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  2. Walrein Crest: Rain boosts attack and defense stat by 1.5, Hail boosts special attack and special defense stat by 1.5. Treavenant Crest: Confers resistance to ghost-type attacks and raises attack stat one stage when hit by one. Kecleon Crest: Being hit by an attack confers resistance to subsequent attacks of that elemental type. Additionally grants +25% defense. Butterfree Crest: Missing an attack raises accuracy stat two stages, and special attack stat by one stage. Beedrill Crest: Doubles damage dealt and halves damage taken against poisoned foes. Maractus Crest: Sun boosts attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed by one stage at the end of every turn. Delcatty Crest: Doubles damage dealt and halves damage taken against infatuated foes, and grants effects of Scrappy ability. Allows Cute Charm and Attract to work on all pokemon, regardless of sex. Arbok Crest: Contact moves apply effects of Wrap. Additionally grants +25% defense and special defense.
  3. maybe it'll be used for that poisonous forest
  4. You should be able to find your save file here ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Reborn I believe.
  5. Hmmm, sounds icy uhhh i mean great. I´m guessing its not a Battle theme, probably a Route theme, lol
  6. The soft wailing synth in the background kinda reminds of part of the Hades OST. Curious... I've got two guesses: either this plays within the Garufan spire next to Sashila Village, or when the Puppet Master unveils some less-than-savory schemes. I don't recognize the melody or the distinct focus on sharp-sounding bells, though, so it's most likely something we've only had surface-level contact with so far, if we've run into it at all...
  7. Flygon crest: Bug moves are now stab, and double damage on not very effective moves (basically tinted lens) Archeops crest: Replace Defeatist with Rock Head Intelleon Crest: All moves deal damage based on the targets lower defense (moves will calculate damage off defense if defense is lower than special defense and vice versa) Spinda: gains the Simple ability Exploud Crest: All moves hit for neutral damage Alolan Raichu: Gains water Stab and gain swift swim ability (Just for fun) Regigas Crest: Slow Start takes 2 less turns and gain the Sheer Force ability
  8. Idk how good or bad Perun is objectively in Xenoblade 2, but I honestly fucking love her

  9. A little bit of news coming in fresh from the music department of things! So while V13 obviously got a lot of graphical and gameplay improvements and new stuff added, both in terms of sprites, maps and game performance, there's also some stuff that'll be fresh off the grill in the music department! In fact, V13 will bring quite a number of new songs to the table that were custom made for the game. I myself am also once again providing a good number! ...Though, I can't go and let people listen to all of the tracks that have been made so far right away, now can I? Nonono, that won't do. I'll let you listen to this snippet instead. One small bit at a time! Any guesses as of what this'll be used for? You will receive a proper answer in due time... Once V13 is out. Until then you will just have to wait. And maybe you'll get a couple more previews in the future, who knows! For now, though.... :^) .
  10. Vikavolt crest: Vikavolt atk is swaped with vikavolt SP attack
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  12. Basculin Crest, when it comes out it gets the boosts and negatives of shell smash Chimecho, Speed is based off special attack and psychic hits dark types. Dunsparce, Attack and Speed is based off Hp.
  13. Edo

    Is there eviolite?

