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  1. You downloaded Delicia's Delicious Dreamland, which is a smaller game that takes place before Spork. The Spork download links are under the "Episode 8 Download Links" part of the Spork thread, just above the download links for Delicia's Delicious Dreamland. (also Wailmer Watcher is my member title, my username is Ice Cream Sand Witch. usernames are listed just above member titles)
  2. @bruhtonium I've moved your thread from Developing Games to the Spork club If you mean during the hide and seek, there's a notepad file in the gamefolder, "halloweenhideandseek", which lists all their locations.
  3. Have a shiny birthday!
  4. This is the Spork bug reporting thread, I think you meant to post in the Rejuvenation one
  5. For a list of maps it could be difficult to know how to present it, since some areas have more than one map file, and could also take a while to put together as there are currently 380 (going from the highest number in the Data folder). The closest to a list might be the wiki, which has a locations template that can be viewed on the main page. If this is helpful, whenever a new episode of a fangame I play comes out, what I do is download the new episode, extract (as a separate folder from the older ep) and play from the new episode folder. The older episode folders I remove from my PC. I'm not sure if that's already how you updated, but when you said patched I imagined transferring files from the new to the old or vice versa
  6. It could be possible the files from the old folder and new folder combined if the old folder was kept after downloading the new one, or if files were skipped. I meant to bring this up as another possibility last night but didn't know how to word it
  7. It seems like Petilil Prairie is somehow missing from your game. I've attached the Petilil Prairie maps in this post, they go in the Data folder. I'm not sure how the map could have went missing as this has never been reported before. I've also been to the Giggly Grasslands and Petilil Prairie a few times today and yesterday and everything was okay. Is it possible you could have somehow deleted the map accidentally? Map358.rxdata Map359.rxdata Map360.rxdata
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y9rE0XkxhQ (the link could not be embedded to show as video because an error occurred on Youtube) Saint Snow will release an animated single on August 19, and will also have 3 new songs! There will be a live stream on June 10 8 PM JST (7 AM EST). https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20200610T20&p0=248&msg=Saint+Snow&font=cursive https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200620T110000&p1=248
  9. Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire and Google Drive both up to date) DDDL: -updated Vanillite's learnset to Gen 8 -added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers -Work Up, Brutal Swing TMs now have the correct TM item icons -Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen -Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle Spork Updates: -custom shiny pineapple Gible line -Palletite and Steffi made revamped sprites for Holiday Pokemon -Battle Tower Danganronpa trainers replaced with original characters made by Palletite -added an Eeveelution zodiac in False Fortunes (with notepad file guide) -home region and parents options now at Tourist Info Center (extra Ashley and Kayla dialogue at Cianosa Cafe if from Ecruteak, extra Chelsea dialogue at Bolaii Beach if from Malie, Underwater Hotel postgame tour if from Undella, extra Seamus dialogue when meeting at Ranger Base if parents were rangers, extra Crolea Pokemon Research Institute dialogue if parents were scientists; for players who are already past the Tourist Info Center, they'll have the original events from Jim and Crolea so they can still select home region and parents' occupations) -Game Corner updates: Electabuzz workers hired after reaching Gellene Town, storage room objects organized after Champion -Vince&Sylveon made new Victory Road maps -added male and female options when choosing Frillish or Espurr as starter -for the Wonky Woods ranger quest, the shiny Unown now joins the player after the Unown Horde battle instead of it being a wild encounter -vitamins can now max out the EVs of a stat -gave Gastly line Cursed Body as a second ability -Steffi made Anthony overworld sprite -Steffi made player character running and fishing sprites + idol costume fishing sprites -added Data Vault file in misc trivia section about Jim tour guide basis -Shiny