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  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. Prologue & Table of Contents There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. This mod adds new regional forms for Pokemon Rejuvenation. New Features: new regional forms New Areas Shiny icons for all pokemon Changelog: Screenshots Planned Features: Even more regional forms How to install: Download the zip file. Extract into a seperate file from your rejuvenation folder. Make sure to have backups of your save in case anything breaks. MAKE BACKUPS! DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UdMpQN3aNLXj_O4C3_smBK1eIaapweRq/view?usp=sharing
  3. I need to play it on the PS2, where is it?
  4. My Steam Deck arrived earlier yesterday and the first thing I set about doing was getting Pokemon Reborn working on it. This is being written for Reborn Ep 19.16, Rejuvenation V13.0.5 and SteamOS version 3.2 Build 20220526.1; I have ZERO experience with Linux and this stuff is going to be pretty easily placed together by a competent Steam Deck user but I'm not one of those and I didn't see any guides out there so I went ahead and wrote one for dummies like me. While a USB-C hub connected to a mouse + keyboard are convenient, they’re not necessary. Installation 1. Switch to Desktop Mode. Open up your web browser and download the Linux version of your game to a folder somewhere accessible and easy to remember. 2. Extract your newly downloaded zip. For Reborn: Open the updater file, click install game. After finishing the download, it’ll give you a warning to extract the core-lnx.zip. Do so. I un-checked the extraction into subfolder option here. You can over-write any files it asks you to, but I found that all the new files are the same ones as the old ones anyways so it shouldn’t matter. For Rejuvenation: Nothing extra needs to be done. 3. Still in Desktop Mode, open up Steam. Click on Add A Game -> ‘Add a Non-Steam Game...’ on the bottom OR Games -> Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library on the top row. For Reborn: Click browse and head to your installation folder. Change file type on the bottom to ‘All Files’ and click on Game.AppImage (NOT Game.exe) and then open. Add Game.AppImage as a selected program. For Rejuvenation: Click browse and head to your installation folder. For some reason I couldn’t see any of the files in here through Steam’s file browser so I had to manually type in mkxp-z.Appimage and then hit open. Add mkxp-z.Appimage as a selected program. OR you can also add anything as a Non-Steam Game for this step and then change its target to the file in the gear settings if you find that’s more convenient. 4. Switch to Gaming Mode and if you head to your library you’ll see Game.AppImage or mkxp-z.Appimage in your Non-Steam games. Select it, open up its Settings with the gear icon -> Properties and you can change its name at the top from Game.AppImage to Pokemon Reborn or Rejuvenation. 5. Game should be launchable at this moment. If it’s not, maybe try launching the Game.AppImage or mkxp-z.Appimage file up in Desktop Mode first and then launch it in Gaming Mode. Before we fiddle around with gamepad controls to make the game properly playable there are some things you will want to be aware of. I’ve only really tried out Reborn so far but these should all apply to Rejuvenation as well. So as of Reborn Ep 19.16: CONTROLLER SETTINGS and THINGS TO KNOW WHILE PLAYING To input text for naming things you can open up the SteamOS virtual keyboard by pressing the STEAM button + X at the same time. If we were to follow Steam Deck Verified status conventions this would fall under: ! Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard ! The ENTER key on the SteamOS virtual keyboard will not work when inputting text for names. I worked around this by changing one of my back grip buttons to Enter instead. EDIT: If your Steam + X is not opening up your virtual keyboard for whatever reason, you'll have to dedicate a button to opening up your keyboard. Cheers to u/ReadinBeforeMemin on Reddit for bringing this to my attention. Non-rebindable keys are M (or Alt) for Turbo and F12 for soft-resetting. You may want to set these to your back grip buttons. If you do set a button for soft-resetting you will also want to change it to a Long Press input and change the Long Press Time in its settings to something longer so you don’t accidentally tap it and soft-reset when you don’t want to. My current layout is L4 = M for Turbo, L5 (hold for 3000) = F12 for Soft-Reset, R4 = ENTER, and R5 = SHIFT. I think I’ve managed to share mine as a community layout so if you head to the top option that says something along the lines of ‘Gamepad with Joystick Trackpad’ and scroll over to community layouts you should be able to download it. (somebody verify this for me?) 6. For Performance settings it’s really up to you. I’m using Nearest as my Scaling Filter only because it’s giving me a longer battery life. Turning off the Framerate Limit lets you zoom around at full speed on Turbo but I also do like having it set at 60 for tighter movement. Might be worth wiggling about with the Screen Size in the game's Options menu as well. IMPORTING SAVE