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  1. what the heck you're updating this at 22:22pm? yes. yes i am. Doc has been updated! we need only 16 more Pokemon to completed Generation 1 then we can finally move onto Generation 2! so work together, make some banging Shinies and we'll MOVE Loving all the work guys, keep it up! Cheers Posty
  2. ~Time for Reflection~ Hey y'all! hope you are all doing well! Today ain't really an update of sorts. Its more of a "its time to ask the community on what they think about our game" kinda update, and what kind of feedback am I looking for... Battles. Yes battles, you know the part which helps contributes to the "Pokemon" aspect of the game? If you haven't noticed (well if you have played the game, idk how you haven't), all the important battles in the game have had an overall revamp in EP5, courtesy of me (and a few others who I asked for opinions from, you know who you are, shoutout to you lot). When I came onto the development team for Desolation, my main job was to well, improve the overall gameplay of the game, aka improve the balance since there were some wild battles back in EP4 which got hit with the NERF HAMMER.. well I thought they did ahaha..... oh how ole and naive 2019 Posty was. It's apparent that the game still suffers from balance at certain points cough Garret was a walk in the park cough and I am to blame. So this is where you! yes you reading this post right this second on a Monday Afternoon after you've had your third coffee of the day trying to get through your daily routine, come in. Linked below is a Google Form with questions that lists all the major battles as of EP5 and gives you three options to choose from, "Buff, Nerf or Leave". For those who don't understand these terms, "Buff" means making the battle more difficult! if you felt like this battle was a push over and could be a bit harder, tick this! "Nerf" means the exact opposite, if you felt the battle was WAAAAY too hard for this specific point in the game, tick this! and finally "Leave", well this one is obvious but if you felt the battle was completely fine, just tick this box. Please do take in account the point in the game these battles take place when answering, Pokemon Availability, Level Caps, etc. >>Warning: Form contains EP5 Spoilers<< >>>https://forms.gle/tJD7dmMVURE9HnLt9<<< This feedback will be very beneficial for me to overall pinpoint which battles I should focus on when adjusting balance for EP6, with the addition of Generation 8 as well, of course teams will be adjusted regardless, but just knowing which battles I should prioritise will help to develop an overall enhanced gameplay experience. I will be closing the form on Sunday 18th October at 11pm BST so please get your responses in before that time! Cheers y'all for taking your time to read and fill in the form! also continue submitting shinies, i'm enjoying a lot of the recent ones coming in Til next time~ Posty
  3. Posty you should be fired for this oh my god another late update?..//shot dead Hi y'all, yeah sorry about the delay with this, past few weeks have been uhh how to describe it.. a series of ups and downs and this has skipped my mind, I'll do better in providing more updates! Anyways Doc has been updated, we only need 27 more Pokemon to complete Generation 1 and move onto Generation 2! keep it guys! And once again, since the Project has slowed down a lot, share this project with spriters and in other servers (if this sort of stuff is allowed ofc lmao) and spread the word of the Shiny Project! its been nice to see some new faces pop up over the past few weeks and credit to everyone who has kept making Shinies and submitting, lets get this done everyone! Once again cheers for the support! Posty
  4. ~A Fiery Passion~ Howdy folks! Its me once again giving you a good ole Desolation update! So lets just jump right into it shall we? So September has been a bit of a hard hill to climb over, from personal reasons to just the world going even more into the gutter. I did turn 21 this month so that's something atleast ahahahahah good lord I'm old. To put it bluntly, we just as a team haven't been terribly motivated to work on Deso/we have been busy with other stuff, Ruby has been working hard on zine work and other artistic practices, Caz is currently on an intense surgery run and myself, well besides trying to get them dubs in Fall Guys and framing someone to be the imposter (it worked several times, sorry Ceri), I've just had my focuses on other situations, also uni has just started up today, so I've been preparing for that. This month has just been more difficult than we anticipated but we are getting there! This doesn't mean we haven't been working on Desolation, no far from it! Just development has been a bit slower than we hoped, but we are progressing! Anyways life update DONE, time for the gamer talk. So this month, I've taken it upon myself to work on some hot areas in the game, some areas which you will get access to in EP6! so here have some hot content I wonder where on earth this could possibly be maybe you can figure it out~ I won't be saying anything. oh dear fucking god don't tell me its another one of these puzzles, how could you do such a thing?!?! So as you can see.. some very HOT areas will be available for exploration in EP6! why have I made these? what will we be able to discover here?? is this leading to nothing and you just want us to suffer?? who knows... well I know cause I made the maps.. and the team knows as well cause they also work on the game... you get the point! Maps aside, I've debated potentially making a community survey to determine which important battles that were in EP5 should be changed around, buffed, nerfed, etc you get the idea, that'll most likely be coming in a few weeks so look out for that! the feedback from that survey will really help me when re-balancing these teams, and don't worry, we are working on fields as well, so expect a field manual next EP as well as some revamped content! Thats about it for this dev update, Caz has once again dropped a Patreon post which is showcasing a really spicy area available in EP6 and holy fuck I can't wait to release this to the public! so if you want the more indepth scoop of our development, considering pledging to his Patreon! On top of that, we are closing in to our pledge goal which would mean we'll look into doing development streams! so if you're interested, do consider it! https://www.patreon.com/posts/42103055 shameless plug over That's all I have for you all today! Thank you for the continuous support! Stay safe and wear a mask out there :] Cheers~ Posty
  5. Little late update lol Doc has been updated! we are making way through Gen 1! so cheers for everyone who is following the new system, keep it up!
  6. Heyyy happy birthday Posty 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day because you really deserve it 🤗🎂

