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  • Pokemon Rejuvenation Development Blog

    Hi! I'm Jan and I occasionally post updates about the progress of Pokemon Rejuvenation in this section!
    Hello everyone, and a happy new year from everyone on the Rejuvenation team! We hope that 2023 will be a splendid year for everyone!
    2022 was a wild ride for many of us, wasn't it? Lots of progress on the game-- introducing a couple of new characters, finally addressing some issues with the game on all fronts (technical, visual AND balance-wise), we've got a bunch of new team members who have been pulling some great weight over time, new music, new visuals, new quests, you name it! And while we weren't able to bring out V13.5 in 2022 like we initially hoped, sometimes life just gets in the way or things end up being more work than initially expected. And you know what? That's okay! Sure, things take longer for them to be done, but I do want to reiterate that this update is slated to be the last update that brings major overhauls to older areas to become their finalized versions. It takes time to create quality content, and as we only want to put the best experience for you guys on the table I hope people will remain supportive of the team this year too as we try to polish 13.5 to perfection!
    As a gift for everyone's support in the past year and to ring in the new year with a bang, Jan & I figured we could give some art as a gift! So here we go; some "new" character artwork. Specifically the interceptor forms for the protagonists, which is something people have been asking for quite a while. Please take a look at their official designs!
    Aevis (Bravery)

    Aevia (Tranquility)

    Axel (Chaos)

    Ariana (Happiness)

    Alain (Wrath)

    Aero (Strength)

    Ana (Mercy)

    The artwork for the interceptor forms have been a long time coming, and truth to be told I've already had them done for like uhhhhhhhh..................... literally almost a year now. hence why new was between quotation marks. they're from late january LOL..... It never quite felt like the right time to reveal them though, at least until Jan came up with the idea to show them off as a new year's gift.
    That being said, that's all there really is to show! As is with just about any other character art; icons, wallpapers and links to the full resolution versions of the artwork can be found in the official art thread!
    I hope everyone has a wonderful year and I look forward to sharing our work with all of you in 2023 as well!

    Hello! I definitely did not absolutely forget that I scheduled a post for today!

    Well, uh, this is awkward. I guess the best way to explain this is with one single image.

    I'm gonna be honest. The first time I opened up Rejuv's project folder this month was **checks notes**... Last night. 
    December is traditionally an extremely busy month for me and that's just all it was. I was busy. I have obligations I must attend to irl and I'm making moves towards securing my future financially. 
    I truly wish I could work on Rejuv more often, but that just isn't in the cards for me. Maybe one day! Patreon has been a huge help, but it's not something that can sustain me long term, neither do I want it to.

    That's the thing about working on Rejuv sometimes. People assume that that's what I'm working on all day every single day, and when I reveal to them that I'm not-- I'm just being slow or I'm wasting time as if I'm obligated to dedicate my
    entire life on a fan project. Then I get the annoying anon in my inbox asking why each version is taking way longer than the previous ones as if I'm supposed to break down crying saying that I lost interest or the expectation that I'm supposed
    to thank them for putting me back on the right track in life and dedicating every single moment of my life to something they'll finish in a few hours and then ask me when the next one's coming out. And then when I'm saying I'm taking a 
    small break that's when the passive aggression starts or whatever. 

    And if it's not that, it's the gen 9 or item/mon location questions I'm constantly getting despite the fact that I said I'm not adding it next version, but somehow I'm still expected to know each and everything I plan to do with it. Am I gonna keep this nerf,
    am I happy about this buff. Who is going to give what, when am I going to get this, this mon is broken so put it there, this mon is garbage, it needs a crest. Are we getting new crests. When is the new crest. Release mega evolution earlier.
    Omg when is Venam apologizing for stealing Tesla's Charizard omg omg. Make an entire branched story path where I do what I would do in this situation. When is this happening. Who is Madame X Who is gonna die next version tell me tell me tell me
    here's my crest idea u didnt ask for. why is this crest a prototype. this mon lost this move are u removing it 2
    This thing got a new evolution that's ZACIAN NERFSS broken is it being axed is it being
    moved is it being axed GLACEON JUMPSCARE is it being nerfed is it PROTEAN being axed is it being nerfed is it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    idk yet. 
    I haven't lost interest.
    I still love working on this game.

