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    THIS GAME IS NOT ALLOWED TO REPUBLISHED OR DISTRIBUTED (WHETHER IT IS MODIFIED OR NOT) ANYWHERE BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE DEVELOPERS OF THE GAME, RAZ AND MIZZY - - - INTRODUCTION - - - Pokémon Daybreak is a fangame made in Pokemon Essentials, and has been in the works for around 2 years by an extremely small development team. For incentive, we have explored: the Pokémon anime and games, real world locations, mythical legends and more. In no way do we receive any profit for this fangame or anything related to such. We are protected under fair use laws and do not intend to breach those. - - - STORY - - - A meteor has struck, and you, the local professor's new assistant are assigned to the case. However, some mischievous individuals have beat you to it; and are inspecting the meteor for their own purposes. Who are they, and why is the meteor imperative? Pokémon Daybreak introduces the enigmatic region 'Armira', and is centralised around storytelling and challenging gameplay. The game is aesthetically beautiful and there are many unique locations you will encounter on your journey, such as a meteor crash site, a castle and a cherry blossom forest. Themes of exploitation, greed, and history are examined and lore is dotted all throughout the game. Take on the challenge of becoming Pokémon Champion in the all-embracing region of Armira! - - - FEATURES - - - A new and expensive region, 'Armira' 10 Gyms, Elite Four + Champion About 14 hours of gameplay (excluding the Battle Island and Post Game) A custom dex of 600 Pokémon from ALL Gens! An intriguing, climactic story with new, original characters New custom regional forms/variants including: Water Arcanine, Fairy/Dragon Garchomp and more New custom mega evolutions, including those of Lapras and Heliolisk 'Dualeons' are a mix of two eeveelution types to create a new mon Quests (Including optional side-quests) The ability to see ALL encounters in that area from your menu Purely GBA-Themed, with Gen 3 Styled textures,music and many new, custom remixes The Battle Island! (Our version of the Battle Frontier) The 'Armiran Isles' Post-Game which concludes the rest of the story. Coming soon! An active discord where you can interact with other players, the developers, find a FAQ and more Discord: https://discord.gg/KQvnTp5 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ht2nse3ox7fm24k/Pokémon+Daybreak+v1.5.6.2+(BASE).zip/file MANDATORY PATCH (fixes a big issue to do with file corruption): https://www.mediafire.com/file/m6y39bp361fcm01/Daybreak+v1.5.6.3+Patch.zip/file MORE FEATURES + SCREENSHOTS Mystery Gifts! MANY Easter eggs Some regional variants are available, such as Alolan Vulpix More Pokémon to be introduced as part of the Armiran Isles Update Some HMs have been replaced with equipment HMs are now TMs, and TMs are unlimited use Some Pokémon have new moves/movesets, for example Heliolisk can now learn Fire Blast New moves, such as 'Fairy Rush' (which is Garchomp Exclusive) No Z-Moves or Gigantamax Many side, optional areas where you can complete quests, find rare items and Pokémon, etc CREDITS: https://pastebin.com/raw/ESciac22
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    The game is supposed to feel like real life and deals with complex themes. No time to sit and mourn, gotta grind and get the rest of your friends out of trouble.
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    Welcome to Pokémon Desolation - Story - What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? No... perhaps it's something more? Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, inexpiable events happening in every corner. However, somewhere deep down, there is something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and go down in history. What is your dream? Is it to be a hero? The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely. - Features 5.1 - - Obtainable List - - Episode 5 - Somnium - Important Note 1: If you are updating from E4, you may continue to E5 content by entering your room in the Cellia Manor. Important Note 2: Episode 5 runs on a new, faster engine, MKXP. To run Desolation, use 'game-z.exe'. If you have issues with game-z, instead try running 'game.exe'. Finally, please note that during the update to Gen 7 and the movement to the new engine, many move ID's had to be shifted, resulting in a small number of instances where Pokemon have different moves than they should (ONLY in save files created prior to E5). - Download Links - 7 Badges are available as of this release. Version 5.1, 07/07/2020 For those of you updating from 5.0.4/5.05 and want a smaller, manual patch for 5.1 - download THIS file (4 MB) and extract its contents into Desolation's root directory (the one with game.exe), overriding the previous content. Do not load this update from the Manor Basement, Silver Rise, Bountilia Island OR Odis Village Windows Mirror 1: Mega (521 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (521 MB) Mac Mirror 1: Mega (524 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (524 MB) Created by Caz, Ruby Red, and Posty Thanks to andracass for creating a Mac version of the game Feels good to be back Want to lend me a hand? Support me on Patreon! - Other Screenshots - - Credits - - Full Cover Art (downloadable) - PBS files can be downloaded by clicking here
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    the three votes for adam's right tit and the one vote for adam's left tit took me out oml...
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    Hey, yeah hi. So first I wanna say I finished 2 games on one day. Astral Chain and Pokemon Desolation. First Astral Chain. @Maqqy You were right. Astral Chain, definitely worth playing. Freaking loved it and I might replay. Second, Pokemon desolation. HOLY CRAP. @Posty @Ruby Red @Caz You guys did an AWESOME job with this and I cannot wait for Episode 6. Episode 5 answered a lot of my questions and theories and I gotta say JESUS CHRIST what an experience. So yeah wanted to show my appreciation to those I've mentioned. And a goodnight to all of you wonderful, beautiful people in this community!
