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    Pokemon ,Persona and other anime stuff . Oh and also cute animals. Hmmm... i think i'll start learning how to draw.

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  1. This looks great so far!!! :D Also please take some time off to rest, considering that you took on this project along with your comic and fanfic writing you deserve to kick back and relax. Trust me too much of that would give u a burn out and that would be even worse than artblock. So again good job Pink! pat pat
  2. I really can't wait for it to be done Pink! I'm rooting for you :D
  3. Ember king : @Q-Jei, @CrystalStar, @Oscarus, @SolareSupremo, @J-Awesome_One Midsummer Queen: @Evi Crystal, @Candy, @Ice Cream Sand Witch, @YoctoCrunch Sunlit Sovereign: @Wilder, @Lenny_Is_MidKnight
  4. Sorry but there is no cat drawing today, but here have this meme instead https://imgur.com/gallery/a6O9u4u also rip my file is too big for this
  5. OMG OMG!!!! MORE ART FROM YOCTO! I love Cal too. :3c
  6. what's this? Serrnya and Catdomus is trying to adopt everyone at the kitty daycare.
  7. Happy Birthday Yocto! :D hope you will have a great day 🎉

    1. YoctoCrunch


      Ahhh thank you so much Angel!! 🥰🥰

  8. Purrly is trying to find her Plushie while Meowther is looking from above because she likes being tol
  9. I hope people won't get annoyed by me posting stuff like everyday, but here is Lunya and Benyatte when they are still living with Serra :3c
  10. Naming them Evui and Lumimi because i ran out of ideas for their cat names using puns ;w;
  11. asdfghjkl!!! thanks you guys :D
  12. Pls give the Whitaker bros a home ;w;
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