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Found 5 results

  1. Edit: adding some space so this isn't viewable from the club page. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- So as we all know, the evil Melanie is somehow an alternate version of Melia. But that begs many questions. Most obviously, why is Melia good and Melanie evil? Also, why is Melanie completely unfamiliar with Melia's light powers, considering she's in a way more powerful position and would have found out about that by now? Why is Melanie only 7 while Melia would be about 15 without the time travel? And finally, why is Melanie such a genius? She somehow rules the world at age 7, and even outplayed Madame X! Calling her a child prodigy would be putting it lightly. And Melia may be clever at times, but she's no child prodigy. But hang on a second, who else do we know that's a freakish child prodigy? That's right, Maria. And for the record, I think Maria was the entire archetype, and was split into four bodies--making Melia a huge part of her but not all. But I think Melanie is somehow a corrupted version of Maria (and her soul and Melia's are still similar enough that they managed to fuse together). But wait, there's more. How did Maria turn evil, and why is she ruling the post-apocalyptic world? Here's a clue: in the "run away" sequence, she mentioned her father a couple times. The first was when she called on him to send the Yveltal to save her; the second was when she said "Father, I have lost" before being absorbed by Melia. Maria's father, of course, is Indriad. And remember that the bad future is one where Indriad straight-up won, with Storm-9 hitting the entire earth. And I doubt Indriad had simply wanted to destroy the world; he seemed more interested in domination (as evidenced by his actions in Wispy Tower). Maybe he's secretly in control in the bad future? For that matter, I also think the Yveltal Melanie used also belonged to Indriad. Indriad's garb seemed to be modeled after Yveltal, while his counterpart Nymiera probably had Xerneas. Moreover, the diary in Sheridan Wetlands--presumably written by Madame X--references an unnamed man spying on them with an Yveltal, and planning to use it to destroy the world if defeated. That could only have been Indriad; how many other male non-Xen affiliated villains are there? So I believe Madame X's Yveltal came from Indriad, while he still has it in the doomed timeline and is using it to help Melanie. All of this is to say that Indriad seems to have become some kind of god or shadow ruler of the bad future, and is using Melanie as a puppet. A "Marianette", if you will. And speaking of Marianette, why was Indriad making her do all those crazy trials in Chrysalis Mansion? Could he have been training her? Perhaps preparing her to rule the world under him? This also explains why Melanie has no superpowers and was caught off guard by Melia's; Indriad did not awaken them while training her. This was probably because he knew she could use them to overpower him; and even as his puppet ruler she would lose her dependence on him if they awakened. After his trials, Marianette would be able to rule the world with her intelligence, but remain subservient to him. So in summary, my theory is that Indriad's goal with Marianette was always to make her his puppet ruler of the world. Melanie is a successful result of that.
  2. Hi all, I just wanna report a story bug. After your fight with mewtwo in Madelis' Palace, Keta apparently sacrifice himself and ask you as his last will to destroy the shadow machine. But if you come back to the laboratory part, your character is still in a team with Keta and the security big computer "CLARA" is in two places at the same time. I think that is not supposed to happen. Hope this will help :) :) https://imgur.com/a/ME5C3Z8 here is the video proof
  3. So, after downloading 5.0.4 I tried the Braille puzzle in Helix cave, but it doesn't seem to react. I read and deciphered all of the messages, but even after interacting with them in the supposedly right order nothing happens. I interact with the middle one first, then top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. But the supposed crack in the wall doesn't appear. Am I missing something? Edit: It works now for some reason. I could swear I tried interacting with the rocks for longer, yet nothing changed before, now it suddenly works.