    I'm just busy.
    That's all I got for you.

    So, there, that's out of the way. quick q/a

    1.) new crests?

    2.) gen 9
    v15. Although knowing me im gonna be impatient and add it in halfway through v14

    3.) anything actually new to show?
    yea, actually this part is pretty exciting! Zumi is creating art stills for certain moments in game. This one is pretty iconic so I'm sure you'll recognize it! Here's a preview:

    4.) omg are u single 😳
    yes i make pkmn fangames wtf u think 😳.

    5.) will venam actually speak to tesla about the charizard?
    yes, goddamn.

    6.) favorite gen 9 mon?
    Tinkaton, or Chi-yu, or Wo-chien. Tbh? the whole quartet is amazing.

    7.) Least favorite gen 9 mon?
    Scovillain, or Gholdengo. Maybe Orthworm.

    anyway, when i opened this page I didn't expect to start screaming into the void, but I feel a lot better in doing so and I don't really feel bad about it. 
    Also I'm not saying you can't be curious about something in game, or whatever. That part is fine and expected! I mean, hey, I would be in the same boat!
    Just, give me some time to process an entire new gen first lol. IRT in game events, how about idk... just waiting for the game to be done. Then if it's shit you have all rights to yell at me lol.
    Actually you don't, but still. 

    There still seems to be some confusion surrounding what exactly v13.5 is. It's a lot of things. I mentioned a few posts ago that a lot of the back end has been uprooted and redone. I knew this was coming and looked at what I had planned story wise.  There were a bunch of quests that gave more context to v14. I knew the back end changes would take some time so I decided to take these quests, string them together, and create a story line. Thus, v13.5 .Karma files was born. A version that was never planned to exist. Yet, here we are. I've devised this section of the story to be required on your first playthrough, but skippable in subsequent ones (through passwords), as it is more of a preview of what's to come in v14. 
    But not just v14, but for the rest of the game. As many of you are aware (v13 spoilers for those who haven't finished it yet.)
    There are two main endings in the game. The Bad Ending and The Good Ending as it was dubbed. I was asked a long time ago on Tumblr about how far I was willing to go with "The Bad Ending". Well, let's get into that!

    I've been planning this part for a long time now. I knew that I wanted there to be two main routes, and I knew just how far I wanted to go with each of them. Well, basically, The Bad Ending, is called the Renegade Route. It will be the largest divergence in this story (yes I'm crazy.). After v14, the two paths will not cross each other and will provide unique story experiences for both. Essentially, from v13.5 and onward, there will be two versions in one. (Though due to the nature of the beast, v14 will be more linear)  Why am I doing this? Because I want to. And because I am crazy. I know it's a lot of work you don't need to remind me! 
    Each version will have equal amount of effort and time put into them*, and each route is canon. They also, like, totally play off each other so you should do both eventually! 
    (*This does not mean they will be the same length in content. I won't bloat one side to catch up to the other in terms of content. The story will be told how it was meant to and if one is slightly shorter or longer, it is what it is.)
    When v13.5 drops and the Renegade Route begins, expect a huge turn in the story. I hope you're ready!
    Oh, but uh... If you're going down the route of oblivion... That means you're attempting to destroy our game, and our world. Just know that...
    I won't make it easy for you. :)
    Oh and because people aren't aware/confused... The Renegade Route has no post game. I just want to make that clear. When the game ends, it ends.
    1.) Because the Renegade Route has no post game, what about the legendaries that are planned for post game?
    So, because of the lack of post game, I am planning on releasing all legendaries before the ending of that route, which means some legendaries (and items) will become available much earlier than in The Good Ending route. But as a caveat, there will be a sudden power spike in this route at some point. This route will be tougher/more unforgiving in general, but never impossible. 
    2.) Does "The Good Ending" have an official name yet?
    The Paragon Route.
    3.) Is there another way to start the Renegade Route after the initial threshold?
    No, you have to meet the requirements before starting the player/aelita branch. If you're on the good ending route now you're there for "good"! And also vice versa.
    4.) Will you update the status bars soon?
    No, screw the status bar dude. I hate it. It's never accurate because things get added/removed from development all the time and it's a pain to maintain. So I'm abandoning it for now. If you want an exact standing of where I am at this very moment, here:
    Next post is on the 15th of December. (I'm giving myself dates so that I don't procrastinate!)

