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  1. The Shiny Charm is given for defeating the trainer in the Shiny Club in Tullborn City (middle clubhouse in lowest row) Speaking of which this made me remember I made a mental note at one point to change that trainer's team to have some of Spork's custom shinies, will do that now for next reupload!
  2. I'm not sure I remember anything about shiny rate mentioned on the wiki, although I got this info from Dreamblitz: (but also is it possible you thought this topic was about Reborn since looking at your post history all your other posts are in Reborn-related sections?)
  3. I'm not sure of the exact percentage the Shiny Charm raises (Bulbapedia lists fractions but I'm not sure what those fraction numbers would be in percentages), but the increase from the Shiny Charm would be on top of the game's increased shiny rate as well.
  4. After speaking to Raymond, Crolea will be in the park in the Recreation District.
  5. Just finished the most recent chapter! It was neat seeing the battle backgrounds and the HP bar in battles! I think I might have missed one or two events at the beginning since I'm still using an old file from the first release (and didn't have the badge mentioned), but I do want to go back and start a new file sometime. Here are some things I found: These two trainers have the same dialogue after battling: Can walk through this sign: /PN: Trainer altitude; this one is also in Spork with some of the Holiday Pokemon and other trainer battles where it's against Pokemon, though I don't know where to go to fix it: Development of new areas vs preservation of existing ones was a fitting concept for Forest Guardian's focus of interacting with and exploring nature! Cyberse Sylveon is back from cleaning the meadow!
  6. Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire) DDDL: -battles with ICSW, Natalie, and Crolea now continue whether Delicia wins or loses -removed French language option since Cybershell's French translation project was discontinued -removed leftover Essentials Route 2 map text -? and ! animations now appear over NPCs again Spork Updates: -the game now continues after several major battles whether the player wins or loses -added Vince&Sylveon monument to House of Gratitude -added Vince&Sylveon's Virima Hotel battle background -Quinn's trainer class changed from Portal Navigator to Portal Diver -Cycling Virima Trail and Furret Walk Virima Trail now have different Pokemon that appear -new Furret Walk Virima Trail music: https://soundcloud.com/pigeonthepigeon/accumula-town-gentle?in=pigeonthepigeon/sets/w-a-l-c-c-arrangements-for-furret-videos -Steffi adjusted hair color on Kalos Lass overworld sprite -removed French language option since Cybershell's French translation project was discontinued -added all SwSh TMs and TRs as TMs and tutor moves; Pokemon TM and tutor learnsets updated -Wendy's TM changed from Leech Life to Pollen Puff -the Pledge moves now have 80 power as they do after Gen 5 -Pledge tutor moved to Trainer School; Terrain tutor takes his place in Battle Mall -added moves Breaking Swipe, Branch Poke, Steel Beam, Body Press -moved Battle Frontier move tutors to Bolaii Beach -tmlocationlist notepad file renamed tmandtutorlocationlist and includes move tutor locations -gen7movesandabilities notepad file renamed gen7and8movesandabilities and includes Gen 8 moves in the game (no abilities added yet) Spork bug fixes: -can no longer walk through cliff vines (and possibly skip the battle with Orange in the process) at Aliora Meadow -Jim now always faces the player's direction when noticing the player at Premoggin Canyon -sliding ice at Weather Wonderland snowy section now slides -adjusted battler altitude for Volcarona, Meowstic, Lanturn, Bunnelby -removed leftover Essentials Route 2 map text -set unset trainer battle with Scientist in VR Lab -? and ! animations now appear over NPCs again -Ocean Coast mailbox priority fix -Steffi fixed size of Giratina battle sprites -changed Stomping Tantrum (Frontier now Bolaii Beach move tutor move) to High Horsepower as Stomping Tantrum is not in the game updated TM & tutor learnsets currently does not include the list of Pokemon Home untransferrable Pokemon that was recently revealed. Since 200 of those Pokemon will end up being transferrable in the DLCs coming this summer, I'll wait until then in case any of them get any changed/updated learnsets from the list (+plus current exhaustion just from doing the ones that are in SwSh). However, I did give Amaura and Aurorus Aurora Veil and Power Gem, moves they don't get that would make perfect sense for them to have There were a few things I had planned for this reupload that were moved back to future reuploads due to how physically draining updating the TM & tutor learnsets was. On the other side of the coin, having major battles aside from the first one with Emily be win/lose optional was originally a distant future plan that was pushed earlier to this reupload the win/lose optional battles in Spork are: Virima Hotel Emily, Virima Trail Emily, Western Waterway Crolea, Gellene Town Emily, Olidroll City Crolea, Olidroll Sweets Shop Delicia, Weather Wonderland Emily, Premoggin Canyon Jim, Lovely Lake Emily, Silk Studio Pandora, Sea Star Shrine Ivan, Astral Observatory Quinn, Mt. Comet Felicia, Alumia's Appliances Ivan & Brutus, Melodic Mines Barker, Crystal Caverns Crolea, Party City Crolea, Team Portal HQ Pandora, Data Vault Guardian, Dentist's Office dentist during the last police sidequest, and all postgame rematches aside from the Frontier Brains sometimes dialogue is different depending on whether the player wins or loses and sometimes it's the same; usually if the dialogue doesn't mention the player winning then I kept it the same for losing, whereas if it did mention the player winning I changed it. In Emily and Pandora's cases, there are small dialogue differences later on as well depending on whether you win or lose certain battles, but there are no changes to the story itself. an example for if the player wins the battle with Pandora at Silk Studio, but loses at Team Portal HQ: Quinn's trainer class was changed because navigator sounds more like a sailor than a diver I think the stage has been set for Gen 8 whenever the new Pokemon can be added, so next reupload I can spend more time making other updates to the game without needing to account for burnout from Gen 8 preparations!
