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    Hello! My name is Ame and I sometimes get ahead of myself. ^~^
    The others and I may occasionally post updates about how progress on the game is going here!

    About Umbral Battles

    By Amethyst, in Records,

    quests are progressing well! we'll have another talk once we're done with them. but that's not what i'm here for today.
    today, instead... well, some of you will remember that a few months ago i posted about Anomaly Battles
    however, i realized that i forgot to mention one small detail about them.
    those other-worldly auras that alter the rules of reality and cause their subjects to behave erratically?

    they don't affect only pokemon. 
    (once again, huge shoutout to cass for making the bulk of these teams, girl cray, much appreciate her ty 💜 )

    Hello, one and all! Long time no see, I have not made a devblog post in quite some time.
    Alas, you will have to wait a little longer for such a thing. You see, this is not a devblog post. There is nothing of note happening here, I'm just taking a stroll and making a delivery, and you happened to bump into me as I did. Of course we can have a nice chat, but there's no reveals or info about E19 here today. Not from me, no siree.
    You see, we have just recieved a fresh new batch of assets and art from the 'Pokemon Reborn Art Factorytm'* that I need to deliver to the 'Pokemon Reborn Assets Storage Warehousetm'. So I'm carrying this box of top secret art for top secret postgame things. But I'm not in a rush, so thought I'd say hello along the way.
    What, did you think I was going to drop the box? That I'd spill it everywhere? That it was all a funny bit to frame me revealing some art? Preposterous, I would never do something so expected. I'm hurt you'd even think such a thing! So hurt, in fact, that I am going to leave right now, angrily!
    But alas, as Marcello stormed off, he did not realise there was a hole in the box, and some of the top secret art fell out. Whatever could they be for?

    *We do not actually have an art factory this work was done by Crim I was just doing a funny bit but also Crim is great thank you Crim.

