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    • GrovyleTheThief

      So I decided to use Reborn as a base since a lot of the scripts are already there but I will most likely need to make another engine eventually.
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    • Q-Jei

      Q-Jei's quote #1
      "Nobody is black or white, everybody is prismatic. And each side of our personality is a color. It just takes one situational change for unexpected colors to become visible."
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    • Wolfox


      10 years in the making, but finally it's here.
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    • Wolfox

      And back to 7th street. Time to go and rethink a few team members, I think. 
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    • GrovyleTheThief

      Hey, so I'm currently waiting for people to join the team and I probably won't work on the project until a team is formed. No the project isn't dead I'm just gonna chill until then aight? K, thanks.
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    • Val_Armael

      I started a new run and account to see what had changed since I played like 4-5 years ago, gotta say this game has really come together. I've gotten some amazing Pokemon out of this new run and have done way better than my old account where I struggled.
      I've notable taken a liking to the following team:
      Drapion - Sniper and Scope Lens - Cross Poison, Night Slash, Toxic Spikes, Fell Stinger --- Probably my favorite in terms of use, unfortunately so many things have earthquake but she's bulky and does massive crits constantly.
      Ribombee - Quiver Dance, Dazzling Gleam, Pollen Puff, Aromatherapy (mostly because I don't need a 4th move and its good utility)
      Whiscash - Earthquake, Waterfall, Rock Tomb, Surf
      Arcanine - Intimidate - Sunny Day,Crunch, Extreme Speed, Heat Wave
      Bewear- Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Thrash, Rock Tomb
      Switch between Emolga and Togedemaru, both have Nuzzle which is a super underrated move in my opinion, 100 Accuracy, 20 Power but Gauranteed Para is really good!
      That's really the gist of this, kind of a little show of the fun I'm having with the game even if it's a little rough some times, it's supposed to be that way.
      I'm about to fight Ciel so I can finally escape the Circus with Fly, wish me luck!
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    • SolareInferno