Club trainer now has Spork custom shinies -Steffi updated Cyclist overworld sprite -added move Spectral Thief -Steffi gave the Fletchling line their canon shiny colors -Guardian's nickname theme changed to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp essences -all Kirlia can evolve into Gallade and all Snorunt can evolve into Froslass -Healing Wish -> Memento for Audino trainers -Nosy News program added (Nosepass statues in each Pokemon Center); like the Gossip Gardevoir program in Reborn that updates with latest news after each gym -female swimmer land overworld hair now matches trainer sprite and swimming overworld hair -added text to the bookcases in Pokemon Centers -Pokemon Brawlers now has a Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar together for trainer sprite Spork bug fixes: -Work Up, Leech Life, Brutal Swing, Smart Strike, Aurora Veil now have the correct TM item icons -can no longer walk through outside of Olidroll Sweets Shop building -can no longer walk through cliff tile to right of rangers at Aliora Meadow -Steffi adjusted trainer altitude for Chelsea, Hex Maniac, and several Pokemon that act as trainer battles -fixed placement of cursor and player icons when viewing the region map -Big Malasada, Gummy Teddiursa, Soup or Potion, and Pewter Crunchies now work in battle instead of sending the player back to the bag select screen -Super and Hyper Potions now heal the correct amount of HP both in and out of battle -sliding ice at Weather Wonderland snowy section now slides (thought was fixed last time but I was in the incorrect menu in tileset editor) -Team Portal HQ couch priority fix -Itemfinder now works/hidden items are properly named -fixed typo in hideandseeklocations notepad file where for Tinder Village said southeast log instead of southwest -Ceopix now has Sylveon's TM and tutor moves -fixed Battle VR Scientist battler sprite being inconsistent with trainer sprite -adjusted backsprite battler altitude for Battle VR Frank, Sierran, Spade -in the Battle VR, Kayla's Sacred Sword is now Normal instead of Fighting as was intended -Christmas Slowking disappearing issue fixed -Bruxish is now available as a starter -can no longer walk through the instructions board in Ashley's gym -fixed a walkable through tile in the pool in Virima Hotel -King's Shield error fixed -Pokemon switched in after Emergency Exit no longer use Golisopod's previous move -Fell Stinger now raises user's Attack after KOing opponent -Pokemon using Healing Wish no longer stay on the field after being KO'd -adjusted battler altitude for Larvesta, Kyurem, Oranguru, Passimian, Stoutland, Fraxure, Whiscash, Naganadel, Garbodor, Crabrawler, Gigalith, Kayla, Cosmic Meowstic, Gogoat, Golisopod, Lycanroc, Toxapex, Sawsbuck, Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, Terrakion, Victini, Pidove, Heliolisk, Cinccino, Gothitelle, Bewear, Whimsicott, Darmanitan, Fennekin, Braixen, Clauncher -Steffi fixed looping/30 seconds of silence in Ceolis battle theme -splash.png titles were fixed for the Joiplay/mobile app that can run RPG Maker games There was a lot for this reupload, some of which has been planned for a while and some of which came up while in the process of making the reupload. Since I showed the shiny Gible line earlier, here's the mega! based on: For the Battle Tower trainers, there are now 12 battles (13 counting Brutus); 3 sets of 4 trainers. The Danganronpa trainers were replaced and the Sonic-based Pokemon teams now just appear in the Tapu Bulu quest. Here are some of the new trainers in the Battle Tower! For a bit of trivia about some of the above trainers not mentioned in the Battle Tower: Ty and Barry are a duo called the Snack Pack. Ty is the upbeat one while Barry is nervous and exhausted in high-energy environments, but they make a great team despite being opposites. Kaitlyn is a call back to Sierran's original sprite which had light blue hair. Eva has vitiligo, and her guitar has a Noivern design. A lot of bugs that have been around for a while, some since the beginning, have been fixed. Groniack was very helpful with providing scripts for battle-related errors, having messaged me after seeing the King's Shield issue mentioned in the bug reporting thread. Some trainer battles against Pokemon have always had the Pokemon's trainer sprite floating high over the background, and I never knew how to fix that because while there's altitude for Pokemon in the PBS, there isn't for trainers, but Steffi was able to edit them. I'm really excited about this reupload because of how much has been updated and added!
