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  1. For your second silly question: With Joiplay, right, to play the save file (Game.rxdata) must be in the folder where the game is launched. On PC, it is stored in a different folder located elsewhere called "Saved Games". You can access this by going to your computer drive (C:) > Users > (Your user) > Saved Games: Within it should be a folder called "Pokemon Spork", which will have your previous Game.rxdata(PC). This is also where screenshots and errorlogs are stored. To play the save from your phone, either temporarily move the Game.rxdata(PC) that was there to a new folder or rename it (Game1). Only one Game.rxdata can be played at a time. Move/copy your Game.rxdata(Andriod) into the "Pokemon Spork" folder. It seems like Pokemon Essentials Debug features aren't available in Joiplay at this time. But if you make changes from your PC then move the save back on your phone, that should work !
  2. Happy Birthday Setsuna! and Happy Birthday Rikyao!
  3. Happy Nico Ni Birthday! Her seiyuu shared this great news!
  4. Yohane's eyes! Yohane's seiyuu, Aika, celebrated her birthday!
  5. June 9th is Nozomi Tojo's birthday!
  6. Thanks! I'm not sure; I'm not use to drawing like this, and it was originally a sketch ^^;. If I were, I feel like I'd have to find the source of the reference I used.
  7. 【 Glitchhop】
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