    [Initializing development blog update...]

    H-Hey, what's Amanda doing here?!

    Hi one and all! I'm back with another art update! This time it specifically about five characters that finally got art, or received a glow-up in some shape or form. You've already seen one just now! Indeed, while it's not any standalone art, the intro screen with Amanda has gotten a makeover. The graphics are overall more polished and her talksprites have been updated to match! It's one of the bits of art that felt severely outdated compared to all the other individual character artwork shown in the game. As a little comparison for those who haven't started a new file in a long time, this is what the screens generally look like in the current build of the game.
    yes i know, she does look a little like geara in the new art, doesn't she. welp. that's just what she looks like without the hat!! i had to base it on her artwork with the hat. it is what it is. i think it's also pretty obvious that the third image with me crashing against the screen also won't be in the game so don't even worry about it.
    Moving on, a character that's been long overdue for getting her own artwork has finally received said artwork! Please take a look at the art for Novae, one of the most prominent recurring sidequest characters in the game!

    As I mentioned on twitter where I first previewed her artwork, I really have no excuse for me forgetting about doing this. She's a very beloved sidequest character and it's high time that she got the love she deserves from our side as well, so she's finally gotten some official art to make up for it.
    Next up is another character that's been teased/previewed before, Mr. Luck! This is a character that up until the upcoming update has had a very minor role as he's currently only really there for people to swap between difficulties, and therefore never had a truly fleshed out design. As we're removing intense and instead adding passwords however, the experience is easier to tweak and making it easier or harder for yourself is now done through other means than through Luck. But it's a shame to just ditch his character outright since he has story relevance (remember that flashback from Gardevoir? 🤭), so we've got other plans for him now! Plans that I cannot detail for the time being, sure, but plans that were enough of a reason for him to finally get a proper design as he'll be playing a slightly larger role than before. Perhaps those plans will be detailed at a later point? Who knows! Oh well. Let's see if you'll get lucky enough to hear about it sooner than later. For now, enjoy his full character artwork!

    Oh, and have his concept art that I drew while I was working on his redesign as well. Figured it'd be fun to show off the full thing considering it's what I used to tease the character anyways!
    Finally, there's two more characters that have not had full artwork of them yet despite them being relevant to the main story. Honestly, I have no clue why I even skipped over them to begin with. Maybe it's because they're not particularly the most popular characters considering their role in the story? Idk!!! Regardless, to close this post off, have a look at the finalized designs for Spacea and Tiempa!

    Concept art is courtesy of @Cerise, as shown below! They're the one who did the rough designs of the two, with me polishing the designs to the finalized versions you see above.
    ...And there's yet still more to come, of course! But alas, some stuff is sometimes better saved for later. I cannot give an estimate as of when the next post on my end will be, but you shall definitely hear from me again for I got PLANS. IMPORTANT PLANS.
    Anyways, as is per tradition to close off an art post, hereby the announcement once again that all artwork alongside a link to the full resolution versions can be found back on the official art thread along with new icons and wallpapers! You know the drill. For the time being, I'll be on my merry way again.
    See y'all later! o7

