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  1. So true with them. I was lucky enough to come across a shiny Alolan Graveler 3 times, but when I firstly weakened it.... it always self-destructs
  2. From one side I love your art as always. Over 9000 kudos for you But at the other side, I'm crying when I compare little Maria with her older self and for what happened to the Theolia Family. Still grieving for them all Screw you Dark Gardevoir for ruining my favourite family and turned Vitrus to Indriad. GO. TO. HELL! IT'S ALL YOU FREAKING FAULT
  3. Welcome to the REBORN community🤗🧁


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  4. Guess I am a disease for all the reborn fanfic community after written Chapter 6.... Guess I suck at safety warnings😑

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      everyone makes mistakes. just gotta make sure you dont make the same mistake multiple times and youre prob good tbh.

  5. For all Chronicverse fans & Readers of "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn", you may click there, because I have something important to discuss. Very important...



  6. SOMETHING IMPORTANT FOR YOU I'm not posting a chapter, but an message to people, who read "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn" currently. So gather around my fellas and listen closely to Evi Crystal now... So this fanfic is meant for audience at 18+ and not meant for younger ones. It's my fault for not putting this warning and as a result... I got a r7 warning for that. If you are a minor and finds sensitive topics upsetting, please read my warnings before chapter 1 (On very first page). Also only readers from 18 and up are allowed to read I repeat for clear definition: THIS fanfic contains topics as violence, gore, sexual theme and abuse! Sorry, if I may cause some worries- even if it's my fault for not giving a proper warning for safety. So... You can freely tell your opinion and review about my fanfic and Chronicverse (my AU), but no troll comments allowed. I want completely honesty with you all. Even if negative or not... I'll take that as a feedback.... Feel free to join Evi Crystal- Creator/ Owner of Chronicverse and Author of "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn".
  7. Firstly I'm not so good describing Pokemon Battles in detail and as for the power ladders.... I'm really trying, but it's not that... I mean like with Servine thing, the thugs level was kinda in the middle, but they ditched the battle during the collide with the Hyper Beam with the Flamethrower, as they knew they couldn't beat Lucia, so they took Victoria instead, who had some low level Pokemon. There will be battles... that will be unfair in the future. 2. Let me make a confession... 3) In Chroniclverse, "ZEL" never existed and indeed Zero is the oldest brother of the Seijana Family. However I would've spoil it, if I told you their backstory. Hope my answers satisfied you Now my question to you? Did Fleur's killing spree scared you? How you felt?
  8. Weeks after the release of Chapter 5, rumours reported, that Evi Crystal had published the 6th chapter. 


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  9. I don't own Pokemon Reborn and it's characters. They all belong to Amethyst. Trigger Warning: (Attempted) sexual assault, gore and murder. You have been warned ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️  🏚Operation: Through Obsidia Slums🏚 We stood in front of the entrance, which leads to the Obsidia Slums, as Victoria nervously looked around. I knew, that creeps will be there somewhere; judging Vanily's "Pervert Alert Radar" modus- that's what I call him, when he would sense people like them around his reach. "Like I said: Don't worry about this, Vicky. As long Vanily is with us, things will be and we have our Pokemon, you know." I ensured her, always remembering Vanily's protective attribute towards me. Victoria looked at me with a nervous smile. She was trying to stay calm, making eye contact to me and Vanily, who gave her thumbs up. "Yes, but I am just worried and a bit off... But I'll keep calm and strong, like Kiki taught me before." Her voice was filled with courage, as a male Kirlia and Pancham were summoned by her. "Kirl!" "Cham!" Both shouted with determination, causing their trainer to smile, petting their heads in return. "So shall we going on?" she asked me, as we made our way inside. Soon we were greeted by four thugs, looking at us with perverted eyes. "Uuhhh... Look at those two hotties there~" One burly guy with brown hair-assuming their leader- said to his companions, as they snickered heartily. "You know right! Especially this girl's hot body under those grey raggies things." Another one with dyed green hair pointed at Victoria's clothes, which earned him a death stare, as she and her Pokemon stood in front of him. "And I'll just kick your ugly face away, if you dare!" she called out, as Kirlia and Pancham stood in front of her in defence. Soon the thug was aided by a second one. "That's means, I'm your opponent to you two!" I said, as Vanily stared