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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and hope you enjoy the postgame too! Cool reptile team!
  2. The area that Zoroark was blocking before is your next destination. Based on mentioning of barriers and black background, which don't exist on the map, it seems like the area isn't properly loaded for you on Android.
  3. The flower pots are an optional sidequest in Celium Park. There are three things you need to do for everyone to be ready to go to Celium Park: Defeat the simulations at the Help Section (and talk to Emily after) Get chocolate eclairs for Delicia (talk to Delicia at the Food Section, then talk to the guard in front of the Undersea Volcano in the Help Section, then return to Delicia in the Food Section) Complete the tournament in the Battle Section
  4. You'll still have your save file after updating, since it's stored in a different location in your computer. Also, I moved this from Troubleshooting + Bug Reporting to Topics since it's not about an error or being stuck.
  5. After all the map revamps have been completed, I plan to add a notepad file for a walkthrough of the main story. Currently, I don't believe anyone's made a written walkthrough or guide for it. The closest for now would be watching Youtube playthroughs (many would probably be outdated due to map revamps and other updates, but you're getting close to where the map revamps end in the public release for now), or you could continue to ask here on the forum when you're not sure what to do.
  6. If you get one of the answers incorrect, Couragi will appear and you'll be able to ask Couragi for a hint. Answers below, in spoilers so you can choose whether you want to continue solving them with or without the hints or if you prefer just having the answers:
  7. Yohane's birthday solo MV!
  8. I looked at the event page and everything seemed correct, then I tested by giving myself one of every plate and Arceus joined me, so it should be working. I guess I'd recommend double-checking your inventory to make sure you have them all. I feel like Pixie Plates might be less remembered than the others since they were introduced later.
  9. I've merged this topic with your topic from yesterday about Norall's gym. Please keep in mind what Enigma requested. "If you have any questions going forward, please post them all within the same thread, so there aren’t multiple open threads at once." You're in front of the gym arena now. About not seeing the colors: is it that the tiles don't look like rainbow tiles to you, or you're just not sure which is which, or do you have color blindness? If you have a form of color blindness that makes the rainbow tiles difficult to see, I can try to give Couragi an additional explanati
  10. Crolea also mentioned that the rocks from the avalanche near the mountain should be cleared by now. If you went here just above the gym before talking to everyone at the Pokemon Research Institute, the path would've been blocked by rocks. Now you'll be able to go to Norall Mountain.
  11. Reuploaded fixing a glitch where using a sound-based move on a Pokemon with Punk Rock caused an error message
  12. Reuploaded fixing a glitch where using a sound-based move on a Pokemon with Punk Rock caused an error message
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