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  1. Cult seems like a bigger threat then mafia [Eliminate] Aldo
  2. So Newt lied about Bok being mafia while not being an evil role himself? Strange. The only explanation I could think of if there was some sort of actor role involved which I don't really see any candidates for in the roles list. I think the rock-paper-scissors thing is just a regular sailor mafia ability because non of the roles would specifically have a scimitar, rapier and gun. Why would that mean poisoner and mafia are separate?
  3. Bok has yet to defend himself and we don't have a better call right now. [Vote] Bok However, I do want Newt to elaborate.
  4. Always felt that a lot of bulky Rock/Ground/Steel lacked recovery to make them truly viable as tanks. I made one with a bit of extra flavouring to keep it interesting. Mineral Mend Type: Steel Category: Status PP: 10 Power: - Accuracy: - Description: The user partially melts it's body to repair itself. This heals 50% of the users maximum HP and boosts it's defence but makes it more susceptible for fire damage. Indepth effect: Heals 50% of the users max HP, boosts it's defence by one and makes itself recieve double damage from fire the turn the move is used. Learners: Golem, Magnezone, Steelix, Rhyperior, Forretress, Macargo, Donphan, Probopass, Aggron, Claydoll, Bastiodon, Gigalith, Cofagrigus, Klinklang, Golurk, Chesnaught, Aegislash, Carbink, Dhelmise, Corviknight, Coalossal, Copperajah and Duraludon.
  5. My compliments to the poisoner who took advantage of this piece of text because it's apparently enough to put me on trial. On N1 I visited Astra, he was clear. On N2 I visited Fali, he was also clear. On N3 I tried to visit Hypurr but he was in jail. And on N4 I was roleblocked. If you want the vampire situation to get out of hand, voting me out is the right call. We've been lucky so far with the amount of converts but once they reach 4 they can kill.
  6. 1k messages? Damn Nano. I've been poisoned and blocked in one night, tough luck. Finally there's some activity in the vampire chat although not that much. They just greeted eachother and one reminded the other(s?) to keep as quiet as possible and not to discuss targets. Note that my role doesn't allow me to see which vampire says what or how many vampires are in the chat. This could be just one vampire trying to mess with us or 3 vampires with one keeping quiet.
  7. Does anyone know any good DS games?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi


      Castlevania Order of Ecclesia

      Zelda Spirit Tracks

    3. andracass


      phoenix wright trilogy / ace attorney investigations

      9 hours 9 persons 9 doors

      i hear people like The World Ends With You

    4. fellowry


      Drone tactics

      All of the harvest moon games

      kingdom hearts 358.5 days

  8. I haven't been poisoned. There STILL isn't any activity in the vampire chat. I don't know if this is due to a single vampire being unlucky, the vampires only being to talk the night after the conversion or the vampires just straight up not saying anything. Statistically speaking Fali has a higher chance of being evil. [Trial] Falirion
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