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  1. Rejuvenation Fanfic Hope you like it! Starring Anthony: A 18 year old boy from Unova who tried and failed to take on the Unova Pokémon League. Coming to aevium to start over. Join him on his adventure through Aevium! PROLOGUE SEASON 1: THE START
  2. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  3. So shortly before V11's release, I decided that it might be a better idea to make a thread with a full collection of all of Rejuvenation's artwork that I've done in the past. Figured it might be useful for those who might be looking for some of the older art, to use for themselves, as a wallpaper, or maybe even a video. This thread will be updated with each version to include the new artwork made for said version, as well as other miscellaneous artwork that's been created for the game! Note: Any art posted in this thread that is NOT included in the OP is art I likely made for fun, not as official art. For these I do require credit if you use them, or would prefer it if you asked permission in the case you want to make an edit. Enjoy! V13 COVER ART - VAGUE CLARITY V13 BONUS ARTWORK - AELITA (1ST POPULARITY POLL WINNER) V13 - PEARL ROUTE KEY ART (HEAVY SPOILER WARNING) NEW GAME LOGO Separate components Character art Icons RIFT POKEMON & BOSS ARTWORK Wallpaper downloads Character wallpapers V12 cover art - Eclysia Pyramid V12 alt. cover art - Forgotten Prince V11 cover art - Conflicting Ren-union V11 bonus art - Angie Other Previous Cover artwork Other artwork Protagonists (Legacy designs)
  4. I had this bug where in the place where you get your starter, the mart there, I wanted to buy some potions but when I did the like the text wouldn't appear. It was just blank, I could still buy the potion. I just wanted to know if there were ways to fix bugs like this? Bugs in general.
  5. THIS PACK IS NOT UPDATED TO V13, IN GENERAL IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY, ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK Rejuvenation V12.1 pack update How to Install: Simply Make sure you have the latest version/patch of Rejuvenation installed, download the the Modular Modpack that I've uploaded here (link below), then put the included scripts.rxdata and mods folder into the Data folder of Rejuvenation V12. Overwrite scripts.rxdata when prompted. Visual Help: Current Bugs: FabulousTransformation causes some switch-in effects such as castforms crest to not activate. It may also have some other bugs, especially with rejuvenation-specific things TypeBattleIcons and ShowStatBoosts causes crashes in safari zone battles List of Components: @AiedailEclipsed's Mining Overhaul - Boosts some mining rates and adds new evolution stones, fossils and sellables to the mining minigame. @AironfaarMods: - EggWaitingIcon: Adds an icon in the top left when you have an egg waiting for collection in the daycare - FabulousTransformation: Shiny pokemon that transform will become a shiny version of their target - LearnPreEvolutionMoves: Move Tutor is able to teach moves normally exclusive to previous evolutions @DreamblitzX Mods (My Own): - AutoHook: Pokemon are automatically hooked when fishing - InfiniteBackups: Backups are never deleted, they'll just keep being made - CommonHeadbutt: Increases headbutt encounter chances @Waynolt Mods: - BagSortByType: Alternate Bag sorting options. some Rejuvenation-exclusive items may not sort properly - FindInPC: Allows you to search for pokemon/items in your PC from where you'd rename/wallpaper boxes - ItemRadar: Itemfinder becomes a toggleable item that makes hidden items show up in the overworld - ItemsBan: Healing Items and X Items are banned in battle for both the player and opponents - MiningForRich: Allows you to pay money to keep mining when the wall would normally collapse - MultiSelectPC: Hold CTRL when selecting move to add pokemon to multiselect, then select an empty space to move all selected mons there - NoTMXAnimations: Skips the animation when using a field move - PickupQOL: Automatically adds items from pickup to the bag, with a notification - ShowStatBoosts: Shows stat boosts in battle - doesn't mesh perfectly with Rejuvenation UI - TypeBattleIcons: Shows the type of each pokemon in battle - UnrealTime: Disconnects game time from real time and instead progresses at 1 minute every second. Clock in top left. - WildEncounterRates: If you have an uncaught encounter in an area and your party lead has the runaway ability or is holding a smoke ball, you're guaranteed to find an encounter that you have not yet caught. Downloads: Rejuvenation V12 Patch 1 There's a version of SharedPC that works with Rejuv if you scroll down here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e1840/page/30/ Latest Update: 13/8/19 - Patch 1 Update 2 Update Comments: Huge thanks to all of the original mod creators for their Reborn versions, they're responsible for almost all of the work here!
