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  1. Can't believe Green Charlotte is dead this is so sad.
  2. I've already mentioned about this, we are in the midst of testing as a dev team, beta testing will begin the moment we finish off that stage of testing and then it'll be released to the public. We are aiming for Late June. This may change depending on the results of testing.
  3. So best way to put this, since every team in the game has been revamped in some sort of way, teams that were horribly difficult were nerfed and others were buffed, take that as you will, if you remember from v4 what battles were harder and what battles were easier, hopefully now they have been balanced out. I will say that the additions to Scarlett's team has buffed her overall, Aurora's team suits her more and the fight in Cellia and has been slightly adjusted. I can't say anything about newer battles but yeah lol.
  4. Yeah its gotta be Amelia.. though I do like Emily quite a bit, and Ava you'll see why :]
  5. All I can really say to this is... nothing cause that would be spoilers :] Okay but Moltres is valid though, no need for a history lesson
  6. Oh for sure, a good handful of people you will face in v5 but spoilers so cannot say!
  7. oh sorry my bad I didn't read the question properly there will be 7 in total, 2 new gyms for v5. I won't say who the new Gym Leaders are, you will have to wait and find out
  8. 1. So I've said previously that we just started internal testing, which will take a week or two, then beta testing will begin, which again will take a week or two, so we don't have a set date yet, we wanna aim for a release around Late June, just keep an eye out for updates! 2. Um.. that has been answered a few times here now and on the FAQ, but its 12 (guys please read the FAQ before asking questions incase your question has already been answered :]) So we had plans on adding a new custom move this version which we ultimately scrapped in the end, I won't say what that move was because s p o i l e r s but we "might" add custom moves in the future? no idea yet lol, appreciate the offer, if we end up doing so I'll probably hit you up!
  9. Bless ya Dream gsiub wait i just realised you said Amber sfgub I can't believe Ruby's alter ego is Amber. I'll let the others answer for themselves but for me personally.. I have to say Amelia, I just really like her personality and more important her design you'll see why Whhaaattt? Dreamscape? what are you talking about?? sounds like a pretty cool area or something, wonder what its like there.. Again I'll let the others answer themselves for this one, but for me its Typhlosion! cheers! we both are very excited and thrilled to be working on this project, its been a lot of fun revamping Desolation and I really do hope y'all love the stuff we have done to the game! As for your question, so I mentioned it previously about starters, with the addition of Gen 7 I have gone through and made massive changes to Pokemon availability. For the Starters I looked over what there was and I did some changes, 5 Starters have been axed and replaced, don't worry though! some of these old starters will appear at different points in the game, there will still be 8 Starters! With overall Pokemon availability, I made a document and an Obtainable List to see what Pokemon were available via the Wild, Events, Trades, Credit Shop etc and then saw what wasn't available cough every single water encounter cause we had no way to fish cough. Afterwards I judged Pokemon based on upcoming battles, basically the gym leaders and thought what would be better here and there. With my work over 100+ Pokemon have now become available, thats not just the new areas in v5, throughout the game! keep an eye out for the Obtainable List which will drop nearer the release! Okay I'll spill the beans a bit on Connor's new team, I've made changes to 3 of his Pokemon, his team will somewhat utilise the field a bit more than it did before and you will probably need more than one Pokemon to take him down. With a good variety of Pokemon you can obtain before his gym, not to mention some of the new starters, I hope his battle has the same flavour as it did before just changed a bit Talking about Gym Leaders yes, they have been balanced based around the Pokemon available at that point in the game. You don't need to worry about having to buy a Magnemite from the Credit Shop in Celeste just to have a crack at Aderyn's powerhouses known as Hawlucha and Honchkrow *flashbacks to Sucker Punch, Life Orb, Moxie, I am so sorry for your suffering* Umm maybe? again we are going to be dming active members of the community to take part in the Beta Test this time around, we already have people in mind we will ask.