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 76 This might literally be the longest episode ever and it's just a feel-good/chill one. I wonder what my word count for all of FEtR is so far lol Also, donut tri burning forests if you ain't authorized! Tbh donut do anything Sandy in game or in this fanfic suggests but prolly that goes for most of what Vanini does too lol I accepted helping out in city restorations, but I later realized that I chose the wrong job to help out with. Going out of my way to talk with strangers and convince them to do volunteer work was something that required carisma, and I had none of that. Perhaps that’s why Candy asked me if I’d need help, but she was too subtle about it for me to get her meaning. Complaining about my task led me nowhere, so I started walking aimlessly around the city. I approached people who, first of all, looked approachable, and second, looked like they had nothing better to do. I found a few sitting on park benches individually. Surprisingly some of them agreed to help out, but they didn’t add up to the quota of 10 people. I went to many of the wards, including Onyx, to which I hadn’t gone on my first tour of the renovated city. Onyx Ward had never been a site of PULSE damage and had been far enough from the earthquake’s epicenter so I wasn’t surprised to find it pretty much the same as I remembered it. The only things that were obviously different were the cleanliness of the streets and that most buildings had received a fresh coating of paint. However, I soon found that it had been altered more than I imagined. “Hey, isn’t that Vanilla? The albino girl who’s beating Team Meteor up?” “OMG why is she here? Is she giving a speech at school?” These were the kinds of conversations I heard as I approached OTS. Apparently students were the most impressionable by the recent events, and welcomed me as a celebrity of sorts, which felt both flattering and annoying at the same time. “I battled her when she had just arrived in Reborn,” boasted one of the guys to his friends, and then he looked at me. “Do you remember we did, Vanilla?” I remembered he was the blondie that had once collaborated with Fern to keep me out of Florinia’s Gym. “Yeah I remember you. Hope you no longer need to kiss Fern’s ass.” The kids laughed and teased him and he countered by pointing out that they had also been cowards with regards to Fern because he was the headmaster’s brother. I left the kids to argue among themselves who had been the biggest coward and carried on with my search of volunteers. I couldn’t get a single student to help out with the restoration, because apparently they were just days from final exam week and had no time to do much other than study, and apparently sit in groups to gossip. I didn’t press them much and left the Ward behind. When I was walking south through Obsidia, I noticed a small group of men smoking. I approached them, even though they didn’t see me with friendly eyes. “Hey, I’m looking for volunteers to help out in the city restorations. Would you be willing to give a hand?” The men looked at each other and laughed. “Lil girl thinks we can waste time helpin’ out for free,” said one of them. “Well, you seemed to have time to waste around smoking. Excuse me for assuming,” I said. “Ya know, people like us in the slums also gotta take a break like ya wealthy folk.” “Besides they be sayin’ they gonna fix the slums, and look they ain’t done anything yet. They be sayin’ Obsidia slums is next, but that’s all a load of bull. Why’d we wanna help people who give no sh*ts about us, eh?” “It takes a lot of money to fix any place, and all of you living here got no money to donate. People are donating to fix the slums, I assume, just that it’ll take longer than a place that gets a lot of funding from companies and wealthy people,” I said, even though I wasn’t too knowledgeable of the topic to go in depth about it. “However, if you’d help out in the restoration, we might finish the on-going projects faster and get to work on the slums faster as well.” “Ya may got a point but we ain’t got time to be working for free. Sorry lass, ya gotta find people with the luxury to volunteer.” I gave up on trying to convince these people since it appeared to be a waste of everyone’s time. Yet, when I was about to leave, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face. The familiar face also recognized me, but froze as though he had seen a truck about to hit him. “I’m no longer Aqua Gang,” said the guy whose nose I’d broken once, and who had also witnessed me steal a bunch of Aqua and Magma gang bikes a long while ago. “Please don’t hit me again.” “You’re no longer in Aqua Gang? Did Archer kick you out because I stole your bikes?” “No. I got a scolding for that, though. Thanks for asking.” “Razzy, you know the lil girl?” said one of the smokers. “Yeah, she’s Vanilla. Ya know, the girl who beat Maxwell in battle and disbanded the Magma gang.” “What? Brooo. We got a celebrity here huh? So Maxwell lost to this girlie, eh? No wonder he drinks like a sore loser.” “Do you think you could do better?” I snickered. “Maxwell wasn’t half as strong a pokemon trainer as any of the gym leaders I’ve defeated.” “The Magma gang getting dismantled was a matter of time. You just sped things up for us,” said Razzy. “The Aqua gang will also get dismantled in no time,” I said. “Its leader is an ass after all.” Razzy was quiet and bit his lips after I said this. He seemed to be at a loss on what to say, which I thought was odd, for he struck me as the type to speak as soon as a thought crossed his mind. “Don’t tell me,” I laughed. “He already sank his gang, didn’t he?” I half-meant it as a joke, for I had seen Archer only a few days ago, and didn’t think he looked any different from how he had looked before. At least, he didn’t seem to be as distressed as I hear Maxwell is, for losing his gang. “Kind of, yeah,” replied Razzy at last. “Ever since the city began to be renewed, we knew that it was a death sentence for us. They got us out of our hideout and the alleyway is now a little park. Our chief is trying to get us jobs to lead lives like everyone else, so even though he hasn’t openly said we’re done with Aqua gang, we kind of are, in practice.” “He lectured me on morality, judged me for having my gang, and yet he led one himself. He’s a hypocrite. It’s no wonder he got what he deserved.” “I don’t know about your gang, but we weren’t just any gang,” Razzy snapped. “Chief is a great man. He gave us a place to call home. We were doing good for the city, in our unique way, too. We fought the Magma gang that was robbing innocent people and doing all sorts of messed up stuff. We also fought this old woman that treated everyone like trash just cause she had lots of money, and now she’s a little more docile and doesn’t support illegal pokemon dealers. We did lots of stuff, even though