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  1. I'm more for the Meteor Mastermind, because of her actions for what she did. It suits her more better. As for the teams, I have some suggestions for them (with their respective type they are spezialing; who knows maybe 2-3 types, but I stay on one type first): Saphira's Team: Dragonite (Her ace), Naganadel, (Mega) Charizard, Haxorus, Flygon & Kommo-o Strategy: Mostly with type coverage moves and counterattacking with (ironically) boosted fire moves thanks to the Dragon Den field Heather's Team: (Mega) Salamence, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Drifblim, Crobat & Noivern Strategy: Usage of Tailwind and Speed sweepers (because her team will be extremely fast and many flying types are falling in that category). I beat her mother (a former E4 member) also might had the same strategy and Heather learned everything about her Laura's & Bennett's Teams: Lilligant (Laura's ace), Cherrim, (Mega) Venusaur, Rosenalde, Ludicolo & Whimsicott Volcorona (Bennett's ace), (Mega) Scizor, Yanmega, Monthim, Venonat & Ariados Strategy: I know that Laura might use a Chlorophyll team maybe, but I believe we're going to face these two together in a Double battle. So I was thinking of covering the fire weakness with rain (kinda like Shelly does), while setting up until stage 4-5 of the Flower Garden field with various moves🌧🕸 Anna's Team: Nostra the Jirachi (1st ace), Gothitelle (2nd ace), Starmie, (Mega) Metagross, Exeggutor & Oranguru Stragety: Trick Room tactic in a Double battle with setting up the defenses and have the move Wish as well. If the Elite 4 is confirmed to actually be dual type trainers, that I would say she'll have Fairy types as well (Sylveon, Clefable and Azumarill as well.) El's Team: Dittoceus (His ace), Smeargle, Slaking, (Mega) Kangaskhan, Snorlax and Girafig. Strategy: I don't have a clear tactic for him, but he'll use bulk and his field to his advantage with some gimmick bullshit known as the "Fake Arceus Ditto thing". Because it boost both Normal and Psychic fields. Plus the whole Baton Pass thing Lin's Team: Hydreigon (Ace), PULSE- Arceus, G. Gardevoir, Zoroark, Zygarde & Tyrantrum. Stragety: Strength and power with Dark-type and Dragon-type moves, since the New World field has the most moves getting a dangerous boost. A dangerous and deadly sweep⚔ This is true because of Long Reach receives a benefit in Mountain field and technically had the Flying type until Datrix. If not pure monotype team, then a team designed around a field effect
  2. Maybe a little crazy with 10% of it in my opinion because chaining someone on the altar table to erase someone's memories... I'm forgetting something for sure Well yes you're right mostly he's delusional as pointed out, but also emotionally abusive to Luna as well (like many pointed it out). It makes me shiver But Angie is just... Dear God why in the name of.... Just send help, she you battle her again, because she's 100% bonkers
  3. This sounds like a true fact to me. Now I want to see a battle between the two craziest cult leaders at all time. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Those poor (especially Grass type) Pokemon going to have a nasty sunburn without any sun protection. Also I see a hellfire storm coming through the battle field. It goes bbbrrrr....
  4. This looks very impressive and cool. Getting egyptian vibes from this field too, given how it is based
  5. Already say it and I'm very impressed :) I'm very proud of you I'm liking this so far and it looks and suits your OC very good. Neat job :D
  6. Decided to put my AU Rebornfic "Reborn: Chronicverse" on hinatus officially until March due to me wanting to edit and fix many outdated information than currently writing the newest chapter. I have still motivation to write, but not now these days.


    But there will be content like AU team concepts and even OC profiles on the forums (like Ame's teams and my Psychic OC Eliza's field for example)

  7. Yes, you can do that on the forums! It will awaken some curiosity as well and it's pretty fun to share your creative work there. I recommend you doing that Yes it is true, Wilder. Even I, who created that custom field kinda shivers from imagining this in actual gaming sometimes Luckily, this happens during my AU Rebornfic only, so you can be relieved and spared from nightmares Eliza's full of suprises and will show you the true power of her abilities along with her psychic team. No mercy and a quick end, just a battle of control and power struggle in her matches, where she can analyze you P.S: "Defog and Brick Break is mandatory against Eliza!" ~ From an anonymous and random gym challenger. Uhm... The Fairy Tale Field's Seed usage has also to do with a free setup protection, but with King's Shield. Plus the seed effects of the Starlight Arena Field applies the Lunar Dance effect and can pass it down to another Pokemon or something Thx. Consider, that Eliza's is the summoner of her signature field than rather getting activated by other means, so having her getting knocked out from the sheer sensory overload stops that and that's one of the two only possibilities to win. That's why, I include the sound moves for a... more balance conditions for the challengers For the types, the Electric types are a nod of her father, Sigmund and due to the effects of being in his "ECT" therapy (an extra boost for control) you could say... Plus for not having only pure Psychic Pokemon
  8. Behold the most dangerous Field Effect on Reborn's forums! Also my first one as well🙂👉🏽👈🏽


