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    - STORY -

    What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? Or is it little more than ashes... and echos?


    Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands that is engrossed in a rich, yet dark history. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, inexpiable events happening wherever the eye is not looking. However, somewhere deep down, there is something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and become part of Ayrith's history.


    What is your dream?


    The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely.






    Desolation is a character and story driven game using Generation 3 styling, featuring content from Generations 1-8. Travel through the Ayrith Region, battle trainers, and discover secrets in the world around you as you find yourself enveloped in the Region's most defining events in the last century. 


    The current version of Desolation is playable up to the 8th Gym Leader.


  • - E6 Trailer - "Reflections" - Created by Ruby -


  • - E6 Original Soundtrack - Created by Darius -


  • - FEATURES -

    A reputation system, where your choices impact your relationship with characters and how the game progresses!

    8 unique starters, as well as all main 24 starters available!

    NPC battle reactions!

    Field Effect system adopted from Reborn (with custom fields made for Desolation!)

    50+ hours of gameplay!

    Original Soundtrack by Darius, as well as music by Vetrom, GlitchxCity, and more!

    Customized Shiny Sprites made by the community with an increased shiny rate!

    An upgradable manor that acts as the player's homestead and business throughout the game!

    A set of new Mega Forms which appear throughout the game.

    And much, much more...



    Windows: Windows 7 and later + OpenGL 2.0

    Mac: Mac OSX 10.12 and later

    2+ GB RAM

    1GB Hard drive space


    Desolation is created by Caz, and is developed in conjunction with the Desolation Team, including Ruby, Posty, Crim, Yumil, Darius, and Cass! 




    🎉 Want to lend us a hand? Support us on Patreon! 🎉



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    Desolation is a non-profit fan made tribute game to the Pokémon series.

    Pokémon Desolation is created using RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit. Pokémon Desolation does not claim ownership of Pokémon or any associated content. All original characters, artwork and other media remain the property of their respective authors.

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