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  1. Drew this yesterday btw Have a casual Eclipse with her non-Meteor outfit
  2. Oh, my bad... Perhaps should start to take lessons for every time I intend to make a Custom Field Effect But for real though, thanks for pointing this out. I'll include some nerfs and tone it down I tend to like making something very challenging and it's quite fun This has to do mostly for plot related reasons, as this will appear in my Chronicverse series. Victini will play an important role and part. Like how Nostra the Jirachi did in Rebornverse. Alright for the stat amplified stats, I'll remove some status moves from the list. Initially these moves (both status and attack ones) are mostly learned by Ultra Beasts and wanted to give them a home advantage field (especially to the ones with a quadruple type weakness, ex. Guzzlord and Pheromosa). Okay... How to explain this... I want to include an unique/original feature and decided "Hey, why not giving this one bad boi two seed usages just to add more challenge?" Aaand I went for it. Perhaps I'll nerf the effects as well. Again thanks for the constructive criticism and feedback, Oscarus. It helps me realize the OPness I injected^^ Defiantly it would love this field 100% No pesky Fairy-types to pester them, which is a huge benefit. Might also invite Sableye, Spiritomb and Hydreigon as well This would be a nice Fairy slaughter, won't you agree? *Evil giggles*
  3. Yes guys and to anyone to stumbled upon this. Making just one Custom Field Effect wasn't enough, so I designed two more that will appear in my AU Rebornfic series and because I like to challenge myself making Custom Field Effects for fun^^ One of them just got finished and posted in this thread I made today I baptized this one masterpiece "Ultra Dimension Field", because it's mainly tailored for Ultra Beasts and gives them many advantages mostly. Also I drew inspiration from some parts of the Starlight Arena Field due to it's space themed aesthetic. You might also noticed some little detail, that would be usually very illegal and dangerous if this was put in actual gaming "The Ultra Energy is gathering…" Description The Ultra Dimension Field is a mysterious Field Effect that was newly discovered in the Ultra Dimension Realm, where it can be usually found here. Transitions from other Field Effects This field can only be summoned by being in the possession of Ultra Energy, extracted from the Ultra Dimension Realm's atmosphere. Another alternative method is by opening an Ultra Portal to its natural location of said Field Effect. General Effects ☆ Dark, Dragon, Grass, Poison, Rock and Bug attacks increase in base power 1.5x (" The Beast Power becomes monstrous!") ☆ Electric, Psychic and Steel attacks increase in base power 1.3x (" The Energy Spots charged the attack!") ☆ Normal physical attacks increase in base power 1.3x; additionally dealing Fairy-type damage (" Starlight charges the attack with determination!) ☆ Flying, Shadow and Special Normal moves decrease in base power 0.75x ("The Beast Power greatly weakens the attack!") ☆ Weather effects will always fail (" But nothing changed…) ☆ Airborne and Flying- type Pokemon have their Speed halved Abilities ☆ Beast Boost removes any type weakness ☆ Marvel Scale is activated ☆ Download gains the "Clear Body ability" effect ☆ Motor Drive additionally boost Sp. Attack and Attack ☆ Soul-Heart additionally boost Sp. Defense and Defense ☆ Pokemon with RKS System, Shadow Shield, Illuminate and Magic Guard take 0.75x decreased super-effective damage ☆ Victory Star boost all stats by one stage and cannot have them lowered Moves Affected (Base Power increase 1.3x) ("The Ultra Energy boosted the attack!") ☆ Power Gem ☆ Sludge Wave ☆ Sludge Bomb ☆ Thunderbolt ☆ Flash Cannon ☆ Comet Punch ☆ Leaf Blade ☆ X- Scissor ☆ Psycho Cut ☆ Air Slash ☆ Shadow Ball ☆ Fell Stinger ☆ Swift ☆ Signal Beam ☆ Aurora Beam ☆ Psychic ☆ Dark Pulse ☆ Last Resort Moves with a 2x increase in base power ("The Ultra Beast Energy is strong with this move!") ☆ Mind Blown ☆ Smart Strike ☆ Moongeist Beam ☆ Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom ☆ Sunsteel Strike ☆ Searing Sunraze Smash ☆ Prismatic Laser ☆ Meteor Mash ☆ Dragon Pulse ☆ Hidden Power ☆ Moonblast ☆ Draco Meteor ☆ Rock Slide ☆ Earth Power Moves with amplified stat changes (" [Pokemon's species/name] charges up for the attack/ increases its defenses!") ☆ Calm Mind ☆ Cosmic Power ☆ Stockpile ☆ Acid Armor Other Moves ☆ Moonlight fully restores the user's HP ☆ Trick Room last for 8 turns ☆ Flash additionally lowers Sp. Attack and Attack by one stage: depending which stat is higher ☆ Searing Shot gains a 4x increase in base power and applies additional Fairy- type damage ☆ Safeguard lasts for 10 turns ☆ Nature Power becomes Light of Ruin ☆ Secret Power may lower accuracy ☆ Camouflage changes the user's type to Normal ☆ Light Screen, Reflect and Aurora Veil lasts for 10 turns ☆ Aurora Veil is enabled without Hail or Snow Warning Transitions to other Field Effects ☆ Light that Burns the Sky permanently terminates this field ☆ Nature's Madness temporary turns this field into a Starlight Arena Field ☆ Dark Void (if used twice) or Black Hole Eclipse temporary turns this field into a New World Field for 5 turns Seed Usage ☆ Magical Seed will boosts Special Attack and applies Prism Armor to the consumer ☆ Synthetic Seed will boosts all stats and applies Wish to the consumer
  4. Ember King: @Trooperk, @CrystalStar, @Oscarus, @Seal, @Storm, @SolareSupremo Midsummer Queen: @andracass, @cicada, @Angelkitsune, @Candy, @Amethyst Sunlit Sovereign: @Q-Jei, @LightningDudeYT
  5. I vote Lucia, because she is mt favorite after Alice and Decibel
  6. I notice that Fairy types are pretty popular in-universe, that they are specializing in them in several Guess Gen 6 really did it's magic with it, huh? Pretty nice and impressive
  7. Now this was a suprisly yet nice change of a current chapter. Didn't expect for this one to happen, but I enjoyed it the parts involving DJ Arclight and Saphira in all her ruthless brutality towards the scum. Especially liking her small act It is 100% just truth, when you think Bout this! I like this description because it tells us sort of years of down spiraled madness and hidden dangers.
  8. I'm so proud of my butterfly daughter and this was a truly wonderful fanfic you wrote Also thanks for the mention @SilverAngelus, because at first it got me a little caught off guard. But regardless thank you for the suprise
  9. My (canonical version) drawings of Elena, Zina and Caroline because I love good mothers, who deserved a better fate
  10. I changed my profile to Saphira's because I found it the most prettiest out of the rest girls in my opinion.


