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    update: this is no longer a beta! the e18.3 beta has been released! finally, mac and linux users can play the game without WINE. get it here! What's New: we have a whole new engine! the sole purpose of e18.3 is to take this engine and give it to you. for the sake of this post (and likely future posts): RMXP is the old engine. this is what you've been running for every episode up to now. it is still included in the windows download as Game.exe. MKXP is the new engine. this is what you're running if you use the mac and linux versions. it is Game-z.exe in the windows download. both engines are included in the windows download for the sake of accessibility: MXKP has stricter hardware requirements than RMXP, so in the event that the new engine doesn't work on your computer you aren't locked out of playing the game. (Known) Minimum Requirements: Windows/Linux: OpenGL 3.3+ Mac: OSX 10.12+ Changes: RMXP: + animations are now pre-loaded when you open the game. this effectively reduces the in-battle animation lag to 0. - the R/S, FRLG, and D/P fonts have been removed. plus some other minor changes. MKXP: + exists! What changes for MKXP: it is much faster in general. this is its main advantage over RMXP. the difference will probably blow you away. the screen can be resized manually. you no longer are stuck with three particular screen sizes that can only be changed in options. it does not require you to install the fonts. the F1 menu has been removed. in a later update, it will allow you to change the controls; right now it does nothing. (this will be updated if i find out i missed something) Known issues for MKXP: the f1 menu doesn't work don't be scared off by the fact that this is still in beta- it's mostly in beta because it's still missing some features and is relatively untested, meaning some fatal errors might still be uncaught. if you get an error, there are reporting threads for windows, mac, and linux. bugs with the game itself (things that are not exclusive to MKXP) should still reported on the general bug reporting subforum. hope you all enjoy the new engine!
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    For updates on the status of V13, please click here!
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    Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire and Google Drive both up to date) DDDL: -updated Vanillite's learnset to Gen 8 -added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers -Work Up, Brutal Swing TMs now have the correct TM item icons -Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen -Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle Spork Updates: -custom shiny pineapple Gible line -Palletite and Steffi made revamped sprites for Holiday Pokemon -Battle Tower Danganronpa trainers replaced with original characters made by Palletite -added an Eeveelution zodiac in False Fortunes (with notepad file guide) -home region and parents options now at Tourist Info Center (extra Ashley and Kayla dialogue at Cianosa Cafe if from Ecruteak, extra Chelsea dialogue at Bolaii Beach if from Malie, Underwater Hotel postgame tour if from Undella, extra Seamus dialogue when meeting at Ranger Base if parents were rangers, extra Crolea Pokemon Research Institute dialogue if parents were scientists; for players who are already past the Tourist Info Center, they'll have the original events from Jim and Crolea so they can still select home region and parents' occupations) -Game Corner updates: Electabuzz workers hired after reaching Gellene Town, storage room objects organized after Champion -Vince&Sylveon made new Victory Road maps -added male and female options when choosing Frillish or Espurr as starter -for the Wonky Woods ranger quest, the shiny Unown now joins the player after the Unown Horde battle instead of it being a wild encounter -vitamins can now max out the EVs of a stat -gave Gastly line Cursed Body as a second ability -Steffi made Anthony overworld sprite -Steffi made player character running and fishing sprites + idol costume fishing sprites -added Data Vault file in misc trivia section about Jim tour guide basis -Shiny Club trainer now has Spork custom shinies -Steffi updated Cyclist overworld sprite -added move Spectral Thief -Steffi gave the Fletchling line their canon shiny colors -Guardian's nickname theme changed to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp essences -all Kirlia can evolve into Gallade and all Snorunt can evolve into Froslass -Healing Wish -> Memento for Audino trainers -Nosy News program added (Nosepass statues in each Pokemon Center); like the Gossip Gardevoir program in Reborn that updates with latest news after each gym -female swimmer land overworld hair now matches trainer sprite and swimming overworld hair -added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers -Pokemon Brawlers now has a Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar together for trainer sprite Spork bug fixes: -Work Up, Leech Life, Brutal Swing, Smart Strike, Aurora Veil now have the correct TM item icons -can no longer walk through outside of Olidroll Sweets Shop building -can no longer walk through cliff tile to right of rangers at Aliora Meadow -Steffi adjusted trainer altitude for Chelsea, Hex Maniac, and several Pokemon that act as trainer battles -fixed placement of cursor and player icons when viewing the region map -Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, Soup or Potion, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen -Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle -sliding ice at Weather Wonderland snowy section now slides (thought was fixed last time but I was in the incorrect menu in tileset editor) -Team Portal HQ couch priority fix -Itemfinder now works/hidden items are properly named -fixed typo in hideandseeklocations notepad file where for Tinder Village said southeast log instead of southwest -Ceopix now has Sylveon's TM and tutor moves -fixed Battle VR Scientist battler sprite being inconsistent with trainer sprite -adjusted backsprite battler altitude for Battle VR Frank, Sierran, Spade -in the Battle VR, Kayla's Sacred Sword is now Normal instead of Fighting as was intended -Christmas Slowking disappearing issue fixed -Bruxish is now available as a starter -can no longer walk through the instructions board in Ashley's gym -fixed a walkable through tile in the pool in Virima Hotel -King's Shield error fixed -Pokemon switched in after Emergency Exit no longer use Golisopod's previous move -Fell Stinger now raises user's Attack after KOing opponent -Pokemon using Healing Wish no longer stay on the field after being KO'd -adjusted battler altitude for Larvesta, Kyurem, Oranguru, Passimian, Stoutland, Fraxure, Whiscash, Naganadel, Garbodor, Crabrawler, Gigalith, Kayla, Cosmic Meowstic, Gogoat, Golisopod, Lycanroc, Toxapex, Sawsbuck, Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, Terrakion, Victini, Pidove, Heliolisk, Cinccino, Gothitelle, Bewear, Whimsicott, Darmanitan, Fennekin, Braixen, Clauncher -Steffi fixed looping/30 seconds of silence in Ceolis battle theme -splash.png titles were fixed for the Joiplay/mobile app that can run RPG Maker games There was a lot for this reupload, some of which has been planned for a while and some of which came up while in the process of making the reupload. Since I showed the shiny Gible line earlier, here's the mega! based on: For the Battle Tower trainers, there are now 12 battles (13 counting Brutus); 3 sets of 4 trainers. The Danganronpa trainers were replaced and the Sonic-based Pokemon teams now just appear in the Tapu Bulu quest. Here are some of the new trainers in the Battle Tower! For a bit of trivia about some of the above trainers not mentioned in the Battle Tower: Ty and Barry are a duo called the Snack Pack. Ty is the upbeat one while Barry is nervous and exhausted in high-energy environments, but they make a great team despite being opposites. Kaitlyn is a call back to Sierran's original sprite which had light blue hair. Eva has vitiligo, and her guitar has a Noivern design. A lot of bugs that have been around for a while, some since the beginning, have been fixed. Groniack was very helpful with providing scripts for battle-related errors, having messaged me after seeing the King's Shield issue mentioned in the bug reporting thread. Some trainer battles against Pokemon have always had the Pokemon's trainer sprite floating high over the background, and I never knew how to fix that because while there's altitude for Pokemon in the PBS, there isn't for trainers, but Steffi was able to edit them. I'm really excited about this reupload because of how much has been updated and added!
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    Hi! So I'm onto the mapping, events and teambuilding now. Leaving the sessions to fix gen 8 code until after that, it'll be the last thing to do before about a week of testing to catch bugs. Reason being: I've heard that a gen 8 public project for reborn/rejuv versions of essentials is close to being released, and it would be more time efficient to use better code from that, and have a little extra time to work on the rest of v0.6's content. As it is, I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff I'd like to include in the Altforms mod so that I can get the new version out sooner, it's been quite the wait already compared to previous versions, and add the cut content back in over 0.6.X versions. v0.6 is, after all, only a tenth over halfway. Still looking at a release towards the end of June!
