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Found 10 results

  1. I really need help, I have been trying to defeat team meteor at Fiore mansion for a few days now and nothing seems to work. My team is: - Ampharos level 73 - Delphox level 73 - Blastoise level 73 - Donphan level 73 - Mamoswine level 73 - Chesnaught level 73 Since I'm not really good at multiple battles after another, was my question if someone wants to look at my save file and try to beat them for me. Please help me out...
  2. So there has been a growing abundance of people creating threads to ask how to progress the story within their save files. This thread should be relatively straightforward, say the last notable event that occurred within your game, and the community will get back to you with an answer. (I also encourage you guys to not spam A(Z) all the time and skip the dialog ) PS, Screenshots are very much appreciated.
  3. So I don't really know what happened or where to post this but I'm playing Rejuvenation and I got to kristiline town tried to follow melia and venam to the tm shop and a cutscene of Ana looking for Dylan started then the town returned to normal, not frozen anymore it acted like I beat angie I guess, so I went to the church and saw melia and venam went outside and it was all frozen again I went back to kristiline town to see if I could go to the tm shop and do that part of the story but I can't and if I try to leave the town and go back to the church the game says follow the gang, but their not anywhere and I accidentally left auto save on and now I can't do anything I think so any advice on fixes or if I'm just being stupid and missing something obvious would be much appreciated thanks in advance.
  4. I can't progres this side quest. I'm in the unerground and Dylan wants me to get acqauinted with the doc, shop owner and the guy from main build. Done. But Dylan only repeats himself... What do I need to do or can someone fix it? Game.rxdata
  5. Stuck on a Case? Confused as to where to go next? Think you're missing a piece of evidence and don't know where to find it? Let us know and we'll help guide you in the right direction! Note: If you're stuck due to a bug, please report it in our bug reporting thread. As well, 90% of the time, we'll only give you hints as to what you should be doing. We believe that exploration is still important to the game. A guide as to where to go throughout the entirety is also in the works so stay tuned for that!
  6. I know this has been answered in a lot of threads, but i got stuck today on a tauros. Thankfully, I didn't save, but I cannot progress in the story if I don't ride one. Pressing A does not work to dismount tauros and i tried most keys but nothing happens. Any ideas?
  7. Hello! So I was doing the whole waterplant quest until the part where Taka and Titania talk about desitions and why Taka is in team meteor. My team was in very bad shape but I moved on, and I was blacked out in the next double battle, I returned to the spot where I was but the water is high, and it seems I cant progress any further, There's no place to go. Any help? Game.rxdata
  8. So i was talking to Florina in her Gym and the game froze up when i relogged i was stuck "talking" to her and could not move or open the menu. The only thing i can do is save.
  9. Well I'm stuck in the underground part where Dylan tell me I should talk to the shop owner, guy in main building and psychologist. Done, but here still tells me this when I talk to him... What should I do? Game.rxdata
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