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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (80%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (0%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (20%) New Content: #################### | Story (45%) #################### | Mapping (45%) #################### | Scripting (60%) #################### | Sidequests (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (40%) Gen 8: #################### | Battle Sprites (50%) (zumi's note: i'm going absolutely feral) #################### | Move Implementation (95%) #################### | Item Implementation (100%) #################### | Roster Changes (0%) #################### | Encounter Changes (10%) #################### | Event Changes (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (43%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | V13 Total Completion (34%)
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    Plot Twist. Its actually the MC saying it in their first, and only, dialogue in the entire game.
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    ahem... *immitates epic movie trailer guy's voice* There once was a boy. His name was TTar. TTar lived a happy live and had everything a child wanted. But one day he got lost. Unable to find his way home he stumbled upon a cave. He went inside to escape the rain. This is where a legend began.... Little TTar was swarmed by hundreds, maybe thousands of wild Zubat that lived there for years without ever having their peace disturbed by the likes of a human. TTar was scared, he screamed in fear. The Zubat where scared even more, so they all used Confuse Ray. Poor TTar got hit by all of them, confusing the poor child for live. But this also changed his live forever. As the Zubat changed him, he would change the world. He would make everyone as confused as he his! In order to accomplish his mission, he decided to become the image of the creatures that changed him. He became ZUBATMAN! Now he sits in his Zubatcave, recording content for Zubatube, streaming on Zubatwitch, playing Pokémon fan games, creating wild theories to confuse not only himself even more, but all of his viewers as well! One day the world will be as confused as he is.... And it's all Shade's fault!
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    Ttar in Vanhanen Castle: Radomus is Noel and Anna's dad Ttar in Ametrine City: Who is Anna and Noel's dad? Radomus is the old ringmaster. Ttar everywhere: This must have something to do with Shade/Savage
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    hello. it is i, cass, six-time winner of the Most Likely to Not be Ame award. today i am going to let you in on a little secret. you may have noticed that it's been over a year since our last release. now, in that time, we've gotten some stuff Done especially the ai. now, y'all are still out there running that old e18 ai and lemme tell you. it is garbage. the ai always thinks it's faster than you. it sends out types that your pokemon are super effective against. item use occasionally scores 12000 on a scale that effectively peaks around 100. it sucks. it has been annoying the hell out of me for months. now, as you might also have noticed, it is the season for the Giving of Gifts. so we're putting out a little holiday update. it is not e19. i shouldn't really have to say that. we have progress bars. we keep saying that it won't be out for quite a while yet. it will also 100% not be a surprise. it will take months of testing before it's ready. but a little package of ai updates and small fixes? we can do that in a week. so today i'd like to announce the e18.2 release. it's an aipdate! there's a good deal of stuff that isn't in this. last week i stared ame in the face, and was like "y'know what would be great? let's put out a mini release for the holidays as a surprise present!" and she was like "hhhHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok fine" the number of h's in that quote is inversely proportional to what I was able to convince her to add. a very limited testing period means that we can't really check for fatal bugs terribly well. but there is some nice new stuff! - A Fuckload of AI updates. - A Smalload of trainer updates. - HP bars move faster. - The ability to forfeit trainer battles. - Multiple active save slots - New animations it's not a whole lot, but we really wanted to get something out there for y'all. hope you all enjoy! (grab it from the download page)
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    Lin may well die in E19, but I'm afraid of it happening. So far there hasn't been a death without some variety of tearful backstory linked, and they would have to amp that a bit (it's more or less the big bad, and it's the endgame). If we're really unlucky, she'll turn out to have been forced, as a child, to burn kittens alive until it went all out of control one day, her parents got burnt and her brain damaged. Actually, there are other characters in the game (such as Bennett and Radomus) that deserve, in my opinion, a slow and excruciating death for their heinous actions. The trouble is that, for instance, Bennett coming to harm is going to pain Serra greatly, no matter how much he deserved it. Such a penalty would also psychologically damage (spoiler for E18) I do agree that Sirius's karmic bill is overdue by about 18 episodes and 10 years in-game time, and I look forward to his demise. Solaris's story (up to E18) seemed quite good to me, so if his actions can cause his downfall I will be as pleased with Sirius. Also, Taka dying in the Reshiram route is indeed pretty unsatisfying (not to mention heart-wrenching). He has shown a considerable lack of spine, but he's been an invaluable ally. It would have been so much more satisfying to see him take a greater role in the further anti-Meteor assaults (and maybe get killed, but for a significant goal instead of some ploy that achieved literally nothing except his death).
