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  1. wow so rude [Eliminate] Not Lía haha take that Anyways, I can confirm that i was attacked the first night. If you want to take that as confirmation of astra being town then feel free. I don't really have any skin in the game anymore, not since Eric revealed my role, so it's not like I have a lot of incentive to keep trying at all. I accept and welcome my death. [Unvote] Not Lía [Eliminate] Walpurgis
  2. Anyways, sure, I can kill candy. If you change your mind lmk. [Eliminate] Jace for being rude and voting me. [Reveal] Mafia Role [Nominate] Myself of course
  3. So hypurr has been a bad boy? Alright, I guess I'll comply but my targets tend to not die instantly keep that in mind also [Eliminate] Eric It'd be a pity if I were to be modkilled after all
  4. It looks like the description Eric gave you is a bit incoherent and is lacking some info. Can whoever attacked me N2 step up and reveal that they failed as well? Or was it mafia? [Eliminate] Fali
  5. Huh so Eric is a role cop or something okay whatever I'll go in the lamest way possible I really don't mind. Also the people I kill don't get to be revived, just so you know
  6. What evidence do you even have to support that claim.
  7. actually [Unvote] Mimi [Eliminate] Eric
  8. Are you all serious. There isn't even a solid accusation against me how am I supposed to defend myself. The reason why I haven't been here is because tis the fucking season and on top of that I moved like halfway across the country two days ago I literally haven't had time to stop here and say anything of substance. It's your willingness to lynch me what feels a the scummiest. I was thinking there was a chance the mafia had decided to put most of their members into the same boat, maybe leaving one im the other ship. That way they'd guarantee they have an overwhelming power over one ship's lynch and a very small chance to be lynched in the other. I haven't been on top of things at all, but if no one here is scummier than me it could be because most or all of the mafia faction is in the other ship (which filled up significantly faster).
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