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  1. Can someone help me with the puzzle in the mysterious cave? I interact with all the rocks the codes told me to do in order but nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?
  2. Nvm I figured out the order but the puzzle doesnt react am I doing something wrong?
  3. Can someone help me with this puzzle, I've deciphered the braille messages and I've tried interacting with the northeast message but nothing happens I fell like I'm doing this wrong.
  4. Can someone help? Every time I boot up the game it immediately says that the script is hanging.
  5. The game keeps crashing when I'm supposed to enter my name
  6. How do I install SMW on top of the follower mod?
  7. Can someone help? I added the follower pokemon mod to the mods file but when I try to start the game this pops up: I dont know how to solve this situation.
  8. I'm currently doing an event from Modesto that requires you to take a boat johto but I talked to everyone in the port below southwestern artiemis and nothing is happening.Can I get some help?
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