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  1. So i was through the files of the game, since i found out there were some interisting things hidden in the files, and i found an image called FriendsCircle_2 in the folder Pictures, i don't remeber when did that image apeared in the game. It could be something, it could be nothing but in that image is everyone from Theolia family is there, Vitus, Anathea, Allen and Alice, etc. But Erin is not there and Madame X is there, so does this confirm her identity? I was thing of Erin most famous lines: "Please, no matter what happens. Don't you dare lose hope" (the same line that madame X says in the beginning) "If Vitus himself proclaims to be God, then I proclaim myself to be the Devil. A monster that fights against God itself, I take upon that role." "I will be the demon that brings forth new opportunity!" So having those last 2 lines what if Madame X is an alterate version of Erin that was pushed to the extreme in order to win aganist Vitus. Another thing i noticed, may be nothing, but i don't remember Erin and Madame X facing each other. What do you think?
  2. I'm making notes about every legendary/mystical appeared. Bold means that they are "operative", important for the storyline's continuation from Chapter 15's end or they are still lefting their own "trace" in the story events., like Nihilego. Normal ones means not known where they are, not important as the Bold ones, or "inactive", like Registeel who is connected to Saki, but she has to stay back for 9 months. Or not important at all, for now. -Mewtwo is a lady named Dranna who seems like serving Crescent, now, but we don't what happened to her; -Suicune's statue is in Empoleon's location; -Shiny Celebi's role maybe is already finished; -Latias and Latios (shiny) are Alexandra and Damien's; -Aelita-Regirock is just the reflection of her becoming """crazy""" to Vivian's curse, but maybe she can create it in the future, who knows; -Angie has still Regice, but it seems like she got separated from "Vitus" and she's nowhere to be known. (Bold maybe?) -Saki got the power to control Registeel and I think maybe she will do it in the future; (Bold maybe?) -Groudon once was caught by Ceria but we don't know where now it's; -Kyogre was once battled by MC to free Amber, Tesla and Madelis, despite there is a strange door near his Dive location. -Jirachi is maybe connected to Star Shards; -Deoxys is Snuggly, "Anastasia's friend" and Nastasia's; -Lake Trio many times appear as statue in many lakes. -Dialga and Palkia are connected to Cosmic Duo and so maybe forms they can achieve; -Regigigas is nowhere to be found, maybe still connected to Nymiera but who knows (Bold maybe?) -Giratina is free since Hospital of Ruin and not known where it is, but theorized Giratina is Griselda (?). Strange, we have both forms in alternative times. -Darkrai has sprites for the Puppet Master's fight in Battlers's file folder; -Arceus once was an original deity, creator of everything, but slipped in three parts by a meteorite. First part died instanctly; second part, Adrest, survived for no much time and adviced Nymiera of his awakening in someone as the Interceptor; third part became Arceus and then the powerful Archetype, which last time we know it was used is by "weak Indriad" to have four children (Erin, Allen, Alice and Maria), due to him becaming soft, Anathea's potion (maybe). -If Zekrom and Reshiram are something, Madame X has the Dark Stone, meanwhile Light Stone is hidden in Kingdom Goodra; appeared in NRs, but as "fakes", probably; -Meloetta is connected to storyline but we got a poor amount of informations; -Genesect is Rhodea's, who finally abandoned her hatred towards Blakeorys; -Xerneas is somehow connected to Nim and Nymiera; Storm-9 is a Xerneas's form in Battlers file folder; -Yveltal seems like connected to Indriad and Melanie, plus Madame X only in the first encounter; -Zygarde 10% can be obtained by MC, since V12 I think. Theorized that it will became his Legendary Partner, thanks to even some similarities with Interceptor's role; -Hoopa is the "girl" in the inner thoughts of Aelita, who helped her, Taelia and Vivian; -Lunala is quoted by a patient's name of the Garufa Inc for Archetype's tests. Not sure is a coincidence or what. -Nihilegos are the first responsables of people turning into stones during Storm-9, plus a scientist in secret League Administration said something about their poison; -Stakataka is a Rift Pokémon, seems the most powerful one: the Xenpurgis; -Clear has a Naganadel, which was disguised as Risa's Jigglypuff; -Kieran has Xurkitree, because he's Kieran; -Other UBs found when "destroying everything" in Storm-9; -Volcanion was in Team Xen's Lab in Carotos, now "free" due to MC; -Diancie is Karen's, but never appeared; -Intense Mode has "MCs" having Mysticals in their team, but it seems like this is only for difficult purpose. If I forgot something, tell me.
