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  1. yeah but if you have debug... at that point you could just spawn in anything you want anyway.
  2. There still seems to be some confusion surrounding what exactly v13.5 is. It's a lot of things. I mentioned a few posts ago that a lot of the back end has been uprooted and redone. I knew this was coming and looked at what I had planned story wise. There were a bunch of quests that gave more context to v14. I knew the back end changes would take some time so I decided to take these quests, string them together, and create a story line. Thus, v13.5 .Karma files was born. A version that was never planned to exist. Yet, here we are. I've devised this section of the story to be required on your first playthrough, but skippable in subsequent ones (through passwords), as it is more of a preview of what's to come in v14. But not just v14, but for the rest of the game. As many of you are aware (v13 spoilers for those who haven't finished it yet.) There are two main endings in the game. The Bad Ending and The Good Ending as it was dubbed. I was asked a long time ago on Tumblr about how far I was willing to go with "The Bad Ending". Well, let's get into that! I've been planning this part for a long time now. I knew that I wanted there to be two main routes, and I knew just how far I wanted to go with each of them. Well, basically, The Bad Ending, is called the Renegade Route. It will be the largest divergence in this story (yes I'm crazy.). After v14, the two paths will not cross each other and will provide unique story experiences for both. Essentially, from v13.5 and onward, there will be two versions in one. (Though due to the nature of the beast, v14 will be more linear) Why am I doing this? Because I want to. And because I am crazy. I know it's a lot of work you don't need to remind me! Each version will have equal amount of effort and time put into them*, and each route is canon. They also, like, totally play off each other so you should do both eventually! (*This does not mean they will be the same length in content. I won't bloat one side to catch up to the other in terms of content. The story will be told how it was meant to and if one is slightly shorter or longer, it is what it is.) When v13.5 drops and the Renegade Route begins, expect a huge turn in the story. I hope you're ready! Oh, but uh... If you're going down the route of oblivion... That means you're attempting to destroy our game, and our world. Just know that... I won't make it easy for you. :) Oh and because people aren't aware/confused... The Renegade Route has no post game. I just want to make that clear. When the game ends, it ends. Q/A: 1.) Because the Renegade Route has no post game, what about the legendaries that are planned for post game? So, because of the lack of post game, I am planning on releasing all legendaries before the ending of that route, which means some legendaries (and items) will become available much earlier than in The Good Ending route. But as a caveat, there will be a sudden power spike in this route at some point. This route will be tougher/more unforgiving in general, but never impossible. 2.) Does "The Good Ending" have an official name yet? The Paragon Route. 3.) Is there another way to start the Renegade Route after the initial threshold? No, you have to meet the requirements before starting the player/aelita branch. If you're on the good ending route now you're there for "good"! And also vice versa. 4.) Will you update the status bars soon? No, screw the status bar dude. I hate it. It's never accurate because things get added/removed from development all the time and it's a pain to maintain. So I'm abandoning it for now. If you want an exact standing of where I am at this very moment, here: Next post is on the 15th of December. (I'm giving myself dates so that I don't procrastinate!)
  3. Hi again, it's been a while. How are the kids? They don't exist? Ok that's fair. Today I want to talk to you about Boss Battles. In a previous post I mentioned we were getting rid of them because they didn't work out. But apparently a lot of you loved them??? So we're not throwing them out, omg. We've done a lot of work with them and I think they're spicy as well. So, let's talk about the changes. Shields: No longer act like shields from Sword and Shield. Instead, they act more like extra HP bars. If you're privy to the KH series, it's almost identical to that. Similar to the monsters in FE: TH as well. When the HP bar is reduced to 0, it will refill itself and a remaining "shield" will break. But we're not stopping there! We're reworking how bosses work in general! @Azeria went above and beyond with this and added special "effects" when a certain thing happens. Yeah, that "certain" thing is when shields break. Now, when a shield breaks, different things will happen. Here's an extremely (funny) and exaggerated visual example of what I mean. When a shield breaks, Bosses can: Change the field. Change the weather. Gain special move/abilities [Safeguard,Magic Bounce] Have moveset changes. Gain stat boosts/decreases. Call for help in certain instances. Much more ! In addition to that, 1 hit KO moves are back, but with some caveats. They will only take down 1 bar of HP Cannot be used more than once. (If you use Fissure once and its successful, all other moves will also be locked.) Oh and of course, stats of Boss Pokemon will be adjusted with the new mechanics/effects in mind! What I've described is pretty much just the tip of the iceberg, though. We have a lot of cool ideas for bosses and we hope to make each one unique in its own way. The best way to describe boss mons is that they're more like a puzzle now instead of a brute force wall of frustration. You'll be able to deal damage and not take as much, but you'll need to know how to maneuver around the active changes happening during the