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  1. Wow! Every time I go to sleep this topic explodes. It's amazing to see so much activity in a topic that I thought was gonna dissapere in 2 days. Seems I was wrong.
  2. I can find the poke center, that works, but I am stuck now, can't progress. I am in the place after you get your starter. I think I need to find the factory.
  3. I was only able to find the Pokémon center, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but that's all I could find.
  4. Why does this always happen when I'm not looking? LOL This sounds amazing, will download and test now. Will give you feedback tomorrow.
  5. This is really amazing! I never thought this topic would blow up the way it did, it has over 1K views, amazing really. The path finder mod sounds fantastic, and something I defenetly will show of on a stream or something, Sounds amazing. Again, I just want to say thanks for making these kinds of things, it really makes a differense when it comes to accessibility.
  6. The stream start's now, or in 5 minut's, something along those lines.
  7. Sorry for tripple posting, but it seems that CTRL+V doesn't work here, so can't paste the link, sorry.
  8. here's my twitch channel: treaming whenever I fix my audio issues, so about an hour.
  9. I go to sleep and this topic explodes. I was BlindMaster, but changed my name to mach my youtube channel and my twitch. I'm still BlindMaster on discord.
  10. For anyone interested I'm doing a reborn live stream on Twitch tomorrow, if anyone wanna see blindness in action join tomorrow. It's probobly going to be a fail, but sence I have the mod now, let's see how far we can go.
  11. I checked it out, Alice is the best one. It sounds te best out of the others.
  12. I am stupid, I wrote it wrong. It's this SAPI Microsoft speech API. I will check out the site though.
  13. that is amazing thanks! You could try to call out microsoft SAPU, that could speak it for you, don't know how complecated it would be, I am not a programmer, but you wouldn't have to record a bunch of lines.
  14. My friend tryde it with his game and it worked, I have a suggestion if it's ok. If you add like a path finder, so if we hold alt, and then let's say P it will cycle between places of intrest, let's say a pokémon center. Then when we hold alt it will give us step by step instructions to go to the center, to up, five right ETC.
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