towards them and Fleur was send out. "Hahaha, let's see what you can do, hottiecheecks! C'mere!" The first one smirked, as they send out a Flygon and Yoongus. "Alright then let's do it! Vanily Scald them and Fleur Heat Wave first!" A orb of fire was formed, before sending winds of flames towards her opponents. The Leader's Flygon barely took damage, despite got a burn, but unfortunately for his ally's Yoongus, it was burned severely, yelping in pain. "Keep it Yoongus! " He yelled at the Normal Pokemon, as it barely stood despite it's pain. For a moment I felt sad for that Pokemon having an awful trainer like that thug, but brushed it off, wanting to focus on the battle. "Dragon Pulse!" Flygon fired a shock wave generated by it's mouth, ludging towards Fleur and Vanily. Fleur managed to dodge it, but Vanily wasn't the speed time for it's type, as the Dragon Pulse hit him at his chest, sending him into a wall. "Vanily!" I shouted in concern, as the dust smoke cleared a bit, only to see my Hoenn Starter unconscious with some blood gash on his head. Fleur looked also shocked, as she called out for him, but no avail. "Guess 0-1 for us, hottiecheecks." I could hear the Flygon Trainer's mocking voice, causing us to turn around, anger boiling inside us. If someone dares to make fun me or anyone, that I care, they'll get as; remember what those two grunts said about Hannah's grandparents and made her cry. "Shut up! I still have one Pokemon left, so don't get too cocky with victory. Fleur, Mystical Fire on their asses!" The Fox Pokemon gracefully moved her tails, forming a red circle of fire around her body, glowing red orange. I closed my eyes, as I could fell her energy of elegance wrapped around me. Just like back at the Super Constest in Hoenn. "Now Fleur, I want you to unleash it careful, so this place will not burn entire. Now do it!" I didn't know, what came to me, but it feels such wonderful as my bond makes me be at Fleur's place now. "Yoongus use Hyper Beam!" It's trainer panicked, as Fleur's flames drives him in fear. The Alola Pokemon immediately shoot a powerful beam from it's mouth towards Fleur, as she unleashed a stream of fire on the Hyper Beam. As expected, they collided with eachother, causing an small explosion around the area. I covered my eyes, as I went on my knees and counting till 10, before opened my eyes again. Luckily nothing was damaged badly by Fleur's fire or someone died, but the two thugs were not here anymore. But where did they went? Suddenly a scream cut me from my thoughs, as I rushed to the way, where the source came from. Once I arrived... my eyes grew in shock: Victoria was being held by two thugs, as she tried to break free from them, but all her efforts were unless. Soon she noticed me, as she struggled much harder. "Lucy! Please help me!" She cried out in fear, as she tried to kick around. Without hesitation, I rushed towards them, hoping to reach her, only to get send crashed into a wall by... a Dragon Pulse? As I lied down there, I felt something stomped on my stomach, causing me to scream in pain as I looked up to meet it's trainer. He seemed pleased with my condition, as I coughed some blood. "You son of a-" My voice was weak from the pain, as I tried to yell. "It was nice to battle with you hottiecheecks and thanks for that stunt before." The leader cut me off "It's very bad, that it wasn't you to be our prey, but..." He paused for a second, as he turned around to the distressed Victoria, who looked at me with tearful eyes. "But I'll give you a chance to prove yourself worth there, as your battle style is admirable. So listen closely: If you want to save your friend, then come get us to the deeps of the slums." He calmly warned me, despite hearing Victoria's distressed cries. "Well be waiting for you and I hope, you have some condoms with you. You'll needing them on the way down there." "WHAT?! Say that ag-" I was angry and about to snap, but I gasped out, as his fist connected to my stomach. I clutched it tightly as I closed my eyes in pain. "Lucy! Help me!" Victoria's cries rang through me, as they faint with each step they separate her from me. Shame took over me, as tears threatened to spill out from my eyes. I should have use one of my Pokemon for Rayquaza's sake! Why did I blindly rushed towards a group of thugs, that could easily physically overpower me? I closed my eyes, as my vision blurred.  