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    • Cerulean

      Hello everyone,
      I just wanted to let you know that I have added two new entries to the Pokémon data collection. The first entry was uploaded today, so please feel free to check it out. The second upload will be available at noon tomorrow. Thank you for your patience while I worked on this.
      I hope you are excited to look into the second entry. Next, I am going to add another entry about a Gen V Dragon-type Semi-Pseudo Legendary from the Unova Region. Here's a hint - it's on Drayden and Iris' team. Feel free to share your guesses in the comment section.
      This is Blue, signing off. 
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    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. In Crescent’s inner mental world :
      Crescent : Where am I?
      Pyrrha : No need to worry.
      Pyrrha appears in her true form : An youthful adult having past waist length white hair with right side bangs and white eyes that shine with hope and wears a long maid dress and headband, yet doesn’t wear makeup.
      Crescent : You look completely mature.
      Pyrrha : *chuckle* You don’t need to compliment me.
      Crescent : No wonder why Lopez loved you.
      Just like Aevis loved me. He would be proud.
      Pyrrha : Guess you really are trying to do something good for once.
      I’ve been watching you for a long time.
      Crescent : Yeah. And don’t tell Lopez about my journey.
      Pyrrha : Understood. Not that he would care unless your actions against morals, that is.
      Crescent : That will do.
      …I wonder what his father was like.
      Pyrrha (suddenly yet understandably being quiet) : …This is something depressing whatever you need to know or not.
      Lopez… He never acknowledged him as his own real father.
      Crescent (confused) : What?
      He really did it for real?
      Pyrrha : He always called him "The biggest disgraceful traitorous goddamn failure".
      Crescent (with sincere response) : Oh! Wow! That’s extremely harsh!
      Pyrrha : You had really no idea. He meant it because his existence reminds Lopez of the moment his mother died out of despair because his father wasn’t here and never came back.
      Then his brothers and sisters died, one by one.
      Lopez was left alone, cursing his own weakness as a result. He couldn’t protect them.
      His father only returned right after the funeral ceremony had passed.
      This made him earn Lopez’s wrath. Then the latter disowned him without hesitation.
      It was the harshest moment where Lopez can’t see his face since then.
      His father tried to help him but Lopez never looked back and never responded back at him.
      He ignored his entire existence.
      That’s what he told me.
      Crescent (realizing what did she just hear) : …
      He’s like I used to be. I should have never left him alone. Damn.
      Pyrrha : You didn’t know back there. That wasn’t your fault.
      Crescent : I know but still…
      He only told me about you but didn’t tell me about his father.
      It makes sense now. He didn’t save him. You did.
      Pyrrha : Lopez’s way of helping at cost of every years of eating his own sanity is all thanks to his own father’s incompetence.
      It only got worse when his father died protecting him from a terrible accident.
      That brought Lopez seeing his father’s face and reconsidered disowning him. But it was one last time.
      His father smiled not because Lopez acknowledged him but because he was glad that he acted like what a good and noble father would.
      His state became worse until my actions helped him restore his distorted mind.
      Crescent : I see.
      Lopez wanted to be a good husband because he doesn’t want to make same mistakes as he did.
      Yet, he felt like he abandoned his family again.
      Pyrrha : It’s something he hadn’t realized yet.
      One day, his own family he created will be reunited once again.
      Crescent : What does that mean?
      Pyrrha : I’m leaving now. See ya.
      Crescent : Hey, wait.
      Pyrrha left.
      Crescent : And she’s gone.

