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  1. Never heard of sarcasism, sir. I felt being dragged into injustice for something. Like I said, I was a victim of stalking a d attempt r****! *calms down* Here is my proof: I was all the time at school or locked in my house, after the killings happened, keeping my distance from others. I felt scared, that I'll be next or hunted down for some incidents, bc the school became more dangerous within a little time. You cannot trust anyone, but yourself in those situations, officer. That's the class's complexity. As for the others, I don't know more infos than this, as I'm busy with my school life. Perhaps this "killer" may be still at school or something. Maybe you can investigate other students for any other clues. I hope, I could help you any clues, sir. Have a good day
  2. So... you're not believing a victim of stalking a d attempted r***? Do you dare threaten an innocent girl? Second, if I had something to do with illegal activities, than I would have been a prostitute or already killed more lives! Besides, I was always at school or at home, he of the murders and was scared
  3. Summary: After the events of the Belrose Mansion, Saphira got captured and taken to the Tazan Cove Base. There she'll receive a "treatment" from a certain Doctor. Will she make it out alive? Warning: This fic contains rated M, sex and violence Read with caution
  4. He... s-stalked m-me... when I would... come h-home or... s-somehere else... One day... he did it again... Like always... I rejected him and he... h-he... HE TRIED TO **** AND THEN KILL ME!!!! But-but I... managed to... free myself and... ran away safely...
  5. I'm absolutely horrified, that Nicki is dead now. I was one of her great admirers and adored her I'm scared, please... Those events made me wanna lock in my house and never go back in school, because of this
  6. Lizzy would make a better caretaker for the children, besides her role as the guardian angel of Lapis Ward, defining her father's orders and actually cares for the Ward's wellbeing. The City's Asylum is more like a normal place now, because she secretly reports, bc she still loves her father no matter what.
  7. Some Gym Leaders as Chibis. And they're all happy and cheerful❤
  8. I have officially quit Wattpad, after seeing to much trash there and people romanticizing abuse or bullying



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    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Especially when toxic themes, such as "Twillight", "After" and "50 Shades of Grey" are having a huge influence on the genres (werewolf, vampire and romance)😖🤕

    3. Angelkitsune


      Yeah....for some reason I find a lot of stories in waatpad very cringey. when you compare waatpad and archive of our own you can actually see a lot of differences .

    4. Lady Taria

      Lady Taria

      Oh, really? I didn't know Wattpad was like that. Maybe, I shouldn't have made an account.


      Also, if you're looking for another fanfic site, I highly recommend Archive of Our Own. There's already a couple Reborn fanfics on there.

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