    so i don't really know what i'm doing here, but i wanted to talk about some things i think y'all will like.
    so everyone knows reborn is hard, right? i hear it's one of the main draws of the game.
    well, when reborn started development back in the ancient era, this was a pretty novel concept. i remember back when i first played the game in, like, 2015 the game kicked my ass and i thought it was great.
    however, it's 2021 now. things have come a long way since the ancient era, and some of the stuff that defined "difficulty" has kind of turned into "pain in the ass". so we've made some changes that will hopefully help everyone's butts hurt just a bit less. longtime readers will probably recognize some past topics, but since we've gotten a bunch of new kids 'round these parts since the pandemic i'm just gonna put everything new and fancy in one nice post so we're all on the same page.
    early game mon availability
    the combination of difficulty balancing with world building effectively means that the theme of early game is "hope you like poison types!"
    (i don't like poison types.)
    now obviously there are some exceptions to that. there's a lot of extra mons available through special events and such to help provide some variety, but there's still a limit to the overall variety of mons available.
    so we're going out of our way to add some new mons. it'll definitely help with rounding out your team early on, and it means that some otherwise forgettable mons will have a chance to get some love. (hi deliberd.)
    monotypers can also rejoice here. there'll be at least two mons that "qualify" for each type by the first gym. i say "qualify" because some types are pretty busted that early (sorry, fairy and dragon), so we gotta do some stuff like, say, counting swablu as dragon. i'm not a monotyper, and i know y'all are out there with all kinds of crazy rulesets and stuff, but since there seem to be a lot of people running monos these days, we figured we'd pull some strings to make that easier.
    mono runs suck a bit less, normal runs get more options. everyone wins!
    raise your hand if you like grinding.
    no one?
    grinding sucks a lot in general, and reborn has a pretty bad relationship with grinding in general since easier methods of grinding don't really vibe with the whole "disaster city" aesthetic. there are some things to help make grinding easier than just battling wild mons- that's why there are grand hall trainers and indra. these aren't perfect, though. indra gives you a random team (because he's a clown) and i suspect a lot of people don't realize that the grand hall trainers exist. then if you want to add new mons to your rotation you gotta use the exp share (which an alarming number of people accidentally trade off) or put them as the lead in your party and rotate them out....
    point is, it sucks.
    once you hit late game, most players start to ev train their teams to help make improve their teams. problem is, there aren't really any dedicated places to EV train, so it starts coming down to going to finding the best place to get EVs and dealing with how well that actually works for the stat you're looking to boost. it's still pretty slow, and the fact that locations aren't consistent for it mean you have to avoid a lot of fights.
    point is, it sucks.
    the dex quest also ends up being a pain since the process of acquiring every single dex entry means you have to do a bunch of inventory management with your exp share alongside pulling your mons out of the pc and everything. it  ends up being really long and tedious since you can only train one mon at a time like this, and you've got a shitload to do...
    point is, it sucks.
    so we've got some stuff to help.
    repeatable trainers also give EXP candies. the benefit here should be pretty obvious. if you're bringing someone new into rotation then you'll need to give them a lot of exp so they're around the same level as the rest of your party. this is one of the few gen 8 additions that we're throwing into the game immediately.
    exp candies won't push you over the level cap, though.
    EV items are much stronger. much stronger. power items got an 8x boost and now give 32 evs in whatever stat; the macho brace now boosts your ev gain by 8 instead of 2; and the pokerus boosts your ev gain by 4 instead of 2. the pokerus is also a liiiiittle easier to get.
    the EXP share has been moved up. its original location now has an EXP all. so this is the big one.
    exp candies already make late-game grinding a non-issue. feed your newly hatched mon a candy, they gain 500 levels, game ez. the exp share is now a lot earlier to both make teambuilding easier as well as to still make it useful.
    the exp all exists to make giving out enough experience between badges a non-issue. every trainer now effectively provides 3.5x the original experience.
    more importantly...
    the EXP all toggles on a hard level cap. i suspect my mention of an exp all concerned a lot of people. it originally also concerned me. this is my solution.
    to explain why this matters, i'm gonna have to talk about the level cap.
    for those who don't know the difference: right now, reborn has a soft level cap. that means if you hit the maximum level before the next badge, you will keep gaining exp and can level up over the cap. a hard level cap means that you stop gaining exp entirely when you hit the level cap. you can still level up over the cap, but you'd have to use a rare candy to do so. if you've played rejuv or deso, they both use a hard cap.
    there is a really strong debate over which cap is better. i'm very firmly on team hard cap. the obvious problem with the soft cap is that you risk overlevelling your team and thus having problems with disobedience. this used to be worse before e18, since your mons would immediately stop obeying mid-battle. you still risk going over the cap between battles, and if you're in a gauntlet where there are multiple battles back-to-back, the disobedience doesn't carry over.
    the advantage of the soft cap is that you can learn moves or evolve if the level for doing that is slightly over the limit. i don't buy this, since you can still do that with a rare candy if you have a hard cap. the exp all would also make the overlevelling problem much worse. the convenience of the exp all comes with the chore of needed to effectively "inventory manage" your level.
    we were considering a way to toggle what level cap you have, but i feel like the inclusion of a method to just change that wouldn't really fit well within the context of the game.
    i suppose i already gave away the solution i thought up for this earlier. spoilers for five paragraphs ago. the exp all is a really convenient way to include a togglable level cap without shoehorning in some weird mechanic. it's great. it makes everyone happy even if i feel dirty for allowing the soft cap to still exist.
    mons give more exp at higher levels have you ever noticed how levelling up happens fairly quickly until, say, level 60 or so? then as you go over that level it gets slower.... and slower.........
    that's basically a result of how exp gains work!
    (we're gonna get into some math stuff, so if numbers scare you, just skip a few paragraphs.)
    the short answer for why this happens is that the rate of increase for exp gain is linear while the rate of increase for exp requirements is cubic.
    so let's say you're fighting a powerful staraptor.

    and let's say that you're an adorable meech.

    with both at level 20, meech would have to defeat about 3 powerful staraptors to level up.
    with both at level 50, meech would have to defeat 9.
    in early game you don't really notice this because the base exp of your opponents increases as you gain levels. the formula for this is:
    base exp = (base stat total) * [evolution stage modifier]
    the modifier gets bigger as the evolution stage increases. most pokemon follow this formula. we could get into this- however, this is not a post about the formula. the point here is that the base exp increases because the pokemon you fight are stronger. you're not going to fight a powerful staraptor at level 50 because it'll have evolved by then, and its evolved form gives more exp.
    the problem is that when pokemon stop evolving, base exp stops increasing.
    i mentioned this in a devblog post about increasing the level cap here. 
    (holy shit that was two years ago help)
    back then i said i was gonna adjust the level curve to deal with this. problem is, adjusting the level curve takes a lot of effort. giving you more exp is easy.
    so i'm going to try a thing where you get an additional 1% of exp for every level over 50 your opponent is. at level 75, this is a 25% boost. at level 125, this is a 75% boost.
    levelling up will still slow down over time... but it'll be nicer about it.
    something that i also mentioned ages ago without comment was mining changes.
    the mining minigame is a common way to get stones and fossils. problem is, it's missing a few stones, and the fossils are stupid hard to find.
    so i fixed that. check it:

