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  2. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Reborn. Here's the scene after defeating ZEL and Taka (including PULSE Tangrowth) :

    Taka : Well, that's not good.

    zEl : The PULSE has been deactivated. There is no longer any purpose in defending this location.

    Vero : I hope this taught you a lesson. Your PULSE Tangrowth is finished for good.

    Then that means those vines shall dissapear soon.

    Taka : In that case, I'm just gonna make myself scarce. You coming?

    zeL : Um... I... I guess so...


    PULSE Tangrowth's vines have vanished as Taka and ZEL escaped quickly.


    ??? : Tch, and so they just run away.

    Crobat, return!


    Crobat returned to Pokeball. And then, member of Team Meteor left.


    Heather : Hey, wait! Where are you going!?

    Salamence, return!


    Salamence returned to Pokeball. And then, Heather left.


    Vero : Get back here!


    Vero followed their footsteps and then, here's the result :

    The member of Team Meteor is surrounded by the police officers, including Alice.


    Chief : There's nowhere to run. You're completely surrounded.

    ??? : Tch, an ambush?!

    Annoying... The grunts were supposed to detain the city officers.

    Alice : They did. Or so you thought.

    Chief : It was thanks to Alice's efforts that we were able to restore our force.

    Alice : But it's all thanks to your plan, Vero. You were so smart to figure out.


    Flashback in the beginning of Jasper Ward after accepting Chief's request...


    Vero : Alice. I need you to listen to me, carefully.

    Alice : What is it?

    Vero : I must go stop Team Meteor. You go save officers.

    Alice : Are you sure you'll be fine by yourself?

    Vero : Don't worry. You stay behind me. I'll take care of them in order to have your opportunity to save 5 officers.

    Even if it's hard to find them, don't give up.

    Once you save every officers, I'll will take the chance to strike back against Taka and ZEL, while you and the officers must stay somewhere for ambush.

    Tell them about my plan.

    Alice : Understood. I trust you on that. By any means, don't die soon.

    Vero : I'll do whatever I can.


    There's something suspiscious here...

    I can't tell but there's a traitor here...

    Alice : What?! Can you sense?! That's why you're planning for something.

    Vero : It's a matter of time before it's over.

    Alice : Then, good luck.


    Alice left.


    Vero : It's showtime!


    Back to the present...


    ??? : Vero? You?

    Chief : Now...

    Let's find out who you really are.

    ??? : ...!?


    Chief took out the cape, revealing the Team Meteor member to be familiar person.


    Heather : DAD?!

    Vero/Alice : That person is your father?!

    ??? : You just had to do this in front of her.

    Vero : I knew that you were a traitor. To think you were Heather's father. I suppose you should understand what you have done.

    Heather : I knew you were a jerk... But I didn't think you were evil...

    I--I can't...

    Salamence, let's go!


    Heather summoned Salamence in order to flee immediately.


    Vero : Heather? Wait?

    Alice : Poor her...

    ??? : Well then. This is easier if she isn't here.

    Chief : Corey, Leader of the Beryl Ward Gym, right?

    Alice : Huh?!

    Vero : I knew it.

    Chief I don't understand. The Gym Leaders are among Reborn's most trusted citizens-- why help Team Meteor?

    Alice : I can't understand either.

    Corey : Hah. Never put too much stock in authority.

    Welcome to reality. It's cold. It's cruel. It's life.

    Chief : You mean there are others?

    Corey : You'd be stupid to think otherwise.

    Not everything is so nice and simple.

    Your paradise-candyland is just a crack dream.

    Vero : You're a pointless and worthless jerk...

    Chief : Corey. Those are some big words for someone who's going to be facing the judge.

    Corey : Are they?

    You've done nothing here.

    You've unmasked a father before his daughter. You showed her what all girls eventually learn-- pain.

    And that's all.

    Vero : You and your stupid ego. You're naive if you'd think twice before what happened here.

    You're the one who made her learn pain.

    Corey : ...

    Alice : What kind of awful father are you? That's it. Your playtime is over.

    Corey : You want to apprehend me?

    I'll be waiting at my Gym.


    Corey escaped.


    Officer : Huh? He just... vanished.

