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  1. Lolol have y'all ever been on a float with someone and been thrown off because they started moving like a my madman? No? Well, it's p fun so y'all should try it xD I'd have time to think, "oh no, I'ma fall bois" and then really fall. Ah I miss waterparks. I feel Tania being merciless with Team Meteor and her relationship with Amaria are separate. She might be cruel for the sake of being cruel with the former, but she's an accidental antagonist in the latter me thinks. The additional AU content only amplified what was already there. Yeahhh! Crazy how time flies. What happens in
  2. LOL me too but now it's back to 2 months wait The gauntlet I don't think will be as interesting as the Tourmaline saga but given a certain character is involved in it, it might have its unique charm. Yeah lol I'm proud of my babies growing to accept their differences, even if one's evidently better at it than the other xD
  3. Yeah, when I hadn't played E17 and people were saying "Amaria tried to drown me", I actually imagined her taking us by the shoulders/neck and pushing us into the water while we struggled in vain xD but after playing, I realized the next scene with Amaria and Titania arguing about her "supposed" murder attempt doesn't work if Titania actually saw Amaria trying to drown us. The version I chose is much less dramathicc than my initial imagination, but well, Vanini did almost drown just by being pulled into the water the other time, and she was within reach distance of the pondside then
  4. Lol I just can't imagine Titania making it in time to save Vanilla in the canon way of drowning (the thing is like a maze down there, how did Tania know protagonist was trapped down there?) so realistically speaking, she'd die which ain't what I need lmaoo The method I chose is more "visible" when Tania comes into the arena, and I did drop the hint a few chapters back that Vanini doesn't know how to swim, especially while wearing normal clothes
  5. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 88 Well, usually I don't have this sort of thing but I felt this song kinda went well with this episode so I'ma link it: The inside of Fiore Mansion was full of water, just as I’d left it. Amaria was mopping the hardwood floor around the pool, somehow not bothered by the fact that the majority of the room, and practically all their wooden furniture and electronics had been destroyed by the flooding. “Tania?” She raised her head in response to us opening the door, but looked disappointed that we didn’t enter with Titania. “Hi h
  6. There are like a few folkloric tales which are told over and over when you're a Japanese child. Urashimataro's story is just one of them so when stuff happens where things changed drastically while I was away, I instinctively remember that story lol It's not so important but for consistency's sake, Vanilla had a fren who went away when she was young so her remembering this tale should be in-character. Very good point, but Vanilla doesn't know the concept of mental health, really. To her, if she wasn't able to achieve something, it's her fault for not being strong enough. If her mind ca
  7. Happy birthday! Have some yummy sweets 🎂 for a sweet day~

    1. Baumina


      Aww, thank you, that's so sweet! Also thank you for the FEtR Episode today, that was perfect timing! Even tho it was probably yesterday for you

    2. Candy


      Lolol no problem~ it really works out like that sometimes :3

  8. Yep lol I tried not to change the fields too much to keep the challenge so far, but I just couldn't win without freezing Amaria's field
  9. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 87 While I told Julia and Archer about all that related to Taka and his demise, Julia gasped a few times, but neither of them spoke a word until I was done. And once I was done, too, they were silent for a minute. “I was here the whole time,” Archer said at last. “He went to sleep, and I helped Stethoscope in mapping the exact location of the cave that contains a water source. That took us shy of half an hour, but when I came back into our train car, he was gone. I thought he might’ve gone for a walk nearby… I never expected…” “I can’t be
  10. I donut think you're into doll customizing, but someone made a James/James-inspired doll which reminded me of you cause you like James :p Personally I liked the tattoos the artist gave him~




    1. J-Awesome_One


      Ahh! I mean it looks cool but also terrifying. XD

    2. RoySolare


      Oh my! I have never seen that video before! Looks very creative about customizing James doll.

  11. Berry good thinking since it was berry much the case Magearna is like Pikachu pre-catching. She doesn't have a pokeball because she's a family fren/helper rather than a pokemon to be caught and trained. It's not a custom :p When you choose the Reshiram route, the battle sprites are different from when it's Zekrom route. Amaria's afaik is also gonna be different~ No worries, the real reveal in a more direct way was coming prolly in the next episode, for those who missed the passive aggressive hints lol Yep he was immortal, but died becau
  12. Berry good observation, me fren that was actually a (personally) crucial point so I'm glad it was noticed~ It really gotta be gut-wrenching sometimes I planned to have an epic fight-off where Vanini would lose- actually, why don't I just copy paste it here lol This is in an alternative timeline where I didn't think this was a boring bit that should be cut (it happens instead of Silver pranking Vanini): As for Magearna, she lives in the castle and really takes care of Silver's room, (minor spoilers for Idk next chapter? it was already aggressively implied though, me
  13. Even Vanini, who really knew him for like 1 week, is a little hurt by his demise. I really hope he comes back when the world is renewed(?) in E19 I thought I'd reveal it in this episode, but it felt too hasty. Maybe in the next episode, since Amaria will be there too :p
  14. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 86 At some point, we had to exit to a rooftop, and take some colorful floating stairs. “These are also the work of an Everish artisan. They are under the spell to remain in place, so don’t worry about them suddenly falling or anything,” he said cheerily, as always, unbothered the difficult situation I was in. “Do be careful not to lose your balance, though. I would offer you a hand, but… well, let me just say that would not be quite a Helping Hand.” I didn’t understand his meaning, but I only shrugged. I didn’t like him enough to hold his
  15. I think you can format it as you like, but I personally try to make it easier for peepos to read my stuff by: Having the first post list/link all the chapters in spoilers so that they can click on the next one if they don't want to scroll through 15 pages lol Have a "link to the next chapter" thing at the bottom of each chapter so that if peeps comment a lot, other peeps can still quickly skip those to go to the next chapter without scrolling. Having different colors for the dialogue. This isn't so much for easiness to read, but because colors = fun! That's what comes to
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