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  1. Reuploaded DDDL and Spork DDDL: -female swimmer land overworld hair now matches trainer sprite and swimming overworld hair (forgot to update this last reupload when Spork was updated with) -added text to more objects in: Olidroll Police Station, Olidroll Sweets Shop, P.I.E. Tours, Underwater Hotel, bookcases in Olidroll Residential District houses -Lass overworld sprite has been updated by Steffi and Palletite (resembles Sightseer trainer class from Gen 7) -adjusted battler altitude for the remaining Pokemon that needed it -fixed invisible NPC in Party District+City SPORK UPDATES: -Gen 8 Pokemon added -added new planet: Planet Amity -added an Isle of Armor move tutor to the Pokemon Center at Inoset Island -updated learnsets for Pokemon added to SwSh for the Isle of Armor DLC -Carol's gym is now a Candy Land board, Carol is now battled in doubles, and Carol's trainer class changed to Baker -changed Rogue (Sea Star trainer class) to Trickster to avoid confusion with the organization called the Rogues referenced at various points in the game -added Circhester home option -Gentleman Washington in the Gentleman's Club is now named Sir Chester, with extra dialogue if the player is from Circhester -added Galar Arena for the Battle Factory -Steffi made new battle background for Cosmic Castle -Youngster and Lass sprites updated by Palletite and Steffi; Youngster now has a light blue outfit and Lass resembles the Gen 7 Sightseer trainer class -Eva's trainer sprite was updated -Team Rocket PC box wallpaper replaced with Team Portal PC box wallpaper -Draga extra dialogue if parents are chefs after getting through the Cave of Resolve -added Sea Star NPCs + trainers at earlier points than Sea Star Society, along with more NPCs in a few places in general -in addition to major characters, some ordinary NPC trainers now have updated rosters for Gen 8 (and Gen 7, for ones that were in the game before Gen 7 was added) -when speaking to Dreamer Musharna in Sushi's house, in addition to the "Last Night's Dream" option you can now enter a dream arena in which you can battle Sushi's team -lowered Halloween Espurr to level 30, and lowered Hex Maniac (at Hip Hop Ship Shop) to level 40 -Unown Horde now have all 6 Unown in trainer sprite -Hiker trainer sprite now matches overworld sprite -DJ Ultra Beats Pokemon are now in Ultra Balls -the Sushi and Tinder Village Data Vault files are now available to read immediately rather than needing to be unlocked through the hide and seek sidequest -removed the Fixed Bugs Memorial -Captivate now has the same update as Attract from a few reuploads ago where it works regardless of gender unless the target has an immunity to infatuation like through the Oblivious ability -Skull Bash now has 130 base power as post-Gen 5 -desaturated the purple on Cosmic Meowstic -Team Spasma club in Tullborn City changed to Team Palms -at dream starter selection, Litwick acknowledges if the player's Pokemon is a fellow Litwick -debug is now optional (can be turned on or off in Pokemon Centers by speaking to the trees next to the nurses) -added text to more objects in Jim's House, Virima Hotel, Gentleman's Club, Olidroll Police Station, Olidroll Sweets Shop, Classic Park gatehouses, Mysterious Mansion, Fork Gatehouse, Ceolis Ranger Base, Rania's Training Gym, Rap Battle House, Dentist's Office, Vitamin Factory, Twilight Tavern, the Sewers, Trainer School, Lee's house, P.I.E. Tours, BCC Building, Tourist Info Center, Pokemon Fan Club, Trainer Fan Club, Game Corner Storage, Lanturn Lighthouse, Underwater Hotel, also added text to bookcases in revamped houses from Virima to Tinder -syntax is now more consistent with some words and phrases, for example Marbles is always capitalized now instead of sometimes being capitalized and sometimes lowercase -added info to obtainablepokemon notepad file that changed evo methods from the official games are mentioned there with the obtainability methods SPORK BUG FIXES: -battle errors with Fell Stinger, Aromatic Mist, Ally Switch, Eerie Impulse, double battle second slot primal weather abilities, and Baton Passing into a Pokemon with Illusion fixed thanks to Groniack -Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves now have the correct move effects -Chinchou and Lanturn now have the same EXP growth rates -Comfey can no longer have Triage as a possible ability despite Triage not being in Spork -can no longer walk around the door frame leading to the training grounds in the Ceolis Ranger Base -a tree no longer overlaps with the entrance/exit to Cosmic Castle -added missing word in Nosy News story after 15th gym: "I'm back the event I mentioned!" -> "I'm back from the event I mentioned!" -added missing word in Dive Ball item description: "Pokemon that underwater" -> "Pokemon that live underwater" -fixed typo in one of the Lanturn Lighthouse journal entries where Pokemon was spelled "Pokeomon" -added missing word when asking Couragi about Gina: "She's been in this area since Gellene was even a town or humans came to Ceolis" -> "She's been in this area since before Gellene was even a town or humans came to Ceolis" -fixed typo when starting Underwater Hotel postgame tour: "I was told you too might stop by for a visit?" -> "I was told you two might stop by for a visit?" -fixed typo when the birthday cake arrives at Crolea's birthday party where occurred was spelled "occured" -added missing word