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    Hello! My name is Ame and I sometimes get ahead of myself. ^~^
    The others and I may occasionally post updates about how progress on the game is going here!
    if you haven't heard the word
    if you don't know the flow
    then i've got news for you's
    it's the results of some shampoos












    serra's new "icy shine" line of shampoo and conditioning products is guaranteed to make your hair softer and fluffier than you ever thought possible, and is available in salons near you for the low low price of your imagination
    pre-emptive QA:
    are backsprites being redone?
    are overworlds being redone?
    are any other characters being shampoo'd?
    some! we will not be elaborating at this time. 

    what if i hate these?
    if you really prefer the old ones you can just save the files from your current version of the game and overwrite them into e19. 
    why was alice's hairflip backwards before?
    rather than answering this i should be asking y'all who let me get away with that for nine years
    although in contrast to the above we did correct her overworld for that
    what the hell was lucia's old hair?
    shhh sweetie it's time for your nap now
    why does ari have a reborn necklace symbol despite just arriving at the region?
    because shut up uh they sell them on the train! or maybe they were a big fan before being able to travel! or bruv idk that's your headcanon's problem now
    testing when?
    i will fight you.
    why did i get a notification about this post early and then there was nothing there?
    fuck shit goddamn it i hit ctrl enter again by reflex too early and it autoposted again skdjfndkghjfbdfkjghdfjghdfjghdfgdfg who makes this site
    also the post title changed?
    i forgot what i wrote the title was before, ok? you know what fuck it post over

    Hello, dear reader! Many of you may recall me as the guy that used to write both short, cryptic, exceedingly dumb devblog posts AND long, dramatic, still exceedingly dumb devblog posts!
    But alas, I have not done so in a while, especially the latter. Indeed, Cass has taken the torch from me in hilarious yet informative devblog content (hi cass ur gr8 I enjoy all ur posts), where have I been?
    Well, I would love to tell you all that I have been quietly biding my time. Waiting. Working on my Magnum Opus of a devblog post for months turning into years, wanting to wow you all.
    That's entirely not what happened it's just most of what I've worked on is either not interesting enough for a post, or too spoilery for one. But still, we'll just pretend that's what's been happening.
    ANYWAY! We are not here to talk about me, oh no. We are here to talk about the Grandest of Events. A Tournament like no other. Something so Amazing you'll hardly believe your eyes!
    That's right. Today's devblog post, after much waiting and anticipation, is about...
    The One.
    The Only.
    (Seriously guys we posted about that on April Fools two and a half years ago, I don't think it needs more followup than that.)
    "Wait, if it's not that... OMG! Are you talking about some kind of actual tournament you're running for us, the loyal fanbase of Reborn?" - I hear you ask?

