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  1. Hey Guys! It's me, your friendly temporary lead postman delivering you the latest news regarding Desolation’s development. In this blog post… we’re back in business. (Insert “wooo” sound effect here) I’ll be going into a bit more details regarding what this means for us moving forward, alongside what we have been up to, a little teaser, and some more goodies! So let’s get cracking. Reigniting the Passion In the last development blog, I mentioned how we would be going on an “indefinite hiatus” until further notice as without Caz at the helm, development couldn’t continue in its current state. Since then, after a brief discussion with the man himself who at the time of writing this, is still absent from the team, we as a team will now be continuing development of the overall story until he returns. So what does this mean? When it comes down to developing Desolation, like with other story-heavy fangames, the lead dev will know the story like the back of their hand, whereas the team will have a good understanding of course, but not the full picture. This was one of the main reasons why we went on a hiatus as progressing with the game without a clear indication of the story would lead to something that wasn’t in line with the original vision. But after a brief conversation, myself and the rest of the Desolation Crew will be developing the story with our current knowledge. Don’t worry, we know how the main story will play out, and we are confident that we can deliver. With this in mind, even though we are “back”, development will be a bit on the slower side, so please bear with us! The creative heads are working in unison here at Deso HQ, putting our own thoughts and ideas into the game, so we look forward to sharing more details with you all soon enough! With that said, as mentioned in previous development blogs (a little reminder for those who forgot), you will begin your travels in EP7 exploring the mysteries of the Chryseum Canyon, located north of Fairbale Town, which is currently blocked off by some darn logs. You will encounter some familiar faces, as well as some new faces… Who are these faces? Is it Jarred making a return?? You’ll have to wait and find out! Chryseum Canyon has been something we as a team have been extremely excited to work on for a long time now, even way back during EP5 development. The different areas and landscapes you will be exploring throughout EP7 will be some of the most ambitious places we have worked on to date. Lots of time, effort and thought have and will be put into this area, and like Chef Quackington once said… “Quack. Quack!” (If you can somehow translate Psyduckian then congrats but he basically said “A storm is being cooked as we speak”). With the Canyon being the main focus of current development, what have some of the other members of the team been up to? Well moving onto this next section, Yumil has some details he wants to share with you all regarding some updates that have been made to the Battle Logger found in the Cellia Manor! Logging the Battles Dear Diary, Caz still hasn’t come back well after a year. Although I understand his circumstances, I find it hard to continue being invested in this project. Nevertheless, the team has resolved to make an earnest attempt at pulling it off ourselves, and I’m going to see it through. Today I’m going to talk about the Battle Simulator. You may remember that computer in the Cellia Manor that let you refight some past trainers. This thing? I also don’t blame you if you forgot about it. It’s okay. I think it’s fair to say the thing as it is currently is a neat novelty that is quickly forgotten because, well, there’s not much of a point. Trainers were fought on a neutral field so it’s rarely a good recreation of their battle. Not every major story trainer was available. In fact, not even all of the Gym Leaders were in there! Well, Tristan has an excuse. Sort of. I think? Reeve’s not in there, Rosetta’s not in there either... Though, we think Caz had a reason about that, but since he’s not around to ask him again, I’m officially going to run with the idea Rosetta simply didn’t want her challengers to lab her before officially fighting her. I’m sorry that y’all live in a world where I get more involved with writing. It's actually quite a bit of busywork for Posty to keep the Sim up to date. First is that it would ideally need to be updated every episode to include level-updated teams and all the new trainers. That’s annoying to do once, but doing it every episode for something that doesn’t currently have much of a point just eventually slides out of the priority list. The other reason is that it was also an eventing nightmare. Every iteration of the Battle Sim was a 500+ lines abomination of an RPGMaker event. Note the emphasis on the past tense. I took a hatchet to the whole thing and reworked the thing from the ground up to be far easier to work with, more interesting to use, and more rewarding. First up, the Battle Sim now automatically scales up the trainers to the current level cap. Bam, that’s a lot less teams for Posty to duplicate. (hi Posty here, thank god) Hi Rudolph, everyone say hello to an old friend now at the exact level cap Second, the Battle Sim now actually recreates a field fitting for the Trainer you’re fighting. The objective is to recreate the various boss fights of the game brought up to the current level. And lastly… the rewards. We’re gonna need to take a little detour for this. Some of you might know I wrote some code to make the NPCs able to comment on how your battle with them went. I, uh, I think this is technically advertised on the page for the game? Truth be told, I’m not super happy with how