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    Thanks for the question! We won't be adding difficulty options in E5, nor are there any planned for the near future. That being said, Desolation has undergone extensive balancing, courtesy of Posty, which has hopefully removed most of the 'ass-kicking' dished up by opponents like Tristan. The most unfairly challenging battles have been nerfed. That being said, some of the easier battles have also been made more challenging. While we want Desolation to be fairly challenging, we don't want it to be absolutely gruelling.
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    The downloads are currently down. I am working on a massive overhaul of basically the entire mod and keeping up with the old one was getting a bit tiring.
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    New challengers are always welcome in the Reborn Devolved League!
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    1. So previously if people remember, Desolation was going to have 16 Gyms. After thought and consideration also the level curve Desolation will now only have 12 Gyms. This will be more suited for the story we want to develop 2. Umm I guess? Depends on your party idk 3. For the engine, most likely we will be. Since the engine was produced and released during the ending party of v5 Development, we didn't even consider it but v6 maybe who knows, we'll have a discussion about it, cause Reborn does feel extremely nice now I will admit. Nope! like Reborn/Rejuvenation, your savefile from v4 will be compatible with v5. However we highly recommended that you do create a new savefile because with the complete overhaul of graphics, trainer battles and encounters, some parts have been redone and other stuff that you may miss out on if you continue from v5. It would be worth playing again from the start, plus the game has been on hiatus for 3 years, you might have forgotten some parts of the story
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    Golisopod looks pretty prehistoric to me.
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    'Pirate' really doesn't match my aesthetic, but I'll join this little voyage anyway,
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    THANK YOU! Ah, will that be released as a 12.2 update (please please please) or will you wait til V13? Playing through Reborn with the battle animations on and would love to play through Reju with battle animations on also since I plan on doing a shiny run.
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    Pokémon Reborn Alternate Form Pack [E18.1] There is a secret power in this world. One who knows the ancient techniques can awaken the energy within the Plates of Arceus and steer the course of evolution. Few Pokémon truly exist in only one form, for ours is a world of limitless potential. Something new is coming to Reborn... You. What is this? This is a modded version of Pokémon Reborn containing over 200 new alternate forms of existing Pokémon, inspired by the regional variants introduced in Generation 7 and the shiny sprites included with Pokémon Reborn. It's a work in progress, hence versions listed as 0.X. I hope to consider it finished at v1.0, and anything added after that is a bonus. Why is this? I wanted to do two things: Play with Pokémon that looked awesome when first introduced and I loved them, but turned out to be underwhelming in battle due to crippling types, and to practice learning programming because I have a poor attention span and am fixated on Pokémon. It kinda snowballed. Expect bugs, but report them and I'll try to fix them as soon as I am able. I have a suggestion/request/complaint Let me know! I'll try to accommodate as best as I can. --- Downloads & Installation If you already have Pokémon Reborn or an older version of Alternate Form Pack, use the patch. Main (V0.5.12.1) (516.6 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!bixghSAB!WfaaP1HEmAsPu_MR9rR-uIpsb2DDyFlon8rjwoo7r4E (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UuM-2KuS2-1uNIsyI5yOaPpp8Yl76w8w (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game. Patch (V0.5.12.1) (33.2 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!L3xEAS6C!5Qft-SXoA-nZNVu6fCEtnOslkCBaORfFbXP8J88j9lg (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iB3P5oA9hmibAs4k7MSApvSG4EegE5qJ (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play. --- Save Compatibility Yes - Default game name "Pokemon Reborn" Want Alt Forms to be a separate save file? Use the file below! Game.ini (111 b, .ini) https://mega.nz/#!v3x3UQIJ!xxA1tkrIjC1VfeLfFPbHXl8TIn8nwxvNuTmc496WmbA (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r_ncE3JiPl-6NMBTw0EotZA8sPCqytG3 (Google Drive) Installation Add to the Pokemon Reborn directory after installing Alt Forms and replace the existing Game.ini. Mod Compatibility Tested and compatible with SWM's modular modpack [E18] v58 (27/8/2019) (Yes!) Use the scripts.rxdata that comes in Alternate Form Pack. It is compatible. Aironfaar's Mod Box [E18.1][Updated 2018-09-05] not entirely compatible (Mostly yes!) Fabulous Transformations causes problems. Use the version below for that specific mod AMB - Misc_FabulousTransformation.rb (35 kb, .rb) (Google Drive) DreamblitzX's Battle Music Pack (Pretty much yes!) Add the Audio/BGM/ from the music pack as appropriate, and use the trainertypes.dat linked below. trainertypes.dat (8 kb, .dat) (Google Drive) Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode (Yes!) Add Waynolt's E18 Sandbox update as explained in its installation instructions. Not compatible with Azery's Pokémon Memeborn. Both mods extensively alter the base game. Combination mod by Specific, Memeforms, can be found here! Not compatible with Commander's Pokémon Reborn Redux. Both mods extensively alter the base game. Combination mod maybe coming E19. Additional Sprites contributed by DMBY DreamblitzX Eliseon Hellscythe Hycrox Khrona Player_Null_Name Privateer Elise Pyrromanis OldSoulja Viperio TPP Sprites designed by Hamigakimomo Additional Music DELTARUNE - Field of Hopes and Dreams Remix [Kamex] OC ReMix #3076: Pokémon X 'Forest Fire' [Santalune Forest, It's a Pokémon Battle!] by Jamphibious OC ReMix #2333: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Labyrinth of Dance Floors' [Sanctuary Dungeon] Special Thanks The whole Reborn team for creating this amazing game and generous mod market! Amethyst Azery DemICE DMBY Ghost141 Janichroma Marcello Mikey57 Mu7e Player_Null_Name Pyrolusite Specific Swampellow Waynolt Reborn Discord URPG --- Future Development Sprite Status Want to help pretty it up? Check out the Sprite Status spreadsheet and let me know what you'd like to do! What's new! v0.5.12.1 Bug Fixes Floral Ninetales now has access to Nature Power by TM. Moon Bagon is now correctly bred using Spooky Plate, not Flame Plate. Earth Glameow is now correctly bred using Earth Plate, not Pixie Plate. Dread Noivern now correctly has Dark Pulse and Boomburst by level-up at 70 and and 75 respectively. Tweaks Mega Moon Salamence now has Technician instead of Adaptability Mega Positron Metagross now has Neuroforce instead of Adaptability A Ditto is no longer necessary to breed for a Wormhole Cloak Wormadam. Stinging Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra now have Filter instead of Poison Point. Telepathic Deino and Zweilous no longer have access to Calm Mind, learning Work Up instead by level-up. New Sprites Shiny Mud Poliwag, Shiny Mud Poliwhirl, Shiny Mud Poliwrath, Shiny Mud Politoed (M&F) Shiny Earth Cyndaquil, Shiny Earth Quilava, Shiny Earth Typhlosion Iron Gulpin (M&F), Shiny Iron Gulpin (M&F) Shiny Gemstone Roggenrola (M), Shiny Gemstone Boldore (M), Shiny Gemstone Gigalith (M) Defossilised Archen Egg, Defossilised Archen, Shiny Defossilised Archen, Defossilised Archeops, Shiny Defossilised Archeops New Form Toxic Remoraid v0.5.12 Bug Fixes Engine Koffing and Engine Weezing should now breed and evolve appropriately. It also now has the correct move exclusions and can no longer learn Thunderbolt, Thunder or Shockwave. Iron Swalot should no longer revert to normal after battle. Assorted bug fixes lost to poor notekeeping. Pokémon Tweaks Spooky Venusaur now has Poison Heal for its third Ability, and Mega Spooky Venusaur now has