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  1. So that last egg I cannot find anywhere. I can't find it as a gen 8 mon in the Rejuv folders either. Are we getting Reborn forms?????
  2. Mac user here. So far, this is an amazing thing. It runs WAY better than it used to on both Wine Mac and Virtualbox. Yes, online doesn't work, but other than that, I've had no issues. Keep up the great work!
  3. I remember I used to post a lot of play throughs. I've been doing one very recently of Reborn, and it's been the most fun I've had in a very long time. When I'm done with it, I'm going to do it again, and post it to the forums. As such, this new run shall be coming soon!





  4. Because I see fan fictions are allowed, I decided to share mine with all of you. Enjoy!
  5. Still better than Jared Leto.



  6. I'm in awe that it's almost over. As such, though, who are you all thinking of bringing to the E4 now that it's almost over? For me, I'm sticking to my team in my signature. Almost all of them have been extremely helpful throughout the game. The only one who hasn't been as helpful is my final edition who I just added. Even Beartic has come in clutch on multiple occasions (particularly in E18).
  7. Whats Pokemon Clockwork 

    1. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      It's a relatively new but pretty damn fun fan game. It's up to three gyms so far, but should receive an update soon. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend checking out the website to see it's the kind of game you want to check out.



    2. GriffinO1


      Cool, I’ll check it out soon. How often does it update?

    3. GriffinO1


      Also will there be more Generations added. 

  8. Yeah, I had to have @Ice Cream Sand Witch. Glad to hear it's fixed, though! Thanks!
  9. So I may have skipped over text, and missed where I'm supposed to go. Where is the space station after defeating the champion? EDIT: And not too long after I ask, I find the place. Thanks anyway! Having said that, I do have a potential bug to report. Sometimes, Pollen Puff doesn't work on Ribombee. It wouldn't hit a Shiftry, Arbok, or Serperior, saying the move "didn't effect" them.
  10. Swampert has always been my all time favorite. I suppose I now have another reason to hold it in such high regard...


  11. In Pokemon, there have been a multitude of incredible beasts. Some, like Garchomp, are fearsome dragons, while others, like Tyranitar, are behemoths. They are known for defining the meta game in many ways. However, none of them hold a candle to the greatest mon of all...




    What, don't believe me? Then how about I show you proof?




    ...okay, in all seriousness, I can't believe I pulled this off! This is my first time beating Purity Forest. I'm going to have to try Zero Isle South and Destiny Tower with Zigzagoon next lmfao.

    1. seki108


      The smallest are always the most surprising







    2. Dreamy


      Fuck purity forest tbh. I remember dying on around floor 86 on my first long run through and it was crushing.

  12. You know, I have mixed opinions. On one hand, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee look like fun ways to expand on the Go formula. On the other, however, we could have used a much better mon than Pikachu or Eevee. I'm of course talking about the legend itself...


  13. Damn, I've been predicted. Let's try Zero1Six
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