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  1. Candy

    Ditto Run

    y would there be? uwu but it might just be that smol brain Candy can't come up with a scenario... orz
  2. This is so cool! I’d love to play when it’s play test time or when it’s released
  3. Happy birthday~ hope you’re enjoying summer 😄

  4. I didn’t notice how much aro and ace representation there was in these games (+ your headcanons ofc) <3 thanks for this amazing artwork~
  5. Hehe you know I like anything Shelly-related :) Awesome fanfic~ and at a length that I could read too which is noice for smol brain candy uwu
  6. No particular reason other than 1) Idk how long Luna spent with Bennett in the same house and 2) I think he'd also be ashamed of his past behavior as a whole, not just the instances related to Luna. Idk to me, it made me like him more, but I'm also the type to not loathe criminals. In fact, I have sympathy for them, because they're only criminals because some peeps decided some behaviors were not in their best interest and forced a lot of peeps to follow their rules. For example, stealing is a crime only because the peeps who made the rules have things they don't want stolen; however, the peeps who would steal don't really have stuff they don't want stolen cause they don't have a lot of things, if that makes sense. I also have sympathy because had they been born in a different skin, say my skin, it'd have been easier for them not to be criminals. But I think Vanini is of the same opinion as you. She doesn't like Archer, Aladdin and (until the Tourmaline arc) Taka because they're enemies that act "nice" sometimes. She prefers enemies like Jasmin or Lin who can be hated without exception. I chose "Your Grace" because her family isn't related by blood to the royals, but they have quite a lot of political power. The dream, as Shelly said, is supposed to be very comfortable, so she wouldn't dream of the chaotic days in the Defiance. She'd dream more of the time she lived in blissful ignorance, and enjoyed all the privileges that she was born with :p The problem is that a comfortable resolution for Vanini (aka killing the Queen = liberating the Underworld) would also trigger her PTSD (whenever she's seen her hands and clothes covered in blood, she has some panic attack). Prolly not in original Reborn pre-E19 haha I hope poor Shelly got a chance to shine in E19. She had her moment of glory in the Ametrine arc in my story, but peeps don't change right away... though I think her making the resolution to look for the twins was, despite the outcome, a sign of bravery and confidence. Idt my Void will be telling the truth, per say, because... I don't feel like it lolol It's dramathicc kinda, but also feels like crammed-in characterization that should've been part of the story or ignored all-together imo. Since this playthrough focused on Vanini, Shelly and maybe Aladdin, and is told mostly from Vanini's POV, anyone else's stories, though interesting, wouldn't really fit in the overall narrative. Vanini isn't as haunted by Kiki's death as, perhaps, Ame thinks the MC would be, for example. And Vanini's reaction on seeing many of the characters' (the ones she doesn't have much emotional attachment to) pasts would be "That's rough, buddy", which isn't too interesting xD I do hope what I have in mind will flow somewhat naturally given the present chapter. It's the magic of fanfiction :) Different interpretations make the same-ish story enjoyable multiple times
  7. I'm always changing the dialogue a tad bit when I can make it more concise or add more flavor lol so much that I forget which lines were the original and which I added I think what he says to Luna is almost untouched, though his reaction upon her deciding to battle MC is a tad bit different. I just checked and I think "Some people build a reputation for years and lose it in a second when they act out of line; I started off acting out of line and for years" was my addition. When I was writing that part, the whole Will Smith slapping Chris Rock thing happened, and kinda felt the fragility of reputation. I thought it sounded in-character for Bennett to say it. I personally like characters that are flawed, but even more when those characters learn from their mistakes and grow into better versions of themselves. So I do like the development Bennett went through. I'm only disappointed that most of it was done off-screen
  8. I, too, would prefer to live in dreamland

    Instead I'm stuck in a lab losing my sanity 1 ounce a day 🙃

    1. Aphelli


      I’m thinking of this webcomic arguing that while academia is a frightening and insanity-inducing place, it has nothing on the real world. 😅

