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    Hi! I'm Jan and I occasionally post updates about the progress of Pokemon Rejuvenation in this section!

    A little bit of news coming in fresh from the music department of things!
    So while V13 obviously got a lot of graphical and gameplay improvements and new stuff added, both in terms of sprites, maps and game performance, there's also some stuff that'll be fresh off the grill in the music department! In fact, V13 will bring quite a number of new songs to the table that were custom made for the game. I myself am also once again providing a good number! ...Though, I can't go and let people listen to all of the tracks that have been made so far right away, now can I?
    Nonono, that won't do. I'll let you listen to this snippet instead. One small bit at a time!
    Any guesses as of what this'll be used for? 👀 You will receive a proper answer in due time... Once V13 is out. Until then you will just have to wait. And maybe you'll get a couple more previews in the future, who knows!
    For now, though....
    :^) .


    Crest Suggestions! (OPEN!)

    By Jan, in Records,

    Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game?
    Look no further! This is the thread for you!
    Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though.
    Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative! Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play. Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game. No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :]
      That's it! I look forward to your suggestions. This thread will close when we've gotten enough suggestions we like. A warning will be given out before that is done.
    Edit: Gen 8 Pokemon are included in this! Give me your Gen 8 ideas!


    Did someone say... Caves?

    By Jan, in Records,

    As I've shown before, some of the backgrounds in the game are being updated! Last time we showed a bit of forest areas. Today, I would like to present changes to caves!
    I've put them in a spoiler tag in case some of you want to stay blind, but @Zumi's done such an amazing job with this! 
    Dunno how many more we'll do for V13 because, as you can imagine-- These take a lot of time to create. Here are just a few of the unique backgrounds we'll have! (Please note that the bases have not been updated yet! So they may clash with the background for now.)
    As for V13 progress in general... Still working on the final segments for the story. But it's a lot of work and I don't want to rush! So, thank you guys for being patient with me <3.

    warning. lots of words that don't mean jack shit below. view at your own discretion.
    Just another general update! I've been working hard on the game, but I've also been feeling pretty demotivated and burned out lately. Mainly due to me being home all the time and not being able to get out as much. You'd think I'd get a lot more done with the massive amount of time I've had, yeah? Hahaha, no. In fact, I've been slower because of all of this.(More of this rant below!!!)
    Because of that I've taken a week off. Like... actually. An entire week. I've done nothing. Man did it feel awesome. (Afterwards, during the break I was bored as hell.)
    Imagine that. Taking genuine breaks HELPS your motivation and mood. ???? Sounds fake, but okay... Anyway.
    I've switched my focus to working primarily on v13 story content. I feel like if I have that out of the way, releasing v13 will feel... Idk. Possible?
    Well, it's the end of August. That means we're all going back to school... Huh? You're done with school? Y-You graduated? Well... Courtesy of me, I've re-enrolled you! Who's ready for a new semester of dreams and nightmares?? You are!I 
    As well as working on main content mostly, @andracass helped us create our own MK build! Starting V13, Rejuv will have MK support. There are still a few things that need to be ironed out, but things are looking really promising!
    As for Mac support... We have something for that too! Mac users won't be left out B).
    ---Puzzle time Baybeee---
    One thing I've been trying to do in past areas is add more puzzles. Most of these puzzles aren't difficult. They're just there to add some sort of interactivity in places that have gameplay luls. I've created some things that I'm proud of, but coming up with puzzles in RPGMaker seems impossible to me sometimes. I'm the first one to admit that I'm not excellent at making them, but I would like to be! If you guys have any puzzle concepts to share, I'd be happy to hear them! 
    I beg you.
    ---When is V13 dropping?---
    Short answer: Still trying for this year.
    Long Answer: My goal is to have it out by the end of the year, but that's still only 3 months from now. I've seen people get annoyed with me because of the long wait, but I assure you no one is more annoyed than I. Like I said in the beginning of this post. I've been burned out and unmotivated all year. I'm not going to sit here and lie about my productivity. I said I've been working hard on the game, it's true. But that wasn't the case for the majority of the year. 
    There were days where I would do one event and just feel done. I've felt guilty about it, but I've also just felt numb to the fact that I pretty much just vegetated this year. Everytime I felt like things were getting better, things would knock me down another peg. It's been a cycle since February. Aghjgfsghskjlghsdgjds;jgsdh;
    I've read articles about how this isn't a problem exclusive to me. Working productivity for tons of people have been almost 0 this year. With circumstances I don't have to repeat because we all know-- It's just difficult. I just try to tell myself that next year will be better. Whether that's a blatant lie or not doesn't matter. It's there for a sense of purpose.
    If I can sum up this year for me in one image, it'd be:
    and that's all it is.
    That being said, we've gotten progress up to 71%!! Even though most of that is bloated because of a lot of smaller things getting done... It still looks nice and is a motivating factor for me! Still have a lot of sidequests to do and I have to finish the main story (Which is over 50% done now!). 
    Alright that's enough rambling. I'm done. I promise. Rejuv v13 hopefully drops this year. If not, early 2021. Definitely not any later than that. Then onto v14...
    I can't wait for v14. 🙂

