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  1. 🌹3 missions has been accomplished tonight🌹:

    1. Episode 18 has been completed.
    2. Successfully solved the Magic Square Hell Puzzle at my 5th try.
    3. Completed all sidequests (let the Sandy Quest aside because of losing some points with Adrienn)

    🍀Now I can train up my army for E19🍀

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    2. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      here it is , pc pokemon included:


    3. Evi Crystal
    4. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      Litten was my starter, and my main team is Incineroar, Hydreigon, Ampharos (mega), Gyarados, Rhyperior, and metagross. All my pokemon (pc included) all level 90 and over

  2. Took me 4 times to beat Solaris thanks to his Mega Garchomp and Excadrill, but I beat it with stall and Rough Skin + Rocky Helmet trick😁


    Now for a quick attack tactic for the last gym battle of E18, which I'll use the last strategy from last time😊

    1. Mindlack


      Nice! I’m not sure, but I think I only won by stalling with Intimidate+healing items. 

  3. Finally beat the Nightmare Gauntlett and now being in the void. Now for the showdown in Agate City tomorrow👍🏼


    MVPs Cincinno, Ambipom, my two Nintales and Swampert (my starter) sweeper them all. They saved my sanity😊

  4. What really?! Oh frick I must hurry up then. Still before the Glass Workstation and Nightmare Gauntlett. But nice reference here
  5. This was kinda a bittersweet chapter, given we know the truth and reason behind the escape from the Orphanage. Can't blame him given how screwed up this place was thanks to Sigmund... Despite it does had some good things, but- we all know- it's getting overshadowed by that "practice" called ECT and Sigmund's wrong practice. Not that is already new to us You know I can understand Noel's situation, but it kinda went down hill in the Underground Railnet. Just give him a hug already
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