I felt something nuzzling on my cheek, as I looked up to see it was Fleur. She looked very concern and a bit angry- guess she released me mistake. As return, I patted her fur a bit, before she carried me to Vanily, who was still unresponsive. Fleur gently licked the wound on his head and tipped her nose against it. I crutched next to him, hugging his back. As I really wanted to go up and save Victoria now, my body wasn't in shape to continue. I leaned against Vanily, as I closed my eyes for awhile, praying for Victoria's safety and cursed those fuckers, who ditched the fight, only to gang up on her. But guess in Reborn fairness doesn't exist there, unlike in Hoenn. Maybe that's what it stands for. Suddenly I felt something small rubbing on my belly, as I opened my eyes to see a scratched Pancham... Wait Pancham?! That's Victoria's Pancham! How did it got there? Then I noticed Fleur returning, carrying something grey in her mouth. I took a close look, to see her Kirlia sticking his battered head from a grey cloth, Fleur wrapped it around the Psychic Pokemon. This only fuels me anger, as I assumed during Fleur's Mystical Fire, those ideas much have beaten her Pokemon too, to prevent them helping Victoria. Kirlia was placed in my lap, to rest with me and Vanily. He was asleep though, despite his injuries. If only I could go to a hospital or some Pokemon Center to get some medical attention, but what if its too late for Victoria? What if she... I shrugged the though, feeling the urge to vomit now. Great, just great... Suddenly I spotted Pancham coming towards me, holding a golden star like piece at his tiny pawns. I grab it and gold it in my hands, looked and it. It shines so wonderful, as my body glowed for a moment and I close my eyes, feeling it's sensation inside me. Once it stopped, I felt something hugging me as I turn around. Vanily was awake and his head injure was no more. So the bruises on Pancham and Kirlia. We feel like the our injuries never existed before and I realized it has some healing powers. I really want to keep it with me, but then that piece wasn't there anymore; simply vanished after the healing process. For a few seconds I wondered, what should I do next, until I remember Victoria. "C'mon guys, let's save Vicky." I got up, picking Pancham on my arms and we went to the slum's deeps as faster we could, hoping were not too late saving Victoria. On my way, I battled more thugs down there- which I guess their leader send them to prevent our little rescue. But I'm filled with determination till the end and so were my Pokemon and hers. Apart the fights, the only thing that worries me is those hallways, which reminded of labyrinths, as I often find myself at a dead end. I could've used Vanily's Bulldoze, but this would only cause more damage and who knows, they could be somewhere near in a hidden spot, unreachable from naked eye. But I'm not giving up, as I moved further scanning for the possible way to them. I went downstairs, where it was a bit darker then up, but there's a bit light too. Carefully taking steps down, as Pancham jumped from my arms and run further on, making some concern on me, as we both saw a shadowy figure illuminated by the light. That's probably attracted it's attention, as it runs towards it, but was stopped by Kirlia, who went in front of the figure, who was half hidden by the shadows. The person didn't moved as a pair of brown eyes looked down to the two Pokemon, from what I saw. Fear stricked through my body, as I rushed towards them and grabbing them into my arms, moving a few steps away from it. Soon the room went very bright, as I turned around to see Fleur had lighten a few boxes with her fire, but luckily it didn't sprent furthermore. She walked next to me, ready to stricke, but I stopped her. As I turned my gaze back, in front of me was a woman around her late 30's or early 40's with long brown locks, reaching her upper body and those same eyes before. She wore a blue sleeveless top with a window slit, revealing a bit of her cleavage up. So was her long skirt, being the same colour with black wavy patterns, wore a pair of black heels and a blue sash around her arms. Her expression and composure were calm, yet ready not to undermine her. "Hello there, trainer." She calmly spoke, while looking at us. "Are those two Pokemon yours and you let them go around in those dangerous halls with the possibility to get killed by powerful ones? The Obsidia Slums aren't the most safest place around, right?" "Actually they belong to my friend, who got kidnapped by a gang and I'm going to rescue her now." I answered, while looking at the two worried Pokemon with concern. "And the reason, why we came here, it's because the vines are blocking the main road." The woman looked at me with a small smile "Ah yes, I know. That's why I came here too. Heading towards a meeting with... some friends. By the way, to you have other Pokemon than your Ninetails there?" She pointed at Fleur, who remained at her position. "Sure I have. I'm a trainer from Hoenn for 5 years now and... I came here to prove myself in the region's league." I told her with a little truth, covered in lie at last. "I see..." She mumbled, before half spun her heels a bit "So, it was nice to meet you, trainer. Good luck, saving your friend." And with that, she left for another direction, leaving us along. I stood there a bit, feeling somehow relived that she didn't battled me or something else. But there's no time for that, as Victoria was still in danger and we continued to walk down deeper, jumping from platform to platform, climbing up some heights and crawling down some tunnels, which made me feel, I'm in some Adventure movie or when I was at Shoal Cave back then; giving me all those vibes. Must admire, it makes things very