it got implemented in EP6. Felt very underbaked and surface level compared to all the things I wrote it to be able to do. I mean, I get it. This was all around beneath every other priority for EP6, which were something along the lines of, rework pre-EP5 content, make sure EP6 content is good, and, uh, make sure the migration to the new scripts hasn’t set the entire game on fire. Or frozen over the entire game. While still having Flash Fire as its ability. I’m getting side tracked. Still. One of the things that did take off quite a bit about the feature was the 6-0. The thing where you manage to beat a major trainer without having a single one of your Mons fainting, and while using no items from the bag. I didn’t exactly make the feature to be an unconventional challenge mode, but hey, might as well lean into it. We had plans in EP6 to have some rewards for managing to 6-0 the Gym Leaders, but we couldn’t figure out something good for it, so we just made a bunch of switches to keep track of your achievements and put it on the backburner. It's the good old dilemma of “We should probably give something neat enough to get some people interested in it, but it can’t be anything genuinely good either because it’d be missable content.” Enter This Guy What sweet deal do you have for us? This Guy’s taken up residence in the Cellia manor. His name is Luke and he’s going to be monitoring the data of the Battle Sim. For every trainer in there that you manage to 6-0, he will have a reward for you. And if you managed to 6-0 them back in the story? That’s okay. He knows. He’ll have your rewards waiting for you. The idea I want for those is to reward the players who put in the extra efforts with some cool shit early. We’ll probably make those rewards available in other places in the game later, but if you managed to 6-0 the final boss of EP5 back in the story, well, you deserve to go and do some crimes early. And if you didn’t, well, maybe your EP7 team can actually win more easily now? That’s cool by me. Well. There’s just a teeny tiny issue that I fucked up the way I register battle data in your saves and it basically compares the opponent’s fainted team against, uh, your current team… yeah Listen, this was the first thing I ever made for Ruby (The coding language, not our artist) and I didn’t know what a shallow copy was. Anyway, It’ll be fixed for fresh saves, and I’ve figured a workaround for EP6 saves. I hope this little thing will add some spice to the game. It’s an opportunity for us to give you more things without creeping up the scope of the game too much, to be a neat side-activity, and to encourage some of the challenges the community seems to enjoy. That’s all I got for you for today. I’ve got more things I hope to do, maybe I’ll get to talk about them again in another Dev Blog. I wanna try my hand at doing some bits of writing here and there, I hope y’all will like it if it comes to be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this is quite appealing for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge! Yumil has been working hard on adding some additional features to the game, despite being close to complete burnout with the project, so I do hope that you all look forward to and enjoy the content he is creating! I wanted to add a few things in regard to the Battle Sim. Firstly, when it comes down to certain trainers, I will be adjusting teams specifically for the Sim. What this means is like, do you really want to keep fighting Amelia on Forest Field? I don’t either. Some teams will be slightly altered compared to the story while others will be exactly as they were when you faced them. Secondly, the rewards. We don’t just plan on them being items that are either given a bit earlier, maybe you will receive some “trophies” that can be displayed? If we all learnt something from the Lockdown Days of playing Animal Crossing, we love having the ability to get optional decor for our islands. Rebuilding the Homes Over in the artist department here at Deso HQ, our artists have been getting back into the groove of development. A lot of the content that has been produced/in the process of being worked on is sadly spoiler territory which we may cover in a future post, but for now there are a few things I can share with you all. Recently, Ruby looked at some of the houses that the local residents on Amaria and thought “hmm, makeover time.” and she did just that! Below are a few things she has been working on, revamping and bringing new life into areas such as Redcliff Town and Addenfall Town! No, this does not mean door animations are making a return. (I'm not sorry) Even a certain Gym Leader got a brand new home makeover! She has also been working on a new area coming to EP7… Kanzen Temple. This is something we revealed in one of our development blogs last year, having major links and ties to the history of Chryseum Canyon, but we aren’t ready yet to showcase this to you, but maybe sometime down the line? You’ll have to keep an eye on our blogs to find out! Setting the Mood Story and gameplay aside, our musician man of many talents, Darius, has been working on some new tracks for EP7! Having him join us during EP6 has really elevated major scenes throughout the game and helped grasp different types of atmospheres to fully immerse the player in the world of Desolation. We thought that we would treat you all to a little teaser of a new track that’ll be played somewhere during EP7, you hopefully will get a feel and understanding of the sort of tension that you may experience as you continue the story. EP7 Teaser Snippet Fade.mp3 Yeah that's all you're getting, lucky you! You may be treated to more little snippets here and there, or even fully blown tracks, who