  3. Hi and Welcome to V13: Vague Clarity & V1: Where Love Lies Item Guide PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME BEFORE SEARCHING AND ASKING ABOUT ITEMS The guide is complete as of the latest version with the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items I haven't included, please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Mark Indications: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Blue and Green Pokéballs and Shiny Symbol for some Key items. - Light Blue Pokéball for Mega Stones. - Gray Pokéball for Z-Crystals - Purple Pokéball for Crests. - Black Pokéball for Data Files on Rift Pokémon. - Green Sparkling Crystals for Zygarde Cells. .Have Fun Hunting.
  4. I heard people talking about continuing the Hidden Library quest, after the third mission (At West Gearen Help Center) and after freeing Karen through main storyline in GDC. After this, where do I have to go after freeing Karen, Allen and Alice to continue Karen's quest?
  5. While playing Chapter 15 again, some doubts attacked me. I thought that I should write them here:
  6. I figured out the rough estimate for these unseen Pulses' stats, here they are: Pulse Garbodor 240 HP 20 Attack 140 Defense 115 Special Attack 160 Special Defense 80 Speed Pulse Camerupt 200 HP 50 Attack 160 Defense 240 Special Attack 150 Special Defense 10 Speed Pulse Hypno 255 HP 30 Attack 180 Defense 240 Special Attack 255 Special Defense 150 Speed
  7. Hello! So i was playing through the Blacksteeple Castle story when there's a part that can softlock your game. When you are tasked to get the key from the warden when you enter the castle there are guards on the floor, people fighting etc. And you go up to the wardens room to confront them. Well if you leave the room that you entered the castle and then go back in everything goes back to normal like if nothing had happened, and the smoke goes away and the room to the warden is locked preventing you from progressing. Thank god i dint save but poor souls that did. I post screenshots comparing the 2 scenarios.
  8. I've already replayed v13 two times and I'm in my third playthrough and this fight is always in my head as one of the WORSTS in the whole game.. Previously to this it was the top of the Mount Valor fight against Gaera and Zetta but this one takes the cake by a LOOONG shot and that Aegislash is the main issue.. So firstly, Aegislash, a Pokemon that in the UBER tier for a reason.. Massive bulk in defense mode, allowing it to set up moves like Sword Dance without worry, King's Shield lowers the enemy Attack and S.Attack on contact and massive Attack and S.Attack in offensive mode, on top of being difficult to predict but the Pokemon itself isn't the main issue, Aegislash isn't a god and has ways to counter it and that would be fine and dandy if it wasn't for one little details, the GODAMN field (Fairy Tale Field)! So let's talk about the Fairy Tale Field (I will highlight the ones that are the main issue in relation to her Aegislash to keep this "short"): - Fire-type attacks gain Dragon-typing: Since one of the main weaknesses of Aegislash is fire this is a massive boost to it making fire-types very unreliable in this fight meaning they're only really effective against her Hydreigon but the main issue is -1 weakness to Aegislash meaning that the only weakness it now has are Dark, Ghost and Ground (And Ghost isn't really a good idea against it). - The move Sacred Sword becomes Steel-type: Meaning that, one, it now deals STAB with it and, two, it gets boosted by the 1.5x damage on Steel moves the field provides, for the mathematicians out there, riddle me this, 150 base Attack, the move deals 90 base damage, gets the bonus 1.5x from the field and another 1.5x from STAB, in shorts, this alone can OHKO even pokemons that resist it.. - King's Shield protects from ALL moves, even non-attacking ones: Ah yes! Let's get the only weakness the King's Shield move has and totally remove it! It will be balance, I swear! - King's Shield additionally lowers an attacker's Special Attack 2 stages on contact: So we have this move that is completely OP and one of the main reasons Aegislash is in the UBER tier, we already made it able to block everything.. What else we do? Ah, yes! DOUBLE the debuffs! Like.. Whatahell, Jan Azery?! - The stat changing effect of Sword Dance is amplified: OK so Aegislash is already pretty OP on defense, we should stop here, right? WRONG! Let's make it OP in damage too by getting 2x boost on Sword Dance! So one single Sword Dance boost his damage by 3x!!! At this point I have to ask why Jan Azery also didn't treat it as a rift Pokemon and gave it 6 shield bars too.. Anyway for the people stumped on this, here is the best way I figured to counter it but still relies on a bit of RNG.. -EDIT- Forgot to add, it already comes in with a King's Shield protection, meaning it gets a free turn where it's completely immune to EVERYTHING
  9. When your mom appears before you and asks you to find the peak of amethyst cave, where is that? is that the graveyard where narissca's chandelure grave is? and if so what are you meant to do?
