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    • Sin!

      Does anyone read these anymore?
      · 1 reply
    • Dark Champion

      I saw the Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl trailers and i must say, THE GRAPHICS SUCK
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    • RoyChaos

      “What if” dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Before the end of chapter 14, the scenario would be added (occurs after “What if” dialogue earlier in chapter 9 that has to do with Angie). The hologram of Angie will appear. She will give a warning message :
      Venam : Gotcha. Let’s go.
      The hologram of a person appears and is revealed to be Angie.
      Venam : What now?
      Melia : Oh no.
      Venam : Angie?
      Angie : You seemed so surprised. I have been returned.
      Venam : I thought you were frozen at the last time we saw you.
      Melia : Venam, “Player”. Did something happen while I was unconscious?
      Venam : No time for chitchat. What do you want, Angie?
      Are you after us?
      Angie : No, I’m after “Player”.
      Melia : Huh. Why? What did they do to you?
      Angie : My defeat against “Player” was such a humiliation. But I’m not here to kill them.
      Melia : What do you want with “Player”?
      Angie : None of your business.
      Anyway, I’m here to give message to “Player”.
      *”Player”, I hope you enjoyed your victory but it will be short lived.
      You will know what happens if you don’t come here to me. Well, how about the region? One day, it will be frozen by Cold Truth. So if you aren’t here in 24 hours, you will see the world covered in ice and destroyed. Can you really save them? Sure you don’t understand what kind of situation you’re in. You must come here alone and don’t you dare to have your friends with you. That’s all I have to say. And before I end this message, I will say something. You have made your enemies angrier than I thought and you keep messing our goals. Farewell.*
      The hologram turns off.

      Melia : I don’t know how but I get the feeling she’ll strike back someday.
      And that ends the additional dialogue and originally the chapter 14.
      Note : Well, it’s sad for me to say that tomorrow, the school period will resume. See you next weekend.
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      My grandfather passed away last night... 
      · 0 replies
    • Chrixai

      · 2 replies
    • LykosHand  »  lazi

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
      · 0 replies
    • Evi Crystal

      My first "What if" scenario with dialogue for Pokemon Reborn. Hoping on the bandwagon :3

      After beating Dr. Sigmund (if you battled Sirius in the Yureyu Building), you have to decided who will you stop?


      - Sirius

      -Stop both (+2 Heather, +2 Laura, +2 Anna, +2 Noel, +2 Shelly and +2 Charlotte)

      Choosing the two above, will resume the original scenario.

      👇🏽Choosing "Stop both" will have this scenario👇🏽:

      The Player remembers, how they couldn’t save the orphans and still feel both powerless and helpless during the events at Pyros Mountain. Corey's suicide, the orphanage rescue and fighting Kiki's ghost; still remembering how they failed against Solaris.

      They don't want to lose anyone else and will do anything to protect them; even if they put themselves in harm's way. After all, a promise at the Beryl Cemetery was made to protect their loves ones and swore to protect this region.

      Filled with determination, they silently shake their head, before pulling out two PokeBalls and announce, they'll fight them both.

      Sigmund: Huh? So you choose to fight us, knowing very well you have battled me recently? Your Pokemon may not be in full health, you know?

      Sirius: Hah! You think, you can stop both of us? You were only lucky in beating me, because of your friend. I'll show no mercy to you!

      Luckily the player had healed most of their Pokemon, but knew it won't be easy. But mostly to buy the other more time to escape.

      If the player loses to Sigmund and Sirius:

      Sigmund: See, what did I told you before? Didn't I say about your Pokemon might be not in full health? What a pathetic brat. And now you lost...

      Saphira enters in

      Saphira: Peakaboo. Did you think you could take me out that easily?

      Sirius: Shut up! You're next! Golisopod, Poison Jab.

      The Meteor Admin sends his Pokemon out, as it went towards Saphira. However the player quickly rushes and pushes Saphira aside, only to take the hit.

      Saphira: What? "Player"?

      Sigmund: Electrivire, Thundershock. On Saphira.

      The Dragon Leader dodged the attack, but her leg got caught in a hole on the floor and gets paralyzed.

      Saphira: Urgh... You bas-
      Sigmund: Hmpf, how pathetic. Just like years ago. Couldn't protect anyone.

      Saphira: W-why you, bas-

      Sirius: This is a day of misery, but that doesn't matter now. At least... we caught the brat. Let's retreat.

      Sigmund: Farewell, Belrose.

      Sigmund, Sirius and Golisopod leave with the player.

      Saphira: That person... They saved me... Bit why would they? (+3 points)
      The story in Tazan Cove will be altered, due to the player being taken prisoner. Charlotte and Shelly will go out to rescue them, due to Saphira being injured.

      If the player wins against Sigmund and Sirius:

      Sirius: H-how? How the hell is THAT POSSIBLE. Beaten TWICE by brats!

      Sigmund: Hmpf. We have undermined them, Sirius. Their are not an ordinary trainer like the others. I should've knew it.

      Sirius: This is... Grrrr... Pure humiliation... The leader won't forgive me. You! Don't you think, it's over! You'll regret this. YOU HEARD ME, PLAYER!

      Sirius and Sigmund escaped.

      Everyone comes out from their hiding places.

      Shelly: "Player"! A-are you okay?

      Charlotte: You actually kick their butts. You're indeed a wrecking ball.

      Laura: Thank you so much for defending our home. But the room is...

      Anna: Who cares? What matters is, that "Player" saved us all. Nostra and Nomes says Hurray!

      Noel: Wow, you are truly a gifted trainer. I guess, I have to agree with Anna and Nomos, hehe.

      Meanwhile Saphira looks to them from the window

      Saphira: Heh, you are someone, that truly is selfless. (+3 points)

      The course is altered, as all of the group plus the player go to Calcenon City to stay here and the events of Meteor Tazan Mountain Base never happened, but the player will continue their journey towards their next gym.
      Hope you liked that scenario. It was satisfied to write this one^^
      · 1 reply
    • Evi Crystal

      Should I also publish some hypothetical scenarios? I have seen RoyChaos's and I feel a bit envious. Love AU stuff and have lots of ideas in my mind🙃
      · 2 replies
    • RoyChaos

      “What if” dialogue for Pokemon Reborn. In old Yureyu building, after defeating Sirius (if the player didn’t choose to battle Sigmund), Cain asks the player for what’s important :
      Cain : Before we go, “Player”. Who’s the most important person to you? I can’t believe you chose to let Sigmund be. So what you think? Is it Anna or Heather?
      Answer :
      - Heather (Heather +1)
      - Anna (Noel +1)
      Choosing “Heather” :
      Cain : Then why didn’t you save her? (Cain -1)
      Anna : It’s OK. It’s my fault, too. Team Meteor were after my pendant. If I hadn’t it, saving Heather would be the only choice.
      Cain : Whatever. It’s a good thing that they’re gone. So we need to hurry. Come on, “Player”.
      Choosing “Anna” :
      Cain : So that’s what you feel.
      Yet, I wonder why Sigmund let us pass.
      Anna : Don’t be so stressed, “Player”. I’m perfectly fine.
      Cain : I get it. I’ll let that slide for now. Let’s just get out of here.
      Then they left. And the original scenario resumes.
      Note : Well, I didn’t have any idea for dialogue but I’ll try. See you tomorrow.
      · 0 replies
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