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    Hi! I'm Jan and I occasionally post updates about the progress of Pokemon Rejuvenation in this section!
    I announced in my prior post that Terajuma was getting some work done! In this process, a new area was added, with a new quest was added! In this quest you'll meet someone you've heard but have never seen! Oh, and those other two are here as well. 

    Flora and Florin have time off and they're visiting Terajuma so that they can explore through a mysterious temple found deep within the dense jungle. For this journey, they brought friend with them! Introduce yourself, please!

    Full body art:
    Talon has appeared! Talon is a skilled adventurer, as well as a well-known cartographer. He travels through the region on his off time to draw maps of dangerous and unexplored areas. He is a good friend of Florin, but he and Flora don't seem to get along very well...
    Q/A no one asked for
    Q: Will I be able to do this quest on my completed v13 file?
    A: As per the twitter poll, all quests introduced in v13.5 will have a grace period. While it'll be a little weird for you to encounter these folks so late in the game, I feel like it's better to, you know... Not force people to replay the game to see a new and major sidequest. However, once v14 drops, they will expire at their appropriate times. So do them while you can.
    Q: Does Talon have an accent?
    A: Yes, he has an Australian accent.
    Q: What's Talon's favorite type of food?
    A: Savory
    Q: What is Talon's least favorite food?
    A: Not too keen on overly sweet and bitter foods.
    Q: Height?
    A: 5'11
    Q: Why is Talon's hair and skin different in some patches?
    A: Talon has Vitiligo. 
    Q: Where is Talon from?
    A: Australia.  He is not from Aevium, but he currently resides in Grand Dream City. 
    Q: Is Talon's ace Talonflame?
    A: No, and he doesn't like when people assume this! 
    Q: Favorite Pokemon?
    A: Rufflet
    Q: Least favorite Pokemon
    A: Any Pokemon that are spiders or snakes. 

    13.5, while not a huge update in terms of main story, is a huge update that will focus on a lot of smaller things at once. Why am I taking the time to make a 13.5 update? Well... version 14 is going to be a huge undertaking and I want to be able to focus on it in its entirety. As a result of that, I want to make sure I tie up any loose ends and clean up everything I can. 
    So what is being looked at in 13.5?
    Terajuma Grand Dream City A new questing system QOL updates (Quality of life) Gen 8 DLC* New Aevian forms  
    *On the note of DLC... Obviously, I'm aware of the new forms being revealed in Legends: Arceus. We're going to have to wait for those games to come out before we even touch those. There's also the issue of stats not exactly being calculated the same in that game? So we'll have to do some tinkering with that. 
    Terajuma and Grand Dream City
    There were changes to Terajuma this version, but they were very superficial. I actually wanted to do bigger changes there, but it was bloating the v13 cycle. Couple with burnout, a lot of stuff was shelved temporarily. Same with Grand Dream City. Both areas will be receiving some clean up and polish. 
    Some small previews of Terajuma:
    New Questing System
    There's a new quest logging system! Whenever you accept a quest, it will be logged in a brand new menu. With this you can see which quests are currently active, ones that have been completed and ones that have expired. Additionally, you can check exactly what you need to do at any given time! So no more guessing! 
    New Aevian Form(s)?
    Yes, there will be new Aevian forms, of course. In fact, on my Patreon, I already revealed a new one! There's not much to say about this one, so just take a look!
    >Best Friend
    Meet your new Best Friend!
    That's all I have to show for now! 13.5 progress has been going steadily. That being said, I don't expect 13.5 to drop this year, and that's probably for the best. A break is always nice. I'll try to be more frequent with updates. Perhaps every other week? We'll see.


