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  1. I had fun trying to guess the types of the badges from their designs 1. Confirmed Grass (was also my guess before I read the interview with Patchouli) 2. Electric, based on the Gym Leader's name being Thor and yellow being a prominent color in the design 3. Normal. I'm not sure what the objects in the middle are supposed to be, but some guesses were cannons, pipes, and musical instruments. There's a Pianist trainer class shown in the screenshots, and a lot of Pokemon associated with sound or music are Normal 4. Ice; it looks like a sheet of ice 5. Poison. The shape looks kind of snakelike (or maybe has stingers at the lower left and upper right) and the badge has purple 6. Ghost. There's a cross on the badge and the Ghost leader is a priestess. Patchouli also said we'll probably meet her sooner rather than later, so it would make sense if she was an early game leader 7. Bug. The badge kind of looks like a beehive to me 8. Flying. It looks like the sun coming up out of the clouds 9. Dark, based on the colors. Maybe the heart along with the colors is representing an impure heart? 10. Unsure. I don't have any ideas on what the badge could represent based on the shape. There's purple in the badge, but I already have different guesses for all the purple types 11. Steel, as it's a pair of swords (maybe the leader's ace is Aegislash or an Eviolite Doublade?) 12. Unsure. It looks like a deck of cards, and the types I'd associate with a deck of cards would be Psychic and Dark, but I already have different guesses for those types 13. Fairy, based mainly on colors and process of elimination. I might have guessed Poison if I hadn't already guessed it for 6, because the bottom left and right parts kind of look like crossbones 14. Fire, based on the colors. The design also brings to mind a sign warning about hazards 15. Rock. Brown is the most prominent color, and it looks like a mountain with trees at the top and water at the bottom. Furthermore, Rochelle is one of the highest-ranked Gym Leaders, so it makes sense she'd be one of the last few badges 16. Water. It looks like a body of water 17. Unsure. I could see Ground because of the colors, or Fighting because the four red spots near the center look like when you're targeting an enemy in some video games 18. Psychic, based on the eye in the center It'll be interesting seeing which ones I got right and which ones I got wrong from the interviews!
  2. I remember a couple cases like this with story battles years ago, but this is the first time it's been reported with a regular NPC trainer. I think it has to do with something in the conditional branch for the battles, like maybe something is placed in the wrong order or missing, but I'm not 100% sure. Update 1: after checking out the event pages for regular NPC trainers, I think it might be because "Exit Event Processing" is missing for if the player loses. IIRC adding that was my attempt to fix this with story battles. Thanks for your report! Update 2: Strangely, I'm not getting the repeated battle. When I tested by losing, I was sent back to the machine but the battle didn't immediately repeat itself.
  3. Reuploaded: -Legendary Pokemon are now available as starter options -Dialga quest has been changed; the Temple of Time is now a place where you can replay story battles and Dialga can be obtained after unlocking every available battle -Sinnoh quiz changes: the question about who you would go to if you wanted to see rare Pokemon has been changed to a question about the names of the three major lakes in Sinnoh, and the question about the attributes represented by the Lake Trio has been changed to a question about the region's original name -Pokemon that learned new moves in PLA now have those moves in Spork -Pandora's Gardevoir's moveset: Focus Blast changed to Aura Sphere -Cherrim's Sunshine form now has its PLA stats -added a battle on Planet Spork for the Kimono Girls. Like the Shadow Triad battle, it's one trainer battle containing all their Pokemon -DJ Ultra Beats' Xurkitree nickname changed from vflower to flower (the Vocaloid Xurkitree is named after used to be called vflower but now just goes by flower) -Gen 8 DLC Pokemon battle cries added (thanks to Bladeheart111x for uploading them in another thread!) -Trainer class changes: Delicia: Portal Eater -> Devourer from Dreamland Pandora: Portal Empress -> Shining Supermodel Barker: Portal Hustler -> Entrepreneur Felicia: Portal Magician -> Magician Quinn: Portal Diver -> Scuba Diver March 18 edit (was unsure if it was better to make a new post or edit): -fixed issue where battle replays couldn't be interacted with from the front -updated Charmander event: Charmander will now join the player if the player has either Charizardite Y or Charizardite G in inventory Legendary Pokemon as starter options is something I've been going back and forth on in my mind for several months. Spork is all about giving players a lot of options. I've never taken into consideration the stats, abilities, and competitive tier of Pokemon when deciding where to place them before. The main factor has always been which Pokemon would fit in which environment. Because of that, there's never been a reason they needed to be unavailable as starter options from a balancing standpoint. From an in-universe perspective though, it's a lot harder to explain how the player would have one. There's also