    along with the addition of these four stones, the odds of getting each item have been adjusted. basically, it's easier to find items that you actively want and harder to find items that you don't. future playthroughs can say goodbye 100 oval stones, everstones, and hard stones.
    i feel like i had more things to talk about. i forget what they were, though. 
    EDIT: i remembered one!!!! hard mode isn't happening. i don't have time. i gotta make 5000 more teams for postgame yet anyway. we can just let the modders do their thing.
    i'm sure y'all are gonna have some thoughts™ in the comments. the last time i fielded questions (which wasn't public) i had some pretty severe regrets, but if i see some things getting asked a lot i'll edit them onto this post.
    suggestions will probably be met with a no. in particular, this no:

    excellent suggestions will have more of a response.
    Q: Will deliberd have egg moves?
    A: the odds of delibird having egg moves is the same as the odds of my spelling its name wrong every goddamn time.
    so yes.
    Q: Will boss fights have their levels adjusted since there's the exp all now?
    A: uhhhhhh maybe. this isn't really something that I can answer now since it'll take some playtesting to figure out what that point might be.
    we'll see and will do it if we have to.
    Q: Will I be able to get the exp all if I already got the exp share?
    A: deffo. just drop back by the house where you got it.
    Q: I'm sad that the game is going to be easy now...
    A: that's not a question. it's also not a thing. we'll have to do some mid-episode rebalancing, but the level cap will still exist and you're still gonna have to strategize to win fights. the point of this is to make team composition easier.
    Q: Will relationship points change at all?
    A: a little. they aren't as big of deal as everyone seems to think they are, so i don't really think it's worth worrying about.
    Q: Would you recommend playing from the beginning again?
    A: i would lightly recommend playing from the start. the whole game itself will play a bit differently now.
    Q: Will the hard cap be something we can choose from the start of the game?
    A: yup, but it's permanent.
    Q: Cass, you made [some mod] for e18.4. Will it still work with e19?
    A: no, i'll have to remake it, but a lot of these mods are just... stuff i whipped up in 15 minutes. if you remind me about it, i'll repatch them into e19.
    Q: Will the TM distribution get changed in e19?
    A: yup. it's also, in general, set up to offer more useful options earlier than in e18.4.
    Q: Hard mode is dead. Is easy mode also dead?
    A: maybe not! i'm not quite ready to cancel it since it'll take much less work on my end to make it happen, but i'd still say it's unlikely. depends on how much people want to make their friends who are less into the battle system play the game.

    in canon legendary encounters, usually you just trip and fall into legendaries after they've randomly decided to roost somewhere vaguely out of the way.
    if you're lucky there might be a whole dungeon before them.
    or if you're playing XY, maybe they'll just be sitting there in a cave that clearly always existed for no other purpose than except to specifically serve as their roost until the region's favorite ten year old traipses along and use said legendary for baseball pitching practice. 
    anyway, this isn't canon. this is reborn, 
    and some people would argue that i hate you all and want to see you suffer. *
    * this is not true. i love all of you in varying degrees and the less you think it applies to you the more it's true. but don't be weird about it, ok?
    so today i'd like to introduce a new device of suffering in post-game: Anomaly Battles.
    the legendaries in post-game have an unfortunate tendency to appear with a strange aura around them called an Anomaly! 
    in universe, this aura is otherworldly, producing many strange like making the pokemon behave aggressively, or creating apparitions of other types of pokemon who fight alongside them!

    out of universe, it is our tool to be a gigantic bitch to you.
    you've gotten to postgame, so you're clearly a skilled trainer with a diverse roster ready to handle anything we throw at you,
    so here goes-- we're going to throw everything at you. 