    Hi again, it's been a while. How are the kids? They don't exist? Ok that's fair.
    Today I want to talk to you about Boss Battles. In a previous post I mentioned we were getting rid of them because they didn't work out. But apparently a lot of you loved them??? So we're not throwing them out, omg. 
    We've done a lot of work with them and I think they're spicy as well.
    So, let's talk about the changes.
    No longer act like shields from Sword and Shield. Instead, they act more like extra HP bars. If you're privy to the KH series, it's almost identical to that. Similar to the monsters in FE: TH as well.
    When the HP bar is reduced to 0, it will refill itself and a remaining "shield" will break. 
    But we're not stopping there! We're reworking how bosses work in general! @Azeria went above and beyond with this and added special "effects"  when a certain thing happens. Yeah, that "certain" thing is when shields break. 
    Now, when a shield breaks, different things will happen. Here's an extremely (funny) and exaggerated visual example of what I mean.
    When a shield breaks, Bosses can:
    Change the field. Change the weather. Gain special move/abilities [Safeguard,Magic Bounce] Have moveset changes. Gain stat boosts/decreases. Call for help in certain instances. Much more ! In addition to that, 1 hit KO moves are back, but with some caveats.
    They will only take down 1 bar of HP Cannot be used more than once. (If you use Fissure once and its successful, all other moves will also be locked.)  
    Oh and of course, stats of Boss Pokemon will be adjusted with the new mechanics/effects in mind! 
    What I've described is pretty much just the tip of the iceberg, though. We have a lot of cool ideas for bosses and we hope to make each one unique in its own way. The best way to describe boss mons is that they're more like a puzzle now instead of a brute force wall of frustration. You'll be able to deal damage and not take as much, but you'll need to know how to maneuver around the active changes happening during the fight. Naturally, if things are out of line, we'll adjust as we go.
    Speaking of Entei, though... I can't remember if I mentioned this on Reborn or not, but I am not planning on doing a huge post game like Reborn's. Rejuvenation is already huge, and I just don't have the energy to make a lengthy quest for each and every legend possible. There are just too many, and with Gen 9 on the horizon, there are just going to be MORE and MORE. So here's the deal. 
    I previewed this on Twitter: 
    Notice the Regirock on the overworld.
    That Regirock is catchable. The Entei in the picture is catchable.
    Now lemme stop you there. I know what you're gonna say.
    You said legendaries wouldn't be gotten before Post Game. You're right, I did say that. 
    But also I changed my mind. We'll be introducing lower tier legendaries post v13 story (As in, they won't appear to you in game until a certain point after v13.) Some of them will have quests! Some of them won't. Some you'll find just in hidden areas. More info on this one later.
    IIIIn other news, @Zumi has been back at it at the music game and created a new track for Team Xen areas! (Primarily their various bases around the region)  Please take a listen!
    Additionally, we have a new track from Glitch! This song was actually not requested, but was a gift! And tbh that makes me feel emotional so im sharing it here. No I will not elaborate the title. Just enjoy the tunes~
    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT that's not all! I have one more surprise for you! A new Aevian form, and one of my personal favorites from this batch. Please note that this will be the final aevian form we'll be publicly showcasing as we want some of them to be a surprise when you actually play the game. 
    Mirror Mirror on the wall, which heart shows the darkest destiny of them all?
    That's all for now though! Something new im doing here, but the next post will be on November 9th!
    Yes I'm declaring a post date. I just think this post will be a little special. no it's not the release of v13.5
    Have a nice rest of your week :).

