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  1. I bet Anna, because given her powers as a psychic and being blessed with a power like Lin perhaps, this would made her a big threat towards Team Meteor. Even if Anna didn't "saw" her aura, what if Lin was aware about the girl's power and her ability to "reset" Reborn according to the prophecy. I would imagine, that Lin might need her "other half" to be complet in absolute power, so she could try to kidnap Anna and use her against us. Another candidates would be Eve and Lumi getting discovered by Team Meteor and Zero, to prevent them to tell any secrets about the PULSE Machines. During a struggle Lumi get accidentally killed and Eve losing her mind complet and goes crazy to kill and destroy everything around, since she created the Pulse Machines in first place to heal her little sister. But with everything in vain and being left alone, Eve could be consumed by guilt and pain, so she decided to use PULSE Machine against Team Meteor. She'll be emotionless and unstoppable in her rage, because of the hardships thanks to Zero. Or she'll kill herself, because there's no reason to live for, when everything you holded dear is forever gone. And Zero will have the most painful death recieved by Eve, because he firstly discovered her and being interreacly responsible for the creation of ZEL and giving Team Meoter their weapon.
  2. 14 years after her death, Johanna's soul was absorbed by a mystical force, resulting into being linked in a crystal cave in Tourmaline Desert. After her soul got fused with a big crystal, she can appear as a spirit and be in the human world, thanks to the force. The ex leader is using her newfound powers to connect herself into her daughter and guides her through Reborn and her dreams. As the Steel Nymph, Johanna can summon any Steel Pokemon (expect for Legandaries) and control any metal source or growing steel wings and long nails as weaponry.
  3. The difference is, that Saphira had loving parents and was probably normal, before the fire incident. She was an older teenager, when she was sent to the orphanage, while her sisters were much younger. After so many attempts to save them and getting her broken so many times by Sigmund, she snapped; with guilt eaten her everyday due how she couldn't protect and save her sisters. I imagine she became so bitter and "insane" because of the hardships and conducted herself into harsh (mental) training, which lasting effects on her (like Bea from PKMS), willing to kill and destroy the ones, who have negative intentions towards her family (best example= killing the grunts in the lake or in the Meteor Base, in case the children were kidnapped). As for Heather, her mother was killed when she was a baby and had only her father, Corey, as parental guidance, but his nihilistic behaviour and his ways had a very negative impact on her, making her very independent, but same as Saphira- the difference was the age- and isolated. But she had her past's actions reflection and had a great character development during the Ametrine arc. It's been months, since I finished Ep18 and played the game, so I could forgot something
  4. Are you sure about that? I fought Sirius in Yureyu and still got the hut cutscene with Heather, but she acted more self aware in my case. Probably branched story
  5. Never felt so much melancholy in my life thanks to Pokemon Reborn stuff and still having weird dreams about it. Guess to much hyper for Ep19...


    Send help..



  6. Recalling the most memorable memories in Reborn and I'm starting with the children, because the Sigmund and Saphira thing doesn't leave me alone... I have some questions question about the conditions in the orphanage and those children, before it was closed due to Sigmund's alliance with Team Meteor? How did the twins ended up here and how were their lives before their mother died? Why did their change their names from their original ones (Fantasia and Painter are the true names). How was the life of the Belrose Sisters there? And was Sigmund responsible for Saphira drastical change of personality, because I imagine she used to be a sweet and calm person, but he did something more to her than just ETC on her Did they manage to sneak out and secretly visited in Belrose Mansion, without getting caught at least and returned back in the orphanage? Wish the fire incident never happened and the Belrose Family could'have adopted the twins
  7. Argh! My heart aching in pain seeing the Devon Corp. Arc. Brings back unpleasant memories Poor Victoria. Even though, she is flawed and had caused trouble halding us from processing further in the story, I still like her. She's already broken from the Pyro Mountain incident, but trying to hide her pain
  8. Yes and children like Heather will get influenced by that and ended up like her. Had her mother been alive, than she would've been a lot nicer and kinda tough too, but in a good light
  9. I releaved her team on her profile... I made an artwork with Lizzy's Pokemon Team, during her time in the orphanage and before the Belrose Mansion raid. Also I gave her Alolan Raichu and Reuniclus custom shiny forms and edited some patterns on her Espurr. Elizabeth's Team Name: Reuniclus Level: 55 Held Item: Colbur Berry Ability: Overcoat Attacks: Psychic Terrain, Psybeam, Rain Dance, Hyper Beam Name: Alola Raichu Level: 56 Held Item: Suca Berry Ability: Surge Surfer Attacks: Electric Terrain, Thunder, Focus Blast, Electroweb Name: Elypgem (later evolves into Beheyeem during the Tanzan Cove Arc) Level: 58 Held Item: Twisted Spoon Ability: Telepathy Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Cosmic Power, Dark Pulse Name: Male Meowstic Level: 58 Held Item: Sitrus Berry Ability: Prankster Attacks: Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Play Rough, Safeguard Name: Female Meowstic Level: 58 Held Item: Psychic Gem Ability: Competitive Attacks: Psychic, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, Psyshock Name: Metagross Level: 60 Held Item: Metagrossnite Ability: Clear Body/ Tough Claws Attacks: Sandstorm, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash Companions Sybyll the Espurr: The child of her two Meowstic; hatched 3 days after Elizabeth's "revival". Acts often as her sidekick and causing mischief. (Pulse) Abra: Team Meteor put the Psychic Pokemon in a Pulse Machine, who randomly teleported everything around in Spinel Gym, till it was shut down. Elizabeth took it, after managed to communicate with it and joined her team. It acts as a messager and as a vessel, by channeling her Psychic powers into it and see through the Abra.
  10. That would be fun If I was joining, than only to protect the ones I love and care. Making a deal with them, because Lin is seeing MC as her valuable "Diamond in Rough" and would agree, but giving her character, she would make sure, we'll stay at line. Poor MC will end up mind broken in worst case scenario, so they'll never ever gonna slip away from Team Meteor.
  11. After the events of Reshiram Route Taka... Why you? Just why... My heart is shattered into pieces *Beryl Ward music interfies
  12. Why would you join Team Meteor, if you would? ........
  13. Oh god, I have goodbumps now. I hope and pray Taka is okay... And Lin don't you dare lay your hands on my precious baby boi I'm gonna hunt you down or else...
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