  10. Are there any occa berries on the map apart from the ones on Terajuma? I accidentally used all the ones I had from growing on the ice cream quest and have none left. I wanted to get a deepseatooth so I could complete the Akuwa aquarium quest. Are there any others? Like on pokemon you can thief or something like that? Or if not is there another way to get a deepseatooth or scale?
  11. After the Hidden Library 3 mission, you get the choice of either a Banettite or a Heracronite. Are you still able to get the mega stone you didn't pick, or is it a choice like the fossils in the Hoenn games where you lose out on the other permanently?
  12. Before you read I dont think Melia is directly related to indriad because he only wished for 4 children from the archetype and melia wasnt one of them. This a bunch of things that i just came up with while eating my chinese food so i ran out of things to say Theory 1- Connection to Maria We already know that Vivian had been interrupted in her attempt to stop storm 9 resulting in her curse of perpetual reincarnation. This may be the case for Maria as in the game's prologue something possibly interrupted her ritual and caused her to suffer from a curse that separated her into 2 entities Maria and Maianette. It would explain why When both of them used their powers 2 out of the 4 arceus symbols that surround them are greyed out Theory 2- Marias Clone After escaping indriad Maria and attracts Spacea and Tiempa and becomes a storm chaser but sees their wicked ways and goes back further in time like rhodea and grows up and forms team xen. Se then clones herself and calls the clone melia and plans to use melia for her plan so that she doesnt have to risk her own power let alone life to suceed in her plans. I would stand by this theory if i didnt find it kind of basic. Theory 3- Madame X is her mother? In this theory Madame x is still Maria BUT instead of cloning herself she gave birth to a child at some point? She named this child melia and melia inherited the archetypes power but because the power was passed on to her by another archetype user she didnt inherit a stable amount of power which caused her to get genesis syndrome This one was wild theory dont judge me. Theory 4 - Past timeline Madame X is actually a version of melia from a previous timeline and reset the world in ametyst grotto and kept her memories of what transpired and when she was in the new world she travelled back in time to send maria off to her suffering knowing her father would use her for ritual and she would interrupt the ritual creating this worlds version of melia to use for her plans and tis all one big time loop that keeps on repreating becuase Melia keeps losing at the end of her story
  13. So, in Nightmare City, I lost against the identical Aelita team due to my unfamiliarity with how the game mechanics worked for that fight—I thought it was like one of those chess games where the other player mirrors every move you make exactly, and played as such, and the AI absolutely suckered me as a result, giving me a 4-6 loss. Ah, well, funny but live and learn. it gets better, though, because then I woke up… as Aelita. I can’t go back to the Nightmare City through sleeping, and all the other characters call me Aelita, and I have her trainer card, all her battle and overworld sprites, none of my money… all of which just makes it funnier, but the less funny part is that it had been a while since I saved, and I also am stuck with Aelita’s Pokémon team, which to put it charitably, sucks swamp water. My PC mons are still accessible, but I want my goddamn Dunsparce and Blaziken back. Plus, that Mawile was a posthumous gift from Nancy!