fight. Naturally, if things are out of line, we'll adjust as we go. Speaking of Entei, though... I can't remember if I mentioned this on Reborn or not, but I am not planning on doing a huge post game like Reborn's. Rejuvenation is already huge, and I just don't have the energy to make a lengthy quest for each and every legend possible. There are just too many, and with Gen 9 on the horizon, there are just going to be MORE and MORE. So here's the deal. I previewed this on Twitter: Notice the Regirock on the overworld. That Regirock is catchable. The Entei in the picture is catchable. Now lemme stop you there. I know what you're gonna say. Jan. You said legendaries wouldn't be gotten before Post Game. You're right, I did say that. But also I changed my mind. We'll be introducing lower tier legendaries post v13 story (As in, they won't appear to you in game until a certain point after v13.) Some of them will have quests! Some of them won't. Some you'll find just in hidden areas. More info on this one later. IIIIn other news, @Zumi has been back at it at the music game and created a new track for Team Xen areas! (Primarily their various bases around the region) Please take a listen! Additionally, we have a new track from Glitch! This song was actually not requested, but was a gift! And tbh that makes me feel emotional so im sharing it here. No I will not elaborate the title. Just enjoy the tunes~ BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT that's not all! I have one more surprise for you! A new Aevian form, and one of my personal favorites from this batch. Please note that this will be the final aevian form we'll be publicly showcasing as we want some of them to be a surprise when you actually play the game. Mirror Mirror on the wall, which heart shows the darkest destiny of them all? That's all for now though! Something new im doing here, but the next post will be on November 9th! Yes I'm declaring a post date. I just think this post will be a little special. no it's not the release of v13.5 Have a nice rest of your week :).
  4. Happy birthday, Jan! And I’m sorry I forgot it. It’s the second time I really made the same mistake as I did 2 years ago. But by the way, I’m glad you enjoy a better life.

  5. Hey, good afternoon
    My name is James, I am a financial investor and certainly obsessed with Pokemon Rejuvenation and Reborn!
    I would like to know if we could talk business regarding to investing in your team's work
    If we can, it would be greatly appreciated, I will leave my discord here: JamesLyons#4768

  6. Jan, happy birthday~ I hope your day has been sublime and will continue to be so and that you enjoy something yummy! 🎂🥳🎉🎊


  8. Happy Birthday Jan!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  9. Hi! It sure is August, huh. About to be my birthday again soon too. Why is time moving so fast??? Anyway....................... Last month I opened up applications for new dev team members! There were a LOT of applications. More than I expected. Thank you for that! Of course, realistically I couldn't accept each and every one because... yeah, but I want to thank you again just because seeing the amount of people who wanted to put their all into this project was honestly very touching tbh. I've also kept some applications that looked promising for future stuff if I ever end up needing help again. That being said, August was a slow month for me. It usually is. It's when I take off time to go outside and touch grass as that one tumblr ask told me to do lol. and touch grass I did. Am I feeling refreshed? Ehh... But an attempt was made! But you know what wasn't slow? My amazing new team members who swooped in and carried me this past month. I'd like to introduce them to you all! And that's all! They have been welcome additions to the team and productivity has spiked like crazy. Really exciting. Did you know that Soulja completed literally all the sprites for our planned Aevium mons (and more), already? Seriously, they did. Allow me to share one with you! Dragon Mono players, rejoice, a new early dragon mon has dropped! (Concept Art) IIRC, this was not a planned mon. This was something of Soulja's own creation. I think it looks great. Not because I'm biased and love the Sewaddle line or anything. nope. As for me, I've been focusing on GDC again and quite recently fixing up the desert. Lemme show y'all what I got: Not much in terms of actual new content to show, but I hope these screenshots look promising nonetheless! Well, that's really about it. This post was mostly here to introduce the new team members and let everyone know what's up. If I had to give an estimate of where I'm at development wise, I'd say over halfway, but still nowhere near completion. Maybe 60-70% done? Game is still slated for this year hopefully... Really pushing for it but time is runnin' out and I'm a busy lad irl!!!!! Always trying my best though. Please bear with me <3. cya. game is still broken lol. But bc of New Team Members, it's a lot less broken. ty new team members. u are da real 1's
  10. Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that the apps are now closed and we now have new team members! (I'll let them introduce themselves at a later time). I want to thank everyone for applying and showing their eagerness to help me out on this overly ambitious project. We received a ton of applications and although we obviously couldn't accept everyone, I still want to restate my gratitude. Also like... Y'all are so talented?? There were so many great apps and because of that this was a very difficult process . I know where to look if I'm ever in the need for help in the future! - Jan
  11. ye. A lot of it was gonna be put in a side game because a lot of people loved WLL, but I figured it may be too important to put in a separate project so I'm squishing it into main game. It can be skipped on subsequent playthroughs with a password!