  9. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 92 The fight was, in no sense of the word, even. I had to fight twice the number of pokemon as I had in my part, so there was no margin of error. I had to put into practice everything I had learned over the time I spent fighting trainers and Gym leaders into this one battle. When Shelly’s Ribombee fainted, she said something for the first time since I found her here. “Va… nilla. Ni… lla. Come… fight. Come.” It appeared though, that the voice wasn’t emitted from Shelly’s will but from the puppeteering work of PULSE Hypno. Still, though, Nilla obeyed her trainer and joined the battling. However, she purposefully didn’t give her best and faked fainting after receiving just one hit from my pokemon. The battle was very heated, despite the trainers in front of me being nothing but shells of the trainers they actually were, which made me realize that my pokemon weren’t the only ones that had become stronger over the months. The battle eventually ended with me as the victor. “How?” shouted Zero stomping in place. “I had 12 pokemon. How could I still lose?” “You’re surprised? To me, it’s just as expected,” Bennett said. “Now release Cain and Shelly from your damn machine, if you don’t want my pokemon to attack you directly,” I shouted at Zero. “Zero. Let’s grant her half of her wish. Release the girl. Cain has opposed us more times than her,” Bennett said. Zero seemed confused for a moment, before grinning mischievously. “Ah, I see. Of course,” he said, and PULSE Hypno released Shelly from the hypnosis. “Vanilla? Oh no,” she said when her mind was back in her head. She ran over to where I stood, and stopped a couple of meters away from me. “I’m so s-sorry, Vanilla. I wanted to save Anna and Noel, but it seems I only m-managed to make things worse,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know why I thought I could do something on my own.” “I can’t judge you, if that is what you want me to do. I have acted rash many times, and gotten myself into terrible situations. Unfortunately, only hindsight is 20/20.” Our conversation was cut short when Bennett opened his mouth again. “Zero, is the PULSE ready to take a new mind? Do her, will you?” he said. “Yessir.” At that moment, I felt a jolt of electricity in my head, as if I had had a short circuit in my brain. Gradually, I lost sensation on my arms and legs, and this made me panic. “Shelly, stand back. I don’t know what my arms and-” Before I could finish my sentence, I lost even the sensation of my own thoughts. The sound of an alarm woke me up. I sat on my bed, still half asleep, but not even bothering to cancel the noise. My head hurt a little. It was the sensation one gets when one sleeps too much. I finally reached the alarm clock made of crystallized sugar and made it stop. As if on cue, a maid servant knocked on my door and entered. “Good morning, your grace,” she said, and started taking out my school uniform from the closet. Without thinking, or rather, from routine, I allowed her to help me change into the pristinely ironed clothes. She opened the door to the bathroom, which was connected to my room. After I was done with that, she sat me in front of a dresser to style my hair. The mirror reflected us both. Why do I feel like something is off? I thought to myself, as I watched the woman carefully brush my long almost-white blonde hair and braid it. I have seen this image as many times as I have woken up. I was sure of that. But at the same time, I felt as though this had not taken place in a long time. How could I reconcile these two opposing feelings? The woman finished the styling with hairspray and politely asked me to stand up. She took my schoolbag and we exited the room together. We walked down the hallway but made a short stop at the terrace, where my grandmother was sitting alone and having breakfast. “Good morning, Vanilla,” said my grandmother. “Good morning,” I replied. “Have fun in school.” Then we continued walking to the foyer and then outside of the castle. The chauffeur was waiting for us in front of the entrance. He received the schoolbag from the maid and placed it in a compartment of the carriage. Then he opened the door for me and we were off to school. “Hello, Vanilla,” Wolfie said when she saw me arrive at school. For some reason, I felt so uncommonly happy to see her that I almost cried. “Hi, how are you?” I received my bag from the chauffeur and walked with Wolfie to the school building. “How was your weekend?” she asked me. I tried to remember, but I couldn’t recall what happened even the day before. “Oh yeah. We went bunny chasing on Saturday, didn’t we?” she said. “I almost forgot.” Then I recalled that we had chased rabbits. “That was a lot of fun, as always. I wish Candy had been here, since she was the fastest chaser and could’ve caught one of them for us,” I said. “Ah, speaking of the devil, here she comes,” Wolfie said and waved in a specific direction. I saw Candy coming our way, and I wondered why I had even thought that she wouldn’t be here. “Hi~ How are you doing?” “We were just talking about how you caught a bunny for us. It was mighty cute.” “I’m glad you enjoyed petting the little one,” she said. “But hey let’s hurry. It’s almost time for homeroom.” We ran inside the school, but parted ways since Candy was in a different class from ours. Wolfie and I stayed together and entered the classroom, where all the other students were already seated. The teacher looked at us with displeasure, but said nothing. We quickly found open seats and sat down to hear the announcements for the day. “Good morning,” said Aladdin, who was sitting in the chair next to the one I