challenging for the ones, who wants to enter those slums, but I have no time to waste, despite how long I was there. After I managed to go through a few underground tunnels, my clothes were all dirty and a bit torn and I need a shower after this, once I save Victoria and get out of here. How long does it taken already? I'm getting very worried... Suddenly I found myself on the ground, as I felt a light pain on my head. Why was the cause? I looked around and spotted... a box? I swear, before it wasn't and now it stood there. "Cham?" Pancham gently pulled my hair a bit in concern, checking on me. I smiled at the small Fighting Pokemon, who smiled back. "Welp, was stupid to no-" Suddenly the box moved a bit, before it was in front of my eyes! It jumped a bit, as he began to ran off. Puzzled and confused, I stood up and decided to forget this. After 5 minutes, I arrived in front of 3 paths. I feel a little hopeless now, as those puzzle games never ended in that place. I let out a sigh, as I looked at those paths. It could let them to Victoria and those thugs or it could be a trap. 1 correct path. 2 traps. When I heard the same noises, only to see the same mysterious box again, who jumped around in front of me, as it stays on the left path, hopping again. I hesitated, knowing it could be a trap, but Victoria's life was in stake and Pancham and Kirlia went with the box's side. Leaving without choice, we took the left path with the box being our guide- funny right? Me as a human listen to a object made of some grey material. Our mysterious guide led to till a dim hallway, where the walls were torn and trash was scattered around. Instantly it rushed towards the entrance, as we follow and soon I spotted something red black between them. As I closely inspected, there was... a Litten, who's body is bruised and battered, much worse than Kirlia's ones. Victoria's Litten... I picked it up and examined the Fire Cat Pokemon quickly. It was barely alive, as Litten looked at me with sadness and shame. Then my mind exploded, as I instantly ran down, wanting nothing but to beat the crap out of them. As I went closer, I could voices not far away and one- the loudest of them... belonged to Victoria! Instantly I hide in the nearest box, as I slowly peeped from a small hole, to see Victoria had kicked one at his balls, but got grabbed by another one, slamming her to a big table and tied her limbs separately and they... No... No, they that's a joke, right?! They began to tear her clothes off, causing her to scream loudly in anger and fear, as she struggled more. "NO! Stop this now! I'll w- Mmrrghh!" Soon they put a gag in her mouth, as they leave her upper body exposed with her black bra. "Now I wonder, how you'll be able to scream now, darling?" Their same leader cruelly laughed at her, as her only response were her muffled screams. Hater filled me, as I heard that from his disgusting mouth. I quickly reached for my PokeBalls, but suddenly I felt my hand getting behind my back, as I turned around to see a vine wrapped around and squeezed it, causing me to yelp. Quickly I covered my mouth in panic, fearing that the thugs had noticed it. However the next thing happened, was I got lifted from my hiding spot and draggled me in front of them. Fuck! That shouldn't had happened! How the hell, did the vines got there so far?! I silently cursed myself, as I stared at Victoria's horrified eyes. I could hear the mocking voices and whistles of those bastards, seeing me like that. I struggled to break free, as another vine pit my other arm back, before another vine tried to invade inside my pants, so I kicked around to prevent this. But than, I got slammed on the ground again, hitting my head at something. I groaned in pain, as blood drops were on the ground and I felt it on my mouth too. The feeling of dizziness slowly overcame me, as the mocking became louder and louder... His maniacal cruel laughter filled my ears, as I despairly watched the fire in front of me, slowly burning my sanity. I closed my eyes in shame, hating being helpless and useless to save someone. Even reaches for my PokeBall was useless now! The tears threatened to spill out, as I could hear Victoria's muffled screams of distress. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the vines coming closer to us and they began to lift my shirt and slowly taking my bra off and... Suddenly a small crash was heard, as I turned around to see a furious Fleur with a red aura eradicating from her body with glowing red eyes. She let out a scary roar, as she lugged towards the thugs and what I saw next was horrified. She fired a Flamethrower towards two of them, who tried to flee, only to get caught by the Flamethrower. Their screams filled this room, as they run off. When the 3rd guy rushed towards her with a knife, he barely got hit by her attack and managed to cut her left side; leaving a scar across her cheek till her near her muzzle. This pissed her off- as she greatly cares about her appearance- she let out another roar, but more angrier than before, scaring her assaulter. Before he could