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  1. The Glass version is the windows version. You can either download version 18.2 or glass version 18.4.1 for Joiplay. If it is a tablet that has android on then yes it should do if it's not too old Is this just for Reborn or other RPG Maker games too? Because if it's for other ones too then I've seen that the reviews of Google Play that the recent update has caused some issues with some Pokemon Fangames (from games outright not working to audio issues).
  2. 12.2 was mainly just a bug fixing update and game-z isn't officially implemented for Rejuv yet (at the moment it's just a mod). It could be anything from something in the code to your computer maybe struggling to handle game-z (which in that case you're better off running game instead). Maybe try re-extracting a copy of 12.2 or the game-z for Rejuv mod (or whatever it's called) and if it still doesn't work then you're going to have to wait for v13 to come out since that's when the game-z stuff is officially being integrated with Rejuv code.
  3. Kricketune and pachirisu completely demolishes early game. I've also heard many reports of people making good use of Shedinja against important battles (Amaria is a huge example of a leader that gets demolished by Shedinja).
  4. You probably won't get much support from this tbf since this is 4 versions ago. Probably an issue with file extraction or something. Unless you like want a mon that was only around in v8 then I'd save yourself the effort of trying to sort the issue out and just update to v12. I have one question though: Are you trying to load a newer version save file into an older version because if you are then that's going to cause issues due to huge changes in maps (some being added/deleted since v8)?
  5. Yeah you put it back in the place you found it (The Macintosh HD section rather than the Data folder)
  6. Yeah some computers can't physically run game-z.exe. Game.exe works perfectly well for older machines
  7. Try redownloading the game and see if the error still persists. If that doesn't work, can you give me some more details about when this problem pops up?
  8. You can get Dewpider where the Joltik event once was. Also the Titania encounter still exists in North Adventurine Woods.
  9. Because you've renovated the slums (through paying at the counter in the grand hall), you can't go back without using debug.
  10. Off the top of my head, these are some of the changes that I know of: 18.4.1 has a game-z.exe which runs the game on a different engine which makes the game smoother (game.exe still exists) 18.4.1 is more accessible to Linux and Mac users Lots of essentials code has essentially been tidied up and optimized Probably some bug fixes There's probably more but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.
  11. Gosh this year's one is going to be hard to vote for, especially rookie since there have been quite a few new people that are just blessed (honestly we see you). Without further ado, here's my noms for this year. Member of the Year - Do I really have to choose? Rookie of the Year - I'm going to nominate Arnie for this one (although shoutout to Crim and Ceri). Comeback of the Year - I'm going to abstain on this one since the person I would have nominated has been (Cera beat me to it). The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award - Crim The K-K-K-Kawaii Award - Kyra The Auspicious Aut
  12. Hi there so the file you need to give for save file stuff is the Game.rxdata file not the LastSave.dat file. Did you trade the exp share away or something and you sure you checked every mon/section of the bag/the items section of your PC carefully? If not then there are three ways to get it back if quest is done in that backup: Try your luck at the Onyx arcade and pray you get an exp share from there, see if anyone will trade you one or (this should be used with caution) using Sandbox mode mod to get an exp share. For Sandbox mode, make sure you uninstall it when you got what you need from
  13. Banned for having no b's in your name (also just a reminder you cannot ban someone who's banned you as per rules of OP)
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