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  1. Well we already have trainers with different teams (ie Amaria, Corey and Solaris) depending on certain conditions.
  2. Hi so from what I've heard, intense players will get an option on whether they want to play normal/casual when they boot up their save. The thing is that post Samson/Charlotte every main trainer has fully EV invested teams. Honestly, the elitism will still exist with this method. Jan isn't removing intense mode because it's too difficult, Jan is removing it because of the constant elitism on the discord from some (not all) intense players and people bitching whenever it gets the slightest nerf for balancing reasons. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As a side note, I've noticed that there's many people sticking around praying for Az to do an intense mode mod (seen this on the discord more than on the forums). This happening is pretty unlikely since Az has university and Rejuv on the go so won't have time to create any such mod.
  3. Hi so I'll break this down into bullet points to address some of your concerns: You can now speedup using the m button, I think you should be able to map controls with f1 but don't quote me on that I think Emerald is the least dodgy font. This is a known issue btw. I don't recall there being anything wrong with the increase/decrease game speed.
  4. Most pre-gen 8 mons are getting their learnsets sorted in 13.5.
  5. You can't change your difficulty when Mr Luck leaves Gearen.
  6. Download the latest patch since it fixes that issue. Also download this since it will fix a problem you may encounter after the sewer bit. Make sure to leave the sewer and come back in for the patch changes to take effect. Your maps go into your data folder btw Map266.rxdata
  7. Just a reminder to people that this is a fanart thread, not a place to post meme generator images.
  8. Hi there, I'd recommend waiting until v13 comes out since the story flows better and it will run on the faster engine that Reborn e18.4 runs on.
  9. So for those who don't know what the Summer Social is (or are curious about what events are going on), please check out the following topic: To answer a question, yes a lot of this is copied and pasted from Zumi's Winter Revel thread. As a lot of the people who have been at a previous party know, the Hunger Games simulator sessions have become a party staple over the years, and are always exciting to watch unfold. yknow. because you get stuff like this. We want YOUR suggestions for custom events to be added to the simulator, so we can make an almost entirely custom experience! So... how can I help? First off, you'll need to know about how the event formatting works. Here's a basic breakdown of what you need to know: Events that happen during the Bloodbath (start of the game), Day, Night, Feast (usually only once, randomly in the middle of a simulation), or an Arena event (can happen multiple times during a simulation). Events that happen during these can be both fatal and non-fatal. A singular event can involve a maximum of 6 people. When making an event, make sure to add (Player#) where a player’s name goes. Also add (he/she#), (him/her#), (his/her#), (himself/herself#) where each number indicates the player number's gender. Unfortunately, there's no they/them support. Sorry NB folks, I wish it was different too :( Make sure to make clear whether an event is fatal or not! When making a fatal event, make sure to specify who is the killer and who gets killed. Sometimes you don't even need to specify a killer if the person dies through other means. Now this sounds relatively complicated, so it's probably easier to just show some examples on as of how you should format your submissions. A couple of examples that are acceptable (and also just plucked directly from the site lmao): Bloodbath This takes place at the START of each game. Only happens once, the gist is that people usually gather supplies or run away during this moment in the game. Day: Generic events that can happen during the daytime in the simulation. Night: Same thing as Day; generic events that can happen during nighttime in the simulation. Feast: This can happen randomly during the simulation. The center of the arena gets restocked with supplies, and allows for more interactions between the players. Arena events: Events that can suddenly turn the tides on a lot of games! Usually brings a lot of carnage. The difference between Arena events and the other types is that you will have to spell out a whole list of events to happen during said event. An arena event has a premise, 1 non-fatal event (the default is (Player1) survives.), and 5 different fatal events. Make sure your event is complete! And if you're still unsure on how to format your stuff, you can find the list of default events on the site here. It'd be awesome if we could get a ton of different events to replace the default events with! But, as you should expect... There are some rules. If you do not adhere to said rules, your submissions will not be considered for being added to the simulator, so make sure to read them, keep them in mind or we'll just skip right over them! Reborn's rules apply by default. This is not a chance to bypass them, even if it's an opportunity to go a bit more wild with shenanigans. Keep it funny, keep it respectful. If you're guilty of breaking a rule in your submissions (i.e. usage of derogatory language), you will still get a warning and your submission will promptly be removed. If you have more than 5 submissions or have an arena event to submit, please put everything in a spoiler. This'll prevent the thread from becoming impossibly long to scroll through! Don't be too obscure with your references in your submissions. Please submit things that people can easily recognize! We don't want people to feel left out on inside jokes, so make sure that if you make a reference to something, it's a well known joke within the community. Think of stuff like Ame's Great Dislike of Budew, people falling out of trees in the hg sim, honey, staff shenanigans... etc. etc. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SPECIFY IF IT'S A BLOODBATH/FEAST/DAY/NIGHT/ARENA EVENT. It makes things a lot easier to sort through and add! Also, not necessarily a rule, but please balance out non-fatal events as much as possible with fatal events so we have a greater variety of custom things we can add! The more default things we can replace, the better, really -- get creative!
  10. For the king I wanna nominate @Azeria and @Kaito, for Queen I nominate @crimsoncrim, @SailorMercury and @Starry Knight and for Sovereign I nominate @Alex and @ZEL
  11. Sadly Online is only available on Windows PC and very few Linux distros
  12. @MhicKy calm your anti-mod tendency, off-topic warns are 0 point warns.
  13. It will probs be a few hours after the first showing
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