people thought ill of us just for being a group of uneducated folk.” “Sounds similar enough to my own gang back in my hometown that I’ll still call Archer a hypocrite.” “Do what you want, fam. But in my opinion, you’re dead wrong about him.” “So he’s getting y’all jobs? What’s yours, Razz? I haven’t seen you dressed up with a necktie yet.” One of his smoker friends teased and pushed him playfully. “Cut that out,” Razzy said. “It ain’t chief’s fault that I’m a good-for-nothin’. He’s doing his best but last time, he tried to get me a job cutting trees and I accidentally annoyed a rattata that ended up scratching his arm. They also fired me the same day they hired me cause I let the tree fall down close to our supervisor and this obnoxious girl that was trying to negotiate with him. I think he wasn’t happy about me not dropping the tree on her. Anyhow, I don’t know if chief’s still trying to get me a job, but I ran from 7th Street so that I could avoid troubling him.” “So that’s why I’ve been seeing you around so often these days,” laughed his friend. “And wouldn’t you be interested in volunteering for the city restoration?” I asked, very casually. “You might learn a skill or two that might help you get a paying job in the future.” I was sounding like my father when he tried to convince me to work in his gunball factory for free when I was fifteen, but I didn’t think it would be a bad idea in this case. “Do you think they could give me free food? I’m sort of starving.” “I don’t know but I’m sure I can work something out with Adrienn.” “Alright then. I don’t know how I’ll mess up this time but count me in.” I was glad that this long conversation didn’t end up completely wasting my time. I told Razzy to meet Adrienn at the Grand Hall and to tell xem about his free food condition. If xe didn’t acquiescence immediately, I’d make xem when I met xem later. Since South Obsidia didn’t appear likely to get me any more volunteers, I visited the wards on the other side of the Opal Bridge. I was becoming tired of walking so I told Pikachu that we’d take a break and eat some ice cream. I remembered once getting a blue moon ice cream from Terra and giving it to Titania when we found her nearly starving in the water treatment center. Unfortunately, the ice cream lady didn’t have that flavor, kind of supporting what Titania had said about it being a rare flavor. I wasn’t picky when it came to sweets anyway. The only flavor I refused to eat was vanilla, because classmates teased me as a kid whenever I ate a vanilla flavored thing with “Vanilla eating Vanilla” jokes. Pikachu, however, appeared to prefer vanilla, so I happily bought one cone for him. I chose chocolate. We sat down on a bench in Opal ward to eat our ice cream while we watched the blue lake water reflecting sunlight and a few yachts coming and going. “It’s crazy that we were captured by the enemy only this morning,” I said. “Look at everyone just carrying on with their lives, blissfully unaware that this region’s champion lost her life to the terrorists’ boss.” It was apparently time for school children to go home, and I saw a bunch of families passing by us. One of the kids had a globe, which he let go of, but Pikachu extended a hand and grabbed it before it went away to the sky. The kid wiped away the tears that were only seconds away from falling, and thanked Pikachu and me for saving his globe. He skipped all the way until he and his mother turned on a corner and went out of our sight. “If only someone could come help us, don’t you think sometimes? Yet, it’s us that’s always doing the helping. Ame died because we couldn’t go save her, and no one else could do the saving... I wish the weight on my shoulders were a little lighter, but I guess I chose to be a heavy lifter when I decided to go down a rabbithole.” I licked some more of my ice cream, which slightly melted as soon as it touched my tongue. “This ice cream is lovely. How’s yours?” Pikachu tilted his disguise’s head and squealed loudly. I saw that he had stained the chest part of his cloak, but he didn’t appear to mind too much. We stayed sitting on the bench until I finished eating. Not long after, we stood up to get going. We still needed a couple more people to join the volunteers team. However, we were stopped in our tracks when we saw a sky blue-colored nidoran rush out of the ornate bush next to us. She made a quick turn and jumped onto Pikachu. At first, I thought it was a wild pokemon attack, but I judged, from the way she was burrowing her face in Pikachu’s disguise, this was not the case. “What’s this? A girlfriend of yours, Pikachu?” I said, but then frowned. I had unwittingly imitated sixth-sense Hazel. Pikachu shook his disguise’s head but allowed the nidoran to keep close to him. After another round of warm hugs, the nidoran separated from him, and noticing the stain on his disguise, said something to him in a language I couldn’t understand. Then, she ran in front of us and looked back and hopped, signaling us to follow her. Pikachu pulled onto the hem of my skirt and walked after her, so I followed suit. We walked all through Peridot ward up north to Jasper. We had already been there once, but it was still amazing to me how great a job the restoration had done in this ward. In the end, the nidoran led us to a leavanny who was handing out advertisements in a corner. I thought she looked out of spirit, for her antennae were droopy and her smile that always adorned Candy’s leavanny wasn’t on her face. She cheered up a little, though, when she saw her friend bringing us near her. (“Ynnie! Remember Pikachu? You made his one-of-a-kind disguise a while back,” said Nina. “Of course I do. His clothes are one of my proudest works,” Ynnie said. “But look at how dirty it is now. I can tell you’ve walked miles with just a look at your hem. And the yellow-ish stain, is it ice cream? I can’t let you go walk around like that now that I’ve seen you.”) I couldn’t understand anything they said, but the leavanny pulled on Pikachu’s disguise and Pikachu did his best to keep her from pulling up his clothes. I stepped in to help separate them, but the leavanny wasn’t happy about that. She shrieked some more to me, and pointed at the stain on Pikachu’s disguise. “What, you don’t like the stain, do you?” The leavanny nodded. “And you want to clean it?” The leavanny nodded again. I looked at Pikachu, who shook his body profusely, sending the disguise’s head flinging around. It would seem that Pikachu didn’t want to take off his disguise, though I didn’t know why until I took a peek at the Pokedex. Mimikyus are apparently self-conscious about their appearance under their cloaks. Something about some researcher dying from shock yadda-yadda. Even though I doubted my friend could look hideous enough to scare me, I chose not to push him to do what he wasn’t comfortable doing. “Give me a second,” I said to the