DATA To find your previous save data they will be located at: Windows: C:/Users/[Your User Name]/Saved Games/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata Linux: ~/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn Using the ‘Open Save Folder’ option in-game will not open up your save folder on Steam Deck. You will probably need to type this address in to your file browser as the folders are hidden by default. Don't forget STEAM button + X = SteamOS Virtual Keyboard. The save folder will be at: /home/deck/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn or /home/deck/.local/share/Pokemon Rejuvenation You will probably need to type this address in to your file browser as the folders are hidden by default. Writing this twice because someone will ask and have skipped past the first bolded message. If you changed your username from ‘deck’ in the User settings on your Steam Deck then change /deck/ to /[Your User Name]/. Copy and paste your save data into these folders. (OPTIONAL) Changing Artwork Non-Steam games will look pretty ugly in your library with a blank background. We can change some of that. This should work for any Non-Steam games you have although you're better off changing them through an automated tool if you're ever thinking of setting your Deck up as an emulation station. 1. Find suitable pictures to put into Steam. You can download these from https://www.steamgriddb.com/ or find them yourself. 2. In Desktop Mode, open up Steam and find your game in the Library. Right-click the banner above the green Play button and change your banner and logo here. 3. You can also change the Icon by going to Properties -> Shortcut and tapping on the blank box next to the name of your game. 4. Change your horizontal grid by opening up Steam in Desktop Mode after launching your game at least once. Under the Recently Played tab in your library you can right-click the image and then Manage -> Change Custom Artwork. Change your vertical grid the same way but launch a different game first so it pushes Reborn to the right in the Recently Played category. My setup finished! https://imgur.com/a/ogfJ1zo
  5. THIS PACK IS NOT UPDATED TO V13, IN GENERAL IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY, ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK Rejuvenation V12.1 pack update How to Install: Simply Make sure you have the latest version/patch of Rejuvenation installed, download the the Modular Modpack that I've uploaded here (link below), then put the included scripts.rxdata and mods folder into the Data folder of Rejuvenation V12. Overwrite scripts.rxdata when prompted. Visual Help: Current Bugs: FabulousTransformation causes some switch-in effects such as castforms crest to not activate. It may also have some other bugs, especially with rejuvenation-specific things TypeBattleIcons and ShowStatBoosts causes crashes in safari zone battles List of Components: @AiedailEclipsed's Mining Overhaul - Boosts some mining rates and adds new evolution stones, fossils and sellables to the mining minigame. @AironfaarMods: - EggWaitingIcon: Adds an icon in the top left when you have an egg waiting for collection in the daycare - FabulousTransformation: Shiny pokemon that transform will become a shiny version of their target - LearnPreEvolutionMoves: Move Tutor is able to teach moves normally exclusive to previous evolutions @DreamblitzX Mods (My Own): - AutoHook: Pokemon are automatically hooked when fishing - InfiniteBackups: Backups are never deleted, they'll just keep being made - CommonHeadbutt: Increases headbutt encounter chances @Waynolt Mods: - BagSortByType: Alternate Bag sorting options. some Rejuvenation-exclusive items may not sort properly - FindInPC: Allows you to search for pokemon/items in your PC from where you'd rename/wallpaper boxes - ItemRadar: Itemfinder becomes a toggleable item that makes hidden items show up in the overworld - ItemsBan: Healing Items and X Items are banned in battle for both the player and opponents - MiningForRich: Allows you to pay money to keep mining when the wall would normally collapse - MultiSelectPC: Hold CTRL when selecting move to add pokemon to multiselect, then select an empty space to move all selected mons there - NoTMXAnimations: Skips the animation when using a field move - PickupQOL: Automatically adds items from pickup to the bag, with a notification - ShowStatBoosts: Shows stat boosts in battle - doesn't mesh perfectly with Rejuvenation UI - TypeBattleIcons: Shows the type of each pokemon in battle - UnrealTime: Disconnects game time from real time and instead progresses at 1 minute every second. Clock in top left. - WildEncounterRates: If you have an uncaught encounter in an area and your party lead has the runaway ability or is holding a smoke ball, you're guaranteed to find an encounter that you have not yet caught. Downloads: Rejuvenation V12 Patch 1 There's a version of SharedPC that works with Rejuv if you scroll down here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e1840/page/30/ Latest Update: 13/8/19 - Patch 1 Update 2 Update Comments: Huge thanks to all of the original mod creators for their Reborn versions, they're responsible for almost all of the work here!
