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  1. Once I made a character tier list, but it was back when I had not better judgement. So here's my current and more honest one Aaaand here's my rank for the field effects here
  2. I'm moving my data files (among them my Reborn and Deso game files) into my USB stick, because the laptop's had another virus again and I don't want my stuff deleted💻


    So that means, we have to buy another one this year maybe, since now the battery became a challenge. So everything, I'm doing gonna do is be on mobile for now on for safety (better prepared)📝📲


    1. RoyChaos


      I feel sorry for you. I didn't know you had a hard time. 😟

    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Its okay. We have become more cautions with the battery, since we managed to stabilish it as much we could.


      As for the virus issue, it's not the first time it happened and we have the laptop since 2009. It took more issues than before and is currently under reappear for 1 week, since the current issue wasn't that big than the past ones. 


      But I'm not taking risks and be better prepared for it and can wait to buy a new one.

  3. I remember playing that once long time ago. It was very awesome and the soundtrack was the best aside the plot. But I don't want to spoil your fun, since I know and finished it two times, before passing it to my friend.
  4. Ah thank you. Don't know how I got seasick, but I'm feeling better now^^ But do you might tell me, what Candy did with her Lopunny, Lorane?
  5. Uhm... Hey guys. I'm feeling seasick and I'm about to vomit Pass me the bucket, Lorane
  6. Since I once did a similar in another trend long time ago with Psychic, I'll be a Fairy Gym Leader: Battle Field: Starlight Arena Field Usage of Items: 7 Full Restores and 8 Full Heals Battle Format: Triple Battles Team: A. Ninetails Ability: Snow Warning Held Item: Icy Rock Moveset: Blizzard, Aurora Veil, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam Togekiss Ability: Serene Grace Held Item: Charcoal Moveset: Flamethrower, Air Slash, Extreme Speed, Draining Kiss Primarina Ability: Liquid Vo
  7. I'm kinda feeling better now thanks to my family and friends, though I treated them like crap these times.


    I'm so grateful for them🥺

  8. A quick update from me:


    Currently things got a bit better now, as slowly I managed to sort out most of the things till now. I'm also recovering in emotional and mental means as well, as the stress had lessened⬇️


    Sorry, if I had overreacted in the last months or if my behaviour was problematic to a few others and it still not excused, I know🙇🏻‍♀️


    However it still lots of work for me to do and currently decided to keep Chronicverse as a hobby, so I won't be addicted to it🚺🔛🔛🔛🔛📑📝

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