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  1. As it is the ribbon isn't coded on, that's sounds like making a script or changing how the border is displayed. I recreated the background, though I don't know if it was intended to have more colors between the checkers.
  2. I recreated what I think you're looking for. I don't know if it'll accept vector, but you think you can rotate without making it blurry?
  3. Her seiyuu, Shikaco, shared this:
  4. Happy Birthday! Her seiyuu, "Akarin":
  5. Her seiyuu, Satou Hinata, had this to say!
  6. ≥▽≤ Rina's seiyuu Chiemi drew Rina for her birthday!
  7. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2020/09/12-1/love-live-nijigasaki-high-school-idol-club-tv-anime-to-set-stage-alight-october-3 http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/nijigasaki/worldwide/simulcast.php
  8. Her seiyuu Aiai drew this for her birthday !
  9. For your second silly question: With Joiplay, right, to play the save file (Game.rxdata) must be in the folder where the game is launched. On PC, it is stored in a different folder located elsewhere called "Saved Games". You can access this by going to your computer drive (C:) > Users > (Your user) > Saved Games: Within it should be a folder called "Pokemon Spork", which will have your previous Game.rxdata(PC). This is also where screenshots and errorlogs are stored. To play the save from your phone, either temporarily move the Game.rxdata(PC) that was there to a
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