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  1. Steven Universe ended way too early. So many unanswered questions. I never even got to see Peridot and Lapis fuse 😞


    Altogether, it was a nice ending partnered with the best ending credits song. After almost 3 years of watching it, I'll surely miss it.


    Being Human song of the year. We need a full version please.



    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Well, the Crewniverse have mentioned that Peri's the ace and aro rep a while back, and is kinda against the idea of fusing still. Like, she's fine if others do it around her, but don't try to drag her into it. And considering what happened the last time Lapis fused with someone, I'm doubt that she'd be too keen on the idea either. R.I.P.



      The fact that White had to explain to Spinel that she was indirectly the cause of Ms. Stretchy's problems was kinda funny, at least. Guess that someone definitely learned from the main series!


  2. This.. doesn't really mean anything. The game is not yet complete, of course the numbers are going to go down. An average of 2k players a day is still a lot especially for an early access game. There are SO many ongoing hate towards this game and most of them are from people who didn't even play it. It's unavoidable since they branded themselves as a "Pokemon-like MMO", but people judge the game too soon. If you could set aside any doubt or prejudice you have on this title, you'll absolutely enjoy it. The game is spectacular on its own. The fact that it's still not finished and has the potential to grow even more? A wild concept.
  3. I had never shiny hunt on a Pokemon game ever, but now I’m doing so on Temtem. I am here for these lumas my guy.

  4. None of those lol I just saw it on my regular wallpaper site Also spicy wallpaper you got a bad bish on there
  5. Yoooo I was really hoping on this one I'm so happy!! I'm now excited to see on how stat distribution (if only hp will be boosted or all other stats) and gmax moves will be implemented. From the sounds of it, I initially thought it would be quite tricky to code but I guess Rejuv find will always find a way
  6. Congratulations on obtaining the 800 rep! You are very noble~

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Maqqy


      Thank you 😁 I would like to thank the academy for this one. Am I royalty now?


      @LemonJones You fiend!

    3. LemonJones


      No need to flatter me, nothing will make me click that like off! 

    4. Wolfox


      Gratz Maqqie

  7. Can confirm that Temtem is in fact, a very fun game 😁

  8. 👀



    1. Maqqy


      I'm really going to spend a whole hour just by doing character customization lol

    2. SilverAngelus


      Oh my. I've been wanting to play this game for a while! Looks really good 😮

      Have fun Maqqy~

    3. Maqqy


      @SilverAngelus It looks REAL good! It looks so stunning when you actually play it. Rip bodyclock I'm about to pull an all nighter lol


      Update! Here's what I eventually ended up. Only took like... a day omg. Proud of this one I must say 😁



  9. It has been 23 years people. Only ONE month stands between me and FFVII remake. Now that I'm done with the demo, the wait just became more oh so joyous than before 😀

  10. MAD Excited for this one. I really really hope it would be a continuous adaptation like what they did with BNHA.
  11. Who knew Minecraft could be fun lol. I was today years old when I finally played it. Took me long enough.

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    2. doombotmecha


      Oh lovely! Minecraft is such a fun game for me as well, despite not having as much to do as the average AAA game, the very process of digging around and exploring overland is really fun, even before you get into the real "meat" of mining, fighting, and crafting.

    3. Wolfox


      Just dumb fun is what you'll probably get from it, but that's quite worth 

    4. Maqqy


      Update: Getting the hang of it now. I'm starting to see the real appeal of this game now 😄 

  12. Watched The Owl House and strongly recommend it. Not your typical Star vs The Forces of Evil show.

  13. 391094399_ScreenShot2020-02-27at8_12_48PM.png.deb05e5e2f656a3d4b3b286d99a5ca02.png

    Dawn with a Turtwig

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals by the makers of Pokemon Masters 😿

    1. Maqqy


      Because they paired piplup with Barry...


      Big SMH to masters and it's not even her platinum outfit while red/green/blue have unique different clothes now... 


      We are going to riot.

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