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      cheers my guy, much appreciated!

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      You're welcome 😉

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      Happy Birthday Posty! I hope you've enjoyed your birthday and thank you for all the work you've done for Deso~

      It's still the 18th in the States, so here's to hoping this counts.

  7. Evolutions are the exception, if you do Onix, for continuity sake still do Steelix and its Mega. They will be accepted at the same time.
  8. This has been a little while whoops Hiya all! firstly I just want to apologise for the delay with this update! I took a weeks break off Reborn to focus on other stuff hence why I didn't update last week, but now I'm back and revamped so this will be updated weekly again! Got a few little updates for you all today. Firstly, well the document has been updated! so go check it out! Secondly which is the main update, I will be changing how we go about accepting Shinies. From this point onwards, the Shiny Project will be completed in Generations. So Posty what do you mean by this? Lemme tell you, from now on, we will be working on the Shiny Project from Generation 1 to Generation 8, so we will only be accepting Shinies from the current Generation we are on. For example, As of right now we have 89/151 Shinies completed for Generation 1, until we have completed this Generation, aka had every single Pokemon receive a Shiny Sprite, THEN we will move onto Generation 2. What this means is that, if you were to submit a Generation 4 Shiny while we are on Generation 1, it will not be accepted! (or well until we get to that Generation). Cheers to Zumi for giving me advice on this, I believe they did something similar for their Shiny Project for Rejuvenation. Hopefully this will speed up the process! I will update the main part so newcomers will understand. Finally, the Shiny Project has slowed down a bit, which I expected as much due to well, schools starting up again and other stuff. So guys! please post this Project around in servers and maybe forums! (if they don't mind ofc lmao) I would love to see new people take part in creating Shinies! We really wanna get this project completed, we are over halfway now! Cheers for all the support guys, we appreciate all the comments, fanart and everything else! Cheers again x Posty
  9. ~The Chaotic City of Nightmares~ Hey everyone! It's me this time, your local Postman! I wanted to make this blog post to talk about a certain area within the game that many players have struggled with.. and by struggled I mean getting lost in the vast lands known as Blackview City. A number of you have given feedback/complaints about how hard it is to navigate through the city, from searching for the crazy girl Emily to figuring out where the hell the Jinx Grid Teleporter is trust me it also took me a while to figure out where that was lol. So I took it upon myself to polish up the city. So firstly, to showcase the changes and my thoughts into going about this, here's a map of Old Blackview: I'm gonna keep them in spoiler tags because well, Blackview is massive and I don't want to flood this post lol. Anyways as you can see, the main issue with Blackview was that, well the layout was extremely clunky with paths leading to dead ends to a lot of clutter around the centre, its no wonder people got lost around here. The city is suppose to have this chaotic nature about it which is why when I looked to give it a the polish up, I wanted to keep this feel about it! This was a bit of a challenge but after discussing with the team, this is what I came up with as a concept: I wanted to divide Blackview into 4 "main streets" with alley ways going in-between, this way it would help to keep this feel of a chaotic city which was our vision, while helping to tackle the issue players have been struggling with. And for the big polished up reveal.. this is what Blackview looks like now: its probably best to just, open both images in tabs and clicking between to have a better view of the before and after pics. This polish up took a bit of time to sort out, considering I didn't want to start from scratch with the map, due to overall eventing and the map itself was fine, it just needed a little 2020 polish up since this map is well.. 4 years old now? To conclude, this isn't the complete final design, we