Berserk. Draco Charizard now has Levitate instead of Solar Power. Sky Onix no longer learns Dragon Dance by level-up (or at all). Mud Poliwhirl gains Dig on level-up, and both Mud Poliwhirl and Poliwrath gain access to Stomping Tantrum by Move Tutor. Poliwrath and Mud Poliwrath both gain access to Superpower by Move Tutor. Mud Politoed now has access to Psyshock and Trick Room by TM, and Trick and Skill Swap by Move Tutor. Meadow Meganium now gains Sappy Seed by level-up. Zap Donphan no longer has access to Endeavor. Draco Ampharos now has Illuminate instead of Static, and gains access to Aurora Beam by level-up, and Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon by TM. Mega Draco Ampharos now has Fluffy as its Ability, and has had a small base stat change (-10 Special Attack, +10 Attack). Insect Flygon learns Dragon Pulse instead of Dragon Claw by level-up, and also has had a small base stat change (-10 Attack, +10 Special Attack). Rhybombee now has slightly higher base stats. Bubble Reuniclus has had a small base stat change (-10 Defense, +10 Special Defense) and its ability Magic Guard has been changed to Water Absorb. Armaldo now gains Compound Eyes as a third Ability, and Defossilised Armaldo has had a base stat change (swapped Speed and Special Attack, making it faster but less able to use Special moves). Stone Emboar gains access to Rock Polish by TM. Splash Feraligatr now has Skill Link instead of Strong Jaw, and has had its level-up moves changed to make use of this. Stone Claydol gains access to Focus Blast by TM, and has had a base stat change (-15 Speed, +15 Special Defense). Cybertank Hydreigon has lost access to Charge Beam and Work Up, and has had a base stat change. (-20 Speed, +10 Attack, +10 Defense) Telepathic Hydreigon has had level-up movepool changes (Calm Mind -> Mind Reader, Psychic Terrain -> Calm Mind), has lost access to Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave and Flash Cannon, and has had a base stat change. (-5 Attack, -5 Defense, -20 Special Attack, +20 Special Defense, +10 Speed) Pixie Altaria has gained access to Water Pledge and Fire Pledge, and Mega Pixie Altaria has had a base stat change (-20 Attack, +15 Special Attack, +5 Special Defense) and now has Cloud Nine for its Ability. Positron Metagross now has access to Shadow Sneak by level-up, and has Magic Guard instead of Filter. Mega Positron Metagross now has Adaptability instead of Levitate. Earth Crustle has had a small base stat change (-10 Defense, +10 Speed). Electric Chandelure, Lampent and Litwick now have access to Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon by TM. Dedenne and Meadow Dedenne have gained access to Dazzling Gleam by TM. Iron Golurk now has access to Smart Strike by level-up and TM. Darkness Sableye has had a base stat change (New spread: 35,35,35,95,75,105), has gained access to Parting Shot by level-up, and now has Shadow Tag instead of Prankster. Mega Darkness Sableye has had a base stat change (New spread: 35,35,35,145,75,155) and now has Intimidate instead of Prankster. Wormhole Cloak Wormadam no longer has access to Quiver Dance by level-up, learning Magic Coat instead. Additional Mechanic Tweaks Floaty Fall, Pika Papow, Sizzly Slide and Veevee Volley have better luck with the High Striker on Big Top Arena. Synchronoise will now cause a 3-turn Psychic Terrain effect when used, unless an Everstone is held. New Plate Interaction Illuminate + Iron, Pixie or Zap Plate = increases the effect of Light attacks by 30% Relevant moves affected: Aurora Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, Mirror Shot, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Solar Beam, Solar Blade Also affected: Doom Desire, Judgement, Light of Ruin, Luster Purge, Photon Geyser, Prismatic Laser, Techno Blast New Forms Spooky Bulbasaur, Spooky Ivysaur, Icicle Weedle, Icicle Kakuna, Earth Doduo Dread Gastly, Dread Haunter, Dread Gengar, Mega Dread Gengar Earth Quilava, Splash Croconaw, Mind Hoothoot, Draco Flaaffy, Zap Phanpy Dread Snubbull, Dread Granbull, Toxic Octillery Pixie Skitty, Pixie Delcatty, Sky Wailmer, Insect Trapinch, Stone Baltoy Moon Bagon, Moon Shelgon, Moon Salamence, Mega Moon Salamence Spooky Shellos (East, West), Earth Glameow Stone Pignite, Crystal Roggenrola, Earth Dwebble, Earth Trubbish, Iron Golett Desert Yamask, Desert Cofagrigus, Pixie Vanillite, Pixie Vanillish, Pixie Vanilluxe, Stone Druddigon Flame Clauncher, Dread Noibat, Dread Noivern Dawn Lycanroc New Sprites Icicle Abra Egg, Icicle Abra, Shiny Icicle Abra, Icicle Kadabra, Shiny Icicle Kadabra, Icicle Alakazam, Shiny Icicle Alakazam, Mega Icicle Alakazam, Shiny Mega Icicle Alakazam Draco Mareep Egg, Draco Mareep, Shiny Draco Mareep, Draco Flaaffy, Shiny Draco Flaaffy Dread Snubbull Egg, Dread Snubbull, Shiny Dread Snubbull, Dread Granbull, Shiny Dread Granbull Pixie Skitty Egg, Pixie Skitty, Shiny Pixie Skitty, Pixie Delcatty, Shiny Pixie Delcatty, Shiny Windy Castform Positron Beldum Egg, Positron Beldum, Shiny Positron Beldum, Positron Metang, Shiny Positron Metang, Positron Metagross, Shiny Positron Metagross Moon Bagon Egg, Moon Bagon, Shiny Moon Bagon, Moon Shelgon, Shiny Moon Shelgon, Moon Salamence, Shiny Moon Salamence, Mega Moon Salamence, Shiny Mega Moon Salamence Stone Turtwig Egg, Stone Turtwig, Stone Grotle, Flame Chimchar Egg, Flame Chimchar, Flame Monferno, Snow Buneary, Flame Mienfoo Stone Druddigon Egg, Stone Druddigon, Shiny Stone Druddigon, Desert Yamask Egg, Desert Yamask, Shiny Desert Yamask, Desert Cofagrigus, Shiny Desert Cofagrigus Stinging Goomy, Stinging Sliggoo, Stinging Goodra, Dread Noibat Egg, Dread Noibat, Dread Noivern New Icon Stone Spiritomb The following Pokémon can now be selected as Forms with the ChooseStarter mod and Sandbox mode, and also will breed and evolve into Alternate Forms without Plates if their main parent is an Alternate Form: Sprites to come over time. v0.5.11.1 v0.5.10 v0.5.9.1 v0.5.9 v0.5.8.1 v0.5.8 v0.5.7 v0.5.6 v0.5.5 v0.5.4 v0.5.3 v0.5.2 v0.5.1 v0.5 PBS Files (For modifying Alt Forms for personal use) (.zip) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hIoD5XKg1zKhkUc_qoMZbWYe3pUhVINe PBS File Changes (.zip) (To aid incorporating Alt Forms into other fangames - NOTE: Current version of Alt Forms is only for Reborn, which is made in a modified version of an old Pokémon Essentials version. Unlikely to work outside of this setting.) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q8QMuiKSv-z4goewnhe2ph4hcTSrFCv4 Known Bugs None known. It's Not A Bug, It's A Feature Rainbow Floette evolves into a random non-Meadow Florges if evolved without holding a Meadow Plate. Vulpix is... weird? Pokémon that evolve into different forms using Plates can learn moves exclusive to one form, then evolve into another! May result in intentional unbalanced gameplay.
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    Can you tell me your timezone so that I can adapt to it?
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    You need to place a "cursed candle" on the northernmost gravestone. It can be found in a chest in the wispy ruins (I believe it's the one that requires 5 badges.)
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    I think we had a similar question earlier and I answered Shiv, but I think it’s actually a tie between him and Garret for me lmao. I actually helped out with a very tiny bit of Garret’s comedic dialogue too, aha. I wonder if people can figure it out
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    Ok, I wanted to do a run WITHOUT Blaziken easy mode on so I'm using my favorite grass type starter. After an hour of resetting (with around four fails) for a good shiny this came up. The Sp.Def is a little low along with the HP but I'm thinking of making him Impish/Adamant later on depending on which is better. Also, 31 in attack is AMAZING!
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    I can give you an ice stone
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    As i recall, Freya wasn't behind the murder attempts, her goal was the creation of Aelita, the other killer wanted the reincarnations stopped. Freya explicitly states that there was no cooperation with the other killer and that they didn't even know who was Vivian's reincarnation. So even more assholes to deal with.