  9. On discord, I saw a few users making their own Field Effects and my eye caught a few of them in the forums. So I started designing one during these days back then and showed them my result: My first Custom Field Effect with the help from a friend for corrections and a few mini nerfs- for one of my Reborn OCs, Eliza Connal, (that will make an appearance and play a main role in my AU Rebornfic "Reborn: Chronicverse"), whose going to be the only one having that special field in her battles on several occasions during my AU story. After a long time, I decided to post it on the forums as well. Here's the most notorious Field Effect (I ever created and scared a few) in the Reborn region along with the psychic trainer, that makes Sabrina looking like a Wooloo in comparison... According to the gym challenges, that were successfully defeating all 18 Gym Leaders and barely managed to beat the first three trainers of Reborn's Elite Four with lots of strategy and tactic, were crushed by the last and fourth member in mere seconds to a painful struggle of 3 hours; in case you put a good fight... Only 9 trainers managed to get pass her, before their battle against the Champion. The main reason was the field she was on and the way she fought her opponents, proven to be too strong to contain their power, sometimes getting out of control. Unlike the other league trainers, the fourth Elite 4 summons and controls the dangerous field by herself. Others admire it, others fear and loathe it. But she didn't care, as long it abinds to the league rules... However are they any left? Enter Psychic E4 Trainer Eliza Connal and her Psychic Arena Field! Let the terror of the minds crewing and nightmares begin. Hope you're ready to be wiped out! "The psychic energy manifested the surroundings" Description The Psychic Arena Field is a much stronger version of the Psychic Terrain with some additional parts from the Electric Terrain. It's the signature field of Eliza Connal. Transitions from other Field Effects Only Eliza is capable of summoning this field with her psychic powers as she desires. This results a tremendous amount of them turning the surroundings around into a dark pink field area with purple or light blue glow spots/sparks. General Effects • Priority attacks that takes damage (ex. Aqua Jet, Fake Out), will always fail; be it grounded or airborne. • Pokemon cannot fall asleep. • All status conditions except Burn, Poison and confusion will always fail. • Dark type Pokemon lose their immunity against the Psychic type/attacks. • Future Sight will be fired every 2 turns at the opposite side. • Psychic-type Pokemon's Def & Sp. Def are boosted by 1 stage on this field. • Psychic- and Fairy attacks increase in base power 1.5x (The psychic aura boosted the attack!) • Electric attacks increase in base power and damage attacks increase in base power 1.3x and deals additional Fairy-type damage (The electric spots charged up the attack; the aura amplified it's power!) • Bug/Dark/Ghost attacks recieve a decrease by 0.75x in both base power and damage (The immense psychic energy supresses the attack!) Abilities Affected • Telepathy & Cheek Pouch doubles a Pokemon's Speed. • Volt Absorb restores 1/16 of their health each turn. • Regenerator removes any type weakness. • Competitive increases 20% chance for a +1 or +2 Crit Ratio. • Surge Surfer & Galvanize are activated. Moves that increase in base power to 1.5x "The attack fights through the immense psychic energy!" • Hex • Magical Leaf • Energy Ball • Shadow Ball • Aura Sphere • Signal Beam • Aurora Beam Moves with amplified stat changes by 2 stages "<Pokemon's name/species> powering/charging up with immense energy!" • Calm Mind • Charge • Work Up Sound- based moves, that causes Eliza and her team Sensory Overload "The waves cause great distortion through the arena!" • Hyper Voice • Bug Buzz • Disarming Voice • Snarl • Round • Uproar • Noble Roar • Supersonic • Echoed Voice • Chatter Transitions to other Field Effects This field will get terminated, if a Sound-based move is used 12 times or if Eliza passes out from immense Sensory Overload, before it reaches the goal. • 1-4th use ("The electric spots start to glow less bright!"): Electric attacks will gain 90% accuracy. • 5-9th use ("The Psychic energy makes the move become unstable!"): Special attacks will miss sometimes; causing the Pokemon to take 1/8 damage. • 10-12nd use ("The Psychic energy and electrospots hypercharges and unstablishes the attack!") : Psychic and Electric attacks increases 40% chance for a +2 Crit Ratio, but if misses, all Pokemon on the field will lose 1/3 of their HP ("All Pokemon on the field are in immense pain!"), save for these following conditions: • Pokémon behind Protect lose only 25% of their max HP ("<Pokemon's name/species> couldn’t fully protect itself from the immense psychic energy!"). • Pokemon behind Wide Guard are immune to the damage ("The immense barrier protects <Pokemon's name/species> and it's ally from the immense psychic collapse"). • Pokemon behind Spiky Shield recieve only 15% damage from their max HP and reflects 5% from it towards the opposite team ("<Pokemon's name/species> couldn’t fully protect itself, but the shield deflects some psychic energy back to the opposite team!"). Other Moves • Nature Power will become Psycho Boost. • Secret Power will cause paralysis. • Electrioweb lowers a Pokemon's speed by 2 stages. • Camouflage changes the user's type to Fairy. • Zap Cannon bypasses the accuracy. • Light Screen, Reflect and Aurora Veil lasts for 16 turns. Seed Usage • When consuming a Magic Seed, the Sp. Def & Def by 3 stages and applied Protect. If you want to get past Eliza and her psychic Pokemon, than this mind come in handy. Especially, when you're a hostile target or an eyesore to her... Good Luck, trainer.... *Takes a deep breath* Aaand we're done with this... Phew, that was a lot to write, but I'm satisfied and happy to share this with you guys Remember to send feedback, constructive criticism and comment your thoughs, what to you think.
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