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  1. Well, the levers do not want to activate and change the track. Now I am stuck and can't progress. Help Game.rxdata
  2. OH god, I have a bad feeling about this..... Hopes it is just the programme is stupid.
  3. I cannot save It says Save Failed wGame.rxdatahen I tried to save
  4. Although I dont think I should ask it here, I cant reach to the 9th floor of the department store and the sticker that required cannot be obtained anymore as I already did the quest and cannot save the person Plz help Game.rxdata
  5. Where I can find the file called Game.rxdata?(I can't find the folder it is in)
  6. ok thx though but I cant do the last step where i can find the file I mean where I put the back up file
  7. Script'PokemonLoad'line407:NOMethodError occurred undefined method 'updataMap'for nil:NilClass This is what is says Game.rxdata
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