    Hello! It's been a while! A few months have passed since the last update, but we got some Spicy New Art Previews(TM) for everyone in store. Battle backgrounds, battle sprites, vs sprite updates, oh my! We've got it all... and more! Remember that popularity poll back in 2020? I've got something to show off in regards to that as well. Spoiler tagged just in case, as there are spoilers for V13 in this post! Disclaimer that everything shown here is still subject to change (except for the last thing I'll be showing) as we continue development, but without further ado, let's start with the first thing; battle backgrounds.
    Three of new variations of battle backgrounds being added are for beaches, Grand Dream City and... Zeight? Oh boy. Wonder when that's gonna be used 🤔 The backgrounds were made by yours truly!
    Grand Dream City
    Battle sprites
    Our lovely new artist Dallas has been working hard on making and updating some more of the battle sprites for some of the NPCs, as some have gotten a makeover! Say goodbye to the Hardcore Trainer's and the Battle girl's old sprites, for your new ones have arrived! Old sprites are on the left and the new ones are on the right.
    VS Sprite updates
    I've also been working on updating some of the VS portraits as some had some crust on them from being outdated compared to the rest. I won't be giving a full on explanation for each of them this time, so it might just be best to see the results for yourself. The updates include Zetta, Kieran, Erin and more! Can you spot the differences?
    Oh, and speaking of Erin...
    I mentioned the popularity poll, right? Well, back in 2020 Erin placed third in the poll, meaning she would receive some special bonus artwork alongside Aelita (1st place) and Venam (4th place, getting the prize instead of Melia who placed 2nd as she was slated to be getting artwork for V13 to begin with and has already been featured in official art a ton). And after like 209381029381 years of being too busy to work on this, I've finally gotten around to working on the art that she'd be receiving! Please take a look!
    As per usual with any official art I make, the artwork has been uploaded to the official art thread as well as having a sta.sh links to two different wallpaper versions (with 1440p being the full resolution version). The only one left to make bonus art for is Venam! Maybe I'll have it done in time for 13.5's release? Who knows, entirely depends on whether I get around to doing that on time. Otherwise it'll be somewhere between 13.5's and V14's release! We Shall See(TM)
    That being said, that's all for now. Hope y'all got a kick out of these and enjoy all the new work! There's more to come, but some of it will remain a ~*~*~*Little Secret*~*~*~ until 13.5's release, so hold onto your horses until then. Our dev team is working hard to get everything working again and slowly but surely everything's starting to come together, but we ask for a little bit more of your patience for the remaining time!
    Thank you again for enjoying the game and see y'all on the flipside!!!

    Hi! It sure is August, huh. About to be my birthday again soon too. Why is time moving so fast??? Anyway.......................
    Last month I opened up applications for new dev team members! There were a LOT of applications. More than I expected.
    Thank you for that!
    Of course, realistically I couldn't accept each and every one because... yeah, but I want to thank you again just because seeing
    the amount of people who wanted to put their all into this project was honestly very touching tbh. 
    I've also kept some applications that looked promising for future stuff if I ever end up needing help again.

    That being said, August was a slow month for me. It usually is. It's when I take off time to go outside and touch grass as that one tumblr ask told me to do lol. 
    and touch grass I did. Am I feeling refreshed? Ehh... But an attempt was made! But you know what wasn't slow? My amazing new team members who swooped in
    and carried me this past month. I'd like to introduce them to you all!
    And that's all! They have been welcome additions to the team and productivity has spiked like crazy. Really exciting. 
    Did you know that Soulja completed literally all the sprites for our planned Aevium mons (and more), already? Seriously, they did. 
    Allow me to share one with you!
    Dragon Mono players, rejoice, a new early dragon mon has dropped! (Concept Art)
    IIRC, this was not a planned mon. This was something of Soulja's own creation. I think it looks great. Not because I'm biased and love the Sewaddle line or anything. nope.
    As for me, I've been focusing on GDC again and quite recently fixing up the desert. Lemme show y'all what I got:
    Not much in terms of actual new content to show, but I hope these screenshots look promising nonetheless!
    Well, that's really about it. This post was mostly here to introduce the new team members and let everyone know what's up. If I had to give an estimate of where I'm at development wise, I'd say over halfway, but still nowhere near completion. Maybe 60-70% done? Game is still slated for this year hopefully... Really pushing for it but time is runnin' out and I'm a busy lad irl!!!!! Always trying my best though. Please bear with me <3.
    game is still broken lol. But bc of New Team Members, it's a lot less broken. ty new team members. u are da real 1's

