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    Hi! I'm Jan and I occasionally post updates about the progress of Pokemon Rejuvenation in this section!
    WOOO I'm excited to finally be able to write this post!! Two weeks I have been awaiting to be able to post these as I wasn't able to include them in the first post due to them being SPOILERS—or in one particular case, a character that you can find relatively early on but is hidden in a place that sometimes people forget exists. But no more secrets, for we shall now reveal the five remaining new pieces of artwork (along with a set of CG's that wasn't included in the previous post)! I'll put some minor explanation for each character in separate spoiler tags since I don't want people to click on this post and then get blasted with massive spoilers just from a glance, so proceed with caution.
    Anything that isn't included in this batch but might still seem missing is something that can possibly still be included in a later batch or V14 instead. Who knows! Perhaps there's a reason some characters haven't been included.... or maybe i decided putting it off is for the best considering how much i've already done for .5 but i'll leave that up to your interpretation
    On a final note, the INPRNT shop with a bunch of the official art now has two more prints available on the store; one of the characters included in this post, as well as a print of Erin's popularity poll artwork! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Venam's artwork that she's also still supposed to receive in that regard—I just haven't had time to sit down and work on that one yet. My plan's to have it done before V14's release, and I will add it to the print shop when it's done right away.
    Anyways, that's all for the art & music uploads for this particular version! There's a couple of other characters that are already in the game that I've got slated to draw art for between now and V14's release, but I do want to mention that this dev cycle we're likely gonna keep the details and explanations about the completely new content more on the down low. We're working towards the climax of Act 2, and this is something we absolutely do not want people to be spoiled on, so what we'll be sharing will likely be pretty selective. Gotta keep things a surprise, no?
    As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread! Wallpapers and icons have been added as well :)
    Thank you again for supporting the game's development all these years and having been so patient for V13.5's release! We're excited to finally be moving into the territory of doing completely new work again rather than having to focus on reworking old content. We're finally at a stage where quality is overall very consistent across the board, so now we can pour all our energy into progressing with the brand new story parts and gameplay.
    Until next time!!

    Hello everyone! It's been a week since V13.5 has been released (already?!?!?!?!? what the FUCK) and that means it's time for me to start uploading the new music and artwork I've done for V13.5! I'm also including some of the artwork that's been in previous posts, but am including it just in case someone missed it since I know people like having stuff in one place!! In other words, consider this a compilation of all the art that's been done between V13's release and now.
    Some keen-eyed people going through the post may notice that some characters and new music tracks are still missing—but do not worry, for those will be uploaded next week instead, or will be drawn at a later point. We're giving people a liiiiittle bit more time to (re)discover these characters. Or we're just keeping them for the next batch bc they're spoilers, lmao. We know a lot of people are on new playthroughs, so unlike V13 we're taking a little bit more time before posting all the funny spoiler bits. (i'm personally gnawing at the cage bars for next week to arrive as soon as possible for a VERY specific reason, but that's an aside. if you know you know and i prefer it if people don't point it out in the comments LOL... let's keep the comments spoiler free from stuff that isn't shown here shall we?)
    And speaking of new files—if you haven't done a new playthrough yet, PLEASE start a new save and continue on from that one with future update releases. I promise you it's going to cause way less issues in the long run. Not only is there a lot of new stuff to see and do (including some very neat stuff you would probably miss on an old save if you've done most side quests before), it also just doesn't snap your save in half when entering some older areas like it does right now with old, converted saves LOL. Unfortunately we can't actually fix all the problems with due to how some variables are used. :( We're trying what we can to make the converter catch as much as possible, but some stuff will inevitably break, and we won't be able to fix it. If you want to start a new run of the game but don't want to take a super long time to catch up due to game difficulty, I highly suggest starting on Story Mode and switching back to Classic through Mr. Luck's contracts once you're at current content. The mode is significantly easier than Classic and will be plenty easy to go through for people who normally play on a harder mode. Or don't and stick to Story mode, or just play on Classic! It's up to you!!!!!! The world is your oyster and making use of passwords can make your life easier or harder as you please.
    Tiny tangent aside, let's move on to the actual contents of the post, shall we?!?!?! GOSH. I'm putting everything in separate spoilers and categorizing so the post is easier to navigate and not flooded with a bunch of... uh, more separate spoilers. You can just skip to whatever piques your interest the most!
    That's right! As of today, a bunch of the official illustrations for the game are available on my new INPRNT store to buy as prints! If you have a particular fully detailed illustration that you like, there's a pretty big chance that it's available on the store. I plan to add more in the future, but we're starting off simple with what's currently available.
    ...there's also two, uh, tiny bit saucy prints of two specific characters on there, which some people might recognize them from my twitter shenanigans from the past year or so.
    i'd say i'm sorry for also putting them up there, but i'm really not LOL. do with that what you will
    I will note that this is my personal store, so I'll likely be uploading things from other series and hyperfixations as well. The store won't be 100% dedicated to Rejuvenation for that reason, but there'll still be a lot of it available there. I'll also post about it if any new Rejuv themed prints go up! INPRNT takes roughly half of the earnings as they do all the production and shipping work, the other half will go directly to me. Soooo, if you want to support me and my work, consider buying a print from there!
    That's all for this post! So again, next week the post with all the more spoiler-y stuff will go up. If there's some stuff missing even after that, it's simply for another time in the future, likely somewhere between now and V14's release. Thank you again everyone for having been so patient with all of us over the past few years, and we hope you've been enjoying the update!
    As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread.
    Now, we've finally got V14 to look forward to and work towards... Spicy. 👀
    See you next week!


