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  1. I really like how you draw hair :D It's great to see improvement, and the best part is that it's an ongoing process so the fun never ends~ I donut do drawings much but I def see it in writing, which is my preferred/most polished(?) art form
  2. Henlo! Welcome to the community :) I'm glad you enjoyed the difficulty of the game and puzzles. I like those too but some people find it tedious to grind/strategize/solve puzzles. I also like writing~ We have quite a few writers and artists. I'm sure you'll get along with them(us?) :3
  3. The Little Police Officer ~ Part 2 of 3 The second part of the lil spin off that prolly no one was waiting for, is here! I was, as I said, 17 years old at the time. I was growing closer to the age my dad told me he’d allow me to join the Police force if I so desired. Yet, even though my desire to be an officer never once wavered, I thought that my sin was too large to allow someone like me in the force. How could I look at criminals in the eye and uphold the law, when I had been one to cheat in a tournament and lie about it to the Police Chief? Fortunately, I didn’t need
  4. It’s a wild candy. Is Starry next?
  5. Beggars can't be choosers, fren. Let Vanini be an optimist for once It do be like that sometimes... unless? Bubblegum dress OP. If Vanini doesn't die with this, it'll prolly be an act of dark magic uwu
  6. I can trade y'all. PM me when you're ready to trade :)
  7. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 80 When Pikachu’s shadow claw hit Adrienn’s florges, she appeared to withstand the attack, only to wobble and fall to the ground a second later. “I… We won?” I blurted out. “Yes you did,” said Adrienn, smiling. “The champion has kept her status one more day. Congratulations, not only for winning but for improving the bonds with your pokemon.” Pikachu and Prince, the two pokemon that were still standing on the field, came rushing back up to me. I patted them both on the head. “That was such an awesome battle,” said Julia. “Except
  8. I considered this story bad-written because it's more of a "storytelling" which from what I understand ain't golden standard for writing. I'm glad it was still an enjoyable read :p It is what I think this character would think, but yes heroes in real life may or may not have tragic backstories. I think Coroso-san was joking but yes Everland is full of abnormal peeps. Good detective work :) So far in the story, we've only seen her from Vanilla and Aladdin's POV, which obviously aren't flattering to her. Of course, she's one of the villains and
  9. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifThe Little Police Officer ~ Part 1 of 3http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif This is a badly-written spin-off story that doesn't even connect to what's happening in the main story as of now, and isn't even necessary to understand the main story, but I wrote it anyway so why not post it too I'd planned to post it the day I posted Episode 80 but I've never been a patient writer lol
  10. He can apparently learn some electric moves by TM but they're all special attacks oof And this was Pikachu after intense training: Julia is a fun party member cause she brings the party lol But Preview of next episode:
  11. Because I wanted this episode out within my birthday but I knew I wouldn't make it in time to have edited pics. So it'd be paragraphs over paragraphs of writing (yikes) which I wouldn't want to read, so I figured if I added indents it'd be slightly more convenient to read idk. At least that was what someone on Pixiv recommended when writing a long story in Japanese, and I assume it applies to English too lol. And thanks~ hope you enjoyed my birthday present to y'all :yoomtah:
  12. Happy Sweet Birthday Candy🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉


    Since you're a fan of sweets, I brought you a nice present for you🎁🎀




    Hope you like it and make sure to stay all positive😊👌🏽

    1. Candy


      Nom *gets diabeetus*

    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      You'll thank me later😉🤭

  13. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 79http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Nt3HYcezYIg/VhfF0DTDNZI/AAAAAAAADEA/oHPy5n8Djqk/s172/tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif It's muh birthday! So have this hastily-written episode to celebrate uwu Also I'm trying out this new thing called "indents" lmao The “training”, or at least the first part of it, consisted of sitting down on the grass surrounded by all of my pokemon, and hugging them one after another, or brushing their fur or massa
  14. Happy Sweet Birthday Candy-sama! uwu 🎂 🍬 🍭 🎊 🎉 🥳

    I hope you're getting and will get a lot sweets todiay (as long as you share with Lykos its all gud)! Be sure to enjoy this day and smile 😄 

    1. Candy


      nom I'll share some with you too fren 😄

    2. Dreamblitz


      Happy Can-day!

      ..wait, hmm.


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