knows? It depends on how generous I am feeling… Filing the Cabinet Before I conclude this post, I have one more thing to share with you all. We recently decided that we wanted to properly create some “official” artwork for our unique Megas and Forms, though our artists are not the biggest fans of drawing pocket monsters, so what do we do? Who do we call? No, not ghostbusters, god. We called upon a fellow artist who you might recognise in the community and commission their services, we’re talking about aGoodCabinet! Over the next few development blogs, I will adding a little spice by posting them one by one, in which they will be added to our Art Gallery down the line. For this post, meet our cute little meech but in their Mega form! Thanks again to aGoodCabinet for creating these for us! If you wish to see more of their work, please check them out below, his commissions are also currently open! Twitter Instagram Closing the Blog out Before I close this development blog out, there are a few things I wanted to note. Firstly, our Patreon page was nuked a couple months ago! We don’t know how this happened, might be due to inactivity, but for the time being it is down and we will currently not be putting it back up anytime soon. This is due to two main reasons, one being that it was run by Caz who is currently missing in action and the other is that, it was on pause for a while anyways due to lack of development, and until we are all back together, it will still be on pause until then. Apologies to those who may have been looking to support us through our Patreon, we will hopefully have it back up later on down the line. Secondly, despite us returning to development, Development Blogs will currently not be returning to a monthly format, we will look to post content when we have content ready to post. A lot of stuff we have been working on and will be working on is extremely spoiler heavy, so even if you don’t hear from us for a little bit, we are back to actively working on the game. I look forward to sharing more with you all soon enough! Until next time folks! Posty
  2. Hi folks! It’s been a good while since we have given you an update in the form of a development blog. I have dropped a few updates on our Twitter page which you can follow here and if you noticed the sidebar of the development blog here, I have given a few “smaller” updates there as well. But given how long it has been since we have given you a proper update in terms of development, it seems right to let you all know what has been going on. But before I go fully into depth… Today marks one year since we dropped our Episode 6 update, and we just wanted to once again thank you all for the love and support you have given us and Desolation as a whole. Seeing you all enjoy the game, create fan art and craft theories really does help keep our passion alive for the project, even if we haven’t been that active in recent months, we are still here and we are raring to go! Now, many of you have properly been wondering. Why hasn’t there been any Desolation updates since July last year? As hopefully a good amount of you reading this are aware, we have been on an “unplanned hiatus” for a good while now. This was announced in my response to a bunch of questions asked on our Q&A thread, which you can find a link to those answers here (the thread is still open btw, please feel free to ask us questions still if you have any!). I didn’t go fully into detail regarding why we were on a hiatus at the time, but since it has been a good few more months since then, I feel it’s right to let you know what’s been going on with the Desolation team as of recent. To put it bluntly, our lead developer, or as you would know him as Caz, has been absent from development for a good while now. Outside of personal reasons for him taking a step back, he has recently gone head first into the medical profession as a career path, and for those who understand the ungodly hours that people who embark in healthcare have to work, you can imagine that his time to work alongside us on Desolation has been… limited. With this being the case and after having discussions with him, I have temporarily taken over the reigns as the lead for Desolation for the time being. Even though that is the case, Due to time constraints and our time zones not being the most cooperative, we haven’t been able to fully discuss how we want to progress with the story for Episode 7, hence that overall development for the game has been at a standstill for a good half a year now. I know for the fans out there, this is not the news you would want to hear from us after months of no updates. We on the team have been itching to get back developing the game for a good while now. However, without a clear indication of how we want to proceed with the story, we ultimately decided that announcing an indefinite hiatus from the project would be for the best. With that said… What’s next for Desolation? To start, I think it would be safe to say that expecting Episode 7 to release this year would be a miracle. As annoying as that is to announce, we have to be realistic given our current circumstances, even if we were able to progress with development again within the next month, we do not want to rush out a product that is unfinished and unrefined. With the landscape of fangames evolving each year and the quality of games being produced consistently improving, it would not sit right for us to just quickly rush out something for the sake of making sure we release by the end of the year. With that said, I will try my best to make sure we give you all updates when we can, you can find us on X Twitter or in the Reborn Evolved Discord! Also watch this space as I might drop little updates