    v13.5 .Karma Files

    By Jan, in Records,

    Miracles don't just happen, they're made.
    Instructions on what to do before and after loading can be found HERE.
    Windows -> SavedGames/Rejuv (NO LONGER PokemonRejuvenation)
    MAC -> "Pokemon Rejuvenation"

    Download the game here.
    General Release Notes:

    This is just a preliminary post I'm producing to make sure you guys have a smooth time transitioning from v13 to 13.5
    As stated before, there were several revamps game-wise, AND script wise. So there have been shakiness in terms of conversion.
    However, as a player, all you have to worry about is one thing. 
    Before that, let's talk about how the download will work. 
    For your save file to convert properly, you MUST save ANYWHERE inside the League Administration area. Any room will do. 
    You MUST have also defeated Saki. These are your conditions. Loading up anywhere else will result in major problems, I'm not kidding. 
    There may be some instances where you're safe to load and fly to Sashila, but I seriously advise against taking that chance.
    Once you load up in the right area, you will see this message pop up:

    After this is done, you're ready to go! Really, that's all! I even threw in 3 Data Drives to start you off if you're interested in using the password mechanic! (Yes, there are passwords this ver. However, not all of Reborn's passwords are implemented.)
    You can start .Karma Files content by speaking to Erin in this room.

    You will be directed further on from that point. If you're still lost, use our new Quest Log system!
    That aside, there's a LOOOOOT to do in 13.5. A lot of people during alpha/beta have mentioned that calling this a half version is sort of a disservice. Welp, oops.
    But here's a couple of important things you should do right away!
    1.) Visit Luck's Tent!
    There is one tent on each major island.
    Floria Island: (Gearen Park)

    Terajuma Island: (Mynori Sea)

    Terrial Island: (Route 7)

    Badlands: (Zorrialyn Coast)

    2.) Activate Fast Travel Posts!:
    Like Luck's Tent, each island has its own form of fast travel now! They're all like Truck Daddy's Guy's services.
    Terajuma Posts:
    Terrial Island/Badlands:
    3.) Visit Kecleon's Bazaar!
    Boss Mechanic Changes!
    The way bosses work have changed! They are a lot less restricting. You have a lot of freedom in what you can do against your enemies~.
    So, how does this work?
    But that's all! V13.5 Drops tomorrow, Oct 29th. No set time. It'll drop when it's ready to~.
    I hope you all enjoy. And welcome back!

