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:xmark: -1. Be respectful

  • This broad rule is the crux of our community.
  • This includes listening to staff, practicing courtesy to others, and working to accept and understand other points of view.

:xmark: -2. English only

  • This is an English site, so please keep the forum and server lobby accessible to all users.
    • PMs and back channels are free ground.

:xmark: -3. No trolling

  • Fun at others' expense is not fun.
  • Evasive and negative behavior is not acceptable.

:xmark: -4. No derogatory language


:xmark: -5. Respect others' gaming choices

  • No player should be attacked for their preference of game or strategy.
  • Practice good sportsmanship.

:xmark: -6. No advertising

  • Don't post things that ask others to sign up or subscribe to them, nor things with any sort of payment attached, and don't advertise other servers on ours.

:xmark: -7. No overtly sexual content

  • Keep discussions "PG-13."
  • Passing jokes and mature discussions are okay in small doses, but these subjects should not dominate the environment or make others uncomfortable.


Forum-etiquette Rules



:xmark: -1. No needless double posting

  • If you were the last poster in a topic and need to post there again in a short amount of time, use the edit button underneath your previous post instead.

:xmark: -2. All replies should contribute to the given topic

  • All replies should contribute to the given topic.
  • Keep topics clean by staying focused on one subject at a time.
  • If discussion starts to trail off, consider making a new thread, or private messaging others instead.
  • Instead of calling out an unnecessary post in a topic, report it using the Report button underneath the post.

:xmark: -3. No needless thread bumps/necros

  • If the topic is more than two months old, consider making a new one instead.
    • However, it is okay to post again if there is new/updated information others need to see.



Server-etiquette Rules



:xmark: -1. No flooding

  • Flooding is considered 15 or more consecutive lines of text in a server chat.
  • Video and image previews and paragraphs are counted as a single line

:xmark: -2. No spam

  • Spam is considered the repeated or rapid posting of a message or image over a period of time to the discomfort of others. 


If you notice another member who may be in violation of one of our rules, please take the time to properly report it through the forum using the 'Report' button, or by contacting a staff member directly. Please be courteous by keeping comments related to behavior out of public areas!


In addition to all this, for our protection, hosting or linking to ROMs and emulators is not acceptable in the community.


Please see this topic for additional information about Warnings and Punishments.

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