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  1. This increase your chances at finding a shiny for a limited time. Is this true ? No.
  2. What you are saying is completely off tho, crescent still have 75% life remaining, and died only 1 time, that's the MC that died 3 times already ( i don't when he died a third time tho ) and have only one life left.
  3. Don't bother, it doesn't connect to anything at the moment, you can't get there legitimately and there is nothing anyway.
  4. Yeah, this, we should have those item by now, we suffered enough through those abusive mega EV overlords that jean throw at us :(
  5. Yeah far and wide item management is compromising for the player, the best option are very limited and / or too late into the game to matter, thing like items specs / assault vest / flame orb / focus sash should be available way earlier in the game and in larger quantity, i used like i don't know how much focus sash in this game through the debug menu and it is a game changer in a lot of fight. And i think we got the mega ring too late for the game too, i don't know how much the story will stretch and how long we have before the end of the story but having the mega ring this late into the game and this tiny amount of mega stone / Z-stone doesn't bring much to the table anyway... Yet i was happy to use mega mawile, damn son he hurts.
  6. What is SON referencing tho ? I still don't know lol.
  7. Yeah, title. Ok jk, i'll do a real post. I think V13 might have been the best update i played so far ( and i think i started to play this game back when it was V9 or something, my memory is short on that one ), both being funny and good at the same time ( that buffed cofagrigus killed me, still rolling on the floor atm, hard to type btw ) The story was clean, diverse, and i loved the pathways thing were we could see 3 different story play out at the same time (while being to able play our pokemon on other characters, nice one Jan). I freaking loved the last scene against Puppet Master where the MC would go all godmod and all, kinda my alley, the support the other character gave at that moment was very heartwarming and i loved it ( still crying btw, hard to type btw, still rolling on the floor too, plz help) I really really loved the new and fresh start of the game, almost every chapter got something new and as for me who always restart a game with each update, i was pleased to no end to see new things, really gave some scene more credibility like that part when melia is supposedly dead and everyone is so sad about it, felt real, wasn't like that before and it bugged me in a sense that the sentiment of Ren and Venam weren't really depicted before. Overall a big GG to the team for bringing us so much content in this update and such a good revamp on the earlier content, thanks a lot guys you are amazing, even tho you probably won't read this post, eh.
  8. Not really, the only one that showed these kind of physical prowess is Allen, which is a male, so i'm not ok with that statement. We will see in the future. Again, there is nothing leading to that as of now, maybe in the future event or words will prove you are right but as of now i don't think we dispose of any evidence leading to these other options, specifically Adrest who is nothing more than a orb holding a soul that got somehow merged with the Interceptor ( Nymiera hidden story ). Btw, the Interceptor himself ( if not lying ) said in V13 that he had no memories of resetting the world ( at least, we didn't have choice to prove otherwise ), which he should if he was the one doing it. I think if events that took place in her world were the same that take place in the world we play in, there is not much option on how she would get ahold of it, so i'm not entirely ok with that statement, even so, she has some option that may or may not be relevant to what i stated, that's true. We don't know for sure i would say, she could've a change of heart as a result of what transpired in her timeline, but yes, this being the case is unlikely at best. Absolutely not, that's a fact for at least Melia, who would never act like that, she is way less rational than Erin on that part, and as for Alice, we don't know her that much, but the personality doesn't match at the moment. Why not ? We needed a team of baddies in the game, i think that's all there is to it tbh, and she does act upon her knowledge of the event she already got through ( if she is the one that did reset the world, that is ), an example of that is simply when she supposedly showed a vision to Melia in V13. Yes, but it is unlikely to me that Alice/Melia is Madame X, i worked by elimination when i said that, so it does have a sense to giving credits to my theory imo. Yes, but i wanted to point that out separately from my other point because in fact that is a less plausible scenario. And for the surf duo, we can't be certain they don't work for her, i'm pretty sure i didn't see anything implying that fact, plus, it is heavily implied that they do work for her in the Bad Ending scenario.
