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  2. Hi, My problem is that my "Focus sash" and my "Weakness policy" completely disappeared without any explanation Is there any way to get them back?
  3. look at this dance incineroar does im dead XD


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  5. Will we take the boat to Neverwinter in route 10 in V13? Also is Neverwinter in a new region or something? Because we know Blacksteeple Castle is somewhere around and we can’t visit it anymore. Hi from Italy, keep up the good work in Rejuv!
  6. You can get all 7 water type starters in the game without choosing any as your starter. Squirtle in aquamarine cave using surf and a gourmet treat, Totodile in the Gearen hotel pool at night using surf and a gourmet treat, Mudkip at Sheridan wetlands during a hide and seek quest using surf, cut and rock climb, Piplup / Empoleon in Evergreen forest while having Anju's Pendant which you can get by doing the extra trials in the sewer mansion, Oshawott by doing a little quest around, route 7, route 8 and darchlight woods, Froakie is a little more tricky and can only be obtained through some kind o
  7. The hardest ones would be Chandelure, Ferrothorn, Dufaux (froslass) and Gardevoir. Out of these Chandelure would be the easiest, people say it's ridiculously hard because you can just stumble upon it when you're really underleveled and it sweeps you, but the terrain it's on can be the most beneficial to you out of these 4 rifts, one of the best pokémon for this battle is Lycanroc Dusk with Accelerock. The other 3 are harder to rank, but for me third place would go to Ferrothorn and this is all because of my starter Blaziken. The things i needed for this fight were quite simple, of course it's
  8. I have Chimchar, Turtwig and Popplio, all shiny
  9. YOU WOULDNT PICK PIPLUP??!?!?!?!? WHYYYY!?!?!??!
  10. This is my team i think its pretty good for reborn
  11. Congrats on beating it. Ryland gave me a tough time mainly because of Excadrill and Torterra
  12. I actually have beaten the game today (well, the V12 of the game), though it did took a bit to defeat Ryland. Now I can complete some battles and sidequests, and most importantly, hatch a new team with perfect IVs, though I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to my old team, but it is what it is.
  13. It's one of the best pokemon fangames I've played, DEFINITELY recommend. Also it's a CRIME Equinox Village's music isn't on youtube. One of the few tracks not uploaded and I wonder why? It's beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I love Dragalisk's battle theme. It reminds me of Megaman X4-5 a bit during the piano part at 1:22 I think Trishout is my favorite starter of the 3.
  14. "Hmmmmm" Mina paused for a moment before turning her attention to Justine "Do you guys have any provisions we could use to help liven up the meal?"
  15. Combat is a dangerous thing, and one thing they drilled into you in the Domains of Cooperation is that there were many, many situations where you'd pay for being out of formation. Ebon'd left that place, but the truth rang here - it didn't work out well to be separated from one's squad when one was a squishy shaman within swooping distance of an armored mercenary on a bigass crow who was so terrifying that he could consistently make you forget to fight back. Ebon Knight attacks Black Ant Dark Initiate B! It was something that the dark-magic-using ant survived, at leas
  16. JROSA04

    Metal Coat

    Does anyone have a spare metal coat I may have to evolve my scyther early in game please?
  17. I see, that makes sense tho is there any other way to level up?
  18. Yeah I'd agree with this as well. However I do feel like it's not balanced quite as well as Reborn and Rejuv were in the early game. Charles is a real difficulty spike for so early on and Adrienne is really difficult for that point of the game too. It does smooth out afterwards at least. For fangames not of the Reborn family, I'd recommend Xenoverse. It's excellent and has the best art direction of any fangame I've played honestly. A lot of the NPC art could pass for official art and it comes closer to capturing the aesthetic of the actual games more than any other fangame. The f
  19. i swear to god i hate obedience caps

  20. Gonna sweep you with 🔥 Fiery Dance 💃

    1. RoyChaos


      Gonna sweep you with 🔥 Eruption 🌋.

    2. Q-Jei


      Gonna sweep you with 🔥 Overheat 💥

  21. Really excited to hear about the mono-run help! Doing nothing but bug and poison runs was getting a little exhausting, I'm gonna be honest (I know all of them are technically possible, let it alone). Also, ty for the update! I do still try to keep up to date, even if I'm not super chatty on the forums, and I really appreciate the work y'all are doin
  22. I'm physically stuck in grand dream city station. In front of the little yellow and green sign where you pay 7,200 to get to the Rose Theater. Yeah, I can't move at all... Game.rxdata
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