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  1. Unvote: Zero Vote: Nicki Either Zero being a mafiaso played well or a townie.
  2. Umm, Perhaps you're more trustworthy than Zero. Idk why Zero votes for me yesterday despite being aware of the fact that I'm a confirmed townie Wasn't that move applied to stay neutral? With that said, I'll change my vote again: Unvote: Nicki Eliminate: Zero
  3. Yes, you r correct Zero but It can be like he actually wanted to provide a narrow escape from the lynch for his maf companion afterwards. He had an evil intent to vote Purple and frame her as a mafiaso. The only thing that restricts me to voting you is this possibility. On second thought, Alright, you earn my support. I think it's rather odd to have a mafia role on the very first gameplay unless, it somehow happens. Besides, I ought not to rely on a less trustworthy vote. Perhaps, I'm getting manipulated. Whatever, Unvote: Zero Vote: Nicki Gg Mafs, well played, that bussing strategy works well
  4. I'm still doubtful and I might act indecisive now. Better lynch Zero Unvote: Nicki Vote: Zero Yet, I shall visit later on and rethink over the vote and the choice I made.
  5. My gut feeling tells me to join Zero's bw. Although, I think it's better not to follow it given Zero's defence was pretty solid. Besides, Nicki had made no concerted efforts to counter Zero. Ik I can be wrong very well but Idc, Hence Eliminate: Nicki
  6. Oh no, Walpurgis died. At this point, both potential mafs look equally suspicious. In such case, Idts I can do anything aside from relying on my gut feeling or probably I should use rng. btw, thanks Zero for bringing out that confirmed townie claim on me.
  7. Yeah it's better to reveal whatever little Ik. Venus was the Mock turtle aka the dreamer usually dreaming three random players out of them 1 should be a scum or only a random townie each night, provided that none visits him. And I visited him the night before previous night. Idk whether he could successfully utilise the Old Maid role or not. And Last night I couldn't discover anything for my dream had been interrupted by a potential Santa role who visited me and provided me a Vest that was pretty useless. Tbh, I think we lose today unless, we are right by assuming Jace is the cult leader. As for the vote, here it goes: Eliminate: Jace Stormkirk
  8. Rip all LyLo Does that signifies at least a maf is yet alive? Then, was Hypurr not the last scum? Uh, I'm puzzled Jace is the cult leader Ig.
  9. Eliminate: Dive Quadruple posts. Omg Hope I will be excused.
  10. Now, I'll be taking up on today's issue. Hmph, as explicitly stated, Cass the hider visits a Mafiaso and dies. Lia hypothizes that Dive was the one whom Cass visited. Well, it can be virtually true counting on the strange interaction they had last day. Sorry, If I'm again been manipulated by potential scums. And since, we have less chances of winning at this stage, I think I'll risk it.
  11. I feel like getting suspected even though been already justified as a confirmed townie. I basically indirectly alignment claimed at Day phase 1 and Bean confirmed my innocence on day phase 3 which could have been better had it been somebody else. Reassuring, I'm a vanilla townie. And truth be told, that statement was not created by me to express my selfishness and easily preserve my mafia alignment. Nonetheless, I'm aware that I'm less contributory and lynching me will lead the towns nowhere.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Nick. Ik I'm passive, just have less leisure nowadays. Anyway, I will complete 4 posts even through the process of double posting right away. inb4 I get modkilled.
  13. Rip Filthy. So far, Candy's report are reliable. Indeed, the reports are not false then. Hypurr/Corso appears to/scum in her report so I'm inclined to vote him: Eliminate: Hypurr Btw, I hold an important role now and probably I shall not disclose it. If you insist then I may, Should I? inb4 I'm dead by tomorrow or culted by a potential cult leader.
  14. Should stick to my vote then. Umm, Sailboat calls it Bus though unjustified
  15. I am dumb. Its pretty well known to players. lel Firstly, I'm a justified confirmed townie along with Dive (for following the right course of action), Andracass and Sosobean. That accounts to half the players alive. The rest 4 players viz. Lia, Zero, Purple and Sailboat are untownies technically. At least two of them ought to be maf and rest towns. Technically, Nicki opposes Zero and Lia opposes Nicki. And Zero opposes Lia. Quite difficult to assess the case for me. Secondly, I'm gonna form a bw against Sailboat until Dive speaks and provides his reliable opinions: Eliminate: Sailboat
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