      Maybe I should apologize to him when I get the chance.
      Note : I’m celebrating my father’s and my sister’s birthday along with my family since we couldn’t get the chance to do it earlier. See you next time.
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    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It’s Ana’s story. While both Aevis and Aevia are doing West Gearen sidequests, Ana meets both Melia and Venam, again :
      Ana : Melia. I never thought you would be there.
      Melia : Me neither.
      Ana : By the way, I didn’t see that coming about your attire.
      Melia : Oh. How does it look?
      Ana : Way too cute.
      Melia (😊) : Thank you.
      Ana : And who’s this tomboyish girl over there?
      Venam : WHAT?! I’m not a TOMBOY!
      Melia : LOL!
      Ana : But I recognize that voice. Venam?!
      Is that you?
      Venam : Yes, I am.
      Ana : What happened to your purple hair? Don’t tell me you’ve been born with your brown color instead?
      Venam : This is what you’re thinking?! That is way so insensitive of you!
      Ana : Sorry. And I pity you for that.
      Purple made you look cooler. What a shame.
      Venam : Did you hear that, Melia?! This why it was a bad idea for giving me a change of pace!
      Melia : Sometimes, it’s better that way. Maybe to start from zero…
      Venam : I feel like this is going to be my longest punishment. Ever. Of all time.
      Ana : Anyway, Aevia told me to stay with you.
      Melia : I see.

      Kanon appeared.
      Kanon : Hey, can I talk for a minute…
      Oh. Hello there.
      Melia : Oh, Kanon. Allow me to introduce her.
      Her name is Ana.
      Kanon : Oh, well. Nice to see you, Ana.
      Ana : Me, too.
      Melia : And, to give you advice, just pat her head. She loves it.
      Kanon : Sure.
      Kanon pat Ana’s head. She’s very pleased.
      Ana : Thank you.
      Kanon : No problem.
      Note : I’m not planning to play Pokemon Reborn E19.5. Since every time, there’s always many bug issues and it will always have. It feels like many players are trying to accomplish by finding many major and minor bugs around. I’ll try to wait for a while until E19.5 guide appears. Or maybe that will stay the same. See you tomorrow.
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    • Sva3728

      Why are Mega download links so slow? Why do they take a long time or don't even load?
      · 1 reply
    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Aero's story. As they had other unfinished bussiness, Aero is left behind in Zeight alone :
      Aero : ...
      Nancy appears.
      Nancy : What's wrong?
      Aero : I want you to know that I'm in Aero's body.
      And I want myself to know why I was born.
      Why I did I ever exist to begin with?
      Nancy : I don't even know about your old self. It's something beyond our sight and understanding.
      I'm sorry.
      Aero : That's OK. Lopez told me to forget about my past and move on. Choosing to face my past will make myself suffer even more.
      But what could go possibly wrong?
      Nancy : You know, when he says like that, it's for your own good.
      Aero : Tsk. Fine. Everyone is acting so negectful towards me and I don't deserve to be a part of the group.
      Nancy : That's not true.
      Aero left Zeight.
      Nancy : W-w-wait!
      Note : Well, nothing is the same anymore. I miss Oscarus. I miss Dark Legend. At least Q-Jei and Cerulean are still around having fun. And I hope Evi Crystal is alright. While I'm more metaphorically stuck in void but writing the post about this Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow still keeps me going because this is only I have left for. Without it, I have nothing left to live for in this website.
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    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Alain's story. When Alain speaks with Erin :
      Erin : I believe sometimes, you have anger issues. Like a volcano that erupts everywhere.
      Alain : You really think so?
      Erin : Um...
      Cut to flashback between Axel, Alain and Erin.
      Back to present.
      Erin : Yes.
      Note : Do you find it hilarious? Who doesn't? See you later.
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    • J-Awesome_One