    Also no. And come on guys stop interrupting me I'm trying to be dramatic.
    To explain what this post is truly about, we have to rewind back a bit. You see, as many of you may be aware from other devblog posts, the team (especially Cass and Perry I appreciate you both very much!) have been putting huge amounts of work in optimising a lot of our code, and one part of that was a lot of structural changes to AI to get everything in top working condition for E19. And that has been going wonderfully! But it comes with a problem.
    How do you test such changes? There are so many ways the AI could go wrong, and the devs can only try so many things to try and see if it works.
    Well, Perry had a simple yet brilliant answer to this - Whipping up some code that can make the AI trainers fight eachother for testing purposes. That way we can run a bunch of battles, look over the debuglogs, single out any dumb choices the AI made and fix those! So much more efficient than just hoping one of us stumbles on the AI doing something weird when we play.
    But, let me explain how Perry and I are different people. You see, Perry is... I think the technical, scientific term is 'Productive'. This was a brilliant idea that solved a big testing issue!
    But me? When I saw this, I knew that I could take this innovation and instead use it as an excuse to be deeply unproductive. As is my style, by taking it and using it to do something fun and interesting but also not particularly useful!
    That's right. The Tournament in question was an impromptu Round Robin where every single trainer in the game battled every other one!
    No I haven't seen that Elo World youtube video where someone did this for Pokemon Red & Blue I have no idea what you're talking about all my ideas are entirely original.
    So buckle up! This is gonna be a fun and goofy ride but there's also gonna be probably more statistics and spreadsheets than you expect!!!
    Now, to begin, lets explain the setup. We did three runs of this tournament, in three distinct formats (although the third is special for reasons that will be apparent). In ALL formats, all pokemon were set to Level 100, although movesets were retained. This specifically detriments that one random FEAR trainer in the Desert so he underperformed compared to how he should've, but also fuck that guy that's what he gets for running FEAR.
    1) Everybody battles Everybody else in a Single Battle with NO Field.
    2) Everybody battles Everybody else in a Double Battle with NO Field.
    3) League Trainers only (That is: Gym Leaders, Elite 4 Members, & the Champion) fights Everybody but specifically on their preferred format (i.e. Julia fights everybody on Electric Terrain Single Battle, Shelly fights everybody on Forest Field Double Battle, you get the idea.)
    The first was just the initial idea and attempt at this, just to see what happens. The second was an extension when I remembered double battles exist. And the third was very much more an interest piece of like 'Hey, lets see how the leaders perform in their best case scenario' because I thought it would be super interesting to compare and see how that looks!
    Now, a few methodological points for anybody that is interested: I know I really should have run all of these two or three times each because there's rng involved and stuff, but also everybody fighting everybody else is in the ballpark of a million battles which, surprise surprise, actually takes quite a while to run! So you'll have to deal with the fact these were only run once so, as in any good pokemon tournament, there may have been some RNG-caused upsets!
    Second, outside of some specifically interesting cases, I will be talking in terms of a percentage winrate instead of number of wins just because these tests were done as we were working on some postgame trainers so there were slightly different numbers of trainers in each format, but not enough that I feel like it skews the results enough to rerun things!
    And that's that! We ran this, it spat out the result of every single fight, then I spent a few weeks messing around in a very large spreadsheet and got the data organised nicely and analysed!
    So, some last bits of intro logistics to this concept and then I can finally like, actually start the main content of this post! I will be splitting this into two main sections. In Part One I'll talk about the general results, specifically in formats 1) and 2), pointing out anything notable or relevant in the top 10, 50 or 100 that I think stands out! In Part Two, I'll focus in specifically on the Gym Leaders and talk more in depth about their performance in all three formats, and give some analysis about what that means about their performance in general!
    And also, you should probably familiarize yourself with two shorthands I am going to be using:
    Illegal - This should be self explanatory. A trainer has an illegal team if it has something it would be impossible for the player to get. Things like illegal EVs via PULSE2, PULSE mons generally, shenanigans with illegal movesets, and just the complete and utter fuckery we have in store for you with the top secret postgame Dev fights because we made the game and we don't have to follow the rules.
    Bullshit - A trainer's team is Bullshit if it is bullshit. Like, sure, running 6 Psychic Type Legendaries (because fuck there are so many of those) with a Tapu Lele lead that all have optimised statspreads and movesets designed specifically to fuck you up on Psychic Terrain is technically legal and the player could also do that, but the AI doing it is still bullshit.
    These shorthands will be useful particularly in Part One of the post because surprise surprise the top 100 trainers in Formats 1 & 2 are pretty strongly dominated by things that are Illegal or Bullshit (although maybe not as much so as you'd think!)
    So, without further ado...
    Part One: Fieldless
    So, lets talk about Singles first. 6 of the top 10 are dev fights. (Including me! Hell yeah. 7th place with a 97% winrate. Take that 8th place Cass, with your paltry also 97% winrate (but hers is a lower 97% I won like 2 more fights than her get DUNKED ON Cass).
    In fact, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th & 10th places are all dev fights. Shoutout to former dev Lia in the #1 spot showcasing her fight's utter shenanigans with a 99% Winrate (also, spoilers, the top 50 looks totally different for doubles but she STILL took #1 there too, albeit with a slightly lower winrate. The rest of us devs need to step our game up, clearly).
    Most of the remaining spots in the top 10 aren't too notable. There's a lot of Bullshit. Heck, the specific team I used as the example to define Bullshit is in there.
    Oh, and Lin is in there too somewhere but don't worry about that.
    What I want to talk about is 3rd place. Because, somehow, despite all the Illegal and/or Bullshit fights we threw into postgame, 3rd place is something that takes place in the Main Story. In E19, in fact.
    Lets talk a little bit about PULSE-Clawitzer.