are looking to potentially implement something else to help navigation around Blackview. Other than that, development is going at a reasonable pace, I've just finished up a set of maps for Episode 6 and looking to start the next set soon Speaking about development, Caz has updated his Patreon with some spicy Episode 6 content! I'll shove the link to it below, but if you wanna have a more in-depth view on our development for Episode 6, consider pledging to him! all the support everyone gives us helps massively! whether it be pledging to just leaving comments about their enjoyment with the game. https://www.patreon.com/posts/41016883 Anyways that's it from me, hope you all have a great weekend and we'll talk again soon~ Posty
  10. Weekly Update, Weekly Update As per usual the document has been updated! we have had over 600+ responses now which is, hot damn, I say that every week I swear. Keep the Shinies going! advertise the project! lets keep this project going!
  11. Hiya! firstly we appreciate the comments! glad you were able to enjoy it! Secondly yes, the custom Megas do have extra moves for them and will get more in the future, funny enough you suggest Mightyena as we already gave it Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak (i think we gave it Shadow Sneak, cant remember but it'll defo be an available move in ep6) and as for the other Megas? Cinccino has already had Play Rough added to its moveset :]
  12. Its that time of the week again! Doc has been updated! go have a look and such ya know the drill this point. Now I want to make a point about some of the submissions we have gotten lately, over the past few weeks we have been receiving a bunch of Shinies which have already been marked as completed on the Shiny Document, this is fine but I wanna put an emphasis on the ones we haven't completed yet. This ain't saying you shouldn't submit Shinies that have already been accepted but I want to make clear that we will be prioritising the ones that haven't been completed, looking through 4 sets of a Shiny which have already been completed is somewhat a waste of time, and we would prefer to see newer Shinies come in! That said, could the following people yeet me a dm: Dragoknight Lazarus Ryuto
  13. update your game, this has been fixed, make sure you're on the latest update before reporting.
  14. Weekly Update thing.. yeah that Document has been updated! We have now hit the halfway mark! meaning 50% of the project is complete, which is incredible truly, keep submitting Shinies! this project won't be going away any time soon until every single Pokemon has been completed, once again thank you all. Now minor update on my end, from now on I'm going to stop giving out personal feedback (this also means saying whether or not your shinies have been accepted), unless I either ask you to dm me about a Shiny submission or you see me pop up in a chat and give my thoughts. This is mainly because well, lately I've been pretty busy sorting out a lot of stuff involving Desolation and other irl things and at times I've accidentally ignored dms. So this is to say that you're better off asking other people for advice on your submissions, the Sprite Edits channel in the Reborn server is perfect to ask the community for their thoughts on your submissions! Alternatively ask a friend and see what they say. I've been having people ask me "what should I do to make this better so you accept it" and instead of catering to us, you should be submitting a Shiny that you are happy with and feel like its good enough to be included in Desolation. I hope you all can appreciate this, I want to keep this project interactive and I will do by reaching out to those who I wanna talk more about their submissions too. Cheers once again guys!
  15. Time for an update lmao Doc has finally been updated! we have now had about 500+ responses submitted to the Shiny Project which is just incredible! One thing I'm going to change however, I'm going to aim to update the doc now once a week appose to twice a week to allow more submissions in and we can just, go through them in one go, that doesn't mean that I may update it still twice a week, but for now just expect an update once a week every Saturday! Also could the following people dm me please: Felcatty Dream Lazarus Ryuto Krantz (also the two people from last week)
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