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  1. Yeah I can trade now if you want, my ID is AccursedMuffin
  2. I been trying to find a claw fossil for ages but I've had no luck, so can someone trade me either a pokemon with the fossil or an Anorith. You can request any other non-legendary pokemon in return, I just need it to complete my pokedex.
  3. I need to get a claw fossil to get an Anorith to complete my pokedex but I cant find on anywhere, is there somewhere I can buy one?
  4. With Sylveon, if you keep spamming calm mind until it maxes out, while healing with ultra potions, you can easily tank its attacks since it only has fighting nd dark attacks. When you get put to sleep, just wait through it and heal when you get close to fainting. Once you've maxed out your special stats, then start hitting back with moonblasts. When I tried this the fight with this strategy I won first time (although you might have to get lucky on the first turn to get off the first calm mind) so good luck!
  5. The Totodile path is: Feraligatr, Donphan, Arcanine, Umbreon, Porygon Z and Heracross
  6. Pyukumuku with purify, gastro acid, recover and toxic is sooo good against her. First time I tried that against her, I won.
  7. Will there be any content inaccessible for a finished v13 save file? Also will the Aevian Feebas continue to be obtainable from the Gearen Pokemon center or will it be removed/moved in future versions?
  8. Oh, where from? I just checked with Cairo and I don't think he's selling it.
  9. I'm at den with the red essence. According to @BIGJRA's guide, I need to put in 15,000 red essence which I have and have thrown in but the Beldum never comes out. Apparently, I also need rift matter but I have no idea where to get it. Can anyone help?
  10. How can I get the guy there to move so I can catch the Whimsicott there?
  11. No you're able to leave at any time, you can just exit through the rift behind you without any consequences. If you talk you Venam, she pretty much tells you this. Although yes, this is definitely a very tough fight but the game does make sure to give everything you need to win, you just need to get a bit creative.
  12. In East Gearen, just east of the pokemon center, this is a small, seeming inaccessible house with an open door and ladder just south. This house and ladder has been bugging me for ages since there doesn't seem to be any way to access them. I've searched the sewers where the ladder would most likely lead but I've found nothing. Am I just dumb and there is a way to get there or is that just inaccessible in the current version?
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