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  1. Sorry couldn't help u, but good luck
  2. So unfortuneatly I have some very bad news The game file is corrupted in a way, for whatever reason the game didn't save the data of whatever map they're on or broke it. Ame and I appoligize for this inconvience unfortuneatly aside from loading backups and trying them there isn't anything we can do
  3. Yeah just went to request and u weren't online tho
  4. Quoting or tagging the other person sends a notification to them making it easier to communicate
  5. I have a spare turtwig u can have for something to release, trying to empty boxes
  6. Alright np and am a female for future reference
  7. Okay will try a couple different things, idk exactly how to fix but going to try
  8. Try using a back up if that doesn't work let me know https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  9. What version are you rinning, any mods?
  10. For some reason it corrupted, u can use a backup https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
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