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  1. Hey man. Long time ago, I made a guide on how to breed a Budew. There I tried to cover how to breed egg moves, nature and IVs, here is the link: Now for EV training, I used this guide for Reborn: If you want to know which EV stat each pokemon holds, use this link: https://pokemondb.net/ev/all Also, i have a pretty large stash of well bred mons. If you like, I may have the ones you want ready for trade. Hope it helps. See ya~
  2. Well, maybe you are not playing Rejuv the way it is meant to be played. What I don't understand is why, since Reborn and Rejuv share similar layers of difficulty and storyteling, and you played the first. And I think you are a little biased by the official games. Take pokemon Red for instance. You can arrive at Brock with a team of six pokemon with lvl 15 or higher (if you are patient enough to grind this) or you can use a sole lvl 20 Charmeleon that'll wreck brock's three mons, and the mons will listen to you no matter their lvl nor your badges (if they are not traded). Now bring this same battle to Reborn/Rejuv, where Brock will have six well tought mons that complements each other, each one with well tought movesets plus a improved AI and improving terrain. The same team you had or your sole Charmeleon would be enough for the battle? Absolutely not. Here's the first step of difficulty. Now, picture this well done gym battle without the level cap. You'd just grind your team to lvl 25+ or have your Charmeleon evolved and bam, battle done. That's why Reborn/Rejuv have level cap. Indeed, Reborn give you the possibility to 'cheat' this and lvl up your mons a bit, to evolve them or to have a new move on them, but you'd need to downgrade their level so they'll listen to you. Both Reborn and Rejuv were designed so you need to plan your team before hand, and are forced to use other mons, because the best ones are usually 'locked' ahead in the game. Here's the layers of difficulty I mentioned. One thing you can do, if all those arguments aren't enough, is: breed your prefered mons in the latest Reborn version and then use SWM pack to exchange the mons between Reborn and Rejuv. I've done this to test my team against Rejuv challenges without having to spend the many hours I spent breeding them in Reborn. Regarding golden items, their only purpose is that you won't need a hm slave or any other pokemon with any hm. There are some moves/mons that would break Reborn easy if they were acquired early on: in early Reborn versions, you could get Magikarp and Gastly early on, the same for Sludge Bomb and Thunderbolt (If I'm not mistaken). Now, if you could use any HM any time you wanted because you grinded their golden items, the game would lose one layer of difficulty as you would reach those moves/mons earlier than expected. I get your point, but you can just ignore those items Now about useless battles, there are some you can skip, why not? Help Center is not mandatory for story progression (I can be mistaken) for example. Battle just the ones you need to keep story progressing. As far as remember, Rejuv doesn't have an item to downgrade your mons' lvl, so if they were to get experience from all the battles, you would end with all your mons disobeying you. This is just a matter of game design. In my opinion, Rejuv just can't top Reborn, but I would not pin it as the worst fan game ever.
  3. As already said, any starter is good enough. But, if you plan to stick with your starter throughout the run, the best starter is Speed Boost Torchic, followed by Protean Froakie. Contrary Snivy is good indeed, but Serperior lacks coverage moves if you can't build up with its ability. If you are not worried about keeping your starter, Mudkip is better in this situation. Another good starter for early game is Charmander, because of Dragon Rage at lvl 16, always hitting 40 against Julia is really helpful. Regarding Greninja moveset, yeah, it will be limited until midgame, you'll learn Extrasensory at lvl 49, Dark Pulse after beating the eleventh gym leader (won't spoil more than that), Scald after sixteenth leader and Ice Beam aren't available. U-turn, Waterfall and Ice Punch are also late game. The best move you can teach it is Water Pledge, which will be available near fourth/fifth gym I suppose. So you will struggle with it a bit, but Protean + Expert Belt (also late game d:) are a great combination. I use Greninja on my team, and it have never let me down. Sorry, I thought we were talking about Reborn have fun!