  10. Reuploaded (mediafire and Google Drive both up to date): -updated Vanilluxe's learnset to Gen 8 -added Weather Ball TM -Steffi added party screen icon for cotton candy Ampharos -Steffi made Anthony overworld sprite -during the Boba Tree conversation and Delicia family conversation before Team Portal HQ, characters now change directions depending on who's speaking -Steffi added Murkrow that carries you over a disproportionately small gap and Parasol sparkle cutscenes -Guardian's nickname theme changed to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp essences -adjusted battler altitude for Stoutland, Whiscash, Naganadel, Gigalith, Kayla, Gogoat, Golisopod, Lycanroc, Toxapex, Sawsbuck, Emboar, Serperior, Heliolisk, Gothitelle, Bewear, Whimsicott, Darmanitan -Steffi adjusted trainer altitude for Chelsea -Work Up, Brutal Swing TMs now have the correct TM item icons -King's Shield error fixed -Pokemon switched in after Emergency Exit no longer use Golisopod's previous move -can no longer walk through snowy trees in Delicia's Return to Dreamland map -can no longer walk through the walls of some rooms in the True Arena
  11. I think I remember hearing of a similar EXP bug with Ralts, though I don't remember if it was Spork-specific or happens with the Essentials engine. The next reupload is going to be within the next couple hours but I could do more research in the future for what causes it and how to fix. In the meantime if you go into your party, select Lanturn and then Debug, it should bring up a menu where you can change its level so you can get it to where it would've been normally.
  12. When you mentioned fog I personally thought of the fog machines that they have at places like concerts and similar events sometimes, that might work in an arcade too. Since the next reupload is close I've just changed it to a normal screen for now but I think it's worth experimenting with in the future! For the next reupload, although the content is almost done, I'm not able to determine a specific time frame for when it'll release. One reason is that amount of time able to spend working on the game can vary, or something can take more or less time than anticipated. For update checking, there's usually an announcement + reupload every month or every other month, though sometimes can be shorter or longer. I think the most convenient way to know when updates happen is probably following the Spork thread, that way you'll get a notification whenever there's a post!
  13. EDIT: @SjaakBakkerYT King's Shield has been fixed for the next reupload thanks to a script provided by Groniack!
  14. Items will reappear on each visit. In the Mystery Dungeon games item locations are randomized and reappear whenever you enter The Game Corner map has a different screen color tone, I think it was meant to simulate an arcade feel with the bright lights and energy and I think it was a cool way to do that (it's an Enigma revamp map). I haven't seen anyone mention it, but I can see how it might be too bright if someone is sensitive to light or has a similar condition, and I'm willing to change it if it could effect people. In a video playthrough someone mentioned epilepsy concerns about the thunderstorm overworld weather effect suggesting that viewers with epilepsy skip that part of the video, so I removed the thunderstorms. I also replaced the sunny overworld weather effect with a sun fog effect since I thought the bright flashing might cause similar issues. That's ok @ English, I only speak English and still don't always know how to word things. It took around an hour and a half to make the post earlier
  15. The first one here is intentional. Bunnelby Burrows is set as a mystery dungeon map, meaning that the player's position and the layout of the map itself is randomized each time the player enters. In the past, there were issues with players getting stuck in the walls there and they would need to send me their save file to get unstuck. The wall tile was made passable so that people wouldn't get stuck when they entered. The second one is unintended though, thank you for bringing it up. For other post: I misread the comment about the sun. When I first read it I thought you were saying that a sprite was hard to see because the sun was next to it and both were bright, like for example if you're trying to read something outside on your phone but the sun is shining and it's making it hard to see anything on the phone's screen. For contrasting sprite colors and maps, that's something I never noticed or saw mentioned before and I'm unsure if you're meaning from a graphical perspective that it feels out of place or that it's uncomfortable for your eyesight (since you mentioned you could have been sensitive that day, that the bright colors were a bit harsh, and finding it hard to see at night)? @ finding where to go after the hotel, Emily says for the player to meet her at the Tourist Info Center after the scene in the hotel room. I can definitely understand how the beginning of the game feels like that. The player and Emily are just going on a summer vacation and there's not much more than that going on in the beginning. It's around the time where you played up to (with Team Portal in the Game Corner) that there start to be more story events and more characters introduced. Early on when everything was still being planned out, there were a few early story scenes that didn't end up making it into the game or were shortened since I was cautious of setting up too much too soon and felt better about the beginning being more of an introduction, although if people think it feels like there's next to no story at all in the beginning, that isn't ideal either. @ feedback, apologize if hurt/too harsh: Everyone has different reasons for playing games, different kinds of games that they like, etc. so it's okay to not enjoy a game, to think that some parts could use improvement, etc. I take feedback and suggestions included in posts seriously. It's important to remember to be constructive and respectful when giving feedback since there are people behind the products and screens, so I also appreciate that you mentioned not trying to be harsh and about not giving up on hopes and dreams!
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