    Regarding Intense Mode

    By Jan, in Records,

    So, this post has been a long time coming. This is something that plainly just needs to be said. Intense mode has become a problem. Let's rewind a bit. Back around... I wanna say v4-5? Intense mode as added as an extra challenge for players.
    It started out fine, but as the game went further and further, things became quite out of control. Things that are our faults, and things that is just there because of Pokemon's inherent gameplay flaws. 
    Everyone wants something different out of Pokemon, and fundamentally, the way Pokemon is structured, every experience is different depending on the selection of mons available,  yes? While this is a good thing, it does come with its own drawbacks. Balancing nightmares, being up and front. 
    I can say with confidence that it is literally impossible to create a difficulty mode that makes everyone happy. 
    I see why Game Freak let go of the idea of challenge modes (For the time being.) So what does this mean? What
    am I getting at here? I'm just going to say it plainly.
    From 13.5 on, Intense mode will be removed from the game. Now, I can see a couple of you heading towards the door, but I ask that you stick around and read the entire post before doing so. I understand Intense mode is a feature that is beloved by many. However, the side effects of this mode existing have completely gotten out of control. The gatekeeping, the "get good" attitude, the back and forth on who is right and who isn't... This isn't what I wanted this to be. 
    Rejuvenation was supposed to be a fun project with fun characters, worlds, and experiences. It was not about creating some ultimate challenge, even if it veered down that path anyway. In the end, this has no longer become fun for me, and that's when this becomes a serious problem.
    If Jan stops having fun, Jan stops making the game. 
    Rejuvenation is an incomplete game. I think even adding a different difficulty mode so early on was a bit of a hasty and foolish decision on my part. I want to focus on perfecting the base game before even thinking about trying create something like intense mode ever again. I don't want this to be the ultimate end of the mode, though. 
    Yeah, I know I said I'm removing it. We officially will not be working on it any further. But those who are interested in keeping it alive are allowed to do so. We're handing this over to the community.  When the game is complete, I would like to consider restoring it. But for now, I believe this is what is best for the game's overall health. And quite honestly, keeping tabs of both normal, easy, and intense mode altogether was just... too much. (Easy mode shall remain for accessibility, however.) 
    That's really everything I have to say on this. It's a decision that was not easily made, but I believe it to be necessary going forward. I understand that this will bring frustration, but it's how things are standing as of now. Please, if you have any further comments and or questions, post them below. We will be reading and responding when necessary. 
    -Intense mode warped the game's vision into something it was never intended to be
    -As a result, it is no longer being officially worked on.
    -Intense mode will be handed over to the community to work on as a mod if they so wish.
    -When the game is complete, we will consider the possibility of restoring it officially.
    -Easy mode will remain.

    I'm sure many of you are probably familiar with the Rejuvenation wiki, or at least have tried to look it up before... Only to find it rather lacking in its appearance and contents. For a long time the wiki has gone neglected and contained a lot of outdated information about the game. Recently the wiki has gained a completely updated look to it, but the problem of the wiki being barebones and containing outdated information still remains.
    Well, fear no longer, for today marks the day that we're launching the Rejuvenation Wiki Expansion Project!
    The idea is to get people together and update the wiki with as much information as possible, so people will have a reliable source of information to go to in the case they need to know this. Part of this project is also writing a proper summary for the game's story -- this is something that we know that people have been asking for a long time, so where else would be better to have a summary for both the overall story and each chapter than on the wiki itself?
    We've set up a discord people can join for the Wiki project specifically so talk about it doesn't flood the channels on the Reborn discord. The discord is mostly to discuss information put on all the pages and to help each other with formatting, so it's not going to be a community discord akin to what Reborn has and really more one for the sake of project organization. We're still affiliated with this community however, so the same rules of conduct apply -- it's expected that you behave accordingly.
    If you wish to join the discord, you can click here to join!
    Either way, your help would be greatly appreciated. The devs will also be around to keep an eye on stuff (though please don't ping us unnecessarily, we will kick you for that stuff) and will pitch in from time to time.
    Thank you in advance! o7

    Anyways, so like I promised, here's everything I've made! There's a ton of it. And a lot of it I've also been sitting on for like a year! But I'm very, very happy with all the work I've delivered for this version, and I really do hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I'm excited about it. Everything will be put in spoiler tags of course -- both for reading comprehension AND for the sake of not accidentally spoiling someone who's not seen all of these yet.
    Actually, if you're here and haven't beaten V13 stuff yet, why the heck are you spoiling yourself??? you fool. you clown. you utter buffoon. you absolute walnut. go back to playing the update. don't ruin the experience for yourself!!!!!!!!!
    unless you willingly chose to do this. i guess i have no say over your actions so it's entirely up to you in the end! but anyways, let's get to it, shall we? enjoy!
    V13 COVER ARTWORK: Vague Clarity
    V13 BONUS ILLUSTRATION: Aelita (1st popularity poll winner bonus illustration)

