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  1. Quick heads up, just in case someone happens to have installed the latest version of SWM and thought it wiped all of their savegames (just a random example not at all related to one of my rare visits on Discord)... It didn't. The latest component that was added to SWM (SWM - LocalSavegames) simply moves your savegames so that they are saved or loaded in a folder in the same directory as the Reborn game executable. Since your old savegames are not already there, the game can't find them anymore once you install the mod... just remove it or copy-paste your savegames to have them back in the game.
  2. Dead? It works for me... are you using the correct link? https://www.rebornevo.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=64483
  3. Sounds like it can't write the sharedPC file, only read it... please try deleting it from your savegames folder (first make a backup copy of the savegames folder, of course!)
  4. If you're using the latest version (the one from DreamblitzX's edit) it should just ask you if you want one.
  5. First, let's check if it is an issue with mod incompatibility: please try removing everything except the time mod (this shouldn't do any damage as long as you don't save the game). (Make a copy of the Mods folder beforehand, so that you can easily restore everything afterwards)
  6. Not really 2 years... From the first post: "Download link: (v66 - updated 20/06/2020) " Anyway, it might be some sort of caching issue... please try moving the whole Reborn folder somewhere else (e.g. on the Desktop)
  7. Oh, sure... here you are SWM - SharedPC.rb
  8. Yes. The .rb and .png files transform how the ItemFinder works, but you still need to have and activate it.
  9. https://github.com/Waynolt/SWM-modular-modpack Does it give any error? Does any other mod work? Sorry, I had missed this post... is this a random error or is there a reliable way to reproduce it?
  10. You're using a mismatched mod version/episode number pair, though I don't remember which mismatched pair would cause this specific error. Please make sure you're using the latest Episode of the game, and that you're using a compatible version of any mods you're using (in the case of SWM mods it means the latest version).
  11. Sure, but you'll likely have to edit SharedPC to make it work in those games. Every change I made is tagged with "MODDED"; those sections are likely the only ones that you need to copy-paste.
  12. Please check that the hard drive space is actually assigned to c:\
  13. It should. It's great that the game is getting a few, and very much welcome, improvements in the form of quick patches, but... checking every component for incompatibilities is a time-consuming task, and I can't really keep up. Yes.
  14. I've literally put a trap in the modpack just to force people to read the Readme file. Please do so.
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