that some legendary Pokemon are only one in existence while others have multiple members, and outside of ones that've been officially confirmed, not everyone may agree on which ones are which. In the end, I decided to add them as starter options because there could be people whose favorite Pokemon is a legendary who'd like the opportunity to have one from the beginning, or people who want to do some kind of themed run that a certain legendary would be suited for. For explanations for how the player can have a legendary, it can be considered non-canon and existing for player convenience, like the Shiny Scouting area. Or you could enjoy coming up with your player's backstory on how they met! For the Dialga quest change: I've been thinking of changing the Dialga quest since early 2020, but I never had the confidence I could pull off any of the new ideas I had for it. Dialga had always had my least favorite legendary quest in Spork. It consisted of the player going through an area and hearing about things they already knew. It wasn't my first idea for the quest, but like with later ideas, I didn't have the confidence I could pull off the original ones, so the Dialga quest ended up stuck as something that I could event but didn't enjoy making or playing through. The idea of being able to redo battles with major characters exactly as their teams were when you first did the battles came to me at the end of January. It was originally going to be Mov the Venonat who would allow the player to do this, but then I realized since the idea of replaying battles could tie into time, it could be the opportunity to remake the Dialga quest. Thanks to Steffi for the flow chart shown in the top left of the screenshot at the beginning of the post! It shows the flow of time for the Pokemon games' releases, starting with Red & Green and going all the way to Scarlet & Violet. This is also mentioned in the legendaryquests notepad file, but you don't need to actually replay any of the battles to obtain Dialga, you just need to unlock all of them, which involves completing the post-Champion story and doing all of the optional battles with Rania, Drew, Kelani, and ICSW. On the subject of time, the reason for the gap between this reupload and the last one is because of Reborn E19 alpha testing followed immediately by playing through PLA. There were a few updates and other ideas I wanted to look into for this reupload that were moved to the future because I was worried about seeming inactive if there was no reupload or news for a while, and in order to recover energy as I'm currently experiencing a crash after a month and a half long period of high energy and productivity. But I had fun with this reupload and I'm looking forward to the future!
  4. Reuploaded: -DJ Ultra Beats' Xurkitree nickname changed from vflower to flower (the Vocaloid Xurkitree is named after used to be called vflower but now just goes by flower) -Cherrim's Sunshine form now has its PLA stats -Pandora's Gardevoir's moveset: Focus Blast changed to Aura Sphere -Trainer class changes: Delicia: Portal Eater -> Devourer from Dreamland Pandora: Portal Empress -> Shining Supermodel Barker: Portal Hustler -> Entrepreneur Felicia: Portal Magician -> Magician Quinn: Portal Diver -> Scuba Diver
  5. That's really strange, but it's good that Waterfall is there now. And you weren't bothering! Even if something turns out be a false alarm later or just unexplainable, it's better to be reported just in case.
  6. That's strange. I removed Waterfall from my bag to test the event, and saw it back in my bag afterwards, so I was unable to replicate. One possibility I can think of: Waterfall is an HM, and you used the word TM. It's possible you were just using TM as an umbrella term for both TMs and HMs, but is it possible you missed it because you were trying to find it specifically by looking for TMs? Alternatively, if you check again and it's still not there, you can send me your save file and I'll add it to your bag for you. Here's a guide for locating your save file if needed, it was written for Reborn but works with most Pokemon fangames including Spork: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ There have been reuploads since that time, but this is the first report I've seen of Waterfall missing from the bag. I'd still recommend updating to the most recent reupload though since every reupload comes with updates and bug fixes.
  7. I'm not actually sure a lot of how the breeding mechanic in Pokemon works, because I've never used it myself. I know that there are some aspects of a Pokemon that can get passed down from the mother and some from the father, but I don't know which specific ones, or if changing it to allow Pokemon to have eggs with another Pokemon of the same gender changed anything in determining what gets passed down when two Pokemon of the same gender have an egg, etc. In terms of scripting, the only thing I needed to do to make it possible for Pokemon of the same gender to breed is remove the lines that prevented them from doing so, and I didn't really look at or change anything else.
  8. Downloaded, thanks for the link! And the link will always work as long as the file remains on the site.
  9. If you post them here, I'll add them to the next reupload! About the Galarian Slowpoke and legendary bird cries not being in, I didn't know whether regional variants have the same or different cries from the originals.