    in post-game, you'll face off against a special battle with many of the legends before being allowed the privilege of going for the catch! fight hard and come through strong because you may yet need that strength to secure the victory. not every legendary has an attached anomaly, but so far the strong majority of them do! 
    huge shout out to @andracass for making the lion's share of these teams so far; like with the other parts of postgame, she's really just put in a crazy amount of work for it
    i hope you'll look forward to eating shit 💜
    ( please do not actually consume shit. please make sure all matter you consume is both edible and nutritious. it is important to eat regularly and take care of your body. do that for all of us, okay? you can't help others if you don't take care of yourself first. all right... then, you stay safe out there now. get plenty of rest. bye-bye until next time ! )


    an apology

    By andracass, in Records,

    hi everyone.
    there's something that i need to say.
    so i've been working on this game now for, what, three years?
    a lot has happened during that time.
    now, i've always done my best to maintain a high standard of quality with my development posts. i am the most professional person i know and i believe that comes across in all of them. i especially pride myself on the extent to which i capitalize all of my letters.
    it is because of this- my aim to provide you all with quality and accurate content- that i am here before you today.
    i have misled you all.
    i have said something that is not only false, but offensively so.
    i am truly sorry for this.
    so i feel the need to clear the air.
    two years ago (holy shit has it really been two years???? jesus christ what the shit time is fake what have i been doing this whole time) i made this post regarding the content that will appear in postgame.
    one of the things i said in this post was this:


    i concede.
    you've worn me down--
    twisted my arm clean off--
    both of them in fact!
    i'm typing this with my toes.
    the white flag is raised,
    having been tirelessly goaded into it by the demands of an uncaring populace, night after night spent in fearful agony, whimpering in hidden corners that are yet unequal to the task set before them of simply shielding me from the slings and arrows of the greater internet community,* i accept i have no choice but to lament
    simply having no other choice, i deign to give you.... one progress bar.
    * none of this has happened or is even remotely true, everyone has been by and large supportive of my decision to yeet the progress bars, and i greatly appreciate y'all for that. i feel much better overall with them gone
    and feeling that way, this may be a mistake.
    if this ends up stressing me out, i will yeet this too.
    but we'll give it a try, because i accidentally started counting and, well-- the years start counting and they don't stop counting. 
    the progress bar is how many legendaries are accounted for
    as of posting-- 32/65
    almost halfway.
    why 65?
    76 mons are not asked for by the pokedex quest in E18.
    11 of them are ultra beasts and-- say it with me now-- ultra beasts don't get rights. 
    gen 8 is not real, and cannot hurt me.
    that leaves 65 genuine legends i have to include.
    for my sanity, and frankly, the sanity of everyone else, we have downsized from original expectations-- not every legendary is getting a full quest. but the significant majority are.
    in cases where they don't get a full quest, only the earliest of them are a walk-in-and-start-chuckin'-pokeballs type of deal. there will be more on what else is entailed instead in a future post.
    so e19 will be released when we hit 65 ?????!??!
    look at me
    stop that.
    stop that right now, you goddamn son of a beautiful person (probably)
    i appreciate your hypothetical passion but the answer is no
    a big, honkin' neon red no
    the kind of no that your mom gives you after she talks to my mom and asks if you can come over
    the kind of no that you wish you could get after hearing nothing from the last ten jobs you applied to
    the kind of no that means no and you respect it without making a scene 
    there are going to be things i want to do after the legend quests-- other things i need to do.
    possibly a lot of them, idk-- i'm not looking that far ahead because if i think about it i will take 2d8 psychic damage
    but what this whole legendary quest/progress bar thing is is the most significant obstacle before E19 can be finished or released.
    when the bar is full, that does not mean E19 is finished-- it means it can be finished. 
    until then, all bets are off.
    i'm biting down and just trying to make it through one week at a time. 
    thanks for sticking with it, loves. 



    By andracass, in Records,

    wow it has been nearly 6 months from my last post.
    well, if you're new here: hi, i'm cass. i get mad at the scripts. sometimes i even post about it!
    lately, though, i have not. grad school kinda showed up and kicked my ass, and the two primary things i've been working on are suuuuuper big and not ready for prime-time. those two things are a rewrite of the AI and a more organized method of handling field effects. the AI isn't ready because the AI has like 40000 lines of code and if i think about that for too long i lose my will to work, and the field effects aren't ready because the field effect system is complicated and i hardly know what i'm doing. the code is still spaghetti, my hashes are backwards, and i'm basically learning how to do what i'm doing on the spot.
    so it'll be a bit.
    for now, though, i would like to tell you about something that does not matter in the slightest.
    and that is the move razor wind.
    you have never used this move except, perhaps, on accident.
    it has actually been removed from canon games as of gen 8.
    since you have never heard of this move before, i will explain how it works.
    imagine using strength, except you have to wait a turn before attacking.
    that's razor wind.
    there is, however, one incredible trait about razor wind.
    a trait that elevates it above all other moves.
    and that is its japanese name.