escape, his arm was bitten off by her sharp canine teeth. He screamed in high pain, as next he found himself burned by her flames and after 3 minutes, it went all quite. Never I though, one of my beloved Pokemon would do something such cruel act in their lives, though those men deserve that. "Fleur! That's enough! Please get rid of the vines quickly!" I called out, as they began to squeeze my body harder, making me gasp for air. The Fox Pokemon nodded, as she began burn the vines quickly. I collapsed on the floor and crawled away enough, before they could regenerate again. "Heat Wave on them!" I commanded, as the fire breeze shunned them vines away. During the struggle, Pancham and Kirlia had arrived and hopped to the table, where their trainer was bound. They began to untied her and removed her gag. "Ah! *gasp* Thank you so much, you two! I'm so glad, you two are alright!" she happily said, as she embraced them, as they shed tears of joy. "You little bitch! Didn't I told you to move?!" An angry voice howled, as she turned around to see the remaided thug behind her, who had a pocket knife in his left hand. He leaped at her, but she quickly dodged him, as he hit his face at the table. "Run Lucia! Now that he's down! Quickly!" She yelled, as she took her Pokemon run towards an exit. "C'mon Fleur, let's go! There's no use to fight now!" I called, as I grabbed her Litten and run away from that men, before he could get us. We didn't stopped, till we spotted a light at our right, as we immediately took the path. Soon I felt air through my noise, as I looked around. We are outside now. Finally we made it! I fall on my knees, as I let out a small scream. I took deep breaths and counted till 10, as I tried to collect myself from what I saw moments ago. "Lit... Ten?" Litten miaued, as it looked to me in concern, despite been the injured the poor thing was given. "A-re you... okay, Lucy?" Victoria asked me, as she placed her hands on my shoulders. I looked up to her for a bit, before lowering my gaze to my lap and clutching my pants in pure shame. If I was more carefully back before, perhaps things would've been easier now, right? "It's not your fault, Lucy. It came unexpected, but your Fleur saved us." She gave me a smile, as we turn around to see her guilt ridden. Blood was dripping from her muzzle, as she avoided eye contact with us; feeling ashamed to kill people in front of it's trainer, that she deeply respected and cared. I stood up and walked towards her, as she slowly took a few steps back from me. However a gentle hug around her neck, made her calm herself down, as she lowered her head on my shoulder against. Tears began to wet my shirt, but I didn't care about it now, as I also join her in. After 10 minutes, we both calmed down, as we wiped each other's tears away. "Shall we go to Coral Ward for a rest first?" I said, as I pointed to the Litten. "Sure." Victoria said, as she picked Litten and run towards the south direction with her Pancham and Kirlia following behind her. So did we too. ️(3rd perspective)️ In a dark room, the silhouette of a hooded person is watching on a monitor the unfolding events, that happened in the Obsidia Slums, as let some pleased noises. An Umbreon sat on his lap, as the person gently scratched it's ear, as it yawned. "Hey, brother! Any news lastly?" a female voice was heard behind him, as he turned around to face her silhouette, revealing a young man in his middle 20's wearing a black cloak with a hood, underneath a black shirt, gray pants and a pair of black shoes. He had medium length hair, but his eyes were shadowed by his bangs. "No my dear sister. Nothing special expect two girls nearly got fucked by the vines, like tentacles." He mused, while licking his lips in delight at that though. "Again with your perverted shit! What did I told about it, huh?" She scowled in disgust "Any. Other. News?!" "Stop getting so impatience, Eve! Nothing but two female trainers, who wanted to enter the slums, because we vined the ward. Happy now?" he said annoyed. "Much better." She replied bluntly. "And by the way: Where's Lumi? Wasn't she supposed to meet us 10 minutes ago?" the man suddenly asked. "She told me, she'll go to a shop, getting a few snacks, since we've been stuck here for 3 days now, because of that mission." she chimed "Besides most of the roads are blocked, so it will take for her to return." "Then tell her to meet us in Obsidia Park, where the PULSE- Machine is." he said. "Will do. See you later then." With that, she left. The man sighed, as he returned is gaze to the monitor, tipping awhile to reveal Lucia, Victoria and their Pokemon going through a tunnel, that connected the Obsidia and Coral Ward. He paused to take a close look at them. "Hhmmm... Must admit, that Ninetails is such a beautiful killing machine. Oh, how I enjoyed those screams and their burned bodies. So wonderful for my tastes." he lightly laughed "But... I would love to have such Pokemon in my team... To perfecting it like my precious PULSE babies~" With that, he stood up and walked towards the door with his Umbreon next to him.
