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  1. I remembered your previous post in the thread mentioning this, but I don't think it's that because I change the number in the cry files to match their Pokedex numbers in Spork.
  2. Reuploaded Spork Updates: -custom shiny Durant made by Steffi -Cosplay Pikachu forms are now available for the player by speaking to a Pikachu in the Contest Hall (specifically in the area where the contests are going on) -EXP All now looks like how it did in Gen 1 (item icon made by Steffi) -when fishing, if you hook a Pokemon, it'll be landed automatically. This means that you don't have to worry about getting the exact button timing with the "Oh! A bite!" sequence -The X items ingredient mixing NPC at the Vitamin Factory can now make X Evasion 2, X Evasion 3, and X Evasion 6 variations from Mini Pies Bug Fixes: -Cufant now has the correct battle cry The colors of shiny Durant are based on Flick from Animal Crossing! Flick is a bug enthusiast who hosts Bug-Off events and buys insects for higher prices than can normally be sold for. He also can make figures of insects. I think Flick would really like the shiny Durant! This is a shorter reupload. For the last part of the year, I'll probably be very busy between Sonic Frontiers, Pokemon Violet, and testing for ep 6 of Desolation, so I wanted to do a reupload around this time in case I wouldn't be able to later in November or December. However, before I end the post, I'd also like to show you a preview of the revamped Raila Jungle that Enigma recently completed: I was very amazed at how much Raila Jungle had been expanded! The revamped jungle has several different areas that include a bridge over a waterfall shown in the image above, an arena for Stryker, Xurkitree getting its own area for its event, and a puzzle that involves finding Pikachu and feeding them pancakes to evolve them into Alolan Raichu. To avoid any confusion: no new map revamps have been added for this reupload, this is a preview of the future. All of the additions, changes, and bug fixes for reuploads are noted in the notes at the beginning of reupload announcement posts. I hope you all have a good rest of 2022!
  3. I ran into some strange issues when trying to adjust the cries. First I went into Rejuvenation's folder to copy/paste Cufant's cry from there, but it was still Morpeko Hangry Mode. Then I decided to copy/paste Copperajah's cry with Spork over Cufant's since Copperajah had Cufant's cry, which did work. However, copy/pasting Copperajah's cry from Rejuvenation into Spork didn't work. It still had Cufant's cry, and at one point (I forget if it was from this or something else) Cufant's cry changed back to Morpeko Hangry Mode, so I had to revert whatever change caused that. I've never encountered these issues when working with Pokemon cries before, and I'm not sure what happened. But the only successful change was Cufant's cry.
  4. I didn't know that each Oricorio form had their own cry. Did Hatterene use psychic power to mix around other Pokemons' cries?
  5. Pokemon Rainbow Rap - "Concordance" It's time for Colorful choruses and Rainbow raps My Airship has landed, I already hear claps Got some new drip from Manifold Masquerades Switching my style on the fly like Masquerains My team inspires confidence, yours is a spectrum of incompetence A single Clown could take out your whole conference My bars are as fire as Carmen getting heated And they'll burn you down before your story Arc is completed But don't discount the ice on me either, it's real The flash of teal makes them all Neel, and their heads spin like a color wheel Vera's family couldn't buy the gems on my wrist Nor could you dent them with a Brute swinging a fist My influence extends to every Cardinal direction Like a Vessel taking over cities with infection But what I want to spread is joy, like I'm the Head Nurse I want to grow and heal, this is a med verse Let Dyna be themself to the max I'll buy hormones for Violet even if they come with a tax And if anybody doesn't like that then I'll come with attacks Making it this far was not a triviality I used to be a Dreamer, now that's becoming a reality It means a lot, I can't stress enough the importance Of seeing you all smiling at this Concordance
  6. Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix those cries for the next reupload! I wonder how fixing Hatterene's cry caused all that when Hatterene was the only cry I changed.