leavanny, and started stretching my dress’ hem. Once I had gotten it to a good size, I ripped it apart and covered Pikachu with it. “Now no one can see you beneath that pink blanket,” I said to him. “Could you take off your disguise so she can clean it for you?” Pikachu didn’t answer, but the pink blanket shook once, twice, and moved to the left, leaving the skin of a pachirisu-looking mimikyu behind. The leavanny leaped on top of the cloak as though it were her prey, and ran away from us with incredible speed. Where she went to, I had no idea. I also didn’t know whether we were supposed to wait for her standing there, but really, couldn’t go anywhere else until she returned Pikachu’s cloak. We waited there for about ten minutes, when we saw someone heading towards us. It wasn’t the leavanny, and I wouldn’t have remembered who he was, had I not had a passing conversation about him with Razzy and his friends earlier. The ex-leader of the Magma gang seemed to recognize me too, for he stopped for a moment and hesitated whether or not to continue walking. Eventually, he decided to continue. “Vanilla. Long time no see,” he said. “I’ve come to replace my co-worker. Has she given you one of these?” He handed me an advertisement. I read it silently. The advertisement was for Titania’s gym, which was apparently going to start accepting challengers two weeks from now. Judging from the minimalistic design, I presumed Titania herself made it. “You’ve become quite the celebrity around these parts,” he said snarkily. “But I’ve also become famous in my own way as the Magma gang leader who was forced to dismantle his gang. Ironically, now your gang is dismantled too, what with the increased policing in Lapis Ward.” It appeared that this guy still believed that I had been part of Aqua gang, so I spoke to clear my name. I explained to him that I had never been part of the gang, but that had struck a forceful deal with Archer, which my side of the bargain involved defeating him in battle. Maxwell was surprised by this revelation. “You should’ve questioned my being part of Aqua gang,” I said. “I wasn’t even wearing a uniform. We both fell right into Archer’s trap.” “That annoying police-wannabe. Yet, even if I went to get revenge on him, nothing would change. Neither of our gangs can return.” “You’re surprisingly calm,” I said without irony. Had I been in his shoes, I surely would have chased Archer to the depths of Hell at once. “When I’m not under the influence of alcohol, I try to keep calm by reminding me that I want to be a different kind of person,” he said. “Once my fire was extinguished by you, I sought a lifestyle that didn’t rely on robbery or violence. I thought that maybe I could be happier that way, without having to worry about the police or the Aqua gang threatening my peace.” He raised the bunch of advertisements in his hand and laughed from his nose. “So far, I haven’t had much success. At least the money I get paid from handing these papers gets me alcohol. And I’ve made some new friends along the way, so maybe it’s not as bad as it could be.” Maxwell nodded to the nidoran and she ran around his legs in the path of an infinity symbol. “Nina and Ynnie lost their homes in Malchous Forest due to the deforestation. I think we can all relate to one another’s homelessness.” Since there still were no signs of Ynnie, the leavanny, Maxwell and I stood for some more time talking while he handed adverts to the occasional passerby. He was much more of a likeable character than Archer, which made me slightly remorseful that I gave a hand to the latter and became the reason his gang dismantled. Alas, I unfortunately had no choice: it was Shelly and Luna, or the gang of someone I didn’t know. My bias was clear. I also wasted no time in asking him whether he would be interested in volunteering for the city. He didn’t even think about it before he laughed and refused. “I don’t have anything against volunteering,” he said. “But now that I don’t steal, I need to make a living out of something, even if it’s this mind-numbing job. I have some loans I gotta pay off.” He also said that he had gotten this advertising job thanks to a connection he had, because otherwise no one would hire him. He was too known as a thief and troublemaker to be given a chance. However, he also clearly stated that he did not regret one bit about his lawless past. “Sure, the law dictates that stealing is wrong. Archer and his gang came down on mine like rabid dogs mainly due to that,” he said. “But what’s the law? A bunch of rules written by privileged people who know nothing about not having anything to eat or a roof to sleep under. And then, they say everyone’s got to follow those rules or they’ll get beaten. I don’t think I did wrong leading a gang that stole for a living. If I no longer steal it is because, well, you forced me to lose my gang, and also because they got me tired of running.” What irony! Had I accidentally happened by the Magma gang instead of the Aqua gang, I might’ve formed a better alliance with them. If I told them about our similar backgrounds as people who fought against the oppression of the law, I am sure that at least they would have shown me kindness that wasn’t in Archer’s vocabulary. I would’ve even helped them get rid of the Aqua gang without asking anything in return. Yet, I kept this information to myself, for it came in too late for it to do any good. At last, Ynnie came back with a bigger smile than before. She whistled a tune and showed all of us her proud work. Pikachu’s cloak had been thoroughly repaired, starting with the stains and ending with the stitchwork on the neck, which was starting to snap under the weight of the head. Pikachu shuffled in the pink bubble gum cloth, and changed into his disguise at once. He jumped, Nina jumped, Ynnie whistled and all were very delighted. It unknowingly brought a smile to my face. “So you said these two lost their homes due to deforestation?” I asked Maxwell. “They’re not the only ones. Ever since constructions started all over the city, people have been cutting a lot of trees in Malchous Forest and Rhodochrine Jungle, causing many wild pokemon to relocate to the Jasper and Beryl Wards. The other day, I heard a massive amount of kecleon took over Beryl Ward, and people kept bumping into or tripping over them because they’re invisible.” “That’s odd. I haven’t seen that many wild pokemon around.” “That’s because there have been a lot of new trainers coming in from all over the world, now that Reborn City’s restoration has made it to international news. They’ve been the main people fighting and catching the pokemon that came into the wards.” “Oh? So they opened the train station?” “Yeah, like about a week or two ago.” I fell silent. That meant I could technically return to Everland now, if I was ready. I knew my team had grown quite strong, so I felt quite confident