sat in. For a brief moment, a strong emotion seemed to rush through my head, but I couldn’t explain why. Something like anger? No, perhaps disappointment? I wasn’t sure, but it was over before I could analyze it fully. I could also not recall why I had any reason to feel those things towards Aladdin either, so I dismissed its importance. “Good morning,” I replied, trying not to smile too much. Right after homeroom was over, we had class. I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention, so I spent my time practicing some pen tricks, which sometimes resulted in it rolling off my desk. On one such occasion, when I reached underneath my desk to get my pen, I felt dizzy for a bit and then heard the following: “Vanilla, wake up!” The voice sounded awfully familiar, but even when I looked around the classroom, I didn’t see anyone whose voice matched it. “Did you hear something?” I whispered to Wolfie, who was busy taking notes. “Hear what? Well, I’m listening to Mr. Appleby, unlike you.” The voice hadn’t been Mr. Appleby’s. Since no one but me apparently heard it, I again had to dismiss it as something unimportant. Class went on without any other strange thing happening. *** I knew that no matter how much I called her, she wouldn’t respond. After all, I had experienced the PULSE’s hypnosis firsthand, and knew what it was like to be trapped in a comfortable dream. Even then, I couldn’t help myself from trying to pull her out of there. “Vanilla, wake up! C-come back to us,” I shouted without avail. “With Vanilla under our control, we won’t have anything getting in our way anymore,” Zero laughed. I wanted to say something to him and Bennett, who was silently watching us, but what could I say? They wouldn’t stop what they were doing, just because I asked. And my pokemon were all fainted, except Nilla, and even she was quite tired. Maybe if I force Vanilla to leave this place, we might get out of the signal’s reach, I thought. Yet, when I tried to put that into action, Vanilla pulled away the arm that I had grabbed. “Do you think we don’t know what you would try?” Zero said. “Of course, you might not know what I can do with the PULSE, since you never got to be the witness. Allow me to demonstrate.” Vanilla twitched and started lunging towards me. She tried grabbing me, but when that failed, went in for the punch. That also failed, because her movements were slow enough for me to react to them. “Stop making a fool of yourself with those embarrassing controlling skills. Instead of wasting time, how about we take what we are after,” said Bennett at last. He sent out all of his 6 pokemon at once, and they targeted Vanilla’s bag and anyone that got in their way. That included Pikachu and me, who lacked combined strength to protect Vanilla’s belongings. It didn’t help that she opened the bag willingly, and stood quietly the rest of the time. At last, the Volcarona took some bracelets from her bag, and she went flying back to her owner. Bennett called back the rest of his pokemon to their pokeballs. Sapphire bracelets… Jewelry… That must be one of the keys. Before I could say anything about that, though, something unexpected happened. “You know what it’s time for~ Lights! Cameras! Aaaaand Drama!” said a voice I recognized from TV but hadn’t heard in person in a very long time. Gossip Gardevoir entered the space we were in, and she wasn’t alone. Luna and Ms. Voclain, who was someone I had only seen in magazines when I was younger, were with her. There was one more person, who I assumed was Mr. Vanhanen, but I couldn’t be 100% sure because they were wearing a… black cat(?) mask that covered the entire top half of their head. “Bennett!” cried Ms. Voclain as soon as she entered. “Mother? Why did you come here too?” “For you, obv-” she stopped there for a second, and followed with: “Your hair. It looks… better.” “I’m aware, Mother. Thank you. Now please go. I don’t wish for you to get dragged into this.” “You should’ve thought of that before you went and joined a terrorist organization.” “Firstly, they’re more of a religious organization,” he replied. “Secondly, I don’t approve of everything they do. I’m only doing a few jobs for them to pay my dues.” “You’ll be paying your dues for a while longer when we’re out of here,” Ms. Voclain said, with blood rising to her face. “I’m not coming home. I found what I want to do with my life. Do you understand? I am no longer a child you can boss around.” “You may not be a child, but are your actions truly becoming of an adult?” Mr. Vanhanen asked. “My actions? I’m-” Bennett stopped and placed a hand on his mouth to hide a snort. “I’m sorry. I cannot take you seriously with that ridiculous mask on. How can you preach to me what actions are becoming of an adult?” I would’ve wanted to advocate on behalf of the gentleman who helped save me from El’s cult some time back, but I was honestly blanking on words to do so. “Not all hats are created equal, but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect.” “Mother, how do you manage to make every new boyfriend weirder than the last?” “Don’t get the wrong idea here,” Ms. Voclain said, coloring a little. “For real! You should already know that Master