  4. Trufa

    Breeding + RNG

    I get mine through trading, but they are surely hacked
  5. hey @Smooge nice to know this mod, I'd like to know if it works with SWM Modular Pack. I have a team that took me long enough to bred on Vanilla Reborn, and I'd like to try them on you mod as well, and I don't want to repeat all the breedings. I don't really know, but maybe I can do it using the Debug you mentioned? I don't have a clue about that So, that's it. I'll give it a go after I finish Redux mod. See ya~
  6. Trufa

    Breeding + RNG

    People who want to be the very best, like no one never was haha @Kenneth it can be that frustating, yes. When I started breeding, it took me a very long time to do all the things I wanted. The problem of your breedings is that 6th IV, as there are no way to make them not random. You should try SpeedBreed mod (on the link I'll leave at the end) where all the aspects of breed remain the same, you just don't have to be running around for eternity. Now, it seems you are breeding for a breeding team, as you are focusing on their egg groups. I have already a breeding team (composed off Remoraid, Spinda, Skorupi, Woobat, Phantump, Snorunt and Charmander) ready to trade. And as a non-orthodox way, I also have a 6IV Ditto. I know, the feeling of have your on mons will not be there, but well, it can speed up things for you xD Here's the link: See ya~
  7. I have a philosophy that if you hit first and hit hard, you won't need a tank xD I do agree that Umbreon should be changed, mostly because I don't like that stalling strategy, but I wouldn't want to interfere on your already built team.
  8. It's been a while since I played Rejuv, I don't remember anything about what is available at this point, but I would exchange Roserade Ability to Technician and give it Magical Leaf, resulting in 90 PWR to the move, doesn't work with Venoshock unfortunately, but does work with Hidden Power, and it's a good coverage for your team and for Roserade itself. Also I would change Ice Fang for Ice Punch in Fera (again, I don't know if it is available). Right now, with the addition of Gardevoir to the team, you would be lacking effectivness against Normal and Electric mons, I would add a Ground Pokemon to the team, so you can deal with the Electric ones, and add a Fighting move in one of your members. For Ground pokemons I suggest Excadrill, Krookodile, Nidoking and Rhyperior (in order of my taste haha) all of them learn the TM Brick Break, also Fera learns it and the move Superpower, but this last I don't think would be a good addition to the team. Ah, I remember well when I fought the flying leader, I wouldn't be able to hit with any of my mons, because it gets a lot of speed boosts from the terrain, climate and a seed his first mon is holding. To mitigate the effects, I used a Altaria with the ability Cloud Nine, so I could at least take one of its boosts off. After that the fight was cake. I don't know if Jan have changed this battle, but I suggest you think about Altaria, at least for rotation. Hope I helped. See ya~
  9. Hey @Tiz, how you doing? Welcome to this Forum. First of all, there is a 'rule' where you should introduce yourself in a post on Grand Hall section of the Forum, you are not bound to do it, but it's nice to know more about you, people around here are very welcoming! But let's get down to business. Well, if you played only the canon games, you may be used to lvl up your mons a little higher and just beat anything that comes against you, and this, as you may have already noticed, is not true in Reborn. But, Reborn offers the best mechanics from the canon games plus a wide variety of mons so you can build various strategies, along with a deep story, that is the high point of the game for me. So, it's possible to beat Reborn with only six mons, and not having to grinding a lot of mons. The key is to plan your strategy, build a well-rounded team, where you have advantages against all 16 types and have coverage for the most of them. Another thing that helps is IV breeding and EV training, both are available throughout the game (after you do the day care quest) but are easier to do after you beat the fifteenth Gym Leader (as you just beat Noel, you haven't met this Leader yet, so I won't spoil). Now, let's talk about your team. You seem to like bulk/slow mons. That is for sure not my playstyle, but I suggest you to use a Trick Room setter, so you can profit from these small speed stats on your team. As you have just beaten Noel, you have already access to the TM, it's in Chrysolia Forest, inside a cave to the east, where you can also get a Eevee (the location may have changed, but I don't know). Coming to movesets, you only doesn't have effective moves against Dragon, think about having a Ice or Fairy mon/move on your team. You should also think well the movesets, you have repeated type moves on your mons, Brine and Hydro Pump on Jellicent for example, if you had Shadow Ball and Giga Drain on it, you would have more reliability on the mon. Still thinking about reliable movesets, aside from Ampharos and Scrafty, your