that we’d be ready in that regard. “If you’re thinking about leaving the Reborn region, you might want to head to the station soon to book a ticket. There’s been a massive wave of people leaving the city, quite matching the number of trainers that have flooded in to challenge the League. The international trips outbound are all booked up for at least a month.” I looked down at Pikachu, who looked back up at me. “No, I wasn’t thinking of leaving,” I said. “I wouldn’t judge you if you were. Team Meteor is still occupying Labradorra and you never know what their next move will be,” he said but then corrected himself. “What am I saying. I’m sure you know the situation better than me. After all, you’re the savior of this region. So, maybe I should judge you, if you were to leave us.” “No one should call me a savior. I didn’t begin fighting Team Meteor with noble causes,” I said, remembering the conversation I had with Florinia right after our Gym battle. “Noble or not, we’d probably be all dead or enslaved by now if you weren’t fighting them,” he said. “Thanks.” I broke eye contact with him and shrugged. “I have to continue looking for volunteers, so I’ll take my leave now. Pikachu, say bye to your friends, we’re going.” Pikachu held both of his friends hands and waved them goodbye. Maxwell also waved at me, but I didn’t wave back. I planned on heading North from Jasper to see if any of the Beryl ward residents would be interested in volunteering; however, Pikachu pulled me back. “What’s the matter?” I asked him. He kept pulling on my dress’ hem and with his other arm, pointed in the direction of Malchous Forest. “You want to go to to Malchous Forest? There probably aren’t that many people we can ask to volunteer there.” However, Pikachu insisted that we go, so I granted his wish. We headed into the forest, although it was so cleared of trees that I believed we should start calling it park. I had come here once already, but was surprised to find that the girl with the placard that was demonstrating against deforestation was still there marching and shouting. “Pokemon are losing their homes! Stop deforestation! The Earth is crying! Stop deforestation!” Pikachu ran towards her and started walking behind her. What he wanted me to do was pretty clear. I walked up to the girl and made her shut up for a minute. “I don’t think that’s going to work,” I told her. “Don’t you have pokemon on you? Everything in this region is solved by battling.” “I thought about that, but look. There’s way too many people we’d have to battle.” “I’m sure they’re weaker than Team Meteor grunts,” I said, and started engaging one person in battle. The girl had no choice but to agree with my methods, because another woodcutter came to her to battle. I defeated woodcutters at twice the rate she did, until we had to stop because one of them brought someone to deal with us. “That’s them. Those are the ones causing a disturbance,” said the man wearing a hard hat. The person he’d brought with him was Adrienn. Xe was surprised to see me there, but the girl started talking to xem before xe had time to ask me what I was doing. “Mx. Flores! It’s great seeing you. I just need a moment of your time to talk about the deforestation of Malchous and other environmental concerns following the city’s restoration.” “You must be the Reserve Ground Leader, Sandy,” Adrienn said. “I read that you were like this.” “That’s right, but what’s important is that you take action to ensure the safety of our world. I’ve submitted several petitions-” “Yes, yes. I’ve read them. I understand your concerns, but in each case, it’s not as simple as just immediately throwing people at the issue. We’ll keep working towards a satisfactory solution, but in the meantime… Could I ask you not to accost the city workers?” “Yeah, we’re just working to get paid. It’s not our decision to cut down these trees, ya know,” said one of the woodcutters I defeated. “Most of these trees were generated artificially by the PULSE that was set here, too. We haven’t actually cut into the trees that were part of the forest before that incident,” added Adrienn. “Well, a lot of pokemon had made those trees their homes after the PULSE was taken down,” I said. “Now they have to find new homes because of the deforestation.” “I wish there was an easy fix to this issue, Vanilla. We need trees for the construction works, so I can’t negotiate on that front. The pokemon that lost their homes have mostly been captured by trainers to make pokeballs their new homes. I think that will have to do while we finish up the work around the city. Once that is done, I will start a project to improve the conditions of this forest, much like we’ve done with Azurine Island.” Adrienn then said to me that xe had taken care of sending a search group to the fake Devon corp building and the house we exited from earlier today. Xe asked me if I had gotten the 10 volunteers, to which I had to give a negative answer. “I’ll be in my Gym now. Come when you’ve finished your task, alright? I look forward to battling you.” Saying this, xe turned around and left us there. “Welp, I guess battling the woodcutters didn’t work too well, but I’m going to mark it as a partial success. At least I got to get acquainted with Mx. Flores. That’s gotta get me somewhere.” “Do you have any idea what we could do now? I have a couple of friends who’d like to have their homes back, and waiting isn’t my style.” Sandy thought about this for a moment. “Well, I guess we could plant new trees so that they start growing meanwhile,” she suggested. “How long would it take for them to grow?” “Hmmm, about 10 years, perhaps?” I shook my head. That was way too much time. “Isn’t there a way to speed up the process? We could use pokemon to grow them faster, can we not?” “Well, maybe, but I don’t think this soil would help us speed up the process.” she squatted down and scooped up some soil. She explained that the deforestation had left the soil with little nutrients to support new growth. Over time, the grass and leaves would die and decay, providing nutrients for new growth, but that would obviously take a long time. “One thing that could help would be to burn part of the forest and then plant over it,” she thought aloud. “However, that’d have to be done by fire type pokemon, because they can control fires better than we could. I’m scared of burning down the whole forest.” “I have one fire type. Would that be enough?” Sandy touched the grass and shook her head. The grass was too humid for one fire type’s flames to be strong enough. “If we can get a team of fire type and grass type Pokémon, I think we could make it work,” she said. I had three grass type Pokémon: Bambi, Cinderella and Queen of Hearts. To them, I could maybe volunteer Ynnie. I saw that Sandy had a ludicolo and a torterra as well, so that would make a group of six. As for fire, I only had Anna, and