  6. Trying to get Xen Waste for my boi A-Paras, and apparently its a by-product of the beldum fight, which needs 15k red essence. I'm only really getting 250 essence after knocking out the pokemon in the dens, and i can't seem to catch them, they keep swatting my pokeballs away. is there any way to get red essence faster?
  7. Hi there friends. It's ya girl Haru with another silly mod. Not a super real post this time since it's super crude but does what it needs to do. This literally took all of 2 minutes to create and creating this forum post actually took longer than creating the mod... Anyway... It's a randomizer. Woohoo....I swear it's nothing fancy this time. It just picks a random Pokemon everytime a new Pokemon is created. If you wanted to be cheap you could soft-reset on every trainer until they have only Magikarp and Caterpie. Installation: Same deal as always. Step 1: Download the mod from below Step 2: Go to the /Data/ folder in Rejuv and make sure there's a folder named "Mods". If not, make one. Step 3: Place the downloaded file inside your Mods folder. This will be in effect for all saves. To disable the mod, move the file out of the Mods folder. I recommend creating a folder inside the Mods folder called "Not In Use" or something. Rejuv will ONLY look at files in the Mods folder that have a ".rb" file handle. Downloads: Haru - Randomizer.rb You must be logged in to download files directly from rebornevo.com Google Drive
  8. Has anyone else encountered an issue where all headbutt trees seem to be "high" headbutt trees, with no "low" headbutt trees to be seen? The guide over at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ll-Z57X6pSVSHpPzqGcDwZ0mv8OjUzkd insists there are both located at Route 2 available on the first visit, but I wasn't able to find a single tree with a Burmy in it. Did something get changed and the guide just didn't acknowledge it?
  9. Rejuvenation Raid Encounter Rates Mod IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to directly download files from this site. There is a Google Drive link for those that do not have accounts. What is it? This mod, similar to the Wild Encounter Rates mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack, adjusts the encounters of Raid Dens to prioritize those the Trainer has yet to catch. Encounters from the Rare Dens are included in regular Dens. This mod is to make completing the PokeDex easier on people like me who decide that that's a good idea. This mod does not contain the Wild Encounter Rates mod. How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Downloads: Google Drive Haru - RaidRates.rb
  10. Pokémon Rejuvenation: Looping Battle Music Mod About This mod allows for the battle music in Pokémon Rejuvenation to loop seamlessly and for as long as it needs to, rather than starting from the beginning/ intro once the end of the audio file is reached. Note that I made a version of this mod for V12, however, it is by now far outdated and this new version no longer requires any .dll files, edits to pbs files, or direct edits to the script. Compatibility Since loopable audio files appear to be a feature of the mkxp engine, this mod only comes with audio files and one small script file that is placed in the /Data/Mods folder. This script file modifies the code in the game that is responsible for fetching audio files such that it redirects to an .ogg file of the same name as the originally requested .mp3 file if it is present. This is necessary because .mp3 files do not support loop metadata, so the files need to be in the .ogg format. Because of this redirection, the mod does not require modifications to any files that specify which audio should be played, which means that it should not break, even if V14 comes around. In fact, this mod should only break if very specific edits to the way the game handles audio are made which is unlikely to happen in any future update or from any other mod. That being said, if some battle music is changed, this mod would of course still use the old music until it is updated. Installation Step 1: Download the mod via the link at the bottom of this post. Step 2: Extract the .zip file in your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory (this is the folder where "Game.exe" is located). Step 3: If the extraction created a new folder called "Rejuvenation V13 - Looping Music Mod", move its contents (this should be two folders "Audio" and "Data") to your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory. Optional: Delete all .mp3 files that now have a .ogg equivalent if you would like to save space. Note that most of the .ogg files are also much smaller in file size since there is no necessity for loops within the audio file unless there are variations present, in which case they were preserved to the best of my ability. Done! Known bugs All .ogg files appear twice in the Jukebox menu. This does not affect the mod's functionality; cause unknown. If you experience any other issues related to this mod, please let me know. Mod Download