  7. Reuploaded DDDL and Spork DDDL: -There are now nature changer and Ability Capsule NPCs (Ability Capsules are given by the NPC that gives healing items) -Olidroll Sweets Shop now has Whipped Dream; the item they're out of has been changed to Cotton Candy Spork Updates: -added the following items: EXP Candies, Reborn ice cream flavors, Cotton Candy from Reborn, and a new item called Mini Pie EXP Candies are given as rewards for the Temple of Time battle replays Reborn ice cream flavor vendor locations: an NPC in Ashley's Dance Studio who looks like a Pokemart clerk, a Vanillite near the vending machines in the Olidroll Department Store, and ICSW's Vanilluxe in Crystal Castle Cotton Candy is sold in the Olidroll Sweets Shop Mini Pie is sold on the battle items floor of the Olidroll Department Store. On the same floor, you can get a free sample from Carol -Lemon's Pikachu is now Pikachu Belle -Peach's Solgaleo changed to Victini (nickname Frye) -Galarian Legendary Birds now have their own party screen icons (previously were using Galarian Slowpoke as a placeholder) Spork Bug Fixes: -Orbeetle now learns Psychic at level 36 and After You at level 40 instead of level 36 (previously, Psychic was missing from Orbeetle's level up learnset, and After You was learned at the level Psychic was supposed to be learned) -Volcarona now has the canon shiny sprite instead of the Reborn one -Hatterene now has the correct battle cry I realized that there's not a version of the X items for evasion, and Mini Pie is like if there were an X Evasion. The free sample from Carol can be obtained at any point in the game after the Department Store is open. Carol's dialogue will have a few different lines depending on whether you've already met her in the main story, and if the first time you meet Carol is getting the free Mini Pie sample, she'll acknowledge that when you first meet her in the main story at Ocean Coast. The Reborn ice cream flavors were added because of an expansion to the Sea Star Society Food Section that Enigma made for the map revamps. There will be a few more vendors in the revamped version of the map: one that sells the Reborn ice cream flavors, one that sells Rare Candies, and one that sells the vending machine drinks. I also decided to add Cotton Candy to the game while I was at it because I think it fits Spork's atmosphere, and could be sold along with the EXP Candies by the Rare Candy vendor. (to be clear: I didn't add any map revamps in this reupload, this is for the future when the Sea Star Society maps are ready to be added) EXP Candies were actually planned to be added as rewards for the Temple of Time battle replays in the same reupload that was done, but I was unsuccessful in scripting them at the time. However, I was successful for this reupload! Since Splatoon 3 was released recently, I started looking at Peach's team to see if any new characters would fit as nicknames for his team. This is also what led to replacing Solgaleo on his team with Victini. The reasons he had Solgaleo were that Peach has a lot of energy like the sun, and Natalie has Lunala so it would be an opportunity for both to be on characters' teams. But when thinking about Victini, both are small and full of energy, and the energy connection with Victini is more direct than with Solgaleo on top of Victini and Peach both being small. A lot of food items were added this reupload!
  8. Reuploaded: -There are now nature changer and Ability Capsule NPCs (Ability Capsules are given by the NPC that gives healing items) -Peach's Solgaleo changed to Victini (nickname Frye) -Lemon's Pikachu is now Pikachu Belle -Hatterene now has the correct battle cry
  9. Hi, I'm happy you love Spork! In addition to Spork, there are two sidegames, Delicia's Delicious Dreamland (which takes place before Spork) and Delicia's Return to Dreamland (which takes place after Spork). Delicia's Delicious Dreamland can also be found in the Spork thread, and Delicia's Return to Dreamland has its own thread here. (minor note: Spork is a fangame rather than a ROM hack) Also, since the thread you replied to where someone asked for help with the Dragon gym's riddles was a different subject, I split the posts you made there into their own thread here.
  10. Thanks for the update and the report about Hatterene's cry. I wasn't aware that Hatterene had the incorrect battle cry, this has now been fixed for the next reupload!
  11. All of that would be appreciated a lot! And it's okay to post here if it's been a while, I was happy to know that battle cries and PLA overworld sprites could be accounted for in the future!
  12. Machamp's mega stone can be purchased from the mega stone vendor at the Shopping Section of the Sea Star Society, which is in between the 11th and 12th gyms. And the Mega Ring is obtained between the 15th and 16th gyms, so if you get Machamp's mega stone when you visit the Sea Star Society, you'll be able to use it as soon as you get the Mega Ring later on.
  13. The reasons that the text about Mimikyu not having Disguise was removed were because I thought it could possibly be distracting/immersion-breaking during the intro scene and that there are more Pokemon besides Mimikyu whose abilities I wasn't able to program. I specifically mentioned Mimikyu because I thought Disguise would be the most noticeable missing ability, and may influence someone's starter choice if they haven't already read the gen7and8movesandabilities notepad file. But I did also wonder if singling out Mimikyu would be odd (and after Gen 8, Eiscue not having Ice Face is equally noticeable). I do plan to attempt to add most of the missing moves, abilities, and items again that I wasn't able to before, since my scripting has leveled up the past year. I've added a few across reuploads, but at some point there will likely be a reupload fully dedicated to adding the remaining ones. Apologies for the misunderstanding about Mimikyu, I hope you can still enjoy using it despite that!
  14. A space/sky themed run with Cosmog as a starter sounds cool! That's really strange that Reborn's shiny Volcarona is there, especially since Larvesta is the canon shiny. I'll replace it with canon shiny Volcarona in the next reupload, but for now, here are the canon shiny sprites: You would just need to download them into Spork -> Graphics -> Battlers and replace the existing shiny Volcarona sprites.
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