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  1. Thanks for your suggestion, Will give Hypnosis a try, but my concern with replacing Blizzard with Hypnosis is that Hypnosis is 60% accuracy and also Blizzard sometimes comes in handy changing some annoying field effects. It's just a point I thought of as field effects and hitting moves seems to be very very important in this game from my experience so far. Have also swapped my filler on Flygon for Dragon Dance and it has definitely made it easier for me on boss battles, mostly Singles, Doubles not so much. Will definitely try that in the future but Field Effects and the different seed effects are just extremely confusing to me for my current playthrough. More often than not, I find myself relying on Blizzard and hoping it changes the field to ice field as I feel like it seems to help me more often than not compared to the other fields so far. Will try to study up on what the different fields do and how to change them and hopefully apply that knowledge when the game is complete. Thanks again for your suggestions!
  2. Hi, Thank you very much for all your suggestions. You got that part right on the money! I ended up building my team with some doubles in mind as we seem to have quite a bit of them in the game, sometimes teaming up with another teammate. But Aurora Veil with Light Clay has been very good for Singles too, while Tailwind sometimes allow me to outspeed another mon when my fastest mons dies , since my current Crobat isn't actually that strong offensively, but pretty good as kind of a support. I am definitely OK with doing some breeding! For Infernape, I am keeping that set in mind for when I get Sword Dance. However, would it be better for me have Mach Punch somewhere in there to have a priority? My main playstyle so far has been to use Infernape as a hit and run or as a revenge killer. Overall the main reason I used Overheat is so I don't take too much recoil and leave myself vulnerable to a priority while maintaining some semblance of knockout power. The future plan is to also equip ape with Firium-Z for Overheat use. With Sword Dance however, Iron Fist Fire Punch sounds pretty good and worth a try for sure, so definitely will do that as soon as I get Sword Dance. I agree with your view of Electric mons, but Magnezone will probably stay on the team mainly due to the Steel typing for fairies and poisons. As for Crobat, I will keep your set in mind and make another Crobat with your set and try that out for the rest of the game! One doubt I do have is with Confuse Ray though, I have found that most of the time RNG just doesn't work in our favor unless I restart a bunch of time just to get it, not sure if there is some hidden factor affecting it, but from my playthrough so far, I found that being able to "control your own destiny" and not count on RNG at all usually works better. As for Flygon, Krookodile is an interesting suggestion and will definitely explore it, especially as it will give Intimidate or Moxie as well. I did consider Garchomp, but I ended up not using it as it doesn't naturally get Earthquake and I still didn't get the TM so far. But you definitely brought up a very good point! I don't have a Mega option! I think I need to start working on Garchomp and Hippowdon both as rotation mons to give myself alot more options for sure! Another relatively trivial reason is the need for Fly sometimes, which I was reluctant to put on Crobat due to alot of it's moveset being egg moves. For Ninetales, I love that suggestion for sure, Freeze-Dry and Extrasensory both has good and bad so will hunt some heart scales and rotate them when necessary, like Freeze Dry allows me to hit super effective moves on Water Types, and it's my trump card for Amaria. Milotic, its just a pokemon I really like, and it gives me a mon that can do some sort of stalling and recovering like what you mentioned when things go south. The only pokemon on your suggestion I would consider changing to is Greninja, as I simply do not like Sharpedo, and find that Starmie seems to lack that extra oomph most of the time to land needed KOs even though it has amazing coverages.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions! For Infernape, I actually tried Flare Blitz and Fire Punch but ended settling on Overheat while allocating some evs to special attack as Flare Blitz recoil sometimes is a little too much while fire punch seems to lack the extra power needed for KOs, and Overheat turns out to be not as big of a problem as I ended up using it as more of hit and run. For Crobat, I actually used Poison Fang for a bit, but ended up deferring to Cross Poison due to the Fairy Gym! I needed Cross Poison to net some KOs there to make my life easier with Adrienn. For Flygon, I didn't know it gets Dragon Dance! That would be an amazing addition for the filler move slot! But I think I have to check if the game still follows Gen 7 or Gen 8 learnset, if it's Gen 8, I would definitely get Dragon Dance!
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestion! Would definitely do that, field effects and terrains are sometimes a pain and Electric Terrain will definitely help alot, though to be honest, I did not know Magnezone actually get Electric Terrain. Magnet Rise has been only quite situational in double battles so far, so thats an easy decision right there!
  5. Hi, Looking for a way to improve my current team with its moveset or even swapping out some pokemon where necessary. Any suggestions given is appreciated! Infernape (Life Orb) Nature: Naive Ability: Iron Fist -Overheat -Mach Punch - Close Combat -Thunderpunch Magnezone (Leftovers) Nature: Modest Ability: Sturdy -Discharge (Changing to Thunderbolt when I can get it) -Thunder Wave -Flash Cannon -Magnet Rise Crobat (Black Sludge) Nature: Adamant Ability: Infiltrator -Super Fang -Tailwind -Brave Bird -Cross Poison Flygon (Assault Vest) Nature: Jolly Ability: Levitate -Outrage -Earthquake -Crunch -Filler (Currently Fly) Alolan Ninetales (Light Clay) Nature: Timid Ability: Snow Warning -Aurora Veil -Blizzard -Moon Blast -Freeze Dry Milotic (Leftovers) Nature: Bold Ability: Competitive -Surf -Icy Wind -Recover -Toxic
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