  11. I saw someone other's topic like the one I'll do, so I would like to write this as appreaciation for all the work done until V13. Obliviously, there are spoilers. So, I just finished V13 since Chapter 1, doing almost all of the things can be done (I missed Narcissa's quest after Phasial Cave and more), and I think this game reached HIGH LEVEL OF EPICITY. The early chapters are leagues better than previous versions, they connect each other pretty well and gives MANY character choices for the continuation of the story. I think I was really in hype when playing Chapter 15, because I thought since its beggining that we finally discover the truth about MC (Main character = us), plus it gives more character development to many characters, like Erin, Nim, Venam, the two "travellers" (Xara and Kieran) and finally Crescent, I think her story with Aevis (my MC is Aevis) and the others is one of the parts which I enjoyed the most. I finally understood why she was so enigmatic and the same time protective with us...our best friend in the past! I never thought she was even responsable for "Nancy creation" and so important for the MC. I hope in her return in the future chapters, after the small cold moment in the V13 Ending. I don't know, but I love MC moment with his past counterpart, so mine is Aevis, like I said. The battle with him was even PERFECT, the soundtrack too. (yeah, which is its name?). Mc and Aevis' fusion was rally awesome. So, yeah, I think now that Pokémon Rejuvenation is now my favourite game, with other one I won't tell. I hope the dev team will show more epic moments like in this last chapter!
  12. Hey, I'm in Goldenleaf town right now and I am at the point where team Xen is hunting the pokemon center disguised as ghosts. I defeated almost all of them, but the "ghastly" is giving me a bit of trouble. Every time the fight with this trainer starts up, my game crashes. I've tried a few times, but I do need help. Please. I'll attach the file and the error message. Game_2 - 32 - Clay - 21h 13m - 3 badges.rxdata errorlog.txt
  13. If anyone could tell me where some of the bug type Pokemon are (minus the like starter ones cus I already got them basically), it'd be really appreciated. Also, can anyone tell me where Ditto is? Thanks! :D
  14. Hi all! This is my first post here, nice to meet you all! I've just finished my first run of rejuvenation on normal and I really enjoyed it, so now I've decided to try again...but just a little bit more difficult this time round. I'll be playing on intense, and just to make things a little more interesting I'll be doing a mono-normal run. The rules will be as follows: Set mode, no items in battle and all standard competitive clauses in place, i.e sleep clause, species clause, OHKO clause and so on. Only normal types are or those with a normal type in their evo line (e.g eeveelutions, azumarill). I'll extend species clause to only use one from each evo line in my team at any one time, so I can't just use a team full of eeveelutions. Breeding is allowed, but no egg moves that can only be obtained from non-normal types can be used. All team members must be nicknamed! This will not be a nuzlocke, I'm nowhere near crazy enough to try that yet, but I still think it'll be a challenge! Depending on how this goes I might do some more runs in future, most likely with harder monotypes and further restrictions, but for now we'll stick with this. Anyway, the lucky victim of this run will be Emma (Aevia) because I'm feeling kinda cute today. I'll probably post updates every now and then, most likely after each significant fight. Stay tuned! p.s: be heroes and pray for Angie to go away xoxo Links to segments (updated 15/07/21):
  15. Many people say that (Spoilers for v12) And then there's Souta, whose is supposed to be strongest But expect for monotype run with no access to dig or smack I know his battle starts with You can't hit his Pokemon supereffectively with moves super effective against the flying type, but cave field make him easy af And then there are the puppets with them being absolute nightmares with bulk and strength And tbh, I did have trouble with them And finally there is (Spoilers for v12) So, what're your guys opinion on the strongest boss in the game our of these three? My pick is definitely the last one
  16. Hello ! So I lost my save file because... windows decided it I finish the story of V12 Could someone share his savefile where V12 is completed ? Thanks!
