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  1. In order to view the #emotional-support channel on our community discord, users will need to have the Trusted role on the server. In order to get the trusted role, users must have 0 active warning points, and must read the following:
  2. noted first, heracronite, and klutz things! rest are known and fixed. tbh good job finding the petal dance thing; we went through several test battles before we figured out wtf was going on with that >~>
  3. It currently won't be compatible with either EXE of 18.3-- we might update it later, but right now each one is missing code from the other because keeping track of all these different versions is among the truest forms of suffering.
  4. Amethyst

    Pollen Puff

    we fixed the healing! does bulletproof really block an allied pollen puff tho??? bulbapedia implies yes. this is stupid. all right.
  5. @Fernan100tifiko is currently working on a spanish translation and could possibly use the help, so maybe hit him up for that! Also yeah just for the record translation is 100% allowed and encouraged, but waiting until E19 is recommended just because there's going to be less chance of things needing to be redone.
  6. What moves does that Jirachi have?
  7. they are not, and unfortunately there isn't really a good way because we barely know what we've fixed ourselves and realllly need a better way of tracking this maybe soon idk someday i appreciate the regard tho
  8. i wish i'd seen this a couple weeks ago, we totally just fixed some of this the new world seed thing is currently intended so is the field back up thing but we may go ahead and change that since it bases off location........ a lot of these are issues in single player battles too we've fixed the z-moves, the elemental seed, the baton passish moves, and stealth rock recently. well. "recently". ty for this!
  9. what cass is saying is that this is expected behavior. being able to freehand resize the window overwrites the functionality to have it full screen as defined in the options (which is probably a net gain anyway since the full screen size option in the normal enginehas some jank to it, such as crashing on soft resets) sorry though, i know that might be a disappointing change for you.
  10. in order: not exactly waiting but starlight sitch is a little different since there's no kind of dev blog or progress tracker for it yet i don't mind giving an occasional update about how things are going so that it doesn't just seem like there's nothing going on for months asking about when e19 for instance is out isn't super helpful since the dev blog already has most of what we can say about that probably i don't really know about that one but cass smells good at the least? definitely it's definitely not a big chunk, it's basically just one chapter (as in, what would be a chapter in a Fire Emblem game). it's also not the first chapter of the actual story. i expect it would probably be around an hour, yeah. we'll see about that tho. the purpose of the demo is primarily to show people the battle system, as there's not really a great demonstration of it in existing games, and secondarily to tease the story and world just a little bit.
  11. i'm happy you asked! the demo is very well under way. the core system is done, and we just finished the main battle map for the demo. we're currently in the process of making all the baseline assets for the demo (doing quite well, but a slowed due to virus), and then we'll need to put it all together, and spend quite a while on polish. i'm hoping it won't take too much longer but i'm currently not going to give a time frame yet. as for testing, the process is probably going to look very similar to reborn's: supervised > internal > alpha > beta > community > public ... only with a lot more supervised testing at the start. that's part of the polish. the official beta will probably be closed with access through open applications in the community; preference will be given to those who've helped out with bugs or betas on reborn in the past, longstanding community members, folks with a particular interest in the game, or whoever nails whatever quirky questions i slap on the app this time. the community release is basically an open beta though. we're not quite at the point i can post many screens yet, but soon... in the mean time, here's a title screen for the demo. actual game release will naturally look a little different.
  12. the fuck i sure don't get that kind of daily income how do they figure and who do i talk to about this
  13. AI issues are probably unrelated to 18.3 and just a Thing In The Game. still a valid bug, but probably better served in battle errors in the future. since we're here, did your lapras happen to have a berry?
  14. How long has it been, since the merciless Memey Overlord has last shared with us her wondrous work?
    It must be close to two years now, I think, for it was in August of the 2018th year that she last sated our eager hearts. That she shared with me and her other acolytes her grand vision... It was in August...  August,  the month of anguish, and catastrophe and disaster...

    Oh what a delightful, yet utterly dark piece of foreshadowing laid out by fate, a lesser man would think, that the month when she last shared us with the glorious fruits of her labour would foretell the agony, and hardships of our wait. But I know better... I know it was calculated... Carefully orchestrated... A most twisted, sadistic joke crafted solely by herself, for her own satisfaction, for undoubtedly, the Memey Overlord is a giving and kind mother but also, a most capricious and ruthless queen. 

    The last piece of her firstborn art, was marvelous. Unparalelled. However, with it's greatness came a steep price. It costed us Cain's lecherous, yet much needed sense of humour. It made us pay with Anna's tears. It robbed us from the sweetest, most enchanting Luna, with her fantasies and precious ways.

    1. Gh0stStark


      Wait I must. For wait is all I have, and in wait, I shall hope.

      Hope that in the climax of her opera, a measure of happiness and peace can be found by those living in her personal universe.
      Hope, that in these dark, trying times, the Memey Overlord will keep herself safe and healthy.
      Hope that once she had her fair share of chanting songs of fractured starlights, much like a fairy sings in a tapestry of wild flowers, she will turn her eyes to us with a mother's mercy, and ease the painful longing within our hearts. Longing, for a conclusion to this grand tale of enduring adversity, and growing from it. A tale of loss and redemption. The tale of a land Reborn.

      Well be with thee, Memey Overlord.


    2. Amethyst


      this is a Lot but i appreciate it and stuff 💜
      things are taking way too much forever and i really value everyone's patience in the meantime~

    3. Gh0stStark


      Eagerly we all wait :DDD



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