  10. I'm both in Gym battles and more character to say
  11. Warning: Contains spoilers and swearing rants. Just for you safety Enjoy S Rank: Taka: My husbando and precious baby boi. He deserves all the love and to live Aya: Best Gal in da house. Cool tsundere and a badass trainer/partner for. Don't worry me and your boyfriend Hardy will save you, just hold on. Noel: He's such a precious baby like his sister. HE DESERVES LOVE TOO, JUST WHYY?! Also my respect for him as a Prodigy for being the youngest Gym Leader, I have battled Charlotte: Same with Aya, but much cooler and daring. Her gym battle gave me a hard time. Love that moment, when she burned Sigmund with cigarettes as her revenge. I feel bad for her, that she believes she killed her parents in that fire accident 8 years ago, but it was someone elses fault Shelly: Even though her gym battle gave me lots of trouble, I adore this precious bean and call her Bug Princess. Anyone who dares to harm her is death by my hands. Also I smiled at her way, that she nicknamed all her Pokemon after her love ones; including me and so I do the same Cain: At first, I though he was a weirdo, but during the journey he turned to be such a nice guy who's family (minus Aya) hated him for his sexuality and he's adding relief and relaxing moments during the game. A true to ask for Anna: Same with Shelly, if anyone dares to hurt her. I'm hopping, that she's one of the E4 and may I adopt her and Noel please? Saphira: Even though she's violent and merciless, I emphanized her backstory along with her sisters (losing your parents and being responsible for your younger siblings can be hard) and I love her character. It gives you a reason for her actions, even if they are wrong or inmoral. Simply wants to protect her love ones and I enjoyed that moment, when she hyperbeamed Sigmund into the face, like disgrace! Luna: Despite having some "problems", she has a kind heart and gives me "Anime Lolita & Alice in Wonderland" vibes, because of how she named her Pokemon after the 2nd one A Rank: Julia: Very cheerful, adding also comic relief. It was her gym battle, that gave my troubles Hardy: A gentleman & best boyfriend to Aya, though he did some dumb moments and his gym battle gave me a hard time. I feel bad for, that Aya got taken by Team Meteor, but don't worry buddy we'll save her as promise Kiki: Even though she had not to much screentime, I really enjoyed every moment with her during my time in Apohyll Academy. Why the hell, did she had to die?! Andrienn: Mostly because he played a huge part in Reborn's restoration and he encouraged me and Victoria after the events in Devn Corp. Samson: Same with Kiki. A truly gentleman, despite being feared for his strenght and I had a great time with his match Ciel: Love her character and her gym match. I love every moment with her and Samson- which I ship them hard hehe. After a certain event, Lin had to ruin my ship in both cases Laura: An E4 Member, though I doubt about it, that Saphira would have fit in due to power, but I think she's a stragetist to cover her weakness. Feeling bad, that she gets kidnapped all the time and she was fired from her position due to El. I hope, she'll get her place back. Florina: Her behaviour worried me and her gym match was no joke. Also feeling bad, that she has a jerk as her brother. But points for her puzzle and her unique stragety called "Desert Rose" (the vibes again ooo). I gave her the title "Desert Princess and even made a fanart related for her B Rank: Randomus: Feel in love with him due he's charming and made me smile with all his disguises. Also enjoyed his gym match, but I feel off with his involment with the keys and he simply gave them to families, whose lives have been forever ruined because of that. I could understand his situation, but I wish he could helped them and at least preve.nted worse upon them. After the events in Glass Workstation, I lost some respect for him, but I'll see in EP19 Amaria: I enjoyed her character, as she saved me from Solaris in Blackstream Factory. Though is kinda ruined after the events of WTC and the Route Split. Her attitude towards Titania gave me some goosebumps, but shouls I excuse her mental issues (though I feel bad for Amy). I prefer Zekrom Route... Shade: Dear sweet Rayquaza... His gym scared the hell out of me with those screens and how he had that Gengar named Corey... But since Anna said, that he's nice to children and helped the twins and Luna a lot, I see him as a godfather towards him and being a prophet. Also thanks for saving me back in E18 Cal: Soo... I love him, even though he messed up during the Pyros Moutain Arc, when he indirectly caused Kiki's death and killed her Mechicham. Despite it cost his realitionship with Victoria, he only joined Team Meteor just to escape from his brother's shadow. I love his brotherly affection towards Shelly, after he apoloziyed to her. Solaris: Badass leader and opponent must admit... He gave me "Cynthia vibes" and love his backstory about how he ended up like he's today. But what I don't toralete is that he killed Kiki, tried to kill me too, made his son nearly into something and... Well Reshiram Route hit him hard and I feel bad for him, that everthying he worked for was ruined Heather: Started as a unruly brat, the Police Found Route made me change my mind for her later. And after she ran away how boi: From getting electrecuted till she couldn't speak, than got taken