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a great day
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    Hey I've done the exact same thing as you (So I know your pain). Anyway here's a guide that helped me get back the Exp. Share. Link: Note if you didn't enable backups then there's nothing you can do except request for someone to trade you over an exp. share which I'd be happy to do so if you can't get back that exp. share then just contact me and I'll give you a spare (don't worry I've played the game at least 5 times so I've got quite a few.)
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    Episode 19 is going to be the final episode of the Game with the last Badge, Elite 4 and maybe even the long awaited fight against Hydreigon (if she even wants to fight us?!) In the Dev Blog were two photos posted of Labradorra during night and what is thought to be Saphira's Gym.
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    Mamoswine is a viable addition.
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    Well. I'm late, but at least I can chalk this up to one thing in 2020 that's going right. Welcome back, Caz.
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    Don't remember all anymore, but my starter was Infernape (since it's based on an ancient story), Sigilyph and Golurk (from ruins), Crustle (this one's a little farfetched, but the idea was that the sediment layers from its shell look like the sediments from different eras) and Carracosta as fossil mon, forgot the sixth one. I remember pondering to choose Venusaur since it's partly based on a dinosaur or Tangrowth since it's an Ancient Power evo. And I might've had Xatu for a while before I replaced it with Sigilyph.
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    I think you need to use some pokemons that can be obtainable from fossils, like Kabuto, Omanyte, etc. They fit the prehistoric theme perfectly, and they can learn Ancient Power by level up.
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    Oh well since you already played the game. It goes away when Cera frees Anju from the ice.
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    My body is ready. (To get my ass kicked by Tristian over and over, again)
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    I feel conflicted about Episode 24, on one hand it includes my favorite story moments from Unova, (in fact Old Team Plasma vs, New Team Plasma is what solidified OTP as my favorite team) no pokemon died and Colress having a Mewtwo is surprisingly fitting consider Colress' goals. On the other hand the randomizer completely ruined Ghetsis' battle. Moving onward to Ep 25 I was not expecting Tyrniatar to not make it and poor Motely was so close to at least seeing victory road, it was also a surprise to see you not replace them until the end and sell off your rare candies. Time for the final episode! Can J-Awsome and his friends from Reborn pull off the championship?
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    I dont think there is an alternative. atleast i couldnt find one here and its designated as an event pokemon in the obtainable list. if you want, i can trade you one. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/obtainable/
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    it might be the jukebox. try going into it and hitting "stop playing"
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    I don't. Its a bitch For context, I've spent the last two days breeding Zangoose to consistency get above 20 IVs, and I had a good record going with some having 28+ in most of their stats, THEN THIS SHIT HAPPEND (inhumane noises)
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    the mega link has been updated to a.) work and b.) not give that MKXP fix error. the local link is also being updated, but that'll take.... 12 more minutes or so before the link is active.
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    Sorry to rain on your parade but as Kenneth said, shinies are practically a commonality in Reborn (and good to know it's the same in Rejuv as well, I still need to start that game). My game is roughly 40%-50% shinies both caught and bred. Most of the Reborn exclusive shiny coloration are so gorgeous I wish they were canon such as Dustox, Drapion and Shinx.
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    Sorry my mistake, I forgot about it being a partner battle. Though in this case I'm happy that I am mistaken. Honestly the fact that you used Galahad after the battle while surfing should've clued me in.
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    Would you allow me to do that for you? Silver, we're summoning you!
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    I realised that just after I posted
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ My Mother Expected Season 4? No? Well, fortunately for you, it's not Season 4... yet. Following the rules of this universe, I've written a random-ass, totally-inappropriate-timing-wise story because I'm super busy supposedly writing a grant proposal that is my qualifying exam. It's about Vanilla remembering her mother, even though we all think she's still alive. I dunno why, I felt like writing it and y'all know I'm not one to contain myself. At least the creation of Everland part of the story is enjoyable, maybe? My mother was an odd person. Even though she was supposedly the only surviving member of an ancient wealthy family, her mannerisms betrayed an unexpected unease when it came to social interaction. She rarely accompanied my father to his social gatherings, as a result, and instead spent most of her time alone in our gardens. It seemed as though she could easily substitute human connection with taking meticulous care of her plants. She was the same with me as with everyone else. Growing up, I don’t think I heard her say any more than two words to me. I remember that when I was young, I craved attention from my parents, so I tried spending time with her in the garden. She didn’t express pleasure or distaste at me being there with her, and instead proceeded to tend at her flowers without acknowledging my presence once. In due time, I gave up on forming a bond with her, and instead grew closer to my grandmother and our many servants. However, there were two times when she broke her routine and reminded me that she was not just a deaf robot. The first time was when I was ten years old. On the night of my birthday, she came to my room. I was playing with my dolls, and thought it was a servant entering my room without knocking, which usually never happened. Needless to say, I was shocked to see her standing at the doorway. She watched me, with her default grin that she constitutively carried and made her look all the more like a robotic doll. “Hi,” I said. It’s my chance to talk to my mother, I thought at the time. However, since I wasn’t used to talking with strangers, I didn’t know what else to say. Besides, it didn’t help that she was just silently staring at me, even after I said hi. “Hello, princess,” she said at last… but she rather whispered it, so I wasn’t sure I even heard her right. Even then, my ten-year-old self was elated to think my mother said hello to me and that she called me princess. She moved slowly inside, and came to my bed where I was sitting. She was holding a book, which she offered me when she was close enough to me. I took the book, but wasn’t particularly excited when I read the title. “A copy of the Book of Influx? They already taught us Everish history.” I wasn’t sure whether she heard me, since she just smiled and soon after left my room without uttering another word. I put my dolls aside and opened the thin book. It was an illustrated version; the type for children who are learning how to read. I didn’t question why my mother had chosen an age-inappropriate edition for me and started reading. “In the beginning, there was nothing. No peace, no hope, no freedom,” started the book. I turned the page over, and found that my mother had colored all of the illustrations, which had originally been printed in black and white. I turned the pages without reading the text, because I already knew the story, and I could essentially recite it in my mind while I looked at the drawings that represented key passages. The story was of a time long ago, when magical beings were hunted and burned at the stake or placed in a ship and dropped into the sea while tied to large rocks. Just for the sin of existing. It was a practice widely held in Kalos and Galar, and it was a nightmarish time for people like us. There was an illustration showing people hiding, and turning a blind eye to the unfortunate who were caught and taken away from their family. The protagonist, Yveneas, was born with the powers to control life and death. Given her magical ancestry, she was also a target of the witch hunt, which eliminated her own parents. At the time of the story, she was ten years of age. She found one of the ships which were being loaded with magical children: offspring of witches, wizards, self-aware wolves, mermaids, faeries… you name it. However, among them there were also non-magical children, who had been unjustly tried. The matching illustration showed a medieval ship with young people being tied to one another and being pulled towards the inside of the ship. Yveneas slipped into the ship and started freeing the children. However, she told them to keep quiet so they could all escape when the time was right. When the ship was stationed in the middle of the sea, and the sailors were ready to drop everyone to their deaths, she acted. She conjured up a giant whale, which destroyed the ship into pieces. Of course, everyone fell overboard. Only the children and Yveneas were saved by the whale she controlled. The illustration had about 20 children dancing in circles on top of a whale, which also smiled. I didn’t question the feasibility of such a scenario, and carried on turning the pages. They went to many regions, but they found out that none were very kind environments for children that were basically penniless orphans. So they decided to find their own place. A place where they belonged, where they could have everything they couldn’t in their hometown. They wanted peace, hope and freedom. There were not many deserted places where they could start from zero, but they eventually landed on a literal desert. No one lived there, because all there was was sand. Yveneas reassured her new friends that the place was perfect. She once again showed them her magical powers. From where only sand existed, came a patch of grass that extended in every direction. Then from grass came trees that grew at an unrealistic rate, and these trees bore fruit so that the children could feast on them. She created birds, which provided music to the once silent desert. She basically created paradise, and the children were ecstatic. And she was ecstatic, because she had made her friends happy. “In the end, there was everything. Peace, hope and happiness. There was Everland,” is how the tale came to a close. I still have the book in my room, if no one has touched anything since I left. The first few years since its acquisition, I read it very often, imagining how my mother would read it to me if she were to. However, as time passed and I came to understand my situation better, I discarded any such hope and left the book untouched in my bookshelf. My mother didn’t speak to me again after that one incident, until more than 8 years later, the very last day when I was leaving Everland. My grandmother was trying to convince me to wear our traditional bubblegum dress, so that I would have Everland and my family in my mind at all times. Though I gave it credit for the convenience that came with its magical abilities, I didn’t want to wear such a flashy pink dress. I felt it didn’t match my persona, or the impression I wanted people to have of me when I arrived in the Reborn region. My mother came to us and looked at the dress. “A dress for a princess,” she said, with the same whispering voice as always. “If you’re going to say something, at least say something useful,” said my grandmother. “This is a dress passed down generations in the Hansel and Gretel line. It’s not a costume to play princess, but a garment that deserves respect.” My mother took the dress in her hands and stroked the smooth silky bubblegum fabric and fiddled with the gems that decorated it. When she was done with it, she offered it to me. The way she did, reminded me of the time she gave me her book. I practically tore the dress of her hand. “Fine. I’ll wear it. Are you satisfied?” “I’m glad, Vanilla,” my grandmother said. My mother said nothing, but smiled showing her teeth and went away to her garden. That was the last time I saw her, since I left Everland. I don't think about my mother much, because there are not many things about her to remember. However, sometimes I wonder where she might be. In a prison cell or just under house arrest, since her only crime was to have a treasonous daughter? And if she's in a prison cell, I wondered whether someone might've given her a potted plant to keep her company. Also bros look at the obviously br0ken view counter. Seems this story got 50k views out of nowhere which is more than the amount of money I'll ever have to my name () Press F for my also-br0ken bank account. See y'all in Season 4 this time for realsies... maybe?
