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  1. Post chapter 15. Small setup for chapter 16! It's not very long at all.
  2. A little bit overdue for this one. I think I've gotten far enough with my prep work that allows this thread to go up! So what's there to expect with v13.5? +Updated Gen 8 DLC moves/movesets +DLC mon inclusions. (Galarian Slowpoke, etc.) +New Sidequests. +Small main story addition +Quality of Life additions. +New Aevian forms. +And more! Of course, all of this will be elaborated on in future posts, but for now I'll let these marinate in your minds for now.
  3. r66y

    There is only one King's rock in the game (the one you get from the Emperor sidequest), and two pokemon that evolve with it; Slowking and Politoad. I wasn't aware Politoad was available in the wild, so I evolved a Poliwhirl using it. Now I can't evolve Slowpoke to Slowking anymore :(
    Could you make another King's Rock available in 13.5? Thank you for your time

  4. Hey can I include Amber and Venam In my fan game Im working on? I just asked Amethyst if I could Include some of her characters. It would be great thanks.



    Pls say yes.........

  5. Happy Birthday to you Jan with many sweets, cakes and gifts🥳🎂🎁🎊🎉


    A huge "thank you" of gratitude for putting years of effort in Pokemon Rejuvenation🤗🌹💖

  6. Happy birthday dude! Hope it's been a good 1 my man!

  7. Q-Jei

    Happy Birthday Jan! 🎉🎂☺️

    May this day and this new year be full of positive things for you! And thank you a lot for having put so many efforts creating this atypical and polished game which is Pokemon Rejuvenation!

  8. Happy Birthday Jan!

    Still not quite halfway through V13 right now, but it already looks great with the early game revamp even before I get to novel content for me.


  10. Happy birthday Jan! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day as you really deserve it for all the work you did and still doing on rejuvenation 🤗🎂

    1. SilverAngelus


      I second Lykos' words. You got Labor Day time off, so have a spectacular day Jan! Happy Birthday~ 🎂💜🎉🥳

  11. "Happy Birthday to you"

    "Happy Birthday to you"

    "Happy Birthday to you, Jan"

    "Happy Birthday to you"


    May the best wishes be in your favor, Jan.

  12. I don't know when this will get to you, man, but after playing this version from the beginning, I'm floored. I had the pleasure of following your game since 2016, in the late days of version 7,  I think, and at every episodic release since then I always start a new game, and never was I unsurprised about seeing the sheer improvement you'd bring to the game. This version took that to a new level, and the change in quality to early content, both visually and in terms of dialogue is quite staggering. Overall, early game feels somewhat more mature while still retaining that fresh, start of adventure feel. The dialogue now really conveys the bonds of our self insert with the characters that accompany us in our endeavours; From mom, to the first crew of friends we make (Ren, Venam & Melia), when the time of parting came I genuinely felt the loss of these characters. Frankly, there is so much to be said about the interactions with the cast and how immersion is significantly improved by those simple dialogue choices presented to us, but for the sake of not writing a biblical passage, I'll just say you've made an excellent job man. As for new content, this has definitely been the best episode so far, the interactions, pacing and reveals during the story all of it was top notch.

    Overall, this has indeed been two years of work, and I feel at least, a work of love. I'm eargerly looking forward to whatever it is you'll bring us next. I hope you stay healthy, inspired and passionate about your game man.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to write out this post. Game balance is complicated and a lot of changes that sound good on paper don't necessarily translate well for the player experience. That being said, we've taken everything you've said to heart and plan on making changes for 13.5. (As well as Patch 3 that is coming out soon, but there isn't enough time to make changes like the ones presented here.) The best we can do at the moment is give more available options for the player, as well as reverting some bad decisions made in general.
  14. p_k_

    Bit of a weird ask, but the new xen executives theme is a banger, where's it from?

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      A lot of the new tracks in V13 were made by Zumi, so I guess that would make them 'from' Rejuvenation? It's gonna be a bit before they're uploaded to YouTube, though.

    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      If I'm remembering right, the new Team Xen battle themes (as well as the new Gym Leader theme) were made by GlitchxCity, while all the other custom tracks in V13 were made by Zumi

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