    This is PULSE-Clawitzer. You fight them in E19. Apparently it's pretty hard because the fight has a 98% winrate here, which is higher than every single other trainer except the two most difficult dev fights. So, y'know, good luck with that.
    On the bright side, E19 isn't all bad. You also fight PULSE-Mr Mime and that fight is allllllllll the way down at 552nd place with a paltry 39% winrate (as a point of comparison that's pretty close to like... Julia. The very first gym leader with a team of NFE mons with terrible statspreads and movesets. Sure, it was hard like an hour into the game, but...) So at least you know that when you play E19 you'll just be able to relax and that fight won't cause any problems at all! ^~^
    The rest of the top 50 is about what you'd expect. Dev fights, postgame bullshit, some illegal shenanigans. A few victory road battles made it in which is neat!
    Also lets all give a round of applause to Baby's First Illegal team which is only really barely Illegal, which is the E18 fight against Solaris in Agate City, with the PULSE2 on his Garchomp - You'd hope he performed well given Singles with No Field is the format he actually fights on, and he doesn't disappoint, all the way up at 32nd place, the highest ranking trainer that is already in the current version of the game!
    But still. Dev fights are very illegal. There's a lot of postgame bullshit here. Obviously PULSE-Clawitzer is illegal. Everything in the top 50 is Illegal or Bullshit or both.
    Well, except for one trainer. The highest ranking 'Fair' (which I use as shorthand to mean neither Bullshit nor Illegal) trainer managed to make it to 46th place. This is pretty impressive - the next two Fair trainers aren't until 65th & 78th place.
    With a 92% winrate in Fieldless Singles? I hope you're all ready for the gym battle against Saphira in E19!!!! Because she utterly destroyed the competition, miles ahead of the next highest winrate gym leader (surprisingly given it's singles and without a field, it's still Hardy at 85%!), and she even managed to beat the entire Elite 4 on winrate as well!
    But we can talk more about that in Part Two.
    Before that, though, lets look at how things are different in Fieldless Doubles!
    Dev Team Lia still dominates at first place; her team is too good. The top 10 is once again 6 devs, although not the same 6 as before. (Alas I am the one that has been dunked on, in doubles I fell all the way down to 20th place and Cass kicked my butt and is now all the way up at 5th place)
    Indeed, this theme is going to be apparent - While Doubles-centric teams can perform reasonably well still on Singles, a lot of the big hitters from Single battles seriously struggled battling in doubles. PULSE-Clawitzer fell all the way down to 21st place (below me! And I'm terrible at pokemon! Git Gud Clawitzer). PULSE-Mr Mime did slightly better than before but ultimately still very badly at 446th place.
    Saphira really suffered hard though. She lost her spot as the highest winrate Fair trainer. That was taken by some randome generic Victory Road fight which isn't even a double battle and, honestly, I love that. This fact might be my favourite thing in E19, especially because that trainer jumped up like 50 places in the leaderboard from Singles. You gotta appreciate the hustle.
    But alas, Saphira's bad day doesn't end there, oh no. She not only lost her spot as the best Fair trainer, in doubles she didn't even manage to be the best Gym Leader - Taking to the format like a fish to water, she was beaten handily by Hardy and, although by a slimmer margin, also by Adrienn!
    Indeed, looking at gym leaders it is clear just how much harder doubles is if you don't have a team built for it. After those top three, the next highest ranking gym leaders are Charlotte & Radomus, beating the fights that came much later than them in game by merit of being built for the field. Even Aya did really well despite being earlier game because of her doubles team. As for the reamining Doubles leaders, Shelly still struggled because of how early on her fight is, and lets just not talk about Amaria until later because yikes.
    Lin still comfortably sits in the top 20 but like, don't worry about it.
    But, speaking of later, I think it's time to get into the reeeeaaaal fun. Have you ever wondered how well balanced the Gym Leaders are? Ever wondered which ones rely on their field most, and which ones least? Which ones are unusually strong or weak for their point in the game? Or do you just want to know how scared you should be of what's coming in E19? Well, then do I have the devblog post for you!
    It's this one. This is the post. We're moving to part two now.
    Part Two: League Members
    So, before we begin, lets talk about the elephant in the room. You are going to notice a distinct lack of Corey and Kiki in the upcoming analysis.
    Did I forget to run their fights? Yes.
    Did we change the earlygame story a bit for E19 so they are no longer Gym Leaders because we all decided we really didn't like the contrived excuses to not give you a badge? Also yes.
    With that cleared up, lets start from the top! There is going to be A LotTM here so I will be putting the individual analysis of each leader in spoiler tags, handily labelling them as we go along! Although this is just so this post is slightly easier to scroll through and look back over I will be writing all of these assuming you've read them all in order.


