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    To be honest, I'm not sure about the first part but I think it happened there of all times because that is when they truly bonded. I'm not sure but it's the best answer I could come up with.
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    What an amazing game
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    Lovely episode! Taka clearly has a risky life in Reborn in this run! Hopefully, his sense of sacrifice won't kill him in Devon Corp. By the way, I'm almost sure he will see Lin there, but have no idea of what will happen to him if they ever meet each other (Pray for not witnessing some melodramatic death). Also, glad to know that Victoria put her biases aside about Taka. She looks like a careful teammate to him. Keep my fingers crossed for the next episode Yes, this was revealed after Matthew rescued Amaria and Florinia by defeating PULSE-Tangrowth in Obsidia Park. And now that you mention Sirius, I fear for Wehttam to be another prey of his Chandelure! But on the other hand, I doubt Wehttam can be destroyed as easily as Sirius' previous victims. Don't know how I could explain this. However, it might be a major trouble for Matthew if Sirius manages to find another opportunity to attack him a second time. But hey, I'm just imagining scenarios ^^ Maybe none of that will happen in the end. But still...
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    Happy Late birthday you always tell me happy birthday so shall do the same since we both FEB HEADS!
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    So, a little note. When I started this story, I wanted to put a chapter out atleast once every two months. Well....as we can plainly see, that hasn't happened. I had two major health issues that played havoc with my plans. Through December, I had a cancer scare that side-lined almost all of what I wanted to do for the month. And January, I have been, as well as the rest of my household, fighting a bitch of a case of the flu. TBH, as a medical professional, this flu season has scared me shitless. There have been more than 25k confirmed cases in my area that has maybe a total population of 1.3 million. So, that'a a thing. Knock on wood, let's hope coronavirus doesn't strike. All of that being said, Chapter 3 will be out in the next 10 days. Hopefully, I will be able to do my chapter every two months after this one. Thank you guys for being patient.
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    after 2 long years, finally it is released
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    day 413 of thamill having very little healing items before a boss battle
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    A later notice mentioned that the problem was somehow caused by the server itself, so we're supposed to shame the server
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    reacts are fixed here, have two!
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    In advance: For people who have not beat Noel, this post contains SPOILERS. .... I am not a great Pokemon Master; Most of these people will pound me to dust at least ten times every round. My tactics include picking a super-effective move and praying to the heavens that it works. I get punished every time I open this game... But HO BOY, they've lost their marbles. My MC of choice did not ask for any of this. It is a rollercoaster of circumstance and we want out. Is it cathartic to complain about them after being curbstomped flat for half an hour? yes And so we present our tier list; Definitely Not a Callout Post. I'm just going to be going top-down, because that seems like the easiest thing to do. S RANK! Noel - Ah, yes. Sweet Noel. His Clefable gave me trouble, but what really impressed me was his willingness to accept the fact that Saphira might be dead, or at least have broken a few bones. And you know what? That was a level of maturity that I appreciated. He's also sort of sweet. So, you know. S-Rank. Hardy - I only met him once for like five minutes, but honestly, anyone who agrees that Fern sucks is a marriage candidate. Laughing in the face of Fern? That's a hobby I can get behind. Also he seems pretty cool. A RANK! Charlotte - I was very impressed by the bluffing she pulled to get Shelly away from those two dudes who were about to murder her. Also, she's usually got her head screwed on straight . I like her. Serra - Yeah, she's kind of a nihilist, but she's very sensible about things, from what I can tell. Cares about her kid enough to ask me to help out, but recognizes she can't control what he does, even if its dumb. Anna - Cute. Not annoying. What can I say? B RANK! Sirius - Here purely for the fact that he hasn't done anything really stupid. Also, the image of him trying to look intimidating as he drips angrily onto the carpet makes me laugh. He seems like a tryhard about scaring people, but being soggy doesn't really help his case. C RANK. Shade - I hated fighting him in