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  1. It's really no issue. It takes like 2 seconds to change. So it's nbd! This will be changed in v13.
  2. It's been a while since my last post, so I decided that I'd give a little update and talk about a few things! In the format of a Q/A! What's going on with Rejuvenation right now? It's been almost 2 years!! - We are currently doing internal testing as of right now! There's still one segment of the game that needs a bit of work from me, but after so long, v13's main story and early-mid game are being tested and things are going smoothly!! Lots of things to patch up, but smoothly nonetheless! We may... actually release something soon(tm)??? Soon. W
  3. Can't ask this on your tumblr but would you be able to add an RM of Teleport now that it got buffed?

  4. Happy New Year, Jan. And I hope this year will be better.

  5. Merry (Belated) Christmas! Today I wanted to talk to you all about the story structure of v13 and why it's been taking such a long time for it to release. v13 is a special version, that's for sure. It's one of the longer episodes the game has put out. Actually, i'd say it's the longest? Either way, the main story this time is taking a LOT more effort than usual and I wanna make sure everything is absolutely perfect. That being said, what -exactly- is causing v13 to be the behemoth it is? Well, let's dive into that! Some of you have already guessed, but the crew is
  6. Merry Christmas, Jan.

    1. Jan


      Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  7. I am considering going back to WLL in the future and update it to Gen 8 while also fixing map inconsistencies with the main game.
  8. I understand your frustration, but being needlessly rude isn't going to help anyone. I'm not even in charge of battles and haven't been for a while That being said, I agree that the Garbodor fight is one of the more irritating fights in the game, and as a result, we took a look at in V13 and made it a lot more bearable from then on.
  9. Pt 1: It's Been Getting Colder Recently... (Spoilers) Pt 2: This World Is Yours Too. Pt 3: Music From The Depths of Hell There's still much to be done, but we're still way over half way. No 2020 release, but Soon(tm).
  10. :). It's been a while, let's talk. Unfortunately, I am indecisive on what to talk about. Please show me the right path. https://www.strawpoll.me/42266468 There is no wrong answer, except the wrong one. It's up to you ! Poll Ends Wednesday, December 16th. I love you yes im okay. yes i wont be taking any questions. See you Wednesday!
  11. Just updated the numbers!
  12. This post is a repost of my Patreon, but it's very important that I let everyone here know what's going on. Hope all is well! - Jan
  13. ...And closed! That's all I'm taking for now! This goes without saying, but there's no way we can implement every single crest idea-- Heck, I don't think we'd implement most. There were HUNDREDS. I wouldn't be surprised if there were thousands. Next time remind me to post a limit, haha. That being said, please also note that these suggestions, if picked, are not guaranteed to be in V13. As mentioned before, there are just... so many lol. It takes time to implement crests, so... Yeah. We'll keep these suggestions for future versions as well. If you missed your shot, I
  14. Just a heads up! This thread will be closing this Sunday! November 1st! Get in your last submissions!
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