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  1. Can u send me a copy of your save hopefully will be good on my end I will save then send back to you and it will work
  2. For Reborn just double click on the thing as we pack it into one for Linux I believe
  3. Starry Knight


    You have to pull it to size each time it's a quirk with how it's built now if that is what your asking otherwise have no idea what u are asking
  4. Debug probably glitched on or something cause while u can can go there u shouldn't be able to until u have surf and come back past the 13th gym
  5. Are you running any mods? I would redownload reborn or at very least rextract it and see if it works or not
  6. Have anything in particular in mind? Also like first game or like a second or more run
  7. poliwag is in grass in morning in tanzan cove
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