  6. Ever wanted MORE double battles in reborn? ... Well here it is! All trainer battles with 2 or more pokemon have become double battles! Only trainers with less than two battle-capable mons remain in the singles format. >:) Enjoy your newest torture friends... Installation Instructions! - - Go into your Pokemon Reborn folder. - Open "Scripts" - Look for "PokemonTrainers.rb" - Rename it to "#PokemonTrainers.rb" - Download the file below this line, also named PokemonTrainers.rbPokemonTrainers.rb - And wallah! Enjoy your Reborn Experience now with twice the fun! >:) --------- Credits to Confetti for their E18 spiritual predecessor "Pokemon Reborn except all the trainer battles are Double Battles" !!
  7. Hey everyone! It's been a few months since the official release of Pokemon Reborn and I bet that most of us have probably finished the main game and even postgame by now. I wanted to do a fun post as in Reborn we had access to every Pokemon from Generation 1-7. My question to you is this: What is your Champion/Elite 4 Team. (If you wanna include Gen 8 you can, but I didn't since I was focusing on mons in Reborn.) I don't mean the team you used to beat the game or postgame, but the team you would use if you were literally Champion of a region, any region (not just Reborn). On another note, if you weren't Champion, what Elite 4 team would you have and what Type/types would you use for challengers? There are a few limitations to this choice. For the Champion team, you can list one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon to use if you want, but no more than one. For Elite 4, you are not allowed to use any Legendaries or Mythical Pokemon, so choose wisely! My Champion team would be these guys on either a Starlight Arena or Holy Field. Garchomp Togekiss Silvally (Holding a Dark Memory) Serperior (With Contrary) Delphox Empoleon (My Ace) Yes its a weird team for Starlight Arena or Holy Field but for the moveset for most of my team, many of their moves would be boosted on Starlight while Garchomp is Garchomp and would just kick the crap out of you. On Holy Field, not only is Garchomp boosted but Togekiss is a BEAST on this field with Dazzling Gleam and Timid Nature as well as Delphox's Psychic and Serperior with Contrary/Leaf Storm and Dragon Pulse. Silvally automatically becomes Dark type on the field so instead of a Memory, I can give him a better item to use for his attacks. Strangely, Empoleon would be my ace purely because Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon of all time and Water/Steel is such an underrated type combined with the sheer bulk and power Empoleon has if used correctly. For the Elite 4, I'd use Dark type Pokemon since Dark is my favorite Type even though my Champion team doesn't consist of any. My Elite 4 team would be these guys on a New World field. Zoroark (Disguised as Drapion) Greninja Incineroar Drapion Tyranitar (Mega) Hydreigon Kinda feel like Luna with the Dark types, but Dark is my favorite type. Just how they are so menacing and cool looking though a lot of Pokemon are cool. Hydreigon is my favorite Dark type of all time and while it didn't make the cut for my Champion team, it would be my ace for this team. (I feel like Lin now, lol). I can't wait to see everyone's answers!