  12. Okay, let's start with the Big Thing. Rejuv is going through a major script overhaul. In short, Rejuv/Desu/Reborn are being formatted to use the same scripts so that when a new change is implemented, it can easily be done across all three games. tl:dr, optimization yada yada. Recently this process started for Rejuv and well... How can I say this eloquently... Shit's fucked, shit's broken, and we need a helping hand to make things not fucked. The basic requirement for this is, ah, uh, lemme look at the cue cards... uh... "Know how to code, and get along with Cass." Right, that aside, I'm also extending this for people who want to help and are experienced with spriting-- Particularly in editing/dealing with Pokemon sprites. With Gen 9 looming and all of our ambitious takes with Aevian mons... Well, quite frankly, we need help in that department too. (If you think you can do well editing tilesets, or animating moves, that'd be a big help too!) Discord is required. Zumi's edit 17/7/2022: Also, please make sure you actually have time to contribute! We're looking for people who are able to consistently help out during development. While we try to be as understanding as possible about any circumstances that pop up and IRL responsibilities are also super important, times like right before and on version release we need all hands on deck, so please make sure you're not signing up while already having too much on your hands. Scripting application: Sprite Artist Application: #------------------------------------# Before I start with the updates, I want to reiterate that v13.5 is a full version. With its own new storyline, and sidequests... I have to put that there because I got some nasty tumblr asks a while back dogging me about "taking too long for a half version". it's not a half version. Even if it was, making a game takes time. I also have my own personal life. Please be patient. If you're not patient, die mad about it. I'll take as long as I need. Okay? Ok. Continuing! #------------------------------------# Obligatory collage of in game images GO! #------------------------------------# GDC Updates Grand Dream City has been under the radar during this update. My goal with this area was to make every singe map look distinguishable, and to have a clear layout so that getting lost wouldn't be an issue. Of course, some people can't help but get lost. That's a given, but I wanted to make it so that when you get lost, it's easy to get back on track. So... What's new with GDC? Besides the new maps, of course. All districts will be open the moment you arrive. That includes the festival area with all the mini-games. (Route 9 will not be available.) Maps have been compacted. New bus line. This will get you places the train cannot! New Train/Bus pass item. If obtained, transportation becomes free. Revamped encounters. New trainers. New Help Requests. Help Requests: I've mentioned that there's a new quest log system, right? Pretty sure I have. TL:DR on that is, you get a quest, it's logged in a new menu, and it will be there to tell you what to do and what rewards are available. However, in addition to that, Help Requests can now be started anywhere. If you come across Sasha lamenting over her mother's absence, you can start the quest just by speaking with her. Girl with the lost Starly? Speak with her! The quest will begin. Additionally, if you like just grabbing all the quests in one place, you can still use the Help Centers to do so. New Battle UI: So uhh... We're getting new UI! The UI we've been using initially was Reborn's, then we moved onto use Xenogene's (recolored blue), and now we're moving onto our own unique interface! It's not finished, so keep that in mind! Some things to take note of: Status changes the entirety of the health bar. There's also a faint marking over the health bar as well. New shiny symbol. Crests and Mega evolution symbols are in the same spot. Legends Arceus Mons: - We're probably going to push these with Gen 9 because we still don't have a lot of info on them, and with Gen 9 seemingly bringing them into the game as well, they're probably going to have a lot of changes as well. Plus, we have a lot on our plate already. But that's all-- Huh? What? ... Oh, yeah, okay. So a little something for veteran Rejuv players (I'm talkin' like, V1 players) I have a small lil treat for you! k bye.
  13. Gym Leaders are not changing.
  14. A fair criticism. I should reiterate that all these plans are long term goals and may or not be acted upon depending on feedback from the community. So if a majority of the community feels as though boss battles should stay-- Then that outcome is considered. Currently they are pretty restrictive, and if a player chooses to want to cheese a fight that is too hard for them then they should have the right to do so. I feel as though the freedom to cater to your own playstyle is just as important. A slippery slope, though. Regardless, we're as previously stated we are -constantly- looking at feedback so if there are things people are not happy with, this is the time to speak up, as you have.
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