his stupid pitch-black darkness and his stupid shadow balls and his stupid everything. But also, I think it's really funny that nobody's able to fire a dead guy or something. And he's kind of a ghost, so he can't really do anything too bad. Probably. Solaris - Honestly, he seems more or less like a stereotypical bad guy. Kinda creepy, not much to go off of yet. Shelly - Why is a 12-year-old running a gym? Why did they agree to run a gym? In this economy? With her personality? Is this a responsibility you are prepared for? Also, your library made me cry. I am Concerned. Cain - Stop monologuing to me about your family. Stop getting caught. Seriously, I walk into the railnet and the first thing he tries to ask me is what I thought about his sibling drama. Also, I fully expect to be given your credit card for busting your ass out of Meteor Jail. Still, he's nice? More or less. Doctor Sigmund - Kind of the same as Solaris, but more of a creep. I also did not expect him to be as... buff? As he was. Creepy. Heather - I know you are traumatized but please stop flying away without adult supervision. D RANK.. Aya - Look, I get you don't want to be here. I don't want to be here either, but you don't see me complaining about it. Not to mention you're taking all my money. Saphira - Oh, gee, thanks for the target on my head so I can play bait while you and the rest of the gang scramble off to who-knows where. I really hope you sprained a wrist or something while falling off that Steelix. ... I mean, it was super badass, though. Kiki - Is kidnapped children REALLY not a good enough reason for you to give me the TM and let me leave? Or use the energy you spent climbing up an entire mountain to give me the badge before you kick the bucket? Please? I have things to be doing and this is not one of them. Zel - I should probably put you higher but you took my money after I died to that Pulse Abra YOU told me to kill. You should be paying ME, dangit. Victoria - Stop... Stopping me... I'm begging you... Cal - He's so DUMB but by the time I meet him I am NOT SURPRISED by it which is why he is not in E-tier. Like. The minute I get up there, I get a dramatic monologue thrown into my face about how he accidentally traumatized Shelly or something because of his inferiority complex. Great. Congrats. THEN he turns evil, but ONLY long enough to throw Kiki's pokemon into an active volcano to die. And indirectly killing Kiki. Either stay evil or stop while you're ahead, dude. E Corey - Dude, Corey? Yikes. He's so in his own head. Sorry you weren't able to keep your own identity secret. Sorry you ruined your daughter's life for a rock. Sorry you expected crime without consequence. Not to mention, his whole thing about Heather? I'm 95% sure it's just a martyr complex. He doesn't actually care about her wellbeing, he just says it's for her so he can justify crime and also have a rock while making himself feel better. And I bet that if he knew a single thing about his daughter, he'd know that she was friends with the gym leader who lived right under that one bridge he threw himself off of. And if he actually cared about Heather or anything she did at all, he might have had enough compassion and common sense to not die there, if not die at all. All in all, a gross dad. Fern - Leave me alone fern i don't KNOW whats your deal but you are a JERK.... i am betting 5 dollars on an inferiority complex or something I bet nobody loves you and thats why you are mean... but you are still a DOUCHEBAG.... plea...plesea.... Taka - I think I shed tears over his Chatot's existence. Please. Let me live. I am BEGGING you. Simon the Meteor Grunt - Not a hard opponent, but cried on me in the base with the Abra. What did he expect during the whole lake thing, anyways? "Gee, let's go kidnap and torture children against their will! They'll probably lie down and let us take them like good little kids." Is Saphira responding with force that surprising? Did he really not prepare for that? Not to mention, he's part of a terrorist group that does this kinda stuff daily. smhhhh. .... And that's it! If I didn't include anyone here, it would probably be because I don't have too much of an opinion on them or I haven't met them yet. This is all personal opinion, and also kind of a joke--Stress relief after being beat into the ground a million and a half times. help So yep!
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    What is your online trade nick? I have a spare Blue Moon Ice. Just trade a trashmon to me, nothing important.
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    Hello! I was playing the game and it is very interesting. I did come across one issue, which is the running shoes does not work. When you go to click and hold for the running your character doesn't run. So I don't know if there's something causing it to not do it or something. Edited: Nvm I found out what the key was. Didn't think it was the Alt key for the running. Thought it would be something like Press and holding Z or something.