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    Ahhh I keep telling myself to stay off this website because I keep seeing spoilers but I can't help it (ToT). I was holding off on posting fanart because I still haven't made it to the latest chapter (I just beat Aya ahaha I'm so behind) but now seems like the best time to post. I read that post by Amethyst on the development of Chapter 19 and I wanted to show my support with some art! Here are my favorite protagonists and my headcannons for them! I played Alice for my playthrough but my trainer's name is Kitchen and I chose a mudkip as my starter ^^ I have more art coming soon~ BTW I'm super new to forums, sorry if I did something strange or posted in the wrong area, I've never used forums for anything lol
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    Hey guys! I'm Alioda! I'm a concept artist and I love Pokémon Fan-Games! Ok so first of all, I just wanna start by saying that there's going to be SPOILERS in here, so if you didn't finish V12, then I would advice you to leave this thread as quickly as you can haha. With that out of the way, let's talk about my journey playing Pokémon Rejuvenation! *Note : English is not my first language, i'm from France and I starting learning proper English like 6years ago. So sorry in advance if you find some weird sentences while reading this x). My journey playing Pokémon Rejuvenation! I started playing Pokémon Rejuvenation about six months ago now, I think? I already knew the game thanks to Let's Plays and all that kind of stuff but... While watching those Let's Plays, I always had this feeling that Rejuvenation contained more than just its main story. I also saw that a lot of people were complaining because Reborn and Rejuvenation have "too many characters" and that "it was really difficult to know or remember who's that character or who's that one antagonist ?" etc... And I'm not going to lie, I also had this problem at the beginning, but not until I decided to make my own notepad where I wrote down every single piece of information about each character! And If I can tell you one thing right now, is that this idea was just one of the best ideas ever! Because not only did I remember every character's name and appearance but also their stories throughout the adventure. So I also took the opportunity to fill that notepad with everything that was related to side quests etc...That helped me a lot as well. And oh boy, what a game! Pokémon Rejuvenation is a game that has so much character development. Whether it's about the main story characters or the side story characters. There's so much in this game, and I can tell right now that if you think that you've finished the game , you probably haven't visited the region after EVERY event. Because there's always gonna be a side quest or event that will appear somewhere. Side quests are my favorite things in games, and oh boy, Pokémon Rejuvenation side quests are awesome! For example, you're not going to just get an item for a character and that's it. This character will have a name, a story, and many more side quests in the future. This character is important and can probably be related to something or someone related to the main story. And let's just say that people will remember you! It's just... so well done. You know, i'm an artist who loves drawing characters by giving them a lot of character development in general. And when I say that I was just impressed by the level of character development in this game, it's because it's true (I even drew a concept art of Ren because I loved his character development throughout the story, it reminded me of Kenta for some reason) . And don't get me wrong, character development is not the only thing that makes Pokémon Rejuvenation my favorite Pokémon fan game. It's also the atmosphere, the musics choice, the story of the region, its past etc.... When I started playing the game, I actually felt a little bit depressed by seeing how sad people were in Gearen City because of how the city was before the event of the Pyramid. And wow.... FIRST OF ALL, After the event at the Pyramid I thought that the version was over. Kanon told us that we have go to Sashila Village next and it was the end of V12, so I thought that I had to wait till V13 comes out and yeah...I felt empty haha, I mean I finished all the side quests before so I thought that It was just over. But guess what, couple of months later I reopened the game because I just wanted to play and revisit the region again, so I used fly to visit East Gearen first and.... Let's just say that I lost my mind at this moment LOL . The city was clean, the music in the background was Song of Stroms by GlitchxCtiy (What a beautiful song omg). Everyone was happy. There were some new side quests to do at the Help Plaza. And it was already enough new content for me but then I went on visiting Oceana Pier and someone told me that a boat came from... (i'm sorry what did you say!?) Reborn City!? When I saw Aya and Adrienn I just lost my mind haha, I remember I took off my glasses and I couldn't believe it... What an experience. I will never forget that. I just finished battling Aya yesterday. And today, even tho I already fought Isha, I discovered that there were another side quest at the Hospital of Hope, a quest regarding Maman... and i'm not gonna spoil it to you but wow what a way to end V12. (I hate you Neved). Of course I want to thank all the members of the Rejuvenation Team for this beautiful game, you guys are doing a great job and i'm a huge fan of your fan-game, It's the best Pokémon game that I played to this day, and I play Pokémon since Red & Blue haha. Keep up the good work guys and thank you! *My concept art of Ren for those of you who are interested :
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    So this may just be intentional Reborn meanness, but from what I can tell from research it doesn't work this way in the main games. When a Pokemon levels up, it's supposed to gain +3-5 happiness depending on it's current happiness. However, currently it seems that this only applies when the pokemon is active in battle. With my faithful testing dummy Budew, I found that it gained no happiness when leveled up both via EXP. Share, and through switch-training. When leveling up as the active pokemon or through a rare candy, it gained +5 as normal. Sidenote: this makes common candies giving a corresponding drop in happiness for going down a level extra brutal.
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    Wow. Gabriel sure likes to catch a whole bunch of Pokemon huh? Haha. But it was enjoyable. Keep up the good work!
