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  1. It's been brought to my attention that this is specifically using an early access patreon build of this program, which is expected to release publicly soon. Since the main version is already available and free we aren't planning to take down the links or anything but please consider supporting the app developer here! https://www.patreon.com/joiplay that aside, gotdamn. i'm impressed with the world. this is gonna change some shit around here probs.
  2. are you sure you have the most up to date version of both your scripts and the PBS files?
  3. for the record, i have indeed not read the manga. heard plenty of good things about it tho.
  4. Reuploaded with another fix for the placeholder. Insert complaints here.
  5. we've added a randomizer mode to reborn and will be previewing some wacky testplay adventures with it on stream! join us in our ultimate calamity 


  6. Should be fixed now, sorry!
  7. The server has been restarted, sorry for the issue!
  8. you know i hadn't thought about it since magnezone isn't really they own character, but i do still have the full art, you're right that we could do something with it...
  9. I will always love you more than she, or anyone else, ever could. The Gossip-est of Gardevoirs now has her own wallpaper available in a bunch of resolutions! Head over to the Wallpapers section to grab one for yaself! E18 released almost a year a half ago (which, believe me, is absolutely murdering me inside on a daily basis) but believe it or not I've been sitting on this wallpaper since 2015. Our old friend Sleppu drew this one back in what might as well have been the dark ages and aside from using it for the E18 banner, it was always destined to be available for your desktop too. I've just been holding out on it to help tide over the long wait between episodes... Well, I wasn't sure when I would finally put it up but earlier today I was informed that our main discord server has finally reached level 2 nitro boost, allowing us to get a custom banner! Since I had to put this together for that anyway to match the present episode, I figured releasing it now would also be an adequate way to thank everyone who's contributed to us reaching this point! This is doubly important to me right now. I always expected it would be the case with E19, but this is the longest amount of time we've gone without a release since I started the game, and like I said, it is genuinely hurting me. So that being the case, it's incredibly important to me that everyone is still around supporting the game and holding out patiently. Not too much looks like it's going on on the dev blog scoreboard right now, but trust me that's not for lack of time being put in, and it won't always be this slow. Thank you so so so much to my patrons, to all of our boosters helping the server shine, and to everyone who's keeping the community thriving through this long night. Stay calm out there, we'll make it XOXO
  10. hi im like two days late but welcome other-ame, you sound great! thanks for playing the game and joining! frankly i'm glad that 3/5 of the amethysts i know (including myself) are all lesbians. power crystal tbh. sapphire step down. wanna share some of your music?
  11. Hi folks, sorry to be the rain on the parade but one of Uranium's community admins contacted me asking to have the debug link for their project removed. I believe it's their right to ask for that, so I've gone ahead and complied. In the future, please don't post the link to debugged Uranium within our community anymore. Thanks for understanding. Edit: Sardonyx's developers have asked for the same.
  12. Whats Ame been up to lately? 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Johnny_Nevori


      Really? well I know it will be amazing when you release it. 😁

    3. Amethyst


      ty~ hoping that won't be too long

    4. Johnny_Nevori


      Take your time. No stressing. Have fun with it.

  13. hey virgo vs the zodiac is good please play it thanks details in video

  14. Hey appreciate this game so much just finished my first run and it  took me a long time haha Is there any release date or rough idea for Episode 19 i cant wait cheers.

    1. inktalegaster


      they said that they wil be finishing everything at once to avoid the nintendo takedown squad 


    2. Amethyst


      no eta yet! follow our progress on the development blog though! thank you for playing and such!!

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