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    This is just what i found so far but its final fanatsy (whatever number cloud is in) jenova.
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    I concur about it being an interesting read and I suppose I agree with a good part of it. Then again, you’re missing a huge swath of, um, interesting characters and I look forward to reading your opinions when you finish e18. To be honest though, I don’t have that many issues with people taking my money. It’s not because I don’t lose, it’s because I am a worthless save-scumming coward (and worse, I watched a playthrough beforehand so I knew all about the plot twists and random/insane boss battles). I beg to slightly disagree with you about Cal and Shelly (and some more, but I can’t make it spoiler-free). Cal’s not turning evil, he was a Meteor all along (and he didn’t tell you because he has a mound of issues – Shelly’s, the fact that he joined an evil terrorist organization so he can’t really quit, like in literally every story featuring that kind of organization). Shelly’s a bit weird. The thing is that in the state of Reborn, and taking her age into account, there’s pretty little she can be instead. She could be a middle-schooler, sure, but somehow I don’t think it would be much better for her. Her parents’ being completely missing from the picture is strange, though. We would have heard about her being an orphan, right?
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    This was really interesting to read! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on everyone once you finish e18. (That is, if you plan on making another tier list)
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    It totally depends on how you wanna use it. Type:Null itself can be played with Eviolite as a tank or you go Sylvally. Since Silvally has equal base stats it is very flexible to use. You can go physical, special or mixed. I personally went mixed with mine first but switched to pure physical cause the special attacks I got on it were already covered in my team. The one you got I would reset, the IVs on HP and SpDef are to low and if you gonna go the extra mile to soft reset for good IVs I would try to get at least 20+ on the defenses and 31 on the offense and init.
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a great day
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    I DID THE EXACT SAME THING only candy needed to point it out to me
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    There are so many things that easily deal with from the first point in the game that you battle Sirius, it shouldn't be that broken. Just get a Luxray.
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    And there's the recorded epilogue. This is one of the very few battles which I've struggled, but it worked out in the end. Going up against a full team of Ultra Beasts needs some careful thinking, though I couldn't control the ally. U.Necrozma’s base stats are 250/250/250/250/250/250.
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    My best guess for both of these: for Norall Mountain Base starter display location, it's possible that when importing Enigma's revamped maps and deleting older ones, some of the map IDs changed. I also separated the starter selection into two different maps to reduce lag, so it's possible that Essentials reused a map ID number there. I tested this on an older file and also got Norall Mountain Base, and on a new file where the location was Your Dream. Exclamation marks disappearing: I'm not sure which folder the exclamation mark animation is stored in, but I added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2, and to do that I replaced Spork's Graphics -> Animations folder with Reborn's, and same for Audio -> SE and pkmnAnimations.rxdata. It's possible that Reborn's Animations folder if that's where the exclamation mark graphic is stored didn't have it, although this is the third time I've transferred over Reborn move animations (also did so for E16 and E17) so exclamation marks not appearing would be new. If I can find the animation in the clean copy of Essentials I have I would be able to add it back for the next reupload.
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    one step closer to becoming a latias
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    Hey Reborn, what's up. I have a theory based on The Mysterious Individuals in White Suits and Red Glasses. After watching Rejuvenation version 12 I meet one of them in Where Love Lies the female killed Taelia and made their lives a living hell and also they both appeared at Route 7 and Crescent appeared and the male called her "Dahlia" meaning In the Victorian language of flowers, Dahlia denotes elegance and dignity and as a name and Dahlia is often referred to as the “valley flower” . could be Crescent's real name and Crescent said to him " That enough , Kieran. and he froze the guy's with the hoverboard is named Kieran. And the name means boy's name of Irish origin meaning "little dark one". But what is the connection between them and since they both work for madame X and Crescent's been watching them or maybe they fought before and Crescent defeated them and they killed them. So if Crescent was killed by them what would happen if the main character dies again and Crescent doesn't show up? I'll leave that question up to guys. Well that's it for today's theory so stay tuned. Aozora, over and out! NOTE- In the game the words in orange-yellow are hints for the characters including my main character Aero.
