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  1. Is it just me or has Ren's legs got thicker? He did leg day at the gym thick thighs saves lives. Melia's reworked Terajuma outfit looks amazing and really loved the Ryland and Souta rework
  2. So I'm going to the shop to get some booze ready for a drinking challenge, I'll take a shot each time someone still gets upset over this (I'm not talking about those with valid criticisms here, I'm talking those who are bitching for the sake of bitching) and get mad at Jan because they can't read Zumi's post. /s (seriously not trying to get myself put in hospital here) Y'all gotta note that many people completed said survey and many people said it was difficult. Y'all can't really complain about stuff if you're not interacting with the stuff where the devs are literally asking for feedback (unless you're the small minority of people that whinge that actually does interact with said stuff which in this case you can somewhat whinge but make sure you don't whinge too much at Jan and the devs). Difficulty mods are always a thing since with Reborn and Deso there's always someone that's gonna bitch "this game is too easy bro". So I have a challenge for the community, if you have something you wish to say regarding difficulty and such please fill out the survey supplied by agent Jannifer, who is totally getting pokemon Violet for horny (wait I forgot this is fisher price land now and I can't say horny) reasons. If you from this moment complain about stuff in any Rejuv dev blog post without going into the feedback forms and filling out the things to make your experiences heard, Gnome Chompski will sneak into your room at night and screech in his lovely dulcet tones "YOU HAVE FAILED THE CHALLENGE! THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! HAE HEE!"
  3. So basically any Meteor affiliated characters are free from jail for a multitude of reasons. Part of it would likely be having to help out with the UB situation and not causing havoc again. Plus as well Zero, Blake and Fern wouldn't have committed those atrocities without the orders of Lin and Sirius (Solaris never wanted Meteor to head in the violent direction it did, he intended to scare away citizens of Reborn but he isn't without his violent moments). Fern's involvement with Meteor was due to abandonment (emotional and physical) from his sister and wanting to prove a point to her. As shown in the last conversation in Victory Road, Lin exploited those feelings and took advantage of Florinia's blocked off emotional state to twist her words to harm Fern. Plus a lot of Meteors joined the team under Solaris' helm since when he led it, there was a promise of a new world that was better than this current one. Lots of Meteors come from situations of poor or no families. You can see the shift in lots of Meteor grunts dialogue later on that they're staying on in fear of what could happen to them rather than pursuing that dream once the intentions of Meteor changed (when Lin and Sirius took over). Zero likely joined under that initial premise too but didn't have the capability to make any choices at all due to his reliance on Lumi and Eve. Ace and Eclipse are two of the notable Meteor members to question the change of directions in Meteor's goals which resulted in the latter's soul being burned by Sirius' Chandelure (unsure about Ace's fate as currently progressing through e19 on a new file). Blake was sort of apathetic towards everything. I think him and Cal joined Meteor initially because they were orphans iirc. Cal obviously regretted anything once he worked on his anger issues (and part of his anger problems may have also stemmed from Meteor involvement, not just his brother). Blake on the other hand didn't care either way since Meteor probably was just a job to him (likely getting paid for it). And with Terra, she didn't really care about Meteor's goals either. She joined in because she was bored and wanted a hacking job if I interpretted her pre gym battle dialogue right. But who knows, Terra is Terra. Can the police really deal with her? One final note, the Reborn police are openly corrupt and incompetent. There may have also been some bribes in place somewhere or another. Well there is the Jasper Ward Police Station so there's probably cells in there. And the Cult place is sorta a prison with those cells in that basement.
  4. Trick room is also a good move to use since most her mons are fast sweepers
  5. Happy Birthday Abyss!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  6. Honestly most people aren't going to be disappointed with e19 (there's always going to be one very loud critic but eh) lots of shenans for people to enjoy
  7. I like the fact that you guys went the Rejuv route and individualized the pokecenters/marts. Adds a bit of QOL to the game. Also who's to say that the REDACTED poke center is a main story area poke center
  8. A lot of leaders have certain mons as their ace because that's the mon (or one of if in multiple seasons) they had as their ace back in the online league.
  9. These jokes be so bad that Cass' eyes are rolling faster than sonic can spin
  10. I'm going to say something here, Alpha has effectively been split into two right now since only the three dev teams are testing at the minute. Reborn staff and other selected Alpha members haven't even started testing yet plus Rejuv's testing took around a month for beta due to the sheer amount of content in v13. So honestly beta dates are unknown right now. Plus the wider community don't get to participate in beta, only trusted members within the patreon folks. When the dev team say "hey folks, this is the earliest we expect e19 to release", it means that Spring is the earliest expected date. Putting end of March at the absolute earliest which I doubt it would be considering how vigorous testing is (speaking from experience in being in the Alpha and Beta teams of v13 and beta team of e18 here). I could fire off a random date for when beta will start and there's a 99% chance that I will be wrong. Just have a little patience, we've waited several years for e19 what's a few months more
  11. Cass said Spring so I'd say late April at the absolute earliest but I feel like it will be longer since the dev team want to ensure no bugs have managed to get around the forking like what happened in Rejuv testing.
  12. I mean that is a bit extreme... Please do respect when people ask for a topic change though as many people were clearly getting uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.
  13. Nah stabbing is for cowards, prefer for characters I dislike to have character development and to live with the terrible stuff they've done
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