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  1. I think you keep missing the part where you lose your savegame by skipping puzzles while not knowing how the insides of the game work...
  2. It's fairly easy, but we cannot tell you... Look at it as a sort of self-authorizing problem: if you can figure it out on your own then maybe you can be trusted to not make the devs waste time chasing down bugs you caused yourself by using debug.
  3. Delete the shared box file (it's in the folder "Pokemon Shared PC", a game-agnostic sibling of the Reborn save folder). Then load your most recent savegame (any recent savegame where you had accessed the PC at least once will be fine) and save the game. Be careful - after deleting the shared box file, the next savegame you'll load will regenerate the box file using the contents of the last time it saw the shared box.
  4. It's not there. Instead of being in the save folder it's in the folder "Pokemon Shared PC", a game-agnostic sibling of the Reborn save folder.
  5. Not too long luckily... ran a text search over the variables, looking for a name containing "ace", and it showed up in the few results. Still though... that pun, "relaceshionship"...
  6. I'm very upset at whomever named that variable. It should show up now.
  7. You should get the E19 versions of both the game and mod. The E19 version of the game is vastly different from the E18 one, and it's also vastly superior... also the story is much better in the early game too, and it's different enough to be worth restarting. Anyway, the mod does work with in progress savegames, but I don't remember if the legacy version is compatible with E18.4.1 ... there was a pretty massive change around that version, and it's possible that the version of the mod you're trying to use is simply not compatible.
  8. Mmm... ok, just let me know if it happens again
  9. This makes a wierd amount of sense... alright, I like it, it's in: now the EVs only get lowered if you're not using noevcap and the pokemon is holding a Power item. The variables are found with a text search, so... I guess? This is extremely wierd, and has never been observed before as far as I know... are you using the randomizer? Any other mods?
  10. Sadly both the fill boxes and shards bugs have to be fixed by editing the map file.
  11. Suit yourself Because hidden powers are the only reason you'd want to refuse the IV upgrade. Now that that's a non-issue, there's no reason to offer the choice: either you want to upgrade your mon's IVs or you don't, in which case you don't have a reason for keeping the mod around in your game.
  12. I can't seem to be able to replicate this issue...
  13. Yes, but probably won't happen... The Reborn dev team explicitely asked not to help players skip puzzles and parts of the game, because it's in testing phase and puzzles should be tested too. Also, skipping parts of the game might break events and activators, thus making the devs waste time chasing down bugs that are not actually in the game. I like to see this as a sort of self-authorizing problem: if you know enough about coding and about the game to be able to edit this in yourself, then you can be trusted to not report as bugs any problem that you actually caused yourself with the edit.
  14. That's odd... in what sense it stops Unreal Time? Time stops flowing permanently? Time stops for a while then resumes? Time stops while in the sandbox, then catches up when you leave? It reverts to system time?
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