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    I have two errors in one screenshot here: So, as you can see, it is still possible to travel to GDC even though it is supposed to be blocked off. Also, on the left, although it is kind of hard to see, a part of that purple thing that Ren tries to take you away in follows the player on the screen when you walk to the right. (It's right under the selection menu and connected to the gray part)
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    ===================== New Sidequests - NSide1 ===================== You can go straight to the Celestinine Cascade gym/home if you want to get the next badge now, otherwise there is 1 new sidequest we can currently do. You can also donate to another project in the Grand Hall now. I recommend the Railnet Reconstruction for an eventual Togekiss reward. There's a new Move Tutor in Peridot Mosswater Market. ========== Move Tutor ========== Superpower Heat Wave Earth Power Outrage ========== ================== Mega-Z Ring - MRing1 ================== Fly to the Grand Hall and talk to DJ Arclight near the entrance inside. You will need to deliver some of the Pokemon you bought from 7th Street. Jasper Ward - Loudred (Lillin) Apophyll Academy - Makuhita (Felicia) Lapis Ward - Roggenrola (Mr.McKrezzy) Peridot Ward - Jigglypuff (Santiago) Lapis Ward - Vanillite (Eustace) If you released these Pokemon, then you are not able to complete this sidequest without trading other players. If you evolved any of these Pokemon, you can breed them with a Ditto and give the owner the new one to complete it. Put all the sidequest Pokemon into your party and someone that can use Fly. Fly to Jasper Ward and enter the southwest building. Give Lillin the Loudred by talking to her a couple times. Fly to Apophyll Academy and enter the mid western room in the middle area. Speak to the person inside, then fly back to the Grand Hall to get DJ Arclight's autograph. Return to the girl and talk to her a couple times to give her Makuhita. Fly to Lapis Ward and enter the house next to the Pokemart. Speak with the person inside, then fly to Spinel Town. Enter the building here and speak to the guy inside a couple times to give back the Roggenrola. Form a team of Pokemon before finding the next person. It will include a battle. Fly to Peridot Ward and enter the northern alleyway. Quicksave and speak to 1 of the gang members a couple times to enter a battle. After you win, Fly to Lapis Ward and enter the southwest building to speak with the girl you gave the Loudred to earlier. Give her the Jigglypuff and Fly back to Apophyll Academy. Speak with the girl you gave the Makuhita to earlier and Fly back to Spinel town to speak with the Roggenrola owner there. Quicksave and speak with him again to start a battle after getting his autograph. ======== Mckrezzy ======== Incineroar - Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water Starmie - Weakness: Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric, Dark Flygon - Weakness: Ice, Dragon, Fairy Omastar - Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Grass, Electric Staraptor - Weakness: Rock, Electric, Ice Armaldo - Weakness: Rock, Steel, Water ============================================ After the battle, you will receive TM15 Hyper Beam. Fly back to Apophyll Academy and give the girl his autograph. You will receive the Headphones in return. Fly to Jasper Ward and give the girl the Headphones. Fly back to Peridot Ward and enter the northern alleyway to speak with the gang member again. After talking to him a couple times, you will learn your next destination: Onyx Ward apartments rooftop. Bring a full team again and healing items. You will be fighting 2 battles in a row without a chance to heal. As soon as you exit the elevator, you will be thrown into a doubles battle. ============= Gang Members ============= Weezing - Weakness: Psychic Alolan Muk - Weakness: Ground Lickilicky - Weakness: Fighting Zangoose - Weakness: Fighting Mudsdale - Weakness: Water, Grass, Ice Tsareena - Weakness: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice ========================================= ======= Eustace ======= Manectric - Weakness: Ground Scizor - Weakness: Fire Sharpedo - Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Grass, Electric, Fairy Alakazam - Weakness: Bug, Ghost, Dark Sceptile - Weakness: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice =============================================== My Team: Reuniclus - Regenerator ability. Holds Amplified Rock. Uses Trick Room + Psychic + Recover Malamar - Contrary ability. Holds Fist Plate. Uses Superpower + Night Slash + Psycho Cut Magnezone - Sturdy ability. Holds Zap Plate. Uses Discharge + Flash Cannon Escavalier - Swarm ability. Holds Insect Plate. Uses X-Scissor + Iron Head Arcanine - Intimidate ability. Holds Charcoal. Uses Heat Wave + Flare Blitz Mudsdale - Stamina ability. Holds Earth Plate. Uses Earthquake + Superpower Strategy: Put Reuniclus in the first slot. You will want to use Trick Room in the 2nd battle as soon as you can. If you kill the Weezing here, Alolan Muk will inherit his Levitate ability and have no weakness. That's why I prefer taking out the Alolan Muk first. Keep fainting all the Pokemon on the left side of the battle, so it becomes a 2vs1. When there's only 1 Pokemon left, use Revives and heal up your team to prepare for the 2nd battle. If you can get the Trick Room off as soon as it starts, just play to your type advantages and you will come away with the victory. After the battle, he will return home in Lapis Ward, next to the Pokemart. Bring him the Vanillite from 7th street and give it to him after speaking with him multiple times. After that, return to the Grand Hall and speak with DJ Arclight to get your reward. The Mega-Z Ring, lets you mega evolve Pokemon and use their Z-Moves. You must have the required Mega Stone or Crystal though. ================== Water Gym - Badge16 ================== Fly to Celestinine Cascade and enter the Gym. Enter the northern doors to start it. Grab a Pokemon that can use Surf, Dive and Waterfall for now. There's a PC next to the entrance if you need to use it. Dive into the water and take the southern path. Follow it around and keep surfacing in the brighter spots and diving back into the water to reach the northern part of the gym. Speak with Amaria at the top of the gym. She will start swimming around underwater. You can also jump the platforms south of you to get a warp to and from the gym entrance to here. After warping back to the entrance, Dive into the water again. Take the western path this time and when it splits between north and south, follow it north. Keep following this path and after you go up a waterfall, go through the next room and you will find an area that keeps changing colors. Amaria will be in here. Speak with her and she will run off again. Exit north out of this room and in the next, exit west. Go up a waterfall and you will find another room that changes color. Speak with Amaria again to have her swim away. I think depending on your actions between Amaria and Titania, she will either be in the next room south of you, or she will go back to the top of her gym. If shes in the next room south of you, speak with her and wait about a minute for the scenes to progress. Return to the entrance and there's a TM hiding underwater that we can get before the gym battle. Dive into the water and take the east path. Keep following it, until it splits between south and west. Take the west path. When it splits again, take the west path and go north to find TM81 X-Scissor. Return to the entrance and use the warp to reach the top of her gym and challenge her. You can pick between singles, or doubles for this battle. ============================== Amaria (Underwater & Water Fields) ============================== Singles Battle: Rotom (Wash) - Weakness: Grass Ludicolo - Weakness: Flying, Poison, Bug Mega Swampert - Weakness: Grass Kingdra - Weakness: Dragon, Fairy Wishiwashi - Weakness: Grass, Electric Lapras - Weakness: Fighting, Rock, Grass, Electric ======================================== ============================== Amaria (Underwater & Water Fields) ============================== Doubles Battle: Vaporeon - Weakness: Grass, Electric Seismitoad - Weakness: Grass Primarina - Weakness: Poison, Grass, Electric Lanturn - Weakness: Ground, Grass Mega Blastoise - Weakness: Grass, Electric Lapras - Weakness: Fighting, Rock, Grass, Electric ======================================== My Team: Roserade, Magnezone, Toxicroak, Malamar, Reuniclus, Escavalier. Strategy: You can literally win this battle with only Roserade (if you end up in singles). Throw a STAB item on it and use Giga Drain on everyone. The Rotom likes to start the battle by setting up Reflect and Light Screen. He also uses Hydro Pump, which Roserade resists and it has low accuracy. This all means that you have a bunch of free turns. Use it to buff yourself up. X Speed and X Special will sweep the gym. You could also try running Trick Room and Grassy Terrain. After the battle, you will receive the Torrent Badge and TM55 Scald. It says you can use Rock Climb now, but its not enabled until Episode 18. We can get 1 more item now. Fly back to Peridot Ward and speak with the Hiker you received an Onix from near the beginning of the game. If you didn't get the Onix, I don't think he will be here. He will be a bit northeast of the Train Station. I think it needs to be clear weather and morning/daytime for him to appear. He will also give you a Choice Band or Choice Specs depending on the gang you joined. That's everything you can do in Episode 17. There's still all the online sections of the game that you could give a try, while you wait for Episode 18.