when speaking to the Guardian at the Sea Star Shrine: "Would you like to back to the Data Vault?" -> "Would you like to go back to the Data Vault?" -during the postgame BCC/sewers quest, Quinn and Violet no longer appear in the break room before they're supposed to -added battle cries for Pokemon that didn't have them, like the USUM Ultra Beasts and Zeraora -adjusted battler altitude for the remaining Pokemon that needed them -Mysterious Mansion now has wild encounter music and the correct battle background -the map cursor is now at the correct location when opening the map at Olidroll Services District, Olidroll Recreation District, and the Aliora City entrance to Classic Park -at the final hide and seek location, the hide and seeker is no longer visible in the overworld to players that didn't choose Umbreon for the Eeveelution zodiac -Emily now appears at the table during the Emily Quinn conversation at Ocean Coast -Liechi Berries are now sold at the berry shop; they were supposed to be before but I spelled Liechi wrong which caused them to not appear in the list -a hidden Leppa Berry at South Virima is no longer visible in the overworld to players that didn't choose Espeon for the Eeveelution zodiac -removed leftover text for the Bolaii Beach move tutors, where they said to enjoy your time at the Battle Frontier if you don't want to learn a move from them -updated obtainablepokemon.txt notepad file info for Rowlet, which was outdated -Wailmer Pail and Itemfinder can now be purchased for 3 and 5 Heart Scales respectively as intended (previously they couldn't be bought unless the player had more than 3 or 5 Heart Scales) -the Nosy News story intended to play after the 18th gym now plays; previously the one after the 17th gym still played because I used the wrong control switch -can no longer obtain Yveltal if you haven't already spoken to Belinda in the quest -the east sea Shellos in Grape's dream no longer appears at the Secret Playground if the player is not viewing Grape's dream There's a lot to say for this reupload in addition to the reupload notes above. About shiny Gothita line: in the last announcement I mentioned I would show them when the reupload was ready. While the shiny Gothita line (along with a custom sprite for Sushi) were intended for this reupload, they'll now be added after this reupload, but before work starts on the next major reupload. Palletite and Steffi have been very busy with school, and when I said in a thread back in July that I could see this reupload arriving around mid-late August, I underestimated how busy their semester would be due to updated policies (with virtual learning as a result of COVID), class schedule challenges, etc. and there's another life situation they're dealing with too. I thought having the Gothita and Sushi sprites being in between this reupload and the next would be best and the least pressuring for everyone's schedules. About change in debug mode: when playing in debug mode, the game skips the title screen. Since Spork does have a title screen now made by Steffi, I wanted an alternative method where the title screen and debug were both accessible (though Joiplay players can already see the title screen, since Joiplay doesn't seem to have debug). Enigma also brought up valid points earlier this year that debug can possibly sequence break. With the new debug method where you can speak to a tree in Pokemon Centers to turn it on and off, players can choose whether or not they want to use debug. With this method, I noticed that if you close the game while playing in debug, the game won't be in debug when opening, so you'll need to speak to a tree to enable it again, and will able to see the title screen. About Team Spasma -> Team Palms change: I learned that the word spaz has a meaning that's derogatory towards people with cerebral palsy. When I originally made the clubs in Tullborn City I didn't know that's what it meant, and just learned recently. My experience with the word was from online communities around 2008-2010 where people would say things like "I'm a total spaz" in their profiles, and I assumed from the context I saw it in that it meant someone who has a lot of energy. I've changed it to Team Palms, an Exeggutor-themed club. -removal of Fixed Bugs Memorial: I wasn't really regularly updating it since I'd forget to a lot, and it was sort of a consolation prize for the hide and seek sidequest since the original intended prize for it was obsolete. When planning and development for Spork started, the hide and seek sidequest was going to be how the player would get the Master Ball, but I later decided to have unlimited Master Balls available, so the hide and seek sidequest was in an awkward position where the purpose was obsolete but I still wanted to have it in. This issue has been solved now since the hide and seek sidequest is a prerequisite for the Eternatus quest. Adding earlier Sea Star NPCs: The Sea Star Society is visited late-midgame, and since Sea Star NPCs and trainers appear in later areas above the surface, I thought they should appear in earlier areas too. The only reason they didn't appear until the Sea Star Society originally was because I treated the situation with how their designs would be as a bridge to cross when I got to that part of the game. There was a lot for this reupload and I'm 100% sure I'm forgetting something I meant to say, but thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy!
