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  1. I'm glad you like the game! The most recent version is 8. I'm guessing you downloaded from pokemonromhack or another site that hosted their own download links to the game without my knowledge or permission. The only official download links and the only ones that can be trusted to be up to date are the ones in the thread on this forum. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/21393-pokemon-spork-episode-8-smoothie-delicias-delicious-dreamland/ I recommend saving in a Pokemon Center before updating, because a lot of maps have been revamped since then and it's possible you could load up in a completely different map or be stuck somewhere you can't move. Pokemon Centers and Pokemarts are safe to load up in because they've remained the same. If you're not far, I'd actually recommend starting over because of how many updates the game has had since then. About the sleeping bug, I remember it from back then and it was fixed in an earlier ep.
  2. That would be Aliora Meadow. This happened to a couple people a few months ago as well, and I've been unable to replicate it or find any commonalities between the save files that could be causing it. However, if you send me your save file I should be able to load it up and save in another map for you. Here's a guide on how to send save files if needed: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ This guide was written for Reborn but works with all Essentials fangames.
  3. For the Ponyta one, you need Zebstrika. Since you got the Poliwag sign being Hitmonlee, I'm guessing you also knew that Zebstrika was what the sign that said Ponyta needed, and your mind just mixed the latter two around at some point?
  4. Reuploded Spork with the following updates and fixes UPDATES -Gen 8 DLC Pokemon added -Smoothie solos added -added item Throat Spray (sold at the Battle Mall) -added move Double Iron Bash -genderless Pokemon can now learn Attract -Oricorio forms are randomly determined on encounter (previously only Baile form could be found naturally in the wild) -Triston's Golisopod changed to Inteleon (nickname still Waiter) -Strawberry's nickname theme changed from emoticons to Sanrio characters -Chelsea's Pyukumuku's nickname changed from Mari to Chika, and Primarina nickname changed from Riko to Mari -Raymond's Aerodactyl and Aurora's Abomasnow now mega evolve in their postgame rematches (Raymond's key stone is called Mega Gavel and Aurora's is called Mega Skates) -Tomas's Toxtricity's held item in the gym battle changed from Wise Glasses to Throat Spray -Clifford's birthplace changed from Eterna City, Sinnoh to Stow-on-Side, Galar -Anthony now has different dialogue at Crolea's birthday party if you didn't speak to him at the Pokemon Research Institute prior to attending the party -continuing with the Sonic name themes of the teams in the Tapu Bulu quest, the Cosmic Meowstics are now named Silver and Blaze BUG FIXES -at Shiny Scouting, Eternatus encounter options are now activated by action button instead of event touch -evomethodsandotherchanges notepad file now mentions that it doesn't need to be night for Galarian Linoone to evolve into Obstagoon Reupload plans changed a lot the past month. Smoothie solos and Gen 8 DLC Pokemon were added at the same time. One day last month the topic of Gen 8 DLC Pokemon came up in the Rejuv dev server, where Jan mentioned that we do have sprites for them since leparagon gave us permission to use theirs, and they just hadn't been added yet. Following this realization, I started adding them to Spork. The legendarysidequests notepad file has been updated with information on how to obtain the new legendaries. The following are not currently included: -Gen 8 DLC gigantamegas: the document we (Rejuv team) have for deciding on their abilities and stats doesn't currently have anything for Urshifu -battle cries -summary screen icons for Gen 8 DLC Pokemon are all Slowpoke as placeholders for now, similar to how Lycanroc was once used as a placeholder for the Pokemon added in USUM Smoothie solo song names Lemon: Scenic Route Orange: Aromatherapy Cherry: Cherry Blossoms Lime: GRASS GREEN NEW WORLD Grape: Solo Solo Blueberry: Relic Anthem Strawberry: Plushie Party You can start the Smoothie solos arc after completing Planet Puzzle. If you've already completed it, you would go back to Planet Puzzle and then leave. Also as part of the change in reupload plans, the new planet that was going to be included with Gen 8 DLC has been moved to next reupload. There's still brainstorming that needs to be done for it, and I feel like it'd be easier to work on at % energy as opposed to in the same timeframe as Smoothie solos and Gen 8 DLC Pokemon, which both used a lot of brain battery. I really enjoyed doing them, though, and I hope everyone else enjoys them too!
