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  1. Spoilers for the main story ahead in case anyone reading this hasn’t finished it yet. I just beat Lin and the main story seems to have ended with I agree with her in that this doesn’t feel like an ending at all, so I was just wondering, is there more of the main story with Lin and all during the post game? Is it like a PMD Explorers of Sky thing where , or is it just side quests for legendaries and that vague ending is just the ending I got? If it’s the latter, I’d rather just try to play through a better ending. I’d appreciate if anyone could answer this without actually spoiling anything story wise, just letting me know if there actually is more story or if going for a different ending would shed more light on the story. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm sure the praises of this quest have been sung to death but I finished this last night and it is definitely one of my favorite quests so far. Not sure if it tops Desert adventures with Taka but it is close. The characters it spotlights are all fantastic. I loved getting the chance to finally battle Ame and battling Heather's mom was an unexpected surprise that makes me sad how different it could have been. Elias regretting his decisions and the dinner hurt so much. When I first saw Taube I was pretty confused as to what was happening. But as it slowly sank in who he was my heart was breaking. Then, seeing Elias talk about the Alcantara line ending and voicing everything I was thinking. It was the closest I've gotten in this game to tearing up. (There aren't many pieces of Media that have done that). Then coming from that tragedy at the beginning to the best Champion ever! I am very biased toward bug types and I'm so happy how Shelly was handled the entire game. Good for her! I felt bad for defeating her but I'd happily just let the game make Shelly the champ if I were able. I also loved how Titania was her mentor after showing how much respect she was gaining from Saphira and Titania in the last few episodes. Thanks to everyone who worked on this. This continues to be one of my favorite games of all time and I'm excited for the rest of the post game!
  3. In Ch15, Erin stated that MC and Aelita are the ones with most "high results" in the gang and being the strongest. Since, for me, it's hard that Aelita is strong as MC, I did a meme about what Erin thought. Spoilers ahead.
  4. What determiners what ending you get out of the two? Am I right to assume to diverges at the Taka Water plant fight or is it elsewhere?
  5. (first post here apologies if this is the wrong place for it) So i have just finished post game (to my knowledge) and there were some revealed Lin background details i don't fully understand
  6. So after the 10th gym and getting surf, I was somehow immediately able to go down the waterfall into the water treatment center, where I completed it and then beat Ciel's gym battle. After checking my trainer card I realized I was missing 2 badges, which due to the story progression seemed to now be unobtainable. I did use the easyhms password when I created my save file, meaning the game could have accidently let me use waterfall despite not having it. I was able to use a mod later on to give myself the missing badges, fixing my save file. Had this happened to anyone else?
  7. I know that the whole objective of this gym is to protect the treasure chest from attacks but can anyone show me how to prevent the treasure chest from sinking into the lava. How many of these battles must I complete? It would be appreciated if someone would complete these Pokémon battles or link me a guide on how to complete this hum except for the battle bs Steelie and Sapphira. Game.rxdata
  8. My q question has to do with breaking or negating some fields in Pokémon Reborn such as the field that boosts fire-type attacks and decreases the effectiveness of water-type attacks. It would be appreciated if someone would link me to the field notes or describe how to negate the field. I am playing episode 19 so spoiler alert, are the fields in some certain ground type gym leader caused in a certain town breakable?
  9. I went into a house in which Lin said something about an appointment with Dr, Sigmund Connal. For some reason, I go downstairs and past the healing star but I cannot find which way to go. Game.rxdata
  10. I talked to one NPC in Colcenon City who gave me a choice to select some conditions for the game such as 252 evs for opponents' Pokémon. which was a dumb move because it made the game harder. I am aware that boss teams have full evs but not regular trainer Pokémon unless this was changed. The NPC left before I realized what I had done. Are these choices reversible or is my game stuck like this forever? Is there any way to reverse the choices that I had picked?