    Elite Four
    And with that, my dear readers, this most gargantuan of devblog posts comes to a close. I wish you all a fond farewell, and hope you are-
    What's that, you say? I missed someone?
    I have no idea what you're talking about. I already told you why we aren't including Corey and Kiki. So who else could you possibly-
    Ah, right. I mean, I told you not to think about it but, I guess. It's not a big deal or anything but sure, whatever.


    e19 when

    By andracass, in Records,

    what up, fuckers
    it has been roughly five million years since i've grabbed the mic. it feels like just yesterday i was telling the dinosaurs all about meech.
    it has been roughly 50 million years since our last release. we have eliminated progress bars from the face of the earth, so i'll not hold up the show and just answer the question that i posed in the title:
    spring 2022 (if all goes well!)
    ok everyone who just wanted the date can go.
    for everyone else:
    where we @
    first, there is a nightclub!
    you can hang out with people and battle to your heart's content. there's a shitload of battle content, from the boss rush to the battle tower with lots in between. it's basically just everything detailed on this post here so instead of rehashing that all out here, i'm just going to tell you to go read what i said way back in may 2019.
    basically, the nightclub is done and functional. there's lots to do there. it'll be neat.
    second: there is a postgame!
    structurally, it plays a bit more loosely than the main story- completing postgame will still require completing all the quests, but there's a bit more flexibility in what you want to do and when you want to do it. 
    and if i'm being perfectly honest it is way too fucking big.
    stupid huge.
    turns out the whole quest-per-legend deal results in a massive amount of content. obviously i don't have a solid estimate since no one's quite played through it all, but it sounds like it might work out to be 4-5 episodes of content.
    hell, the main story content is already, like, two episodes of content.
    we're basically just adding a third of the game's current length to it.
    which is important because...
    what's left
    testing is left.
    what's right
    well, we gotta clean up a bunch of loose ends before we even get to testing. this is the last episode! and if i'm being perfectly honest, we're tired. free us.
    things that need to be finished before testing: (this is where we hid the dead progress bars)
    - Animations
    there's, like, 18 left? the animation squad has been working real hard on making the move anims super sharp. make sure you turn them on!!!!
    - Early game updates
    haha yesssss i finally got ame to do these
    i'm not going to dig up my old posts on early game since i don't want to look at the date and take psychic damage; suffice it to say that early game kinda sucks compared to the rest of the game and it's getting a revamp. there's some new areas! some redone old areas! a plot that makes you a little less dizzy from running back and forth!
    man its gonna be great.
    right now 3 episodes have been updated, and we're doing some touchups for the rest.
    - Ending scenes
    so this content is classified, but eventually this stupid fuckin game has to end and you'll get some bonus scenes with some chars under certain circumstances.
    - Nightclub polish
    so shout out to azzie for doing a fuckload of dialogue for the 500000000 (that's a metric fuckton for those of you unfamiliar with math) battle tower trainers, as well as some general chat dialogue for the chars you've been stuck with all game. there's still a bit of that left to do.
    - teams
    so from what i understand, the "gameplay" in these types of games consist of "battles" that someone has to "make". and "apparently" the person making them has (mostly) been "me".
    i've got like 12 left. oops.
    - Field updates
    making hundreds of teams means that i've taken a pretty close look at the field effects, and there have been a lot of minor changes to fields to make them make more sense/more balanced/better.
    - Bugs
    mr lord Perrence has been doing god's work wrangling our massive fucking buglist and making the new AI functional (oh yeah that's right we redid the ai but don't worry about that)
    bugfixing never ends, but eventually we will stop trying.
    - Sprite updates
    a lot of the sprites are, and i believe this is a term the kids are using these days, "crusty".
    we only produce well-made sandwiches here, meaning we are removing the crust.
    here's a preview of what's been done:

