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  1. I can breed for a 5iv one with x on atk if you want but idk if I can trade u it within next couple weeks as I am out 5:30am-5:30pm basically except weekends But if u can wait till Saturday I can put some time aside probably depending on availability Your post was in around 3am for me
  2. Depending on when your available I can try to or @Crystalrage might be able to
  3. You can do it anytime so long as weather is correct and is day/afternoon idknif she appears at night Have done her with 15 badges Check u haven't already interacted with her as well and she is in next spot
  4. Try moving it to the application folder or deleting lastsave.dat
  5. Where u get the vitamin under the Pokesnax vender
  6. Okay, hoping on now Ready whenever u are
  7. Idk if u follow the Desolation thread but contact Posty please

    1. uijeghbu


      Alright, thanks for notifying me 🙂

  8. Tile with terrain issues You can freely wake on the table if u accidentally press down
  9. Give me a couple hours and will fix that Ik I had to reset a couple things completely in order to fix it
  10. I can probably post a slightly older one through google drive for now
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