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  1. Use a backup to see if that helps
  2. That's because the train is already outside to get through to the lower levels go down and left some more there's sections in the wall u need to rock smash
  3. I know in reborn you have to turn on the function is it not the sae with Rejuvination as I am fairly certain they do have a backup system
  4. Starry Knight


    Check out my pokemon guide, Neo Obsidia ward area should tell you what you want to know Link is in the spoilers
  5. It doesn't really tell you unless you read the field notes
  6. np Sorry about 1st time, forgot to grab it
  7. I am available now If you have discord I can talk with u there to set up the trade Nothing specific in return is coming off a backup
  8. I can trade you the evolved form from a backup
  9. Your game is in 7th st for me Any mods? Were you playing around with debug mode at all? Have you tried redownloading the game and playing on a fresh copy?
  10. Go ahead and take Nodes offer if your timezones are compatible If not let me know
  11. I will trade you one I don't need anything special in return Let me know when your available I can't do in the afternoon tomorrow but should be free all weekend
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