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  1. EDIT: Just checked and ye it is, they changed username forum side
  2. After years of chasing after N, the Ferris wheel settles down in the Reborn region.
  3. Hey happy birthday Abyss 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Thank you Lykos, hope you also have a good day buddy :D

    2. LykosHand


      Yeah i had it thanks and you're welcome 😄

  4. A Guide To Finding Your Backup Saves (by Cass) Go to this location on your computer: C:\Users\Cass\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn more astute readers will recognized that there is the word "cass" in that filepath. they are correct! that is because i took this path from my computer. obviously, you are not on my computer. please do us both a favor and replace "cass" with your username. This folder is where your Reborn saves are stored
  5. Hi Ken, did you make sure to add it to the Reborn folder in the Saved Games folder (if you're on Windows)? Also try renaming it to Game
  6. Hopefully people read this line in particular: For those reading, please do not harass Ame or any of the other devs if the bar gets full and e19 is still not in alpha/beta testing. This won't apply to most people since most people are quite respectful but there's always that one person that doesn't show respect (don't be that person).
  7. Locking this topic because frankly this topic did not need to be revived
  8. Yeah that seems like a Joiplay issue to me. I believe they have a discord if you want to pop in there and ask them (or of they have a Reddit page). Their discord link is on their help page I believe.
  9. Seems to be an issue with the RPG Maker plugin rather than the game. Try redownloading the RPG maker plugin for Joiplay.
  10. Hahaha, the tables have turned. Now it is us that are wishing you a happy birthday. Hope you have a fab day :D

    1. LykosHand


      Lmao true, only for this day 😉


      Thanks a lot!! 🤗

  11. For Rejuv you just download using the normal download link (it's only Reborn that has the versions atm as far as I know).
  12. What I linked is to help them make sure that they're putting the save file in the right place
  13. Hey Filemon, have you checked out this thread: In there should be a guide on how to move your save file into Reborn on macs
  14. The Glass version is the windows version. You can either download version 18.2 or glass version 18.4.1 for Joiplay. If it is a tablet that has android on then yes it should do if it's not too old Is this just for Reborn or other RPG Maker games too? Because if it's for other ones too then I've seen that the reviews of Google Play that the recent update has caused some issues with some Pokemon Fangames (from games outright not working to audio issues).
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