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    :check: - Before updating to E6, make sure you are saved in the main bedroom of your manor at the end of Episode 5. Any other saves WILL NOT WORK, I promise. If there are other issues pertaining to saves, and you ARE NOT saved in the main bedroom of your manor at the end of Episode 5, your save is irrecoverable, and we apologise.


    :xmark: - Backup your files before updating! Occasionally files get corrupted, and making a backup might help prevent things going wrong!


    Please note: this game contains some light screen-flashing and shaking sequences, and mature content that may be unsettling to some individuals, including death, existential themes, and mild gore.

    Photosensitive mode is available in the game options, and other accessibility features are present in-game.

    Please stay safe when playing!





    Desolation: E6 - Reflections - 6.0.0 (27.01.2023)


    Approximate size ~800 MB.



    Make sure your antivirus does not delete the updater!


    Saved Games Shortcut - fix for Windows




    Additional Download for Mac

    Please download alongside the Mac Build and read the information provided in the ZIP on how to apply.


    You MUST run the game from the Applications folder!

    To update the game on Mac, please see the following:


    1) In order to use the updater you need to open a terminal in the game directory (or open a terminal anywhere and run `cd <gamedir>` - replacing the <gamedir> with the correct path on you system).

    2) Run: `chmod +x updater`
    3) Note that this is one time operation, you don't need to do it every time you want to update the game.

    4) Now you can update your game using: `./updater`

    - In case you're using ARM base Mac OS (M1) then use `updater-arm` instead in the commands above.

    If you are having trouble updating on Mac, please download and try this alternative updater:

    Please note, if you are hit with "this app comes from an unidentified developer" when trying to run the updater, open your security settings and click open anyways.





    - PATCHES -




    Regarding Converter & EP5 Saves being Corrupted:


    The Save File Converter was broken for a while. any file that was run through the broken converter may be corrupt and not convertible, it likely it will be fine, but you have been warned regardless.
    This will likely affect the whole Save Folder that was attempted to be converted if it does happen.

    If you have your Save Files on a separate backup use those.
    DO NOT use the Save File converter before updating to the latest patch available.
    After a successful conversion the Save File will be lacking a trainertype, please do the E6 starting event before doing anything else on that Save File.
    We apologise for any lost data due to this.

    Also to note: Please make sure to turn off the Jukebox if its on in your EP5 save on the EP5 build.

    Desolation now uses a different file format for Audio, therefore it will search for a file that does not exist upon launch on the EP6 build, you have been warned. This will cause your save to unable to be loaded.

    If you are struggling to convert your Save File, please go to this thread here








    - Fixed a bug where Waldenhall's battle did not have his unique background.

    - Fixed a bug regarding Psychic Terrain applying even when the user is not grounded.



    - Fixed a major issue regarding how damage calculations were being calculated.


    6.0.10 (even more despair)

    - Mac/Linux users were unable to play, you should be able to play now.


    6.0.9 (despair)

    - The menu now no longer shows if you pushed X while in a shop.
    - Added an option for mono/stereo audio for damage sound effects.
    - Fixed a bug where using Low Key Toxtri at the Move Relearner would crash the game.
    - Fixed a bug where Work Up caused an error and did not work at all.
    - Fixed a bug where the AI was not acknowledging the boost to Acid Armor on Corrosive and Corrosive Mist.



    - Fixed a bug with Murkwater Surface where it would attempt to poison the trainer rather than the Mon.
    - Fixed Parting Shot and Magic Bounce interaction where the switched in Mon would use the move the switched out Mon was about to use.
    - Fixed Substitute not properly blocking Status Moves.
    - Fixed Work Up not getting buffed on Crowd Field.
    - Fixed description of Spotlight.
    - Fixed a bug where Future Sight was not executing and was causing an error.
    - Fixed a bug where Conversion 1 and Conversion 2 didn't work as intended.
    - Fixed a bug where Mega Launcher was not boosting Dragon Pulse and Terrain Pulse.
    - Fixed a bug where Harvest was never able to proc.
    - Fixed a few Movesets and some Mon not getting access to specific TM/Tutor Moves.
    - Fixed a bug where the player was locked out of the Sewer Skirmish involving Rosetta.
    - Fixed a bug where the Infiltration quest is repeated if your last healing point was in the Fox's Hideout.
    - Minor Dialogue changes.
    - Few Graphic updates.



    - Arenite Wall... yes this is a Rejuvenation thing that caused a good ole bug in Deso, it's been fixed.



    - Updated Game Icon to appear more visible.
    - TM Hidden Power now available in Vejyr if the Player misses it in the Keneph Caves.
    - Quicksaving is now disable during cutscenes.
    - Gen 8 DLC Mons now have Cries.
    - Fixed Autorun being toggleable while in the shop menu.
    - Fixed Autorun being toggleable while selling an item from the bag.
    - Fixed Autorun being toggleable while a text window is active.
    - Fixed an issue regarding lighting in Cellia East.
    - Fixed a bug where the Lottery in East Arcade was not resetting each day.
    - Fixed a bug where Secret Power was defaulting to chance to Paralyse on fields.
    - Fixed a bug regarding certain effects in battle not working properly.
    - Fixed a bug where changing settings in the options menu while in the Settler's Ruins crashed the game.
    - Several Typos fixed & a few Ability descriptions updated.



