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  1. the main issue with the fight is that both mimikyu and aegislash have seeds which gives them a free turn, once you find a way to get past that (which admittedly isnt very easy lol) the fight isnt that much harder than the usual aegislash is pretty easy to counter once you learn how to play around it, its frail in offense mode (hell even in defense mode it goes down pretty easily because of its hp, its just a matter of ohko vs 2hko) so any ghost type that can take one shadow sneak will kill easily. kings shield is also very easy to predict because the ai pretty much always uses it against strong offensive mons alternatively you can set up screens or burn it and its basically dead weight, prankster sableye pretty much singlehandedly destroys half of her team with will-o, recover and foul play yes the fight is hard but its certainly not harder than saki or even geara
  2. ren as the 4th light is definitely the most likely option, what i think happens is also narratively itd be very disappointing for him to fight for team xen until the end
  3. both are working as intended, the claydol crest doesnt take defense boosts into account anymore since v13 because it was way too op with cosmic power and the typhlosion crest doesnt actually do fire damage despite what the description says
  4. yea its a bug gale wings doesnt work on sky field rn sadly
  5. the game would be far too easy if you could change every field to one that directly counters the enemy team so i disagree completely with your idea of interconnected fields (see souta in v12 where you just needed a smack down and a dig to make him ridiculously easy. on a side note im not a big fan of how the change was handled because dig into cave field was a very fun strat to use on a lot of battles; i feel like making heavenly wing be able to change from cave to mountain in one use wouldve been a much more fair way to balance the fight, or maybe make it like the current geara field where you cant change into cave at all idk) i do agree however that fields could use more changes, buffs or nerfs, in general considering there are over 40 of them and only a few of them get one or two minor changes every update the early game really isnt as hard as you make it out to be, the lack of ev training really only sucks for narcissa where you have to ev train in speed to be able to counter her mismagius but the game isnt nearly hard enough to require 252 evs before the first gym. also very strong items like life orb are very very rare (im pretty sure the first use of life orb is on rens greninja before narcissa), assault vest isnt that bad, etc. fairy tale field is busted so i cant really argue lol but you can also use it against melias team very easily geara is an incredibly hard fight but its not unfair (unlike aegislash on fairy tale field for example). its more like g/z where you need to plan out your strategy a little more than the usual fights. plenty of mons can counter spiritomb, his team is very weak to status (hypnosis, will-o attack drop), etc. being able to change to blessed field really wouldnt help as itd be more like the angie gym fight where you can weaken a move once but then its back to the normal field on the other hand, saki is basically the only fight in v13 that id call completely unfair. almost every way ive seen of beating her on intense require some mons and movesets that are WAY too specific (like, its still possible obviously but the time investment for this single fight compared to every other one is just too much) or just abuse counter/destiny bond, which i dont think is healthy at all. she doesnt really have a weakness outside of her abysmal speed which doesnt help much when her mons can tank all kinds of moves (even physical) and one shot everything that doesnt have sturdy or focus sash/band
  6. Saw a lot of people ask about the stats of the new regional forms so here you go Stats are in this order: HP/ATK/DEF/SPE/SPA/SPD
  7. enemies have a 20% boost to accuracy in intense so anything with above 85 base accuracy will never miss and wide lens/accuracy boosts from crests are even stronger and yes the ai knows if youre gonna use a move or an item or switch your mons, but they dont know which move/mon exactly (i dont think anything else was confirmed so far but its possible they have a crit boost as well)
  8. god damn. so much of this is just factually wrong i refuse to believe you played this game tell me you didn't play v13 without telling me you didn't play v13 (which is probably the case considering you dont mention anything that happens in it in this thread). the entirety of it is literally us coming up with a plan to save the world and then end team xen. come on 1. if you think team xen wants to just straight up destroy the world, im sorry but once again theres no way you actually read through the game 2. the majority of the things we do, we do them because of personal reasons: saving our friends, moving to a new place for gym badges, etc. gym 1-4 we're just looking for badges, gym 4-8 we want a way to go back home, and the rest of them we're trying to solve all the crazy shit happening at once (because the main cast is the only ones who can do so). theres a point to be made there with the midgame mostly being us being thrown around, but i dont think thats too big of an issue and it certainly doesnt make the game bad because its fun?? just because its not explained properly and its not a super in depth fictional interpretation of time travel/whatever doesnt make the writing "dogshit". its cool and makes for a nice overarching story. all the stuff with parallel universes and time travel is one of my favourite parts of the game just because they used it to create mystery perfectly the easiest interpretation is that everything we do changes the future, its just that with vivan its a noticeable change because our future literally doesnt exist if we save her. everything we did led to our present. and the antagonists didnt kill vivian because they obviously dont want to destroy the world, or at the very least not that way. dunno how youre making a wall of text about how the story is shit without being able to understand this, lol bruh everything about this is wrong i dont even know where to begin. talk about how you dont like melia all you want, but saying shes the same character since gearen and that jenner is irrelevant is so wrong. i dont know what to tell you aside from ren (and it makes sense because he's a main cast guy, not a main admin, although i understand the complaint that he doesnt get much in these scenes), they all get small development through the lounge. yeah, its not anything incredible in terms of character development, but theyre just short and fun scenes and theyre definitely more interesting than what youre trying to make them look like. the interactions between all the admins are great (aside from nastasia i guess, which is annoying imo) you act like all 100 characters are important, lmao. theres like, 3 main casts: the gearen friends group, the terajuma arc friends group and the gdc friends group. thats it. everyone else is side characters, so they dont need that much spotlight and they definitely dont overwhelm people by existing. i also find it funny that you included kanon here when he's the most, or at the very least second most important character in the ENTIRE story for erin as a person as of v13. and the main casts are all imo super well developed (aside from like 2 or 3), and even if you think theyre bad characters you cant deny that a lot of effort was put into them you cant seriously be comparing the xen admins (aside from cassandra, shes just an evil bitch tbh) with angie and melanie. i do agree that some most of the admins feel similar development-wise (zetta, madelis and geara are just kinda we were bad but now we're good), but in no way are they similar characters. crescent isnt even a villain. i know people love to shit on pokemon fangames and stories in general for not being masterpieces of writing but i think rejuvenation truly deserves its spot of #1 story for its insane work on characters and attention to details. very few works of fiction manage to utilize so many characters effectively and have so much foreshadowing that you can get while rewatching/reading/playing. it has a nice "everything was planned from the start" feeling that you just cant miss. i think its pretty crazy that after a ton of saves you can still discover and understand new things, and every new version adds so much info that makes replaying insanely fun story wise, yeah, time travel is always stupid in fiction and the bad future thing is a good idea but not executed perfectly. but the entire mystery about the interceptor, the archetype, and generally everything that appeared in v13 is super interesting and makes up for it tenfolds, because its actually a unique and original concept. it gives the game a real identity instead of being another pokemon game about death cults and gods (although thats where ill have to agree with that other recent thread, it really doesnt feel like a pokemon game anymore lol) anyways spent way too long on this but please just replay through the game and try to keep your eyes open this time or something
  9. it uses whatever defense on your mon is lower, so its most likely going to do heavy damage no matter how many times you boost it (unless youre using cosmic power/an all stats up)
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