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  2. lack of updates is annoying but pictures take time but here's anthony!
  3. When I hit new game it just crashes. Script 'Pokemon Load' 1096: Errno::EROFS occurred. Read-only file system - Data/LastSave.dat This is the error message im getting
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  5. For a moment, IP seemed to be at a loss for words upon Yuugi's insistence, but nodded, retrieving the shield she offered. "I, actually... A large part of my mission will involve combat, and I cannot rely on one set of strategies or tactics to succeed. While I wasn't able to witness its full power firsthand... I can sense that your fighting style could be useful in my mission. If you'd be willing, Hoshiguma Yuugi..." IP bowed deeply, upper body nearly perpendicular to the ground. "Would you teach me how to fight?"
  6. Muenzuka The nature of the soul Dani sees is hostile, a natural enemy of humanity not unlike a witch. . . or fouler creatures. As they watch, the orb of inky darkness continues to float silently through the air, eclipsing a tree. . . then softly bouncing away from it with a small thump and a pained squawk. The Palace of Earth Spirits "Train. . .?" She looked confused for a moment, before realization seemed to strike her. "Oh, it's Yakumo again, isn't it? I'm not even going to ask, it'll save me the headache." Rin shook her head. "Anyway, good luck. Try not
  7. Finished the game a day after I posted lol but thanks for the reply!
  8. Stylish as fuck right now

  9. What I ban you for being insensitive towards deserts (They don't have trees)
  10. nope sorry I'm not sweet Maybe Evi will say hi
  11. there have been no updates for a while(read 3yrs) now is thy project ded? i rlly like the look of iy
  12. I'm bad at communication :)

  13. Sounds like a song that would belong in one those Garufan Buildings, maybe the Obelisk that appeared in the Zorrialyn Coast?
  14. Haven't heard about the winter party yet??? Check it here! Each year we host a Super Secret Swap where everyone who signs up is randomly assigned another participant to secretly buy a present for! Everyone gives, everyone receives! There are some rules! In order to enter, you must: You must be from NA or Europe. Sorry to folks from other places :c You must be willing to spend real money on this. The suggested budget is around $25 or £/€20 You must be willing to share your address with us. Rest assured, it will only be given to the person who i
  15. accidently did the tournament bug, so Erin isn't showing up on route 9. Game.rxdata
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  17. I really like how you draw hair :D It's great to see improvement, and the best part is that it's an ongoing process so the fun never ends~ I donut do drawings much but I def see it in writing, which is my preferred/most polished(?) art form
  18. Henlo! Welcome to the community :) I'm glad you enjoyed the difficulty of the game and puzzles. I like those too but some people find it tedious to grind/strategize/solve puzzles. I also like writing~ We have quite a few writers and artists. I'm sure you'll get along with them(us?) :3
  19. Oh there are some nifty solutions among these. The seed triggering trick room i did not know of; must've missed that in the field notes. It's nice that there are some legit ways that aren't too random (like beating the lvl100 Yveltal in blacksteeple with a lvl 5 fledgling that you find in the first are in the game which happens to have quick guard).
  20. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a wonderful day 😄🎂

    1. Punch


      I wont, but thanks anyway!

  21. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

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