  5. Reuploaded: -Strawberry's nickname theme changed from emoticons to Sanrio characters -Raymond's Aerodactyl and Aurora's Abomasnow now mega evolve (Raymond's key stone is called Mega Gavel and Aurora's is called Mega Skates) -Triston's Golisopod changed to Inteleon (nickname still Waiter) -Chelsea's Pyukumuku's nickname changed from Mari to Chika, and Primarina nickname changed from Riko to Mari
  6. Reuploaded Spork UPDATES -added a Galar legendary quiz to the legendary move tutor quizzes -male Pokemon can now breed with other male Pokemon and female Pokemon can breed with other female Pokemon -it no longer costs money to withdraw a Pokemon from the day care -updated Cherry's rap at the Rap Battle House -added text to the books on the floor in Virima Library -added info to evomethodsandotherchanges notepad file on learnsets, HMs, and shiny rate -Anthony's Araquanid's nickname changed from Waterfox to Netscape -added a Toxtricity to Noise Pollution BUG FIXES -fixed freeze that occurs in Quinn's office in the BCC Building if you approach the scene from the left or right tiles instead of the middle -fixed typo in the Kanto quiz where if you answer "Make quizzes" to the fourth question, the response was "Sorry, that's incorrect. Do I like anything like Lorelei to you?" instead of "Do I look anything like Lorelei to you?" -updated leftover text in the Sinnoh quiz where answering Rad Rickshaw to the second question would lead to dialogue about Felicity instead of Rad Rickshaw I've been unsure about the older version of Cherry's intro rap since I first made it in ep 1. House and douse don't rhyme, they're just spelled similar. There were also a couple other lines that either felt like a stretch to me or I just wasn't feeling. If I had to rate the raps of all the trainers in the Rap Battle House from favorite to least favorite, Cherry's original part here might've been on the lower end, and I think this is an improvement. The line "I don't just box on the beat" (referring to beatboxing) randomly popped into my head a few days ago and that's when I decided to update Cherry's rap here. Overall a lot of the updates in this reupload are smaller ones. The Smoothie solo songs were going to be in this one, but the BCC Building bug was game-breaking, and I try to upload fixes for game-breaking bugs as soon as I'm able to find the cause and fix them. On the subject of music, Noise Pollution will also be getting a song called Toxtri City in the future! That one will be related to the Galarian Moltres quest when Gen 8 DLC Pokemon can be added.
  7. There's a note about a similar issue in the known bugs list: idk if it's the same error message or if you used debug or are playing in RPG Maker, but iirc f12 is the button that resets? If so, it might be a similar error and you would want to close the game by pressing x on the game window. I chose to respond here and hid the thread for organization, but here was a post in the thread that mentioned full screen as a possible cause as well:
  8. Blue Shards: have you been south of Ocean Coast, through Staryu Valley to Serenity Seaside? There's a building at Serenity Seaside called the UB Playground. There's a room at the UB Playground with a shard machine in the middle and a group called the Ultra Beast Despair Girls. After defeating the Ultra Beast Despair Girls, you can interact with the machine to get Blue Shards. In order to get past the entrance of the UB Playground, you need the Sea Star Diploma, which you can get by completing a quiz at the Sea Star School. Alternatively, Blue Shards can be found through mining. Norall City hide and seek:
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I thought I would get a notification when a post was made in this thread, but it seems like I wasn't following it like I thought I was...I did merge a few threads in here last month, so maybe merging threads removes followers because a new URL is created? Either way, sorry again for not seeing this until now. I actually only even saw it now because I saw that you viewed my profile so then I viewed yours and saw you posted here, who knows how long it would've taken if that didn't happen Anyway, here's your save file. I was able to get you unstuck by warping to a different map in debug mode. There was another person last year who got stuck here too, though I wasn't able to replicate it...I wonder what causes it to happen. It seems like you got stuck because the player character tried to move up and couldn't, but the only time the player is set to move up in that event is at the beginning. Game.rxdata
  10. This NPC in Olidroll City Recreation District can change Toxtricity between Amped and Low Key forms. This is noted in the bug reporting thread, but might be worth mentioning here in advance: there's currently a bug where if you mega evolve Toxtricity, when the battle is over it always goes back to Amped form even if you had it in Low Key form. This is because mega evolutions are set to revert back to a specific form number after battles, and I didn't know what to do for a Pokemon that has more than one form.
  11. I've heard that one solution for Mac/Wine is to delete the Audio folder, but there's another way that doesn't involve deleting them. I don't know the details myself, I just know that @SilverAngelus has helped people play Spork with Mac without needing to delete the Audio folder. If you're able to contact @SilverAngelusor if @SilverAngelus can contact you for help, your friend may be able to play on Mac!
  12. I just checked and it seems it just holds Lagging Tail.
  13. There's currently no way to change controls, apologies for that. A couple years ago someone asked and I asked if they could ask Ame how, and Ame did respond, but I haven't gone forward with doing it because of task-specific procrastination. I don't know why, but sometimes there's a specific task that I just can't find the energy or motivation in myself to bring me to do. I don't know what my brain's criteria for it is. Similarly, sometimes I'm too shy to ask a specific question to a specific person, which is why someone else had to ask Ame for me as I'm shy about asking Ame about game development stuff fear of bug reports related to switched controls. I feel like this might've happened with Reborn? but I'm not sure/don't remember the details, I just vaguely feel like there were a couple bug reports that couldn't be solved or weren't universal that were related to peoples' changed control settings, but I could be remembering wrong
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