    Plus she deserves better than the whole bullshit she went through T.T


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    2. Q-Jei


      Most of the characters in Reborn have emboldened a lot because of the conditions in which they grew up. Saphira is clearly one of them. Not only that. As time goes by, I'm convinced that she's the one who best represents this very type of person among all the other characters of the story. There's enough traces of her past left in the current timeline to realize it. She first attended the death of her parents and regretted not to be able to save them. Then, she was forced to stay at the orphanage in Lapis Ward where ECT has been frequently necessitated for emotional regulation in response to her delusions and violent outbursts, according to Dr. Sigmund. She also went through the Circuit multiple times and was probably forced to see her sisters receive the same treatment, not being able to do anything to stop it. What makes it even more gruesome is that in the finale version of the game, it's been stipulated that Charlotte, Laura and Saphira were respectively 6, 8 and 15 years old the day they were admitted in the orphanage. Also, Laura left the orphanage shortly after her 18th birthday, so that means that the dark times of the Belrose family had begun exactly ten years before the arrival of the player in Reborn. This also means that during seven years, following Saphira’s discharge, she couldn't be with her sisters anymore, so there was no more possibilities for her to protect her siblings, which made the fate of these girls even more cruel. The fact that all of Saphira's requests for guardianship were denied didn't help and just made her frustration grow more and more over years. And the worst is, even if you wanted to defend her and the rest of her family, her overprotective behaviour could hardly be compatible with outside help. Everytime she claims that the world is corrupt and that it's always been her against the world, I can't help but reply that it's not the case for everyone, especially when you understand her whole story. Just because one guy used unconventional measures by lack of introspection doesn't mean that no one can put things right in a better way. Only those who don't care would consider Saphira as a bad person. This is what makes her character so tragic in my opinion. She deserves to be helped!

    3. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      With only makes me loathe Sirius much more than ever! Goddammit you son of Grandbull, have to burn their house and ruined their lives!😡

      For Sigmund, I would facepalm and be very angry with him as well. But not the same like with Sirius. 


      I was kinda right with Saphira's story, if this steams from being a failure to her own family. Despite it was out of her control😢😭


      Yeah, Saphira deserves more hugs and everthying. The poor thing... Well, at least there is a Happy End for the sisters now🥲

    4. SilverAngelus


      I couldn't agree with ya'll more. Her character is extremely well done in E19, in my opinion. We got to see why she acts the way she does and how she makes her choices. Plus, it's obvious she's not actually a bad person, she's just very guarded.

      I'm gonna put the rest in spoiler tag:


      I like how Sapphira actually thanked us after the Tournament of....you know in Victory Road and that just made me appreciate her character more because I did not expect that. Like I said, she's too guarded and only truly trusts her close family, so the subtle change was nice. :)

      That said, I'm still in Victory Road, so I don't know what happens after that.

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