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  1. Idk if this go here, but a friend of mine is having the direct X audio error when launching the game. How can he solve it?
  2. when i loose to ame (i think was her name) when michael make as fight and try to go back there i cant continue Here is my save: Game.rxdata
  3. I think that the name is in the folder of the game or the zip file....
  4. So idk if this is suppouse to go here, but anyways. if you decide to not follow the rest to Rothea apparment and go alone when you find yourself here (look at the pic) you cant go down cos de bridge is in the way. i just used the fly object to go away.
  5. Some of the ones i played and i think that no one named them are: Pokemon Axis, Pokemon Empyrean, Pokemon Floral Tempus, Pokemon Fullmoon, Pokemon Sanquine, Pokemon Sardonyx and Pokemon Postscriptum. this are the ones i really like just not paying attention to desolation,reborn, rejuvenation, insurgence and omicron.
  6. you should search it in google or facebook for the newer version of pokemon full moon because they didnt upload here in a long time...
  7. hi i downloaded the v4 sandbox but i the man who takes me to that zone dont appear in the grand hall, i have the swm mod pack but i read in a comment about that "new" version of this but nothing happen any idea what should i do?
  8. u should talk to de dev on their facebook page, there is where they r the most if the time
  9. yes, i just download the lastest version and still the same and if i delete the sharedpc it works but i wanted to use it. Game.rxdata and it happens when i want to load a game. but when i start a new one it works fine
  10. yeah sorry im in v17. and i think is shared oc the problem but i really wanted to have it, idk if u want me to give u the save or not. i think is the last version of the modpack and the only one i dont have cos i didnt needed was the mining mod.
  11. hi for some reason when i use the mods i get this message. do u know what is the problem and how to solve it?
  12. so anybody knows when is going to come back? its 13/02... i really miss this game
  13. sure. i couldnt put it here. so here is the link of it in dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgnlltl1vp7qm9n/Game.rxdata?dl=0
  14. this is the name of the rar file: " RebornMods_v23_E17.1 " i think that is the last one
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