is vigorously taken,” added Gardevoir. “Besides, shouldn’t we be focusing on rescuing our friends and destroying that hideous machine over there?” Gardevoir pointed at the PULSE. This sudden interjection made Bennett’s attention shift from his mother to Gardevoir. “It’s been a while, Gardevoir.” “Not long enough, if you ask me! I would’ve been happily satisfied with ‘forever’.” “I don’t fault you for thinking that way, but please understand that I am no longer the same person you once knew,” he said. “I would much rather everyone forget what happened in the past, but I understand that won’t be an easy task. Some people build a reputation for years and lose it in a second when they act out of line; I started off acting out of line and for years.” Bennett then hopped on his Volcarona and flew down to the same level we all were. He stood with his back towards Vanilla and I, so I couldn’t see his face. “I believe that, before I do anything else, I should take a moment to offer my sincerest apologies to you, Luna,” he said. “I beg your pardon?” Luna replied, surprised at being addressed so suddenly. “My behavior to you was unacceptable. It pains me to remember what I did, so the memories for you must be indescribably bitter. I disrespected you by treating you as an object before a person. There is no excuse for this. And there is no room for such acts to be forgiven. I only wished you to know that I am aware of that now.” Luna was silent, and didn’t look at Bennett but instead kept her gaze fixed at a point on the floor. “However, today you have come as my enemy, to destroy the PULSE and take the prisoners I’ve captured over a long period of time. I can’t stand by and watch as that happens. Therefore, you must excuse me if I use all that is under my power to stop you.” He then asked Zero whether the PULSE was working properly to engage Vanilla in battle. While they spoke, I quickly rushed to the others and quickly summarized to them that Vanilla was hypnotized. “She is sort of trapped in a d-dream,” I explained. “The p-PULSE Hypno creates a rather, um, comfortable dream that looks, um, so much like reality. It’s so realistic, and at the same time idealistic, that, um, I think the mind doesn’t realize it has lost control of the real body to the PULSE.” “I understand. So that means that in order to free Vanilla, we must defeat her in battle and then destroy the PULSE,” Luna said and I nodded. “In that case, let me be the first to fight her.” “Zero, before you make her battle, I think it will be best to return that ghastly mouse into its pokeball and not use it to fight,” Bennett said. “That one saw what went down, and might dissuade the other pokemon from obeying orders.” Zero agreed and made Vanilla grab Pikachu’s friend ball and return him to it. Poor Pikachu squealed unhappily, but there was little he could do to escape the pokeball’s laser. “This will be interesting. They were clever in choosing Vanilla as their first line of defense, since she has bested us all one time or another,” Mr. Vanhanen pointed out. “However, a game’s outcome can never be securely predicted. A large enough group of Pawns could very well win against 1 Queen.” “She’s tough, even with the handicap of only using 5 pokemon,” Luna said. “Zero is the one controlling her, but it seems Vanilla’s pokemon have substantially grown in strength since we last met,” Mr. Vanhanen noted. “Even when he makes newbie mistakes and lacks coherent strategy, it seems their sheer power makes up for it.” “With Vanilla on our side, we’re invincible,” Zero laughed. “You’re too hasty to conclude that. I merely took on the task to soften Vanilla enough for my parents to overcome her,” Luna said. “We will triumph as a family.” “Of course. Miss Voclain, may I have the honor of this battle?” “The last time a man asked me that, he left the arena crying,” Ms. Voclain said and flipped her pin straight hair. “That is a risk I am interested in taking right now.” “Then, let’s hope you can satisfy.” “Seriously, Mother? I’m going to be sick here,” Bennett said. “Zero, don't mind the battle. Put them to sleep.” Mr. Vanhanen and Ms. Voclain stepped forward, but Zero didn’t seem inclined to put them to sleep at all. Bennett was surprised that his command had gone completely ignored, but with quick judgment, decided to heal both Vanilla’s and Cain’s pokemon to prepare them for a double battle. Thus the battle began as a 2-vs-2. *** During the boring string of classes, I had another few lapses of feeling like something was amiss. It felt as though I was forgetting something important, but no matter how much I spent trying to remember, I just couldn’t. “Tonight we are going to The Palace,” Candy told Wolfie and Aladdin when we met up after our last class. “Oh yeah. It’s already that time of the year, huh? The Queen’s birthday celebration?” Wolfie said. Once a year, the Queen would open the doors to her palace to members of the aristocracy, to celebrate her birthday. It also served as an opportunity for the Council to present statistics such as population growth, crime rate, and unemployment rates, among other things. It was protocol, for everyone already knew what to expect from some of those