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  2. Will other Pokemons that were unobtainable (not counting legendaries) be obtainable in V13.5?
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  4. Most cases of illegal moves tend to be unintentional; Dreamy hit the nail on the head with their assessment of what happened here.
  5. Hey guys! as the title implies i am looking for spare "choice" items. mainly "choice band" or if anyone went through the trouble of thief/duplicating a "choice scarf". I would gladly take one of those. :) i appreciate any help and have a nice day, whoever reads this!
  7. I'll be making a post about what's left to do after we actually finish the quests, because I'm sure a lot of people will be asking the same thing. However, I at no point intend to promise an estimated release date. Even just testing is going to take anywhere from weeks to months and I do not intend to rush it.
  8. these sprites originated from an ask jan got on tumblr at some point, and i guess they were put into the files haha
  9. I will say though, the first time I saw that barrier I thought it was going to have something to do with the train too.
  10. Funnily enough, someone else was asking a similar question yesterday (they're further along in the game though so I wouldn't suggest checking it; mild spoilers). To get past the barrier, go to the southwestern part of that area of the Railnet where you should see a portion of the wall with a slight discoloration/crack. Use Rock Smash on it and go through the revealed passageway to the north where you'll see another breakable wall that leads to the other side of the barrier (press the switch to get rid of it). If you haven't done any of these breakable walls before then I recommend looking around the Railnet for more, you can get some pretty useful items.
  11. Hi! I completed the railnet train puzzle a while back now and realized I really want a Dusk Stone for my Misdreavus - and it seems like the only one I can access at the moment (I've got 7 badges) is in the railnet. I know where it's located - seems like I need to fiddle the switches to open a barrier on the left/west side of the puzzle, but I can no longer seem to switch the tracks. They're all green and don't seem to do anything when I go to interact. Am I completely locked out of that Dusk Stone and the other items in that area because I didn't do this when I was originally solving the puzzle? I've been trying to look if anyone else has asked this question and no dice, so I thought I'd ask myself.
  12. Yeah, it's definitely intended. NPC's will often have illegal moves, like Ice Fang on Melanie's Boltund
  13. It’s more likely that hers knows it as a means to make her stronger. NPC’s technically don’t have to play by the rules
  14. I will leave the Team I used to beat him, I played on Normal, Battle Style on Set and No Items and, in spoilers, how the battle went, bare in mind some RNG is needed because of that DAMNED flinch of 30% on Sky Attack.. - Steelix (Iron Plate, Lead) Stone Edge Gyro Ball Stealth Rock Curse - Togedemaru (Elemental Seed) Zing Zap Spiky Shield Fell Stinger Nuzzle - Pincurchin (Nothing) Zing Zap Surf Electric Terrain Recover - Magnezone (Zap Plate) Discharge Flash Cannon Electric Terrain Thunder Wave - Talon Flame (Sky Plate) Brave Bird Flare Blitz Quick Quard Roost - Aevium Ampharos (Wide Lens) Blizzard Thunder Power Gem Thunder Wave Now how the battle went, remember, I had Battle Style on Set, will keep this in spoilers if you don't want to use it and want to figure out on your own: It's not impossible, massively difficult, yes, but not impossible.. If -I-, a person that isn't even that good and tends to get frustrated and basically bangs his head against the wall in annoyance, could do it with the Battle Style on Set and no items than anyone who isn't imposing those on themselves can do it too.
  15. I think it might've been removed from A.Milotics Beta learnset for balance reasons and then I guess they forgot to take it off of Cass's one (or intentionally decided to leave it)?
  16. Y'all better not eat Vesuvius, she ma baby
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