  8. I was travelling in the "depths" of community tier lists and I recently found out that there is a good number of possible tier lists even for Rejuvenation. "So..why not sharing my thoughts?", I thought. And I tried to make a tier list for Rejuv characters. Since the template was not completed, I couldn't put all of them, so please don't kill me if Kreiss and others are not here. And don't kill me for my opinions, I'm a good guy I can assure you. Jokes aside, I think I should start. No Opinions: characters I don't have much information to put in the tier list, since: Ana's quest is still going, 3 of the main characters I never used, despite Axel with OG design was my old favourite MC. D: Characters that I still can't figure how they work, like Reina...or I dislike. C: I don't mind, but...well...Nastasia is like a mysterious person to me, I hope there will be more...and I forgot about Amanda's existence before V12 and V13. B: Characters that I like, but sufficient. A: Good characters. Goomink is Goomink. S: Extremely good characters. Z: My favourites. Aevis is the best MC for me. Zetta and Keta are perfect. Crescent's mysterious past and story convinces me. Erin is Erin. Melia too. Amber convinced me much after saving her.
  9. So i've been doing a shiny-only run of reborn e19 (it's been almost 3 months of suffering lamoo; am at pre-adrienn) and i've noticed something. With this challenge i have obtained many shinies (around 500 in fact) and generally, i would consider them more aesthetically pleasing than the canon variants. Some of my faves are: Of course there's many more than these 7, but in general i can confidently say that i like probably ~95% of them. As with anything shiny-related, everything's subjective, so here's some of reborn's stinkers: Now, with rejuvenation, this becomes a different story. Unlike with reborn, i've never started a shiny-only run on it, and i don't plan on doing so for one simple reason: the shinies are a lot less interesting. Like with everything, everything is subjective, so here's some of rejuvenation's greats: However, i can confidently say that most of rejuvenation's shinies are really lackluster, with them either literally lacking luster or being WAYY too bright and desaturated. Here's a look at the average rejuv shiny: It breaks me to say, but i would call all of these very unappealing. Either their colors clash very badly, or they're too bright or too dark to look at properly. The majority of rejuvenation's shinies are at a lower level comparatively, and i would say that the main appeal to a shiny pokemon would be that they're supposed to look nice (sorry to whoever made these!). So this is a kind request to please let these 'mons shine like they should be able to.
  10. Note: the green parts are new additions due to E19. Also E19 Spoilers! Recently i was doing the remaining Reborn sidequest, to prepare myself for E19. After making all the donations at the Grand Hall, i started talking with the NPC at the GH counter, until names the Orre-Reborn railnet project. As a soon as i saw it I immediately looked for informations about it, and then i remembered about that: The guy in the lost railcave was tryng to reach Orre. This means that east-Reborn borders with Orre. Soon after i decided to make this: a map of the Reborn-Orre borders. Then i started to make an Reborn-Orre map all with the same style of the Reborn's one(this one is still work in progress, probably forever) Other references to Reborn border with Orre being the one i showed are in the Postgame Then i said to myself: "Why not do a similiar thing with Pokemon Rejuvenation?" And so i made this: Aevium is several times stated to be close to Kalos, and in the new chapter there is an NPC who say that Aevium is close to Galar. Aevium-Reborn geographical relations For this one i will take in exam just Rejuv, considering that just this one as references to the other. Reborn-Rejuvenation timeline When is Pokemon Reborn set? A question i made my self from the first time i played Reborn is "where is Reborn in the Pokemon timeline?". From what i remember, in game we have just two "time reference" to the canons Pokemon games: Shelly. We know that she is Bugsy's little sister. Considering that Bugsy was probably 10 in HG/SS and that Shelly is 12 in Reborn, we can conclude that Reborn is set atleast 3 years after the HG/SS and D/P/Pt events and 6 after the FR/GL and R/S/E one. Type: Null sidequest. In the 7th street there are a group of scientists(probably are part of Team Meteor, because, if i'm not mistaken, we see Bennet leave the lab) working on the Type: Null project. This can only mean two things: 1) Someone leaked/sold Type: Null project informations to Team Meteor (8/15 years after Gen I events) 2) Team Meteor take informations of the Type: Null project after Gladion and the MC free them all, similiar to