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  1. If you know the story from watching a playthru, I'd play Rejuvenation if it were me. I love to experience things semi-blind. Once I've done that, though, I usually repeat the stuff again, like replay with different teams and limitations and such. Maybe you could play Reborn afterwards when you're caught up with Rejuv But that's just me so you do you~
  2. my other theory is that we (the player) are the real turncoat and are cooperating with Team Meteor without anyone, including us, knowing. But that might be a lil bit farfetch'd. I just am curious to know why Lin seems to know us and has specifically asked everyone "not to touch" us so many wild theories man. Thamill goes for Arclight, you for Ame and me for Adrienn
  3. I never even tried the magic square cause too much for a smol brain candy and also didn't need neither of those
  4. I literally was so dumb on my first playthrough. I was like "puzzles, what are those?" and literally KO'd 5 of my pokemon save for 1 that was immune to the electric shocks while I went. This time around (because I happen to be playing the Devon corp part now too) I did the puzzles properly and felt like they're one of my fave puzzles in the game
  5. Well we didn't see what really happened, so we don't know if both were really gassed. And as for the restoration, sure it goes against Team Meteor's goals, but I find it weird that they just watched as the city got rebuilt without hampering the progress at all. Why did they bother destroying an already broken city (from the earthquakes) if they were going to chill as everything became fixed? Anyhow, it's just my crazy theory for now
  6. That was difficult to watch bruh On the other hand, boi took him long to find Indra, and I'm hoping he'll put two plus two together and figure out the stuff with ZEL and the magnezone next episode. Also I'ma gonna say this again but I theorize that Adrienn is a turncoat among us. Xe raises many red flags like: Xe has practically brainwashed the whole region to see xem as the savior The region hasn't been destroyed after xe took charge (sounds like xe made an agreement with Team Meteor to spare the region in exchange for xyr cooperation) In Devon corp mission, xe enters with Ame, so it might be that xe overpowered Ame together with other grunts to capture her In Devon corp mission, xe leaves practically unharmed in the end
  7. You might find evolution stones by mining rocks
  8. PSA: Regarding From Everland to Reborn Season 4 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent financial deficit it has brought upon me, I was left with no choice but to sell everything I own, starting from my beloved expensive figures to my clothes. I'm now nakkid. Fortunately for me but unfortunately maybe for you, I also sold the rights to From Everland to Reborn (FEtR). As such, I will no longer be able to post new episodes for free on this thread. The whole story will be available for a small price of 50 USD in the following formats: Kindle, iBooks, PDF(1.4M). Sorry for the inconvenience this might've caused, and again I thank you for the continued support. Candy
  9. I think if you're in the early stages in your Reborn fanfiction, it'd be good for you to choose to do a Rejuv fanfiction instead, since you feel a connection between your MC and the Rejuvenation characters/setting/plot. If you're far into your Reborn fanfic, then it'd depend whether you don't mind throwing that much writing away. I personally am not good at finishing stories, having like ~4 ongoing ones and 1 finished one, so I prefer to try to finish something instead of starting a new project if it's possible... or if I can repress my urge to start something new (hint: that almost never happens)
  10. You can access it through Malchous Forest (iirc the name of the forest in Beryl). I think there are 4 exits in the forest: the one you first enter and soon encounter the nuzleafs' trap, the one with access to the library, the one that is only accessible from the library and is accessed through a building to get to one of the puzzle's levers, and the exit to fight Team Meteor admins the first time round.
  11. I know why: because she's underaged. The most I've seen shipped is Heather x Shelly, but more like a platonic relationship ofc. The ship I just sunk(?) was also platonic- given I only ever had platonic loves when I was 12, I assume that's the case for most 12 y/os, Shelly not being an exception to the rule. Her great admiration and adoration of Vanilla just morphed into love, it's as simple as that. And contrary to popular belief, pre-teen people also love, so even if it's "frowned upon", I didn't want to censor Shelly's feelings which were as naturally developed as I could VANILLA RATES: REBORN COMMUNITY Jokes aside, it'd be funny (for me) to know who people ship with Vanilla. I could personally see: Vanilla x Aladdin, Vanilla x Archer, Vanilla x Shelly, and Vanilla x Saphira. None of which will be canon... unless?
  12. Donut let Ame contact le cops And yah it's unfort that with all the focus on people and relationships breaking, my boi has to sit in the audience seat he's prolly more of a gossip than Charlotte or Heather lol but there's a certain episode(s) in Season 4 planned for him so no worritos :yoomtah:
  13. Vanilla doesn't love romantically like Shelly does, and she's also pretty much done with everything to do with love (hinted with the feather stuck on her heart, which was a symbolism for how Aladdin ruined her chances at romance). I'll take like a month or so break because I have to do qualification exams for grad school x_x I just hope I can stay on task when I suck at staying on task oof Edit: also congrats on being the 700th comment on here~ yay~
  14. if you lower the stats of quagsire a lot, she'll be forced to switch out and the seed's effects will be lost so that it becomes weak to grass again
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