  10. In Spork, the Hatenna and Impidimp lines can be either male or female. This is noted in the evomethodsandotherchanges notepad file. The reason for this is that Rania's Galar Arena team has an Impidimp nicknamed Marnie. I later realized that while the character the Impidimp is named after is female, Impidimp can only be male, so I decided to change its gender ratio to 50/50. Since Impidimp and Hatenna are counterparts, I thought I should change the Hatenna line's gender ratio to 50/50 too for consistency.
  11. Reuploaded Spork UPDATES -new planet added: Planet Spork -for the Olidroll Police Station quests, replaced Martial Arts Melee with a new quest called Weakness Police -Gigantamegas for Kanto starters, Galar starters, and Gengar now available (Urshifu still pending) -the Zygarde at Shiny Scouting is now in 10% form instead of 50% -updated BDSP learnsets -item in Cave of Gratitude changed from Weakness Policy to Terrain Extender, Room Service, and Twisted Rock -changed Planet Amity's music to GlitchxCity's recent Deltarune Sound Studio remix, which is also the music for Planet Spork BUG FIXES -can no longer surf in the overworld if you have a Pokemon that learns Surf by level up before obtaining the HM for it* -Blackwater Cave now has autoheal for players who chose the Leafeon sign -the evomethodsandotherchanges notepad file now mentions that it doesn't need to be raining for Sliggoo to evolve into Goodra *I set the required badges to surf in the overworld to 8, meaning it's still possible between getting the 8th badge and obtaining the Surf HM. I wasn't sure how to prevent that, but it's a small timeframe that I'm way less concerned about than being able to surf from the start of the game For the new police station sidequest, I had a sudden idea for a sidequest a few days ago when thinking of a pun on the item Weakness Policy (Weakness Police). It replaces the sidequest where you would battle a trainer who was preparing to take on Olidroll's gyms, since that quest wasn't very police-related. Unfortunately, if you've already completed the police station quests, it's not possible to go back and do the Weakness Police quest since I wasn't sure how to make it retroactive with the quests structure. I can edit save files to set the necessary switches on or off and have it doable that way though. Planet Spork has: a room where you can battle all the characters from the official Pokemon games as mentioned in previous posts, trivia related to the development process of the other planets in Spork (Disco, Coral, Amity, and Puzzle), a campfire scene, and more silliness from Isabelle's abilities. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope it's a lot of fun to explore for everyone else too! Planet Spork is available after having visited Planet Amity.
  12. Changed it to 10% just now for the next reupload! I often forget that Zygarde's forms are scripted as three separate species in Spork.
  13. If I'm remembering correctly, I noticed at one point when playtesting a few years ago that the shiny mega sprites weren't actually displaying. When mega evolving a shiny Pokemon, it would have the regular mega sprite instead of the shiny one. IIRC, the mega sprites were also the ones from Reborn, while Spork mostly uses canon shinies aside from the custom ones that have been made so far, so they didn't match. I haven't been able to find Gen 6 shiny mega sprites with the canon colors, since I believe while Reborn put out a Gen 7 sprite pack with the canon shinies, they didn't do so for Gen 6, having just created the Reborn ones. It was for one of these two reasons or both that I removed them. In hindsight with the knowledge I have now, the reason they weren't displaying was probably just because I named them incorrectly. I might have put the form number, the s for shiny, and/or the underscore in the wrong order. I'm speaking in uncertain terms like "if I remember correctly" and "one of these two reasons or both" because I'm not 100% confident in my memory here.
  14. I'm glad you like the game! The most recent version is 8. I'm guessing you downloaded from pokemonromhack or another site that hosted their own download links to the game without my knowledge or permission. The only official download links and the only ones that can be trusted to be up to date are the ones in the thread on this forum. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/21393-pokemon-spork-episode-8-smoothie-delicias-delicious-dreamland/ I recommend saving in a Pokemon Center before updating, because a lot of maps have been revamped since then and it's possible you could load up in a completely different map or be stuck somewhere you can't move. Pokemon Centers and Pokemarts are safe to load up in because they've remained the same. If you're not far, I'd actually recommend starting over because of how many updates the game has had since then. About the sleeping bug, I remember it from back then and it was fixed in an earlier ep.
  15. That would be Aliora Meadow. This happened to a couple people a few months ago as well, and I've been unable to replicate it or find any commonalities between the save files that could be causing it. However, if you send me your save file I should be able to load it up and save in another map for you. Here's a guide on how to send save files if needed: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ This guide was written for Reborn but works with all Essentials fangames.
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