here and there on the Blog Sidebar. Even though Desolation has not made any significant progress in recent months, it fortunately doesn’t mean that nothing has been done in terms of improvements to the game. We have been getting updates for our codebase and development tools which should improve gameplay as a whole and make development a lot more convenient for us. I can’t say much more on this, but the team working on the scripts have been amazing and are extremely helpful, truly the power team of Reborn, Rejuvenation and Desolation coming together to defeat our sworn nemesis: code! Also, I have been utilising this time recently in not doing much to give myself the most tedious job possible of organising the graphics folder for the game. This includes renaming sprites, deleting duplicates, and overall updates to make it easier for us to navigate the hellhole that is ~the Characters Folder~ if you know you know. This should also mean the download size for Episode 7 will be slightly less? By like a few MBs? Unless we go crazy and add a lot more? Which is very likely. Anyways this is not at all relevant to gameplay but thought I would share my pain with you all. On that note, I don’t think there is much more to say. Our next development update will hopefully be showcasing progress made on Episode 7. Any further updates regarding our current absence will be made either on our Twitter page, on the Sidebar of the main Development Blog or announced in the Reborn Evolved Discord. Thank you all for being patient with us, rest assured that we as a team are still passionate about Desolation, and we will continue to work hard to bring new updates your way once we get back into the groove of development. I look forward to eventually showcasing the next chapter of our story. Until then, I wish you all a very positive and fulfilling 2024! Posty
  3. Hiya, apologies for the delayed response on this. Having a look at your save, firstly it does convert over completely fine, however you haven't completed Episode 5. You need to complete this first before downloading and updating to Episode 6 if you wish to continue on this Save File. On top of this, it kinda sounds like you haven't actually downloaded the base folder for Episode 6, go to our downloads page, download Episode 6 (a new folder), patch via a manual patch or the updater found in the Base Folder, and you should be good to go.
  4. Hi so, you didn't follow our conversion guidelines. When updating to Episode 6 from an older save you must have completed Episode 5 and save in the Bedroom of the Cellia Manor, that way you can start Episode 6 and go through the ingame conversion, you are stuck due to variables not being aligned properly. I have teleported you back to the Bedroom in the Manor, to continue Episode 6 and not be stuck, please interact with the Bed. Game.rxdata
  5. Some very interesting questions! I do get you, I also get curious about how other companies and development teams run their projects, especially when comparing an industry setting to a more indie one. So to go through these one by one, I'll split them up into sections like so: What's the path forward for you guys? The main goal at the moment is to get organised and get going with development, with each member on the team having their own areas of expertise, it's easy to delegate tasks and move forward with the project. We are currently hitting a bit of a wall due to some issues out of our control, and I haven't made a big post about it outside a small note on the development blog but we are somewhat on a bit of a hiatus until some stuff clears up, but we will be back soon enough! What exactly does the development roadmap look like? Well with each Episode, we layout the content which we will be adding to the game, this primarily revolves around the story, and then sidequests, new mechanics/features, balance updates and new encounters follow suit. How development normally goes is that Caz (our lead dev) would prioritise the story, then the rest of us will go about our individual tasks. We start working on an Episode with main story, our artists begin to do their design work for characters and other assets, our music man begins cranking out music tracks for the sound design element, our programmer suffers in coding hell, and I work on various things. This keeps up until we near the end of the cycle with some of us also helping out in other areas once their main tasks are finished up, at this point we all look to QA test the game (obviously we're QA testing throughout, but a main playthrough), then it goes towards Alpha Testing which is with a selected amount of trusted individuals, then Beta Testing (available to our Patreon!) and then finally once everything is done and dusted and we've promoted release, we drop the game! Ofc the first few weeks of release there will be a good amount of updates due to bugs that we've missed, and once we hit the point of "games good now" we take a short break and resume the development once again for the next Episode, that's roughly how we go about it! Is the story already fleshed out and written and the ambition is just to program it to life, or are you still making things up along as you go? Caz has the entire story fleshed out, all the way up until the final Episode! Like all projects, some bits and pieces are changed up and adjusted throughout the process, for example we had a lot of early game updates to the story in Episode 6, sidequest content is something that a lot of it is made up as we go along though, such as the Fossil Quest in Sunshell (I did all the content for that one outside mapping Visinite, Crim did that and they smashed it). Aside from the actual implementation of your ideas, where are the gaps you