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    • SolareSupremo

      "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Here's the scene where there's choice between saving Maria or the officer :
      Venam : ...What do we do? Save that man, or do we save Maria? Do we have time to do both...
      Aevia : (I wish there's someone who can do the other option. What conclusion do we have?)
      Then spirit of Anathea is back.
      Venam : Anathea, you're back!
      Anathea : Maria is in danger... We can't leave her here any longer!
      Venam : I understand what you're saying. But we can't let that other man die here too!
      Yeah what he did was disgusting, but he should live to man up and go to jail.
      If he dies then it's all over for him... But... If we leave Maria alone...
      Aevia! I need you to help me here. What should we do?!
      Aevia : ...
      I... I don't know. It's too much for me to bear the choices.
      ??? : Not anymore.
      Someone appears, revealing to be green cloth guy.
      Green cloth guy : I followed you because I knew there was something bad.
      Venam : It's you!
      Go back! Do you know this place is wicked?!
      Green cloth guy : I saw everything that happened.
      That was quite the set up made by red Gardevoir.
      Or should I say... Gardevoir the angel of death.
      Aevia : How do you know that?
      Anathea : Aevia. Venam. Is this your friend? He knows everything about us.
      Venam : I don't think so.
      Green cloth guy : It matters not who I am but let's not waste much time.
      Venam, Aevia and Anathea. Go save Maria.
      I'll take care of the officer.
      Aevia : Don't. You're gonna get killed.
      Green cloth guy : I'm aware of it but I'm not scared by her.
      Venam : ...
      Aevia : ...
      Anathea : ...
      Green cloth guy : Come on. It's all or nothing.
      Aevia : ...I trust you this time.
      Venam : Better not get killed, silly boy.
      Venam and Aevia went forward to save Maria.
      Anathea : Thank you for helping us. I hope I can repay you better for that.
      Green cloth guy : I don't mind.
      Anathea : By the way, who are you?
      Green cloth guy : Huh...
      Guess I can't help it if there's someone special.
      Green cloth guy unmasks himself, revealing to be... Aevis!!!
      Aevis : I'm Aevis. Venam said that because she didn't recognize me, neither Aevia didn't.
      Nice to meet you. And...
      Don't tell anyone that I was the guy who was trying to help them.
      Anathea : No need to worry. You have several reasons.
      Aevis left to save the officer while Anathea went to aid Venam and Aevia.
      Note : I played Pokemon Reborn E19 and I figured out how to avoid traps to obtain Rare Candy and being attacked by Team Meteor. You need to see the path rather than rashly move straight and for the other, whatever you do, don't touch the tall grass because it can make noises that alerts them. The difference is that you can choose to gain maximum of relationship points or lose it with Fern, gain it with Cain when you free him but lose it with Heather, while when you succeed avoid the outcome, it will never happen but gain only one relationship point with Fern if you talk him, anyway. Glad I helped you. See you tomorrow.
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    • J-Awesome_One

      I'm hoping sometime next month I get start getting out some videos of my Pokemon Reborn James Only Run. Ran into some money problems which has kept me from getting my intro & intro music done. Whenever I get those, Reborn will start to be uploaded. Uploads will be every Wednesday to Saturday.
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    • Aboodie

      Pokemon Reborn's Items and Services Guide is fully complete with the Public Release.
      Have fun playing the game everyone!
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    • Magus

      With the completion of Reborn, I am going to set out and accomplish something I wanted to do 9 years ago.. I am going to speedrun it again.
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    • Aphelli

      The end of the Mind Games is at hand. The finale is being built as we speak! 
      The situation the characters find themselves in is... difficult. As you can read in the chapter. A plan has been prepared. But could it really work? 
      Can you figure out a safer way towards a "happy ending" (or, perhaps less ambitiously, a favorable resolution of this arc)?  
      Read The Odd One Out's new chapter to find out!
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    • LykosHand  »  GreatNani

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰
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    • LykosHand  »  DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰
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    • LykosHand  »  Cerise

      Happy birthday Ceri!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂
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    • LykosHand  »  AnubisStreams

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰
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    • LykosHand  »  2tousent

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
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