  4. Now i'm sure most of you have heard the words edgy thrown out when Pokemon Reborn's story tell has been brought up, given the whole dystopian city, suicide, and death that usually isn't in Pokemon. However it's a recurring theme that while people may suffer, they don't really have to let it define them. Forgiveness and trust is a prominent theme in the Belrose sisters, we know that they believe that Charlotte burned down the house resulting in them being orphaned and sent to the torture orphanage. Yet they don't ostracize her or blame her for it, despite her own guilt. On the contrary it's shown quite clearly they trust her quite strongly, and that they do care for each other because they are the only ones they have left. While the start is far more cynical than what Pokemon usually is, it's still overall quite optimistic, the Belrose sisters love each other regardless of what they did.(Granted Sirius was the guy who burned the house, but they don't know that yet.) An more edgier game would have them be a much more broken family and would end in more needlessly dark drama, but Reborn didn't do that. Now look at the whole Kiki and her academy storyline through the game. Yes part 1 ends with Kiki dying and her favorite Pokemon getting burned in lava, but as devastating as it is for the good people involved, they are still able to grow positively from it, Victoria may not have been able to adventure with us anymore, but she grows as a person and keeps Kiki's school alive and well, even helping to clean Reborn, while Cal suffering guilt from his role as a mole gone wrong, is able to take a deep look at himself, and take the steps to improve as a person and atone for what he did. Eventually aiding us against Team Meteor. Growth Kiki would most likely be very proud of. From these two examples, we can see that despite Reborn's initially cynical portraying of it's world and cast, it's writing is nuanced enough to show positive growth and moving on from tragedy which i can very much appreciate. Too much modern stories these days pile on needless despair and cynical writing because "mature storytelling" like certain writers like Mark Millar on occasion that it becomes hard to care. So i'm glad Reborn avoided that pit-trap. No more is this more apparent in the City itself, it starts out as a gritty, rundown city full of crime, polluted water and destroyed buildings, that's more Batman than Pokemon. Yet later on it's becomes a much cleaner city with fresh water, a thriving population and overall a much better atmosphere. Sure it's not all good as you can hear from the NPCs but things are improving and that's quite a message coming from a game that starts out with a terrorist attack killing everyone but us and the Author Avatar. So overall, i feel people who call Reborn edgy or try-hard don't really understand the nuance of the game's writing. I'm sure there are much more examples i can cite, but anyone else have similar observations?
  5. A friend of mine shared this idea that Melia and Crescent are actually the same person but due to time travel and alternate dimensional shenanigans Crescent is now a future version of Melia or something to that effect. Conveniently i replayed the game with that in mind, and a LOT of things added up. Let's see, the name Crescent makes much more sense if you consider that she's another version of a person, in this case Melia, Crescent seems to know a lot of things that only Melia could have, like Ren's crush which Crescent uses to play him like a fiddle for her, Crescent also has a shiny Gothitelle, Melia herself stated her Ralts was from Crescent, and a distrust/hatred of Spacea and Tiempa which would make more sense if she's Melia from a later date since Melia has the hatred for them. Not to mention that Anathea is mentioned to have black hair before being infused with the golden power. Additionally it's interesting that Crescent makes fast friends with Melia, what better friend is there than yourself? One big clue my friend stated was that the house that Crescent is in when we die, is seen later on, and Melia lived there before. Why would Crescent take so much nostalgia in a house that Melia used to live in? Crescent stating the future isn't set in stone which is something Melia would definitely know about if she's a future version. This would also explain Crescent and Melia's fondness for the player in that they lived together in some capacity. As noted in the AMA Melia wears the same outfit as Crescent does post black steeple, so that's a supporting clue right there. Crescent having the same power as Melia would explain why Crescent is so powerful and can defy Spacea and Tiempa. Not to mention Crescent captured Zetta for a reason. However there is a gaping hole i've noticed, the time travel rules state that 2 versions of the same people cannot exist at same time. However, we must consider alternate dimensions existing, look at Cera and her similar name and appearance to Cella AKA the Eldest they both exist together assuming they are the same person which is likely considering the similarities, and that Erin at one point in the library raises the possibility of alternate dimensions. The rules only say time, not dimensional counterparts. And on the topic of names, Dahlia and Melia have the same last three letters, it does fit the themes of Cera and Cella, for example. And speaking of names, notice how all the PC's start with A? It's interesting that the As in Dahlia and Melia are at the end. What do you guys think? Note that this becomes all the more interesting if we take into consideration all the theories that Crescent is our mother...
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