    hi!!!!!!!!! mom said it's my turn on the dev blog
    It's been roughly a month since testing has begun, so I figured this would be as good a time as any to post an update on the goings-on with the game right now. We've all been hard at work to get stuff finished up and are excited for people to see all the new stuff! But of course, keeping radio silence on here isn't the way to go or ppl will start sending me asks on tumblr again asking why there hasn't been a dev blog post yet and being very sad about it so let's get into it all, shall we?
    The current state of testing
    First up, Jan will be leaving on a holiday for roughly a week starting this weekend! He's taking a well deserved break before all hell breaks loose later this year LOL. However, that doesn't mean stuff in regards to testing will come to a standstill. A good couple of our dev members are actively involved with fixing bugs we come across (both scripts and events!), so testing will continue as usual.
    Speaking of which, we're still on internal testing! This is mostly because we want to be reaaaally thorough with the game ourselves this time around (unlike what happened with V13), so we can catch as many issues as possible ourselves before moving on to alpha testing. As of right now, a lot of us are on testing Chapter 11, and ACT 1 is completed by almost everyone! There's only a tiiiny bit of event work left for the update as a whole, which is expected to be feature complete shortly after Jan is back from his trip and he's able to work on it again. Most of the graphics are done now as well with only a few sprites left on the backlog, which should all be done before alpha starts. Weeee, progress!
    That being said, the plan was to actually start on ACT 2 testing sooner than we did, but Jan spent a good amount of time polishing a bunch of the content in ACT 2 to be more enjoyable as well. Sometimes a part of the game/story needs a little extra ~*✨Pizazz™✨*~ and that's ok. Especially considering it means the experience for you guys will be better! We'll probably be stuck on GDC for a little while anyways because that place is Beeg™ and therefore the amount of bugs that have been discovered is also Beeg™. There's also the fact that we've got a Quest Log now and that we have to update/add it as we go through the game ourselves. Jan has been doing main story + major sidequests which is honestly Quite The Task. I've been doing the sidequests that were missed/hadn't been updated properly yet to even have a log, so he doesn't have to do everything himself, but I can definitely tell you that it's a lot of work for a game as big as Rejuvenation dflkjsdflksdfllasjdalsk
    Oh, and for those wondering about the opinions so far on Terajuma considering that place got a massive overhaul... It was a huge success! The team really really enjoyed all the changes, and it really turned a weak arc into a very very strong one. I really highly recommend checking out the place in a new run or going back after you're done going through the new stuff in .5.

    Unfortunately it's not all fun and games with testing. Aside from the usual game-crashing stuff where there's a typo in a script somewhere that can be fixed rather easily, we've ran into a pretty concerning bug that we haven't been able to fix that will ever so rarely straight up crash your game out of nowhere, no warning/error popup or anything— and with barely any rhyme or reason to it happening. This is not to cause a panic because Haru's doing their utmost to find a solution for the problem (EDIT 4-8-2023): which is looking to possibly be caused by MKXP-Z having upgraded to Ruby 3.1. The chances of it happening at all are pretty low as well, with most of us having ran into it only once or twice—aside from Alex, who is Game Crash Georg, gets 10000 crashes a day, is a statistical outlier and should not be counted— but there is a chance that we won't have a fix for this by the time the update comes out considering that downgrading back to an older version of Ruby is currently broken. All we can do right now is give the advice in advance that you save often when .5 is out so in the case it does happen, you won't lose a lot of progress and you'll also know that this is a known issue.
    think of it as working with any software that is unstable, for example after effects. i speak from experience. that shit will crash for no fucking reason so you gotta hit save often!!!!!!! treat it like that!!!!!!!! be vigilant!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In all seriousness, we'll keep you guys posted about this problem. If the bug persists into public release, we'll put a warning alongside the download/update post to make sure people are aware of it, but we'll keep trying our best to fix the issue before it even gets to that. please send haru your thoughts and prayers.
    To wrap this segment up on a happier note however, here's some more OOC stuff from during testing. There's already some funny stuff in the column next to the dev blog, but why not share a little more? We're all taking this very seriously I promise.
    Beans! ok moving on.
    Last minute sprite updates!
    Because I just can't help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sowwy. Speaks for itself, here's a couple of VS portraits I've updated recently! I showed a few on twitter before (which are included in here in case you missed them), but there's a couple that I hadn't posted publicly in here yet as well. I know some of these changes might be quite drastic and may take some getting used to (particularly Ana and Ren from what I've heard so far), but I'm trying to bring the sprites a bit more in line with the official art and have style be consistent across the board. And stuff is still subject to change even between now and release!! So maybe some will get some minor changes even after I post this.
    okay but WHAT is with the title of the dev blog. none of this is related to it. wtf
    Good question! But also stop being hasty or I will CRY and SCREAM and throw you to be PECKED AT BY THE BIRDS. I was just about to get to explaining this.
    gosh. ugh.
    Anyways, the title is related to something we teased all the way back in the dev blog from October of last year (GOD IT'S CLOSING IN ON HAVING BEEN A YEAR HELP ME) and has finally been fully realized into a brand new feature to Rejuvenation. In particular, it's related to this smug bastard— Mr. Luck.