    we're buying the protags some fucking shampoo.
    you can actually watch us do for decibel live on twitch this sunday at 3p MDT! (that is 37 hours from the time of posting.)
    - leftover bullshit
    look you never know what's gonna come up while we clean up the rest of this. i can't even remember what all we've done since e18. 
    and then- and then- we will do some testing.
    this is the largest amount of content we've ever tested at once by a gigantic margin, so we're not even sure how that's going to go. the first round of semi-public testing (that is, something you, dear reader, will be able to participate in) will be the community release, which occurs after beta testing. we will say when beta testing starts. at that point we'll probably have a general sense about how long each phase will take. the rest of the details will probably be kept under wraps just to preserve what middling amounts of sanity we've somehow maintained a grasp on.
    i've been holding on to an @everyone on the discord server for years and you better believe it'll be used when the game's ready.
    this is the home stretch, y'all. thanks for all your patience. it'll be worth the wait.


    About Umbral Battles

    By Amethyst, in Records,

    quests are progressing well! we'll have another talk once we're done with them. but that's not what i'm here for today.
    today, instead... well, some of you will remember that a few months ago i posted about Anomaly Battles
    however, i realized that i forgot to mention one small detail about them.
    those other-worldly auras that alter the rules of reality and cause their subjects to behave erratically?

    they don't affect only pokemon. 
    (once again, huge shoutout to cass for making the bulk of these teams, girl cray, much appreciate her ty 💜 )

    Hello, one and all! Long time no see, I have not made a devblog post in quite some time.
    Alas, you will have to wait a little longer for such a thing. You see, this is not a devblog post. There is nothing of note happening here, I'm just taking a stroll and making a delivery, and you happened to bump into me as I did. Of course we can have a nice chat, but there's no reveals or info about E19 here today. Not from me, no siree.
    You see, we have just recieved a fresh new batch of assets and art from the 'Pokemon Reborn Art Factorytm'* that I need to deliver to the 'Pokemon Reborn Assets Storage Warehousetm'. So I'm carrying this box of top secret art for top secret postgame things. But I'm not in a rush, so thought I'd say hello along the way.
    What, did you think I was going to drop the box? That I'd spill it everywhere? That it was all a funny bit to frame me revealing some art? Preposterous, I would never do something so expected. I'm hurt you'd even think such a thing! So hurt, in fact, that I am going to leave right now, angrily!
    But alas, as Marcello stormed off, he did not realise there was a hole in the box, and some of the top secret art fell out. Whatever could they be for?

