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  1. Candy

    Hi everyone o/

    I somehow missed your intro, so belated welcome~
  2. My dude Sam comes from the future where E19 has been released! Jokes aside, welcome~ and Reborn's current version is E18
  3. Funnily enough, I was thinking of mafia while I was writing it. I don’t think Vanilla particularly excels at scumreading either lol The rowdy Pokémon was mentioned aloud once, I think, but it’s a subplot so I only hinted it a little bit. im guessing every region has ambulances, just that no one uses them
  4. Lewd jk donut eat me It’s cute that Flannery and Julia get along well. Given Flannery is a fire type leader I think she enjoys fireworks which go boom too. Speaking of, wonder how Flannery will react to Charlotte and her backstory.
  5. I like BW’s storyline (and I’m rather picky when it comes to that). I think you’d enjoy it. I also played Pokémon Gaia and can recommend both it’s story and gameplay
  6. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 75 We looked for the exit in a place that had now lost most of its light save for the ones run by backup generators. The magnezone must have been supplying this place with electricity instead of relying on the region’s power plant, perhaps to keep the facade of inactivity to the Reborn management. As we walked through passages of monitors and miscellaneous machines, I realized that I felt a knot in my stomach that I desperately needed to untangle. In just these couple of hours since we started this mission, there have been too many odd things that I couldn’t just pass as coincidences. For starters, the trap had worked too well for Team Meteor this time. They had a complete plan to capture us and make us fight each other, and then give us real punishment. On other occasions, my team and I had been able to reach the PULSEs fairly easily, deactivated them and left relatively unscarred. Even that time, when Lin appeared in their Tanzan base, Saphira succeeded in destroying the base without as much trouble as we have endured now. I know I am not the brightest bulb in the box, but I suspected that Team Meteor must have been informed of our coming. Otherwise, how could they have had grunts awaiting for us in the basement, and, from the looks of the main entrance, ambushed Ame and Adrienn as they entered the building? Their movements were too specific, something they couldn’t have just improvised without the plan being leaked. Yet, who could’ve told them we were coming? The only people who knew of this plan and its details were me, Ame, Arclight, Victoria, Adrienn and Candy. Who out of them could’ve betrayed us? I couldn’t be completely sure, but out of all of them, only one seemed to me more likely than the rest. At last, we made one last turn and found the exit. Right before it, however, we found our team, save, of course, for Ame. All three were behind a glass window, as though they were mannequins in a fashion shop. Victoria and Arclight were sitting with their backs turned to us, while Adrienn stood there with xyr arms crossed and xyr expression only brightened up when xe saw us coming in. Xe waved at us and signaled us to a button next to xyr window, which we pressed. Their windows opened. Victoria and Arclight slid out of their chambers and spilled onto the floor, while Adrienn just stepped out, stretched xyr upper body and expressed gratefulness for being liberated at last. “Everything hurts,” said Victoria, without moving a muscle. Arclight, lying on his stomach next to her, didn’t say anything and almost looked dead. Adrienn and Candy rushed in to check his vital signs, but just turning him over was enough to see that he definitely wasn’t in good shape. She gasped and fell back on the floor. “Good news is that he’s alive,” Adrienn said. “Bad news is that they tore out his eye.” Recovering slightly from the initial surprise, Candy sent out her Florges and Leavanny, and treated the wound like she did once when I had been beaten up by the goons in 7th Street. “Why… How could this happen?” Victoria said. She crawled an inch closer to Arclight but that was all she could muster in her state. “Well, based on what Lin said to us, I would reason that that was his ‘penalty’,” Adrienn replied. “Goodness, I must’ve gotten lucky. The floor of the cage I was in became super-heated but thanks to the help of my pokemon, I was fine.” “How convenient,” I said snarkily. Adrienn caught my tone, but decided to ignore it. “Has anyone seen Ame?” xe asked. To this question, Candy shuddered. I replied in her stead. “She’s dead.” “She… She is, huh,” Adrienn said, looking distressed. “So it’s up to us, then.” “I don’t get this. If they want to stop us, why haven’t they done it yet?” Victoria snapped. “Why not just kill us all and be done with it? They captured us. They could’ve done it, had they wanted to.” Indeed, that was yet another thing that was bugging me. Even before I was aware that Victoria, Adrienn and Arclight were alive, I knew that I was alive, when I could’ve very well been dead. Lin had me locked in a cage. That cage could have had some trick to it. Like Adrienn’s, it could have super-heated, or like Victoria’s, it could have electrocuted me to death. Instead, I got nothing. “Remember, Lin requested that Vanilla not be harmed,” ZEL’s voice echoed in my mind. What could be the meaning of that? Was there even meaning, or was I reading too deeply into it? “They left us alive,” Adrienn said. “And the only reason I could think of is to send a message.” “A message? What message, Adrienn?” I asked. “The message of what happens if we interfere with them, of course,” xe said. “They didn’t give Kiki a message,” Victoria shouted. “She didn’t get a chance to live. Why did I have to be the one whose life was spared!” She then exclaimed in pain and shivered a little. She had apparently pulled a muscle while talking, and had to lay down completely once more. “Don’t exert yourself, Victoria,” Candy said. “Arclight isn’t the only one that needs to rest. You too are in very bad shape.” “I’m just… I’m just furious with Team Meteor for killing her, and myself for not having been able to save her. That is all,” she murmured with her face still plastered on the ground. Candy petted her hair as though she were petting one of the pokemon from her daycare. “I cannot pretend to know what your story is, Victoria, but one thing I can tell you is that we can’t blame ourselves in the present for the mistakes we made in the past,” said Adrienn. “Don’t say that as if that was a fact,” I spat. “We can continue to blame ourselves. Your opinion may be different, but mine is that what’s important is to make a difference so that the mistakes we made and the lives we lost aren’t wasted.” “I can see that we share a common goal but use a different coping mechanism. You, too, are greatly tied to your past,” xe said. “That is why you still hold animosity toward me, am I wrong? Because you can’t let go of the fact that I treated you like a delinquent back in the subterranean castle, even though many months have passed since, and we all know now that it was all a big misunderstanding.” Xe wasn’t wrong, so I couldn’t counter xyr argument. However, I had one more possible reason at present that might justify my dislike of xem, and I wasted no moment in letting it be known. “I dislike you since our first meeting, that’s true, but that’s not the end of it. I suspect that you leaked information to Team Meteor so that they could prepare for our coming. If my suspicions are proven to be correct, I won’t just show animosity towards you. Of that you can be certain.” “Quite shocking you would say that, even if it’s entirely in-character. I am actually at a loss of words. Give me a second to recover,” xe said, acting like a broken-hearted maiden. An act that wasn’t becoming of xem, if I may say so. “Our plan was known. There’s little doubt in that. You refused to battle Arclight and thus had conscious pokemon