  14. Usually the way I overcome challenges in this game is through massive trial and error, and that includes reading when the AI wants to switch out, when it's going for a set-up move, when it's going to heal, etc. I know that the AI has all the info on your team, including items and abilities. However, to my knowledge, the AI never actually reads your moves. That is, until I reached the Melia battle in chapter 15. The battle starts as follows: I lead Lapras vs the Hydreigon. My Lapras has Freeze-Dry and Frost Breath, so the AI chooses to switch into Aegislash turn 1, every time. I take the chance to switch into my Rapidash turn 1 as well. Turn 2: I Will'O'Wisp with Rapidash. The AI always goes for Sacred Sword regardless of my action, leaving Rapidash at red health. And in turn 3 is where things get shady: If I choose to stay in with Rapidash and click Flare Blitz, the AI always Shadow Sneaks for the kill. However, if I switch into my Intimidate Salamence, AI always chooses Sacred Sword instead to one-shot it. Out of all the hours I've dumped into the hard fights of this game, this is the first and only instance where my move choice actually influences the AI's choice. But then immediately after, AI behaves like normal again. If I sacrifice Rapidash and go into Mence, I can actually burn-stall the Aegislash because it uses King Shield every other turn, and I can cheese it with Protect.
  15. So I'm pretty deep into V13 content at this point.At the moment I have just finished with Nightmare School stuff.Unfortunately I am unable to continue because the game crashes every time I try to go up a staircase because an event triggers that causes a bunch of Puppetmaster gestures to come out and circle me but it never continues pass that point. I have already added the new patch but nothing has changed and I'm not sure what to do.
  16. Can someone please explain her field to me. This battle is impossible.
  17. Wondering about egg moves for the new Aevium forms. So far I've been able to get A-Paras with Leech Seed (torterra) and Knock Off (shuckle), but also don't know if its part of its normal learnset.
  18. So after defeating Melia and after some cutscenes I am faced with a choice either hand over the time diamond to princess or give up on the people there but after I make my choice the screen goes completely white, the timer runs out and nothing happens .I tried reverting to an older save and reinstalling the game but none of this worked .Does anyone have any idea haw to fix this?
  19. So I was playing on a older save file and I wanted to do the type null quest but the lab has been changed and I can not do anything like its all locked off and naccissa's gym is also locked. Any fixes
  20. I saw someone other's topic like the one I'll do, so I would like to write this as appreaciation for all the work done until V13. Obliviously, there are spoilers. So, I just finished V13 since Chapter 1, doing almost all of the things can be done (I missed Narcissa's quest after Phasial Cave and more), and I think this game reached HIGH LEVEL OF EPICITY. The early chapters are leagues better than previous versions, they connect each other pretty well and gives MANY character choices for the continuation of the story. I think I was really in hype when playing Chapter 15, because I thought since its beggining that we finally discover the truth about MC (Main character = us), plus it gives more character development to many characters, like Erin, Nim, Venam, the two "travellers" (Xara and Kieran) and finally Crescent, I think her story with Aevis (my MC is Aevis) and the others is one of the parts which I enjoyed the most. I finally understood why she was so enigmatic and the same time protective with us...our best friend in the past! I never thought she was even responsable for "Nancy creation" and so important for the MC. I hope in her return in the future chapters, after the small cold moment in the V13 Ending. I don't know, but I love MC moment with his past counterpart, so mine is Aevis, like I said. The battle with him was even PERFECT, the soundtrack too. (yeah, which is its name?). Mc and Aevis' fusion was rally awesome. So, yeah, I think now that Pokémon Rejuvenation is now my favourite game, with other one I won't tell. I hope the dev team will show more epic moments like in this last chapter!
  21. Just got into the game yesterday and upon entering the buildings in the beginning city, I noticed that the ones with the colored doors and such had a blacked out interior. So I could only see sprites of the npcs and my own character. The professor (Jenner) building was fine, I could see pretty much the interior of buildings such as that and the blueberry shop. Pretty much where the story was I guess you could say (such as the sewers where you team up with Ren, the luck guy's tent that changes difficulty, berry shop where you get the berry for Venam/Veronica). I tried redownloading the reborn local version of rejuvenation, the first mirror version, I tried re-extracting the files, created a new game file, even updating my laptop (windows) and nothing changed. The image is what I see when I enter Venam's gym
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