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  • Man's concept of the Creator as a benevolent, all-wise overseer was always a foolish one.

    When on the sixth day, the Creator made mankind in Xyr image to rule over every living thing that crept upon the ground, it was not out of fondness, compassion, or even whimsy.
    It was simply Xyr next game.

    And like all games, they must come to a close eventually.

    And when, long before the first day, the Creator made the Angels in Xyr image, and as they laughed alongside Xem through every existence, did they really think that their turn would not come?

    So it was one day when the Creator Xemself vanished, and all the Angels in Heaven and the Demons in Hell looked up to wonder if it was their time,
    Or if their time had already ended.

  • Starlight Divide is an action tRPG hybrid game about the worlds of Heaven and Hell after God has abandoned them.


    Although inspired mainly by the likes of Fire Emblem, Luminous Arc, Tactics Ogre et al., Starlight Divide seeks to address long-standing flaws in the genre with the addition of never-before-seen combat elements that focus on fast-paced and skillful gameplay.


    I hope you will look forward to it~

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