    Okay, let's start with the Big Thing. Rejuv is going through a major script overhaul. In short, Rejuv/Desu/Reborn are being formatted to use the same scripts so that when a new change is implemented, it can easily be done across all three games. tl:dr, optimization yada yada. Recently this process started for Rejuv and well... How can I say this eloquently... 
    Shit's fucked, shit's broken, and we need a helping hand to make things not fucked.
    The basic requirement for this is, ah, uh, lemme look at the cue cards... uh... "Know how to code, and get along with Cass."
    Right, that aside, I'm also extending this for people who want to help and are experienced with spriting-- Particularly in editing/dealing with Pokemon sprites. With Gen 9 looming and all of our ambitious takes with Aevian mons... Well, quite frankly, we need help in that department too. (If you think you can do well editing tilesets, or animating moves, that'd be a big help too!) Discord is required.
    Zumi's edit 17/7/2022: Also, please make sure you actually have time to contribute! We're looking for people who are able to consistently help out during development. While we try to be as understanding as possible about any circumstances that pop up and IRL responsibilities are also super important, times like right before and on version release we need all hands on deck, so please make sure you're not signing up while already having too much on your hands.

    Scripting application:
    Sprite Artist Application:
    Before I start with the updates, I want to reiterate that v13.5 is a full version. With its own new storyline, and sidequests... I have to put that there because I got some nasty tumblr asks a while back dogging me about "taking too long for a half version".  
    it's not a half version. Even if it was, making a game takes time. I also have my own personal life. Please be patient. If you're not patient, die mad about it. I'll take as long as I need. Okay? Ok.
    Obligatory collage of in game images GO!
    GDC Updates

    Grand Dream City has been under the radar during this update. My goal with this area was to make every singe map look distinguishable, and to have a clear layout so that getting lost wouldn't be an issue.
    Of course, some people can't help but get lost. That's a given, but I wanted to make it so that when you get lost, it's easy to get back on track. 
    So... What's new with GDC? Besides the new maps, of course.
    All districts will be open the moment you arrive. That includes the festival area with all the mini-games. (Route 9 will not be available.) Maps have been compacted. New bus line. This will get you places the train cannot! New Train/Bus pass item. If obtained, transportation becomes free. Revamped encounters. New trainers. New Help Requests.  
    Help Requests: 
    I've mentioned that there's a new quest log system, right? Pretty sure I have. TL:DR on that is, you get a quest, it's logged in a new menu, and it will be there to tell you what to do and what rewards are available.
    However, in addition to that, Help Requests can now be started anywhere. If you come across Sasha lamenting over her mother's absence, you can start the quest just by speaking with her. Girl with the lost Starly? Speak with her! The quest will begin.
    Additionally, if you like just grabbing all the quests in one place, you can still use the Help Centers to do so.
    New Battle UI:
    So uhh... We're getting new UI! The UI we've been using initially was Reborn's, then we moved onto use Xenogene's (recolored blue), and now we're moving onto our own unique interface!
    It's not finished, so keep that in mind!
    Some things to take note of:
    Status changes the entirety of the health bar. There's also a faint marking over the health bar as well.  New shiny symbol. Crests and Mega evolution symbols are in the same spot.  
    Legends Arceus Mons:
    - We're probably going to push these with Gen 9 because we still don't have a lot of info on them, and with Gen 9 seemingly bringing them into the game as well, they're probably going to have a lot of changes as well. Plus, we have a lot on our plate already.
    But that's all-- Huh? What? ... Oh, yeah, okay. 
    So a little something for veteran Rejuv players (I'm talkin' like, V1 players) I have a small lil treat for you!
    k bye.

    also known as "zumi has discovered the flip canvas button in clip studio paint"
    As I previewed in the previous dev post, I've been going back and editing all the character artwork! A while ago I've noticed that qualitatively the old artwork really does not match up with the more recent art. This is both because the more recent artwork wasn't made in a rush and is simultaneously also made after I've gained more skill in drawing. Out of curiosity (and also after seeing some flipped art in youtube thumbnails) I decided to check to see how the art looked when flipped and found out a huge majority of the artwork suffers from what I like to call mirror syndrome,
    meaning, the moment when the canvas is flipped the face decides to skew itself in 23409823 different directions.
    I wanted to scream. No way in hell i was gonna let that remain that way, so being the reasonable and completely sane person that I am (that's a lie) (i'm not sane) (reasonable is debatable) i thought it was a SPLENDID idea to go and edit the 120+ pieces of art I've made (including some stuff that hasn't been shown off) to be better! because i'm normal like that. eyup.
    That being said though, I'm not going to showcase all of the changes because this post would literally take me another whole ass day to write, so instead I invite you to look at the new versions in the official art thread! I've also updated the art post to include new versions of all the icons, and have also made completely new wallpapers of the updated character art to go along with that are generally darker in terms of colors and don't blast your eyes out when changing back to your desktop at 2 am if you're like me!! They're also infinitely easier to set up!!!!!!!! And won't get outdated with every map update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's pretty great and they look super nice in practice. go check them out!
    Before I leave people to their devices though, I did tease a certain character getting artwork on discord and twitter, didn't I? Well, no need to wait with baited breath anymore, for here he is; The new appearance of Adam Might as you first see him in Grand Dream City!