what Macro Cosmos did (11/15 years after the gen I events) I would exclude that Reborn is set 8/10 years after Gen I because Type: Null "evolution" is already called Silvally, and the name was given to him by Gladion. Now the field is restricted to 11/15. We also have this tumblr where a guy asks Ame where Reborn fits in canon timeline. And Ame replies so: She don't want to give us a more precise info, and this sucks, but she made the game and so she makes the rules. Anyway this still a really usefull information. As the anon said, XD takes place 2 years after HGSS/DPPt and consequently 5 years after Gen I/III. Doing some quick calculation we can say that Reborn is set around 13/15 years after Gen I/III. This also sorta confirm the fact that Shelly was already born during HGSS, confirming my previous affermation. I'll place Reborn 14 years after Gen I/III because it's the average between 13 and 15. 15 years after Gen I/III for 2 reasons: Being 15 a multiple of 5 is easyer to do the math. I will explain this in the part concerning Rejuv. Pokemon Rejuvenation If we take the Rejuv Type: Null sidequest as a reference, we can say that Rejuvenation is set 10/11 years after the SM/USUM events. I say this because we find the Type: Null ball under the Wispy Tower, and the Wispy Tower has been destroyed 10 years before the Rejuv events. We can also exclude the hypotesys of a leak antecedent to SM/USUM events, because Matthew explicitly says that the various Type: Null copies have been created after the SM/USUM events. In chapter 15 main story we have also a time reference to Reborn: So, second chaper 15, Rejuvenation takes place 7 years circa after the events of Reborn, which is set around 14 years after Gen I/III. So we can say that Rejuvenation takes place 21 years after the Gen I/III. In Reborn E19 is confirmed that Rejuv takes place 5 years after Reborn. Timeline If you note that i forgot/misunderstand/mistook something, please tell me in the comments. 20.000 years ago A meteorite containing Eternatus fell in Galar The first Claydoll was brought to life from a clay doll 10.000 years ago At some point, after the Iron Age, the Regis are sealed in various zone after years of human worshipping. 3.000 years ago (before Kalos war) The original Deity has been splitted in 3 parts by a meteorite. The one transported by the meteor end in a "far away region", the other two fell in Aevium. One of this two parts became the Archetype. (Rejuvenation) A meteorite hit Reborn. From that meteor Arceus came out. (maybe also Giratina) The Darkest Day happened in Galar. Between meteor event and the Kalos war Rejuvenation Reborn Giratina caused chaos in Reborn region(maybe also Orre) A warrior(probably a Solaris ancestor) defeated Giratina Mirage Tower is built This one is just a theory/headcanon i wanted to share. If you want you can skip this. 3.000 years ago Kalos war start Kalos war end thaks to the Ultimate Weapon built by AZ 2.500 years ago The Relic Castle is built. 2.000 years ago Hoenn is plagued by a meteor shower. During this meteor shower Groudon and Kyogre fought each other in their primal forms. Rayquaza calmed them. 2.000/1500 years ago The earliest known system for writing is developed and used at the Ruins of Alph, Tanoby Ruins, and Solaceon Ruins. Archaeologists are currently unsure whether the nearly identical Unown preceded or succeeded the writing system, but it is assumed they share some sort of connection. 1.000 years ago A thousand years after the events at Meteor Falls, a meteor struck Hoenn, creating Sootopolis City. Groudon and Kyogre reawakened to fight over the wellspring of primal energy which came from it. The people of Hoenn wished on Rayquaza to save them, and using the meteor, Rayquaza performed the world's first Mega Evolution and calmed the two. Sky Pillar was built in Rayquaza's honour, and the Draconid people promised to pass down the prophecy that in 1,000 years the meteor would return - causing the events of the Delta Episode. 800 years ago Xerneas released life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to a forest, where it went to sleep in the form of a tree. Yveltal absorbed life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to the mountains, where it went to sleep in the form of a cocoon. 100 years ago circa Aevium has been discovered. 45 years before Gen I Elgyem is seen for the first time when it appeared from far in the desert. 40 years before Gen I Lunatone is seen for the first time in a crater. 40 years before Gen I circa Elias (El) is born 30 years before Gen I circa Rejuvenation Solaris is born Reborn 26/25 years before Gen I Anastasia is born Sandra is born Narcissa is born Maria is born(?) 