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    This thread has been a bit dead lately, but I'll just post this here and show you how I do my trainer mugshots. I know there's a mugshot tutorial on here already, but I take a slightly different approach, so if you're interested you can watch this as well! It's a bit of a long watch, but I hope people will find it useful c:
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    Master Sheet containing a quick reference for extant characters, among other things. This is MANDATORY to fill out and keep reasonably updated; it makes running turns much easier. Primary Characters (Characters in italics have not been updated and reapproved): Mar of Stonerist Chi (Hal Henderics) Edmond Cooper (Strider) Bridgett Myth (rustytengo) Solomon D.R. (Cronos) Hikari Takino (Twinwolf) Alexandria (DragonRage) Venus Tireur (Noir) Isobel and LOTUS (PowderMiner) Friedhold Von Grimmelshausen (StormLord) Walmond and Lambda (GodofGamingRWBY) Rory Gilroy (kj1225) Cicivexa Vivivexa (Unlurking Sentinel) Masako Chichimura (Lucky Lulu) Lyra Concept (AzyWng) Punch Bombdottir (endlessblaze) UB-65 (EryaHistoria) Garnt of Astora (BlitzDungeoneer) Saigai Mitsurugi (Chevaleresse) Secondary Characters: Lexiel (DragonRage) Emphala (ElfCollaborator) Sanada Tsubasa (Chevaleresse) Ritsu (Zetaark) Richard Atton (cronos) Kino Saginomiya (Noir) Navin Gopinath Mhasalkar (Powder Miner) Liliya Ivaneko (Strider) Mira Terumi (GodofGamingRWBY) Spicy HG (StormLord) 6D (Twinwolf) Instructor Prototype (AzyWng) Murasame Hikari (EryaHistoria) Travis Darcy (kj1225) Tertiaries Michael Mot (Cronos) Gozer & Dackly (Hal Henderics) Perlita Diaz (Powder Miner) Gabriel Kowalski (ElfCollaborator) Cell (StormLord) USS Iowa BB-4 (DragonRage) Heidrun Losnedahl (Chevaleresse) Yamashita Ako (GodofGamingRWBY) NPCs Marisa Heroic Spirit Oda Nobunaga Silef Asterlux Inactive/Dropped
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    I'm aware of the Fern remake obviously, it's fine as long as credit is given. Besides, I'll get round to redoing it when I'm better at spriting. At the moment It's the point I can't deliver as strongly in. This obviously means one of my biggest jumps in Ep 2 will be improving in sprite and pixel art
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    Chapter XXI: Cain, Heather, And The Mysterious Dr. Sigmund Connal! I head to the Jasper Ward, only to find that the officer who WOULD have gotten the Growlithe is upset that he doesn't have his Growlithe. Another fellow officer is trying to cheer him up by asking me to trade him a Growlithe so he can give that Growlithe to the poor fellow. I'm going to take matters into my own hands and get his Growlithe back from that Meteor grunt! Well, I talk to the grunt, and it seems the only thing I can do is wait until I can find a Ditto to breed with Growlithe when I evolve it into an Arcanine. I then head on too the Beryl Ward. I head through the Beryl Bridge, and to the Abandoned Power Plant, but I can't get in, no matter what I do. I find a little boy and a Drifloon, but I'll come back for them later. Now, it's time to head to the Beryl Cemetery. I head to the Beryl Cemetery, where I find Cain at a grave, which has just been added. It seems that this new grave is Corey's. Cain didn't expect to see me here, He came up here when he heard about what happened to the old Poison Leader... There's nothing anyone can do for him, but Cain says that he heard he left behind a daughter too. Rather, that she ran away... Cain wants to find her because he wants to take care of her, because it's a big thing, not having anyone to take care of you when you're young... He asks me why I'm here, and it's because I want the key to the Byxbysion Wasteland. However, he mistakes me for asking him out! Well, he's joking at least... He says that he's not really a fan of his sister, because well, she's all "grr." He then strikes a deal with me. If I beat him, he'll give me the key. Sounds like a plan to me! Cain still keeps his Pretty Boy reputation, as he is the fruitiest guy we all know and love. Cain sends out Dewott, while I send out Carvanha, and then switch into Hydra. While I keep using Bite, Cain has Dewott using moves that can barely even hit Hydra. Just when I have Dewott at his last life, Cain heals Dewott with a few Hyper Potions. So, I keep using Bite, and eventually knock out Dewott. Cain sends out Nidoking, which I'm surprised about because I thought he would save Nidoking for last. I switch Hydra out for Carvanha, and switch back into Hydra. While Nidoking uses Thrash on Hydra, I knock him out with Hydra's Aqua Tail. Cain sends out Venomoth, while I send out Carvanha and switch out Carvanha for Gardvoir. Gardevoir uses Calm Mind, and then knocks out Venomoth with Psychic. Cain sends out Grimer, who I just decide to end with Psychic. This battle was too easy! Cain's disappointed he lost, because he doesn't really like giving away Byxbision Wasteland keys. However, a deal's a deal. He notices a girl behind me on top of a cave, and I notice, and find that it's Heather! Cain knows it's Heather too, and Heather wonders how he knows her name, and accuses him of doing anything to her parents. Cain apologizes, and introduces himself to her. He says that he is looking for her because he was worried about her. Heather says he can forget about worrying, because she says she is FINE, and she can be JUST FINE ALL BY HERSELF. Cain tells her to calm down, and he says that he only wanted to be friends with her. However, Heather cuts him off, and tells him to shut up. She says that she didn't ask for anything from him, and she says that she doesn't need anything... However, Cain says that she needs a friend. Heather calls him annoying, and says that she already has a friend. Cain asks who's her friend, and all she says is that her friend is a Gym Leader, and at least she doesn't ask so many stupid questions. Cain tries to calm her down, and says that her friend is probably worried, so Heather should probably go to her. Heather conforms to his request, and says only if it will get her away from him. She then takes flight on Salamence to the Lapis Ward. Cain then starts to sing about her being lonely. He says that he's going to go down to the Lapis Ward, and asks me if the Gym Leader is Shelly, which is indeed correct. He apparently doesn't give me the key, because now he's off chasing after her before she flies somewhere else! I might as well go there too, but first, time to find whatever is in that cave! I stumble upon the cave, and I find a long path, finding rocks to smash, and I find a ladder. I head down the ladder, only to find a room with two cages and a gate. I don't know where the gate leads to, but I head forward on my quest. I climb down the ladder, and head out of the cave. I find myself in the Rhodochrine Jungle, but in a different place. I find myself at the hive of the Nuzleafs, with Shiftry as their leader. I head forward, and they all spot me. Shiftry jumps from his (err, hers, I should say) throne, and lands right in front of me, so now I have to fight a Pokemon Gang again. Well, more like Pokemon Tribe. I send out Charles and Wing Attack every single Nuzleaf, well also burned some because Charles disobeyed. When Shiftry comes out, I'm like "WHOA, that's one strong Shiftry." All of the Nuzleaf were between 20 and 35, but THIS? This Shiftry is level 55! Despite her intimidating level, Charles burned Shiftry to a crisp. After the battle, Shiftry leaves with a few of her followers, leaving only five of them behind. These five Nuzleaf however, seem submissive to me. In fact, I can take ALL FIVE of the Nuzleaf! I wish you could throw more than 2 Pokemon in the Pokemon Daycare Center... Oh well! Time to head back to the Abandoned Power Plant to catch that Drifloon! I head to the Abandoned Power plant, and battle Drifloon. After I catch Drifloon, I talk the little boy, who assumes that it's safe to leave and go home. He lives in the Lapis Ward, and thinks it's safe to go home. PLEASE don't do what Corey did, little boy! He says I'm cool, and that I should visit sometime. Well that sometime is now, because I have to follow Cain and find Heather! He thanks me, and goes home. I head to the Jasper Ward, heal my Pokemon, and find the Emolga that was flying around before, but now it's sleeping! Perfect time to catch Emolga! But just when I thought I could easily catch the sleeping squirrel, Emolga just wakes up, and attacks. Oh well, it's not like it has any offensive power against a GYARADOS! I weaken Emolga and catch it easily. I have no other need to stay here, so I follow the boy back to the Lapis Ward to find Cain and Heather. I wander around the Lapis Ward after I arrive, and find the little boy's mother in a house, worried about her son. I relieve her by telling her that I found her son hanging around with a Drifloon. After I caught the Drifloon, the boy returned safely to the Lapis Ward. However, since he's not here, I have to go look for him. I'm going to go retrace my steps! On my way back to the Jasper Ward, I find a Mime Jr. on the Opal Bridge. I talk to it, but it vanishes from me and goes behind me. I walk close to it again, but it runs away from me again! I walk to the other side of the bridge, and find Mime Jr. again, but