    Adam's always meant to be kind of a showoff during the time you spend in GDC, but his old appearance really did not do it justice. Jan himself explained that the reason for Adam's somewhat weird appearance in GDC was because of his own perceived lack of skill with spriting at the time, so we ended up deciding that it was time for a redesign. He kept the open blouse and sunglasses, but pretty much everything else has changed. There's a couple of throwbacks to his Blacksteeple/Terajuma outfit worked into his new outfit, though! His sprites have also been updated to match the new appearance and will be included in the upcoming update, 13.5.
    But wait, there's more!
    If you take a look at some of Jan's older posts, you'll maybe have noticed that Ariana's sprite has been updated, and maybe have suspected her design got an update. And it's true! That's exactly what happened! Her design has been revised for both her first and second appearance, and her artwork has been changed to match. Her design didn't change too much from her old one, but it does have more detail than the old one as the previous one was a bit too plain in comparison to most other protag designs.

    That's all for now though! Again, I invite people to look through the new art as I've spent quite a bit of time on making sure the art looks better. The art will also be updated in-game! For now, thank you for your time!
    i'll stop hogging the dev blog for now i promise. i've been posting too much sdkjsdklfjsdlkfhsdgskdjslfdlskdj


    Balancing conundrums

    By Zumi, in Records,

    Well, here it is, the long awaited follow up to the balancing survey we held for Normal mode. Better strap in for a long read, as I’ve got quite a couple of things to talk about!
    I’ve been kinda putting off making a post about this because of the inevitable complaints we’re going to get bombarded with in the comments of people who refuse to look at things from our perspective, so before I talk about any of the preliminary changes we’ve come up with at this point, I want to make a few things absolutely clear to people as I don’t feel like having to repeat myself like a broken record in the comments.
    Yes, the overall difficulty will be toned down for the vanilla experience rather than being adjusted to make fights more difficult. We do not care if you don’t like these changes because “MUH CHALLENGE”, it is not our problem anymore. We want to give the player a smooth experience where you don’t have to get stuck on the same fight for hours on end, and with the current state of balancing it’s just not possible to give that experience. If you really want to continuously get pulped by every single fight in the game, there will be passwords added in either V13.5 or V14 that will manage difficulty on a smaller scale to make things harder or easier– please use those instead. The amount of challenge you give yourself is in your hands from this point forward, we’re not going to make things purposefully insanely difficult anymore as dealing with people getting mad at us for making things too hard is just… so not worth the time and energy. If you're an intense/veteran normal player and want to retain the challenge you enjoy, I suggest you make use of said passwords or look into difficulty mods instead—we're leaving intense in the hands of the community now instead.
    We are responding to data we’ve collected with the survey. We’ve had close to 350 responses to the survey! Sure, it's not the complete playerbase (it's impossible to collect the opinion of everyone anyways), but it's a much more reliable data source than smaller circles like rejuv gen and the likes are. As a result, it gave us a much better indication of what fights truly are troublesome and which ones are fine. Turns out that fights some people perceive as “too easy” has shown in the survey that they're actually a lot more challenging for people than we thought! From chapter 2 onwards, every chapter had at least one major fight that was giving people problems one way or another— yes, even fights that we as the devs were surprised that people were having trouble with. We are simply adjusting according to the averages and read through the notes people left to sift out what the sore spots were for those fights for most people.
    “But why aren’t you appealing to the audience that likes the challenge?!?!” I hate to break it to you, but that group of people is a small but vocal minority. And besides, no matter what we decide to change, someone will be pissed off and will disagree. Jan’s somewhat recent post on tumblr best explains how it is dealing with this, it always feels like a losing game trying to satisfy everyone. Balancing Pokémon—which is inherently unbalanced to begin with—in a way that it’s fair for everyone is a NIGHTMARE. So to answer your question, at this point we’re just trying to make it fun for the biggest group of people possible, which is a more casual playerbase. As such, we’re improving overall QOL by making fights not as difficult so the game feels more streamlined to get through.