    iirc it's available in the last current chapter, after badge 13, in a sidequest in the Zorryalin Castle and yea, it's possible to steal items from trainers, but you need to abuse the Recycle bug (which is technically cheating) : after stealing an item with Covet/Thief, if you lose that item again (through Fling for example) and then use Recycle to get it again, it will stay on your pokemon even after the fight
  14. Vanilluxe crest: -one possible idea is because its got kind of the two head thing going on is that it's ice type moves have a higher chance of freezing the target while hail is up. I don't know if doubling it would be enough or raising it by a flat amount, so like either shifting ice beam and blizzard (and other ice moves) to 20% to freeze or giving them a flat boost of like 20/30% to 30/40%. Because that may or may not be enough there could also be an increase in vanilluxe's special moves damage against frozen targets by like 1.2 or something. I like this idea because I feel like the frozen status effect is something that is underutilized -especially in comparison to burn sleep paralyze and poison- and it would give vaniluxe a unique niche as a support or status inflictor that ice types don't really have. -another possible idea is giving the player the option to mix and match two of its three abilities giving it multiple different playstyle options. having weak armor and ice body for example gives it a healing option after taking damage to get faster. I figure this could be kind of a nightmare to program so it may not be viable. -I'd also second @Balthazar_Fang's idea about having an ice solar power of giving a 1.25 boost to special attack in hail in exchange for 1/8th or 1/16th hp. Frosmoth crest: Since it has an ability to alleviate some of its defensive troubles already I would also give it a moxie like ability but for speed, or just giving it speed boost as an ability option to give it more viability in its speed tier. Froslass crest: outside of other ice type form switchers (eiscue and G. darmanitan), weavile, and slush rushers (beartic and A. sandslash) froslass is one of the fastest ice types but that is all it has going for it. in response I would either: -reinforce that playstyle by giving it a modifier that if it goes first its special type moves are given a damage boost 1.25/1.5 in power allowing it to hit harder. -buff its role as an evasion mon by again saying that if it is the faster Pokémon maybe it has an extra evasion stage giving it more synergy with snow cloak, while still giving it counters in things that are either really fast or are hyper accurate/can't miss.
  15. Dackly deflates with a sigh. "Wow! That was exhausting. Thanks evil guy! Ugh. It's like trying to argue with your high-school self, with the exact same flavor of petulant bickering." "Oh, but uhh, fair warning, I think we're all still pissed at you, yaknow, evil and all that. Sounds like you're at least after the same thing we are though, so good on you! We happen to both like the multiverse existing, and that's some common ground I can get behind at least!" Dackly comments, picking at her ear. "Dackly... I wouldn't be so familiar with this individual. They did put forth an effort to kill us, even if it appears they did not plan on succeeding." Gozer critiques, disliking the instability of the being before him, even ignoring his dark nature. Dackly smirks. "You ever hear of a guy called Xanatos?" Dackly asks the Makuta, an amused thought coming to mind.
  16. I'll try! Quagsire Crest: Increases its bulk, and gives it Simple. Flygon Crest: Applies Sandstorm by entering battle, giving it a x1.5 bonus in evasion Bronzong Crest: Multiplies x1.3 the power of sound moves; applies the Ability Regenerator. Spinda Crest: Hitting Spinda with physical moves or being hit by its physical moves results in confusion Golurk: Exchanges Atk. for Def. and Sp. Atk. for Sp. Def. Landing any special moves on it triggers a reaction from it (Rough Skin with special moves instead of physical)
  17. "Then I'll-" Medusa abruptly finds that while her mouth is moving, no sound is coming out. "Spend some time with a mental health professional, and make an honest effort to work with them this time," The Makuta steps out of the goddess' shadow, silencing her with a wave of his hand, "When you look arrogant next to me, you know you've got problems. At least I can admit when I've been outwitted and outplayed. Yes, it happens. Occasionally. Usually after underestimating Vakama. But in this case, everything is going just as planned. The heroes triumph over the evil villainess, rescue their beloved companion, acquire new powers, and learn things about themselves, said villainess gets the shock to her system she needed to convince her to actually listen to her therapist, yes, I would call this a happy ending, wouldn't you?" Medusa glares at him, moving her mouth soundlessly, and he sighs, gesturing in her general direction. "I DON'T NEED A THERAPIST!" She screams, "I NEED THEIR HEADS ON-" He silences her again. "And yet, as you've clearly demonstrated, you're not able to take their heads. And if you were doing as well as you believe yourself to, you'd know that the last thing any of us want is for these people to come to harm," The Makuta gestures over the party with an armored hand, "After all, they are our best bet for fending off the Trespassers. You do remember what those are, yes?" Medusa makes a rather rude gesture at him, "Oh, so you do? And you agree that if they eat the worlds we intend to rule over, that would irreversibly set back our plans?" Medusa slowly, reluctantly, nods. "Then you agree that the group of heroes fighting against this great evil should not be killed, but instead allowed to do their duty, and achieve their destiny?" Medusa twitches, once, with her entire body, before going stiffly still. "We'll work on that. With your therapist." When Medusa doesn't respond to that, the Makuta snaps his fingers, and she vanishes instantly. "Ah, I do so love a good deed done well. She'll thank me later. Probably."
