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  1. Doc has been updated! We only have 9 Shinies left and then the Community Project will be complete! These Pokemon are as follow: - Rolycoly Line - Galarian Mr. Mime Line - The Galarian Fossils We are literally on the final stretch y'all, lets finish this Posty
  2. End of Week Update Doc has been updated! We're getting closer and closer to being done! Just a bunch more Gen 8 Pokemon and some Regional Variants! Cheers Posty
  3. Generation Update - THE FINALE Hey y'all! Doc has been updated As the totally not crossed out title says, We have completed Gen 7.. Well not exactly, however one thing for sure is that we will be moving onto Generation 8! Okay lemme explain, So the project over the past few weeks have been a bit dead, which is fair considering the final Pokemon that needed Shinies, So we have gone through and sorted out the final Pokemon. This update is to let you know that from now on all Submissions should be from Generation 8! Besides from a few exceptions, Those being the A-Geodude
  4. ~ Wallpapers... Wallpapers Everywhere ~ So... Wallpapers, yes Wallpapers, we all love a good ole wallpaper, you most definitely have one on your desktop right now! you and your cheeky little anime wallpaper from the latest Attack on Titan Episode it was a banger i will say. Wallpapers give us all life, they are something pretty we are met with when we look at our desktop background or like our mobile phones. "But Posty, why are you talking about Wallpapers" Well little Timmy, lemme tell you Today the Desolation Team would like to give you all some FREE and e
  5. Update time y'all! Sorry for the delay in this update but the doc has been updated! Just a reminder before we move onto Gen 8, we really want to make sure the Silvally Project is completed, so if you want to give a helping with that, please check out the project thread linked above in the previous post! Cheers Posty
  6. Generation Update! Aloha y'all, so firstly the doc has been updated! and with this update we have completed Generation 6! woooo that didn't take long at all lol. So get your swimming gear on, this means that we are moving onto Generation 7! Therefore all submissions need to be from Gen 7 otherwise they will be rejected. Also this will be including the Alolan Forms and ofc the Silvallies, which that project can be found > here < We are on the final 2 Generations which is crazy, once again thank you all for the work Posty
  7. oh my god an early update holy moly Doc has been updated! we're actually very close to finishing up Gen 6 already hot damn, just a few more to go and we can move on! Also just a little note we have had over 1000+ submissions since the start of this project which is absolutely ridiculous, cheers for all the support and the work y'all! Posty
  8. "we're running out of shinies" Update! Well this is still a thing lol, hi all! Apologies for the long delay! I've been mainly focusing on Uni since I'm in the midst of my final year project so as you can imagine, its been a bit hectic. On top of that I'll be honest we haven't had a lot of submissions lately which does tend to happen near the end of each Gen. However we prevail and today I am pleased to announce that with the latest doc updated, we have completed Generation 5! This means that we can now move onto Generation 6, therefore all submissions from now on should only be fro
  9. Weeker Updater Doc has been updated! We are very close to completing Generation 5! The final stretch til we can move onto finishing up Generation 6. Cheers! Posty
  10. Weekly Update Doc has been updated! nothing more to say, keep up with the good work y'all Cheers Posty
  11. ~ The Long Awaited.. Character Poll Results! ~ Howdy Folks! So this has been long overdue.. whoops, we have been busy with development and other January blues that this was left for a good while, until now! So without further ado, the Winner of the Desolation Favourite Character Poll is... With a whooping 69 nice votes! How did you lot even manage to get the funny number god dammit. Anyways in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place we have... Wow what a line-up of characters! Thanks again for everyone who voted! we had a total of 3
  12. Update Time babyyyyy Doc has been updated! As per usual we get an influx of submissions once we move to the next Generation so we gotta keep on top of it, loving the work coming in y'all! Also could Felcatty chuck me a dm sometime please Cheers Posty
  13. oh my bloody god i cant believe i forgot this existed (GENERATION UPDATE!) Hiya y'all, apologies for the delay with this update, it has been one hell of a stressful week I won't go into details. But as the title suggests, we have completed Generation 4! besides... Arceus.. Essentially we will be moving onto Generation 5 so all submissions from here on out should be from Generation 5 and are currently not completed on the Doc, However Arceus and its wonderful 18 different forms and backsprites are still available and are needing to be completed! Can't wait to see what yo
  14. these updates are always so bloody inconsistent LOL Doc has been updated! We only need 8 more Shinies til we can tackle the beast known as Generation 5 Just a small update, nothing more than that, have a good one Cheers Posty
  15. Who knows! This is very much so spoiler territory so you'll have to wait and see Also just a word of warning, please don't use this thread as a discussion place, this as you know is directed towards the devs for questions about development and other stuff. If you wanna have further discussions, please make a thread and talk in the Discussions section in the club! Thanks.
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