statistics, but it served to give relief to the noble class, so that they could keep investing as much as they had been doing in the coming year. “I think the food must be tasty, but I’m not fond of parties,” Aladdin commented. “The food is lovely! And there’s dances and a lot of talking. But also boworing kind of talking, which I’m not a fan of either.” “Candy, you never even listen to the boring talks. You’re always dozing off during presentations.” My friends laughed and Candy scratched her head, smiling. “I can’t help it. I do try to stay awake, I really do.” “Then I guess you can convince me tonight.” After that, we each went to our homes. At night, the maid servant helped fix my hair into a bun, and to get me into an extra-formal version of our traditional bubblegum garment. I needed help because the dress was very puffy and weighed quite a bit by itself. When she was done with the makeup, I looked at myself in the mirror. I always marveled at how different I looked with color on my eyelids, black eyelashes and rosy lips, though I couldn’t be bothered to paint my face very often. It was enough that there were a few occasions in the year to confirm that I could look less ghastly if I wanted to. My father, Candy and her mother were waiting for me in the foyer. Candy was also wearing a bubblegum dress, but she had a large hat on, to represent the Hatter side of her family, which, due to not being an aristocratic family, could not attend the party. The two older adults were not wearing traditional garments, but just a normal suit and a shiny dress that wasn’t made of gum fiber. “You look so pretty, Vanilla,” Candy said and held both of my hands. “Let us take a picture before we go,” said my father, and cued a servant to come take it for us. The four of us lined up and smiled. “We all look lovely,” said Candy, looking at the picture we had taken. “Now let us get going. The carriage awaits.” The Palace is located about an hour from our residence. We passed a tunnel, which marked the limits of two Council member’s residences. There was some traffic, because there were quite a few aristocratic families in Everland and important guests from abroad, but only 4 roads that led to the Palace. Once we left the tunnel, though, the brightness of the palace was almost blinding. Even though it was nighttime, it was almost as if the sun had never set upon it. We got off the carriage and allowed servants to guide us to the venue. Some years the venue was a large hall inside the palace, and other years it was in the vast gardens. Given that the weather was nice tonight, the Queen must’ve thought that celebrating her birthday in the gardens would be most appropriate. There was a stage that had been assembled just for this night, and many round tables in front of it, where the guests could sit down and eat while the people talked on stage. One such table, on the very first row, was reserved for our family. The party started right on time. While one of the Council members, who was the host for the night, thanked us for attending the party, servants went around with trays that had some drinks and appetizers. My father and Candy’s mother took a glass of Champagne, while I took a cup of juice and two little plates of appetizers. I regretted my choice, though, because I remembered too late that I was already of legal age to drink alcohol. Candy got a glass of cocktail and also two appetizers, and wasted no time in devouring one of them. The host invited the other Council members to the stage, and began talking about the boring statistics. I looked at Candy, who was fast asleep. I didn’t sleep but kept myself busy by swirling the juice and thinking about why I was feeling like I didn’t really want to be here. The appetizers tasted nice, and so did the juice. We were seated in the front row. I looked at the other tables, and saw a few familiar faces, like the family that immigrated from Arandalle, who was seated three rows behind us. No one present was particularly distasteful to me. So why was I dissatisfied? As time passed, more appetizers came, then the main dish, which was a large steak of beef. Due to our geographical location, meat of large animals such as cows and any seafood, were considered a luxury that only the wealthy could afford, so it was custom among the upper classes to offer it to guests. However, I’m sure that only the Queen could do such an act of offering beef to the thousand that were gathered tonight. We had just begun eating our steak, when the clock struck 12 and the Queen made an appearance at last. *** “They’re too strong,” Mr. Vanhanen said when his last pokemon was defeated. “Can we really not do anything? Do we really not have an ace under the sleeve?” “Father…” Luna said. “Zero. What are you doing?” Bennett said. “Did you not hear me when I told you to put them to sleep? There was no need to battle them.” “Err, this was done to test-” “Don’t speak. I see you’ve just been enjoying puppeteering Vanilla around as you please. You’re acting based on your own feelings, instead of what is best for Team Meteor.” “I… I just wanted to make sure Vanilla was under control,” Zero said, but his face seemed paler than usual. “You