    Don't remember him? Now you do! If you don't, that's fine too. Don't worry about it. Either way, he's a character you can find at the start of the game in East Gearen, in a circus tent! Prior to .5 he 1) did not have a proper design, and 2) only existed for the option for people to switch between difficulty modes. However, what with intense being gone coming next update and with passwords being a thing, this functionality of his has become essentially redundant, and has since been removed. So what are we gonna do with him? We can't just remove him from the game, he's got some (albeit minor) story involvement, so we have to figure out something else to use him for.
    So clearly, the correct course of answer here is to go all-out with this clown, and have him offer a lot more than just a difficulty swap. Introducing Black Prisms and Prism Pokémon!
    Before going into what Mr Luck has to do with this, let me explain Prism Pokémon first. When getting a wild encounter, you'll have about an 1-in-100 chance to run into a Pokémon holding a Black Prism, and they look like this! You can recognize them by the rainbow aura around them.

    This isn't just cosmetic though! Upon entering a battle with one of these, the Prism Pokémon will get a +2 boost on all of its stats thanks to the prism it's holding. If you manage to catch it, you'll be able to take its Black Prism off of it! Not only that, but these Pokémon generally tend to have better stats, so it's worth catching them for that as well. However, putting a prism on one of your Pokémon does not give the +2 omniboost to your own Pokémon. It really only works on the enemy wild encounters you find. Buuuuuuuuut if you want, you can just keep the prism on your mons if you want to keep the rainbow aura purely for cosmetic purposes. every pokémon can celebrate pride now!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH
    But um... That aside, what does Mr. Luck have to do with these Black Prisms? Well, it's pretty simple. He collects them. He'll offer all sorts of things in trade for the prisms, including contracts that can help you in all sorts of ways! He can increase the odds of running into shinies, make it so that there's a chance that wild Pokémon have egg moves by default, increase the amount of money earned in battle... Or even change your character appearance.

    Just don't worry about the fine print! ...Or do. There might be some downsides involved, after all. Can't have everything handed to you on a silver platter, now can it? He's got the smarmy businessman look down pat as well, so there's bound to be some fishy stuff involved. But it's funnier if you find out for yourself what those... Er, little snags are. Tread with a small amount of caution!
    He's also got a cute little assistant called Doxie that you'll see for yourself if you visit him, and will trade you all sorts of useful items if you've got prisms to spare for things that aren't Luck's own contracts. It includes items such as valuables you can sell for big money, cell imprints and even glitter balls! They won't be cheap however, so if you want to get your hands on those, make sure to keep catching those Prism Pokémon if you come across them.
    That about covers it for this dev blog! Hope you're all excited for the new features─ Oh, wait. Just one more thing, as a little ~*✨Treat™✨*~.
    For people on fresh playthroughs, there are a lot of new, hidden things to find. Some things you'll only be able to find/understand on your second playthrough or beyond. Unless, of course, you use a guide on your first playthrough, which is just unfun so booooo if you do. smh
    Best way to view all these little new things to discover as.... Hm, inconsistencies. Yes, that'll do. Exciting, no? And I'm sure we're not the only ones excited about it. :)

    That's all I'll spill on the matter though, so hope you'll enjoy looking for all the little secrets when the update comes out!
    For now, see you next post!!!!!! We're so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🎉🎊🎈 yaaaaaaaaay 🎈🎊🎉
    Testing has begun (a week ago)! You know what that means! 
    It's time for me to be drowned in bugs woohoo.
    Please play this song while this post is being read:

    I started testing phase with 3 quests unfinished because im confident that i can finish them before this stage of testing phase can be completed (he's not that confident.) 🎈
    I'm sure there are some new folks. Let's talk about how the testing phase goes.

    There are three Stages.
    Stage 1: Internal : Developers get together to test and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I don't laugh. I fix bugs. I cry. 🎈
    Stage 2: Alpha : Small selected individuals are brought together to test and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I fix bugs. I cry. 🎈
    Stage 3 Beta : Patreon folk are brought together to test and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I fix bugs. I cry more. 🎈
    We are currently in Stage 1. There is no set period of how long each stage takes. It is simply just how severe the amt of bugs are + the speed of the playthroughs. Each time testing takes a little longer bc game big. I fix bugs. 🎈
    What's next ? 
    Well, sometime before release I'll be releasing a post on how to make sure your save files aren't completely busted when u load up v13.5! 
    Here, I'll give you a preview. If your game is at any point on or after terajuma, but before the end of v13 main story-- just finish your playthroughs. please. if you load up the game mid arc. its gonna blow up.
    ur gonna die, man. you're just gonna die.🎉 Let me make it more clear: If your files are anywhere in these sections::::::::
    Chapter 1 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 2 - omg ur living, just dont load on route 2.
    Chapter 3 - omg ur living
    Chapter 4 - omg ur living
    Chapter 5 - omg ur living
    Chapter 6 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 7 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 8 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 9 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 10 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 11 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 12 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 13 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 14 - ur gonna die
    Chapter 15 - Defeat Saki first or else... say it with me, ur gonna die🎈