mons doesn't learn a wide variety of moves through lvl up, and you don't have access to most of the TMs and move tutors, think about it too. Using Archeops as example, it learns 5 moves with different types through lvl up and still have some good moves through breeding, move tutor and TMs. Also, is your Scrafty from the event? Because Fire Punch is not a move that comes with lvl up. This, or it was bred xD If you want to stick to this bulk mons, I can't help you much. I'd change Amonguss for Chesnaught and would fit Magcargo in the team, maybe in the place of Golem or Jellicent. Meowstic may come as support to set Trick Room for the team, but more changes would be needed in the team. If you want to go with fast mons, Alolan Vulpix, Floatzel, Meowstic and Drapion are the best from the ones you said. Luxray is a good idea too, but its moveset is really poor, as most of electric mons (in my opinion) and it isn't that fast. If you give us more of how you like to play, which mons you like most and which mons you have in your boxes, maybe more strategies can be created. Hope I helped. See ya~
  10. I'm sorry, didn't know this
  11. It's possible to beat Reborn with only six mon, if you put effort into egg moves/IV breeding and EV training and if you mind a good strategy or a well-rouned team, in terms of coverage. I always prefer to build my teams with fast and offensive mons, so my suggestions will be a little biased here. Blaziken, as almost everyone in this forum agrees, is the best pokemon on Reborn. As moveset, I recommend: Bulk Up for a boost if needed, Blaze Kick for STAB, High Jump Kick for STAB too, and Thunder Punch. With this moveset, I suggest using Wide Lens as held item, so you'll never miss any of the kicks. If you are going to give it Blazikenite, then change Blaze Kick for Flare Blitz. Arcanine is a great mon, but you are defenitely wasting a position in your team as Blaziken is already in it. Starmie is one of the water mons I like the most. It has good typing and a great moveset. A downside is that some of it's best moves are not available in Reborn yet, as we don't have access to the TMs, like Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. A good moveset is Water Pledge (until you got Scald) for STAB, Psychic for STAB, Power Gem for Coverage and Rapid Spin for dealing with Hazards. The last two can be changed for the TMs I mentioned plus Flash Cannon and Dazzling Gleam, depending on your needs. Meowstic pulled a lot of weight for me when I first played Reborn, Female one to be more specific. But as people have already said, it loses its reliability as the game progresses, mostly because you get access to mons with better stats. If you want a support, Meowstic can really help, but I think there are better options for it (can't help here, not my playstyle). If you want more offense, the Female has a better moveset. I don't like to build a team with Psychic mons because they tend to be a little limited on their movesets, when it comes to coverage. Starmie can play the same role as Meowstic in your team, with better outcome. Nidoqueen/Nidoking are very reliable mons, very balanced and stronger if you build with Sheer Force in mind. They suffer the same as Starmie in Reborn: the lack of TMs. Also I just don't like using they because they are slow Ampharos also have a good moveset, you have access to Signal Beam and later to Dragon Pulse. You should definetely get rid of Eletro Ball. For your reserves, I like Krookodile, Scolipede, Noivern, Roserade and Sharpedo. For Shapedo, I would go with: Agility, Liquidation (move tutor), Crunch and Psychic Fangs (this one you get through breed), Adamant Nature and Speed Boost as Ability. Now if want any team to be the best, plan before trying to cover the most weaknessess you can with different moves and try to not repeat the same types, so you can get more STABs and so, more coverage. Also try to breed your mons for best IVs and good egg moves. EV training makes a lot of difference too. If you need help with these, there's a lot of information in the forum about it and I can help as well. If you want the easy way, I have all of the mons I suggested here ready to trade xD See ya~
  12. That's not the poing of your post, but it may help in your choice: Your team doesn't have any move to deal with Normal and Fairy mons, maybe Sylvally could come to give your team this coverage. If you accept some hints, your team has three mons with Dark moves, maybe replace one or two of them. I suppose your Greninja uses special attacks, you can teach it Water Pledge in Lapis Ward (which is stronger than Water Pulse), and you can teach it Dark Pulse after beating Luna, then you could replace Houndoom and/or Murkrow and give your team more coverage. Ampharos has a good moveset through lvl up with Signal Beam, Discharge, Dragon Pulse and Power Gem, that gives you many options/coverage in battles, try not to repeat moves of the same type on your mons and so you'll cover more disadvantages. Good Luck
  13. I see. Is there a way to get the v52 so?
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