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    Seal is short enough
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    The Netherlands
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    PC games, Nintendo games, Dungeons and Dragons, War games, painting miniatures for the previous 2, Metal, Biology and History.

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  1. Yoooo it's already your birthday Seal, sure time flies a lot!! 

    I really really hope you will have a wonderful day, you deserve all the amazing stuff you can have, i will always wish you the best ❤️🎂

  2. Ember King: @whatever Ricki's account is called Midsummer Queen: @whatever Jewel's account is called Sunlit Sovereign: @whatever Glow's account is called
  3. 🐌

    1. GenEric


      wake up babe, e19 just dropped

  4. lykoshand

    1. LykosHand


      Seal my beautiful friend

  5. 2. Julia (I don't know her forum name shit) 5. Big Rob @Trooperk 6. Drago @Dragoknight 8. Nicki @cicada 11. Glow (idk his either lol) 12. Caimie @Caimie 13. Blue @BlueTowel 15. Chxxo @chxxo 18. Starry @Starry Knight 19. Kyle (don't know this one either) 20. Huggy (also don't know his one) 24. King @Kingoflife24 25. Phan @the_phantom_eyes 27. Newt @Hat'n'Clogs 32. Brave @Brave 37. Arnie @ARandomName 40. Lykos @LykosHand 41. Bear @Bearadactyl
  6. Seal

    e19 when

    Can't wait to actually cry when this comes out
  7. helo will u trade ur level 100 arceus for my level 1 seel

    pls respond



    it urgent

    1. Seal


      I'm very sorry, but I have to block you. You probably don't care why I'm blocking you, but just in case you're interested, I'll explain. What you sent me doesn't actually have any emotional impact on me. However, it shows me what type of person you are. It indicates that you're the type of person who deliberately tries to provoke negative reactions from other people. I don't wish to interact with the type of person who dos that, so I have to block you. It has nothing to do with "hurt feelings" or "not being able to take a joke". It has to do with the content of your character.

    2. cicada


      i am terribly sorry for the inconvenience

  8. Heyyy happy birthday Seal!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day as you really deserve it 🤗🎂

    1. Seal


      The madlad is still at it

    2. LykosHand


      Hahah yes Seal 😉

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