to avoid the penalty. If you ask me, you’re the most suspicious out of the group, because Victoria and Arclight both received their punishments.” “And what about you, Vanilla? And Candy? I’m assuming one of you two received a penalty also, and yet I see neither of you looking particularly pained?” “Indeed, Vanilla. It does us no good to point fingers at our friends,” Candy said, supporting xem. “From Adrienn’s perspective, we are equally as suspicious as you think xe is.” “I’ll know what to think, thank you very much.” “I will not point fingers at anyone,” said Adrienn. “Because I really can’t imagine any of us betraying the group like that. Even you, Vanilla, although you’re so quick to point a finger at me. You’re too honest and impulsive. I doubt you could keep up a hypocrite’s facade for longer than a second. Candy has been helping us restore the city. She’s practically my right-hand woman. Her wish to see the region safe and free from terrorism must be as strong as mine.” Xe may be right about me not being able to fake allegiances. I wasn’t like Aladdin. However, I didn’t know enough of Adrienn to judge whether xe wasn’t one such phony. Xe certainly looked honest in everything xe said, but was it based on truth or just what xe knew we wanted to hear? That only xe could know. “You’re welcome to keep yourself tied to the past, dragging it and then allowing it to drag you back. You can keep regarding me as untrustful, and keep thinking I’m plotting stuff against you. I find it counterproductive since it’s nothing but misguided anxiety, but it is your choice, not mine,” xe continued. “I personally have decided not to blame myself for my past mistakes, and thus break free from its chains. I decided not to think of the ‘what ifs’ that were born from falling into a fairy ring. Blaming myself like that will not fix the city, and certainly will not help us move forward. We got sidetracked, Victoria, but that’s where I wanted to reach. You can either do what Vanilla does, or do it my way, but I hope you will lend me your strength to guide this broken region that now lacks a leadership figure.” Victoria was silent for a moment. She hadn’t said a word all the while Adrienn and I argued, so I reckoned she might have passed out sometime during it, but I was wrong. In time, she propped her head up a little. “I’m tired of trying to follow in the footsteps of the dead,” she mumbled. “But without Ame among us, I have little say in the matter. We can’t let the region fall into anarchy, after all.” Adrienn's eyes shone. “We won’t let that happen, if we work as a team. Together,” xe said to her and then raised xyr gaze to meet mine. “Let’s not give Lin the pleasure of seeing the region truly fall to pieces.” After that, Adrienn carried Arclight on xyr back, while I did the same for Victoria. The exit was right there, but when we passed through it, we were surprised to find us in the North Obsidia Ward, not in the balcony on the top floor of the Devon building as we had expected. It went without saying that we were quite puzzled at first; however, we soon concluded that we must have been moved from Devon to the basement of this small building in North Obsidia when they knocked all of us unconscious. Ame and Adrienn had also found themselves gassed, much like I imagined Candy and I had been, and Victoria had received a strong blow in the head. “I had once again been too weak to prevent their plan,” Victoria said, biting on her thumb in frustration. “We all were, don’t beat yourself for it,” Candy said, placing a hand on her back. Victoria looked to her surroundings in silence, and then whispered in a volume that was almost unhearable save for me. “Now that I think about it, Kiki was also weak. Her body was killing herself, and she couldn’t prevent it. Yet, I’m not sure she ever truly accepted her weakness.” Then, in a louder voice, she added, “I think I understand how the student becomes the master now.” “We must accept our weakness. Our vulnerability,” said Candy. “Only then we can try to do small things to become stronger. We have come a long way already, and we can only do better if we keep trying.” Her speech reminded me of the brief conversation we had had after our battle earlier today. She had said that she had grown selfish and anxious. Perhaps these were the weaknesses she was referring to while she spoke to Victoria. Yet, what an odd conversation it had been, I thought. I looked at Candy. Her face was as affable as ever, even though there was a hint of exhaustion in her eyes that were swollen from crying earlier. Yet it was certain that there was nothing of the ill mood that had plagued her just before and immediately after our battle. However, my thoughts were interrupted when Adrienn started talking about the small building we had come out of being a cover for a Meteor facility all along. “That’s a lead,” xe said. “Whoever owns this building probably has ties to Team Meteor, and we can find those records in the Grand Hall.” “We should probably send some people to search both Devon and this building. Even though I assume they cleared their tracings before going away, there may still be some things they left behind that might serve to our advantage,” Victoria added. “Yeah, good idea. Once we take you and Arclight to medical care, I will take care of that.” Thus we started walking towards the closest Pokémon Center. On our way there, Adrienn asked me if I’d have time to help him with some work. “There was an influx of donations this morning and I believe it’ll cover the cost to restore a new area. For that, I’ll need manpower, and I’d be happy if you could help me look for people who might be interested in volunteering,” xe explained. “Ame had told me you’re doing the League Challenge, was she right? I’d like to get the work over with as soon as possible, so that we can have our gym battle.” I nodded. I was aware that restoring the city also gave me joy, so I’d have gladly accepted to help even if it weren’t to get a Gym battle. However, I wasn’t going to complain about getting a bonus incentive to get to work. We dropped Arclight and Victoria off at the Pokémon Center. The nurse scolded us for moving them all the way there, and asked us to call an ambulance if we were ever in a similar situation. Arclight was still unconscious when we left, but Victoria appeared to do better thanks to Candy’s florges’ aromatherapy. “I’ll go to the Grand Hall to get a search party ready, as we agreed. The faster we get that done with, the better for us. You can meet me in my Gym once you collect, I don’t know, 10 or so volunteers. Thanks, Vanilla. See you later.” Adrienn said that and hastily ran towards Opal Ward. “Do you need help finding volunteers?” asked Candy. “No, I’m good. You should go check on your shop.” “Alright then. Do call on me if you have trouble finding people,” she said. “I’d actually insist on helping you, if I weren’t worried about the daycare. I left Cookie taking care of this rowdy Pokémon when I left for Agate Circus, so I want to make sure everything is alright with them.” Candy waved at me with less energy than usual, and walked South. Once I was left alone again, I sat down on a bench nearby. Victoria wasn’t particularly lightweight, so my back and legs were killing me, but I didn’t want people to see how out-of-shape I was. “I’ll first find the volunteers,” I told Pikachu. “But I haven’t given up on cracking down who betrayed us in this mission.” Pikachu just sat on my thighs and tilted his head. A relatable gesture, for Adrienn’s rebuttal had left me without a suspect. I imagined this endeavor would take a lot of time and energy. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS
  7. bro Drago why would mafia want to night kill a TP when they hafta eliminate town asap? my existence doesn't affect their wincon (or yours, for that matter), but even if it did, they'd have gone for someone they know is town me thinks.
  8. How u doing haven't seen you around much

