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  1. I'm about to go crazy now! I just found out, that my 14 year old cousin had messed up my Reborn files, which took me 3 hours to restore just only that one. And guess what?




    *calms down*


    Uuuhh... At least I'm currently now at Serra's Gym, but I'm currently grinding my mon army.... I just can't take this...


    All the hard work gone for nothing 😓


    My nerves are done😞

  2. I have 2 files currently. A finished one and my other, after the Yureyu events. Yeah, better wait for E19 patiently, bc once it comes out and you play this from the beginning... It will be very hard, like Desolation does.
  3. It sounds pretty great for a route. Never though, you'll do also music as well Zumi I'm impressed
  4. Ouch. That's probably a moral dilemma right there, since the boys have different opinions on and... when you have children, that live in such conditions. Welp that's our flamboyant rival for you, buddy. Also taking responsibility and makings things eight after mistakes sounds better and honest, but by adding a few bad things also kinda balanced this, I guess... Honestly I wouldn't put such things in my story, as I completely changed the canon events, but after reading it, I spotted so many spots, that made no sense at all (like making my protagonist a Mary Sue) and deleted it as a result. I never though that writing a good and interesting story would be that hard *makes angry Crystal noises* Well, let's all pray and hope together, that the children are at least fine, despite going through some torture (maybe making Charlotte breaking free and hiding Shelly, the twins or Heather somewhere from Team Meteor, as she fights them) Last thing to say is, that your story is slowly, but steady capturing both political and economic crisis of Reborn. Very impressive buddy
  5. To see this, it makes sense now. As Gabriel wanted her to stay in this opportunity her safety and Cain and Shelly busted her out along with Charlotte, Noel and Anna. Gabriel is paying Cain's mistakes for, which is pretty unfair and thanks for making me dislike Cain now
  6. Guess... I did a misconclusion, guys... It's because of mod magic, that the "Relationship Values" are appearing... haha😅


    Though you could do some trick cheat with Shimmer's Psychic😞😪

  7. Really? Explain me please how it works with those mods? Do you need a specific one in order to trigger this whole method? Also... I did downloaded the weather mod, so I could catch and do some certain events than doing the whole time weather reset loppings. Oops...
  8. Pssh... Hey... Hey you! Yes you, who just click on this notification.


    Crystal made some mysterious discovery, when a certain Pokemon showed her something amazing, that will blow your mind...


    Wanna find out what it means?


    Then just follow this link below, my friend👇🏽




  9. During my 2nd playthrough, I "accidentally" discover on my Pokemon Team, that Shimmer (the Munna/Musharna, who you get after trading a Birabel to a man in Periot Ward) can use Psychic as a "HM". I didn't know that to be honest you can do this "HM trick" on a Pokemon, that you don't expect in Pokemon Reborn. So what makes it's "Psychic HM" so special? When you choose Munna/Musharna and then click "Psychic", a text will pop out saying "Shimmer is trying to reach out to your friend's minds. It is sneaking in your foes thoughs..." But here's another one that blew me off: "Shimmer wants to let you know what did she/he find in there." And once you click "OK", a list on the right side appears on the screen with the text below "Relationship Values"! I was very surprised to hear that first time, like this Pokemon can detect specific thoughs in reach like 4000 radius! The whole region! Also you can find the Relationship Value without using a mod pack or some hack maybe? (I don't know, but that's how I once imagine that) I know that Psychic Pokemon have some crazy powers such as Mindcontrol, Telepathie etc., but this mechanic is pretty new to me. From the times, I played Pokemon Reborn, I didn't seem to notce that. But now I did So if you what to check your relationship points, just use Shimmer's powers. Did you also knew this mysterious mechanic or not?
  10. SO YOU'VE CHOSEN DEATH FIIIIIIGHT MEEEE!!! I'm not afraid of you🗡🛡
  11. I wonder how the arrival will go, I wonder.....
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