    Chief : It's obliviously a trap, but... we know where he's going. Let's head out!

    Officers : Yes, sir!


    Chief and officers left.


    Alice : Vero, I...

    Vero : Don't say any words. What's done is done. Let's go to the gym.

    Alice : OK.


    Note : That's all. Well, next weekend, I don't wanna tell what's going to happen. See you next time.

  3. Okay, so I'm 11 Chapters in, and I reached the end of the whole Bad Future arc with Melanie and the hostage situation. I chose the "Hand It Over" option, which was clearly the bad ending since I got that big fancy GAME OVER screen. Probably hould've seen it coming, but oh well. But here's the thing... now my character is stuck. I can't do anything to progress or even move, and I can't go back to before I made the choice because the game overwrote my save file when I hit the GAME OVER screen. So the game basically has me trapped. Please tell me there's a way out of this. I put 90 hours into this save file so far and I don't have a backup. I've really been enjoying the game so far, and it would really suck if I lost all the progress I made because I made the wrong choice in a situation where making the wrong choice is so easy to do.
  4. Today
  5. That's what I did. luckily my last save wasn't too far back.
  6. I would argue he will come back to live in the Reshiram Route and stay alive in the Zekrom one. I just think maybe we won't be as successful in stopping Lin as we think
  7. Sorry evi it's me again Rage is coming back 100%
  8. I I'll give it a try on my own once I get back to my computer, sounds fairly straightforward. Hopefully it should fix it!
  9. You need to go to the top of the mountain. The Kyogre fight is optional.
  10. So I just beat Kyogre and freed Amber, Tesla and Madelis, but I've got zero idea where to go from there. Could someone tell me what I'm supposed to do?
  11. hi so is the concert ticket a sidequest thing or main storything.one more qns is there any story in v13.5 .its not a romance thing but is silly question does amber have a liittle crush or somethng on the mc because in nightmare realm she appears to more of a cute i mean much or relaxed around the mc
  12. In the Introduction speech, the code to enable legacy skins applies a script that sets the player outfit to "2". The box that changes your clothes either set this prop to "1" or to "0" and then updates the 259th variable in debug mode "OUTFIT" to the same value. So what you can do - change clothes to progress in the story and in debug mode change this property to 2 - if it doesn't work, open the game using RPG maker and in Aevium (past) -> Amberette town -> amberette town -> clothes box script, update 1 of the scripts to set the prop to 2 - ignore the whole clothes thing and just set the 246th variable in debug mode "Post8thBadge" to 11. then save / close / reload the game to apply i guess I think I can do it for you if you want, just drop your savefile :)
  13. Nicely said Jan. I can imagine how hellish it is to work on three different levels at the same time. If i were you i would stop working on easy mode too. I would create a game with the difficulty i personally liked and if people wanted something else, well the code is free... They can just take it and enhance it to whatever they want themselves as far as they pay tribute to the original creator. This game is yours and your team's only. People should be grateful and stop bitching, when you and a handful of other people spend so much time out of your living clocks (aka lives) to make them happy and all that for free. I would dare say that i would be blocking everybody bitching to me about the decisions i make. They have to understand that you are humans too, not androids working to fulfill their greedy wishes.
  14. @promise There you go :) I unstuck you out of the throne and rollback'd the events just before the lift with Melia. @vivaCH de rien ! Game.rxdata
  15. This happend to me too 4 timesi n my playtrough with multiple characters when you play with another team. It always happens after I lost and my tip is always revert back to an older save cause most of the time your items as well will be overwritten.
  16. Been since ages since I last posted here. Let's call Trevore to come over here for a friendly battle.
  17. Thanks for replying, it seems to work thank you :) Maybe the last patch fixed this issue since I did not tried for a long time.
  18. Heal Block doesn't stop the healing effect of Black Sludge. This is an effect that was added to Heal Block in gen V, so I assume Heal Block's mechanics haven't be updated since gen IV. I could test in more detail which moves should be effected but aren't, but they are too many and don't have much time for that
  19. Could be a nod towards zygarde or just telling us that the wait may be because of bugs not some huge quest. Neverless, its cryptic to say the least.
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