wanted to feel that control. Perhaps because you’ve lacked autonomy over your own body for so long.” Zero bit his lower lip and said nothing, so Bennett carried on talking. “I read your file. You were just a grunt before joining with those girls, correct? It is no wonder that you personally resent Vanilla so much. Those two girls were the only thing that allowed you to stand out and be promoted to agent status, and now you’ve lost them because of her.” Zero looked as if he would have rather cried, but was doing his best to hold himself together. “As long as you don’t learn to suppress your emotions, you will keep being the incompetent grunt you still are.” There was silence in the room after this. I think all the people on my side were stunned at the unprovoked talk that just happened, but something else happened to snap them back to the present: Vanilla groaned. *** The second I saw her, though, my blood started boiling. Without even knowing what I was doing, I grabbed the steak knife and ran from my seat up to the stage. My ears heard unintelligible noises, probably from the commotion that my sudden action was causing. However, my eyes were set on the Queen and never let her go out of sight. While the Council members retreated to safety, the Queen stood still, silently looking back at me. Even when I stabbed her in the chest, she did not utter a word. The Queen crumbled to the floor and so did I, since I couldn’t support her weight. I stabbed her once more. Then one more time. *** “Vanilla. What is this? Her emotions are becoming chaotic. Why? She should be in the midst of a pleasant dream.” “Control her. We can’t let her slip out of our hands,” Bennett shouted. “This is perfect timing,” said Gardevoir. “I was waiting for an opening, and I think this will do.” She moved across the room and stopped in front of Vanilla. Her back was now towards us, but since I wasn’t directly behind her, I could still see part of her face. “I’m trying to show her another dream, but she’s resisting.” “Let Cain go and concentrate on controlling Vanilla. Hurry!” *** My shoulders started shaking and I heard a burst of laughter erupt from my mouth. “Finally. We are free,” I said, with so much elation as I had never felt in my life. “Your sacrifices weren’t in vain. I wasn’t chosen for nothing.” *** “If they want to put Master to sleep, and toss him aside so that he never wakes up again,” Gardevoir said. “I’ll object. I won’t let that happen, at any cost!” She lifted her arms and started making something between her hands. Something fussy and black in color. As she did, the Glass Factory started trembling a little. Anything that wasn’t well-secured started clattering. “Gardevoir!” Bennett exclaimed, when he realized that she was starting something potentially more dire than losing control on Vanilla. “Zero, forget Vanilla. Seize Gardevoir now. Now!” “Too many commands at once... it's slowing the system...” “This energy. It’s too much,” Ms. Voclain said, taking a few steps back. “Gardevoir, please don’t hurt Vanilla and Cain,” I pleaded but I didn't think she registered what I said. “I can set things right. This was my purpose all along,” she whispered to herself instead. “Zero, hurry up!” “On it!” “... Whatever happens, please remember,” Gardevoir said, turning her head slightly to see her trainer. “I will always love you more than she, or anyone else, ever could.” *** I laughed unstoppably for a little longer; however, when I saw the blood on my hands and my dress, I shrieked. Who’s blood is this? Then, I found myself in an entirely different location. I was not in the Queen’s Palace. I was in the Glass Factory, watching a Gardevoir summon a dark orb between her hands. I saw that Shelly was diagonally behind her. We locked eyes. But in the next moment, I was no longer in the Glass Factory either. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS
  10. Haven't played E19 yet but I'd like to appreciate the hecc of everyone who helped complete the game Thanks for creating this community as well! I've been on these forums for 5 years and it's been a lot of fun~
  11. Hehe it was a hyperbole lol but even then, being a stranger to most people but becoming kinda famous in a few days is a feat on its own xD Imagine how many wannabe YouTubers wish they could have the same luck haha
  12. I like things making sense, it's just I sometimes fail at fulfilling my intentions xD I cut the episode right there so I'd have time to give the gauntlet a gazillion tries haha I'm a PhD candydate uwu
  13. That's some galaxybrain move lol Poplio is my fave starter :p glad to see her in the story Bruh gossip travels fast af xD Imagine trying not to look sus, but then everyone and their mom knowing you're sus in like your second day E19 is out and y'know I've been watching a playthru of it cause I ain't restarting. Ame overhauled a lot of it, not just adding the last episode! It's almost like a different game from up to E18 lol. Fervis will have a lot of work to do if they want to make the mod for E19 cause there's many more battles than before me thinks. Anyway, nice chapter 2 and prolly nice new chapter too :p
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