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  1. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/download/ The second set of download links is the mac ones
  2. Did you make sure to download the mac-specific version and follow the run instructions here? is your osx version new enough?
  3. You can get them from the AP shop where you buy the golden items for 3 AP, or I know there's some scattered around as hidden items
  4. It's not a required story thing. If you complete the "where love lies" side episode (after chapter 12 in the main story) then you can get a password from that that gives you a special gift pokemon
  5. That's a shiny, they all have custom colours in this game. Shinies have roughly 1/100 odds here, so that's pretty lucky for first try!
  6. The best part is that I just coincidentally happened to recognize it from listening to that channel in the past, I didn't even realise it was in the game until listening to the file mentioned by BJ lol
  7. If it is The Lounge_1 you're taking about @Gham, then it's part of insaneintherainmusic's Mt. Coronet Jazz arrangement:
  8. I think it might've been removed from A.Milotics Beta learnset for balance reasons and then I guess they forgot to take it off of Cass's one (or intentionally decided to leave it)?
  9. Munchlax/Snorlax appear to be the only pokemon that learn both Fling and Recycle naturally, so I think waiting for either them or the Fling TM are the only options, since Recycle doesn't work with item swap moves like trick/switcharoo I believe, so Fling is mandatory. (also this is considered a bug/exploit rather than an intended mechanic anyway, so ) Actually scratch that, because Reborn uses generation 7 movesets, pansage/pansear/panpour work as long as you have the thief TM
  10. idk exactly but they're very cool and I like them a lot
  11. It's behind the last door in Wispy Ruins, which is accessable once you can return to that area with Strength
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