  17. I didn't do a single Hidden Library quest on my rejuv save file and I've completed V12. No library means no Karen at Alamissa, no Karen means no incantation and no incantation mean you can't open the doors to zygara castle. And that means that I can't get all the crests, because if I'm not mistaken, some crests can be found in the castle, and I'm lookin to get a dusknoir crest for my almost perfect iv dusk. Is there any way to get into Zygara without doing the Hidden Library quests, and if not, is there any way to change the game's code or something to make it think that I've already done the quests?
  18. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  19. So i wanted to do this for a long time. Making my own fanfiction after seeing others doing it. Hope you like it Starring Anthony: A 18 year old boy from unova who tried and failed to take on the unova pokémon league. Coming to aevium to start over . P.S. Plz excuse grammatical errors this post was created by a mistake. go here to get to the original post
  20. Rejuvenation Time Change Mod How to Use: IMPORTANT-er: You must be logged in to directly download files from this site. IMPORTANT: This mod requires the use of the UnrealTime engine from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack (found here, which will work with V13). Open your CyberNav and click the Change Time button! Simple as that! Note the game will allow you to select anywhere between 00 and 99, but will only accept values between and including 00 and 23. How to Install: How to Download: Just click the button/link below! Haru - ChangeTime.rb Google Drive
  21. Version 12 - Death of one, Birth of another is out now! Remember, if you already have the game downloaded, please also download Patch 12.2 for bug fixes if you haven't yet! Many decades ago, Aevium was once a united and strong blossoming region. However, the calamity known as Storm-9 tore the region apart. The Aevium Region has lived a time of peace since then. Pokémon and Trainers alike band together to create a region worth living in. However, the dark and sinister organization, Team Xen, rises from the shadows to destroy what little peace the region has left. Explore the Aevium Region while also defending the land from Team Xen. Discover the dark secrets this world has kept hidden under the cracks that separate Aevium and shakes it to its very core. Pokémon Rejuvenation is a fan-game created by @Jan with help from the dev team and all of his beta testers! He was inspired by Amethyst, creator of Pokémon Reborn. It requires no emulator to play, as it was made with RPG Maker XP. It is a completely different game, rather than a sequel. Other things to note about this game: - New Region, New Characters - Difficulty Modes (Casual, Normal / Reborn, or Intense) - All 896 Pokémon will be available (by the end of the game) - 18 Gyms and an Elite 8 (14 Gyms are currently available) - Help Centers with Quests/Rewards - IV/EV Checker Screen - Custom Moves and TMs - Custom Shiny Pokémon sprites (in progress) - Increased Shiny rate (700/8192) - Quick Save feature - Amazing music by GlitchxCity, Zumi, and other composers! - Shadow Pokémon (catchable and purify-able, akin to those in Colosseum or XD) and Dimensional Rift Pokémon (an uncatchable demonic form of Mega Evolution) - Solrock and Lunatone Hybrid??? - And more! And now, onto the Directory itself. **Posting in any of the threads provided aside from the Archived Threads will not be considered necroposting.** Dev team members & roles: Lead developer @Jan (Forum leader) Lead artist @Zumi (Forum leader) Artists @Azeria @Winter Programming @Sardines Assistants @Ramiru @Smooge @Ice Cream Sand Witch @Alex @Inuki Discussion: V13 Status thread Version 12: Death of one, Birth of another Version -1: Where Love Lies (Keta side episode, recommended to play Post-Flying gym) Help & Guides: Where do I go next? 100% Walkthrough (V12) Item location guide (V12) Relationship guide (V12) Pokemon location guide (V12) Monotype guide (V12) Bug Reporting / Troubleshooting: Minor bugs (V12) Major/Fatal bugs (V12) Savefile troubleshooting (V12) Mods: Rejuvenation Modular Modpack (V12.1) Rejuvenation Randomizer (V12 patch) Miscellaneous: Fanworks thread Non-Forums Stuff: Reddit TV Tropes Page Archived Threads: [DO NOT POST IN] Shoutouts to @Hypa, @Njab and @Despair Syndrome!
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