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  1. The one time I did a nuzlocke, I lost just before Florinia xD Good luck!
  2. Current mood: wanting to eat good food
    Actual mood: I just wanted to write that for some reason

  3. I think the 5IV should be the one holding the power item, since it forces that IV value on the offspring (not sure if that's just a typo). It's probably easier if you get a 6IV ditto (they've been around and I have one too if you'd like one). I do recommend getting the mod if you're planning to shiny breed :p
  4. I feel thee. There was a time when I, too, bred for hours xD Do you have the speed breeding mod? It was a life changer for me
  5. Candy

    Run Ideas

    I’ve done several runs to make it more fun when I’ve already cleared the game with my fave Pokémon. Fairytale run: this is pretty subjective but I went ahead and looked up fairytales and Pokémon that I felt would represent those tales. I limited it to 12 mons. Rainbow run: can use only Pokémon that have a rainbow-themed shiny sprite (this is only playable in games with custom shiny sprites lol) Wonder-trade run: I think this is something common. You do a nuzlocke but every catch is exchanged in the WT. Event-only run: I think it was already mentioned but it’s where you
  6. I'm joining the bandwagon to wish you a merry birthday, fren 🙌

    1. LykosHand


      Thanks a lot Candy!! 🤗

  7. Ngl I love when people use Ace Attorney for profile pics cause I can easily identify people with good taste Anyhow, welcome back
  8. Yah! I wanted to find a word for someone who likes explosions but this was the closest I could find (in my brain lmao). I’m not sure that all explosions result in fires because I found a paper that says the term isn’t even clearly defined
  9. Pyromaniac = Julia Sadist = Archer Ex-terrorist = Taka these are all in Vanini’s POV (I don’t think terrorists think of themselves as terrorists)
  10. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 82 I wanted to make a meme about this part of the story, but I don't have time so maybe I'll hafta make it for next episode lmao The sandstorm came on and off intermittently, probably all throughout the night. I couldn’t make sure of it, however, because once I tucked myself under the blanket, I was pretty much a goner. However, at one point during the night, I woke up to Taka trying to sneak under the blanket. “Ah, sorry. Did I wake you?” he asked. “Yes. What time is it?” Taka squinted and checked his watch. “It’s 2:1
  11. I think it'd be useful to set screens, but not necessary either. Imo the best strat is to 2vs1 Aya's not-mareanie-pokemon, keeping mareanie to be dealt with last. Mareanie doesn't hit too strongly because it's a defensive mon, but lunatone is rock type so it might not fit with that strat.
  12. I think jynx would be a good addition. due to the field, sometimes pokemon can be frozen which is annoying but ice types would (probably?) avoid it entirely.
  13. As I said idk wtf Mao did (rn anyway, if I remember I’ll check those links xD) but I was just referring to the dynamic of Vanilla-Wolfie duo. Vanilla is not a deep thinker (unlike Gabriel for instance) because she’s a doer and relied on Wolfie’s brain for most of her life. But whether or not Vanilla planned to go full-on Mao, I wonder if the circumstances would even allow that to even happen...
  14. Thanks for the thorough analysis, and you're pretty spot-on on everything you said. I don't know much about Mao, but fiction tends to resemble reality. The duo of Vanilla and Wolfie might've been almost exactly as Mao and that second dude were. I don't know if I have a writing style, but I like to write about raw human-human interactions in their various complexities (as far as the limit of my imagination will allow me to). FEtR is, at the same time, all about morality and not about morality at all. Every major character thinks they are in the right, or at least don't think they're wrong,
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