    a lot of moves have japanese names that, when spoken, sound like typo'd english. razor wind is notable for not being such a move. the name refers to a spirit in japanese folklore that rides on dust devils and inflict small cuts on those caught in one. (links included if you just want to hear about this from the source!)
    as a pokemon move, one could think of it as something akin to "acting like a kamaitachi". english does this shit all the time. computers compute. displays display. i am looking at my desk desperately grabbing examples.
    but a poorer translation might not understand this.
    a poorer translation could be mean.
    a poorer translation might be "slash like weasel".
    and thus, weaselslash was born.
    now, of course, the comedy implications of this were readily apparent to myself.
    but ame was horrified.
    a thing that happens between her and i is that one of us will be like "huh, this is such a strange name for what this thing does." and then ame will be like "well, i wonder what it is in japanese." 
    i'll say something like "well, it's probably, like, strangeo nameo or something"
    and then she'll look it up and it'll be strangeo nameo.
    i think this is hilarious. ame makes a "hurts just a little bit" face.
    but then we looked up razor wind. and razor wind wasn't a typo! 
    it had origins that were actually interesting and grounded in folklore!
    so, naturally, i turned to ame and said
    "so what you're saying is that, in japanese, razor wind is weasel slash."
    and ame died that day.
    the implications are hilarious.
    imagine you're playing, say, rejuv.
    you're at the scene where madame x is about to obliterate you with an yveltal.
    and then that yveltal summons up a giant swarm of weasels.
    a swarm of weasels that takes one turn to charge up.
    a swarm of weasels that then returns both you and your team to the dirt from which it came.
    this yveltal thing is not a joke. this is real. you can take your friendly neighborhood yveltal to the move relearner who will, for the price of one heart scale, teach your yveltal to summon slashy weasels.

    (credit to crim for this incredible pic)
    *note: i suspect that, somewhere out there on the internet, there is a mole person just waiting to comment with "well aktually I used razor wind back in generation 3 and i know all of its mechanics so you're wrong"
    this person is a clown and i would like to politely request that the rest of the comment section refer to them as such

    hello my children, i have come to feed you
    since coming back to the project a month and a half ago, a fair bit has happened. i did take some time to warm up back up to thing, we moved over to a new file management system, also cass and i just moved into a new place like, last week so that's been taking up a fair chunk of time....
    critically, we also have two new additions to the team: @crimsoncrim and @Azzie !  those of you who frequent the discord server probably already know them, and might've already noticed them popping up in the Developers group, those of you who don't already know them are missing out because they're both wonderful. crim has been helping a lot with various sprites, and will be joining me on mapping, and Azzie is around to put her writing skills to work and spin gold out of dialogue for us in the postgame! 
    but how about that postgame?
    my focus since returning has been on the nightclub. There were a lot of things in it that were like, half-done. Those of you who fondly remember the progress bars can probably think of some of them. By now, most of those things are a lot more than half-done-- in fact, everything there is properly functional already! Some events are missing dialogue, but that can always be filled in later. Let's take a quick tour of the facilities, shall we? Starting with the one that ties them all together--
    The BP Store
    A classic postgame staple-- you're gonna fite, you're gonna earn points, and here you can spend them. We're not adding gen 8 to E19 for now at least, but that doesn't mean we can't take some of their QoL features

    We got mints, we got Large EXP Candies sold by as much as 20 at a time, Ability Capsules, a selection of competitive-grade items. Whatever you might want to help you get new team members up to speed for postgame antics and more. 
    But let's get to the real business. All of the following facilities are level-locked to 100 and provide BP should you prevail in them.
    The Battle Pavilion
    Bread and butter battle tower, brought straight to your local nightclub's dance floor! Get down or get knocked down. There are a couple changes from the usual battle tower format:
    Firstly, there's no heat-up period. Canon battle towers drip feed you a selection of low BST sandbag mons for the first couple rounds before putting on their big boy pants, but this is Reborn, and you're in the post-game; there's no need to waste your time with that. We'll be hitting you hard right off the bat, so get ready The Battle Pavilion is equipped for both 3v3 Singles or 4v4 Doubles In Singles, each set of 7 trainers will be capped off by a miniboss that you might recognize from the game! Examples include your local gang leader, corin-rouge, and madame meganium.  Fields enabled! Each match will take place with a random field effect, so be ready to adapt fast! You can challenge with or without field effects on, but the BP reward is higher with them  

