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  1. *sad vanini noises* Glad you found it brilliant because it was a last minute ass-pull xD I thought dogs couldn't smell through water, but then I googled and found out they can (for example, dogs that smell dead people that have sunk in a lake or something). So I thought about how to make this still work cause if Vanini and Taka get caught it's bye-bye Tania's Gym. 'twas one of those times I had to go for plot-driven rather than character-driven stuff Vanilla agrees Julia approves Glad you liked it! Cause I was berry subtly leading u
  2. The reason why I wrote Jasmin’s back story was because she’d make a sudden appearance here and I didn’t want y’all to be like, Who?? But then I hiatus’d for 2 months+ so it had zero effect anyway There was going to be Pokémon battles for the tourney but Online Play wouldn’t cooperate and then I thought I could make it more exciting and explosive by writing which is what I did xD The next episode I’m adding a bit of extra non-canon bit to Tania, which I’m pretty excited to write. But that means we might be saying some goodbyes...
  3. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 84 Remember the last time when I broke an episode into two parts because I felt it was too long for 1 episode? Yeah, me neither. This is super long and took me even longer to write because the last 1/3 of it was hard to write for some reason. But it was necessary. Because here we close one more character arc. I'm on a roll uwu And we finally finish Tourmaline Travels Vanilla Edition. If all goes according to keikaku, next episode will be VS Tania Also, the real reason I'm posting this today is that I was feeling especially lucky toda
  4. Hi! I speak Spanish too and want to thank y'all for your hard work! That's a lot of content to translate! Really, have a candy on me, fam
  5. That hypothetical dude tried to look cool by choosing some prime number that wasn't mainstream and totally eff'd it up
  6. Sounds hot Wonder if Gabby's bro will have a cameo. Maybe he's had, and I'm just late to the party I guess I'll see for myself 20 light years later when I actually get to that chapter lmao Forgive me for some super old stuff being dug out by me reading at snail's pace.
  7. Za fuckin' wot, mate? Pray be patient with me because I'm reading... slowly but steadily. My goal is to catch up by the time you finish the story but here I might be irrationally optimistic I wish my reading wasn't teenager level fam
  8. I can give them to you, if you don't mind that they're both Lv 1. My trading ID is Candy, PM me when you're able to go online (it might take a few tries)
  9. Thx for your comments :p but just clarifying that Solaris' part was Ame's work that I just added what I thought Taka would feel towards. Crazy how long I've been writing this lol I'm not known for keeping motivation and/or focus for long
  10. 1) What your fave candy? 2) Why did you choose hexagon as your shape? 3) Which of the five senses do you like most? 4) Do you art, and if so what kind? 5) Do you speak multiple languages or just one?
  11. I thought the only blastoise would be mega in Vanini's team because I'd forgotten medicham can mega-evolve lol Lowkey one of the two reasons I needed to include Sugiline Cave in the story xP It's more a product of my lame sense of humor :blobsweat: Archer is ripped cause he's practically a marine But most importantly, u gon tell me this: is more fun than this: But even more importantly than most importantly, is this a Jojo reference? It's prolly an item you use to meditate but she ain't no monk I think she would've
  12. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 83B HA! As back-to-back as you gon' get, frendos The next day, we woke up when the sun was already quite high up in the sky. My blisters were miraculously mostly gone. That ointment from the ‘abroad’, as Europa called it, wasn’t hyped for nothing. Yet, we couldn't just idly lie on the dusty and sandy train seats forever. We had to make arrangements to go exploring the desert once again, as though we hadn’t had enough of that already. I was in a fowl mood because of that, while I removed my bandages one by one. “You don’t seem to hav
  13. lol Sasha's not from this story (Corso's reacting to my reply to Sol) Hair related stuff reminds me of that one time Aster and Eclipse painted Vanilla's hair with cheapass paint lmao Also, I did say back-to-back but no one works on the weekends so let's say if I upload the rest today we're gucci
  14. Hmm I don't remember a haircut reference but maybe I did it unintentionally lol And this was what I imagined Julia's glare would be like:
  15. When I posted my April Fools post, this showed: And I was like, "geez Forums, I don't need to be reminded of how un-often I update this thing"
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