    *We do not actually have an art factory this work was done by Crim I was just doing a funny bit but also Crim is great thank you Crim.

    so i don't really know what i'm doing here, but i wanted to talk about some things i think y'all will like.
    so everyone knows reborn is hard, right? i hear it's one of the main draws of the game.
    well, when reborn started development back in the ancient era, this was a pretty novel concept. i remember back when i first played the game in, like, 2015 the game kicked my ass and i thought it was great.
    however, it's 2021 now. things have come a long way since the ancient era, and some of the stuff that defined "difficulty" has kind of turned into "pain in the ass". so we've made some changes that will hopefully help everyone's butts hurt just a bit less. longtime readers will probably recognize some past topics, but since we've gotten a bunch of new kids 'round these parts since the pandemic i'm just gonna put everything new and fancy in one nice post so we're all on the same page.
    early game mon availability
    the combination of difficulty balancing with world building effectively means that the theme of early game is "hope you like poison types!"
    (i don't like poison types.)
    now obviously there are some exceptions to that. there's a lot of extra mons available through special events and such to help provide some variety, but there's still a limit to the overall variety of mons available.
    so we're going out of our way to add some new mons. it'll definitely help with rounding out your team early on, and it means that some otherwise forgettable mons will have a chance to get some love. (hi deliberd.)
    monotypers can also rejoice here. there'll be at least two mons that "qualify" for each type by the first gym. i say "qualify" because some types are pretty busted that early (sorry, fairy and dragon), so we gotta do some stuff like, say, counting swablu as dragon. i'm not a monotyper, and i know y'all are out there with all kinds of crazy rulesets and stuff, but since there seem to be a lot of people running monos these days, we figured we'd pull some strings to make that easier.
    mono runs suck a bit less, normal runs get more options. everyone wins!
    raise your hand if you like grinding.
    no one?
    grinding sucks a lot in general, and reborn has a pretty bad relationship with grinding in general since easier methods of grinding don't really vibe with the whole "disaster city" aesthetic. there are some things to help make grinding easier than just battling wild mons- that's why there are grand hall trainers and indra. these aren't perfect, though. indra gives you a random team (because he's a clown) and i suspect a lot of people don't realize that the grand hall trainers exist. then if you want to add new mons to your rotation you gotta use the exp share (which an alarming number of people accidentally trade off) or put them as the lead in your party and rotate them out....
    point is, it sucks.
    once you hit late game, most players start to ev train their teams to help make improve their teams. problem is, there aren't really any dedicated places to EV train, so it starts coming down to going to finding the best place to get EVs and dealing with how well that actually works for the stat you're looking to boost. it's still pretty slow, and the fact that locations aren't consistent for it mean you have to avoid a lot of fights.
    point is, it sucks.
    the dex quest also ends up being a pain since the process of acquiring every single dex entry means you have to do a bunch of inventory management with your exp share alongside pulling your mons out of the pc and everything. it  ends up being really long and tedious since you can only train one mon at a time like this, and you've got a shitload to do...
    point is, it sucks.
    so we've got some stuff to help.
    repeatable trainers also give EXP candies. the benefit here should be pretty obvious. if you're bringing someone new into rotation then you'll need to give them a lot of exp so they're around the same level as the rest of your party. this is one of the few gen 8 additions that we're throwing into the game immediately.
    exp candies won't push you over the level cap, though.
    EV items are much stronger. much stronger. power items got an 8x boost and now give 32 evs in whatever stat; the macho brace now boosts your ev gain by 8 instead of 2; and the pokerus boosts your ev gain by 4 instead of 2. the pokerus is also a liiiiittle easier to get.
    the EXP share has been moved up. its original location now has an EXP all. so this is the big one.
    exp candies already make late-game grinding a non-issue. feed your newly hatched mon a candy, they gain 500 levels, game ez. the exp share is now a lot earlier to both make teambuilding easier as well as to still make it useful.
    the exp all exists to make giving out enough experience between badges a non-issue. every trainer now effectively provides 3.5x the original experience.
    more importantly...
    the EXP all toggles on a hard level cap. i suspect my mention of an exp all concerned a lot of people. it originally also concerned me. this is my solution.
    to explain why this matters, i'm gonna have to talk about the level cap.
    for those who don't know the difference: right now, reborn has a soft level cap. that means if you hit the maximum level before the next badge, you will keep gaining exp and can level up over the cap. a hard level cap means that you stop gaining exp entirely when you hit the level cap. you can still level up over the cap, but you'd have to use a rare candy to do so. if you've played rejuv or deso, they both use a hard cap.
    there is a really strong debate over which cap is better. i'm very firmly on team hard cap. the obvious problem with the soft cap is that you risk overlevelling your team and thus having problems with disobedience. this used to be worse before e18, since your mons would immediately stop obeying mid-battle. you still risk going over the cap between battles, and if you're in a gauntlet where there are multiple battles back-to-back, the disobedience doesn't carry over.
    the advantage of the soft cap is that you can learn moves or evolve if the level for doing that is slightly over the limit. i don't buy this, since you can still do that with a rare candy if you have a hard cap. the exp all would also make the overlevelling problem much worse. the convenience of the exp all comes with the chore of needed to effectively "inventory manage" your level.
    we were considering a way to toggle what level cap you have, but i feel like the inclusion of a method to just change that wouldn't really fit well within the context of the game.
    i suppose i already gave away the solution i thought up for this earlier. spoilers for five paragraphs ago. the exp all is a really convenient way to include a togglable level cap without shoehorning in some weird mechanic. it's great. it makes everyone happy even if i feel dirty for allowing the soft cap to still exist.
    mons give more exp at higher levels have you ever noticed how levelling up happens fairly quickly until, say, level 60 or so? then as you go over that level it gets slower.... and slower.........
    that's basically a result of how exp gains work!
    (we're gonna get into some math stuff, so if numbers scare you, just skip a few paragraphs.)
    the short answer for why this happens is that the rate of increase for exp gain is linear while the rate of increase for exp requirements is cubic.
    so let's say you're fighting a powerful staraptor.

