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  1. Yeeeeaahhh! My Hero! Lorane, you gonna pay >:3
  2. Well thanks for that... I'm aware about my actions, but I will not let them become obstacles in my life. I'm trying to make the best of it... I must just stop drowing in the past...
  3. So here's some additional I want to say... Kinda I'm struggling with keeping up motivation and others things in my life. My biggest mistake was to lash it out on others without knowing the consequences. I'm still guilty and trying to move on. I'll do my best to get along with you all. I promise
  4. My memory is haze with all madness in my stuff and I'm replaying it now...
  5. Hello guys and to anyone in this forum... Just like the title says above, I feel really terrible about myself during the last months. About my past actions towards the community (as the penalties/warnings describing them) and the whole fiasco with my project, I'm currently working on. Which cost my a lot of trust with a few people... Even if it's months now after that and I partly moved on, I almost screw it up with others, because I became clearly obsessed with some famous things and acted like a huge admirer till it was more annoying to them (I won't mention them out of the
  6. Trust me. My mind is full with infinite creativity, so it's common for me to produce them... But in order to find the perfect piece for, you have to experiment with those ideas. And it takes lots of time. I have the theory, that Gossip Gardevoir once belonged to his late wife, before her death, as a Ralts. Maybe she told GG to protect him at her stead and that could explain it all...
  7. I am but a damsel, imprisoned and distressed! Q-Jei save me, my darling prince!
  8. Nuuuu, I got captured Please Candy or Q-Jeu. Help meeeeee
  9. Well I have to find them, because they were sealed into the depths of the unknown
  10. My tea is mostly on Taka x MC (obviously), MC x Cain, Victoria x Cal, Hardy x Aya, MC x DJ Arclight, MC x Corrin Rogue, Cain x Adrienn, Randomus x Serra, MC x Adrienn and mainly Samson x Ciel. However a honourable cake, even if they didn't interact mostly, (but would work): Luna x Titania (mostly bc of the fantasy theme stuff) Terra x Lin (maybe as chaotic duo) Florinia x Julia (would make a cute couple) Saphira x Titania (2 killer queens :3) Taka x Amaria (Would love to see them help each other with their issues and bond together ❤) Annnd h
  11. Here's another Crystal, that wants to play football with you ️ Can Candy tag along?
  12. I'm not Silver, but Evi Also can LykosHand may come to play?
  13. Just pass by.... Money's on SilverAngelus
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