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  1. (first post here apologies if this is the wrong place for it) So i have just finished post game (to my knowledge) and there were some revealed Lin background details i don't fully understand
  2. So after the 10th gym and getting surf, I was somehow immediately able to go down the waterfall into the water treatment center, where I completed it and then beat Ciel's gym battle. After checking my trainer card I realized I was missing 2 badges, which due to the story progression seemed to now be unobtainable. I did use the easyhms password when I created my save file, meaning the game could have accidently let me use waterfall despite not having it. I was able to use a mod later on to give myself the missing badges, fixing my save file. Had this happened to anyone else?
  3. I know that the whole objective of this gym is to protect the treasure chest from attacks but can anyone show me how to prevent the treasure chest from sinking into the lava. How many of these battles must I complete? It would be appreciated if someone would complete these Pokémon battles or link me a guide on how to complete this hum except for the battle bs Steelie and Sapphira. Game.rxdata
  4. My q question has to do with breaking or negating some fields in Pokémon Reborn such as the field that boosts fire-type attacks and decreases the effectiveness of water-type attacks. It would be appreciated if someone would link me to the field notes or describe how to negate the field. I am playing episode 19 so spoiler alert, are the fields in some certain ground type gym leader caused in a certain town breakable?
  5. I went into a house in which Lin said something about an appointment with Dr, Sigmund Connal. For some reason, I go downstairs and past the healing star but I cannot find which way to go. Game.rxdata
  6. I talked to one NPC in Colcenon City who gave me a choice to select some conditions for the game such as 252 evs for opponents' Pokémon. which was a dumb move because it made the game harder. I am aware that boss teams have full evs but not regular trainer Pokémon unless this was changed. The NPC left before I realized what I had done. Are these choices reversible or is my game stuck like this forever? Is there any way to reverse the choices that I had picked?
  7. I have gone to Calcanean City and am up to the part where I was talking to Charlotte ad Laura, Charlotte has an argument with Sapphira, and she leaves. . Am I supposed to follow Sapphira? Where did she go? I am probably going to be asking many questions since I just resumed this game after 2 years,
  8. I just finished the darkrai quest, and smeargle ask me to go help with "the door in the stinky wet place". I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find it. Edit : I find it.
  9. *************Spoiler How can I play the game after I download it? I usually extract the downloaded file to a different folder where I start playing. However, this seems different
  10. I've beaten Ciel and have the silvon scope but can't work out how to open it, I'm guessing it has something to do with the coloured books but I am lost beyond that.
  11. Anyone know what the password is to get Sylveon in Labradorra City?
  12. So I'm doing the anomalies and where is the portal for the one on route 2, Zero says its in a cave on route 2 I searched the entirety of ametrine mountain and can't find it even looked in Celestine Mountain nada, please where is it am I blind ?
  13. ep 18 - I have talked with simon in the city and he told me about the lake, ive been there and searched all bodies, the fisherman is giving me the wrong dialog and simon is not at the apartment anymore, am i missing something? ill link the save file if its necessary to fix some kind of bug. Game.rxdata
  14. I figured out the rough estimate for these unseen Pulses' stats, here they are: Pulse Garbodor 240 HP 20 Attack 140 Defense 115 Special Attack 160 Special Defense 80 Speed Pulse Camerupt 200 HP 50 Attack 160 Defense 240 Special Attack 150 Special Defense 10 Speed Pulse Hypno 255 HP 30 Attack 180 Defense 240 Special Attack 255 Special Defense 150 Speed
  15. Hey, I've finished the post-champion story and have at least one of each plate, but when I see arceus at the data vault it just says its the manager and that Litwick helps it. Is arceus actually obtainable?
  16. I was battling the girl in the top left of the stands and after getting 2 crits from range with star an error message appeared. Attached a screenshot of the error message I received.
  17. While there is a check to not have the fox check the execution the first time when I had her do the rescue command I got caught in a text loop.
  18. Now i'm sure most of you have heard the words edgy thrown out when Pokemon Reborn's story tell has been brought up, given the whole dystopian city, suicide, and death that usually isn't in Pokemon. However it's a recurring theme that while people may suffer, they don't really have to let it define them. Forgiveness and trust is a prominent theme in the Belrose sisters, we know that they believe that Charlotte burned down the house resulting in them being orphaned and sent to the torture orphanage. Yet they don't ostracize her or blame her for it, despite her own guilt. On the contrary it's shown quite clearly they trust her quite strongly, and that they do care for each other because they are the only ones they have left. While the start is far more cynical than what Pokemon usually is, it's still overall quite optimistic, the Belrose sisters love each other regardless of what they did.(Granted Sirius was the guy who burned the house, but they don't know that yet.) An more edgier game would have them be a much more broken family and would end in more needlessly dark drama, but Reborn didn't do that. Now look at the whole Kiki and her academy storyline through the game. Yes part 1 ends with Kiki dying and her favorite Pokemon getting burned in lava, but as devastating as it is for the good people involved, they are still able to grow positively from it, Victoria may not have been able to adventure with us anymore, but she grows as a person and keeps Kiki's school alive and well, even helping to clean Reborn, while Cal suffering guilt from his role as a mole gone wrong, is able to take a deep look at himself, and take the steps to improve as a person and atone for what he did. Eventually aiding us against Team Meteor. Growth Kiki would most likely be very proud of. From these two examples, we can see that despite Reborn's initially cynical portraying of it's world and cast, it's writing is nuanced enough to show positive growth and moving on from tragedy which i can very much appreciate. Too much modern stories these days pile on needless despair and cynical writing because "mature storytelling" like certain writers like Mark Millar on occasion that it becomes hard to care. So i'm glad Reborn avoided that pit-trap. No more is this more apparent in the City itself, it starts out as a gritty, rundown city full of crime, polluted water and destroyed buildings, that's more Batman than Pokemon. Yet later on it's becomes a much cleaner city with fresh water, a thriving population and overall a much better atmosphere. Sure it's not all good as you can hear from the NPCs but things are improving and that's quite a message coming from a game that starts out with a terrorist attack killing everyone but us and the Author Avatar. So overall, i feel people who call Reborn edgy or try-hard don't really understand the nuance of the game's writing. I'm sure there are much more examples i can cite, but anyone else have similar observations?
  19. This is my first post here so sorry if I messed anything up So I played Pokemon Reborn a while ago and got up to the Glass Workstation. I got to the part where you battle Shelly and Cain, but I always end up losing to them or in the battle right after them. After trying to configure my team and trying over and over again, I kinda just gave up. I can back a few months later (life and stuff happened so I didn't get to play for awhile) and I'm still having trouble. This is the team I was currently running/training I would lead with ferrothorn and metagross. Here are the movesets I have for them currently: Infernape: Ability: Iron First Moves: Brick Break, Flamethrower, Fake out, Acrobatics Metagross: Ability: Light Metal Moves: Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Brick Break Magnezone: Ability: Analytic Moves: Flash Cannon, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, Discharge Swampert: Ability: Damp Moves: Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Punch Ferrothorn: Ability: Iron Barbs Moves: Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, Gyro Ball, Power Whip Mimikyu: Ability: Disguise Moves: Play Rough, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond I'm not sure if I can actually beat those battles with this team but these are pokemon I have on reserve, Most of them range from levels 50 - 80 ish. Any suggestions/recommendations would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I am willing to train up any new pokemon if I need to. Thanks for reading!
  20. Hi is there any way to get balm mushroom if you cant get it from paras or parasect anymore?
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