    I'm not going to make a long winded post up front since I'm sure all of you want me to just get to the point, so without further ado... Here are your winners!


    There's a bit of a catch though.
    The plan was to give 1st place the illustration, and that stays that way! Aelita will be receiving a full illustration to go along with V13's release. However, the idea had surfaced while the polls were open to give 2nd and 3rd place artwork as well, which I really liked. Therefore, Erin will also be receiving a full illustration that will be released after V13 comes out, during V14's development. But then there's Melia.... And as much as I might probably disappoint some people with this, Melia has been featured in a lot of artwork already. After some discussion with the rest of the dev team, we've decided that the illustration will be given to Venam instead, who placed 4th! That way we can keep things fresh, and give a character that hasn't had as big of a chance in the art spotlight a full illustration instead. This illustration will also be released during V14's development, though it's possible it'll release alongside V14 instead if there's too little time to work on a second full piece. Hope you guys are looking forward to the art regardless!
    Now, back to the poll results... I did have to purge a couple of submissions or deem some invalid due to them being repeat votes of the same thing in the same submission (or reborn characters... im looking at the ppl who voted adrienn despite me having said the cameo characters dONT COUNT), so not *all* of the votes are listed -- especially for the things/people that only got one vote -- but here's a couple of the funnier ones we've seen between the answers/votes!
    "PIRATE VALARIE AND HER BABIES (me)" "that edgy guy with the latios i forgot his name" (Damien) "YE, ye, Ye", three votes in the same submission "Geara's left shoe 1, 2 and 3" "Ninja Nim" "Pupper Master" "i don't even remember what the characters are named at this point, sry for wasting your time have a nice day" "Kanye west"  
    So, how do you guys feel about the results? Were they as expected, or are a couple of placement surprising to you? Feel free to discuss it!
    Also, there's a wallpapers of the artwork made for this without the text able to be found here! I'll also be linking it in the official art thread under wallpapers.
    Thank you all for voting in the poll! This was a blast. Maybe we'll host another one of these in a couple of years once we're a couple versions further!
    Until next time y'all o7

    Last week I uploaded a small preview of v13 to my Patreon! This is a very rough draft of an early part of the main story.
    Of course, there will be slight spoilers. Continue at your own discretion!
    Not much else to say other than: If you have any comments, feedback, and or suggestions(relevant ones to this video), feel free!
    Still a lot to do, but I'm definitely making progress...
    Also there's a slight audio blip at 1:35. Sorry :[. 
    These tiles were created by Ekat! These came out so well and pls thank her for her hard work!
    A full image of them are on her twitter. Please go check them out!! 🥺🥺