  11. I have gone to Calcanean City and am up to the part where I was talking to Charlotte ad Laura, Charlotte has an argument with Sapphira, and she leaves. . Am I supposed to follow Sapphira? Where did she go? I am probably going to be asking many questions since I just resumed this game after 2 years,
  12. I just finished the darkrai quest, and smeargle ask me to go help with "the door in the stinky wet place". I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find it. Edit : I find it.
  13. *************Spoiler How can I play the game after I download it? I usually extract the downloaded file to a different folder where I start playing. However, this seems different
  14. I've beaten Ciel and have the silvon scope but can't work out how to open it, I'm guessing it has something to do with the coloured books but I am lost beyond that.
  15. I was curious if anyone else in the community is like me and physically/mentally can't replay rejuvenation due to the sheer content of it and redoing everything. For me I get tired thinking about it as I'm in college now and don't have time to sink ours into a game so for me after the game is complete at best 5-10 years is how long it's gonna take for me to go "I think I'll replay rejuvenation from scratch". Because of this despite me doing my best to be as perfect as possible I have made some mistakes regarding the story I can't fix that mock me endlessly and I wanted to share which are 3 I can remember off the top of my head. One is at the pyramid I didn't pick up on the fact I should lose to the 2 time travelers thus losing relationship points with Melia and whoever else was with her. Second I told Adam at the end of v13 Ryland was alive even though I'm pretty sure he's dead (it's been a long time correct me if I'm wrong). Third I told the lost man in the abyss to not look for his wife and child who was also lost in the abyss, this one definitely stung the most. Like I said these are the only ones I can think off the top of my head I bet a bunch of other mistakes are suppressed in my brain but even so surprisingly in terms of the overall narrative I've done everything right it's just these little things bother me lol feel free to share yours (if you even read this far if so congrats and thanks for reading my rambling)
  16. Anyone know what the password is to get Sylveon in Labradorra City?
  17. So I'm doing the anomalies and where is the portal for the one on route 2, Zero says its in a cave on route 2 I searched the entirety of ametrine mountain and can't find it even looked in Celestine Mountain nada, please where is it am I blind ?
  18. In nightmare city I lost the battle where you play as Aelita and it sent me back to the overworld with her sprite and her bag items. I went ahead and beat the puppet master because I thought that it would give me my character back, it did not. So now I have Aelita's team, and bag items. Any ideas on what I should do? My save file is attached. Game - 43 - D - 450h 1m - 10 badges.rxdata
  19. Hello! So i was playing through the Blacksteeple Castle story when there's a part that can softlock your game. When you are tasked to get the key from the warden when you enter the castle there are guards on the floor, people fighting etc. And you go up to the wardens room to confront them. Well if you leave the room that you entered the castle and then go back in everything goes back to normal like if nothing had happened, and the smoke goes away and the room to the warden is locked preventing you from progressing. Thank god i dint save but poor souls that did. I post screenshots comparing the 2 scenarios.
  20. Hello ! Some people could not know it exists, but there is a mecanic which helps you to stregthen your beloved Pokemon. With this mecanic you will be able to set the EVs and IVs of your Pokemon in exchange of 10 000 Pokedollars in the Pokemon Center of the District of Hope (GDC) [See the screenshots below] I never heard about it until today, and some psychopaths like me won't breed anymore one thousands Pokemon for having only one perfect Pokemon. Bye !
  21. Hi and Welcome to V13: Vague Clarity & V1: Where Love Lies Item Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items I haven't included, please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Mark Indications: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Blue and Green Pokéballs and Shiny Symbol for some Key items. - Light Blue Pokéball for Mega Stones. - Gray Pokéball for Z-Crystals - Purple Pokéball for Crests. - Black Pokéball for Data Files on Rift Pokémon. - Green Sparkling Crystals for Zygarde Cells. .Have Fun Hunting.
  22. ep 18 - I have talked with simon in the city and he told me about the lake, ive been there and searched all bodies, the fisherman is giving me the wrong dialog and simon is not at the apartment anymore, am i missing something? ill link the save file if its necessary to fix some kind of bug. Game.rxdata
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