still need to fill in with respect to character arcs, story beats, sidequests, etc.? This is probably more of a question that Caz can answer, I can forward this to him but its unlikely he will be able to respond anytime soon sadly, so I'll answer the best I can. When it comes down to character arcs, it'll mainly be essentially how certain reveals/developments would make sense in regard to the story, take Scarlett joining Crescent's Arc for example, in Episode 6 we implemented a good amount of new scenes involving Scarlett, to give more of a perspective towards her reasoning behind joining, so it didn't just feel like, she "betrays" you and then you battle her in Blackview. We go back to adjust these part when see fit, and even throughout a development cycle, we may go back to adjust dialogue and add additional content in retrospect to events leading up to that current point in the story. This also follows into adjusting story elements, we may go back through the story and look to fill in gaps where we feel like the story is weaker at that point, or if something doesn't make a "lot of sense" given the situation, it's good to be critical of your own work and sometimes put yourself in the shoes of the player, would this make sense as it is or are there some additional content that you could add? Sidequests we just go along for the ride and then see how they play out, the Fossil Quest is something I adjusted a good bit throughout the development cycle, and with the help of some proof reading, amended some elements which may have been a bit confusing/not really necessary for the quest as a whole. Finally with like balancing, we mainly leave that until testing for others to give opinions and feedback, with that I then go back through, add some stuff in, adjust other aspects, and prepare it all for full release. As a team, aside from the actual programming and spritework, what are the biggest challenges you're facing? This really follows up from the first question but right now... getting back into the swing of things to be completely honest. I won't go into many details but with an "unplanned" hiatus going on, we are all itching to get back into development and want to bring Episode 7 to you all eventually, but life sometimes get in the way of things, and with current events that are occurring, development is sadly taking a back seat. Though I am hopeful that soon enough, once a few things have settled down and I get some resources that I need, development will resume! Ofc with the holiday season coming up and the team spending time away with family, development may be a bit slow but, as long as we're chugging away, there will be more updates, there will be reasons to keep checking by, I assure you all that as long as we have the passion for the project, it will continue. What are the three resources you feel would immediately make your life easier, whether it's from a human resource perspective or some external materials that you're unable to get ahold of and therefore have to build up from scratch yourself? A fun little question to finish off! Let's see... 1) A 4th Layer on RPG Maker (or multiple layers as whole) I think I would speak for all Fangame devs here who work in RPG Maker that the limitations of layers is so incredibly frustrating at times that just, more layers! or even just ONE MORE LAYER would solve all my problems... but RPG Maker XP is an older program, you gotta make do what you got... 2) A second version of myself Double the development speed, less likely to burn out, work can be delegated between me, myself and I... if only this was possible... jokes aside we have a really good team of dedicated individuals on the project and I couldn't ask for anyone else than the people who are behind me! But another me would be great... 3) The ability to hire an office and move everyone to the same timezone This one seems to be weird at first reading it, but if you don't know... our team is quite global! I'm from the UK, we have two living in EU, three of us are in America... and then Caz is from New Zealand, the timezone difference can be extremely difficult sometimes to organise development meetings and other aspects throughout the development cycle, but that's what happens when people work remote these days. If I could only... move everyone to the UK, hire out an office for our shenanigans and vibe together while developing the project we love, that would make life so much easier. Thanks again for these questions! These were pretty fun to sit down, go through and think about, and hopefully for those who have been wondering about the state of development currently and some curiosity about these things have a sense of clarity now!
  6. First of all, please do not spam the forum with the bug over and over again. Someone will get to you eventually, I've gone ahead and deleted every other one of your posts because its just spam. Secondly, this is a converter issue, your file seems to be unable to be properly converted, meaning your save is most likely screwed and you'll have to restart, you can chuck it my way if you wish and I can have a look at it.
  7. We genuinely haven't thought about Gen 9 so far in development, at the very least you can expect Hisuian Pokemon will be coming to Desolation first, but if I was to make a note now regarding Gen 9, it would be highly unlikely they'll be added to Episode 7. Primarily due to balancing issues, since it wouldn't just be adding them to the game, but we have to... 1) Update Teams (including regular trainers) 2) Add them to Routes 3) Balance it all together, its a lot of effort that i've done... for the past two Episodes with Gen 7 & Gen 8. So we'll see how we go, for now the focus is and always has been the story!
