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  1. Unless somebody has some questions left I think I'm done.
  2. My wisdom tooth got pulled out and it's starting to hurt like a bitch

  3. 1. Whats your real name? (you can skip if you want to) My first name is Levi but I won't share my last name, sorry. 2. How old are you? I am 17 years old. 3. did you graduate/finish your studies? I graduated from high school last wednesday. This year I'm taking an online course for 2 subjects I may need in the future. I'm also looking for another job this year to get enough money for my driving lisence and I'm going to look for another place to study because I didn't really have the chance to do that this year due to the lockdown.
  4. 1. What is your favorite and least favorite class My favorite class is Heavy because haha minigun go brrrrrr. My least favorite class is Sniper but I don't dislike him. 2. What is your best and worst class My best class is also Heavy and my worst is either Spy or Sniper. 3. What is your favorie and least favorite weapon or build My favorite is probably the Brass Beast with the Second Banana and the Fists of Steel. It works pretty well if your team doesn't have a Medic. My least favorite build is pretty hard but if I had to choose I'd say Blutsauger with the Vaccinator and the stock Bonesaw because I hate using the Vaccinator and the Blutsauger while the stock Bonesaw is just kind of useless compared to other Bonesaws. 4. What is your favorite and least favorite game mode and why Payload is my favorite, no particular reason I just enjoy it. I hate capture the flag except for when the server has 5 Engineers on each team defending the flag while the rest just has a free for all. 5. What is your favorite and least favorite memory of playing tf2 My favorite memory is when the Boxtrot taunt just came out. My friends and me all had it, we used it for all kinds of dumb stuff like hiding in plain sight while blocking an objective. My least favorite memory is probably when I was one kill away from being godlike and I got hit by a crit rocket from across the map.
  5. 1. Any Mafia games that left the most memorable impression? That evolution one I mentioned earlier was really creative and well thought out. I'm going to look for it and read it back tomorrow. 2. Who do you think are the best players in Mafia and would you kill them if given the chance? The ones that have been here the longest always seem the most intimidating to me, but I don't like killing the best players early because I get the feeling that happens a lot to them.
  6. 1. How often were/are you lucky with rolls in dnd? Almost never, my rolls are awful. 2. Do a top 3 of the games you liked the most I assume you mean mafia games, here they are in no particular order. I liked Dive's last FE game because I had a big part in it and I had a lot of fun. Drakyle hosted a halloween themed one a few years ago, that was also very fun. I don't remember who did this one but a few years ago there was an evolution based one where you awnsered a question each night and based on the awnser you evolved into a different species and gain a new ability. 3. Do you prefer to be: town, mafia or third party? In general I think I like town the most, but honestly I have no idea. 4. What's your favorite pokemon? If you can't choose you can do a top 3! I know who to choose but I'm gonna make a top 3 anyway because why not. My favorite is Honchkrow, my second favorite is Haxorus and my third favorite is Gyarados. 5. Are you introvert or extrovert? You can skip this question if you want owo I'm definetly introverted. Hence why I don't talk that much, in games or on Discord.
  7. 1. What's favorite colour? Orange I'll change the text to orange when I get back on my pc. 2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Your own country doesn't count. Probably Java, it has beautifull nature and architecture. I could also easily communicate because I believe they speak Dutch as well. 3. What's your favorite mafia role(s)? Jailor probably, because you can have pleasant conversations at night. 4. Do you like anime? If so do you have a favorite one? What about genres? I don't really watch anime. However I have watched some as a kid, so my favorite is Hamtaro I guess. 1. What's your favorite class and subclass? My favorite class is Wizard and my favorite subclass is Bladesinger. School of Necromancy is a close second but I can just take Bladesinger with Necromancy spells. 2. What do you think about elves? I think they're kinda boring to be honest, I know I said I like Bladesinger but my DM lifted the race restriction for me. 3. Do you like spellcasters or melee? I think they're equally as cool. Almost all my characters are both. 4. How long have you been playing? Do you have any photos of your miniatures? OWO If so, you don't have to upload them here. My first session was on the first of february 2019 and I've been playing ever since. I'll upload some in the Discord as soon as I have access to a natural light source.
  8. 1. What's your favorite class? Good ol' wizard probably, although I don't like how WOTC worships wizard like a deity compared to other classes. 2. What's your favorite race? I don't really know. Any race can be a blast if I dig my character. If I had to choose I'd probably say dwarves. 3. Do you prefer DMing or playing? I like playing more but I like DMing as well but only if I can be a player from time to time. 4. Can you share with us your favorite character that you've created? My favorite character is a kenku eldritch knight sailor named Anchorix Tideseeker. He got accidentaly adopted/abducted as an egg by a human that lived on a port island so that guy was stuck raising him. Eventually he started hunting sea monsters but then he got his fore arm ripped off. So to fill the gap he stuck a cannon on it (which he casts spells from, purely decorative and adds nothing except for me handicapping my character) and tied a longsword to it like a bayonette. Yes that's fucking ridiculous but I love it. He was blunt, simple, cocky and greedy but cared about others. His rolls, subclass and stats were all garbage but eventually we killed our first enemy with tons of loot including a Belt of Hill Giant Strenght which bumped his Strenght up to 21, plate armor and a +1 shield which caused his ac to become 21 which is way too much for a level 4 character, especially one that has access to the Shield spell which adds another 5 to it when used as a reaction. Eventually our party came across an orphan baby owlbear which my character adopted. We named him Wojtek (after that one bear they had in the Polish army). One time our party needed to clear out a barn that was infested with goblins. We killed all but one and we thought "maybe we can kill him in a funny way". We decided that my character would throw him into the air and the Warlock would Eldritch Blast them mid-air. Meanwhile this goblin is biting and scratching, fighting tooth and nail for his life, while a group of idiots decide to kill him in a stupid way. The Warlock missed so I had to pick him up and throw him again, the Warlock misses again but now the goblin falls on his head and dies. I'm very fond of those memories if the rambling didn't make that apparent. I'll stop before I write the whole campaign down.
  9. 1. Do you like ice cream? Ice cream is awesome. 1a. If so what is your favorite flavor? It's either pistachio or stracciatella, depends on my mood. 2. You have a favorite type of Pokemon? I like dark type Pokemon, they're the perfect match between intimidating and goofy. Water type is a close second though. 3. Any other games you are fond of? Aside from the Pokemon series, my favorite games are Team Fortress 2 and the Donkey Kong Country series. Other then that I go through a phase of a certain game or two that I'll play for a long time and then drop into my dragon hoard of Steam games afterwards, currently Divinity Original Sin 2 and Terraria because of the new update.
  10. 1. Why are seals your favourite animals? I can go on a whole tangent on them but I'll keep it short, they're cute, funny and interesting and I can spend hours watching them, 2. What is your favourite food? Probably definitely ribs (with BBQ sauce) to the point that I get dibs on the first piece on familiy barbecues. 3. What is the role you always dread in a mafia game? Mafia and early cult because they're less of them which means I'm more of a burden to my team than usual.
  11. 1. Where are you from? I am from the Netherlands 2. You've been a member of our club for quite a while. How did you find it/ what drew you to it? In late 2017 I happened to see a post for a mafia game under topics on the homepage. The rules reminded me of a game called Werewolves of Millers Hollow, a game I used to play a lot so I thought why not? Dive hosted it and it was wild west themed if I remember correctly. Anyways, I had a lot of fun so since then I was hooked. Three years of practice and I still suck? Damn. 3. What are your hobbies? I spend most of my free time playing video games. I also play a lot of D&D and recently I've gotten into painting my own miniatures for D&D.
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