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    • J-Awesome_One

      Quick announcement! After Edge Of Reality (yes I know I just started to upload it but why not tell you my next project after all episodes of it are uploaded), my next playthrough will be Pokemon Rainbow! :D
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    • LykosHand  »  Canno1i

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰
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    • LykosHand  »  Candy

      Heyy happy birthday Candy!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day, you really deserve it ❤️🎂
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    • LykosHand  »  blastcore1

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
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    • RoySolare

      Here's the return of "What if" music for Pokemon Rejuvenation. After what I posted about protagonist dark self several weeks ago (I don't need to count how many weeks), it's decided what happens if they battle their dark selves. For administrators and moderators, if that concerns you, as I said a long time ago that it's hypothetical. Understand? Well, time for themes :
      Dark Aevia battle :
      Dark Axel battle :
      Dark Ariana battle :
      Dark Alain battle :
      Dark Ana battle :
      Dark Aero battle :
      Dark Aevis battle :
      Note : Enjoy the music. See you next time.
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    • Vince&Sylveon

      ScaldBurner14’s attempt of battling Kindel (2nd gym battle) in Adventures of XYZ. 
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    • LykosHand  »  MarcusBalearius

      Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰
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    • Amethyst

      hello we're up and running respriting decibel on twitch
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    • RoySolare

      Here's the second part of Ultra Ego. Before that, here's another explaination. Ultra Ego Pokemon can inherit Abilities depending from the same species of the family, even in regional forms (only not counting from Egg Group).
      -> About Ego type's battle properties :
      - Defense :
      Damaged normally by : None
      Weak to : Instinct, Ego
      Immune to : Normal, Psychic, Fighting, Ghost
      Resistant to : Other types
      - Offense :
      Effective : Other types
      Super effective : Normal, Ghost, Dragon, Ego, Instinct
      Less effective : None
      Ineffective : None
      -> About its effect :
      Gains highest base stats by three stages every time they get hit by a contact move. Has 30% chance to enter Hyper Mode (It won’t hurt the user, but forces the user to use a move different than those of trainer’s orders like a wild Pokemon). But Hyper Mode can be lifted by doing the same thing as before.
      Here comes the other ones :
      Ultra Ego Bouffalant
      Type : Normal/Ego
      Ability : As One (Reckless, Sap Sipper and Soundproof)
      Base stats :
      HP : 95
      Attack : 260
      Defense : 170
      Sp. Attack : 90
      Sp. Defense : 170
      Speed : 215
      Total : 1000
      Normal type signature move : Head Impact :
      Category : Physical
      PP : 5 (Max 8)
      Power : 180
      Accuracy : 80
      Effect : The user attacks the target with power of headbutt beyond limits. The user receives recoil damage equal to 1/2 of the damage done to the target but the user's Attack stat rises drastically each time the move KO the target.
      Pokedex entry : Once Bouffalants pass into this stage, there's no turning back to their old personality. They become less agressive but more arrogant. Nobody will know the reason of their behaviour. They get their afro grow bigger, covering their eyes as they can't see and ears as they can't hear anything. But they can sense the movements of their opponents only because they can only see their own energy of the potential. Being hit by Bouffalant's powerful headbutt is a death wish.
      Ultra Ego Swellow
      Type : Flying/Ego
      Ability : As One (Guts and Scrappy)
      Base stats :
      HP : 60
      Attack : 180
      Defense : 100
      Sp. Attack : 160
      Sp. Defense : 100
      Speed : 400
      Total : 1000
      Flying type signature move : Aerial Facade :
      Category : Physical
      PP : 10 (Max 16)
      Power : 90
      Accuracy : 100
      Effect : Its base power doubles if the user is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.
      Pokedex entry : Due to Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, there was a fight between group of Staraptors and group of Swellows. They battled each other during 3 years without any victor. Comparing to Swellow's red aura and Staraptor's blue aura, Swellow can power up its body during its extreme condition to strike the opponents with its speed faster than light.
      Ultra Ego Tyrogue
      Type : Fighting/Ego
      Ability : As One (Guts, Steadfast, Vital Spirit, Limber, Reckless, Unburden, Keen Eye, Iron Fist, Inner Focus, Intimidate and Technician)
      Base stats :
      HP : 35
      Attack : 270
      Defense : 270
      Sp. Attack : 35
      Sp. Defense : 110
      Speed : 280
      Total : 1000
      Fighting type signature moves :
      Over Drain Punch :
      Category : Physical
      PP : 5 (Max 8)
      Power : 120
      Accuracy : 100
      Effect : A vicious energy-draining punch. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
      Over Jump Kick :
      Category : Physical
      PP : 5 (Max 8)
      Power : 160
      Accuracy : 90
      Effect : The target is attacked with a leg kick from a jump. If it misses, the user is hurt instead.
      Berserker Strike :
      Category : Physical
      PP : 5 (Max 8)
      Power : 30
      Accuracy : 90
      Effect : A consecutive three-strikes attack that doubles the power if the user is poisoned, paralyzed or burned.
      Pokedex entry : Tyrogue has found its own way to become stronger without relying in any evolutions. After several decades of training, it's able to master the arts of Hitmons. Therefore, it's now respected by Hitmons for acheiving a level that neither any of them couldn't perform such a feat. Ultra Ego Tyrogue's resolution is to protect the Hitmons, even if it costs its own life or lifespan.
      Note : Well, that's what it happens. I hope you liked it. I will be here also tomorrow to post something. See ya!
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    • thisgameishard

      Can i have 1 Tournament of b00ty pls
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