    V13 TEASER (+ Some drawings assets that flash by!!)
    V13 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PLAYLIST (Not including the music done by Glitch, sorry 😔)
    As per usual, all the official art alongside links to the full resolution art (and wallpaper versions!) can be found in the Official Art Thread, alongside bonus icons and character wallpapers!
    i spent........ SO much time on writing this post and also accidentally lost half my progress twice so i'm sorry if i missed anything LOL...
    Oh, and if you're worried about a certain group of mons... Don't worry. A future post will have more about those. :)
    Until next time!!! o7

    Cover art: By @Zumi
    Hey! It's been two years? How are you? How are the kids? No kids? Okay. Well.... Anyway. It's time.
    I'm not going to make a huge post about how much of a hell year 2020 was... like, in general, because I'm going to talk about that on stream at some point. So I'm just gonna hand over the game. Sound good? yes. Wait no, I lied.
    First, we have a brand new website!
    Check it out!
    There's a lot of cool things and we'll be actively updating things as time goes on. (No, we're not leaving Reborn. We just felt like it was necessary for us to have our own space too, finally :) )
    Due to the extreme amount of changes and additions, old save files that have not completed v12 data will no longer work correctly. There are still some places you shouldn't save. 
    Official art press release kit:
    Mega 17.6mb
    PBS files

    SPU Delivery Guy
    Hey, SPU delivery!
    Listen, it’s the same kind of package for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ but please please please just take the damn package off of me, I don’t wanna be holdin’ onto this for any longer! There’s something SHAKIN’ in there dude! I felt it! It’s creeping the shit outta me and I really don’t get paid enough by SPU to be dealing with haunted or possessed shit!

    Ya know the drill by now, no speakin’ the answer out loud and everythin’, yadda yadda yadda!
    I dunno if it’s your friend ordering these boxes or someone’s sendin’ some fucked up shit to them as a joke, but I hope for both of your sakes that this stuff doesn’t end up blowin’ up in your faces. I don’t wanna be the person who unknowingly delivered a dangerous package to a pair of unwittin’ victims!
    Anyways, I feel like if I stay around this thing for much longer I’m gonna end up cursed or suffer from some other horrible shit, so I’m outta here.
    Don’t do anythin’ reckless with that damn box that puts yerselves in danger, ya hear me? I dunno if we’ll be seein’ each other again soon, but you better take care during whatever’s gonna happen next, dude! Don’t go dyin’ from some weird box on me now!


    v13 and MKXP

    By andracass, in Records,

    Someone in testing wasn't able to run the game and I freaked out.
    So this is an explainer for MKXP and why we're using it.
    There will also be a linux version!
    Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
    So, a while back, Jan mentioned that v13 would run entirely on MKXP.  There were some people who were concerned about this because of the hardware requirements for the reborn/deso brand MKXP. In response, I said this:

    This comment didn't age very well. We may have some issues.
    I haven't posted over here before (hi rejuvians) but y'all who know me from the reborn side are probably used to my big-ass deep dives into technical problems.
    This is going to be a little bit different (and more serious) than all of those since this involves a problem that I made and can't easily fix. You can skip ahead to "should I worry about this?" if you just want to get to solutions. They exist- they're just not convenient.
    What's MKXP?
    MKXP is an open-source implementation of the RPG Maker XP (RMXP) engine. Its original purpose was preservation; RMXP originally came out in 2004 (likely making it older than some of y'all reading this) and technological progression since then has risked old RMXP projects being lost to the sands of time. In ensuring that old RMXP projects would still be functional in the modern era, it implements a lot more recent tech than the original program used. This means that we get much better performance out of the engine. This is a pretty big deal since RMXP itself has a tendency to grind to a halt under the weight of everything the crazy-ass local devs 'round these parts throw at it. The RMXP engine still sucks, but MKXP makes it substantially less noticable.
    It also means that we can support mac and linux! 
    Why isn't rejuv using RMXP still?
    If you've checked out reborn/deso, you've seen that there are two exes- "game.exe" and "game-z.exe", which use RMXP and MKXP respectively. Rejuv will only have one- "game.exe"- and it uses MKXP. This decision was made because it means we can use Ruby 3.0 instead of RMXP's version, which is 1.8.1. 
    Ruby 3 is much faster. v13 won't even be tapping into its full potential since, well, we don't have time for it. The problem, then, is that we can't run two versions of ruby at the same time. Going from ruby 1.8 -> ruby 3.0 is a one-way street- I wanted to pop out some performance comparisons to show how much faster it was, but since it was saved with a different ruby version, my v13 file doesn't work with v12. 
    If we were still working with the MKXP of yesteryear, this would be a much bigger concern; thankfully, though, we are not. The reborn/deso version has higher hardware requirements- specifically, it requires OpenGL 3.3. v13's version will only need OpenGL 2.0! CPUs have been shipping with OpenGL 2.0 since 2006, so this would make this hardware requirements effectively identical to that of RMXP. Anyone who could run the old engine would be able to run the new one. Thus, we decided that we may as well move engines and get the performance boost.
    ...but this post exists, so you know that's not the end of this.
    So why does this post exist?
    The fact that you have a CPU that is OpenGL capable does not mean that windows is going to support it. If your CPU isn't supported by, say, windows 10, it means that this entire time you're probably running microsoft's basic bitch display driver, which comes with OpenGL 1.4. That happens to be what RMXP runs on, but it's not good enough for MKXP.
    That's a problem.
    Finding out that release day has arrived only for you to be unable to play the game you've been waiting to play fucking sucks. This post exists so (hopefully) none of you have to deal with that.
    Should I be worried about this?
    If you are able to run reborn/deso MKXP, you are fine.
    If you use Windows 7, you should be fine.
    If you have a dedicated GPU, you should be fine.
    The rest of you: step into my office.
    Uh-oh, am I in trouble?
    The good news is that there is something you can do to get the game to load. There's a DLL that you can drop in your game folder that will be enough to get the game to open.
    Bad news is that it runs like shit. If you want to at least be able to play the new content (which is very good, IMO), this will allow you to do so.
    There are a handful of troubleshooting steps you can try to make your CPU/GPU play nicely with windows. You do not have to do any of this now. If you'd rather wait and see if the new engine works for you, frankly, I'd welcome that. I can't test these myself- I'm going through all of this in advance so no one is caught off guard. We've unfortunately only had one case during testing where someone was unable to run the game, despite testing taking an eternity (hey did you know that we have a bug that basically deletes your party and I still haven't found all the cases of it?) so I can't say for sure if any of this works.
    It also specifically points the angry mob at me.
    Solution 1: Fuck around with windows
    This link has a number of troubleshooting steps you can take to try and trick windows into recognizing that you can run OpenGL 2.0. These may or may not work for you, but it sounds like they are worth a try.
    Solution 2: Slap linux on a USB
    This link will take you to a page that explains how to install ubuntu on a USB. You'll want a decent flash drive for this. It's kind of a pain in the ass to grab an entirely different OS just to run a game, but this option has the best chance of success.
    I made a linux version exclusively so this has a chance to work.
    Solution 3: Slap windows on a USB
    Don't do this. I'm not posting links because they all look sketchy, but you can avoid downgrading operating systems by running windows itself off a flash drive. Just google it. Or don't.
    Solution 4: Slap your current PC in the trash
    This solution isn't a serious one, but technology has really come a long way in the past 10 years. Even modern budget computers are pretty competent.
    Solution 5: Cry
    I don't know. At least it might help you feel better?
    This is frankly something that I, personally, feel pretty awful about. There's technically a non-zero chance that this is something that I can have fixed for v13.5, but that's pretty unlikely; there's so much shit left to do.
    Anyway! Back your regularly scheduled, y'know,

    SPU Delivery Guy
    SPU delivery for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸! ...Again!
    Oh, it’s you again. Did P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ receive the previous package? Because I have ‘nother one for them. But, just between you ‘n me… I trust this one even less than the previous one. It looks the same, but i'unno dude. Swear I heard buzzin’ coming from inside the box while carryin’ it up here. I don’t know what was in that last package, I don’t wanna know what was in it, and to be honest? I’d really rather not know what’s in this one either.

    Oh, and before I forget ‘n leave, they left me the same note as last time. Y’know... About words and answers turnin’ into dust or somethin’.
    ...Huh? So you figured out what that note meant, and you really weren’t actually able to speak whatever answer they’re talkin’ about out loud or you’d just fall quiet for some reason? That’s… Really freakin’ weird. I dunno what they put in these boxes, but you won’t catch me peekin’ in them out of curiosity, even if the first one had me tempted, to tell you the truth. Not anymore, nonono.
    Either way, I have more stuff to deliver. Hope there’s nothin’ too crazy in there, dude. See ya around, ok?

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