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    • OmegaSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Ariana's story. During time travel to the past, meanwhile, Ariana is trying to find Axel :
      Ariana : Axel! Axel! Axel?! Where are you?!
      Axel : What do you want?
      Ariana : Why aren't you joining us? We need to stick together.
      Axel : It's just. I just want to be alone for a while.
      Ariana : Listen... I'm sorry for your loss. Nim was completely special to you.
      Axel : Don't mind about me. I just got over with it. She may be watching us.
      Everything is fine. Stop worrying about me. I'm fine.
      Ariana : Oh. Well, then. I'll leave you alone but I'll be right back.
      Axel : It's not like I care much your pity towards me or about you being an overprotective sister.
      Ariana : I'm doing this for your own good.
      Axel : ...
      Ariana : Axel. I don't wanna lose you the same way as before.
      Axel : What are you referring to?
      Ariana : No. Nevermind. Be careful, Axel.
      Axel : Yes. Thank you.
      Axel left.
      Ariana : Stop lying to me, brother. I know you aren't OK.
      You hate it when we pity you. All because you think youself as a weak, cowardly scum.
      I'll make sure you're not going to wrong path.
      Note : Well. Let's face it. We all know how it all ended out, at very late time. See you next time.
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    • OmegaSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Axel's story. In Kakori Village, at September 2nd :
      Aelita : I get that! Anyway, you guys ready?
      Melia : Yeah, let's finally head on into Terajuma Jungle.
      Aevis : ...
      Melia : What's wrong, Aevis? Is it because of my changing hairstyle?
      Aevis : Actually, you almost remind me of someone.
      Melia : Huh? Who?
      Aevis : One of the people that I cherish the most.
      Melia (Looking surprised but very satisfied inside) : Oh, my.
      Aevis : WAIT?! WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!
      Axel : Oh, so you're into these type of girls like blonde ones or purple ones.
      Aelita/Melia (Confused) : I don't know what are you talking about.
      Aevis : Axel. Shut the hell up.
      Axel : Besides, do they look mature to you?
      Aelita and Melia are blushing. Unfortunately for Axel...
      Aevis is closing his eyes, giving Axel a smile that is so creepingly disturbing.
      Then he violently pulled Axel's ear, much to Melia's and Aelita's shock and to Axel's horror.
      Aevis (sarcastically smiling; To Axel) : Let's get the hell out of here.
      (To Melia and Aelita) Sorry. I'm going to have a talk with him for a while.
      Aevis drags Axel by the latter's ear.
      Axel : OW! OW! OW! AIE! AIE! AIE!
      They left akwardly.
      Aelita : What am I watching?
      Melia : Don't mind the topic.
      Note : Sorry for the delay. I was playing Pokemon Rejuvenation that I lost focus on something else. Bye.
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    • ammonite

      rpgmaker XP free rn. seems like goes back to normal on 19th?
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    • ignise

      Basically made this to be verified on discord
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    • OmegaSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Aevia's story. After what happened in Valor Mountain, Aevia was a little upset in Kakori Village :
      Aevia : ...
      Alain : Are you alright?
      Aevia : ...
      Alain : I know you're upset because we lost both Jenner and Nim.
      Aevia : ...No. That's not the case. I'm just worried about Aevis.
      Alain : Did something happen to him?
      Aevia : When Geara went too far, Aevis became so enraged that he massacred and scared Giratina out and then he brutalized Geara for 30 minutes, leaving Geara's body and spirit broken. All because Melia was crying.
      We were shocked at his behaviour of giving gruesome beatdown yet still not killing.
      Even Crescent is appalled.
      Alain : Yup. That's exactly one of the things that triggers him.
      Aevia : Huh?
      Alain : He hates good hearted people crying.
      So once a villain or a bully forces good hearted people crying, they get the worst taste of their own medicine.
      It happened once that I saw the results for what he did.
      It was terrifying.
      Aevia : Oh, dear.
      Alain : Right. Now you know that's why it's best and interest for us to stay strong.
      So we don't want to be a burden to him.
      Aevia : To be honest, he never treated us a burden and he wouldn't do that.
      All he wanted is to give us hope. And that's how far we got here.
      Alain : All you need to do now is to face Amber for the badge, right now.
      Too bad he refuses to fight her until he gets 17 badges after the drama. That's what he promised.
      Aevia : You're right. I'm going to Teila Resort.
      Alain : It's not like I wanted to help you.
      Aevis : Bye.
      Alain : See ya.
      Note : Moments can get dark if pushed too far. Don't ask me why. It's just my own guess. See you next time. 
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    • Syn Moon

      How's everyone here doing right now? (I'm good but a bit tired if anyone's wondering)
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    • OmegaSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. It's Aevis story. In Alamissa Urban beginning path :
      Ren : As for what that situation was, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that.
      I didn't join Team Xen because I wanted to betray anyone.
      I didn't want anyone to get hurt or die... I just wanted my best friend back.
      Aevis : You already know that the dead cannot return.
      Ren : I know. I was so stupid to fall for that just to see her.
      But it's not even about her anymore.
      It's about something that's bigger than Team Xen itself.
      Something I'm determined to see to the very end.
      Ren begins to cry.
      Ren : But how am I suppose to atone for that?
      I feel so regretful. I feel like I can't be forgiven.
      Not after what I've done something that resulted the loss of the trust.
      What am I supposed to do? How should I know if things are going back to normal?
      I can't bear it. I can't...
      Aevis hugs Ren.
      Ren : Aevis?
      Aevis : Please. No more crying. Alright?
      Ren : ...
      Aevis : I realized your reasons from the beginning. The moment I saw your face filled with confusion and heartbreak.
      I knew it was Crescent's fault.
      Ren : What did you do to her when you found out?
      Aevis : I slapped her.
      Ren : Oh... Thanks.
      Aevis : You idiot. You would never disappoint me like that.
      No matter what you did wrong or something so risky, you'll always have my back.
      Ren : Thank you for understanding me. What could I do without you?
      Aevis : Feeling is mutual.
      Aevis stopped hugging.
      Ren : There's one last thing I wanted to do before we continued.
      Note : I just keep progressing through a lot of training every current available Pokemon that I've caught. Why do I feel like I'm being paranoid about verifying everything in my playthrough? I usually forget about past days. See you tomorrow.
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    • Cerulean

      Restarted Insurgence. Defeated the Elite Four and the Champion, went to the Holon region stopped Professor Maple. Currently at Erebus City.
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    • OmegaSolare

      Here's Pokemon Rejuvenation : Light, Darkness and Shadow. In frozen castle, after defeating Alice :
      Note : That's the similar example of possession. As I told you, that's what is called Alpha Curse. Terryfying as it transforms someone into more monstrous being to extreme degree. See you next time.
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