  18. Ok tanks game works now. Now I need to find the save file and replace it with my old windows save file, I tried to find it but couldn't Is it saved in the same format? Where is it saved? Do I REALY need to get Wine and run the windows version in it? The Mac guide I found was all about Wine but I don't need it to play the game but to change save files?
  19. "Oh please! Of all the people, of all the beings in all the worlds, you are the one I like the least in my decently long life of exploration. You've got no place among my friends, don't worry about that." "You're misunderstanding this situation, which is that I'm giving you good advice. Medusa died, then her clone died again, then another clone died a third time." "Medusa isn't someone you should aspire to be. You think I'm fixed? That I think you can be fixed? God no! But I've got friends, wealth, a home, food and drink, goals that I can achieve, and I haven't died a single time." "Go out! Petrify some guys for pissing you off! Be a bartender and sell property on the side, rule a planet and call yourself 'Georgia' for god's sake, but we both know that your fate is in your hands, and Medusa? She would, will, and has squandered that handful of fate." "I know for a fact that becoming someone else is almost worse than being you, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades." She shakes her head at Medusa's mistaken assumptions. "I don't even care if you're our enemy in the future, if you try to kill us again, but pissing away this opportunity so you can mantle a thrice-dead goddess and pretend that this time it will end differently? While you lay defeated yet again at the foot of your hubris by me of all people?" "I hate that." Dackly crosses her arms, glaring at her enemy.
  20. "I'm not you, Dackly. I am Medusa," The fallen goddess asserts, "Or at least, I am the remnant that is most like Medusa. Whatever else I might be, I am not mistaken, and I am not a mistake. I'm not some broken thing for you to repair, and add to your little... collection. There's no fixing me."
  21. been playing a lot of Xenoblade 2. it's so good

  22. Agreed. He's based on sound but no ability for it... Although instead of soundproof maybe add some dark themed boost, like dark moves times 1.5 or something. I'm saying this because the Pokedex keeps saying how good and powefull it is in the dark.
  23. Also, there are certain choices that (used to?) give you +1 to Anna and +1 to Shade, this is reflected when Anna hears on Taka's death/surviving. There are like, three states: 1. when she says everything goes according to plan, 2. when something went wrong, but it is acceptable (I think Taka dies, but Solaris got kicked at the Pyrous, but dont quote me on that) and 3. when she is terrified nothing goes the right way. Now I wonder, what if Radomus/Anna plans aren't exactly our understanding of the good outcome? What if siding with Elias was the good choice - after all, we witness Radomus hypnotizing people, El's accusation aren't that far-fetched.
  24. So I thought of some more... Ninjask - Using the electro ball formula, reduce damage received based on speed difference, Maybe something like minimum 20%, maximum 50%. Accelgor - Using the electro ball formula, increase base evasion chance based on speed difference. Maybe minimum 5%, maximum 12%. Electrode - Uses type-less special explosion upon fainting. Plus 1.2x special attack increase. Minun - Baton passes its stat increases upon fainting. Plusle - Applies plus/minus effect to both Plusle and allies highest attacking stat and lowest defending stat (both if equal). Swalot - Physical contact applies poison type rocky helmet damage and restores some HP.
  25. EV Training my Pick Up team. Plus a Noivern with Frisk and Thief. Just because. Hufflepuff already putting in that work with some rare items.
  26. Clicked on the link expecting to find a Lickitung. Found Lickilicky. Not disappointed. Excellent.
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