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  1. Trick room is also a good move to use since most her mons are fast sweepers
  2. Happy Birthday Abyss!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  3. Honestly most people aren't going to be disappointed with e19 (there's always going to be one very loud critic but eh) lots of shenans for people to enjoy
  4. I like the fact that you guys went the Rejuv route and individualized the pokecenters/marts. Adds a bit of QOL to the game. Also who's to say that the REDACTED poke center is a main story area poke center
  5. A lot of leaders have certain mons as their ace because that's the mon (or one of if in multiple seasons) they had as their ace back in the online league.
  6. These jokes be so bad that Cass' eyes are rolling faster than sonic can spin
  7. I'm going to say something here, Alpha has effectively been split into two right now since only the three dev teams are testing at the minute. Reborn staff and other selected Alpha members haven't even started testing yet plus Rejuv's testing took around a month for beta due to the sheer amount of content in v13. So honestly beta dates are unknown right now. Plus the wider community don't get to participate in beta, only trusted members within the patreon folks. When the dev team say "hey folks, this is the earliest we expect e19 to release", it means that Spring is the earliest expected date. Putting end of March at the absolute earliest which I doubt it would be considering how vigorous testing is (speaking from experience in being in the Alpha and Beta teams of v13 and beta team of e18 here). I could fire off a random date for when beta will start and there's a 99% chance that I will be wrong. Just have a little patience, we've waited several years for e19 what's a few months more
  8. Cass said Spring so I'd say late April at the absolute earliest but I feel like it will be longer since the dev team want to ensure no bugs have managed to get around the forking like what happened in Rejuv testing.
  9. I mean that is a bit extreme... Please do respect when people ask for a topic change though as many people were clearly getting uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.
  10. Nah stabbing is for cowards, prefer for characters I dislike to have character development and to live with the terrible stuff they've done
  11. So Vulnona articulated a lot of my thoughts quite well but I've got some additional stuff to add. Also quick TLDR here: People are entitled to criticize games and are allowed to have certain expectations of them BUT when people turn criticisms into being an ass to devs or expect stuff from like AAA game studios then it's a bit much. So if you've been reading Cass' previous dev blogs, which surely if you're a big of a fan of the game as you've indicated in here and your post in your Starlight review you should have done, Cass has said she's adding more early game variety for those who like to do monoruns. Not everyone wants to have to use debug to get an early game ice type or ghost type in. Plus as Ame said, mons are moved around each episode anyway for balancing reasons. I imagine e19 will expand upon current meteor members (whether during the earlier parts of the game or during e19 story and postgame content) heck this post even specifically mentions Corey getting more stuff in game (which for some reason someone here was complaining about). Adding a Meteor member who's not an old man helps add to the variety a bit. A lot of RPGs and the like have a way larger cast than Reborn does, some of which have less content and do so I don't think it's really bloating the cast. Plus from what I can see Ace appears to be more of an Blake/Aster/Eclipse level meteor rather than there to be an Admin like Taka or Sirius or Zero. So let's go from the start of the game to Noel, here's all the Meteor boss battles (not counting Corey here since he's a leader battle right now): Pre-Julia: Aster and Eclipse Julia - Florinia: ZEL Florinia - Corey: Taka, ZEL and Taka double Corey - Shelly: Aster and Eclipse Shelly - Shade: No one Shade - Aya: Aster and Eclipse, Taka, Cal, Solaris Aya - Serra: Sigmund/Sirius Serra - Noel: Sigmund/Sirius, ZEL Then after this you don't see Taka or ZEL until WTC and Devon respectively. I don't think you can really say Taka and ZEL handle quite a bit of the early game heck they handle the first 3 PULSEs alone. Like yes you have Meteor agents other than them around but like other Meteor agents are busy doing other stuff. So all I'm going to say is why should Ame have to justify to you why X character is in the game. You (as well as the rest of us) are not entitled to an explanation. She wants to add a new character? Sure go for it bestie it's her game. The game is FREE, she can do whatever the fuck she likes (well a few caveats but for the most part ye). I feel like you being accusatory towards the Reborn Devs in this is just plain rude. You can't really get upset about someone being rude to you when you was rude first. So Ame already replied regarding the password thing so I'm not commenting on that part. However, you want an uber super duper extraordinarily hard experience? Go play some modded versions of Reborn/Rejuv from creators like Moto, Blue, etc. I feel like you don't understand about what balancing difficulties are so I'll explain why difficulty needs to be balanced (and for anyone else who has this elitist view of games being 'bad' if they're too easy). Game difficulty is balanced in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible whilst having some challenge to those who like a bit of a challenge. If let's say Reggie wanted to publish a new Nintendo game (I know he not there anymore but still), he'd make a game that would be accessible as possible whilst not alienating people who want some challenges to make more money. Yes Reborn is a free game (please don't kill us Reggie) but Ame's wish for people to play still applies. Elements such as artstyle, story content, controls, etc also make up a game, not just difficulty. Ame/Cass may occasionally post some stuff re testing in the Dev Blog but don't expect anyone from the testing teams to share anything. First of all, use they/them pronouns when referring to Ace please. I can somewhat understand people getting confused with Adrienn's pronouns but for the love of god we use they/them in our every day language already. Also re the Glass Factory cutscene, it's an evil but a necessary evil to explain a lot of things. It's probably the only place in the story you can really explain a lot of the revelations that come out of that section. On an end note, reminder to people that some people will give criticism to improve a game on how they feel it could be improve. Doesn't always mean that criticism is actually the right thing for the game mind you but it's there and that games can actually improve from some good constructive criticism. Some people will just complain about anything and anything because they like to complain and call that 'criticism'. Others will just use it as an opportunity to be a dick to the devs (thankfully I see very little of that in this community). Also the dev team aren't going to spend forever tweaking stuff based on feedback for Reborn. They've got to move to Starlight eventually. Gotta make those who start crying about SJW people cry with that game :)
  12. Cass has already said Spring 2022 as an earliest release date
  13. There's now several rounds of testing before most people see it. Supervised testing begins soon (aka Ame watches Ikaru playthrough it and she cries as he breaks everything).
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