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  1. Seal

    Houndour Catch

    Strange, it should be there. You can find Houndour elsewhere but that's way later in the game.
  2. I hope Galarian Slowking can talk in the anime as well

  3. I recommend just picking up every single water type you can catch when doing a mono. Don't forget to pick up the water mystery egg before Florinia as well as the other egg, it can hatch a Ducklett which would be a massive help in the grass gym. Lotad is also available in the Coral Ward when it's raining.
  4. Just walk through the flowers until you encounter one.
  5. No, they have a low chance of appearing though.
  6. You can get Pikachu and Pichu at one of the rooftops in the Onyx Ward. You can evolve it into Alolan Raichu by evolving it on Apophyll Beach.
  7. As far as I know he's not supposed to be there at that point in the game
  8. The Tauros on Route 1 give 1 Speed and 1 Attack ev. I want to keep the one I have right now, you can catch a high-level Excadrill in the desert.
  9. Here's how I did it. I used an Excadrill that had a Jolly nature, 252 ev's in speed and attack, Sand Rush, a Magical Seed, Earthquake and Swords Dance. First you take out her Alolan Sandslash with a mon that's weak to ground and has Brick Break or one that outspeeds and one-shots it which will prevent her from setting up Aurora Veil. Then she will send out Excadrill, now you switch to your own Excadrill. Both Magical Seeds activate, which sets up King's Shield. In this scenario, Titania will always go for Sandstorm, this is the moment you use Swords Dance. Since your Excadrill is Jolly, it is faster then hers. Now you have an Excadrill with 2.5 times attack and 2 times speed vs a steel team. Excadrill can solo any mon she has except for Aegislash but she will always send that mon out last so you have 4 team members to take care of it which should be more then enough.
  10. A lot of event Pokemon already have some perfect IV's so they could help you breed.
  11. It's supposed to evolve if you level it up during the day with at least 220 friendship. It can't be sunny weather at night but are you sure it's day time in-game?
  12. @Starry Knight Thanks a lot for going to through all the trouble to help me out!
  13. Whoops, sorry. I was on a different tab for a sec, I thought it made a sound once you got a request. I'm waiting on a request again rn.
  14. I just got back too. You ready?
  15. Alright, I'll be gone for a couple of minutes but I'll send you a pm once I'm back. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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