    ...For now, that is!
    So I know I said in my previous character update post that I'd do one more character art batch, a rift mon and then *maybe* a bonus batch for some of the sidequest characters, but... well, let's just explain it like this:
    the angel on my left shoulder said "keep the work split up in several batches and spread it over time so you don't get burnt out!"
    so of course i kicked the angel straight out of the window and did the thing the little devil told me to do.
    and i didn't get burnt out either! so i see that as a victory. heaven can suck it. im walking backwards into hell facing god flipping the bird at him
    ANYWAYS, my ramblings aside... This is the final batch of character art that will be publicly released prior to V13. It includes all of the remaining characters from Chapter 14, several characters from the more significant sidequests, as well as all of the remaining rift mons. In this final batch we have Aelita (3rd), Lorna, Alice, Allen, Sakitron, Amandabot, Ryland (Posessed), Kieran, [REDACTED], Isha, Delpha, Karen, Karrina, Spector, Ana, Dylan, Volta, Jolene and Goomink for the characters, and for the rift mons we have Chandelure (which got a slight redesign!), Ferrothorn, Gardevoir, Hippowdon and Dufaux! Let's take a look below!



    i can't fucking believe that i did all of these in one go. oh my good fucking god. and now i'm done. that's 109 character and mon drawings done in a little less than half a year.
    am i dead? maybe. was it worth it? absolutely.
    Anyways, as always, all of the art can be found back in the official art thread, along with bonus icons, wallpapers and links to the full resolution versions of all the individual works! I've also uploaded versions of the rift mons without the rift background (since i finally got off my ass and decided to free carnivine from being stuck to a background lsdhfjdsfk) so you can use those for whatever purposes too.
    So yeah! That about wraps it up for me with the frequent updates on the dev blog for now. I'm done hogging the place for the time being and won't be posting unless I've got some other graphics update that's significant enough that it's worth making a post about. Unfortunately for those who are interested in the art side of things, I'm pretty certain that all the work from this point on out for me is V13 related, and therefore I very likely can't show it off until V13 itself is actually out, so for now I'll be handing the dev blog back to Jan and quit flooding the place with my nonsense lasjdkgagdsjfask
    Thank you all so much for the support and kind words you guys have given throughout the past couple of months while I was working on these! I'm honestly so incredibly happy I was able to bring all of the characters and rift mons to life in their artwork. It was a ton of work, but I had an absolute blast working on it, and I'll definitely be making more the more versions come out.
    Until next time!

    Zumi, heading out o7

    mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaybe not the first thing you'd expect to show up, huh?

    Well, here it is anyways! Welcome to Rejuvenation's first official character popularity poll - we're here to measure which characters you like the most!
    "But Zumi, why is this a thing now all of a sudden?", I hear you think, to which I say; Well, dear reader, this popularity poll is to determine who is getting the next bonus wallpaper. For V11 we had Angie and for V12 we had Ryland -- though both of them were internal choices (and with internal i mean my own choices HAHA), so I felt it'd be cool to have the audience vote for the next character that receives a special illustration! Even though I'm already doing a crazy amount of work for V13 (I'm working on the next batch of characters already), I don't mind going the extra mile and throw in another fully rendered illustration for people to enjoy along with V13's release when that time comes around.
    Any votes that do not adhere to the rules displayed upon opening the form will not be counted and deemed as invalid. You need a Google account to vote, and you have only one shot at voting. Don't waste the opportunity!
    The poll will run until the end of the month, July 31st. The votes will close and the results will be announced shortly after!
    Good luck, and may the most popular character win! o7

    its.... an actual game dev update???? that isn't a bunch of character art??? from ZUMI???? whoa!
    yeah i've actually been doing things that probably were a bit overdue anyways.
    Today's update from me to you is about the VS sprites! There's already been a couple of sprites that received updates, namely Zetta & Keta which I have shown off prior to this post -- go check the recap post at the start of the dev blog, they're in there somewhere! -- but I spent yesterday and today fixing up some more! And ooh boy, some of these took a good bit of time to fix up (ariana, i'm looking at you. why did your face give me so much trouble ma'am.), so I hope you'll appreciate the improvements on some of these! Let's do a before and after showcase! The sprites on the left are the old ones, and the ones on the right are the new ones. 