    - Added a new Ability Summary UI! (to view, click C (default keybind) on the Main Stats Summary page for a specific Mon to view an ability in more detail!
    - Added a new Input button for Autorun! Default set to W (you can change this in the key bindings).
    - Added an incense vendor to Cellia East.
    - Added a move tutor in Celeste for Yamp/Sphea users!
    - Added a few Rare Candies Pre-Aderyn (Sphea users rejoice!).
    - Buizel event in Keneph Beach now found at Level 8.
    - Bullet Punch is now boosted on Crowd Field.
    - Fixed a bug where accessing the Pokegear in Cellia East while using the Hoverboard would demount the player.
    - Fixed a bug where Mega A-Aron appeared as Steel/Steel type.
    - Fixed a bug where some defensive abilities such as Ice Scales were not getting caught by Mold Breaker.
    - Fixed a bug regarding Shell Side Arm and not accounting for certain attacks.
    - Fixed a bug where setting the BG music to 0 would reset back to 100 after a battle.
    - Fixed a bug where you could potentially skip the entire Route 2 Ranger Segment.
    - Fixed a bug where you could get locked out of the Real Estate Sidequest.
    - Fixed a bug regarding the Reignite the Fire Sidequest.
    - Fixed a bug where a segment of the Stolen Goods Sidequest can be activated when walking through any door in Cellia North.
    - Fixed a bug where Life Dew brought a fainted partner back somehow.
    - Various miscellaneous bug fixes.
    - Various map edits/fixes.



    - Fixed an issue where Sewer Skirmish quest wouldn't update.
    - Fixed an issue where you could skip Mana introduction by not entering the manor.
    - Changed Battle - Other to Caly remix by Vetrom.
    - Fixed an issue where surfing in Addenfall would reset music to wrong track.
    - Fixed an issue where in "Reignite the Fire" quest Tim would disappear if you lost to him.
    - Fixed screen tone issue if lost to Scarlett in Blackview.
    - Fixed an issue where Lucario would still be present if lost to Scarlett in Blackview.
    - Fixed a bug which caused a crash regarding Curious Medicine in battle.
    - Fixed a bug where the player would clip through the Cellia South gate.
    - Various sprite updates.


    - Fixed a bug causing a crash in the Blackview Fight Club when facing Clarke.
    - Fixed a bug where EP5 saves who had Repels prior to converting would not run out.
    - Fixed a bug where berries would act differently during certain uses.
    - Fixed a bug where Magneton was able to evolve in the Undercity.
    - Fixed a bug where Polteageist who is genderless by default was able to have a gender.
    - Fixed a bug where Mirror Armor was not working correctly against Gooey/Cotton Down users.
    - Fixed a bug regarding Burmy crashing the game when changing form in battle.
    - Fixed a bug where Feathers were giving out the wrong EVs.
    - Fixed a bug where regular Power Items were not passing down IVs.
    - Fixed a bug where changing forms mid-battle on Crowd Field granted buffs twice.
    - Fixed a bug where held items for evolution were still kept after the Mon evolved.
    - Fixed a bug where a quest reward was giving infinite credits. 
    - Various battle bug fixes.
    - Various sprite updates.
    - Few map fixes.


    - Fixed a bug which crashed the game in Cellia North regarding the Rangers' Comeback quest.
    - Fixed a bug regarding another quest giving out infinite credits.
    - Fixed a bug with the Day Care which caused the game to crash when a Mon levels up.
    - Fixed a bug causing a softlock in the Blackview Power Plant.
    - Fixed a bug causing a softlock in the Cellia Caverns
    - Fixed a bug where players were able to surf on land in Addenfall Woods.
    - Fixed a bug where players could end up in a softlock by leaving the Manor via the Blackview Daycare Teleporter.
    - Fixed a bug where players could use the escape rope in the Dreamscape.
    - Fixed a few Tile errors throughout the game.
    - Fixed a bug regarding Dredna having the wrong level-up moveset.
    - Fixed a few battle interaction bugs.
    - Fixed a bug regarding some forms having the wrong ability.
    - Fixed a bug where you could get the Archives Key earlier than you should.
    - Fixed a bug regarding No Retreat not working against Protect.
    - Move Relearner in the Dreamscape now uses the correct sprite.



    - Fixed an issue with the Converter not properly converting EP5 Saves.

    - Fixed crashes regarding the Boss in Blackview.

    - Fixed a bug regarding a quest giving out infinite credits.

    - Fixed a bug where the player did not face the Professor after defeating Connor.

    - General Sprite Updates.



    :qmark: - How do I update my game?

    • Your save file is stored separately, so all you have to do is download the new file, unzip it, and then run the game from the new folder! You can delete your previous folder, but it may be wise to wait until successfully loading into the new game version before doing so. Please use the updater to keep on the latest version of the game!



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