Sandy had no fire types. I thought of fire type users who could help. Charlotte was in Calcenon which was too far from here, and Cal, well, I had no idea where he could be at the present moment. Right then, I remembered that I didn't necessarily need a Gym leader or ex-leader. “Wait. I think I literally just passed a person who can help,” I said. “Give me a second.” I exited the forest and ran over to the corner where Maxwell was standing. “Oh, what’s up?” he asked. “You have fire type Pokémon, don’t you? Would you help Ynnie and Nina get their home back?” He was confused as to where I was going with this, but said that he had and he would. “Good. Follow me. Both of you too. I’ll introduce you to someone.” I passed by the Pokémon center to take out my three grass types, and we headed back to Malchous Forest. Sandy was waiting for us and squealed excitedly when she saw three more helpers. She explained on my behalf what we were trying to do. “Easy. Burning things down was always my Pokémon’s talent.” “Please don’t burn more than we need to,” scolded Sandy. “If we burn even the healthy trees, that’s just making things worse.” “Ditto.” We moved over to a part of the forest where the woodcutters had already cut down all of the trees, leaving behind the stumps all over the place. I sent out Anna and Maxwell sent out another ninetales, a charizard and a houndoom. We placed our pokemon to form a square over the area we wanted to fertilize. That was Maxwell’s idea; he told me each pair at the ends of each side could cooperate to control the fire, if the flames attempted to leave the square. Sandy also sent out her water pokemon to keep the grass on the outside of the square sufficiently wet so that fire wouldn’t easily catch. That way, we were able to burn the grass and tree stumps without jeopardizing the rest of the forest. After the area was burnt, we sent out our grass pokemon. I sent my three pokemon and Sandy sent out a ludicolo and a torterra. All the pokemon used their affinity for grass to speed up the growth of trees from fertile land. The most they could grow was about 10 juvenile trees and a bunch of bushes, but that was better than what we had before. “Good work, you two,” said Sandy to her pokemon. “Your pokemon too, Vanilla and Maxwell. I’ll keep coming here everyday to check on the progress. I’ll protect the trees we’ve grown from anyone who tries to cut them down.” “Call me if you need help. I hand out advertisements in the Jasper ward,” Maxwell said. “I surely will! Thanks a lot.” Maxwell said his goodbyes and returned to his work. As for the wild pokemon, Ynnie and Nina were ecstatic about having bushes to hide and trees to play on. They were already climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch with Pikachu. “It’s great seeing them happy like that,” said Sandy. “I’ll keep working hard to rehabilitate the forest. I have a lot of plans to make Reborn a more environmentally friendly place.” “That’s a noble goal,” I said. “You’ll probably want to keep pestering Adrienn, though. The environment doesn’t seem to be in xyr priorities.” “Yeah. Mx. Flores has done so much. It’s crazy to think how hard-working xe’s been. However, that’s something xe has lagged behind on. If only xe’d team up with me, I’d definitely do great as an environment ambassador, don’t you think?” I wasn’t sure about the answer to her question, but I knew exactly what I could do to bring her hopes a little closer to reality. “I know something you could do to keep pestering xem,” I said with a mischievous smile. “Xe is looking for volunteers to help around in some projects. I’m sure you’d have plenty of time to propose to him all your ideas, if you joined the group.” Yes, maybe I was acting on my own interests, but whatever. “That’s a great idea! I’m heading to Coral ward right now.” “I’ll escort you there. I also have business with xem.” “Your Gym match, right? Good luck!” I called Pikachu back and he jumped from a tree branch onto my shoulder. We waved goodbye to Nina and Ynnie, and followed ecstatic Sandy out of Malchous Forest. I would be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to seeing Adrienn’s face when xe sees who I brought to volunteer with xem. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS
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    the clamperl that kisses back
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    Hey all! As you know I'm the new spriter/artist for Desolation, and since I've been working on this for nearly a year I have some goodies to show... But first! How this'll work is that whenever I have enough art to show, I'll just reply to this topic with it and edit this main post to include it, along with the upload date of the newer images! Easier for you and me to keep track that way~ also some shameless plugs,,, my twitter, instagram and tumblr uwu Lets goooooooooooo New Desolation Logo: Cover Art: Character Art: Character Icons: Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you liked the new character art! **Note, This thread is for all Official Artwork for the Game, If you have created fanart, please post it in this thread here!**
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    Hey guys! If your save somehow got the game breaking strength bug and it's keeping you from completing the game, we have a mini patch available now that should fix this issue and keeps your game from crashing when touching strength boulders. It's something that straight up prevents ppl from completing story sections so it's something we deemed an important enough fix to roll out a mini patch for. This fix will also be included in the files for V13 so it won't have a chance of occurring in newer versions of the game either. Simply download the scripts file included in this post and place it in your data folder where you have the game installed, and you should be ready to go! Have fun! Scripts.rxdata
