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  1. Time for an update lmao Doc has finally been updated! we have now had about 500+ responses submitted to the Shiny Project which is just incredible! One thing I'm going to change however, I'm going to aim to update the doc now once a week appose to twice a week to allow more submissions in and we can just, go through them in one go, that doesn't mean that I may update it still twice a week, but for now just expect an update once a week every Saturday! Also could the following people dm me please: Felcatty Dream Lazarus Ryuto Krantz (also the two people from last week)
  2. WELP ANOTHER LATE UPDATE HAHAHAH sue me Doc has been updated! So I counted it up and we are nearly at the halfway point! aka we nearly have about 50% of the Dex completed for Shinies! Thank you all for the dedication and contribution over the past month! Now lets push it, share this thread around to spriters you may know or friends who wanna take a crack at making a Shiny and lets get this completed! Also could the following people dm me, I wanna talk about your submission: Hubercioch ShinyGolem Pyrromanis Jman uijeghbu (if anyone has a contact with uijeghbu, please let them know I wanna talk to them!)
  3. omg another late update, posty you should be fired. Nothing new, doc has been updated! any submissions over the past 12 hrs haven't been counted yet! Also we have hit the sweet number of 420+ submissions and it still blows my mind how many Shines we have had sent it, once again even if your Shiny wasn't submitted, thank you for contributing! we appreciate you all.
  4. Okay let me explain in more depth about what I mean, take this Murkrow for example from Reborn, and compare it to the normal Shiny for Murkrow from the main series games, (omg its smol) As you can see, compared to what the basic shiny is, the Reborn Shiny has a unique design, with the ring of the hat having a different colour, and theres an extra bit added on. If you were to re-colour this "custom design" for Murkrow, then it will be rejected, this is because you have not put any thought into the design, you just re-coloured an existing one from Reborn. If you are going to create a "custom design" for a Shiny, then it has to be your own "custom design", not an existing Shiny design from Reborn/Rejuvenation which you just re-coloured. If you just take the basic sprite for Murkrow and then colour it to make a Shiny, thats completely fine! thats essentially what we are after, the point of the post is that, if you want to be "extra" and put more "effort" into the Shiny with a "custom design", you can do, but we will not be accepting anything that is a straight up copy of an existing design in Reborn or Rejuvenation (or any other fangame frankly).
  5. Somewhat of a bigger Update We have now had over 360+ Responses which is crazy considering the project has been going on for about 2 weeks... I didn't think it'll get this much attention lol, once again thank you all! The document has been updated as of this post but note! submissions over the past 48hrs have not been gone through yet, since the squad haven't been around to go through them (also Ruby and I have started playing FFXIV so yeah whoops), now for some bigger updates 1) Please do not re-colour Reborn/Rejuvenation Shiny Designs and submit them as a Shiny for Desolation. I have noticed a good bunch of Shinies submitted which are just re-colours from Reborn/Rejuvenation which is just uncreative and straight up copying, we absolutely love the custom patterns/designs people have made for the Shinies submitted however if you just re-colour a design, it'll be rejected immediately, you don't even need to steal a design! some Shinies just work with a different palette! 2) Please for my own sake, name your files appropriately. I should have made this clear in the main post (will be updated after this) but please when you submit a Shiny, label it properly. What I mean by this is that, when the game checks for a Shiny Sprite, it looks for the Pokemon Number with the letter "s" at the end, for example Charmander's Shiny is labelled "004s" and "004sb", if theres a female version for example with Venusaur, then it should be labelled "003fs" and "003fsb". This ain't a major problem if you haven't been doing this, but it just saves me so much time, I'm going to have to personally edit all the names anyways (due to the google form) but it saves me time having to look up a dex number and renaming like for example "Squirtle_on_crack". 3) UPLOAD YOUR SHINIES AS SEPARATE PNGS!!! please.. don't upload all your Shinies as one PNG, the only exception is Unown, you can upload that as one PNG then if we like it we'll be in contact (we already accepted one anyways but yeah just saying), if you submit your line on a single PNG, its being rejected, you can submit multiple google forms! 4) Finally could the following people throw me a dm when you get the chance! (once again using names from the forms and not pinging so I hope you see this LOL) uijeghbu Shinxz Edo yume Norrim rerorero59 Once again cheers guys! document will next be updated on Wednesday! we are nearly halfway there for completing the Shiny Dex :']
  6. Yo throw me a dm and we can discuss em! lemme know in the dm which shinies were yours also.
  7. Update we are nearly at 300 responses what the fuck Should have updated it yesterday lol but yeah Document has been updated! any responses submitted in the past 24hrs haven't been gone through yet! also if you haven't dm'd me yet aka Syco and Riddle please do so! Also could Slowpoke, Felcatty and Hellscythe dm me as well please! wanna ask about Shiny or two x
  8. I'll do what I think is necessary tbh. All important boss battles in this episode and a few in the last episode have got EVs (you can check via the PBS) on top of that, I was aiming for Reborn/Rejuvenation Difficulty.
  9. did you use Scizor by any chance, because if you did its been axed So I will just say, the balance was done by me and I know that some things need to be improved on, for example Garret will be receiving a buff in the next ep! When doing the balance I mainly thought about the casual players over the people who are going to breed, who are going to EV, who are going to do wild ass sets to set up Pokemon in a battle. If you wanna win a battle by setting up with the now axed Scizor and then sweeping, more power to ya! The game is more story based anyways, so I wanted to make the game "difficult" but not "frustrating annoying that you have to re-do several times due to RNG". I will be looking over the balance again anyways due to the introduction of Generation 8 but yeah I'm glad people enjoyed the long awaited update regardless!
  10. update your game, this has been fixed.
  11. Locking this thread because well theres no point for it to be active anymore lol, you got yo game.
  12. Okay we have decided as a Dev Team to lock this thread for the time being, until we want to open questions again to the public. This has turned into more of a "hey where is this item" over asking us questions based on development and other stuff, so for now it will be locked. Please go to Discussions if you want to ask questions about in-game content. Thank you.
  13. Update! Nothing major! Document has been updated (might have missed a few idk) and we have had over 600+ Shinies submitted, 240+ Responses, the support on this project is incredible and we are slowly but surely filling up the dex! cheers for all the work guys and keep them coming!
  14. Like I mentioned before (and in the main thread), please ask questions about in-game content such as "wheres __ item" in the Discussions Section, this is for asking questions for the Development Team to answer, not a Discussion Thread about where items or Pokemon are. If this continue I will lock the thread, thank you.
  15. Honestly, it has to be the Black Foxes, their overall aesthetic is gorgeous (Ruby fucking nailed it) and also Amelia is there so why wouldn't I want to be on the team with that gorl
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