      So as many of you might know, a couple of years, I started a playthrough of Pokemon Empire. I really did love the game but I'm not the best when it comes to set style. Which is what led me to discontinuing it. After really thinking about it, I have decided I'm going to attempt to do another playthrough of it. I think last time I touched the game, it was in the very early stages. With Episode 11 out now (Not finished btw), I think it's time to give it a fair chance. It might be a rocky challenge but damnit. I know the story is gonna be great, I wanna see all that happens & I want you all to experience it with me. I'm not sure when I'm gonna start uploading episodes of it but I'm confident it'll be this year. Heck. I might put up 1 episode a week alongside my Pokemon Rejuvenation Bug Mono which is almost done... kind of... sort of? And to give a little update about my other projects I plan on starting, there will be a Pokemon Rejuvenation Renegade playthrough (from start to finish) & a new start with Ashen Frost. This is gonna be awesome!
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    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Ariana's story. While Aevis, Axel, Melia and Aelita went chasing the Sky Relic, Ariana is painting something :
      Ariana : Mmm...
      I need something for masterpiece.
      Maybe make them shiny Pokemon.
      Ariana continued painting until having finished making masterpiece.
      Ariana : I've finished making my masterpiece.
      Saki : Let me see. Let me see.
      Valarie : I wonder what's this masterpiece.
      Adam : Braixen. Do you know what will it be?
      Braixen : Let me guess! Starter Pokemon?!
      Ariana : Half true.
      Ariana shows a picture of type shifter starters in their shiny form. (Greninja to the left, Cinderace to the middle, Meowscarada to the right)
      Valarie : Wow. I don't understand.
      Adam : Very much polished picture of Greninja, Cinderace and Meowscarada.
      Braixen : After all, they have ability to change their types depending on their moves. I feel so jealous, right now.
      Saki : I wish my team had Protean.
      Wait. Maybe I'll create another machine that changes their ability without any limits.
      Valarie : That would be dangerous.
      Saki : Aw...
      Ariana : She's right. You could cause explosions.
      Saki : Fine.
      Valarie : Sounds like you had hard time creating the masterpiece.
      Ariana : That took hours to make it perfect.
      Adam : Tell me about your painting.
      Ariana : Well, you see...
      Note : Game Freak nerfed Protean and Libero but that made Kecleon (in NatDex that is) much worse compared to Delibird who has its own future paradox counterpart who's actually a threat to never be mistaken for a weakling. See you next time.
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    • Cerulean

      Hello everyone,
      I just wanted to you know that I have added a new entry to the Pokémon data collection. The upload will be available at 1:00 PM. Thank you for your patience while I worked on this. I also started a new assignment yesterday, but I've managed to balance everything. 
      I hope you are excited to look into the new entry.
      Cerulean, signing off.
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    • OmegaStellarSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It’s Axel’s story. Here’s the moment between Axel and Nim in Route 4 while Aevia and Aelita are in Akuwa Town before being kidnapped :
      Nim : It’s nice to see you here with me.
      Axel : Those Team Xen Grunts had wings?!
      Nim : Actually, yes, that’s the case.
      I’m glad that you managed to follow my advice.
      Axel : I’m not strong enough to defeat an entire Team Xen.
      The reason why one of the excecutives named Geara lost is because he wasn’t being serious for once.
      Had he used full force, I would lose. Very badly.
      Same goes for Giratina.
      Nim : You’re really are trying to avoid trouble!
      Axel : I’m weak. Always outclassed by strong trainers.
      I remembered how I tried to face the thug from East Gearen City and I thought he’s just a simple trainer.
      But I really paid the price for not thinking about preparing everything before that.
      These Pokemon overleveled mine.
      I realized how my carelessness got me.
      That’s why I needed to prepare everything.
      However, the problem is about Gym Badges.
      Nim : Oh, right. It’s difficult to struggle, considering the threat we’re facing.
      Axel : One day. I’ll find the answer when I get every badges.
      Nim : Yes. Then I can be your first cheerleader.
      Axel : …
      Nim : …
      They both laugh at the same time.

      Nim : Anyway, I’m leaving. If you have any problems, I’ll come back to assist you.
      Axel : Thanks. I appreciate the offer.
      Nim : Bye.
      Axel : Bye.
      Nim left by teleportation.
      Axel : Well then. No time to lose.
      Maybe I might- Huh?!
      Axel found a secret passageway through the bar.
      Axel : I wonder what’s in there?
      Note : Back there, I admitted I hated Lorna for petrifying Venam (She used to be one of my favorites. She looked so cute with purple hair.) I’m the one who’s used to be an complete idiot and very much hopeless. Nim deserves better by surviving the battle after sending Melia, Venam and Ren. Many years have passed and I realized that not every villains are irredeemable. Some people will do bad things against their own will. See you later.
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