23 years before Gen I Keta is born 23 years before Gen I Rejuvenation 21 years before Gen I Kreiss is born El meets Solaris 20 years before Gen I An NPC describes Reborn City as a big and beautyfull city, similiar to Hyoshi City. Storm-9 20/15 years before Gen I Around this period Solaris's parents are killed by a thief. Around this period (after Solaris's parents death) Reborn's Legue is founded. The temple at the top of Charous Mountain is replaced by the Pokemon League. 14 years before Gen I N is born Around this period Monty Belrose became the dragon gym leader of Labradorra. Caroline, fire gym leader of Calcenon, try to beat him in a battle for about a month. At the end she beat him. The two end up together, and after a couple of years they get married. 10 years before Gen I circa Saphira is born. 5 years before Gen I WLL starts 3 years before Gen I Laura is born. Reborn: 2 years before Gen I Reborn postgame 1 years before Gen I Charlotte is born. Year 0 Emerald/ORAS and FRLG events Mewtwo has been created Year 1 Noel and Anna are born Reborn Year 2 Pokemon Colosseum events Year 3 HGSS events Platinum events (Are Sinnoh games canon in Reborn and Rejuv?) Shelly is born Saki, Amber and Veronica(Venam) are born. Reborn Year 4 Start the Decline of Reborn City Adrienn get lost in Citae Astrae Reborn Year 5 Pokemon XD events Belrose Mansion fire Year 6 BW events Reborn Solaris gave the Emerald key to El and the next morning he aquires the sight(?) Year 8 B2W2 and XY events Grand Dream City opening(?) Year 10 SM/USUM events Second part of WLL Wispy Tower and Gearen City fire Neo Team Xen foundation(?) Rejuvenation Year 12/13 Celine is attacked by Madame X Reborn Year 15 Reborn events. The main game probably takes place over 3 months. Start Reborn Postgame. It probably takes place in approxametely 1/2 weeks. Reborn Rejuvenation Some times after the postgame, Celine go to Reborn for take information about its league. Beetween Reborn and Rejuvenation Year 20 Rejuvenations events. They probably starts around February. After more than 2 month starts the Terajuma Arc (around May/early June), that lasts about a month(June/August). Start the GDC Arc and the Bladestar Arc. The latter end in the firsts of November. Rejuvenation alt timeline: Around this period Adrienn is called to Aevium for restore East Gearen City. He goes with Aya. Venam is missing from her position, so Aya temporally replaces her. Chapter 15 spoilers Year 22 Reborn Ending: Year 25 Reborn Ending: Thanks for reading and sorry if i made some grammar mistake. Remember, if you see some error, tell me!
  11. SpeedBreed is a very simple mod designed to take the endless running out of breeding (every other aspect of breeding remains the same). It adds 2 things: An egg generator and an egg hatcher. With Reborn E19 comes a vanilla incubator, and therefore this mod is no longer necessary. I will continue to maintain this mod for Rejuvenation unless or until that also adds a similar functionality to vanilla. The Egg generator simply generates an egg of the two Pokemon in the daycare in your inventory. The Egg hatcher instantly hatches all the eggs in your inventory. Screenshot: Installation instructions: Download Links: ChangeLog: Credits
  12. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  13. Rejuvenation Fanfic Hope you like it! Starring Anthony: A 18 year old boy from Unova who tried and failed to take on the Unova Pokémon League. Coming to aevium to start over. Join him on his adventure through Aevium! PROLOGUE SEASON 1: THE START
  14. I can control my character but the display is stuck like this. I haven't saved in about an hour and REALLY don't want to lose this progress...
  15. I see a lot of people asking to trade or battle each other on the forum, but when I look up when it’s unlocked in rejuvenation, there’s nothing relevant. Sometimes I see people saying since it was made with rpgmaker they can’t have the servers for it
  16. So I've been testing as my first run of the game wether it can be consistently be completed in a proffesor oak challenge, and I obtained the mining kit a short while ago and learned that there's a set amount of rocks you can do this with. I find it a bit strange for this to be this way as not the original games nor many other fangames do this, a bit unnecesary and annoying but in a normal playthrough seems fair. I am currently just before the badge from the water leader and I find myself at a really uncomfortable spot... I have mined the introductury rocks in one go as I was advised so those are out... and I have around 5 or so ones available to me, 6 if we count the retry powder thingie. I feel that It could be beneficial for this feature to be made into something respawnable for the sakes of convenience and for maybe the possibility of a prof oak challenge ithout this random factor. Also I am aware that save retrying is a thing, but I fear that it may come to a point that I must search for the odds of a moon and a sun stone together only and the like... Thanks for your attention.
