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  1. Most pre-gen 8 mons are getting their learnsets sorted in 13.5.
  2. You can't change your difficulty when Mr Luck leaves Gearen.
  3. Download the latest patch since it fixes that issue. Also download this since it will fix a problem you may encounter after the sewer bit. Make sure to leave the sewer and come back in for the patch changes to take effect. Your maps go into your data folder btw Map266.rxdata
  4. Just a reminder to people that this is a fanart thread, not a place to post meme generator images.
  5. Hi there, I'd recommend waiting until v13 comes out since the story flows better and it will run on the faster engine that Reborn e18.4 runs on.
  6. So for those who don't know what the Summer Social is (or are curious about what events are going on), please check out the following topic: To answer a question, yes a lot of this is copied and pasted from Zumi's Winter Revel thread. As a lot of the people who have been at a previous party know, the Hunger Games simulator sessions have become a party staple over the years, and are always exciting to watch unfold. yknow. because you get stuff like this. We want YOUR suggestions for custom events to be added to the simulator, so we can make an almo
  7. For the king I wanna nominate @Azeria and @Kaito, for Queen I nominate @crimsoncrim, @SailorMercury and @Starry Knight and for Sovereign I nominate @Alex and @ZEL
  8. Sadly Online is only available on Windows PC and very few Linux distros
  9. @MhicKy calm your anti-mod tendency, off-topic warns are 0 point warns.
  10. It will probs be a few hours after the first showing
  11. Double posting since unrelated to previous comment (don't kill me plz). My favourite sidequests was Goomink and the Karen Storyline. Can't wait to see more on the Ana sidequests though
  12. Hi everyone, just a reminder that this thread is for discussion of what could be coming up in v13/discussion of anything Jan shows off from v13. Discussion of favourite parts of game is also allowed. What this thread is not for is discussing Reborn or asking for help with the game. We have sections for that which I shall post links to below: Section of the Forums for Reborn talk: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/42-reborn-city/ Part of the Rejuv club for any game issues: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/189-troubleshooting/ Part of Rejuv club to ask for help reg
  13. Crim is good, also Marcello you should always check a box before you carry it to see if it is a holy box
  14. Oh nice, all this should help people create teams a lot (plus reduce the amount of complaints you get about too much grinding). Pretty sure there's an alphabetical option sort already in game but could be wrong.
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