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  1. Victoria and Cain have already gotten glow-ups. Maybe we'll show them off sometime. also yeah guys they're just flower decorations on the wall, yikes.
  2. The party is officially underway! Join us here!! https://discord.gg/Jrm4jTpp
  3. We're coming up on party time, so we're gonna close the nominations! Voting will take place live on the server for the first half of the party!
  4. sorry, it was actually the post that was wrong. updated the post to reflect that. we're retiring the second movie showing because hardly anyone showed up to second-showings in the past couple years.
  5. Poor Vulpix hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    It took a while lol


    1. Amethyst


      you caught it!

    2. Lionel_Greenwood


      I almost gave up 🙃🙃

  6. god i feel this so hard, every year updated the original post with a fix to the schedule image. oops, my bad.
  7. Ummmm hi so im making my own pokemon game and i was wondering if i could use the Field terrain effects that you made. Can I?

    1. Amethyst


      Yep go for it! most things in reborn are free use with credit except character sprites and maps.

    2. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      Ok thanks!

  8. will Ash-Greninja be available in Ep.19 of Reborn? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Amethyst


      the closest thing we have to ash is radomus' ash cosplay so i'll just add radomus-greninja instead

      no i wont

    3. RoySolare


      Whatever you say, Amethyst. When it’s your decision, I won’t get in your way.

    4. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      Yeah. Your game, your ideas.

  9. it is currently not for mobile, but there is a good chance we can support that in the distant future. honestly i don't remember about chromebook offhand if it's been tried! the game runs in a self-contained chromium browser itself so there might be a chance?
  10. this sounds pretty unusual. are you using Game.Exe or Game-Z? what's the crash message?
  11. The icons on the pickup table have been fixed; thanks for mentioning it!
  12. small update about a postgame mechanic for you ...maybe calling it a mechanic is generous. device? structure? excuse to be mean? ...well, whatever. just take it, okay? i won't take no for an answer this time.
  13. in canon legendary encounters, usually you just trip and fall into legendaries after they've randomly decided to roost somewhere vaguely out of the way. if you're lucky there might be a whole dungeon before them. or if you're playing XY, maybe they'll just be sitting there in a cave that clearly always existed for no other purpose than except to specifically serve as their roost until the region's favorite ten year old traipses along and use said legendary for baseball pitching practice. anyway, this isn't canon. this is reborn, and some people would argue that i h
  14. I wasn't able to catch the stream originally, but I watched back a bit on the vod and several things have really hit home. i confess a lot of them lend themselves to a sense of despair. this mod is obviously a huge step forward, but i can see pretty clearly there's going to need to be a lot more support if this is going to be fully playable, especially when it comes to some of the more complex puzzles. for instance, though it's optional, watching the struggle of trying to navigate around the gated area by julia's gym has also made me feel like i've done a pretty signific
  15. Note the EV order in the PBS/in game is is hp/atk/def/spe/spa/spd the difference in order is probably why there's some discrepancies in the information
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