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  1. Have a good one, feel free to release the aipom
  2. Have a good one DO u need the rattata back?
  3. Sorry Username Mine is Snorlax U want me to request or wait?
  4. U can get one just after 13 badges But yeah I can later today, is 1:30 am and headed to bed
  5. Here ya go in the bag for ya or should be Game.rxdata
  6. Happy Birthday
    Hope you have a Sealtastic day

    1. Seal


      Thank you so much!

  7. Any mods? they should have been in where Aster and Eclispe are
  8. You get Flash after Aya who's badge u need to use Strength yes
  9. No you cannot get fkash before strength
  10. Beat Aya for it basically
  11. where the train was originally there is a path using rocksmash to inbehind the metal blackade that u need to go and then break some more wall down that way
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