again, before running away to Blake and gets locked due to trying to help people in Ametrine City. Heck, that poor girl wanted to prove the world, she's strong and can stand up on her feet, but it fail miserbly and grew up without her mother and had a nihilistic father. Well done Corey... Though she gets better from Ametrine Arc till today C Rank: Titania: She freaks me out for reasons... Wish I could love her, but I cannot cope with that attitude of her with killing; her reasons are little unlike Saphira's and she is the reason for Florinia's change. Kinda feel bad for her with that drama with Amaria... But she can be nice to you, if you don't screw with her and I got points for feeding her with Blue Moon Ice Cream. So if you want Tania be your friend, just give her her favourite Ice Cream Victoria: Oh Vicky... I used to love her till that moment after thr 4th Gym Match. I mean, it's no wrong if she tries to stop you from doing something like with the Obsidia Slums (was just worry), but listen... DO YOU EVEN REALISE, THAT YOU SIMPLY GAVE ME LOTS OF TROUBLE TILL I GOT THAT FREAKING STRENGHT FOR MOVING JUST ONE ROCK!!! REALLY NOW?! DRAGGING ME TILL KIKI AND THEN YOU TRIED TO STOP ME AGAIN FROM BATTLING HER, WHILE MY FRIENDS COULDN'VE DIED FROM THOSE FUCKERS IN YUREYU BUILD!!! I swear... if that happened... I would NEVER EVER forgive her... This made me hate her, though I can understand her after losing her mother like figure to Team Meteor, but still... Terra: Raaawww my ass... I'm between laughing and raging because of her. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's hilarious with that all meme style and cartoon vibe, but... HER GYM PUZZLE MADE ME WANNA DIE! SEND HELP PLZ DJ Arclight: He's cool and I enjoy his moments on TV, but sadly he's a side character and that makes me sad. But I'll treasure every moment of his in my heart and I feel bad for losing his eye Rank Benette: First I see a little annoying wannabe for high positions (though El manipulated him), who stalks Luna and made her uncomfortable when you enter her space. Put him restraining order, till he learn his lesson. Though I enjoyed his development during the Glass Workstation. I see potential in him for redemption in EP19. Serra: Two words: Annoying field and boring character. No offense, but she doing fit my eye for that, though I enjoyed her little moments with Randomus Corey: Oh boi... I feel bad for exposing him and even cried about his suicide and after I found out about the truth behind joining Team Meteor... But there were other options, than going after a ring, that costed your wife's life and raised your daughter in your ways, though you had good intentions. But due to your suicide, leading us to higher troubles... It's technically your fault for the majority... Sorry my friend Rank E: Zero: Ultimately responsible for becoming ZEL after merging with Eve and Lumi; with the latter only wanted to safe her sister with the PULSE power, but nooo.... You had to threaten Lumi's safety to make her working on the project and now LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! You littery doomed the whole region, because of this! Seriously man, after reading Lumi'a diary, it made me wanna kill you. However a shard of empathy due to PULSE Magnezone's demise and his breakdown, after the girls were sent free, I wonder if you'll have redemption in EP19? Dr. Sigmund Connal: So electrocuting children is good for their health? Nope, nope, nope that's wrong- even though the ECT exist under the condition that it must be practiced fully and safety; which he FAILED. And he takes pride as being the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in Lapis Ward, so every crime he commits cannot be show due to having power. Those poor orphans and any his victims. Poor Heather and Laura for getting traumatized... And Saphira because she has a connection with Sigmundwith having much worse. Even if he became like that due to his sister's death, still... IT'S WRONG!!! El: Him. A priest and loyal servant of Arceus *hysterical laughter* More like Priest of Corruption! First it wasn't a problem when meeting him at Spinel Town... But ooh boi, I was wrong: Trying to get his biological daughter back with forces with the latter being scared of him, then kidnapped to attempt to pull her some illuminati ritual bullshit on her and manipulating Benette. The only thing, that I like is his story with Solaris, which touched me. Such beautiful and sad story, but both of you are horrible fathers- with Solaris being slightly better than you... Rank F: Sirius: THIS SON OF A BITCH DESERVE AN ULTIMATE DEATH PENALTY FOR HIS FUCKIMG CRIMES! HE RUINED SO MANY LIVE, INCLUDING COREY'S, HEATHER'S AND THE BELROSE SISTERS LIVES. DO YOU EVEN KNOW, THAT MY GAL CHARLOTTE IS UTTERLY RUINED BY THE FIRE YOU BASTARS CAUSED AND KILLED HER PARENTS AND NOW SHE BELIEVES IT'S HER FAULT! IF I HAD MY OWN CHOICE IN FIORE MANSION, I WOULD'VE HAVE KILL YOU INSTANTLY AND I HAD A MENTAL BREAKDOWM DURING THR TORCHIC QUEST AND I SHED TEARS AFTER READING COREY'S DIARY. YOU'RE MUCH WORSE THAN LIN! DIE! DIED! JUST FUCKING DIE!!! YOU FUCKING SADISTIC BASTARD! I'LL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS IN EP19, WHEN WE CROSS PATHS IN LABBADORA CITY! JUST WAIT! Blake: You attitude reminds me of Fern, but still you... Hah! You gave me trouble... Ahahaha... 1st at Ametrine Arc and now... I LOST 9 TIMES TO HIM AND FERN IN FIORE MANSION, WHICH MADE ME CRAZY, CUZ I HATE THEM BOTH! AHAHAHAHA... Ha! And for making Cal's life a living hell... Fern: Top Cat? Bullshit! Swag Jockey? Double Bullshit! Sadistic jerk? CORRECT! This rival made even Gary Oak and Paul look like Wooloos compare to HIM! He laughed and being disrespectful to someone's death, made fun of my princess Shelly and mocked Hardy with Aya! Listen there you motherfucker! Don't. You. Fucking. Dare. Touch. Or. Harm. My. Girl. Aya.... I'll break every bone of your body along with Blake and Sirius's, once the barrier is dissolved and I'll be there in Saphira mode and kill you or worse