    The Battle Factory
    Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat
    Pokemon Essentials has a built in implementation of the fan-favorite Battle Factory straight outta Sinnoh. But! It's broken. As a result, we had no intention of including it, but then our boy @Toothpastefairy shows up outta nowhere like "hey i fixed battle factory" so guess what y'all are getting. 
    Rent a team from a random selection of nearly 1600 Pokemon sets! You'll fight through opponents with the rented Pokemon in a variety of challenges! After each battle, you can choose to swap one of your Pokemon with an opponent's! 3v3 Singles and 4v4 Doubles are enabled! Three modes exist for Battle Factory Classic mode-- No field effects here. Like canon, you'll be given a hint about what kind of team your next opponent has so you can plan accordingly! Set Field mode-- One random field effect will be chosen and used for the entire 7 battle set. Optimize your team for the field as you go! Random Field mode-- Each battle will have a different random field effect! You'll find out what your next fight is beforehand so be ready to swap and adapt according to what's next!  

    The Rush Challenge
    After a certain point in postgame, you'll be able to take on our Boss Rush! Face all of the surviving leaders in succession in a battle of attrition and skill.
    You'll be healed in between, but can one team make it through all the way?  They're packing heat! Expect to see some legendaries in their teams this time around. Everyone gets one now! The fun doesn't stop there-- Beat the challenge once and you'll unlock the X-League-esque hard mode! Instead of being limited to one legendary, they can have as many as they want. Watch out!  

    Theme Teams
    This is where all of our failed Boss Rush teams have gone to die-- and by "die" I mean "live forever in notoriety"! We (and @andracass in particular) made a ton of teams for you to fight on various fields-- every character should have at least two. Wanna see mono-bug on Glitch? A Rock team for Murkwater? Any other silly idea we've come up with in last two years?? They'll be here. You name the team-- they name the field. This one's mostly just for fun and creativity, but they're still eligible for BP and a hard battle!
    Choose your fighter!

    (Like the last time Cass showed this off, the characters in the above image are explicitly randomly selected, so don't assume it means anything about the story ^~^ )
    Mix 'n Match
    We've got a lot of characters, don't we? We also made a lot of theme teams... Many of them are just sitting around. 
    But why should we be the ones to tell you what to do with them all the time? Here to put the power in your hands, Mix 'n Match is a customizable doubles multibattle feature!
    You pick your opponents, you pick their teams (from the theme teams available), you pick their fields. You can also pick a partner! A selection of trainers will register as available to use as a partner for this mode during postgame (depending on their relationship points with you at the end of the main story). Everyone who has relationship points and is alive can technically be a partner, though even I have no idea how many it's possible to pick up during a playthrough.  Lonely, or just brave? Go in solo and fight a 6v12 death match for extra BP!  

    Shout out to crim for the Arc backsprite-- and many many others! She and @smeargletail have really done a world of wonder on the sprites in the last few weeks.
    And that's the show! There will be other events (such as the entire quest hub) in the nightclub as well, but these are the main battle facilities. With all of them just about set and done, I've already started to return to working on quests. I'll come back with more again someday, I promise. Until next time~

  • Camerupt Nutritional Information*:

    • Total Fat                    0.2 g       0%
    • Saturated fat           0.1 g         0%
    • Cholesterol              0 mg        0%
    • Sodium                    13 mg      0%
    • Potassium                897 mg    25%
    • Total Carbohydrate  37 g         12%
    • Dietary fiber            4.7 g        18%
    • Sugar                      1.7 g    
    • Protein                     4.3 g        8%
    • Vitamin C                                70%    
    • Calcium                                   2%
    • Iron                                         9%    
    • Vitamin D                               0%
    • Vitamin B-6                            30%    
    • Cobalamin                              0%
    • Magnesium                            12%        

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 camerupt diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your camerupt needs.





    Legendaries Accounted For:




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