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    2. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Been busy prepping for the 27th
      Been on Discord more
      Trying to find a job, not expected to be called back in for awhile, been trying to save up for a couple things, eventually wanna think about getting our own appartment/house

    3. Candy


      Boye sounds like busy work! I look forward to the 27th 😊 I haven’t watched the movie either so I’ll get the whole experience yay

    4. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      I'm hyped about the movie choice, been wanting to see if in good quality

  9. I'ma just gonna tag a lot of frens real quicc love y'all even if I'm a tsun candy @SilverAngelus @J-Awesome_One @Q-Jei @Mindlack @Corso @cicada @Alistair @EndearingCharacterTrait @CrimsonDragon21 @Bok Choi @LykosHand @NickCrash @Anti_Hero@Dragoknight @GenEric @Newt @Amine @L'Belle @Chickens @Nano4 @Walpurgis @Baumina @Evi Crystal @Azzie @Amethyst @Ceratisa @Wolfox @Yahen @Starry Knight @uberle @Smooth fml ima forget someone, ain't i?
  10. tbh I think Smooth is sus too because I doubt any role would make anyone have to speak in code like that for so many day phases. At first I thought it was a thing like curses but now I’m not sure. ima gonna place a vote on him too so he can explain wtf he meant by the “keywords”. [Eliminate] Smooth
  11. Oof almost forgot to post. Personally I think people who aren’t vanilla townie shouldn’t be saying whether they were roleblocked and what not because they might become targets for maf kill. There’s quite a number of vanillas in this game apparently so it’d be better for them to shoot a TP or vanilla than a townie with useful role. My two cents on the matter.
  12. Klinklang aka discount magnezone shift gear + gear grind was god combo in factory field.
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