    So this is, along with SEC, one of the sprites that has gone without an update for a long, long LONG ass time, and was in dire need of cleaning. Her hair and and cap have been sprited entirely anew, and looks much more accurate to her official art now.The shading also got a slight fixing, particularly on her hand and the pokeball she's holding.

    Not much has changed in terms of the clothing, but the facial shape is different, along with the shading on the hair being a teeeeny tiny bit different. Honestly, looking at it now next to his old sprite I'm not 100% convinced it's exactly how I want it to look like quite yet? Ren looks kinda young in this sprite compared to the one he has at a later point in the game, so I might still do some further editing before V13 is out. It's headed in the right direction, at least!
    Eli & Sharon

    Eli looks even more clueless, and Sharon looks even more Tired Of This Shit(TM). This is one of the sprites that suffered from pointless detailing in the shading that made the sprite look messy and cluttered (Amanda, Valarie, Flora and Florin also being victims of this), so everything has been simplified a bit. Sharon also no longer has the earpiece, as it felt redundant to keep, and the pokeball shes holding has also been colored red.

    I... Don't think this sprite ever got an update before LOL. I think the difference here is relatively clear; the color has been fixed, and the shading has been updated in several places. The black screen has also been made *slightly* bigger, and the pokeball icon has been redone entirely.
    Madame X

    Not a whole lot has changed on this sprite outside of that the shading has been improved, along with that the colors have been fixed slightly. The outline of the hand now also is darker, making the whole a bit more readable than it was before.

    Ah yes.... Miss hair clutter. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to add so much detail in her hair back when I did the first edit of her existing sprite, but the messiness should be quite a bit less now! Her eye shape is now also slightly different, giving her a little bit more unique facial features instead of being almost entirely the same to Elesa's sprite in B/W. Other than that, there's been some color correction and reshading, so all in all the sprite looks a lot cleaner now!

    I think out of all the edits I've done this one is the least notable? But his face is slightly longer, the eyes are a bit different and his shoulders a bit wider.  At least he no longer looks like he's like 9 years old lmao

    This is probably one of the more significant updates! As much as I like her old hair (despite it being huge in her vs sprite, what the fuck), it's not accurate to her official art, and therefore I had to change it. Next to that, her facial expression is quite different now, along with that she no longer has her hand resting against her face, but instead in a semi-relaxed pose on the right of her. I did this for the reason that I'd like to keep the amount of duplicate poses to an absolute minimum, and Flora used to share a base with Melia's 1st and 2nd VS sprite, which is something I no longer wanted.

    Florin's sprite DEFINITELY needed some polish. His hair was a mess, and so was his hand! Sir!!!! ARE YOUR FINGERS OK????? i don't know why i thought it looked fine the way it did. i suppose as time goes on you get a better eye for these things.
    Either way, he looks quite a bit better now! His hair looks closer to his official art now, and his hand no longer has broken fingers (i also switched it to be his left hand instead of his right). The colors of his shirt and vest now also match the official art better, along with that his shirt has a collar now. The face also has a better overall shape now and has his chin looking less like a V -- and to top it off, he looks more confident in his sprite now!

    Probably the edit I'm the most proud of out of these! The old one honestly looked kinda weird and I 100% understand the comments that I got at the time of V11's release that Adam looked weird (mostly because of his hair), so I made it a point to make him look Less Weird(TM) in his official art. And as I said before, I was going to fix Adam's sprite to match his art better, so here we are! Adam 2.0! His eyes are now peeking from behind his sunglasses (which are smaller now), along with that his facial shape is thinner and his hand is in a slightly different pose. His ponytail now also shows up on screen and his bangs are a bit shorter so they no longer rest on his shoulders. I feel like his sprite emanates a lot more personality in the second version, so I feel like this is a significantly positive change in appearance!
     Moving on, the protagonist sprites also got a couple of touch-ups.