  2. Reuploaded: UPDATES -Gen 8 Pokemon added; Alolan Exeggutor -> Appletun when Delicia's Pokemon are given at the start -Carol is now battled in doubles -Carol's trainer class changed to Baker -DJ Ultra Beats Pokemon are now in Ultra Balls -added text to more objects in Mysterious Mansion -Captivate now has the same update as Attract from a few reuploads ago where it works regardless of gender unless the target has an immunity to infatuation like through the Oblivious ability -changed Carol's trainer class to Baker -Lass overworld sprite has been updated by Steffi and Palletite (resembles Sightseer trainer class from Gen 7) BUG FIXES -adjusted battler altitude for the remaining Pokemon that needed it -issues with Aromatic Mist, Fell Stinger, Ally Switch, primal weather, Baton Passing into a Pokemon with Illusion, Eerie Impulse fixed thanks to Groniack
  3. Spork doesn't have an mkxp version because I don't know how to make one*. I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you're able to find an alternative to help reduce lag for Spork and other non-mkxp games *I haven't looked into how to do so or what it is and the only thing I knew before reading this thread is that it's an alternative way to play (RPG Maker and/or Essentials?) games that works better for some people. It's possibly something I could look into in the future since I know a little more about it now from this thread (that it reduces lag for players who have trouble with lag normally) and that seems like it would be good to have . If it requires any amount of technical or programming knowledge I probably wouldn't be able to, so I can't make any guarantees, but I can look into it in the future at least.
  4. Have the Rubesty birthday ever!
  5. Chun Chun!
  6. Update on this: I made it to this point last night, and decided to go back to Premoggin Softlands after each story event to see if I could narrow down the cause. I flew back there after I got to Norall City and everything was the same as when I left, and then I flew back after the Pokemon Research Institute and that's when the entire Premoggin section of story was reset. I checked my variables and the "Premoggin Progress" variable was reset to 0. At the Pokemon Research Institute I spoke to Anthony and then had the conversation with Kayla and Crolea. I didn't see anything in either of these events that reset the Premoggin Progress variable, but decided to set the Norall Progress variable back to 0 and the Premoggin Progress variable back up to 6 to see if it was the Kayla & Crolea conversation, and it doesn't seem to be, because when I flew back to Premoggin Softlands after repeating the conversation, everything was normal. I also checked through each event in Norall City from NPCs to door entrances and exits and there was nothing in them that resets the Premoggin Progress variable. Thinking I made a mistake by not going back to Premoggin immediately after talking to Anthony, I selected new game and went through the dream starter scene, then warped to Weather Wonderland and quickly got through all the Premoggin story events + Kelani battle by pressing control to skip battles, then went to Norall and spoke to Anthony in the Pokemon Research Institute, then returned to Premoggin. But it doesn't seem to be speaking to Anthony that causes the Premoggin events to repeat either, because everything was the same when I came back. Findings for now: there seems to be an event somewhere in Norall City that resets the Premoggin Progress variable, but I was unable to find it through testing or searching through the maps, and I looked at everything I could think to look at. I added a parallel process event to Premoggin Softlands that sets the Premoggin Progress variable to 6 if the player's Norall Progress variable is 1 or higher, so this will hopefully fix the issue or at least lessen the amount of players that experience it.
  7. At first I thought this was only happening to me, because I was testing newer events on an older file around December 2019-January 2020. But I saw a video of this happening to someone else around a week ago, and with your report here, it seems to be universal. I'm currently doing a playthrough of Spork to make the next reupload as polished as possible, and this is something I plan to investigate when I get to that point in the game to see what causes it to happen.
  8. The True Arena has battles with almost every character in Spork, but the password if you don't want to go through all of it is in spoilers below
  9. I think they meant since they have a iphone, they'll try the file extraction suggestion for PC since Android is needed for Joiplay
  10. If you have an Android you could try Joiplay, though I wouldn't be able to offer any assistance with any issues relating to the app. It would narrow down whether it's because of debug though, since from what I've seen debug isn't enabled when playing on Joiplay. If it does work on Joiplay than it's likely debug, although if it doesn't I wouldn't have any ideas since this is the first time this has been reported. If you don't have an Android: I'm not sure if it's specifically because of debug, but for the next reupload I've changed how debug works; it won't be enabled by default but instead can be switched on and off by speaking to a tree in Pokemon Centers, if you don't have an Android and are okay with waiting until the next reupload to try again.
  11. At the top of the game.exe screen where the Pokemon Spork text is, did you see anything about the maps processing before it closed? Also I edited out the second screenshot of your post because one of the server icons shown with your discord in the background looked NSFW
  12. Which system are you playing on? I don't know all the details but I've heard that Macs have a harder time playing RPG Maker games than PC. Is there an error message between the game opening and disappearing, or does it just disappear?
  13. Triage isn't in Spork because I wasn't able to script it, but I checked just now and it's listed as a possible ability for Comfey. Apologies for the mixup, I'll remove it as an ability for the next reupload. The reason it's listed could have been that I forgot to remove it after not succeeding in scripting it.
  14. It was the first one, where you get a Marble, Lopunnite, and Steelixite for winning
  15. I found the marble you were missing! It was the one from battling ICSW. When I loaded your save you were in Lovely Lake so I went back there and saved after getting the marble. Game.rxdata
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