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  3. As promised in a previous announcement, The Odd One Out has a new chapter, and that's the Aya battle! 


    Will Gabriel manage to get the Badge and hence the right to Strength? Or is Aya's self-deprecation a show? Did the author manage to lose to Fern? 


    You'll find all the answers there: 



  4. Hi! It's been a while. I said it, I meant it, here's the next chapter. A few things I would mention beforehand: again, the pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be, and in particular suffer from some inconsistencies. I don't like that, but I'm not really sure how to do it better. Second, you get the written (and pictured) account of the Aya battle this chapter. However, I'll only detail how it went in-game next time (it's different from what I wrote, because I played the battle only last night, while this chapter was "ready" at least a week ago). Third, we'
  5. Huh? Blaziken with Speed Boost is still one of the best mons in the game. Garchomp can still put in work even without EQ. And Jan already confimred that the mega ring will be available in V13 which means that you can use Mega Mawile which will be a good pick for 3 of the last 4 gyms (dragon, fairy and dark). Also if you want a better water type, you can catch popplio. And if you want better electric type, you can catch Rotom in the Old Castle above Goldenleaf(assuming you did the Dufaux Sidequest)
  6. Kixur


    Thanks! Enjoy!
  7. Kixur


    Alright! I'll be getting on then!
  8. Kixur


    Alright. Let me know when you're on and want to trade!
  9. Hey! I'd be happy to grab that Eevee and Flareon off of you. Are you looking for any mons in particular? I could breed anything you're looking for, but mons I have available right now are: -Dragalge -Venomoth -Foongus -Spheal -Swinub -Gulpin -Poochyena -Honedge -Misdreavus -Trumbeak -Cyndaquil -Chespin -Larvesta -Chansey -Rattata -Pidgeotto -Aron -Drilbur -Azurill -Barboach -Bagon
  10. I would like a Togepi and a Feebas but maybe I have nothing you want in return. Bagon, Gible, Larvesta or Gastly... Or ask anything and I will check my box storage.
  11. A Melia that's actually likeable and behaves like a normal human being? But...but then what do i complain about every time? Well at least our Melia is still the same obnoxious Mary Sue so we do live in the best timeline after all. Now i'll probably have to play this game....hmm maybe i'll wait till the final version comes out in like 10 years (too bad i won't get a Dragon starter). Look at the bright side Sean it wasn't 50k for an ice cream it was 49150 because you got some money too
  12. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Alolan Vulpix with or without Freeze-Dry/Moonblast. I have a female Ralts with Modest/5 max IVs or a shiny Eevee. If not, offer your interested pokemon, and I will check mine.
  13. First thing to do in version 13^ Replaying the game because team kinda BRUH
  14. It was just a small conversation between Melia and the professor and a video clip of Melia's audition for the gym leader position, i'm pretty sure
  15. The stream start's now, or in 5 minut's, something along those lines.
  16. "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Before the battle against Ryland being mind controlled by Flora, her thoughts of the player will be very kind if conditions have been met :

    - Confront Flora.

    - Don't expose Flora when given the chance.

    - Have 10 or more relationship points with Erin.

    - Have 5 or more relationship points with Ryland.

    Here it is :

    Flora : Whatever, it doesn't matter.


    The player moves foward.


    Flora : "Player"... If you... if you were here earlier, things would have done different.

    I wouldn't have created Team Bladestar and I wanted also your help to defeat Team Xen.

    Aelita : What are you talking about?

    Flora You should have known that Cassandra was the member of Team Xen.

    We had started our journey, but it was different between us.

    You were one of the most vital to my plans. And...

    Please... Forgive me...

    I killed Erin... and... I must repair everything for what I did.

    But I won't go back now. So I must stop you.

    Aelita : 😡 How? How can you say that? You don't care the life of every people?

    Flora : Sacrifice was necessary for me to succeed. So I won't let anyone interfere.


    Back to original dialogue as Aelita tells that she's heard enough. But it be different, as after the total defeat of Flora, she truly accepts her defeat and realizes that she can't surpass the player. And instead of forcing Flora to be arrested by Florin, she tells him that she wants to turn herself in and apologize straight to the player at next time she meets them, shocking Florin by Flora's change of heart and makes him saying that it's like she turned over a new leaf.


    Note : How was it? It's 20% possible to have change of heart, normally. But gains chances when you know better with someone. See you next time. Bye.

  17. @SpecificHello I have a good game this is Pokemon Fantasy Version V1.2 is you can debug mode please? Yes there is successful to make debug mode for Pokemon Iberia V1.03.
  18. I just want to know did anyone snoop in melia's diary I just heard you can (maybe I would have saved and read it then went back to the save) But can someone tell me what it said (not to be sneaky)
  19. Dimension type is being removed in V13 actually because it never gets used anyways, so Gyarados will have a minor type change.
  20. Doesn't look like he has. Candy, do you want to add anything?
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