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  1. hey virgo vs the zodiac is good please play it thanks details in video

  2. Hey appreciate this game so much just finished my first run and it  took me a long time haha Is there any release date or rough idea for Episode 19 i cant wait cheers.

    1. inktalegaster


      they said that they wil be finishing everything at once to avoid the nintendo takedown squad 


    2. Amethyst


      no eta yet! follow our progress on the development blog though! thank you for playing and such!!

  3. I think there's a difference between changing teams to account for a new generation of Pokemon being available vs teams changing based on a setting in game in the same release... Heck, a better example would be teams changing between versions without a new generation. I'm not above retcons, but when leaders change teams between modes I feel like that much more transparently becomes about the gameplay rather than a selection of the leaders' choice in Pokemon. And yes, characters already use more than 6 mons througout the game as is, that's true. But given that we're not necessarily lacking options to increase the difficulty of fights without changing species, doing so and losing one the most significant, consistent aspects of the experience across playthroughs would be a needless casualty. That said, I think you're also conflating issues with the gen 7 updates. While I'm sure it's not the case for everyone-- trainers needed to get gen 7 Pokemon. And the Aster and Eclipse fight, for instance, needed to be nerfed. Those things could have happened individually, but it was a necessity in both cases. Even now that fight is still a difficulty spike for average/new players. I hear you in your saying you miss that challenge though and-- great. We'll have you covered. Frankly us not using Redux seems like it should be a win for you since then you just get to pick and choose which flavor of bonus difficulty you want. fuckin' MOOD (worth it tho)
  4. frankly i don't care about legendaries either, but others do, and nintendo tends to hit games right at their completion through the champion (see: uranium, prism). in order to mitigate risks and make sure we can finish, we're doing it all at once. some other factors but that's the biggest.
  5. guys you're all wrong my cat's cousin actually is actually the game's executive producer for the game and he said that sapphira's ace is actually barney dinosaur
  6. interesting, this is basically the error that was supposed to be fixed, and someone else said it was... just in case, have you tried clearing your cookies/cache for this site?
  7. it has been 15 years since i started running a website and i still have not figured out how to spell maintenance without spellcheck's help this weekend's site maintenen-- maintnec-- mainten.. you know what? fuck it. i quit. for the rest of the post, i'm replacing the word "maintenacnencne" with "flatulence." this weekend's site flatulence was necessitated because the evil overlords* who produce the site's forum software kindly informed me that if i wanted to fix literally anything on the site ever i would have to basically yeet the entire server and start over because the old server's equivalent-of-an operating system was incompatible with their product. this is probably all fine and well but i really would like to have been told that at any point before installing said system three years ago and spending no small number hours trying to troubleshoot problems that apparently and inherently had solution sigh anyway this hell flatulence was basically us rebuilding an entirely new server from scratching and taking the old site over and just... pushing it onto the new one. if you can't tell, this was a very painful flatulence for us, and we would prefer not to talk about that part of it too much. *they're not actually evil im just mad and it's more fun to say that way so, while you won't actually notice a whole lot of new changes as a result of the flatulence, there are a handful of things that we have reason to believe have been fixed. and i'm going to say this, and i say this knowing how much i jinx myself, because the second i post this this accursed hellsite will almost certainly choose one of these things or something brand new and annoying to break out of the sheer amount of spite it surely houses in its hallowed scripts nevertheless we are hoping our flatulencehas has fixed the following permanently: log-ins throwing an error message the bug that preventing reactions from working on the dev blog the bug causing users to be logged out when visiting the dev blog and other places maybe some other random things? eh? ehhh??? unfortunately, the flatulence is not without some collateral damage. for instance, you'll notice that some of the URLs of the site have changed. cass and i have had a hard fight and have done our best to make sure that external links to the site will be preserved, and to my knowledge we've done a good job of that! but this is a big site. if you find links pointing to the site or places in it that are newly broken, please let us know! there's a decent chance we can do something about it. another casualty of the flatulence, unfortunately, is Pokemon Showdown. while we could technically restore it, it would not be a small amount of work and changing IP addresses means we'd have to get Smogon involved on that too. given that our once-bustling server had been reduced to a bit of a ghost town anyway, and was not being properly updated or moderated, we have made the decision to retire it. sorry to the like, two or three people who still used it-- this wasn't planned, but it was probably inevitable. we've also taken the opportunity to do some other improvements during the flatulence. most of them are small and hardly worth mentioning, but you will notice that to compliment our now better functioning react system, the options have changed a bit. the old style of emojis have been phased out in favor of the discord-style ones the site already uses, meaning you can now at people's posts. and that's what's really important, i think. we've also updated the site's home page-- did you know we had a home page? i sure didn't-- with a handful of quick links for both reborn and rejuvenation, so hopefully new users and returning people alike can get around a bit quicker. maybe someone will even read the FAQ. ...yeah i know, that's silly. that's about it though. if you haven't already checked the newly-repaired dev blog, i suggest you do so! but all that said and done, i will officially draw this long, winding, nightmarish flatulence to a close. thanks, everyone, for bearing with us during it.
  8. Hello Amethyst. How are you doing?

    With great respect, I admire your hard work and the new touches on the server🙂👍

    1. Amethyst


      i am okay now that we've survived yesterday! and thank you, though we're not done yet! today shouldn't be as tough tho
      ^ famous last words


    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Hard times are awaiting us now, but we'll stay strong😁🤝

  9. this is an actual test post if you are seeing this you are on the new database wowie

  10. hi someone asked me for a video on storytelling. that was their mistake.


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I have also a problem with making stories or creating OC's, because last years I did some pretty huge mistakes, that got me into trouble due to my self absorbed and made lots of plain stuff with a shady community. For weeks, I recieved some shady comments on Tumblr, Devianart and Wattpad and had to delete my accounts. Now I made new accounts and try to not make the same mistakes.


      But it really hard to create something very new, if you have insecurities about that and being afraid of criticism. Well Wattpad is known for it's weird stuff and pretty messed up stories mostly.


      I started to make my OC, Selene and gave her into a new look, because it firstly didn't fit her personality, so I give more lively light. For fanfics, the only concern I have is the demonizing and banned because of mature themes (not to extrem, but I'm a fan of those, but people made it much worse in Wattpad). Or didn't have the time because of Real Life...

  11. cant even speak english that's how little time i have
  12. sorry i was trying to keep it a secret so it'd be a surprise anyway no i barely have time to make one fangame let alone too, save me ;~;
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