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  1. Gen 1: Gyarados Gen 2: Murkrow Gen 3: Crawdaunt Gen 4: Honchkrow Gen 5: Haxorus Gen 6: Dragalge Gen 7: Dhelmise Gen 8: Corviknight
  2. Did you manage to get your data back?

  3. Try following this guide: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ If it isn't there then it's either on another device or it got deleted for some reason.
  4. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! Tell Edison I said hi!
  5. I don't think keeping Arcanine in the party will do you a lot of favors. As a pure fire type with a fighting type move, she doesn't bring a lot to the table that Blaziken doesn't already cover except for priority and intimidate. Mawile is also a great intimidate mon that you already have in your party. Mawile also has access to Sucker Punch to cover the priority gap plus it brings an amazing typing into the mix. Mawilite is also available in the game later on. Level your Blaziken up 2 levels so it can learn Sky Uppercut to replace Double Kick. Electro Ball is pretty useless on Ampharos since it's so slow. I suggest you relearn it Thunder Wave. I suggest you replace your Nidoqueen's Venom Drench with Sludge Wave, it's a great stab move that effects a lot of terrain fields. Meowstic is becoming weaker and weaker at this point in the game and you already have a Starmie in main rotation. I suggest you swap that one out with some other mon.
  6. Ooh, I love fading colors. Looks great!
  7. I'm weirdly curios about this and I think it'll make for an interesting topic. What's your current wallpaper? This is mine (minor spoilers for the Dungeons and Dragons Tyranny of Dragons/Rise of Tiamat module):
  8. I recently bought Sea of Thieves and discovered you needed Windows 10. So I got a little taste of the game before I could play it if you know what I mean.

  9. Is anyone interested in some TCG online codes?

  10. They're all good mons but I think you'll have a hard start
  11. Damn to do a lot of family stuff so I haven’t really been paying attention so I’ll do this for now [Eliminate] Lia [Reveal] Psykana I’ll look further into this when I get home.
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