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    Okay... After quite some thoughts, i think i came up with an interesting team for your ratings Here we go! Reuniclus (Psychic) @ Leftovers Ability: Magic guard / Regenerator EV: (252 HP / 4 Def./ 252 Sp. Attack) Relaxed Nature Moves: - Psychic - Psyshock (i dont have another one to up here) - Trick Room - Recover Steelix (Metal / Ground) @ (Steelirite) (did i wrote it right?) Ability: Sand Force EV: (48 HP / 208 Atk. / 252 Sp. Def.) Sassy Nature Moves: - Dig / Stom Tantrum / Earthquake (i know its a excellent move, but it will hit a friendly mon on doubles) - Protect - Stealth Rock - Gyro Ball Gigallith (Rock) @ Wide Lens Ability: Sand Stream EV: (252 HP / 252 Atk. / 4 Def.) Careful Nature Moves: - Stone Edge - Protect / Toxic - Stealth Rock - Earthquake (i guess) Cofagrigus (Ghost) @ Ghostium Z Ability: Mummy EV: (4 HP / 252 Sp. Atk. / 252 Sp. Def.) Quiet Nature Moves: - Shadow Ball - Trick Room - Pain Split - Nasty Plot Primarina (Water / Fairy) @ Leftovers (how many do we actaally get?) Ability: Torrent EV: (16 HP / 240 Def. / 252 Sp. Atk.) Relaxed Nature Moves: - Scald - Moonblast - Rest - Sleep Talk Machamp (Fighting) @ Flame Orb Ability: Guts EV: (252 HP / 252 Atk. / 4 Def.) Brave Nature Moves: - Drain Punch - Protect / Wide Guard - Fire Punch - Facade Well, that's it i guess. Plz let me know what you guys think of this team! If you guys think its good, bad, what do i need to change, anything! All opinions will be appreciated PS: Again.... I WANT EPISODE 19!!! DEAR GOD, ODIN, ALAH! ANYONE WHO CAN HEAR MY PRAYER! lol ( I should start praying for Amethyst i guess lol)
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    Yeah alot of questions also Amanda thinks everything started since MC came to Aevium but it's not xe's first and also spoiler-both MC and Nancy used to live in GDC.
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    Ya'll got a release date in mind? JK. Sounds interesting and i look forward to seeing progress updates on this.
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    This is the Abandoned Power Plant, the 5th gym, the Beryl Gym is on the other side of the Bridge, turn right and go straight up
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    So. Byleth is a lot of fun in smash. Nice range on certain attacks, not as slow as I expected, feels similar to Ike to me, and most attacks pack quite the punch.
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    F......F........F......F..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! FUS-RO-DAH!
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    Will be afk this morning + maybe afternoon so will play when can later today!
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    A siemi realistic Linirian Persian Linirian Skitty Type: Fairy The harsher climate of the Liniri region forced Skitty to adapt. Instead of existing only to be cute, they took on the Fairy typing so that they could defend themselves against dark and fighting type predators. Linirian Delcatty Type: Fairy Psychic Exposure to a moonstone not only triggered evolution, but caused its eyes to open. Delcatty's natural refined personality has taken a much more sophisticated path of enlightenment. Linirian Delcatty are intelligent and eager to learn about the world. Its even thought that they could match humans, and some of them even learn to speak telepathically.
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    Amazing work, Zumi! I especially love how confident Venam looks; fits brilliantly with her character. And Melia looks very cute in this, so extra points for that.