  9. Ok, so i don't know if those point where already discussed, but i have a strong theory on why Madame X could be Erin, i'll try to sump up everything i've compiled during my playthrough as "evidence" of that theory. I'll ignore physical appearance ( the long black hair ) as it could just be a dye and used to throw us off anyway. I listed thing non-chronologicaly, because i'm lazy. Madame X : - As stated by OP, she did say in the prologue those line to Maria, and Erin did say the exact same dialogue line during V13 before being imprisoned in the Unown Dimension - Madame X is most probably the person behind the first world reset, as she seems to hold knowledge of events that are transpiring. - She has to be "related" to the hero of Aevium's / The Interceptor, not by blood, but by relation, because at Blacksteeple Castle, if you knock off her Yveltal you can see the Soul Stone drop, which is located in the amethyst grotto, which can be accessed only by the four protector of Aevium, the Interceptor, and most certainly the people subjected to the Archetype Power, which in the "power hierarchy" are superior to them. Plus, there is most certainly only one in the world, making this soul stone one from an alternate time. - Still in that fight, if you defeat her, the says something along the line of " I'm sorry Father, i've failed you ", for whatever reason she could be talking about Indriad, maybe she is following his ideal this time around as a result to what happened to her world. - She has strong physical agility and capability, just like Erin ( the scene in Angie Castle in V13 where she just jump on a candelar... ) - She stated during BlackSteeple event ( iirc ) that she had a "bond" with Melia of some sort, and we already know for a fact that the actual 4 holder of the archetype power hold a bond between them, could be the same. - Personality wise, and it's just my opinion, Erin would be the only character to turn into an antagonist if the situation enabled it to, because she is very rational. - Madame X in Eclysia said something along the line of that if we ever saw her face, "things would be different", implying of course that we know her. - Madame X maybe is the Master Clear and Kieragan mentioned during V13 - Madame X ultimate goal wouldn't be to destroy the world with Storm-9, as made clear during the "Bad Future Arc" ( which is most likely the result of Storm-9 full power ), she tells both MC and Melia that she is here to fix their error. ( by getting back in time and stop preventing Vivian from sacrificing herself ) - The previous point correlate with the fact that if she was Erin, and already gone through a loop which failed horribly and ended the world she was in initially, she would try to reset and change the occurring event using Team Xen and her knowledge, to save the "most people", as she stated during our time in the past just before the "Bad future Arc" when Erin was asked if she would choose the Majority or Herself to save, she choose the Majority. - Seems like she gave a vision to Melia to locate the Den of Souls during V13, something that could be the result of their "bond", and told something along the line of "discovering a truth", most certainly about Melia's condition ( Genesis Syndrome ), an info that Erin have. And i have another point that doesn't belong with the rest i want to talk about : When we first got ourselves in Kureagen city ( just after Valor Mountain ), there is this locked up place where you get the book to save the rift pokemon. In this place we can see puppets of Vivian, Anju, and a scrapped / destroyed part of armor that somehow remind me of Madame X armor, this place could have been used by Madame X at some point for her to learn how to craft Clear, Kieragan, and Eden, as stated by themselves, that they were Android ( based off people Erin know about, apart from Eden... Maybe Eden is the look that MC will take when it's power as an Interceptor will awaken at it's fullest ?) And you might ask " why did we find the key to that place where Bad Gardevoir was talking to the police officer ? ". And i have somewhat of a answer to that as well, as of V13 we know that the place Vitus(Indriad) used to seal away Allen, Alice, Eriana was a hidden Garufa place just under where the key was found, it's location appear on the screen during that cutscene. I think, for whatever reason, Madame X could have returned there to use the knowledge stocked inside this place to craft those android maybe ? To gain the knowledge on how to purify Rift Pokemon ? Or something else entirely, and she would have dropped her key on the way out, before living that time. This would entail that she knew beforehand about the timesplicer crystals, another Info that Erin have ( as most of the cast anyway ) I think that's it, these are my observations so far, but we might still miss some info that could change everything in the end so this is just a theory, nothing else.
  10. I think that knowing if getting froakie in rejuv is easier than in reborn doesn't serve any purpose at this point, this is not the question, in fact i think the most valid point to make here is to acknowledge ( or not ) if getting froakie as a reward for those 35 pokemon is great enough of a reward or not. And i say it's not justified to have this much grind for that.
  11. Yeah at least make the reward on par with the grind, even if i hate it if the reward is great i would do it eventually.
  12. I don't remember the rod tbh, doesn't matter imo, the pokemon isn't just worth the grind i've seen easier quest giving you better pokemon ( namely, garchomp quest ) That kind of grind would be justifiable for a legendary imo, at least.
  13. Holy shit that thing is insane, and i mean bad insane, not good, for those who don't know what i'm referring to ( this is very minor btw ) it's a quest that become available later in the game at Akuwa town and the owner ask you to recover all 35 pokemon belonging to the aquarium by donating those you capture. But what is completely out of hand isn't necessarily the number of pokemon you have to get, but the INFINITE AND MONSTRUOUS GRIND THAT ENSUE. Take for example these : you have to get spheal, sealo, walrein, that would mean that by normals means you would need to catch three of these and evolve one into a walrein, xping it all the way till it reaches 44, and then donating them, doesn't seem too difficult, right ? Now multiply that tenfold. You have an incredible amount of very hard to find / to evolve pokemon to fill in those tanks, ranging from huntail and gorebyss ( which are very hard to evolve, you need link heart and a special item for both of them ) to toxapex, which is hard to find ( if you don't know where it is ofc ). And you might ask yourselves " what do i get for such an intense game of hide and seek ? " well, you get... This pokemon isn't half bad tbh, with it's very good talent, but the grind is nowhere near worth it for him, seriously. Please nerf.
  14. I don't know if the Op know about this, but there is a paid site that stole the pdf of your walkthrough : https://fr.scribd.com/document/518130836/Rejuvenation-Walkthrough-13-0-0
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