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  1. Hello Jan. You may know me from Tumblr with the questions...I'm trying to not be a bother to you

    1. Jan


      You're not a bother! I answer asks really slowly so it may take some time to get to them.

    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Okay, I understand. Sometimes I did send answers back then and I kinda pressure youπŸ˜…


      Not nice of me

  2. Dammit. I feel so sorry that I have forgotten your birthday. Happy birthday, anyway.😞

    1. Jan


      It's okay! Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. hlw mr jan


    1. Rubaiatrabby


      hlw mr jan you little bit updateΒ  pokemon rejuvination v12.3

    2. Jan


      maybe in another life time.

  4. Jan, your Twitter account is gone

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      It got locked because the site said I wasn't old enough LOL. I got it back lol. I just have to wait 24 hours

  5. A bit late but Happy Birthday
    Hope it was an awesome day
    and hopefully your new year is filled with lots of good moments

  6. Congratulations on surviving another year around the sun my dude!

  7. I know its a little late but... Happy birthday!!!!

  8. lol you're older now, congrats.




    have a great one ❀️



  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANNN πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ€§πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°

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      Thanks ❀️ 

  10. Hey happy birthday Jan πŸ˜„, i hope you're having a wonderful day πŸ˜„πŸŽ‚

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      Thank you!!!

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome πŸ˜„

  11. Happy birthday Jan and I hope you can kick back and enjoy something yummy todiay! πŸ˜‹Β πŸŽ‚

    1. Jan


      Thank you!!

  12. Jan

    Pointless Progress Ramble

    Honestly when I wrote this my mind was halfway through september. don't ask why because I really don't have an answer for you LOL.
  13. warning. lots of words that don't mean jack shit below. view at your own discretion. Just another general update! I've been working hard on the game, but I've also been feeling pretty demotivated and burned out lately. Mainly due to me being home all the time and not being able to get out as much. You'd think I'd get a lot more done with the massive amount of time I've had, yeah? Hahaha, no. In fact, I've been slower because of all of this.(More of this rant below!!!) Depression.png Because of that I've taken a week off. Like... actually. An entire week. I've done nothing. Man did it feel awesome. (Afterwards, during the break I was bored as hell.) Imagine that. Taking genuine breaks HELPS your motivation and mood. ???? Sounds fake, but okay... Anyway. I've switched my focus to working primarily on v13 story content. I feel like if I have that out of the way, releasing v13 will feel... Idk. Possible? *Cough* Well, it's the end of August. That means we're all going back to school... Huh? You're done with school? Y-You graduated? Well... Courtesy of me, I've re-enrolled you! Who's ready for a new semester of dreams and nightmares?? You are!I ---REJUV MK UPDATE--- As well as working on main content mostly, @andracass helped us create our own MK build! Starting V13, Rejuv will have MK support. There are still a few things that need to be ironed out, but things are looking really promising! As for Mac support... We have something for that too! Mac users won't be left out B). ---Puzzle time Baybeee--- One thing I've been trying to do in past areas is add more puzzles. Most of these puzzles aren't difficult. They're just there to add some sort of interactivity in places that have gameplay luls. I've created some things that I'm proud of, but coming up with puzzles in RPGMaker seems impossible to me sometimes. I'm the first one to admit that I'm not excellent at making them, but I would like to be! If you guys have any puzzle concepts to share, I'd be happy to hear them! I beg you. ---When is V13 dropping?--- Short answer: Still trying for this year. Long Answer: My goal is to have it out by the end of the year, but that's still only 3 months from now. I've seen people get annoyed with me because of the long wait, but I assure you no one is more annoyed than I. Like I said in the beginning of this post. I've been burned out and unmotivated all year. I'm not going to sit here and lie about my productivity. I said I've been working hard on the game, it's true. But that wasn't the case for the majority of the year. There were days where I would do one event and just feel done. I've felt guilty about it, but I've also just felt numb to the fact that I pretty much just vegetated this year. Everytime I felt like things were getting better, things would knock me down another peg. It's been a cycle since February. Aghjgfsghskjlghsdgjds;jgsdh; I've read articles about how this isn't a problem exclusive to me. Working productivity for tons of people have been almost 0 this year. With circumstances I don't have to repeat because we all know-- It's just difficult. I just try to tell myself that next year will be better. Whether that's a blatant lie or not doesn't matter. It's there for a sense of purpose. If I can sum up this year for me in one image, it'd be: and that's all it is. That being said, we've gotten progress up to 71%!! Even though most of that is bloated because of a lot of smaller things getting done... It still looks nice and is a motivating factor for me! Still have a lot of sidequests to do and I have to finish the main story (Which is over 50% done now!). Alright that's enough rambling. I'm done. I promise. Rejuv v13 hopefully drops this year. If not, early 2021. Definitely not any later than that. Then onto v14... Ha. HAhahahaha. I can't wait for v14.
  14. ??? In no way were the rules changed? They clearly said 1st place was getting something. The top three thing was discussed primarily as an extra way after the polls were even created. It was never added to the rule set as it was supposed to be a surprise. We as a dev team discussed and came to this conclusion. There are no excuses here. As you said, nothing was lost, so I don't understand the issue here?
  15. Small thing. 20% Script Updates on dev blog lol

    1. Jan


      Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!

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