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    This is an except from my Patreon: "Every version I get a lot of questions asking what contributes to what ending. Will this decision put me towards the good ending? Maybe the bad? The worst? I became sort of tired of these questions, but I understood that it's because nothing is really clear outside of obvious circumstances. For example, the true ending of the chapter involving Melanie. If you get the good option, you'll know. If you get the bad ending, you'll know. But what about other choices in the game? How will I know? It's a long game and I would like to know which choices matter, etc. Well, from v13 and onward, you will know! Every quest that contributes to any ending will notify you. But what do I mean by "notify"? =============================== Quests that contribute to the good and true ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/XhoXDzZ Quests that don't necessarily contribute to any ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/WQPPJYX =============================== But this transparency isn't limited to quests. Any decision you make will clearly display which path it set you down. Decisions that contribute to the good ending will display: https://imgur.com/pzjphHj Decisions that contribute to the bad ending will display: https://imgur.com/APSyL8U ...And decisions that contribute to the worst ending will display: https://imgur.com/hpCBLyz This is all very WIP and the gears will disappear moments after they're displayed. I'll probably make custom graphics for each one, but for now, these are their placeholders. =============================== Speaking of Quests... They've also gotten an overhaul with the use of Quest Cards! These are just a few examples of the new Quest cards I'm working on. Really excited for them and gives each quest their own feel of importance. As shown above, each card will be personally stylized as well. Overall this is mostly a cosmetic change rather than a gameplay/mechanic change. Just one of those things I'm working on when I'm tired and requires not much effort from me." Let me guys know what you think. Any suggestions? Anything else you want clarity on? This is a great time to ask as I'll be watching this thread closely for a while. ...63% hype... Even though most of that is inflated bc of Gen 8 stuff.... But still!!
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    Rejuv fanart dump that already exists on my art thread, but oh well ~ A week late, oops. :')
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    it's okay i don't have the patience to read my posts either i never wanna see this shit again who does this bitch think she is
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    it's been a while since the last update, so i come bringing gifts, or at least screenshots! this area will be featured in the redo of chapter one! also, concerning chapter one's release date, i'm aiming for a late summer release, so sometime in late august or september! see you then!
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    Thank you @Evi Crystal for your comment! And you haven't even seen how Gabriel takes it. So, I haven't been following my posting schedule, it's surprising the amount of things I've had to do these last days -- help grandparents move out, finish writing my master's thesis, understand the answers to some technical questions I had asked the researcher who knows the topic very well... Never mind. About the present chapter -- as you've seen, we've started not following the game's timeline. I think it's a good place to recall a disclaimer I think I already wrote somewhere: Gabriel isn't supposed to be a role model -- he usually means well, but that doesn't make his actions themselves advisable. Chapter 31: Relapse Character rates: Death count:
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    i wouldn't say hate, but i think it has to do more with the fact that she already has several arts and wallpapers i goes more like announcing another Lux skin in league of legends
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    No they are not! nothing in the game will be shiny locked aha So siding with Shiv or not has no impact on the battle sim, we selected a bunch of trainers to go in there, this episode we added 2 new trainers to the sim but yeah, we can add more for ep6 if people want that but the selection there is the only selection for now! There have been a bunch of awesome Shinies that have come through but I can't spoil my favourite (since its in the game) however have this abomination instead
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    I am working on one actually!
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    I wanted to play Redux with the Battle Music pack, so I made a PBS file that mashes both. Posting it here so it's in one place and yall can get it easily. I got both the .dat and the .txt files. To get this into the game just change the .dat file included with the music pack with this one. Have fun! EDIT: I've been told the version I posted is a bit older, so I'm in the process of editing it. EDIT 2: I've updated the PBS and .dat files! trainertypes.txt trainertypes.dat
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    Yea think of the solo mode like that. Since the game supports 4 players, I'd make it at least 2 player co-op as well. Hah I mean it took me 5 months to configure/build the engine and make the 8 that are already in now. My goal is to have one from each type at least. Also side note, I just started on this guy today:
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    No problem Have a good day/nigh
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    Aurora's and Shiv's are the one place you need to look carefully cause there are a lot of those. I don't have a list in my head, but as far as i can remenber there were 2 tricky ones, one that you need to complete a quest in a house in north dreamscape, and one that is only available after a certain part of the story in Oddis Village main building, the rest, if you explore everything, you will find them naturally. Also, you don't need to get all "feelings of curiosity" to get the "good ending", so if you miss a couple there isn't anything wrong with it as far as i know
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    Update 3: The summary sheet The camo on the mugshot I think could use some work, but considering it was an attempt of a original character from scratch with little knowledge on pixel art I'm pretty happy with this. I hope this inspires more creative work in this community. Please feel free to use this as a reference, though crediting me would be appreciated The on/off is for the lighting on the visor meant for stealth/vision If you are confused on what this is, you could consider it to be a sifi knight/samurai hybrid suit because plot armour is overrated, also so you could wrestle a Machamp or tank a Rock Slide if need be
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    on terajuma shore, you can surf to a house which is part of a help center quest named ??? (from Kristilline) inside you will find a Data Drive, which you need for Porygon
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    The real world is scary right now, I wanna go to the pokemon world. -_-
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    I think it's interesting and it could work, but it would take a lot of balancing. Maybe instead of a cooldown, the skills depend on an RNG for their accuracy (or both). After all, instructing your pokemon to dodge doesn't mean it will be able to do so. The skills could also be dependent on the happiness of the pokemon, their current hp, stats and or stat changes (it's hard to imagine a shuckle dodging an attack). But overall it's a really cool idea.