  12. IDK, if it fits the right category, but if not... Can someone change it to a different one, where it suits bc I'm more AU like
  13. Grass/Normal Dual Type Run- Starring with Victor Molinar (Besides my Elemental/Fantasy Run, I decided to take a break from it and start with this run. Hope you'll not angry with me, in case if it's wrong). Also that's based on my other AU project called "3 Grand Families of Reborn" Prologue Victor Molinar is the son of Poison Gym Leader Corey and Flying E4 Member Elena, who was born 6 years later after his sister, Heather. Born and raised in Tazan Cove for the first 2 years due to Team Meteor's actions. The Molinars and Belroses are living together in the latter's Mansion, working for Reborn's resistsance. On his 4th Birthday, his mother took him on a trip for Kanto for 3 days, before returning back to Reborn. "Are we here, mommy?" A 4 year old boy with purple hair asked his mother, while looking from the window. He wore a red shirt, green pants and a black trousers "Be patience, Victor. We'll be there soon" A woman with red pink long hair; reached her back, wearing a white dress. She read a book, while her son tugged at the fabric impatiencly. "But mommy!" Victor pouted. "No buts. Please be quiet or I'll take your PokeBalls away till we got home." She said sternly. "Oooff. But I wanna..." He pressed his face against the window. "What beautiful surprise, Elena!" A female voice interrupted him and he turned around to see a white haired woman sitting next to his mother. "Ame. It's good to see you again. How are you doing?" Elena greeted her, as they hugged each other. The little boy is confused at this and hides behind her. "And that's must be Victor, right?" Ame said, as she noticed him, who went under the dress. Elena instanly grabs him away and put him on his seat. "Victor, don't do this again in front of people. That's emberassing and plain wrong!' She scolded him, while he blushed in embarrasemt. "Sorry..." he murmeld, while he looked at the floor. "I'm very sorry, but my son is shy, when it comes to meeting other people" she apologized. "Ah its okay. He's just a kid." Ame laughed. "..." Victor didn't respond, but his face got more redder and looked up to the two women. However he politely offered his hand towards Ame, as he stood up from his seat. "Uhm... My... name is... Victor and... I like Normal and Grass Types..." he awkwardly indotruced. "And I'm Ame and I like Ice Types, because they are my favourite one". Ame smiled, making Victor suprised. "Mama, is Ame my auntie?" he suddely asked, causing Elena to facepalm and Ame to laugh. "Oh sweetie. You just meet her and then you call her auntie?" The E4 trainer mused, looking rather puzzled at her son's statement. "Any friend of yours is my auntie." Victor happily chimed. "He's such a good soul, Elena" Ame said, as she looked over the boy. "Yes, even though he looks like his grumpy father, but he took probarly mine traits. Heather's same with her attitude." The woman sighed. "I'm sure, the children will evolve fine, if you raise them all right and no troubles." Ame spoke. "But that's, what I'm worried about. Heather is acting more reckless and became a troublemaker, so what if Victor will follow in her footsteps? He pit a few from her." Elena's voice became low. "It's normal between siblings, so they can learn from eachother. But you must also make sure, they're all doing well. Who said, that being the Flying E4 Member and a married mother would be that easy." Ame assured the worried mother. "I'm totally fine with that, as long Caroline will look after them and support me. Once we arrive, we'll go Beryl Ward to visit my husband there." She counted. While the two women have their conversation, Victor looked outside out of boredom. An Absol was looking from a rock towards him; making eye contact for a few seconds, before lepping away. The boy's eyes widen open, procceded to sit next to his mother, tugging her arm. "Mama, I saw an Absol now." he said, catching her attention. "An Absol? Where?" She asked. Before he could answer, Ame jumped from her seat and looked from the window worriedly, before looking at the two in panic. "Ame, what's wrong?" Elena asked, while holding her son. "We need to get out of her now! I can hear something! "M-mommy? What's... wrong?" Victor became frightened, as he could hear that sound too. Within seconds, he was soon pushed to an open window, as an explosion enrupted the train. The last thing he saw, was his mother's despaired look. "MOOMMYYY!!!" he cried out, as he lost consiouness. End of Prologue
  14. So I decided to take a break from Elemental/Fantasy run and do also a Normal/Grass Dualtype run with one of my OC's in the same time.


    IDK, why I am doing this, but I just had this feeling?

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