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  1. Reuploaded again for recently discovered errors DDDL: -added the custom border and UI that Enigma made Spork Updates: -added the custom border and UI that Enigma made -for the Buzzwole event at the Tower of Heracross, Arnalda now acknowledges/has updated dialogue if the player is Champion (previously the dialogue always acted as if the player was meeting Arnalda for the first time) -for a line of dialogue when speaking to Alumia for the Iron Plate/simulations quest, "I know you've battled ICSW and Meda", this line is now different depending on whethe
  2. Reuploaded: -added the custom border and UI that Enigma made -changed a music file name from "Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap Intense Symphonic Metal Cover" to "Undertale Bird Metal" since the original length of the filename could cause an error when extracting the game through some methods
  3. Reuploaded Spork again for recently discovered bugs: -corrected numbering of Missingno's Flying and Poison battle sprites, they were switched around -can no longer walk on the counters at the Underwater Hotel marketplace -fixed passability errors where you could walk into a tile of several of the trees (as well as a lamp) in Liliech City, Wendy's arena at Silk Studio, Technicolor Forest, Tower of Heracross, Lovely Lake, and Secret Playground -fixed directional passability of the ladder leading to Mable's treehouse and a few of the objects at the Secret Playground whe
  4. Reuploaded Spork again: -added revamped Norall City houses -fixed freeze when approaching the sliding ice at the snowy section of Weather Wonderland -can no longer walk through the Cyberspace panorama graphic -the underwater panorama is no longer visible behind the player in the guest rooms at the Underwater Hotel -Skating Rink candy cane pillar priority fix -can no longer walk through the sides of the elevator at Silk Studio and two of the wall tiles at Wendy's arena Sorry about those errors, a couple of them didn't occur in testing and a few o
  5. It's been a while since there's been any news, but that doesn't mean the past couple months were uneventful. This is a major reupload that comes with several new revamped maps by Enigma, the completed shiny goth line by Palletite mentioned in a previous post, important bug fixes, and a lot more! I'm really excited to be able to release this today! Reuploaded DDDL and Spork DDDL: Revamped maps added: Underwater Hotel, Technicolor Forest, Dark Dungeon, Tullborn City SPORK UPDATES: -Enigma revamped (and some completely new) maps added: Classic Park Se
  6. Reuploaded: -revamped maps added: Dark Dungeon, Inoset Island -Steffi made new party screen icon for cotton candy mega Ampharos -Aurora's Abomasnow is now set to have Snow Warning -Belch now has the correct move effect -Throat Chop's in-battle messages now line up with when the move was used, and the Pokemon's name now displays instead of {1}
  7. New Years is Dia's birthday! The MV for new solo from Dia's birthday album, Perfect SEKAI, also just released a few minutes ago!
  8. I'm happy you're having fun with Spork! Here's your save file, I wasn't stuck when loading up and I saved in front of Dylan. If you speak to him in front of him or to the left of him you'll be able to start the battle. This is a known issue that's been fixed in the next reupload with Ashley and Dylan where they're set to move right to get to their positions in the arena, so if the player is to the right of them, they're in their walking path. Game.rxdata
  9. These are already on the known bugs list on the first post of the thread. For information on the second one: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/40538-spork-delicias-delicious-dreamland-bug-reporting-thread/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-921470
  10. The full version of Kanata's anime insert song Butterfly was also released today!
  11. Thanks for your report and for details on how to fix it, this is very helpful! For {1} and {2} I've seen those in a lot of the script sections relating to moves and abilities; I think they're placeholders for the Pokemon with the move/ability and the Pokemon being effected by it respectively, similar to how there's a \PN script used to refer to the player by name. I'm not 100% sure on this since I don't have much scripting experience myself (I got the Throat Chop scripts from someone else) but that's what I thought from the way I've seen those numbers used.
  12. Here's your save file! I was able to move when I loaded it up, so all I needed to do was stand in front of Dylan and save the game. Now you should be able to continue! Game.rxdata
  13. I'm really glad you're enjoying Spork! I think you're frozen in a cutscene. In the most recent reupload I added scenes to a few of the gyms (Ashley, Aretha, Dylan) that show the player and/or Gym Leader moving to their positions in the arena before battle. Since Dylan is set to move right to get to his position and the player is in his path, the game is frozen because Dylan isn't able to move past the player. When I have events where a character moves somewhere, I have this tendency to base the movement pattern on where I'm activating the event from, and forget to take into accoun
  14. Rina-chan board "All smiles"! Rina's birthday this year is also during the same week as her insert song in the anime, Tsunagaru Connect!
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