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    • J-Awesome_One

      So just got done with the Crawli Gym Battle AND... compared to last time, this went WAY better than last time. I only had to retry about 5 to 6 times. The other 1 was like... Anger. ANGER! Anyways, thank god that went smoothly.
      · 0 replies
    • Battlesaw

      Should I wait to play rejuvenation until I finish pokemon reborn or should I get a head start in the game?
      · 0 replies
    • Jamer

      I like pokemon.
      · 0 replies
    • LykosHand  »  Matryoshka

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰
      · 0 replies
    • LykosHand  »  aapb12

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
      · 0 replies
    • RoySolare

      "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Desolation. I wonder what happens if Cresselia turns into Perfection Cresselia. So that's why I thought about that theme. Here :
      Perfection Cresselia vs Perfection Darkrai theme :
      War between Black Foxes and Team Crescent (Beginning):
      War between Black Foxes and Team Crescent (Reaching to the conclusion) :
      Baron battle theme :
      Note : I did what I could do. It's difficult to chose a music on this since Pokemon Desolation has 5 episodes while Pokemon Rejuvenation has 15 chapters (plus the prologue). That's the difference of numbers. Well, see you next time.
      · 0 replies
    • Cerulean Azure Brawler

      This lyrics are from 瞬動-movement- by RONDO from D4DJ Franchise 
      Can you see the light of hope? - Melia's Archtype Form has awakened summoned a bright light against Melanie and her Yveltal 
      Don't take my life, don't take my sight - Genesis Symdrome symptoms 
      I've gotta change this insane world - The Interceptor role to protect the world from the evil forces of Team Xen
      Don't fake yourself, just face yourself - The MC and Protagonist's past self
      I'll carry on for sure - With the Protangonist past self and the MC are now one. With the intent to awaken Adrest to fulfill the role and awaken the true power of the Interceptor.
      I just came up with it today. What do you guys think of this? 
      · 3 replies
    • kithas

      I had read so many people having bad times against Saki's gym that I expected something different than...Sturdy Metal Bursting all her pokémon into oblivion lol My bastiodon wasn't even at the level cap yet
      · 0 replies
    • Storm  »  Amethyst

      Late but Happy birthday!!
      · 1 reply
    • LykosHand  »  TreyVay

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰
      · 0 replies
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