    the reason for this is that story variables have changed. If you just walk into terajuma on old files without your save files being configured, ur gonna die. 🎈\
    look at this funny bug that happened during a run a few months ago (spoilers: H-Braviary shiny)
    some screenshots.
    i cant remember what i posted before. sorry 4 repeats, if any,
    okie bye bye.

    We understand? Ok good.
    Hi, it's May now. I've been pretty busy with irl stuff as per usual, but I've gotten a lot done if the two screenshots above aren't any indication.
    As of right now (besides 2 small things), both the Paragon and Renegade Routes are completed.
    That is the main content of the game and omfg I am so ready to be 100% done. I'm very close to being there.

    So what does this mean? Well, there's still some polishing/updates I'm doing in other places that will need some time to get done.
    As well as completely implementing new Aevian forms, fixing positioning, etc. etc.. etc.

    That being said, I'd like to get some sort of testing started in the next month or so.
    Been another long journey folks, but it's smooth sailing past this unlucky number.
    Some screenshots, of course:

    Ok, now it is Zumi's turn to speak:

    "Hiya!! Zumi hijacking the post for a brief moment to talk about the track you're about to listen to. This one may be a bit of a surprise to some people as this isn't exactly a new track, but instead a new version of a track I previously composed that some may be familiar with already. Normally I'd try to be a bit more vague about the purpose of the track-- and despite having said over and over that the project it's from is dead, I've always wanted to give it one last farewell, one which Jan was kind enough to help out with. So I'm bringing the project back one last time through Rejuv... In a stripped down form, with some music overhauls to go along with it! I've already teased it slightly before, but make sure to explore GDC during 13.5's story if you're on the Paragon route-- you may just across what's been my little passion project for this dev cycle, and it'd mean a lot to me if people checked it out!"
    But that's it for this dev post. A small one, but a lot of what is new is TOP SECRET!!!!!! So you'll just have to wait just a littttleee bit longer. I promise.
    This will probably be the last dev post for this cycle. Next post will let everyone know when testing has begun or whatever. 

    Thanks for your patience and I hope you all have a good week. 

    Hey, hi, hello! It's a post from me this time! Yes, yes, the fanfare is wonderful. Just beautiful. Love it.
    Anyway, let's get on with the post!

    So, first thing's first. What's up with V13.5? I've said it's been almost done for a while, and yes that's always been true. However, recently I've made a ton of progress, particularly on the Renegade Route. It's shaping up to be my favorite part of the game so far. It's fast-paced, fun, and has a lot of good moments, I feel. The dev team has been testing it in rounds as well and it's been REALLY well received and I'm so happy about that.

    Recency bias and all, though, yeah?

    In terms of what is done, let's take a looksie.

    Paragon Route: 80%
    Renegade Route 70%
    Terajuma Arc - 95%
    GDC Arc - 80%
    Early Game Changes - 99%

    I'm hoping to begin testing in another month or two. 
    That's not all, but we have something cool to show! The character select screen got an overhaul, and two characters have gotten a wardrobe update!


    Official artwork updates:

    Most of my work has been with the Renegade Route, and while I'd love to show things from that, literally every frame of it is a spoiler in some capacity. So... Yeah. I don't have really anything to show in that regard. 

    We're way past the schedule I wanted, but tl:dr, a close family member of mine was diagnosed with cancer and it's been really hard to do things like normal. I know things are taking long, but please be patient! I don't intend this post to be sad or anything, but it is the reality of my situation. 

    It will be out this year :).

    Hi all! It's been well over a month since our last dev post and nearly two months since our last proper dev blog in regards to the dev game already??? i swear, time is an illusion and we're all being played for fools by the system. where the HECK did it all go
    Speaking of time though, Jan's got his hands full, so I'm taking over for this month's post to give you all a bit of an update on what's been going on with development! I'm sure you're all plenty curious since it's been a while since our last substantial update, so let's dive into it shall we?
    First off, screenshots! Some of these were shown on twitter, but I've included them in the case you missed them. Some are entire reworks, some are simple updates, some are... something else. 👀
    On top of area updates, Jan's actually been working on some QOL updates in regards to cutscenes! An excerpt from one of Jan's Patreon posts:
    "Looking at the pages of events I wanted to work on, the amount of text... was kind of insane. I've cut down on text quite a bit, and I've made things snappier and more involved.

