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  2. 356 (that's great, I hope it's as comfy as you wished)
  3. ah yes a fellow beliver in lord ARKOOS, HAIL YEAH indeed
  4. Since it seems that you don't have a fighting mon as I did (Infernape), you could teach Rock Smash to either Geodude and evolve it into a Graveler or Mighteyna to counter Persian. Clefable has an counter for both poison and steel (Psychic and Flamethrower) but Dugtrio are VERY fast so out speeding it with Alolan Dugtrio is probably your best option. As someone mentioned there is a breeder on the Xen battleship that can be used for fast grinding. I could be remembering wrong but I don't believe that option is available until you go to the Secret
  5. This is a bit late but both of you could try to load an earlier save file. You can access them by searching your computer for the file "Game.rxdata" then you should see bunch of back up saves in that same folder. Move Game.rxdata somewhere else, then rename one of the back up saves to Game.rxdata and try to see if that works? For the top comment if the area you are in when you saved is why it is breaking then loading a different save will probably fix it. If this does not work then it might be an issue with your download of the game, so maybe try redownloading Rejuvination?
  6. 355 me too, first post from the new house
  7. Hey, so I'm not entirely sure if this is a major issue or a minor one, so I captured The Emperor. I was able to show him off, and use him once or twice, but I put him back in my boxes, and he disappeared? So I no longer have him nor the kings rock I was given was well since that was equipped on to him. It might be too late for me since I had saved the game prior to realizing that he was gone, but he's no longer in my party, nor in my boxes, and I didn't release him so I'm not entirely sure what happened there and what I did to cause him to disappear. EDIT: It may hav
  8. "Just be careful. I've learned not to trust 'helpful advice' from mysterious strangers if I don't have a way to verify it myself." Kusuke shot the book a suspicious look despite its innocuous appearance. "Doing what you're asked without stopping to ask how or why is the quickest road to hell."
  9. 354 ! I'm doing well, hope you all do as well
  10. I also like MandJTV, HAIL YEAH
  11. How do I download them
  12. Thanks. I think I'm gonna make more.
  13. This could be really bad. She felt like she could still breathe just fine, but reality warping around them like this meant it might not last for long. We brought it, so I may as well. . . Reason and logic aside, it simply felt like the right decision. Tsubasa took the strange, powerful mask she'd been instructed with and placed it over her face. Just like wielding a blade. Clear your mind of everything but the flow. The calm will guide you to the cut as long as you are there to give it form, and give no thought to anything but the cut. The words didn't quite reach her conscious mind as she foc
  14. After I saw Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super, the potential starters of Pokemon Xenoverse and those of Pokemon Legends : Arceus, I was thinking what if starters went Ultra Instinct. First, about the type :

    Instinct type

    -> Battle Properties :

    - Defense :
    Damaged normally by : None

    Weak to : Instinct

    Immune to : Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Dragon

    Resistant to : Other types


    - Offense :

    Effective : Other types

    Super effective : Dark, Psychic, Fighting, Instinct

    Less effective : None

    Ineffective : None

    Effect : Grants immunity to status conditions.


    They can change their forms without any sorts of enhancements. In order to do for first time, they need to be weakened. That means they need to pass to less than 10% of max HP and they need to be in level 80 or higher. Plus, a pokemon with Instinct type can be able to dodge any attacks without any trouble. After the battle, they can turn into Ultra Instinct at their will.


    So, for the starters :

    Ultra Instinct Decidueye

    Type : Grass/Instinct


    Base stats :

    HP : 156

    Attack : 214

    Defense : 150

    Sp. Attack : 200

    Sp. Defense : 200

    Speed : 140

    Total : 1060


    Instinct type move : Instinct Arrow


    Ultra Instinct Typhlosion


    Type : Fire/Instinct


    Base stats :

    HP : 156
    Attack : 168

    Defense : 156

    Sp. Attack : 218

    Sp. Defense : 170

    Speed : 200

    Total : 1068


    Instinct type move : Volcanic Storm


    Ultra Instinct Samurott


    Type : Water/Instinct


    Base stats :

    HP : 190

    Attack : 200

    Defense : 170

    Sp. Attack : 216

    Sp. Defense : 140

    Speed : 140

    Total : 1056


    Instinct type move : Spirit Blade


    That’s all. And now, it’s “What if” for Pokemon Reborn. That concerns about Bennett. So after fight with Bennett, before the battle against Serra, the player would have two choices to say :

    Bennett : Then let’s go right away, Mr. El! Follow me!


    The player tells Bennett for any personal reasons.


    Bennett : Hey, what’s the matter?


    Choices :

    - Good luck

    - Someday, will you betray me? (If the player found all the officers and exposed Corey)


    Choosing “Good luck” :

    Bennett : Yeah. Thanks for cheering me up. (Bennett +1)


    And the scenario about Bennett will be the same as before.


    Choosing “Someday, will you betray me?” :

    Bennett : “Player”. Listening about of what you asked goes a bit complicated. I don’t know how.


    Bennett wonders if he’s going to regret later.


    El : There’s no need to worry. It won’t happen. Not even again.

    Bennett : Yes, Mr. El.


    And the scenario will be altered as Bennett realized that choosing the same path as El is a great mistake. As for that, he will discard his feelings towards Luna and chooses to walk on his own path on becoming Elite Four, wishing to have a rematch with the player. Bennett will also help the player save Luna, instead of betraying. And the incident about Laura, who would be fired originally from Elite Four, will never happen.


    Note : That’s all for now. I hope you liked it. See you tomorrow.

  15. I'm always confused when people talk about the lack of money in the early game because you can simply sell the rare candies and EV items you get. You can buy both later and the early money is VERY helpful.
  16. found my 2014 twitter


  17. Sooo when is Rose going to replace you as the narrator of your misadventures? btw i vote in favor of the episode with "useless" trivia (it might be interesting) That Library is cursed, everyone gets cool items from it except you. I liked the old Venam Gym better it suited her "personality" (even if it was a ripoff of Roxie) or is Jan hinting at Venam being...ha...Intelligent? Oh someone acknowledged your achievements and actually thanked you (even if it's a side quest)....feels refreshing, maybe Jan finally got the memo that the Main character should be the focus of the story an
  18. So I know you've already been pointed somewhere, but do be aware that lack of money is something you're supposed to manage in the early game. And honestly its not that big a deal. You'll be rolling in cash by mid-game, and once you've gotten basic items you don't really need to spend a lot at once. Mostly you just keep up to day with medicine and stocked with poke-balls. I typically have more cash than I know what to do with by late game, even after spending literally hundreds of thousands on various extremely late-game things you can just pay for out of pocket to get access to stuff.
  19. Hi. I can't figure out this riddle: "From Headaches, To Heaviness, To The Heavens. I Achieved My Dreams. And Then Went Further Beyond." Could someone help me out please? Thanks in advance
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