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  1. You can catch them when they're below 25% health, and some (or maybe all, I've only tried 2) will be shadow pokemon when caught.
  2. Are you Running? if you're walking it catches up to you, so you might want to try toggling auto-run with S?
  3. When it asks for a password during character creation, I think putting 1111 in switches you to the legacy player sprite? Not sure if it's too late for you to restart again though
  4. Did you make sure you werent standing in any of the maps that it said not to be standing in when starting V13 on an existing save?
  5. You shouldn't need to delete anything directly, just agree when it asks to overwrite the duplicate files contained in the patch.
  6. I'm not sure if it's been changed in V13, but if I remember correctly, Luck shows up again on the route after the 9th gym with the traintracks, so I think you might get a chance to change it again there? If not, it'd probably be possible for someone here to edit your save to put you back on normal instead.
  7. Ah yeah, that probably means that Blaze has been doubled to fill both of it's normal slots so it's like Ability 1: Blaze Ability 2: Blaze Ability 3: Libero The capsule you're using is probably changing it from ability 1 to ability 2, and then a second capsule should change it from 2 to 3 and get you Libero. Still, that's obviously not intentional behaviour, so the devs will probably appreciate the report on that.
  8. I don't know the full details of it, but at a glance at the files, it seems like most older pokemon that have one normal ability and one hidden ability (like the starters) have the hidden ability set as their second normal ability instead, but that doesn't seem to be the case for the generation 8 mons, so perhaps it's either filling both normal ability slots with 2 copies of blaze (and abilities are always swapped in sequence when there's 3), or having that second abillity empty is preventing the hidden ability from being detected or something? Regardless, go to the bug reporting form, chec
  9. It's a regular vulpix with 16 in IVs and not EV trained, as others mentioned, it's just a mix of the sun and the field powering up fire, mixed with you using very frail mons. Early evolutions and things like fake out to stall sun turns and water sport for weakening fire (lombre should be able to do both) should be able to turn the tide pretty quickly.
  10. Yeah a lot of these are going to be broken / buggy with how much the scripts have changed, so use at your own risk and make sure you're not using any mods if reporting bugs to avoid pointless hassle for the dev team. not sure when there will be the time to properly update this.
  11. If I remember correctly, the place for it is in West Gearen, which is around badge 8-9 to reach
  12. Roserade in that battle should be Timid with 252 Sp.ATK and Speed EVs and IVs of 20 across the board - the wiki stats must not be filled properly (there's a chance that this also isn't perfectly accurate since I checked this from the files of the beta version of E18)
  13. Reborn runs of Gen 7 movesets and such, where Silvally learns all three pledges legally
  14. well I guess I'll just have to nominate @Ikaru for king
  15. ooh, this looks pretty neat! I remember signing up for this in my early forum days, doing two fights and getting zero badges lol. good times.
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