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  1. Try re extracting the game Are you on windows?
  2. Try reinstalling the game Past that marshal formats tend to be corrupted data
  3. it does have to do with the ID If you want PM me and I can trade u one with the right ID
  4. Pokedex other then Snubull which is at start of game ame mentioned that once
  5. Ditto needs u to get happiny and talk to the grunt
  6. Thank you everyone for trading with us many of the members are now inactive and have moved on with life, as such I will now be closing this thread Hope you all enjoy the pokemon you got and cherish them
  7. I am using windows 10, I just updated like 2 weeks ago and it still works fine with all lower case or things like GAme, I change mine often cause of troubleshooting games
  8. Starry Knight

    Pixie Plate

    miss linda's igglybuff return u get one and a luck insence
  9. Capitalization doesn't matter in windows at least I tend to keep mine all lowercase tho sometimes end up as GAme.rxdata over game or Game
  10. have them unzip it again to see if that changes anything
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