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  1. Alakazam has Magic Guard-- so it sounds like that's just an intended canon thing ^^;
  2. out of curiosity what version of the game are you playing on? because 18.2 feature an ai updated that solved several bugs existing in 18.1 that sound like they could be contributing to what you're describing. for instance, speed checks for priority moves were broken, and type calculation for switches were broken it so it used to send out pokemon that were weak against yours instead of strong haha whoops both of which are exactly why we did the update if you're on 18.2 or later i'd like to know though probably not much we can do about it regardless right now exactly because tweaking
  3. we are live with the new game, hot off the presses, Osteoblasts! we are playing as a SKELETON who has a BONE to PICK with a pack of DOGGOs.
    we'll also be giving out one free copy of the game during the steam so if you'd like a chance to win, come visit!


  4. Megas aren't allowed in Battle Pavilion or Battle Factory. They're legal and will appear in the Rush Challenge, Theme Teams and Mix 'n Match
  5. If you mean for battle pavilion/factory teams-- megas are still forbidden and we don't have a way to specify which form a Pokemon will be when it's pulled, but there are sets for alternative forms as well so you will see some of those from time to time boss rush teams current aren't available for mix and match... but it's possible we could get that in by the end of development. we'll see. Nah, it's not an official frontier, and 3 of the things are character-based anyway. The closest thing would be the minibosses but those are kinda one-and-done smaller deals
  6. don't entirely know! i don't think we'll be deleting any moves entirely, especially for the sake of pokemon that haven't had their learnsets updated for gen 8 yet or whatever. but i also don't feel like i can make promises about stuff right now because of all of that is so messy as always, we'll do our best to keep to canon-- but now that canon has holes in it we don't know exactly what that means either.
  7. y'all still on for the april fools huh nothing special-- the map is actually a little inaccurate in some regards like that because it was drawn before i ever intended to make a game out of it. when i was drawing it i still tried to include locations for each character even if they weren't actively in the league at the time, so there are a lot of vesitgal things like that hat don't reflect how the leaders ended up being distributed in game anyway hi a dev blog post
  8. hello my children, i have come to feed you since coming back to the project a month and a half ago, a fair bit has happened. i did take some time to warm up back up to thing, we moved over to a new file management system, also cass and i just moved into a new place like, last week so that's been taking up a fair chunk of time.... critically, we also have two new additions to the team: @crimsoncrim and @Azzie ! those of you who frequent the discord server probably already know them, and might've already noticed them popping up in the Developers group, those of you who don't al
  9. Amethyst

    hi again

    hoping i'm not too late here-- there is such an option! you can support the project and get updates about here! the site says starlight, but it's reborn too~ https://www.patreon.com/amethystvl tysm for thinking of us!
  10. streaming Pizza Game tonight !!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!111111


  11. it's christmas and romance is in the air! tonight we're streaming the cutue otome dating sim, Pizza Game! come have a spuuuuer romantic night with us !


  12. Merry Christmas, Amethyst.

  13. For anyone who missed them during the party! Once again, huge thanks to everyone who voted, participated, and helped make this happen
  14. The party is officially now live! An invite link is posted on our Discord server, #server-news channel, go there and come join up!!!
  15. Can you download pokemon reborn on chromebook?

    1. Amethyst


      I think you need a 3rd party app to run it-- joiplay, but I'm honestly not clear on the details of how that works since I haven't used it myself, nor do I own a chromebook

    2. Dark Champion
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