    and let's say that you're an adorable meech.

    with both at level 20, meech would have to defeat about 3 powerful staraptors to level up.
    with both at level 50, meech would have to defeat 9.
    in early game you don't really notice this because the base exp of your opponents increases as you gain levels. the formula for this is:
    base exp = (base stat total) * [evolution stage modifier]
    the modifier gets bigger as the evolution stage increases. most pokemon follow this formula. we could get into this- however, this is not a post about the formula. the point here is that the base exp increases because the pokemon you fight are stronger. you're not going to fight a powerful staraptor at level 50 because it'll have evolved by then, and its evolved form gives more exp.
    the problem is that when pokemon stop evolving, base exp stops increasing.
    i mentioned this in a devblog post about increasing the level cap here. 
    (holy shit that was two years ago help)
    back then i said i was gonna adjust the level curve to deal with this. problem is, adjusting the level curve takes a lot of effort. giving you more exp is easy.
    so i'm going to try a thing where you get an additional 1% of exp for every level over 50 your opponent is. at level 75, this is a 25% boost. at level 125, this is a 75% boost.
    levelling up will still slow down over time... but it'll be nicer about it.
    something that i also mentioned ages ago without comment was mining changes.
    the mining minigame is a common way to get stones and fossils. problem is, it's missing a few stones, and the fossils are stupid hard to find.
    so i fixed that. check it:

    along with the addition of these four stones, the odds of getting each item have been adjusted. basically, it's easier to find items that you actively want and harder to find items that you don't. future playthroughs can say goodbye 100 oval stones, everstones, and hard stones.
    i feel like i had more things to talk about. i forget what they were, though. 
    EDIT: i remembered one!!!! hard mode isn't happening. i don't have time. i gotta make 5000 more teams for postgame yet anyway. we can just let the modders do their thing.
    i'm sure y'all are gonna have some thoughts™ in the comments. the last time i fielded questions (which wasn't public) i had some pretty severe regrets, but if i see some things getting asked a lot i'll edit them onto this post.
    suggestions will probably be met with a no. in particular, this no:

    excellent suggestions will have more of a response.
    Q: Will deliberd have egg moves?
    A: the odds of delibird having egg moves is the same as the odds of my spelling its name wrong every goddamn time.
    so yes.
    Q: Will boss fights have their levels adjusted since there's the exp all now?
    A: uhhhhhh maybe. this isn't really something that I can answer now since it'll take some playtesting to figure out what that point might be.
    we'll see and will do it if we have to.
    Q: Will I be able to get the exp all if I already got the exp share?
    A: deffo. just drop back by the house where you got it.
    Q: I'm sad that the game is going to be easy now...
    A: that's not a question. it's also not a thing. we'll have to do some mid-episode rebalancing, but the level cap will still exist and you're still gonna have to strategize to win fights. the point of this is to make team composition easier.
    Q: Will relationship points change at all?
    A: a little. they aren't as big of deal as everyone seems to think they are, so i don't really think it's worth worrying about.
    Q: Would you recommend playing from the beginning again?
    A: i would lightly recommend playing from the start. the whole game itself will play a bit differently now.
    Q: Will the hard cap be something we can choose from the start of the game?
    A: yup, but it's permanent.
    Q: Cass, you made [some mod] for e18.4. Will it still work with e19?
    A: no, i'll have to remake it, but a lot of these mods are just... stuff i whipped up in 15 minutes. if you remind me about it, i'll repatch them into e19.
    Q: Will the TM distribution get changed in e19?
    A: yup. it's also, in general, set up to offer more useful options earlier than in e18.4.
    Q: Hard mode is dead. Is easy mode also dead?
    A: maybe not! i'm not quite ready to cancel it since it'll take much less work on my end to make it happen, but i'd still say it's unlikely. depends on how much people want to make their friends who are less into the battle system play the game.

    in canon legendary encounters, usually you just trip and fall into legendaries after they've randomly decided to roost somewhere vaguely out of the way.
    if you're lucky there might be a whole dungeon before them.
    or if you're playing XY, maybe they'll just be sitting there in a cave that clearly always existed for no other purpose than except to specifically serve as their roost until the region's favorite ten year old traipses along and use said legendary for baseball pitching practice. 
    anyway, this isn't canon. this is reborn, 
    and some people would argue that i hate you all and want to see you suffer. *
    * this is not true. i love all of you in varying degrees and the less you think it applies to you the more it's true. but don't be weird about it, ok?
    so today i'd like to introduce a new device of suffering in post-game: Anomaly Battles.
    the legendaries in post-game have an unfortunate tendency to appear with a strange aura around them called an Anomaly! 
    in universe, this aura is otherworldly, producing many strange like making the pokemon behave aggressively, or creating apparitions of other types of pokemon who fight alongside them!

    out of universe, it is our tool to be a gigantic bitch to you.
    you've gotten to postgame, so you're clearly a skilled trainer with a diverse roster ready to handle anything we throw at you,
    so here goes-- we're going to throw everything at you. 

    in post-game, you'll face off against a special battle with many of the legends before being allowed the privilege of going for the catch! fight hard and come through strong because you may yet need that strength to secure the victory. not every legendary has an attached anomaly, but so far the strong majority of them do! 
    huge shout out to @andracass for making the lion's share of these teams so far; like with the other parts of postgame, she's really just put in a crazy amount of work for it
    i hope you'll look forward to eating shit 💜
    ( please do not actually consume shit. please make sure all matter you consume is both edible and nutritious. it is important to eat regularly and take care of your body. do that for all of us, okay? you can't help others if you don't take care of yourself first. all right... then, you stay safe out there now. get plenty of rest. bye-bye until next time ! )


    an apology

    By andracass, in Records,

    hi everyone.
    there's something that i need to say.
    so i've been working on this game now for, what, three years?
    a lot has happened during that time.
    now, i've always done my best to maintain a high standard of quality with my development posts. i am the most professional person i know and i believe that comes across in all of them. i especially pride myself on the extent to which i capitalize all of my letters.
    it is because of this- my aim to provide you all with quality and accurate content- that i am here before you today.
    i have misled you all.
    i have said something that is not only false, but offensively so.
    i am truly sorry for this.
    so i feel the need to clear the air.
    two years ago (holy shit has it really been two years???? jesus christ what the shit time is fake what have i been doing this whole time) i made this post regarding the content that will appear in postgame.
    one of the things i said in this post was this:


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