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  1. Hey everyone, I guess it's been quite awhile. 


    I don't really have a good excuse why I haven't at least logged in to let everyone know I was alright with Covid having been with up for at least a year and half. I'm honestly sorry about that.


    I'm not really sure if I'll be on that much but I think I'll at least try now that I'm finally getting the awkward return out of the way. I've typed this quite a few different ways before, but I think just typing it quickly before I overthink and talk myself out again might be for the best. Thank you for messaging me @Gheist 


    While a part of leaving had to do with me distancing myself with SwSh discourse while it was still fresh (and much of Pokemon for a bit), I did have some real life stuff to deal with. By the time everything was settled down, it felt a bit awkward to just come back.....so I procrastinated like usual and then kept at it. Not sure if I'll fully return, but I'll try to at least pop in more often.


    Again, sorry if I genuinely worried anyone.


    Still haven't finished Rejuvenation 13, despite starting it months ago. Pupppet Dance Performance SOD's new Extended mod took my attention there.

    1. Shadow Angel

      Shadow Angel

      I haven't finished V13 either, am only on Chapter 8 (halfway).

    2. Candy


      Hello~ Glad to see you on the forums again :3 I also don't really come here unless it's to update my thread and these days it's even less frequent cause I'm stuck in the Genshin hole 😅 I'm still not done with Rejuv either and Idk where I even left off cause that was a big whale ago haha

  2. BOO! Sorry, just a spooky Youkai umbrella passing through to surprise some people. I think the firestarter will make her appearance next in line.
  3. Another SRW game got a fan translation completed.  It's one of the side series that I never really played, but maybe I'll play this one eventually now that all of the W-series/Axel/Haken story is translated.   


    It's still strange how the first Endless Frontier game got an official English release back then but the sequel didn't get picked up.  I guess it didn't do well, especially with only 2 other SRW games full overseas releases years earlier on the GBA.







  4. I never thought I would become somewhat attached to characters from a Sims 4 series called Meme House but I somehow did.......at least to one or two.

  5. Lyrica Live strikes again with another great lyrical adaptation.  A quieter song than usual, especially for an active (???) character like Sanae,  though by NO means worse.  I like the overall message(??) though "Why haven’t you tried? Claiming impossibility... Without asking for help, everyone else is thinking the same" hits me the hardest for some some reason......



    Sidenote, but I'm also doing another playthrough of Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams.  I doubt any gushing write ups this time, since I didn't even finish the very last one for last time.



  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to post this required meme a few days ago



  7. So Touhou 17.5 was announced........as an action platformer.  Definitely a surprise there, since it's by the same group that's been making the official fighting (side)games.  And one of the two screenshots show Kogasa, so double meta surprise there.



    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Wait, does this mean that we have playable Kogasa? And that the Umbrella wasn't Left There Forever?! That is a tremendous surprise, indeed!


      Pre-posting edit: based off of the other screenshot, that weird blob in the middle is probably Reimu. Guess she's just a boss again... Whoops.

    2. seki108


      From the other screencap (below), I assume we are getting the usual Reimu/Marisa, though it would be nice to get NEW playable characters in the mix.  God, I wish it was Kogasa.     Synopsis translation:


      "Black water gushed out onto the surface. The water released an odd odour and was hard to get off once it's stuck to your body. It was not something that you could use as your everyday water.


      Some saw the gushing water as misfortune, some as good fortune; some saw it as holy, while others as evil; some saw it as a natural disaster, some saw it as a business opportunity, various theories were tossed around. Some even started a festival and made a fuss.


      But when the people thought it was over, it still floated above the water and put a strain on the people. Atop the drinking water, the beautiful streams, hot springs at rest spots...... Regardless of the location, the black water gushed out."


      So, Oil fairy confirmed for Clownpiece's new buddy/rival.



  8. Just a surprising Umbrella. Boo! Will the Star(rys) be visible tonight?
  9. I'm trying to decide where my new profile pic should be the Aki sisters again (because Autumn) or the Three Fairies of Light (because their manga recently ened.......unless ZUN brings it back for another segment a forth time).

    1. SilverAngelus


      How about the latter? There's always the next Autumn.

    2. seki108


      Now to find a way to find something with all three of them that will actually fit in the bounds of the square without looking horrible.  I'm going to play with this one later to see if it could work after some trimming/resizing.  Probably will have to got with another instead of a video game screenshot but oh well



  10. I'm assuming in the new Reborn Hive, 7th Street will be the only place to buy newly illegal contraband items, like bug spray, fly swatters, and those insect zappers?
  11. Well, the memes will live on, and at least this user finally did a remix of Nue's theme in BW soundfont so something non-meme related came out out of this day.



  12. I'm not sure if you or anyone else would like it but this popped up on sub feed and it's 3 Houses related..........so



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