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  2. that definitely shouldn't happen, upload your save file here so that someone can eventually help you
  3. So, I was going through the game and I couldn't find the TM for Shadow Ball. Apparently I played the version where we got the TM Shadow Claw instead. Can someone help me here please? Game - 2379 - Seppey - 358h 3m - 14 badges.rxdata
  4. Yup! All I did was move you past the barrier, hope that helps! In the future, interacting with the rock formation i circled thats on either side of the barrier will open/close it
  5. I would suggest Dugtrio and/or Sandslash. Persian with Power Gem is quite strong against Shelly, too.
  6. Thanks! Do I just replace my file with this one? edit - don't worry I've done it and it works, thanks for the quick reply
  7. A question, did you go into the mountain with Laura? When Metor kidnapped someonne, was it Saphira?
  8. Today
  9. Here is the rxdata file if needed Game_2.rxdata
  10. Okay Let me know if you need anything else, I kinda just enjoy breeding in general, so if you need it probably can get it
  11. oh no its fine! I figured if you needed a near perfect charmander that lil one is yours
  12. I've just beaten Zel and the Pulse Abra, and when I go to leave this area of the mountain, the barrier has reappeared so I can't leave.
  13. Sorry about that delay! we're having some storms so I was having some trouble..! I hope that works for you, do you want the charmander back?
  14. I've now beaten Zel and the barrier is still there, I can't leave at all. If all of my Pokemon faint I go back to the pit where Steelix was.
  15. Thanks. I’m confused though, how is Graveler any better during rain dance then Numel, since they both take 4x damage from water-type attacks? Ok thanks
  16. Hi! I need help beating Zel and mostly his pulse magnezone.. My team is: Level 76 Mamoswine: Ancient power, Earthquake, Blizzard and amnesia with a never melt-ice Level 78 Galvantula: electroball, thunderwave, Discharge and bug buzz with Lax incense Level 76 Hariyama : Fake out, Heavy slam, Close combat and Sunny day (that's me experimenting) with a Black belt Level 78 Empoleon: Surf, Brine, Brick Break (for his umbreon) and drill peck With wave incense Level 76 Noivern : Flamethrower, Fly, Hurricane, dragon pulse with scope lense Level 78 Incineroar: Flamethrower, Outrage, Dark pulse and Darkest lariat with fire gem (I changed Flare Blitz like a dumb-ass just before devon corp but anyway the magnezone is faster and always one-shot incineroar) I can pretty much one shot his entire team and be left with incineroar, mamoswine and noivern with full healt but i have no healing item/revive after the devon corp puzzle.. I don't have smack down or ways to slower magnezone, not that I can think off.. I would really appreciate some help because i don't wanna restart the game Thanks!
  17. My name either might be onyxia or Roofiedtiger. Either or
  18. Alsoif possible you may want to swap out your female meowstic for a male (find espurr in the aqua hideout) with prankster (own tempo as an espurr) and fake out
  19. When Maqqy sees something silly posted by me:




  20. For sure, ill send the request when you are ready. What is your name on online play?
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