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    Most Hated Team Meteor Member: Fern comes off as the obvious vote for his blunt arrogant asshole attitude directed at us for nothing we did, which pisses us off but there is more to it than that. Not a minute after I submitted my votes, I found myself in a conflict over which is worse and/or more dangerous between his naivety and unaccounted for self-loath driven impulsiveness and Solaris's and Sirius's cold blooded murder spree. Solaris and Sirius, I believe can be categorized as psychopaths as neither seem to have an ounce of value for human or Pokemon life, snuffing them out as casually as a candle flame and neither has shown any capacity for compassion or remorse. The Water Treatment Center event's suggestion that Solaris would assassinate his own son for treason is a testament to this. If Criminal Minds uses accurate science, then research has suggested that psychopathy or the predisposition to a homicidal nature is assigned just as one's biological gender is, as some form of malformation in the brain and can be inherited. Fern's behavior is seeded in deep resentment, his own inability to accept his flaws and grow better from them. Plenty of other characters have had difficult experiences in life, such as Cain's mother being unable to accept his lifestyle choices and Shelly's own inferiority issues due to her brother's taunting. Yet they've moved on, found ways to make themselves strong by their own standards and do the right thing by others that wasn't done by them. Basically, Fern chose to be an asshole. Interestingly, however, I sensed some possible psychopathy in him as well in his response to Corey's suicide. Granted, Corey wasn't the most innocent of people, he was consumed and misguided by pain (I'm wondering if the same is true of Connal, these spells he seems to have of speaking remorsefully to this Elizabeth AKA "Lizzy" who is deceased, I wish we'd learned that perhaps in ep 19?). Which Character as my BFF: Easily Cain. As inappropriate as he tends to be, he radiates a positive energy, is comfortable in his own skin, has worship worthy patience and there is a tragic shortage of real people as compassionate and open minded as he is. I believe his inappropriate humor and singing is a masque for his own fear/discomfort. Admittedly, I was a bit pissed when he got that Poppilo at the beginning of the game but I grew attached to my Ducklett/Swanna and now have a Primarina of my own. Favorite Belrose Sister: Charlotte. She has a great strength, possibly the darkest of pasts (and I love characters with dark pasts) but she doesn't run from it. The guilt will always lie deep within her but she doesn't let it break her, she holds her head up high and takes crap from no one.
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    Well BOOM! Thanks devs, it's a winterval miracle... [reserves true judgement until after Saphira and Elite 4]
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    Mr Bigglesworth is in the game!? Gosh! Hope Kel'thu-freaking-zad is in there, too! Can't wait to fight for the Light
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    The saving system has been changed; you can now use multiple saves. If you are updating from any version below 3.11.8 please rename your savefile to "Game1.rxdata". You can find your savefile under "DISK: USERS\USERNAME\My saved Games". Welcome to the world of Postscriptum. Follow the steps of the protagonist, a melancholic young adult stricken by unemployment and paralyzed by a chronic care-free and lethargic attitude. Seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes and overcome his guilt, he, again, applies for a job, expecting to fail miserably once more. To his surprise, he actually gets a call for an interview, at none other than the Pokemon Couriers, a prestigious, esteemed, and highly regarded organization. Setting his sights on the future, he attempts for the last time to begin anew. ~Plot: ~The Characters: ~Setting: ~Features: Important Points: SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS! PLEASE DO SO AFTER FINISHING THE DEMO! Developer’s Details: END OF SPOILERS Currently Known Bugs: Credits: Screenshots: Download: FIRST OFFICIAL GAME REVIEWS ARE HERE! Guide: We're now accepting: ==========SIDEQUEST SUBMISSIONS!============ Make sure you're done with the episode first, spoilers ahead
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    Yeah ev training just got a hell lot easier now this is a godsend, especially if you are on intense and need that ev for your mon asap
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    Thank you very much for the feedback and comments! It means a lot to me that someone likes the game so much!
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    Hahaha... Yeah, you're right about Fern. I can't take that guy seriously as well. He talks so big and yet he is among the weakest recurring opponents throughout the whole game. If not THE weakest^^ And yet his attitude just makes you want to shut him up for good. About Ame happily watching a Team Meteor grunt getting tortured....whats wrong with that? I don't mind giving criminals a piece of their own medicine and have them experience the pain and suffering they caused for their victims. But torturing innocent children like Dr. Connal does is just about as sick as it gets. Heather is already in a bad enough mental condition after learning the truth about her father being with Team Meteor and then later learning about his suicide. I'll be honest with you: At that point where the player storms the "Orphanage's" top floor to save Heather, if the game gave me the option to do so, i would have killed Dr. Connal right there without hesitation or a second thought. I mean....i DO have a fully evolved Charizard (which is my favorite starter) by that point, so BBQ all the way i say!
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    unfortunately I'm back!! With a thing too
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