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  2. Oh and uh... i had some problems with toggle/hold running? Toggle didn't actually toggle the running, it still seemed to be "Hold" for me. Moreover, the way the game runs my character was running too fast for me to line up with stuff. Even when i held down the button to "walk" it was still really fast. I wonder if there's a way to set a maximum framerate or something?
  3. The bow here seems to be a JPG? Which isn't gonna be useful for re-creating the effect yourself. If you can get it in a PNG file, i'll be able to tell you the correct rotation angle. I also dont know what engine Spork runs in and if it can rotate graphics itself or not; alternatively, does the engine accept vector art files? If I have a PNG of the bow I might be able to convert it to a vector graphics file (which will perfectly scale at any size).
  4. Impatient, not really. I make custom content myself for 3D Games and I know how much time it can take. Maybe this is a different case because I had a product where players expected weekly updates and sometimes daily fixes. This is a "Fan game" but still a product to users. But again > Sorry for being straight to the point.
  5. So I started playing this today and I got shiny treecko 1st try, but I didn't save (my mistake) and in a battle my screen glitched, i had multiple of like the screens from pokemon reborn, I'm pretty sad right now.
  6. You probably missed the very first stamp from the receptionist at the department store. I've played through Rejuvenation several times now, and I noticed that you won't receive a stamp from her if you have other stamps in your possession. It's best to visit the department store as soon as you get the chance and collect the remaining stamps afterwards.
  7. I dont know if there is an anti cheat feature in the game, so if there is please correct me. I haven't seen anyone do this, but there may be players who are doing this and it is not reported here. Basically , using cheat engine you can hack in any item in the game. Including items you are not supposed to have at early points of the game, like Mega Z ring, and even the PULSE. With this, you can use absolutely busted pokemon in online play, like pulse avalugg which has a bst higher than mega rayquaza! and pulse magnezone with a special attack stat 36 points more than mega mewtwo y! I dont know
  8. I think I may see ur problem then, I also revamped the route to arlen (Which is a completely different map file). Try saving somewhere else. sorry I'm not sure what else might fix it
  9. @chronikerdelta Here are the separate images of the banner and bow, courtesy of Enigma!
  10. J.T.


    Charge Beam on Ampharos is an option
  11. Last save was in Arlen, right at the village entrance
  12. I'm a bit confused then, haven't seen anyone else with this error. Where was your last save location?
  13. I might as well post the cleaned up non-bow background i did! There's a lot of transitional colors between the tiles in the background, i have no idea how intentional or not that was on enigma's part but i tried to maintain the pattern as best i could. Like I said tho, it was impossible to recreate the bow without having an accurate color sampling method (since the colors are distorted by the aforementioned fuzziness)
  14. Is this the revamped dungeon you’re taking about? In this case, you have to pick the correct door to progress. It’s similar to FireRed/Leafgreen’s Lost Cave. This will take several guesses.....well, not that many; there’s only two of those maps in Dark Dungeon to guess.
  15. you have to download the full 2.5 then update to 2.7
  16. wcv


    You’re far enough into the game to do the Beldum event. Metagross is great against Adrienn’s team. https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Beldum_Special_Encounter You can also grab a Drilbur from the Tanzan Mountain entrance available from Tanzan Cover (you need to surf there). on general team thoughts: Serperior really needs different moves. Lead Tornado and Leaf Blade should go. Replaced with either coverage or substitute plus leech seed for stalling. Arcanine should be taught Flare Blitz over Heat Wave. Rain dance on Ampha
  17. Can you help me, ICSW? I'm in the dark dungeon and I can't navigate my way to the maze. I'll keep going in circles, never finding my way to the end. All I'll need is a little hint from all this.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Having trouble wit Xe Amphraos static wide lens lv 80 Discharge ThunderWave Thunder Rain Dance Vaporeon water absorb focus sash lv77 Aurora Beam Hydro Pump Waterfall Surf Arcanine intimidate charcol lv79 Crunch Strength Heat Wave Close Combat Serperior contrary rose incence lv79 Leaf Storm Leaf Tornado Leaf Blade Giga Drain Noivern telepathy charcoal lv 78 Flamethrower Dragon Pulse Fly BoomBurst Camerupt Solid Rock qu
  20. hey hello i like the game and the music but can you tell me where to get pichu and sandshrew on zamur city i can't find the exact place
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