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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Thank you Lykos! 😄


    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😉

  2. Tbf that describes a few people in this community xD Wonja does need to go soon tho considering the amount of mons sacrificed for it
  3. Scroll back through this thread Devilish or check his latest vid, it explains why
  4. I'm not surprised he can't find Indra since he doesn't read field effects carefully. Also I can't wait to see him face Samuel Olaris again next episode
  5. You've got to beat Amaria first before you do stuff to find where they disappeared to
  6. Ttar: *goes into the double battle without Titania* Also Ttar: Why haven't they healed my mons?
  7. Season 2 finish at the end of the gauntlet as he faces Samuel Olaris again? Also funny how he suddenly likes Titania after she stabbed the heck outta Meteors but hates Heather for feeding a starving city
  8. It's not the field in this case, Crobat has base 130 speed, base 80 both defences and base 85 hp. What are the EV/IVs like on your team? If they're low, they ain't gonna do much to Corey. I would need to know your whole team to make proper suggestions.
  9. Cycle of most Ttar battles * Ttar reads field effects/listens to Amm* Ttar: Ok I got this guise *Ttar proceeds to forget 99% of the field effect* Ttar: Why is that happening!? *Ttar getting sweeped on said field due to ignoring/forgetting field effect* Ttar: *heavy breathing* THIS IS SUCH BS! FRICK THIS GAME!
  10. He did,it's just that even when he reads it such as forest, desert and dark crystal. He read it and only took note of one thing
  11. I think he still wouldn't have realised that dark/steel/fairy moves turn normal typing even if he read the field effect readout. After all, he missed out a lot of stuff in the past when reading them. Plus he couldn't read some dialogue properly, making severely incorrect conclusions from them. His team composition for this field is ass so he has himself to blame. I can't wait to see him rage in the gauntlet against Samuel Olaris
  12. I find it funny how he found a regular battle harder than Blake tbf. It is funny though him thinking Terra's randomness was just to play an act when she's just that random. I don't get why some people in the comments are getting so offended over Thamill saying he wants to blow team Meteor's helicopters up when he doesn't even reference the Kobe crash and it was recorded before then.
  13. Yeah like her not speaking is part of the reason he hates her, which is really kinda lame considering why she didn't speak. Does this mean he hates most video game protags because they don't speak?
  14. Heather: *goes through the trauma of her dad dying and being tortured by electivire* Thamill: How arrogant of her not to speak. I hate her
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