  10. Best for me to post this at the end here also but, the FAQ has been released! please give it a read before asking anymore questions :]
  11. no one saw the previous answer to this question yes the game will have full screen! lol Bless ya we are enjoying it for sure Also HA, you know its funny actually I brought this up to her the other day how I stumbled across her redraw again annnd... its now gone, removed, vanished, LOL So to answer that question no, reason for that being she made that in like idk 2017? something like that she can correct me later, its her older art style which she has vastly improved on over the past several years especially! So to then answer the second question no she wasn't on the team lmao. Hmmm Ruby will answer this later since she's asloop currently but for me.. Definitely a bad guy, god imagine like an extremely evil British villain in a Pokemon Game.. just laughing while I sip on my tea For my team I would say.. Crobat, Walrein, Umbreon, Dragapult, Metagross (Mega?) and Typhlosion :]
  12. Wait the mad lad only made super potions buyable and nothing higher? LOL okay yeah there'll be more available ill make sure of it. 1. My favourite change to the game properly has to be all the sprite/character updates Ruby has done, she has honestly smashed it and given a lot of characters new life and really impacts the story in a different way. This answer might change since Ruby is at the time of writing this asleep but I think her favourite to work on has to be Amelia if we are talking sprites lol but also memes... lots of memes 2. New music will be added! Desolation has a reputation for the choice of music so look out for them tracks. 3. So we ain't moving to the new engine (same one as Reborn 18.3) this version so probably not, HOWEVER, you all have been blessed with... A SPEED UP BUTTON! yes! Desolation now has its state of the art SPEED UP BUTTON, so that'll help 4. Honestly the love and support y'all have given has been incredible, motivates us even more to continue working on the game, cheers guys 1. Y e s 2. Desolation form? um no we do have "Perfection Forms" which isn't a spoiler has Caz revealed "Perfection Darkrai" a few year back 3. You first encounter Megas against the 3rd Gym Leader around lvl45, the Player will be able to Mega Evolve like mid-late game? 4. Feature? um we do have new features i guess?.. lol So firstly the difficulty level is intended to be based on the normal mode for Reborn/Rejuvenation, since Desolation is mainly based on the story, the gameplay side shouldn't be terribly difficult but still proves to be a tough challenge if that makes sense. Also after having a discussion with Alex and Azery (if you don't know them idk how you don't both are Rejunvenation Devs) creating modes like Rejuvenation tends to create a LOT more hassle, therefore we will be avoiding that, however people are more than welcome to take Desolation and create their own "hard mode" versions like people did for Reborn to make Memeborn and Redux etc.
  13. Looking back, probably the Normal Gym aka Tristan because well, as people will obviously remember his infamous Mega Lopunny with a busted moveset at that level in the game. Not to mention the Eviolite Porygon2 and other powerhouses on his team, I really needed to stare at the team and think how can I improve this, cause its canon that he keeps his Mega Lopunny spoilers he keeps it sorry guys, you may suffer still but I needed to just balance out the team, I think his new team is more suited for his personality as well as the field we battle him on. Another battle I would say has to be L...//shot Okay I can't spoil it but a battle in v5, making their team was a challenge considering the Pokemon they possess, the hardest part is for sure making it so they can have these bois without it being "completely busted", testing it out etc, all apart of the process. *stares down Tristan and his Lopunny for being op AF*
  14. 1. Ah see if I answer that question, it may be spoilers and I do not want to potentially spoil whether or not we get the ring this version. Also I should add, Z-moves are now in the game! expect some battles with em, and most likely the ring will allow you to use Z-moves but don't quote me on that, it ain't set in stone yet! 2. AH CUSTOM MEGAS, I'm not going to say how many "more" custom megas we will be adding quite frankly idk, but I will say that, like Reborn has with their Pulses and Rejuve has with their Crests, Deso's main extra feature is Custom Megas, so expect to see some more, this version, a notable character may have one in their possession :] 3. Hmm we haven't thought about any items tbh, maybe in the future we will 4. Working on Desolation has been an exciting new thing to develop on! I have always thought about developing my own fangame but never really got round to it, heck I made notes for one back in 2018 so to be able to work on a fangame, one that I never thought I would ever see again, its been great and I've loved it... besides working on the PBS for hours on end, I suffered for you guys 5. As it stands right now, no, however that may change in the future, depends on how the story develops :] As of my knowledge we haven't "got rid" of characters, but a few of the characters have been reworked! all I will say is rest in peace Green Charlotte 1. Level curve is the same as it was before, I discussed with Caz previously about adjusting it but we came to the conclusion that its fine, especially considering we have axed 4 gym leaders 2. Don't worry they got their severance pay and a specialised hamper made by Garret , he also gave them a free trip to Hoenn, what a nice guy.. Well considering that some of gym leaders COUGH Aderyn COUGH Tristan were a bit busted, they were nerfed and other gym leaders were buffed, overall considering the content you will be facing in v5, the game is going to be a bit more difficult compared to v4, considering I have put thought into these teams, and we now have Reborn's improved AI. If anything is "too busted" it will be nerfed :]
  15. OOPS you added this while I was typing lmao 2. Yes.. There have been changes to the starter options, I won't say who, you can guess if you want but I'll say this, 5 out of the possible 8 have been changed, maybe i'll reveal it before launch? who knows. And obviously Gen 7 starters have been added to the starter room in Redcliff, if that wasn't obvious then.. lol
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