    Speaking of trimming text, I've also been working on a QOL I think a lot of people will enjoy. Starting from 13.5+, you'll be able to skip entire segments on repeat playthroughs. These segments are usually ones that have a pause from the player's story and give insight elsewhere. It's neat that you can play as Melia in the library and all, but the purpose of this section is to give exposition and push the story forward. But on repeat playthroughs, you've already seen this! You can just skip it. This goes for Lavender's "escape" segment and the Diamond and Pearl segments (And more!).
    And for those who don't particularly care for the action segments in Marianette's mansion, I'm planning on having those be skippable as well, just maybe not through the same way.

    Please note that if there are relationship gain/losses in these segments, you will lose out on them. Additionally, this is a QOL that will only affect new save files, as the condition of multiple playthroughs is decided during the intro."  

    Next up are some extra previews of the new CG's I've been working on for the game! Two were previewed in the previous dev blog Jan posted and I've personally previewed two on twitter myself (they are included in here if you missed them!) so here's another small handful of previews. Now as some of you guys probably already are aware of I may be a little unhinged for doing this, but this is only a small handful of them-- the total will amount to roughly 30 new CG's to be used in-game, for both old and new parts of the story. If you want to see all of them, consider starting a new file to see them all in their proper context! or go through the game's graphics folder i guess once .5's out. but what's the fun in that?
    Next up, in the case people missed it, fan-favourite minor NPC's Piano lady and Truck guy finally got their official art as enough money was raised for charity back in December in order for them to get theirs! The images were posted on twitter & tumblr, but hadn't been posted on the dev blog yet, so here you go. As per usual, all related artwork can be found back in the official art thread if you want to find it back.
    Finally, we've got some music previews! Plural, because there's two. Both were composed by yours truly! No full loops this time around, just a few snippets- but enjoy them nonetheless :) Won't be telling where exactly they'll be used, but I'm sure you can figure it out from context clues! Maybe.
    That's all for now! We've still got some work left, but things are slowly but surely coming together. It's shaping up to be pretty exciting, and I hope people are still just as excited about the update as we are! We're also extremely ready to just be done with v13 and .5 as a whole and move on to v14, but we're not gonna rush anything or diminish quality just because we want it to be over and done with, so once again we're asking for everyone's patience for a little while longer. this update is CHUNKY, but it's worth it.
    thank u guys for bearing with us
    until next time!

    Hello everyone, and a happy new year from everyone on the Rejuvenation team! We hope that 2023 will be a splendid year for everyone!
    2022 was a wild ride for many of us, wasn't it? Lots of progress on the game-- introducing a couple of new characters, finally addressing some issues with the game on all fronts (technical, visual AND balance-wise), we've got a bunch of new team members who have been pulling some great weight over time, new music, new visuals, new quests, you name it! And while we weren't able to bring out V13.5 in 2022 like we initially hoped, sometimes life just gets in the way or things end up being more work than initially expected. And you know what? That's okay! Sure, things take longer for them to be done, but I do want to reiterate that this update is slated to be the last update that brings major overhauls to older areas to become their finalized versions. It takes time to create quality content, and as we only want to put the best experience for you guys on the table I hope people will remain supportive of the team this year too as we try to polish 13.5 to perfection!
    As a gift for everyone's support in the past year and to ring in the new year with a bang, Jan & I figured we could give some art as a gift! So here we go; some "new" character artwork. Specifically the interceptor forms for the protagonists, which is something people have been asking for quite a while. Please take a look at their official designs!
    Aevis (Bravery)

    Aevia (Tranquility)

    Axel (Chaos)

    Ariana (Happiness)

    Alain (Wrath)

    Aero (Strength)

    Ana (Mercy)

    The artwork for the interceptor forms have been a long time coming, and truth to be told I've already had them done for like uhhhhhhhh..................... literally almost a year now. hence why new was between quotation marks. they're from late january LOL..... It never quite felt like the right time to reveal them though, at least until Jan came up with the idea to show them off as a new year's gift.
    That being said, that's all there really is to show! As is with just about any other character art; icons, wallpapers and links to the full resolution versions of the artwork can be found in the official art thread!
    I hope everyone has a wonderful year and I look forward to sharing our work with all of you in 2023 as well!














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