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  1. If you got the 200 entry before getting poipole, I think you have to get to 300 first, and then she'll 'find' poipole in those 100 new entries?
  2. The NPC should be enabling password functionality for old saves - I think most of these *should* be disableable from the password menu at a PC (but certain ones aren't reversable)
  3. I think for progression when you first get surf, you want to enter through ametrine mountain from the top of route 2
  4. too bad I'm gonna tell my friends that they're cool and there's nothing you can do to stop me
  5. As always, your stream of consciousness is a delight to behold, you wonderful code witch. actually understanding what's going on is another matter entirely, but it sure sounds good!
  6. The only ones I can think of that aren't field-related effects are Trick-or-Treat and Forests Curse, which should work like Soak in replacing their type rather than adding an additional type (since the amount of engine adjustments to support triple types just for those would've been a lot of work) Moves that create temporary fields other than the 4 actual terrain moves and aren't dependant on a specific existing field are Ion Deluge, Plasma Fists, Mist, Topsy-Turvy, Conversion+Conversion 2, and some Z moves
  7. Dreamy


  8. Well, you made an account to post this, so you should already be done! now you can just head over here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/231-e19-community-open-beta/
  9. It appears when it's raining and you have pokesnax in your bag, but also I believe it won't appear until after you have one badge. If you want other good options for the first gym, Fury Cutter Kricketune and Moxie Mightyena are classics. if you got zigzagoon from on the bridge rather than pacharisu, mud sport from that can also destroy the electric field.
  10. None of them are available before Kiki (and many probably wouldn't even be able to fully evolve with the level cap at that point) Most of the pseudo's become available at around 14-16 badges, with Beldum being the earliest. I believe E19 might've moved it back to the 9 badge mark (though it's very convoluted to get), but otherwise it's after badge 13 still.
  11. I can never remember how the yureyu/tanzan splits work with which decisions lead to who gets kidnapped/partnered with you - does anyone have a good breakdown of all the options on hand?

    1. SolareSupremo


      In order from worst to best :

      Fight Sigmund in Yueryu, then go upstairs -> Laura kidnapped

      Fight Sigmund in Yueryu, then stay downstairs -> Noel and Anna kidnapped

      Don't fight Sigmund in Yueryu, then go upstairs -> Shelly and Charlotte kidnapped

      Don't fight Sigmund in Yueryu, then stay downstairs -> Saphira kidnapped


      If you meant in Belrose Mansion where happens kidnapping, that is.

  12. omg yes sea bunnies @Cerise@crimsoncrim ily both you're the best! oh yeah I guess the itemfinder thing is also pretty neat Jan
  13. I'd put totodile much higher - It does take a while to come online with d.dance, but with its solid coverage from some tutors and sheer force (especially with Life Orb later) it's incredibly destructive lategame after even a single dance, and monowater is good defensively too for helping it set that up. I'd put it high B to A from personal experience and comparing to what else is in those tiers
  14. oh hey, my two nickels
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