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  1. Just random encounters as far as I know, but with the shiny rate being ~1.07% by default, it's kind of like every method is a shiny hunting method. I don't remember exactly how long a soft reset at the steel pole takes, but I'd guess that it'd be faster than dealing with eggs, at least without mods. breeding does give you more control with nature/moves/IVs though
  2. Dreamy

    an apology

    but..... does it go spinny?
  3. everyone. come one, we've been through this already.
  4. on this blessed day, we are all fools

  5. Have you tried the usual fresh download and extraction? it also looks like it could possibly be a corrupted save, so see if it loads ok with your saved games folder empty?
  6. There *is* file size limits, but they should be far larger than this. Maybe your stored attachments are full? if you click on your profile name in the top right and go to my attachments you can manage them there if that is actually the problem.
  7. To be specific, Reborn, Rejuv and Deso all have a shiny rate of 700 / 65535
  8. I believe the next release version of Rejuvenation should include the engine updates.
  9. Dreamy


    you must become weasel tornado
  10. There's definitely other people who can answer this a lot better (I.E those who have actually looked at it or worked with it), but as far as I know, It basically assigns scores to each of the options it has available each turn (moves, items, switches) and increases/decreases each of those scores with various things like an estimated damage calculation of each move, what moves the opponent has used and if it outsped the last turn, what happened the last time that action was taken if it's been taken before, how it might affect the field, etc etc. Then it uses whatever option has the highest scor
  11. whoa, thats a lotta fite I see samson got a sneaky facelift in there too
  12. Are either of you on Mac or Linux versions? as far as I know, the online features currently only work on Windows. Also, if you've rebound Z / the confirm button to anything else, you'll have to press that instead but the text will probably still say "Press Z"
  13. Well, there's not exactly a clear "good" and "bad" party or route here but I'd say your reasoning is on the right track so go with your gut. iirc theres a couple other details about cassandra and stuff that you can find before too, but I don't remember exactly what's before and what's after.
  14. This is going to be a password mod in E19 right?
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