for 46 damage, and surrounds himself, Tsubasa, and Edmond with his Aura of Laceration!
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  7. Yes, you've a pretty good example, too. If you wanna know more about this, I'm sure there is a relationship guide somewhere on the forums.
  8. I just got to calcenon city and entered the building with cain, shelly, noel and anna and when i entered anna hugged me and when i watched some else play shelly hugged him so i watched another person and no one hugged them, so does the relationship points you build up with character trigger certain actions from the characters.
  9. I remember years ago seeing somebody play Spork who had a hard time nicknaming his Pokemon because whenever he tried to give them a nickname that had the letter a in it, the a key was acting like the enter key for some reason so the game would proceed past the nickname screen whenever the letter a was pressed. Unfortunately I don't know what causes it or how to fix it. The only idea that comes to mind is if maybe some keys have a different or extra function on some peoples' keyboards, but that would be strange for something like that to only activate on nickname screens in Pokemon
  10. Ngl, when you said Bryce Hall it made me think of Blake Hall, shadows of Almia. YT clout doesn't really matter here I don't believe, since its a pokemon fangame forum. But ye, welcome to the internet Mr Not-Blake Hall, where everyone has a voice, and almost no one can be silenced. Let's all just get along, since we're all here for the same reason. Our love of the game.
  11. hi. i found an annoying bug that prevents me from nicknaming my pokemon. whenever i attempt to nickname my pokemon it just spams the letter h until it runs out of space any help on how to fix it?
  12. Here is episode 16 of Pokemon Xenoverse, where we board the Quasar Express, meet Victor for the first time, and free Gengar from his prison.
  13. Hi All, I last play reborn on EP 13 or EP14 (couldn't remember) and now Reborn has EP 18. I love the Game-Z however emerald font doesn't look great when you are playing full screen at 30 inch monitor. I try to default to the original font however... it seems... unaligned compared to Game.exe Is there any way to make Game-Z default font to look/sizing/spacing the same as Game.exe?
  14. Acting like you didn't already knew that I also don't know who this Bryce Hall is and even after googling him I was just like "literally WHO?" Even if he is the real Bryce Hall, which I doubt very much and think it's only a joke (Or I hope it is), I don't know what some TikTok InFlUeNcEr has to do with anything.. Man times change.. I remember back in the day having a million subscribers in anything was a big deal but nowadays there are plenty of people with millions of subscribers that I literally never heard of.. But what is this again? A Pokemon Forum Thread?
  15. A fair point. There are a handful of dialogue wheels and choices in the game but not a large amount Though I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the changes you see if you
  16. I still like the Nancy being the fairy gym leader theory the best. -She has a Sylveon and Mawile -The fake ghost Nancy uses only Fairy types. -Nancy must have been coming to the region for a reason, that reason was likely to bring the interceptor, I.E. You, to the region (which depending on the true nature of her relationship with Crescent she may or may not have known you were the interceptor, I would wager she did not know since, if she does know then why in the hell would she take a sword for the immortal demi god) but if I recall correctly, you had to emigrate to th
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  18. mmmmmmmy god this thread is a fucking mess
  19. Jesus Christ. This man made a whole development wording in this. Are you a global mod? Compliments fam. But pretty much what he said. As v13 is already burning the devs and the testers out already, I don't think they'd make it to join Team Xen as we've already been asked/forced to [Optional] join Bladestar. If I may ask define, choice based story. Do you mean the MC getting to dialog choices to be included in conversations orrrrr for real the actual story? Because if actually storywise then pretty much what Calentz said.
  20. Hey there, sorry that I'm responding so late, but I got your desired Kitty. Enjoy playing Game.rxdata
  21. Redid dimensional weavile from where love lies (with some other minor changes aside from color) & made an alternate back sprite for mega feraligatr (with the normal front sprite which is not made by me) from pokemon soulstones. & A "Mega haxorus"
  22. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  23. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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