it runs away AGAIN! As I get off of the Opal Bridge, I find Mime Jr. Again. And it runs away from me. Again. I find it on the bridge again, and it runs away again. THIS time, I go around the other side, and sneak up behind Mime Jr. However, I surprise the Mime Jr., and it attacks me. I catch the little mime, and I head to the Jasper Ward quickly. I get to the Jasper Ward, and find that a Venipede Gang lead by Scolipede is attacking the little boy in a corner! The little boy cries out for help, and I'm just in time too. Scolipede turns around, and attacks me instead! Time to save a little boy, and lay waste to these worms! Well, more like Pokemon Swarm. This place is SWARMING with Venipedes! I lay waste to the Venipedes by sending out Charles and knocking them out with Wing Attack. After dealing with them, Scolipede comes out to play. Unfortunately for me, Charles got poisoned from Venipede's Poison Point. Not only that, but Charles gets knocked out from a vicious Venoshock attack. I send out Gardevoir, and use Psychic to finish off Scolipede. That battle didn't last long, because there were only three of them! The Venipede Swarm retreat, and the little boy is speechless. He then fan-boys about how awesome I am for saving him, and says that I took them on all by myself, and just keeps thanking me. Apparently, he was on his way home, and those things cornered him. However, he's sure he can make it home now, but I'm not too sure of that... He then thanks me again, and leaves. NOW I can go back to the Lapis Ward! I head back to the Lapis Ward, and head into the little boy's house. What do I find? The little boy. Safe and Sound. GREAT! His mother thanks me so much for saving her baby. She says it's not much, but she gives me a Department Store Sticker. THAT IS WORTH SOMETHING!!! Apparently, the little boy now looks up to me as a role model. Anyways, with that side quest done, I leave. I head to the Lapis Ward Gym and up Shelly's Room, and I find Cain, Heather, and Shelly. Heather yells at Cain some more, and wonders why he is following her. Cain tells her that it's not good to be alone right now, and Shelly agrees with him, saying that she's worried about Heather. Heather just tells Shelly to shut up, and asks her what kind of friend she is. Shelly tries to apologize, but Cain explains to Heather that she is hurt and confused, scared, and he gets it. He assures her it's okay, and says that he's been there too, but Heather tells him to just shut up, and says that he doesn't know her. Heather tries getting rid of Cain by showing him that Shelly is her friend. She asks Shelly if she's her friend, and Shelly says that Heather is her ONLY friend. Heather says that's good enough for Cain, and tries to get rid of him. She even tells Shelly to make BOTH me and Cain go away. Shelly apologizes, and tries to kick me out. Cain tells Heather that most friends don't boss each other around like that, but Heather tells him to not tell her what to do, even though he's not. All he's saying is that Shelly seems to be scared when Heather is yelling at her. He asks Shelly if she wants Heather to be nicer to her, and she agrees. Heather gets in a rage at Shelly, and stops being Shelly's friend. She accuses us of all ganging up on her, and she tries to leave, warning us not to stop her. Meanwhile Cain is a bit annoyed, but shakes it off. He tells me and Shelly to quickly chase after her and stop her, because she's only going to keep hurting herself like this. Shelly follows Cain out, and so will I! I head out to find them, but I see them encountered by Dr. Sigmund and his orderlies. Heather yells at Sigmund to get out of her way, but he scolds her for speaking to him in a rude manner. Heather just tells him to shut up and move. Sigmund asks her if her parents taught her any manners, but Cain steps in and tells him to lay off of Heather. Sigmund then takes Cain's sass, and says that he is a Doctor, not a 'geezer.' He worked many hours for that title, and in turn, he expects to be addressed appropriately. However, Cain respects his wish by calling him Dr. Geezer. Saying this causes Heather to laugh, something that Cain unexpectedly caused her to do. However, Heather tries defending her ego, and denies herself laughing, and says she had something stuck in her throat. Cain asks her if she had a giggle stuck in her throat, but before she can say anything, Sigmund breaks up their giddy humor by asking Heather where are her parents. Heather tells him to shut up about that, and Shelly tells Sigmund that Heather's parents aren't... here anymore... Sigmund finds this the opportunity to take Heather into his orphanage, but first he asks her who her caregiver is. Heather yells at him, and says that she doesn't need anyone, and that means Cain. Sigmund then says that he has a solution. He himself runs a service for the children of Reborn. He gives homes to those who have none. Food, Shelter- even many friends, just like us. He asks Heather if this sounds nice, but Heather says that she doesn't want anything from him. Sigmund says that she doesn't need to be rude, for he is offering her a home. He is offering her everything she needs to get her life back on track. He asks her, "Why do you resist?" Heather resists because Sigmund is a creep, and that no girl would ever want to be around him. Sigmund replies that it is she who does not have a choice. According to Sigmund, under Article 4, Section 9, Clause 3, Sigmund and his orderlies are responsible for the actions of all orphaned children in the city of Reborn, wherein the status of an orphan is defined as one who has no living parents nor legal guardians willing and capable of providing subject. Also according to Dr. Sigmund, under Article 7, Section 2, Clause 2, Sigmund and his orderlies are granted authority to adopt into custody any discovered orphan within the city limits, provided he or she cannot produce legal documentation of guardianship in or outside of the municipal district. He has no choice, but he tells his orderlies to seize her. However, Cain sasses Sigmund and tells him to back off. Heather demands the orderlies to let go of her, but Sigmund orders them to take her, and threatens us not to interfere. According to Sigmund, physical interruption to this procedure qualifies as both personal assault as well as severe delinquency detrimental to standard city functions, and can and will result in a lawsuit against our names, followed by a criminal record. After taking away Heather, he tells us to have a good day. Cain wonders what's Sigmund's deal, and Shelly realized that she was the one who got Heather kidnapped. Shelly then runs back to her Gym, with Cain chasing after her. I chase after them, and find them back in Shelly's Room. When I find them, Shelly is slamming her head in self pity for opening up her mouth to Sigmund about Heather's parents. Cain tells her not to blame herself for what the creep does, because he's his own demon. Cain says it was his own fault too, because he chased her out of here. However, he wants to help too. Shelly is afraid that Heather is going to be mad, and says that she is a bad friend to Heather. However, Cain reassures her, and says that she was there for her, and that's what friends do. He then sings a little tune, and cheers up Shelly, and confuses her at the same time. He says that we have to take a stand to Sigmund. We have to infiltrate the orphanage, and bust Heather out. Shelly asks, "Won't we be in trouble?" Cain admits she's right, but Heather's already in trouble, so we have to take that chance. Meanwhile... Heather is taken to a room where she is held down by Dr. Sigmund's orderlies, due to her behavior. He then tells his orderlies to begin treatment at 100 volts. Heather yells at Sigmund and says that he'll never get away with this. Sigmund changes his mind, and makes that 110 volts, and to bind her as well. He tells Heather to hold still... for she might feel a little shock... They proceed to shock her, as Heather is screaming in pain... Cain asks us if we heard anything, and all I heard was Heather screaming. It seems Shelly and Cain heard it too. Cain then says that we should hurry, and says that he'll meet us in front of the orphanage. Shelly follows Cain out, and so I guess I will too. We're going to bust out Heather... Tonight. Current Pokemon Stats Well, Charles certainly went over the limit. There were quite a few Pokemon Swarms in this chapter too. Plus, there were plenty of Pokemon to catch! Next chapter, I'm going to finally see what the Doctor's been hiding in that little shack of a building he has. Oh, and Carvanha leveled up too. Charizard Name: Charles Level: 42 Moves: Wing Attack, Dragon Rage, Flame Burst, SmokeScreen Persian Name: Persian Level: 40 Moves: Taunt, Cut, Bite, Fake Out Gyarados Name: Hydra Level: 40 Moves: Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Bite, Dragon Rage Gardevoir Name: Gardevoir Level: 40 Moves: Magical Leaf, Psychic, Calm Mind, Teleport Carvanha Name:Carvanha Level: 25 Moves: Swagger, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Screech Kadabra Name: Henry Level: 31 Moves: Teleport, Disable, Psybeam, Charge Beam Porygon Name: Porygon Level: 22 Moves: Conversion 2, Tackle, Conversion, Sharpen
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