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  1. I had already beaten Erick when I had started looking, no clue if that was a factor or not. From my experience though, Ditto was by far the rarest to get from the dens
  2. I went to do the rift den near the Wispy Ruins entrance on Route 4 for Ditto, I ended up killing the first one (I'm an idiot), so I continued to get another blue beam, and soft reset, and as I did, I found that every subsequent time that I got Ditto (or what I can assume to be ditto, since every other pokemon was fine) the game would just crash. I kinda just gave up and moved on, so I don't have the exact error code or anything, but I thought it was worth noting.
  3. Yeah I kinda figured you had to, considering it was a boss, just thought there could've been a small possibility that you didn't have to. I'm still kinda intrigued as to why the other book got removed, but I guess in the end it was nothing more than a neat little event anyways. That's actually really nice to know. Thank you for the info!
  4. She should be on the upper level of the fortress inside the mountain where saki busts through with the machine. I believe the stairs are to the left of the initial entrance
  5. So I'm at the part in Kugearen where you eavesdrop on Gardevoir and the officers, and now that it's been changed to battle her and she knocks you out, you aren't there for the events that follow at the mansion, so you don't get the toilet paper. And since you need the toilet paper to get the black sludge, does this black sludge become unobtainable? And assuming you go back to the mansion but not confront Gardevoir (Assuming that's an option), does the apartment key become unobtainable? On a different note, the layout of the apartment was changed (Cool change, way more unsettling), but now the book that used to be there that you could interact with that would cause Madame X to appear has been removed? Anyone know anything about that?
  6. Got stuck in the wall next to a set of stairs in the castle Thanks in advance Game.rxdata
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