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  • Moderator Feedback


    Please use the form below to tell us how we're doing!


    If a staff member was very helpful, or if you feel there's something in our staff and processes that could be improved on, then we'd love to hear it. If you have concerns with a specific staff member, please submit them here as well. Submissions are not anonymous, but personal information will generally not be shared unless absolutely necessary. All submissions will be reviewed even if no response is given.


    Thank you for communicating with us!

  • Club Applications


    The form below is also used for Club Applications!


    Clubs have several different types: Public, Open, Closed and Private. Of these, only Private Clubs will be approved without application. In order to apply for a club, you need:

    • A reasonably applicable subject for the club
      • The club must not clash with any existing club subjects. For instance, there's no reason to have two separate art clubs
    • And five people (you count!) who have agreed to join, including
      • A president, to be the club leader
      • A vice president, to help moderate
    • To create the club via the "Start a Club!" button on the main clubs page.


    After those conditions are met, your club will be approved as soon as possible. Thank you!


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