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  1. these updates are always so bloody inconsistent LOL Doc has been updated! We only need 8 more Shinies til we can tackle the beast known as Generation 5 Just a small update, nothing more than that, have a good one Cheers Posty
  2. Who knows! This is very much so spoiler territory so you'll have to wait and see Also just a word of warning, please don't use this thread as a discussion place, this as you know is directed towards the devs for questions about development and other stuff. If you wanna have further discussions, please make a thread and talk in the Discussions section in the club! Thanks.
  3. oh my god these updates arent even consistent anymore, im just doing it whenever Doc has been updated! We only have 13 more Shinies to complete til we can move onto Generation 5! Keep up the grind y'all, The team and I have been loving going through your Shinies <3 Two things, one could pyrromanis chuck me a dm when you get the chance! Two, just a reminder that we have the Silvally Shiny Project going on, so if you wanna give us a hand with that please do so! Anyways Cheers y'all Posty
  4. Back on the Grind Hope everyone had a good and safe New Years! Doc has been updated! It's always nice to see an influx of responses the moment we move onto the next Generation, we're really making a bunch of progress now, keep it up everyone! One last thing, could Whippyberry please dm me That's all folks, cheers! Posty
  5. We did it Gamers. Doc has been updated and.. with the final few submissions we have finally completed Generation 3! and even before the New Year! Good work everyone So you know what this means.. we can finally move onto Generation 4! All submissions from now on should only be Pokemon from Gen 4, I can't wait to see what y'all get up to next! Cheers y'all and have a Happy New Year! Posty
  6. Christmas Update Happy Holidays! hope you all are doing well! Doc have been updated! Any shinies submitted over the past 24hrs have not been counted for yet~ We have 14 more Shinies to go til Gen 4 so keep it up! Cheers Posty
  7. ~ The Wiki Project ~ Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe during these times. Today I bring not a development update of sorts, well on the development side though things are going smoothly, I've finished up university for the term with only one major project to go until I graduate, so myself and the others (besides Caz, he's been on that grind) are getting back into the groove of things! Okay that aside, today we are introducing another Community Project of sorts, unlike the Shiny Project this one will involve a lot more hard labour and g r
  8. answered already on discord but for others! We are using the sprites found within the current version of Pokemon Desolation (for Generation 1 - 7), these are also the sprites currently used in the EP18 of Reborn, also as linked on the main thread, we are using the public Generation 8 pack created by the community!
  9. its been 3000 years... again Hey y'all it's me again, Document has been updated! Apologies for the delay on the update, tbh it has been extremely slow lately with only a max of 10 submissions in the past 2 and a half weeks, we only have 25 more Shinies til we have completed Generation 3 and ideally I would love to get this done and moved onto Gen 4 before the new year! Lets try and get it going y'all, share the project around! anyone can join in and attempt to make a Shiny (following the guidelines ofc) Cheers! Posty
  10. Why was this created, who decided this had to exist tbh the Dev team and I had a massive laugh with it, seeing everyone as Jarred and even the Aces was funny af, so props for that LOL So! To start off, I've mentioned this before but in EP5, I decided to axe 5/8 of the original starters from the beach in EP4, those being Sandile, Flabebe, Growlithe, Espurr and Sewaddle. The main reason behind these axes were well, Sewaddle early on as a "starter" is really bad, considering the first two gyms are Fire and Flying, it's just haha Hard Mode. Flabebe and Growlithe were axed due to the
  11. This that time of year again :') (definitely gonna have to nominate multiple people for one category this year) Rookie of the Year - Crim, Yume, Ceri, Cera Comeback of the Year - considering the man won Carmen twice in a row Caz (what an absolute mad lad) Sugarpop Sunbeam - Ruby, Crim Kawaii Award - Ruby, Crim, Yume, Ceri, Azzie, Cera Memer of the Year - Jarred.. Caz Emoji Excellence - :doumasmug: Ruby Dorkiest Dork - Nicki Smollest Bean - Ruby Coolest Clown in Town - Your Clownjesty Crim :') Most in need of a Hug - Ruby, Crim, Cera Most Likely to Take Ov
  12. why.. why did you create this, good fucking lord what have you done to Rosetta, i.. idk what to think or feel or anything, i dont know if i should be amazed by the fact that you spent a good amount of time doing this or absolutely horrified at the end result.
  13. As of right now, we do not have any plans on introducing difficulty modes for the game, maybe this will change in the future? who knows, we can include them however we would then need to include 3 sets for each trainer in the game (casual, normal and intense) , which as you can imagine will take a very long time when we could be using that time to improve other aspects of the game. We are completely open though for the community to create their own difficulty versions of the game to upload here like the community have done with "Memeborn" and "Reborn Alt Forms". If we do decide to introduce di
  14. :) Doc has been updated! sorry for the delay on this one, I'm currently quite busy with Uni Assignments which are due around the 18th, so overall I've been a bit slow! But yeah we are getting through Gen 3 quite nicely, keep it coming! Also could Hycrox chuck me a dm~ Cheers Posty
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