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    • chibreaker

      hi I've been into Pokémon since I was a toddler when I first played Pokémon at my friends house.
      I've been following Pokémon ever since :)
      · 0 replies
    • Dark Warrior

      what version did you all get?
      I got Violet, and chose Sprigatito
      · 2 replies
    • Siewek

      Paldea Pokedex completed!
      · 0 replies
    • Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Completed Pokemon Violet!! The Elite Four and the champion were strong but I managed to beat them. Miraidon is so cute!!!
      · 3 replies
    • SolareInferno

      "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. It's about Ariana who's training her Hisuian Typhlosion (who's holding a machine that translates Pokemon language into human language which it was a prototype made by Saki) about mastering the ability Frisk along with her Venusaur with successful attempts :
      Ariana : So which item I was holding?
      Typhlosion : Typhosion! (The machine says : You're holding the Choice Scarf!)
      Hisuian Typhlosion guessed correctly. It was a Choice Scarf.
      Ariana : Bravo! I guess you're almost here!
      Typhlosion : Ty... (Machine says : Well, I hope so...)
      Ariana : Final question : Does Venusaur hold Venusaurite?!
      Hisuian Typhlosion is starting to glow, mastering the ability Frisk.
      Typhlosion : Typh. Typhlosion. (Machine says : I don't think it has Venusaurite. It holds Leaf Stone.)
      Typh. TYPHLOSION?! (Machine says : Wait a minute. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT LEAF STONE?!)
      Ariana : Wow. You did it. Though, I admit I obtained Leaf Stone without telling you.
      Ariana laughed nervously.
      Ariana : Anyway, I guess we're done.
      Typhlosion : Typhlo! (Machine says : Good grief!)
      Ariana : You did a good job too, Venusaur.
      Venusaur : Saur!
      Note : Since before yesterday, I was ill. Even now, I'm still struggling to get over this illness. See you in next weekend.
      · 2 replies
    • Shadow Angel

      At last, I have done it.
      After 16 months of play (starting from the beginning on release day), as of today, I have completed Rejuvenation V13.
      It was a wild ride and totally worth the time it took to finish.
      V13 has been on my mind since even before it released. This was my third time playing Rejuvenation, but I had never previously completed the game up to the latest release. The first time I played, I accidentally downloaded an old version and missed out on the latest two chapters that had been released at the time. The second time I played, I got caught up by other things and didn't play past chapter 7, and after a few months of stagnation, I got the news that the early game would be revamped in V13, so I waited for V13's release to start a new playthrough. I went in determined to finally complete the whole game this time, including every sidequest. Props to BIGJRA for his comprehensive guide, which helped me greatly. I was able to complete several sidequests I otherwise wouldn't have known existed. Two new chapters had been released since my first playthrough, and together with the two that I missed out on before, that left four chapters (12-15) that I experienced for the first time in addition to the early game revamps, which I also loved. I also recorded my gameplay through most of the game to show to my family, and watching my gameplay has served as a bonding experience for the past year. Overall, it was a truly magical experience. Props to Jan and co. for creating such a captivating game.
      While I look forward to the next Rejuvenation update, I should be starting Reborn E19 soon. It'll probably take me equally long to complete it, lol.
      I have completed E18 before, but given the early game changes, I will also be playing Reborn from the beginning. I hope it will be as great of an experience! Reborn was the first fangame I played, and it's great that it's finally complete. I missed out on the hype of E19's release, but I will cherish it all the same.
      Giving my regards to a great community,
      Shadow Angel
      · 0 replies
    • Dark Warrior

      been to long
      · 1 reply
    • Vince&Sylveon

      One of my play testers ScaldBurner14 encountered a frustrating moment in MKXP. He texted me this:
      ”Thanks, it seems like the command prompt is drastically different. It’s like they still have your other project so some things won’t match up.
      Like 903 Sylveon4 is still coalossal (that’s also ID 903 on another project)
      And yes, I did have to compile every single time I load a game.
       I reckon that you should give players debug mode and some disclaimer when they start the game saying to compile all data before you play. Cause I don’t know how to deal with this atm.“
      So it seems to work (compiled), but then when he exits out the game, it becomes un-compiled, and then he has to re-compile every time he loads up the game.
      · 0 replies
    • Oscarus

      A question... Is peace and harmony in life too much to ask for? 
      I know this is not quite the place to ask, but I honestly can't find a better place, especially since my "friends" are apparently defending the bullying-and-toxic kind of behaviors everyone around me loves to present in public and in private life. 
      I honestly could write down an entire article about my life situation... But right now I'm feeling under the weather (and not even Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - perhaps the best canon Pokemon games in terms of plotline - lightened my mood), so maybe one day, one day... 
      · 1 reply
    • Amethyst

      ame marches forward through the orphanage and onwards to shade! shelly was easy so obviously this will be too, right???
      · 0 replies
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