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    Chillin in my UFO
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    Graphic Design / Animation / Meme Religion
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    When does a navigator doesn’t need a map?
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  1. Ember King - Godot Midsummer Queen - Lost Lore Sunlit Sovereign - Sin City
  2. Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye DA BOIS, IN DA TREES WE BOWLLLLin
  3. Looking forward to it Best luck to the team’s progression
  4. Arc-Virus Type: Mystery ??? Target - Singles PP - 5 Category - Status Accuracy - 100% Description - The user is consumed by an unknown etherial force beyond comprehension. Screeching it’s cry before submitting to the virus. Loses it’s name, typing, and friendship value in exchange to randomise it’s base stat between the total to 600-800 during battle. Any damage the user takes away instead decreases it’s max total hp permanently rather then regular hp. If user faints, it is erased from party. Cannot be learned Can only be taught from NPC “The Victim”
  5. Well you get the idea Also being someone who bends the rules Sometimes you gotta ask yourself first whether it’s worth the risk. Cause nobody gonna care for a shitty behaviour Grow up
  6. Anyone here knows how to draw a perfect circle?

    1. Michael_
    2. Smooth


      Oh why thank you Michael

      I shall find someone’s else work and erase their work to create a perfect circle. 

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