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  1. Honestly Cass and the rest of those helping her have been really working hard over these past few months tackling these things and I can imagine what she shares with us is only the tip of the iceberg. Hats off to everyone involved in this massive task, someone pay for some therapy sessions for those who have had to deal with this code. Everyone go give Cass a hug.
  2. So me and Dream have been talking for a few weeks now about whether to lock this thread or not. A few weeks ago we decided to wait until he finished his extreme lp to make a decision in case he revived the series afterwards. Considering his latest statements about not playing Reborn until e19 has been released, we have made the decision to lock this thread until he releases a new Reborn episode on his channel.
  3. To be honest I can't see him doing that since he's pretty set in his ways about a lot of things. Not that he's got much content since all he's done for the past month is wheel and Reddit stuff. Many people have given him suggestions for things when he asked and he either ignored them or gave a pretty lame excuse tbf. I don't see him reviving Reborn until at least next year if he continues with the mindset of "I'm not going to complete current content until new content is released"
  4. Yeah On the Hunt is just for asking questions about item/pokemon locations in game. Moved it to what I feel is the right section.
  5. Yeah Ttar isn't burned out by it. He might be like that's bs bro whenever things don't go his way but he enjoyed it. Hopefully the extreme patch comes out soon so we can get back to seeing him suffer and telling his theories.
  6. Like from what he has played, there's 3 things that I can think of off the top of my head he could return whilst waiting for Extreme update: Reborn Super Mario Maker Animal Crossing He does not need this filler content when he has decent stuff he can do
  7. Non-responsive NPC in old rangers building in Blackview
  8. Standing on Amelia after breaking free of Panther grasp
  9. Just chilling in a box in the Power Plant in 5.0.5
  10. Nominating @Ojama Yellow for Ember King, not nomming anyone for Midsummer Queen since the two people I would nominated have already been so and @Alex for Sunlit Sovereign.
  11. So whenever I try to trade in mushrooms for the top moves from either goomy move tutor (liquidation and seed bomb), it abruptly ends the conversation even without the NOOOOO from goomatora. However, when I have an extra mushroom than I should, it allows me to learn the move but with incorrect dialgogue. However, no mushrooms are taken once I learn the move (still have all 3 of my big mushrooms). Pokemon_Rejuvenation_2020-06-16_13-49-25.mp4
  12. The nightmare city kimono girl should now be awake in the gate between main Street and the judicial district. Speak to her there and then she'll move to route 9
  13. Do you choose moves using the wii speaks function?
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