      "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. While the protagonists have PTSD before giving the Interceptor control of their body, Aevis suffers differently. The place that he was revived happens in Grand Dream City, in The Underground :
      Crescent : There, that should do it...
      It took me a long time to gather your soul, but it was all worth it...
      Aevis, please come back to me. We'll be together...
      Aevis got revived.
      Crescent : Aevis...! Aevis, you're back!
      You're finally back!
      I'm glad... After everything, I finally have you back in this world again!
      Aevis is looking around, clueless. Then towards Crescent.
      Aevis : ...
      Crescent : We'll be okay. We're not in danger anymore.
      It was a bit of a task to get to this point, but we can start over at last...
      As long as I'm able to take care of the loose ends, then everything should be able to fall into place.
      All we have to do is--
      Aevis : Who... Who are you?
      Crescent's joy turned into shocking reaction.
      Crescent : Huh?
      You don't remember?
      I gave you back your life... We can continue living our lives now.
      Aevis : Our lives? How can we live our lives while I can't remember about you?
      And above all... Who...
      Who am I?
      Crescent : What are you talking about?
      You don't remember everything about what happened before?
      Not even after you and your friends got petrified by Ultra Beasts?
      Aevis : What are you talking about? What are these?
      I can't remember anything about what you said. I don't know anything.
      I'm sorry.
      Then Crescent realized her mistake.
      Crescent : Oh, no. What have I done?
      I tried to revive him but it went wrong.
      I've prepared everything. But...
      It had side-effect. That is the reason why it inflicts the common cause to the person :
      The amnesia.
      Crescent begins to cry.
      Crescent : Oh, Aevis. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
      Aevis : What is that name? Oh!
      ...Please, don't cry. Why are you feeling bad about yourself?
      Crescent : Aevis is the name you had. For a long time.
      You were my friend. We had good times together.
      But now, you forgot everything. Even your name, too.
      All because of me. I have miscalculated, this time.
      Aevis : ...
      An amnesiac Aevis approaches towards a despaired Crescent.
      Aevis : Please, don't cry. It's not going to help you.
      You mustn't give hope.
      Crescent stops crying.
      Crescent : Yes. You're right. I'm glad you didn't lose everything.
      Wait a minute. You're starting to regain everything you lost.
      No, it must take the slow path for you to regain your memories.
      Unfortunately, it will take years.
      Aevis : Yes?
      Crescent : You can call me Crescent. So you should be able to remember me about who I am. Right?
      Therefore, your name will remain as Aevis.
      We'll meet again, later. Be 5 years or more.
      Aevis : Understood.
      Aevis begins to have headache.
      Aevis : Ugh my head... There's so many voices in my head!?
      Crescent : ...I don't understand what's happening?
      You shouldn't be hearing things in your head.
      Maybe it's another side-effect of the black device...
      Don't worry. I'll find a place for you to sleep for a while.
      You'll feel better after you rest. I can promise you that.
      Crescent accompanied Aevis to the room where fortune teller lives here.
      After, Crescent left Aevis, who sleeping right now, under fortune teller's care.
      Then, suddenly, it turns dark...
      Aevis : The voices have stopped?
      What were they in the first place?
      The woman appears, revealing to be Variya.
      Variya : Greetings.
      Aevis : Who are you?!
      Variya : I could ask you the same question, Aevis.
      But, no, you aren't quite Aevis. You're much more than that.
      If you want to decide to change your name, that is.
      Aevis : I'll stay with that name to honor my friend.
      Variya : Good.
      The voices in your head may be chaotic and loud, but they are not unfamiliar, yes?
      Aevis : ...
      What do you want with me?
      Variya : I am here because of your potential.
      This world won't last in this current state. If left to continue, it would be destroyed by evil forces.
      I am here to ask you for help.
      Aevis : ...Us?
      Variya : Correct. You fit the criteria for one of my next Interceptors.
      One who can change fate itself. One who lives outside of my own control.
      And with your "potential", I believe a good future may be possible.
      Aevis : I agree but...
      With the way I am now, do I deserve to be "Interceptor"?
      No, I can't do it. It's too much for me.
      You know that I...
      Variya : You have amnesia.
      I understand.
      Despite your experiences with Storm-9 and the Nihilego, your revival must have made you lose your memories.
      But, on the bright side, you are lucky that these haven't torn away at your self and spirit.
      Still, without your memories, it's impossible for you to bring out your "potential" and use its capabilities.
      So, don't worry.
      Allow me to offer you a deal-- A contract, if you will.
      Whether or not you choose to accept being the Interceptor, that is what you will be.
      However, I can call someone else for help, and they'll do your duties for you.
      Aevis : Do our duties... For us?
      Variya : Correct, a being not from this world will inhabit your mind.
      As a result, you all will sleep deeply in the subsconscious of this individual.
      You will be able to put your soul to rest.
      Aevis : ...
      Variya : However, there is a caveat to this particular deal.
      In doing this, the power the role of an Interceptor would present to you will be cut in half.
      Additionally, you will lose control of your body permanently.
      Even if you are to wake up again somehow, this fact will not change.
      It would be equivalent of a second death. Are you OK with that?
      Aevis : ...What about Crescent?
      I promised to her that we'll meet again.
      Variya : She will be fine. I have a feeling it will work out somehow.
      This is based off data on her character. What may actually happen is up in the air.
      You'll just have to take my word on this one.
      Aevis : ...
      We would want nothing less of a perfect future for the people of this world.
      But I can't accomplish anything. I will never understand my purpose.
      And as such...
      We accept this offer.
      Variya : Then it is a contract. You, Aevis, will be replaced by Lopez.
      The reality is starting to glitch causing the Interceptor to appear, controlling Aevis' body.
      Variya : Then it is a contract. You, Lopez, have replaced #########.
      Lopez : ...
      What's going on?
      Variya : My Interceptor. You will have no memory of this meeting.
      I will edit this world to fit your existence and criteria.
      Still, you will be named Aevis as requested. You can go back to your name if you wish.
      So, Crescent will still call you with the same name. As that is what she knows you by from this moment on.
      And you will bring prosperity and peace to the land of Aevium--
      To this world.
      To all worlds.
      Aevis (Lopez) : To the universe.
      Variya : Exactly. You will be its saving grace.
      Oh Interceptor. Great Interceptor.
      Change our fate.
      As that is your nature.
      Aevis (Lopez) : Yes. Master.
      Note : The dialogues that I made was meant as lesson for Crescent to never make the same mistake at reviving the other protagonists and that's how it worked better for the others. Yet, they blame Crescent and told that they didn't wish to be revived due to trauma of facing Storm-9. It took me hours to make this dialogue. Enjoy reading and see you in next weekend.
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    • Wolfox

      Team after the Yureyu events. I call it: A complete Problem.
      · 2 replies
    • Wolfox

      Restarted my run a few days ago.
      Just re-reached Lapis.
      Team as of yet:

      · 2 replies
    • Dark Warrior

      Last night, I finished Naruto Shippuden. On to Boruto!
      · 1 reply
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