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  1. Have you tried redownloading both SWM and the game? Does the error come up if you remove SharedPC?
  2. Then you should redownload the game... Explanation: since version 18.1, Reborn implemented a multisave functionality. SWM has been updated accordingly, to support that function. The error you're having means that either the SWM version you're using or the game doesn't actually support the multisave feature (iirc, in this case, the game - which is why I'm suggesting to redownload Reborn 18.4) (To be sure you could redownload SWM too, since it's a pretty small archive)
  3. That's because it doesn't... @Devilish linked the wrong pack
  4. Which version of Reborn are you using? Do you have any other mods installed?
  5. Can you please post a screenshot with the error?
  6. The AddOpt one is a plugin for Aironfaar's Additional Options Mod, and adds the option (as a game setting) to consider Headbutt an HM like Fly, Flash, etc. In the latest version of SWM that option no longer is part of the download, and is instead part of the NoTMX mod itself; it still does require Aironfaar's mod, though, or else that option won't show up.
  7. It is, @andracass, it is. Why are you all even using that? Please take a look at this, from KK20: https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,15072.msg191963.html#msg191963 Crashes with game-z, but works fine with game.exe Instructions in the script itself. It can: export the game's scripts from Scripts.rxdata as plain text, which you can then edit freely with actual editors (for example Visual Studio Code) import that plain text back into the game, re-packing it (including any edits made) also has a "playtest" mode which sounds incredibly useful, as it automates the import on a game restart without actually editing the Scripts.rxdata file Since this is for anyone interested and not just for cass, a word of warning: ALWAYS MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF YOUR FILES BEFORE TRYING A NEW TOOL!!! In case the linked post goes missing in the future, I'll copy-paste version 4.0 of KK20's script in the SPOILER below:
  8. It should be fine, as long as it doesn't break the IV limit cap...
  9. I forgot to change that message, sorry. Anyway, it means that the Scripts.rxdata you're using is from Episode 18.1 or below. If you're not using other mods then you didn't properly update the game, and have to redownload it. If instead you're using other mods which change Scripts.rxdata, then you can use the last version of SWM (v59) to be compatible with mods based on Reborn Episode 18.1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iuvk4uLSRV4VEMF0Gp5wdv9d5MmlZ-ez
  10. Quick notice: the previously mentioned code pass has now also been done in regards to SWM in @Commander's Redux. The result is: - most SWM mods should not break Redux, because they alter script sections that Redux didn't change (knowing whether Redux breaks them would, instead, require a more thorough checking and testing process) - SWM mods that are compatible but quite redundant (i.e. ItemBan) have been left unaltered - ExpShareFullTeam is redundant and incompatible: it will now close the game if you try to use it in Redux - EvOverflow will now engage a "Redux compatibility" mode if it detects Redux being used - executing the pass on the Mouse mod is still waaaaaaay too time consuming to actually be done; you can use it in Redux, but at your own risk and peril
  11. It will, actually. That's exactly what you're supposed to do. A word of caution though: Aironfaar sadly hasn't been around for quite some time, and his mods may be outdated in Episode 18.4.
  12. Copy-paste The point of updating them is to make sure that they keep working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hc3Mo432C0
  13. Sorry, my bad. Should be fixed now.
  14. Hi everybody, quick announcement: 1. SWM has been updated to episode 18.4 With "updated" I mean that I've done a full pass on the code of all the mods, with some quick testing here and there. There is one exception: the mouse mod only got the quick testing, and not the full code check. I'll do that for Episode 19, and not sooner. Nope. It's too big, I don't have the energy to deal with it again this soon. 2. Due to popular demand, UnrealTime has been split into two components, and thus the "show current time" part can now be installed separately. So, uhm, that's all. Thanks for your attention.
  15. The newest version of SharedPC should work... are you using SWM v63 - updated 16/05/2020? Sure! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tj6H03abHb5Xeu1M2y2HNdbpsNvUOI-o/view?usp=sharing If you're using UnrealTime then you'll have to delete that, replace it with this one, reboot, and finally enter any building.
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