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  1. Someone remember this gold song from O-Zone group ? Jesus was ( still ) so good to hear



  2. So this is it : next year will be the year of the thesis

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zarc


      I don't know yet , but i'm passionated about WW2 history so any subject about it would be awesome

    3. Mindlack


      It's bound to be harder looking for advisors, since the universities are still closed, isn't it?

    4. Zarc


      I have good relationships ^^

  3. To celebrate the futures updates of our favorites fangames , here is an awesome Clone Wars but with an epic music 



    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      i was expecting john williams, why are you here?


      still good though

    2. Zarc


      John Williams is afk since new Disney trashlogy

  4. Seems like the character is the announce might be Lilith , as we clearly see an umbreon , looking forward !
  5. Hair finally cut after 4 months... never been so happy to go to the hairdresser ! 

    1. Candy


      lucky you, I can't wait for the stay-at-home order to be lifted up so I can run to a hair salon. I think seeing myself in the mirror is contributing to my "depression" 😅

  6. It's decided : i will finally try Pokemon Uranium while i cannot stand fakemons. I heard it's one of the best fangame ever so.

  7. There is a bug on the poison gym , if you go out you're stuck and you cannot move anymore And i can't progress
  8. Someone knows if there is another way to have a magnemite other than finding him on the park ? Can't find any xd edit : and i found another bug : on second gym ( water one ) , when you try to get out to heal after gym got modified a first time , it put you outside the map , being unable to do anything.
  9. For me it fixed my problem , i can progress again. I will keep you inform if i find others problems , thanks !
  10. Well the fact i'm stucked and the fact you can't open the game is kinda the same : we both need help ^^
  11. He is not the only one , my game is working too , but i can't progress cause of another bug
  12. Seems like numeron cards are going to be official

    1. Raion


      For real? Will they get huge nerfs?

    2. Zarc
  13. I restarted the game with new version and game is crashing on route B right after you talked with Fay , she say she is going to look for Del and then you cannot move.
  14. Keeping improving on Photoshop , here is my Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane deviant :





  15. The Borreload extra deck squad 😄 





    1. Raion


      Wow, that field is awesome!

      Only Borrelend is missing now🙂

    2. Zarc


      It isn't on the game yet , it's too recent

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