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    I don't know if this had been reported yet but I found a bug. My pokemon's quick claw sometimes makes the opponent to go first instead of mine. This issue has cost me a few battles. I have been really enjoying this game though. It is a great game.
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    hope I did justice to it then
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    Not sure if anyone has posted this before, but if you surf on the water in Route 1, you get stuck here. You'll be able to move directionally, but you cant move from this spot. EDIT: Might also be a tiling error? It looks like I'm still in the water without Surfing...
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    (non-catalina has it)
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    The locked house in the west is not for main story but for side-quest. The book on the west can be found on a cliff with Mightyena on it, animated in 'cross' shape I just finished the Episode. Thanks for the good work, Caz, Posty, and Ruby~ If anything, maybe Desolation can have its own Field Effect, such as field filled with Haze to prevent status enhancing moves, or Field that buffs the opponent defensively rather than offensively. Custom item is an option too. My team is Dark Monotype and I'm expecting Rosetta and Garret to be one hell of a fight but apparently, it's not the case. A-Muk walled Rosetta while Contrary Malamar sweeps Garret. Apart from being locked from Jinx quest (so, no Mega/Z-Ring for me :'), I enjoy the story~
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    I catch zangoose daytime at old woodland in a secret place where you can find sun stone
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    That's the grappling hook! It was the last available item in the last version. Honestly by far my favorite mechanic in the game. No tea, no shade and no pink lemonade, but Pokemon could've done this years ago yet they choose not to. I'm just happy that Temtem is actually implementing these great ideas instead of always storing it in the basement. Yes GF, I'm talking to you honey.
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    Yes! If i.e. trick toom is active at the time of the frozen field activating, it essentially freezes the effects of those moves in place and will not be removed after a set amount of turns unless the field is changed again.
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    Happy Birthday Have a good one May you have favourable predictions today
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    General guideline I've been following when doing my Nuzlocke attempts (so these are all "safe" bets) is: Seacrest's garden in Peridot ward from to level 3-8, upper Peridot alleyway from 10-17, onyx ward rooftop from 14-20 (unless I'm grinding for Florinia, since it's the best place to get to 25, but usually trainer's school gives enough exp), beryl cemetary from 20-30 (very safe with Electric or Rock types so you might go to 35 there instead of under the grand stairway), grand stairway from 25-35, and from then on it's more effective to use the rebattleable Grand Hall trainers. If said trainers are a bit too tough for your mon the next "good" place to grind is all the way in Pyrous Mountain, on the Magcargo static encounters left of the entrance, since every area you gain access to between Shelly and PULSE Muk gives terrible overall exp gains and carries a moderate-to-high risk.
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    Well, my votes were Keta, Crescent and a girl i dont want no name, bec otherwise everyone will blame me lookin forward your art
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    The makuhita actually is catchable, u just have to talk to it again, but yes there are several mons that serve no real purpose atm (Scrafty at Celia docks, Scraggy at North Celia, etc).
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    Perfect, he usually just sleeps, but, this time he ruined coded data just to sleep. Wow
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    Which option provides riolu? I know one path gets gastly, and I got sneasel on my path.
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    I could give you a shiny Litten if you wish
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    G = 7 R = 18 I = 9 D = 4
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day
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    I love the new artwork, Shiv do be giving me some Chrollo vibes tho. Also, Ava's new look has reinforced my belief in the fact that she is, and will always be, b e s t g i r l
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    Several years ago, I had an idea about a very non-traditional Pokemon game, with a lot of mechanics that differ from most Pokemon fangames. It involves an island that was basically trapped in its own time bubble, and recently reappeared in the modern era (right in the middle of a busy shipping route, which initially caused a bunch of chaos). So the world's leading professors and authorities launch a massive investigation into the island, though they quickly determine that the island appears to have been more or less untouched by human hands and technology until now. This causes the world's authorities to enact a rule that for the sake of preservation (and safety of the world, because who even knows what's there), not just anyone should be allowed in, so the nearest region (Hoenn) is given the responsibility of policing all traffic to the island. However, aerial investigations reveal that the island is actually larger than Hoenn itself - and somehow appears to be mysteriously growing and shrinking, with one observer describing islets flying in the sky, the next observer reporting rocky mountains in the same coordinates, and yet another reporting a vast desert below. The few known groups that have investigated the island on foot have either disappeared, or returned completely empty-handed. Those who have reported back mention that they did not encounter any Pokemon, but there were clear signs that they were present. The main character(s) are a pair of older interns studying under a Professor, and the game would have very special rules compared to the traditional Pokemon game.
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    Ahhh I keep telling myself to stay off this website because I keep seeing spoilers but I can't help it (ToT). I was holding off on posting fanart because I still haven't made it to the latest chapter (I just beat Aya ahaha I'm so behind) but now seems like the best time to post. I read that post by Amethyst on the development of Chapter 19 and I wanted to show my support with some art! Here are my favorite protagonists and my headcannons for them! I played Alice for my playthrough but my trainer's name is Kitchen and I chose a mudkip as my starter ^^ I have more art coming soon~ BTW I'm super new to forums, sorry if I did something strange or posted in the wrong area, I've never used forums for anything lol
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