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    Trapped in Hell, Star is about to get her one chance to break free. Help her fight against the odds with newfound allies and save an innocent life!



    Take command and perfect your strategy! Starlight Divide redefines the tactical RPG genre by letting you directly control your units in combat! Hit and dodge attacks not by the roll of the dice, but by your own skill!



    A beautiful world awaits, where Heaven and Hell have been sewn together. Abandoned by the Creator, the once-eternal beings clash not just with each other, but with the curse of their own inescapable mortality!



    This chapter is just the start of a much greater adventure yet to come, but it's never too soon to get in on the action! Develop your units, forge bonds and take on foes both divine and demonic in the Divide!


    Now in Open Beta



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    Starlight Divide exists thanks to the support of our wonderful patrons and community!

    You can directly help development here!

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst is creating Starlight Divide

    160 patrons

  • Current Patreon goals

    • $1500
      77% complete
      Help me pay the team!

      I'm blessed to have everyone keeping me going, but the others on the team put in a lot of hard work to the project too and they deserve to see something for it! You can help honor their time and effort!
    • $2500
      46% complete
      Pay the team reliably!

      Paying the team just a little bit is one thing, but I hope to be able to offer at least a reasonable wage and allow them to work more on the project, thus speeding up development! 
    • $5000
      23% complete
      Pay for reliable hours???

      This is so much and yet still a complete guess-- but I hope to be able to run a proper digital studio, and that means paying people livable totals. Hopefully we can hire others to help move us along and make the game even better too!
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