    Almost nothing beside her hair color being slightly lighter, her skin color now matches her official art and her facial shape has changed. However, can I complain about her face for a second? For SOME reason, her face gave me absolute hell to get right. THE EYES, MAN. HOW DO I GET THEM TO LOOK RIGHT. THE ANGLE IS SO WEIRD AND YOU HAVE SO LIMITED SPACE TO WORK WITH. HFJDGDFGNDFBGDHJF I AM DYING, SQUIRTLE
    i am ok. i think.
    either way, Ariana, like Ren, is subject to change in the future because I am still not fully settled on if I'm satisfied with this or not. I'll sleep a night on this one and see again later. maybe i'm just tired and that's why it turned out weird. idk

    Axel had a bit of a messily shaded vs portrait, so I've gone and fixed the shading on his hair, face and vest. He also has a grin on his face now to match the official art better!! The hair has one less color used now, giving it an overall more clean look. His vest is now also distinctly grey, as for some reason the vest in the previous version was the same color as his shirt??? which isn't actually the case in his art?? oh well. in his alt outfit, the edge of the lil jacket he has over his shirt now looks a bit cleaner. overall, it's not that big of an update, but an update nonetheless!
    And last but not least...

    okay. so i can hear you thinking "WAIT. BUT THAT'S A LOT MORE DIFFERENT." and i respond to that with yes! it is! his hair is different!
    Aevis has been under prospect for a while in regards to a slight design change, due to feedback from a good amount of people that his hairstyle felt very plain compared to all the other protagonists. Jan and I did a bit of brainstorming (along with collecting some feedback from Jan's patreon server members), and eventually settled on this new hairstyle for him! His battlesprite and backsprites will be updated to match the change accordingly. Nothing else about him has changed though -- it's just the hair. He'll keep his good ol' green clothes as we saw no reason to change that from what it was before.
    Honestly, normally I don't even write these long winded posts for sprites, but I felt like some people might like to know the thought process behind some of these changes I make to sprites, so I wanted to have a more elaborate post for a change when it comes to graphical updates. I'll also very likely be doing a pass on a couple of battle sprites as well, but I won't be making a separate post for those.
    For now, thank you for reading! Let me know what you guys think of the changes! 👀
    Until next time! (which will probably be a character art post or smth. yeehaw)

    i am running out of clever titles.
    Hey all! Here we are once again with another update. It's been a little bit longer between this batch and the previous one, but I've been busy with some stuff. Had a couple of deadlines I needed to meet 'n all! But I know that y'all aren't here to hear about my life outside of rejuv so let's get back on topic, shall we?
    This batch we're featuring characters from Chapter 13, A.K.A. That One Version Without A Gym Badge But Not Really Because Apparently I Just Forgot Adam's Fight Is Part of V11 And Not V12(TM)! In this batch we have Melia (4th appearance), Reina, Ren (2nd Appearance), Ryland, Hazuki (Young), Nymiera (Casual), Anastasia, Nastasia and Adam (GDC)! This crosses another nine characters off the list. And also, thankfully this is the last time I'll have to draw Melia as far as I know, so dfjgkdfhnjsd five whole melias is plenty, thank you very much. Let's take a look at the art!

    ...I know a lot of you probably want to see Rift Gardevoir, but I'll be completely honest and say that I deadass forgot that I could've probably drawn her for this batch and only remembered at the time of actually writing this sentence. i am sorry.
    For what it's worth, after the next batch (which will be the final batch of characters that's publicly released!), I'll probably make one last separate post with all of the remaining rift mons. After that, it's all V13 content on out! I know I'm not done yet, but I still want to thank you all for supporting me and motivating me to keep on going with these because lord knows how much work this has been so far ahHHHHHHHHHHHH
    As per usual, all the art can be found back in the official art thread, along with bonus icons and wallpapers! I've also uploaded the wallpapers for the previous batch of characters, so you'll be able to get those now as well.
    See y'all next time for the last character batch! o7

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