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  1. I'm leaving off (not the community, but a long break) putting my project on hiatus😔🥀


    I recieved my penalties

    I made my mistakes

    Gets some hate as well

    Little praise

    So to make things right

    I'll sell Chronicverse into the void

    Cuz it has horrible things

    Just wanted an AU

    Sorry if I stained you all

    If you don't enjoy it

    Then it's okay

    For now on

    My project is dead

    🥀Goodbye Chronicverse🥀

  2. Sign me off please, don't have time for this and changed my mind.
  3. Nice touch! Similar to mine story and your protagonist seems to care, but sadly- as you put in- his actions aren't good. Also feel bad for him for getring involved in such circumstances. Hope he'll be okay. Also for my story, like you... I don't follow my schedule as well, due to doing lots of applications for jobs (my old one got closed down). Kudos for your story
  4. I made a Chronicverse Ask Blog on Tumblr, so you all can ask me questions about the alternative universe and my story "A Star's Tale-Chronicles of Reborn"


    💜Feel free to ask my questions💜


  5. Jesus Christ! Flannery was pretty the savage one there.... It scared me, because Flannery would never do that in my opinion *shivers*
  6. The plot is decent, yet I'm getting goosebumps of whats coming next.
  7. Info Trainer Class: Observer/Gym Leader Gym: Starlight Gym Format: Double Battles Field: Psychic Terrain Pokemon Team Name: Gothictelle "Selene" Level: 89 Ability: Competitive Item: Leftovers Moveset: Future Sight, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt Name: Gardevoir "Hikari" Level: 89 Ability: Competitive Item: Gardevoirite Moveset: Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Psychic Name: Slowking "Asmodeus" Level: 92 Ability: Own Tempo Item: Light Clay Moveset: Reflect, Light Screen, Heal Pulse, Wonder Room Name: Beheeyem "Benedikt" Level: 92 Ability: Synchronize Item: Light Clay Moveset: Reflect, Light Screen, Calm Mind, Confusion Name: Metagross "Metalion" Level: 95 Ability: Clear Body Item: Leftovers Moveset: Meteor Mash, Giga Impact Calm Mind, Flash Cannon Name: Musharna "Shimmer" Level: 95 Ability: Synchronize Item: Choice Scarf Moveset: Moonblast, Calm Mind, Psychic, Moonlight Strategy: Her team varies in two parts in her doubles, aside being most special oriented: The defensive line with increasing their defenses; preparing for attack and the offensive line with using their attacks, boosted by her respective field. They paired up, so the defensive one supports it's offensive partner (for example: Slowking's Reflect + Light Screen, while Musharna's combination of 2× Calm Mind and Psychic/Moonblast). Additionally Future Sight might also be a threat to opponents due to the field and Calm Mind. Quotes Before the battle Greetings challenger, I'm Crystal- the Psychic Gym Leader of Starlight City. As the seer of Infinity and Beyond, I observe humanity's activities and it pains me to see such corruption and hste in this world. So many souls and life disappeared because of selfishness and cruelty. It just terrible, isn't it? All hopelessness and despair... However I can sense a strong light filled with hope and determination inside your soul and mind. Are you different from the creatures of corruption? Are you perhaps someone, that can make- even with smaller steps- changes? Then prove yourself in this trial of observation with the power of your mentally. After sending out last Pokémon Mental health is equal to physical health. You must always keep them on line for improvement or else your lose the balance. Being defeated Seems like you won this trial and proved yourself, but will it be same in the future? General afterword I see... You determination and strength were proven to my eyes in this battle. So according to the League rules, you shall receive the Sync Badge. The Sync Badge enables your Pokemon's royalty up to Level 100 maximum. Also here's another gift from me (hands out TM4 Calm Mind). This Psychic move raises both Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense of any Pokemon, that can use it. It helps to cease your worries, while you focus more on the same time. And with that, I congrat you for completing your Gym Challenge, <player>. However be aware of the Elite 4 and the Champion. They are in much higher position than us Gym Leaders. I wish you good luck for your next page and may your determination shine bright in this world.
  8. Thanks for that. My old save file is working perfectly with all the current badges and type attacks infos. Should I keep the old one or using the new one, due to it's newest update?
  9. Sign me in as well. I'm ready for rumble
  10. Currently I beat Randomus on my 3rd attemlt of the Elemental/Fantasy Theme Run today and went to check on my Trainer Profile and I noticed something TERRAble: Only the Volt Badge is showing on the cast and is still shows Opal Ward, though I'm somewhere else, even in Obsidia Ward it shows the same. Bug confirmation! Must be fixed Only I have the newest version of the game Can someone explain me this please?
  11. Amazing art as always, my friend Cassandra looks very different than her game overworld sprite... Just wow I really love Anju's design though, looking innocent and rather playful
  12. I'm currently making a pre-quel for the "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn" story, calling it "Dark Decade". You must firstly read my last update status to understand this.


    Here's the link for the Prologue😊🍎


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