    THESE CHANGES ARE PRELIMINARY, AND NOT ALL OF THE CHANGES WE'RE MAKING. Like I tried to explain in the comments about the boss bars in Jan's previous post on the dev blog, if something turns out to not work as well in practice, we will likely change them over the course of testing and see if things work better that way. If a fight is still too difficult, we'll likely make more changes to adjust accordingly. The stuff mentioned in the post is the changes we've made prior to testing, and which we'll have to try out to see if it works out.
    For now, I would appreciate it if people would hold their horses about yelling in the comments that they don't like the changes (regardless of whether they seem to make things easier or harder) because we've literally not even tested some of these in practice, thus we don't know for sure whether these changes will be definite or if they will receive further revisions. We're communicating this with you guys because we see value in being transparent about changes we make and being honest about what the current situation's like.
    Sorry if the game’s difficulty is not heading in the direction you want it to, but we've decided that we want to steer the game in the direction that's the most fun for the devs to work on as well, and specifically Jan's. He's the one who has to make the game, and in the end we've agreed that this is the healthiest for both us and the game in the long run. On top of that, I want to stress that just because we're very open about communicating to people about development and therefore are generally very much within reach of the playerbase, it does NOT mean people have the right to send us pointed or passive aggressive messages constantly telling us how you don't like certain things. This is not your game, and therefore these are not your decisions to make. Once again, if Jan (and subsequently the rest of the team) stops having fun, Rejuvenation stops being made. Please, we ask you to treat us with respect over this.
    That being said and on a more positive note… Let’s move on to the actual changes, shall we? I'll put stuff for each individual thing that I'll cover in spoilers in the case people would rather not know about specific changes! New additions are marked in green, changes are marked in yellow and things that got removed are marked in red. The new additions are added on top of the existing field, so most of the changes do not fully replace what's already there, but instead will open up more avenues for the player to make use of when going into a fight.
    (Frozen) Dimensional field & Angie
    Sky field & Souta
    Haunted field & Narcissa
    Bewitched woods & Flora/Florin
    Some more minor but notable changes...
    As mentioned before, these are preliminary and definitely not the only things we're looking at to change. Stuff like Geara's battles, boss battles and most other gym leaders that haven't been mentioned before are being looked at—with Saki's fight likely being redone from the ground up due to that the fight is fundamentally a pain in the ass and can't be fixed with just one or two minor changes. It's taking time as people are busy, but we're still working on them and hoping we can find a solution for making the fights more manageable than they are now.
    That's all for now in regards to changes! We're adding more in the future and there'll probably be another post about it when the ideas have become more concrete, but that'll be a while away from now. For the time being, we'll keep working hard to make the game a better experience overall.
    What's next on the list to do? Well for me specifically, if you've seen my twitter last week or so, I'm working on fixing up the official artwork for almost all of the characters as I've come to realize I really should've utilized flipping the canvas more often to see if what I drew makes any proportional sense........... of which a lot I'm ashamed to say they did not. BUT I'M WORKING ON IT. Will it get a separate post detailing EVERYTHING? Probably not. But I'll be making a post when everything's been uploaded and fixed! Here's a couple of the more notable changes.

    Oh, and I'm considering making completely new wallpapers with the character art that doesn't blast your eyes out at 2 am. But that's up in the air. we'll see.......................
    anyways this post has gone on for long enough. i'm done hogging the dev blog for today, so until next time!!! please don't kill me in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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