  17. So shortly before V11's release, I decided that it might be a better idea to make a thread with a full collection of all of Rejuvenation's artwork that I've done in the past. Figured it might be useful for those who might be looking for some of the older art, to use for themselves, as a wallpaper, or maybe even a video. This thread will be updated with each version to include the new artwork made for said version, as well as other miscellaneous artwork that's been created for the game! Note: Any art posted in this thread that is NOT included in the OP is art I likely made for fun, not as official art. For these I do require credit if you use them, or would prefer it if you asked permission in the case you want to make an edit. Enjoy! V13 COVER ART - VAGUE CLARITY V13 - PEARL ROUTE KEY ART (HEAVY SPOILER WARNING) V13 BONUS ARTWORK - AELITA (1ST POPULARITY POLL WINNER) V13 BONUS ARTWORK - ERIN (1ST POPULARITY POLL 3RD PLACE) NEW GAME LOGO Separate components Character art Icons RIFT POKEMON & BOSS ARTWORK Wallpaper downloads Character wallpapers V12 cover art - Eclysia Pyramid V12 alt. cover art - Forgotten Prince V11 cover art - Conflicting Ren-union V11 bonus art - Angie Other Previous Cover artwork Other artwork Protagonists (Legacy designs)
  18. I brought my gible to nurse joy to max out its IVs and EVs. When I tried maxing out its speed EV, it maxed out its defense EV instead. I think it's a bug. What to do? Do I have to train its EV manually at East Gearen lab? I play on a mac.
  19. I have a save file on my windows computer and got a new macbook recently. I want to continue playing rejuvenation on my mac but I don't want to start over. Is there a way to play rejuvenation on my mac using the save data from my windows?
  20. I had this bug where in the place where you get your starter, the mart there, I wanted to buy some potions but when I did the like the text wouldn't appear. It was just blank, I could still buy the potion. I just wanted to know if there were ways to fix bugs like this? Bugs in general.
  21. Trying to get Xen Waste for my boi A-Paras, and apparently its a by-product of the beldum fight, which needs 15k red essence. I'm only really getting 250 essence after knocking out the pokemon in the dens, and i can't seem to catch them, they keep swatting my pokeballs away. is there any way to get red essence faster?
  22. Hi there friends. It's ya girl Haru with another silly mod. Not a super real post this time since it's super crude but does what it needs to do. This literally took all of 2 minutes to create and creating this forum post actually took longer than creating the mod... Anyway... It's a randomizer. Woohoo....I swear it's nothing fancy this time. It just picks a random Pokemon everytime a new Pokemon is created. If you wanted to be cheap you could soft-reset on every trainer until they have only Magikarp and Caterpie. Installation: Same deal as always. Step 1: Download the mod from below Step 2: Go to the /Data/ folder in Rejuv and make sure there's a folder named "Mods". If not, make one. Step 3: Place the downloaded file inside your Mods folder. This will be in effect for all saves. To disable the mod, move the file out of the Mods folder. I recommend creating a folder inside the Mods folder called "Not In Use" or something. Rejuv will ONLY look at files in the Mods folder that have a ".rb" file handle. Downloads: Haru - Randomizer.rb You must be logged in to download files directly from rebornevo.com Google Drive
  23. Has anyone else encountered an issue where all headbutt trees seem to be "high" headbutt trees, with no "low" headbutt trees to be seen? The guide over at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ll-Z57X6pSVSHpPzqGcDwZ0mv8OjUzkd insists there are both located at Route 2 available on the first visit, but I wasn't able to find a single tree with a Burmy in it. Did something get changed and the guide just didn't acknowledge it?
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