  8. Hiya, little late to this report I do apologise! Few questions for you 1) Did your Houndoom evolve in the middle of a battle? 2) Did you start playing on 6.0 and then update to 6.0.12, or did you immediately update to 6.0.12 when you downloaded the base game
  9. We can look into something to make it a bit better on the eyes during night time, EP7 though aha
  10. Hi, apologies I'm quite late to this, firstly if you encounter bugs like this, please post them in the Troubleshooting Section of the forums! Secondly, you should just be able to exit from the way you came in, then re-enter and it should automatically reset. Or like someone else suggested just use a backup save to continue!
  11. Hiya Dev here, So as of EP6, Desolation (alongside Rejuvenation and Reborn) now run on a new codebase, what this means is we don't use "PBS files" anymore moving forward, if you wish to do some edits for modding and such, you'll find the files in the "Scripts" folder in the game folder!
  12. Hi Folks! I know this is extremely late responding to you all, and I deeply apologise, we have been quite busy with a lot of different aspects with our lives. I am here now and will answer what I can! Q&A is still open ofc, I will make a note again in a later development blog... Anyways onto the questions that are over 3-4 months old! (whoops) 1) I like the concept honestly, implementing an extra check for certain characters based on if your MVP has a name that's of the character you defeated could be an interesting little easter egg, ill forward this one to the devs and we'll see! Maybe an additional reputation point could be cool in certain situations. 2) Again, a very interesting idea, these sort of questions are more suggestions on what we could do over questions of the actual development tho aha, but I don't mind, I am open to feedback and sometimes player suggestions can lead into something for us on the team to think about and potentially implement at a later date, I will have a discussion with the devs, adding onto the new system we added for EP6 regarding characters is something I'm happy to continue to do if it fits! 3) Once again, could make for an interesting side quest! I can't really comment further on this since when it comes down to suggestions, side quests are ones we don't normally take from. Thank you for the kind comments and suggestions! We will continue to try our best Hi yes it's still open! (I'm sorry), thank you as well for the nice comments! Very interesting question, gameplay balance is something that I really had to tackle head on this episode and essentially re-balance the entire game due to changes we have made to certain fields, the addition of generation 8, and changing up teams we thought could be changed up. The overall consensus when it comes to difficulty compared to our counterparts Reborn and Rejuvenation is that we want the game to pose to be a challenge, however to be considered "easier". Desolation primarily focuses on the story, with many options that the player can take which can lead to different outcomes. With that said, I still like a challenge, and being apart of the Rebornverse means we will make sure the game isn't a complete walk through the park. Some of the plans and ideas we have for later versions may quench your thirst of "more challenging gameplay", but the main focus is still the story and making sure players can still get through the game without having to be stuck on a single battle for hours on end, we don't want people to quit after all! What I will say though, firstly, if people in the community wish to make difficulty mods for the game, then we are completely open and welcome it! I know a few have gone around, and it's cool to see the community create some cool stuff! Secondly, if I was to do a difficulty mode like "Intense mode" that Rejuvenation had until they axed it, then it will come along nearer the end of the Desolation's development, due to the sheer amount of additional updates I would have to do for each version, and I do not want to think about that right now! Hopefully that answers your question. The heck is this ChatGPT stuff, but it's nice to know AI know who we are... I'm no biological expert, but maybe his parents could have had multi-coloured eyes which was passed down to him! Or maybe he is such a fashion guru that he got those contacts from a cosplay convention as he wanted to cosplay the one and only Douma for Kimetsu no Yaiba but decided "im a boss ass motherfucker, ima rock these from now on"... he has heterochromia, its a real thing look it up lol That is something I cannot answer! As for starters haha get it would be massive spoilers, and secondly, this is something I can't reveal anyways even if we were to change the stranded starters! You'll find out if we change anything when EP7 drops! Once again, cheers for all the supports folks and sorry for the delay in my response! I will make sure this doesn't happen again ahaha...
  13. You can send it my way if you want and i'll have a look for you sure, but I'm doubtful that it's anything that's our side.
  14. Hiya, this sounds less of a bug and more of a hardware issue, if you are on an older setup then these issues may be present due to processing power and such. Apologies!
  15. Hi Folks! I am extremely sorry for the long delay in getting these saves converted, it's been a long summer. Game_2.rxdataGame.rxdata Game.rxdata
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