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    i'm literally only here for like...rejuv lmao

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  1. cronch cronch the sound of me eating the nevermeltice imprisoning angie


    1. Yellow_999


      dont you wish it worked like that

  2. DeltaReverie


    >over 100 new progress bars my condolences.
  3. DeltaReverie

    SH3'S B4CK

    if i can't kill sirius this ep then what is the point honestly
  4. nothing to see here, move along~

  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  6. i guess i'm just eternally a Supporter™ now

  7. DeltaReverie


    catch me hacking in 999 max revives to deal with this new hecc then
  8. After the scene then cuts back to outside Blakeory Atheneum...only for the game to crash immediately after the camera pans up to show the whole exterior of the building, with the following error:
  9. i'm only back on this site bc florin "grass twink" grevillea keeps having a breakdown whenever my friend tries to battle him

  10. okay since i haven't seen a fix for this (or even seemingly this issue being mentioned before...?), a consistent issue my friend runs into when attempting to do florin's battle: This also happens regardless of whether Flora or Florin is teamed up with in Darchlight Cave. we tried to test it with erin but she just teleported to the elevator and stayed there Thanks Erin™ Game1.rxdata
  11. this is not worth sacrificing mental health over.

  12. sometimes ya gotta just eat the hell to find inspiration

    1. Zargerth


      Just to be sure, did you mean:


      1. eat hellish amount of food, or


      2. eat hell itself?

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