  7. Reuploaded (mediafire): -battles with Volcarona and Felicia now continue whether the player wins or loses -Quinn's trainer class changed from Portal Navigator to Portal Diver -removed French language option since Cybershell's French translation project was discontinued -adjusted battler altitude for Volcarona, Meowstic, Lanturn -? and ! animations now appear over NPCs again
  8. I've never seen that happen with Stealth Rock before and added it to the list. For the second, this happens with all 2-turn moves where the Pokemon disappears on the first turn. I don't know anything about animation editing so I'm not sure if I can fix it, but thank you for your reports.
  9. My best guess for both of these: for Norall Mountain Base starter display location, it's possible that when importing Enigma's revamped maps and deleting older ones, some of the map IDs changed. I also separated the starter selection into two different maps to reduce lag, so it's possible that Essentials reused a map ID number there. I tested this on an older file and also got Norall Mountain Base, and on a new file where the location was Your Dream. Exclamation marks disappearing: I'm not sure which folder the exclamation mark animation is stored in, but I added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2, and to do that I replaced Spork's Graphics -> Animations folder with Reborn's, and same for Audio -> SE and pkmnAnimations.rxdata. It's possible that Reborn's Animations folder if that's where the exclamation mark graphic is stored didn't have it, although this is the third time I've transferred over Reborn move animations (also did so for E16 and E17) so exclamation marks not appearing would be new. If I can find the animation in the clean copy of Essentials I have I would be able to add it back for the next reupload.
  10. Reuploaded DDDL (mediafire) and Spork (both mediafire and Google Drive links up to date) again after discovering another map transfer issue DDDL: -added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2 -adjusted battler altitude for Sandile Spork: -Vince&Sylveon made new E4 and Champion rooms -added Reborn's move animations from E18 and E18.2 -a few more TM and tutor learnsets for SwSh TRs have been updated (everything up to 20 numerically) -fixed Hall of Fame transferring player to Virima Trail outside boundaries of main map when revisiting after becoming Champion (now goes to player's room in Virima Hotel as intended) -adjusted battler altitude for Sandile -fixed PC countertop priority in Pokemon League entrance It's thanks to Vince&Sylveon that I found the Hall of Fame issue, since I was checking all the map connections in the Pokemon League after adding the maps Vince made. Thanks to Vince&Sylveon for making the E4 + Champion rooms! I was confident I'd checked all the map transfers when importing the revamped maps and mentally double-checked to make sure everything that needed updating would be accounted for, but I forgot about the Hall of Fame completely. Hopefully this should be last quick succession reupload needed to fix a game-breaking issue. I've been meaning to add E18's new move animations since development of episode 8 began, and responded to someone asking at that time that I planned to add them, but I kept forgetting. I decided to add them just after I found and fixed the Hall of Fame issue since the animations resurfaced in my memory a few days ago. EDIT: DDDL Google Drive link now up to date!
  11. Reuploaded (mediafire) adding Reborn's E18 and E18.2 move animations
  12. Early reupload to fix a game-breaking issue (both mediafire and Google Drive links are up to date) where the doors in Mysterious Mansion transfered the player to the houses in Tinder Village for some reason. I'm not sure why that was happening since it wasn't when I imported the revamped map, and I checked Return to Dreamland and all the doors led to the correct places there. Additionally: -Steffi added item graphics for the Frontier Pass and Clipboard -added Rock Polish TM to Sand Castle (was missing) -fixed Pokemon healing music playing right before battle preventing the battle music from playing in the Virima Trail battle with Emily and the second and third battles at the trainer school marble tournament -the learnsets for TMs and tutor moves in Spork that are TMs in SwSh are now up to date, as are a few TMs and tutor moves that are TRs in SwSh: Swords Dance, Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Low Kick, Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Earthquake (currently in the process of working on these) -updated the mountain wall in Tullborn City where the Dark Dungeon exit/entrance is to be like the one in Vince&Sylveon's Forest Guardian (also did so for DDDL; for DDDL currently mediafire link is up to date)
  13. Finished Forest Guardian! I had a nice time walking through the revamped Tinder, and the weather themed E4 battles with half rain and half sun were neat. I also forgot to mention before but I was able to go back and go through the Team Portal HQ. Thank you for making Forest Guardian! Also, Spade's word choice/speaking style in Forest Guardian is exactly how I always imagined they would speak! For this one, I'm not sure if it's because of the tile passability or a general Essentials surf glitch: also wasn't sure if intended but both Frank and Vince's Charizard have the same nickname. I really liked Vince's speech at the end, and there was one part that stood out to me: I've actually considered, in the future, doing something similar with Spork, where winning some important battles is optional. I'd probably have to remember how, but for example with the Quinn battle at Astral Obervatory, he says he'll leave no matter who wins or loses, but the player is required to win to proceed. Right now it's still a consideration for the future, and there's other things that are planned for the closer future first, but it is something I'd like to do if I can. I also sort of got that feeling from Forest Guardian, where while the battles were more intense than Spork, the overall feel of the game is very easygoing, and the focus on nature with places like Tinder Village helped contribute to that feeling.
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